Good Job (2022–…): Season 1, Episode 5 - Episode #1.5 - full transcript

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[Good Job]

[Jung Il Woo]

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[Song Sang Eun / Eum Mun Suk]

[Good Job]

[Episode 5]

Don Se Ra!

Don Se Ra.

Are you okay?

Soo Ah...

- My Soo Ah...
- That's enough!

Can't you tell you almost died?

Se Ra!

Get out of the way!

Are you okay?

What's wrong with her?

What the hell did you make her do?

Well, actually...

we went to look for Soo Ah...

- but she got kidnapped...
- Kidnapped?

Soo Ah got kidnapped? By which bastards? Huh?

- Calm down for now-
- How can I calm down when Soo Ah has been kidnapped?

Se Ra, are you okay?

Are you awake?

I need to save Soo Ah.

Where do you think you're going in this condition?

Worry about recovering for now.

And then you can use your body however you want!

He's right.

Rest up for now.

We'll look for a way to rescue Soo Ah.

You heard us earlier.

I told you.

Stay put if you don't want us to sell you to someone.

Open the door!

Open the door!

- Open the door...
- You're so loud!

I said you're too loud.

You think...

we can get out of here...

just because we want to?

We can get out of here.

Se Ra unni...

Gwang Ki oppa...

will definitely find us.

What type of drug is this?

It's composed of various synthetic agents.

[Sky Album]
It recently appeared suddenly and is circulating rapidly among students.

[Recent Photos]
Wow, it's not even funny.

[Component Analysis Report]
It's a mixture of all types of stimulants out there.

The drug must've given them a good high in the beginning.

Then once they developed a tolerance, they probably had zero focus and suffered from hallucinations.

How could we blame the kids?

The bastards who sold it to them for profit are to blame.

It's spreading as a grassroots movement around academies.

After backtracking the locations on Yeon Ju's

card history and posts on her social media,

we can narrow down the routes frequented by Ho Shik's gang...

from here...

to here.

And the place they could use as their hideout is...

An attraction that's hot among kids these days...

[Teen Tonic Festival]


[Teen Tonic]

[Teen Tonic Festival]
Hey! It's been a while since I've seen you.

But do you think those punks will come here?

You think they'll miss out on an event that reeks of money?

They're sure to come.

Let's party!

Hey! We're in the middle of an operation!

That's why we should party with sincerity!

Or else the kids won't believe us!

You ready?

I'm so down, Bruh.

Let's go.

Man, I'm so f***ing done.

I lost again!


One more round?

I'm down for one more round,

but I need something...

to boost my focus and my tension!

I should have something invigorating, no?

How amusing.

And you have the money?

As for money...

I'm drowning in it.

Hey guys, do you need this by any chance?

Give it to me!



What's your name?

Do you guys need this by any chance?

You're new faces. Who are you?

We're new here!

This place is the s***!

The visuals are totally-

The visuals here are flawless,

but you guys do know you're tainting it, right?

Are you even high schoolers?

We might not go out to the school that much, but we are!

Geez! You don't believe me?

- You want to see my ID?
- Come on. Come on!

Come on!

- Show them! My ID.
- Come on! Come on!

My ID...

- I-I-I-I-
- Oh, whatever!

- I-I-...
- Get lost if you're not buying anything.

Are you freaking pissed?

- So pissed.
- What to do now?

- Is this them?
- This is them.

You have candy?

- How much is it?
- How much you got?


What are you doing?

On my turf?

Who the hell is he?

You shook, Bruh?

These bastards aren't worth s***, but...

they've got the balls to do business here?

D***, and is he a chewed-up piece of squid leg or what?

Squid leg?



Hey! He's not that bad.

He could pass for a chewed-up drumstick.

Apologize to her.

Are these fools really high?

Forget it.

Is this what you're trying to sell?

How great are these

that you're selling them here?

It's pretty sweet. Plum flavored?

You've got a lot of time on your hands...

and your life is f***ing sweet, huh?

You playing?

Let go.

You've got some muscle.

Hey, Squid Leg. Get lost.

What the hell are you guys doing?

Hey, do you even have the goods?

You punks have zero consideration for the customer in front of you.

Hey, before I ditch the both of you,

are you going to sell it to me or not?

You have money?

Geez, how many times do I need to show you?


Bring me the goods.

D***, you've got some spirit in you.


No, hold on. Hold on.

How could I let my VIP customer just go?

It's only right that I give you some service.


Byung Kil, what are you doing? Bring out the service.

All right, here comes Byung Kil's service!

Se Ra!

Buddy, we've met before, right?

You've gotten a lot younger since I last saw you.

And if you were going to do this,

you should've just paid back that b****'s debt for her.

Then we wouldn't have to argue, right?

I guess you're not a complete idiot.

I guess...

it is pretty hard to forget a face like mine.

And why are you getting so riled up for some small change?

How petty.


Hey, you. I have felt this way since last time,

but you're needlessly too rude, you know that?

Hey, tie them up.

What is all this?

Don Se Ra! Hold on.

- Okay, you're good!
- What do you think?

I caught all of you with one cast of a net.*
(A Korean saying)

Let her go when I tell you nicely.

Where are Soo Ah and Yeon Ju?

Who are you trying to threaten with some toy guns?

Hey, get them!

What do you think?

Did you enjoy the show I prepared?

You should've grabbed your chance.

If you lack the brains, you should make up for it in tact.

- S***...
- Boss,

the least you could do was try to stop these kids,

but instead, you provide them with the means.

Now, would you like to go straight to the police station?

We just need to use your club for one day.

- Princess!
- Princess, are you all right?

Looks good. I look forward to working with you.

Stop the s***ty acting and come out.

- Okay.
- Where are you going?

Take care!

Kids, how's business?


Are you two free tonight?

- Yeah, sure.
- I'm free.

You're free? You want to help me out?

Thank you, Hyungnim!

Okay, party time.


- Fighting!
- Fighting.

Untie it!

F***, come on.

Hey, untie us.

Do you know who I am?

The people arriving soon will probably find out who you are.

What are you talking about?

I said to untie us!

[Teen Tonic Festival]

[Teen Tonic Festival]


Ahjussi, come here and untie us.

What the hell?

What are you doing? Untie us right now!

I'm the police...

but who are you guys?

Yeon Ju.

Yeon Ju!

- Soo Ah!
- Unni!

Soo Ah, are you okay?


Are you hurt anywhere?

How scared you must have been.

I'm sorry for coming so late.

I'm sorry for worrying you, Unni.

Let's go.

Do you think you can get up?

Who are you?

Who do you think?

We're the cool unnis and oppas that came to save you.

Thank goodness we weren't too late.

My chest feels a little funny.

They're better than a biological family.

You know how Soo Ah came to me for consultation last time?

She told me then...

that even though her friends have parents,

they're always alone...

and no one's there to take care of them when they get sick.

She asked if...

any legal actions could be taken toward parents like them.

Parents who aren't like parents...

The family that isn't like family...

That tight-knit group...

is more like family than anyone.


All right! A fantastic team!

You guys always mentioned "operations,"

but I didn't realize how much fun you were having.

You should've let me join sooner.

Don't you think I'm blending in pretty well?

My dream was to become an actress when I was still in school.

But I gave up in case my dark past came to light.

Oh, your past was dark...

Is that why your dark circles-

You know, with this fist... Look. Look at how firm it is.

- Look at my firm first.
- This is what you call a fist.

It seems like only yesterday you two were going at each other...

How are you two getting along so well now?

It needs to be firm like this.

I'm using this to diligently pound on flour now,

but back in the day...

Whatever, let's drink.


I'll be there soon. Okay.

Thank you.

You helped Yeon Ju get drug detox,

and even paid for all the hospital bills.

If you're grateful...

make sure to come to work on time starting tomorrow.

Understood, Chairman.

I mean, I'll exercise the best of my ability as assistant to Investigator Eun.

Wait, stay still for a sec.

By any chance, did you get this while trying to save me?

I hope it doesn't leave a scar...

- It doesn't hurt?
- Yeah.

All done.

Your eyes...

if you use super-vision,

do you faint and stuff? And briefly lose sight?

It doesn't happen frequently.

Even if it's not frequent,

that means it does happen?

Stop interrogating me.

I decline to answer.

No solo activity or unexpected action from now on.

Or else it could mess up our plans.

Not without my permission!

Work condition number one,

you must confirm with me before acting.

Understood, Chairman.

I'll take good care of you.

If you carelessly use your super-vision again like today,



Are you...

desperately worrying about me?

I'll get going now to see Soo Ah.

She's all alone. Then...

I must also add to the employment contract that she must not use super-vision carelessly.

I thought it was just a dream,

but why do I keep seeing it?


[Work Experience]

Two pages worth of work experience on her resume were...

all for her younger siblings*...
(From her orphanage)

How commendable, Don Se Ra.

S***, you're totally my type.

What the hell? So annoying...

I was raised without any love...

Who the hell didn't love you when you're this cute?

Come here. Love shot!

Are you sleeping?

We need to go for a second round. Wake up!

You're up early.

Well, would you like to sober up with some ramen?

Again? When we had some yesterday?

Then I'll leave first.

Why? You should take a rest first.

I need to get ready to open the shop.


Get some rest before you leave.

Take care.

D*** it! Oh, my gosh!

[Yang Jin Mo, Attorney at Law]

Our Attorney Yang,

you seem to be very busy these days.

Are you leaving or arriving at work?

What are you saying? Of course, I'm arriving.

Yang Jin Mo, I've thought carefully about it...

What, what have you been thinking about? What?

Why? What?

How the necklace ended up in Kang Tae Joon's hands.

Oh, Kang Tae Joon...

There are three possibilities.

He's either the culprit, a witness,

or simply a buyer.

If you look at the data your father left behind 20 years ago,

he indicated he confirmed the alibis of everyone present that day.

But to say he's either the cuplrit or witness is a bit...

A robbery and murder case had taken place,

and the necklace that disappeared from the scene reappeared after 20 years

and we're the ones that found it.

Whether he's the culprit or simply a buyer,

Kang Tae Joon won't open up that easily.

Then you think Kang Tae Joon knows something about the case from back then?

We'll have to dig...

to find out what Kang Tae Joon knows.

Then I guess...

there is a way.

Don Se Ra is the way.

Don Se Ra?


Hello, it's a great morning.

Undercover infiltration?

This operation is...

Eunkang Group.

Your company?

What can I do there?

We need to find out everything we can about Kang Tae Joon.

What he goes around doing and if he has any weaknesses...


The police? Why should we be here?

I'm telling you, just listen to us! Listen!

[Violent Crimes, Division One]
What are you doing?

D*** it!

Hey! Shut your mouth!

Sit properly, you f***ing bastards!

We didn't sell anything!

They're the ones who sold stuff!

Seriously, we've also been fooled!

Detective, so there was a fight,

but it was tiny. It was practically a kid's fight.

But why should we come here?

Stop bull s***ting.

There's footage of you guys packing the drugs and money, you a**holes.

Well, it might look that way on the video, but-

- Shut up!
- F***, I'm going nuts!

The kids you're talking about...

do you remember their faces?

- Yes.
- Wait.

Detective, you understand us.

I can't get through to this one, so I don't want to talk to her.


[Work Experience]

Don Se Ra?


- Is this your legal name?
- Pardon?

Oh, yes.

You've done quite a lot of part-time jobs.

- How colorful.
- Yes.

Regardless of occupation and title, I will do my best to fulfill my duty

based on what I learned from my past experiences.


[Hope to be placed in Chief Kang Tae Joon's office]

You may go to Chief Manager Kang Tae Joon's secretary's office.

I'll do my best!

Oh, wait! Wait! Where are you going?

- Where's the secretary's office?
- Have a seat for now.


This is where you'll work from now on.

And this is Chief Manager Kang Tae Joon.

Oh, okay.

Then Se Ra, fighting!

You sagging lump of monkey testicles.

What the?


This man is Kang Tae Joon?

What in the world were you thinking sending me here?

What do you mean, send?

Aren't you the one who accepted my offer?

I think you said you'd do your best in anything,

just an hour ago.

Regardless of if I do my best or not,

this isn't right!

If this man recognizes me by any chance-

There's no way that will happen.

At the time, Kang Tae Joon wasn't sober

and at the time, you were...

There's no way he'll recognize you.

How can you be so sure?

If you look in your left pocket, you'll find a wiretap.

Install that in Kang Tae Joon's room.

We'll need it to monitor his every move.

- I can't do it.
- Oh Ah Ra's man...

is Kang Tae Joon.



You must be headed somewhere.

No, I was just jogging.

Oh, right.


- Last night was...
- Fun.

Me, too. I see you felt the same.

I think our dopamine levels were...

very elevated last night, right?

But it must've been your first time.


What- In what aspect?

Opening up a law office. You look very free.

You must not know since you're always here.

I wish I could be free just for a day.

It's so tough.

Do you have something else to say?


I'm telling you this just in case...

you're not uncomfortable or-

We're good neighbors.

Good neighbors.

Welcome, Sir.

You don't have a sample for this one?

Should I help you with samples?

Here's the document.

Chairman, when choosing new interns this time,

did you happen to tell HR you'd like someone with various experiences

rather than higher education...

Wasn't it the idea of Director Hong

who is awake and open-minded?

"Let's reform the rigid organizational culture by selecting talented people who shine through

blind recruitment without discrimination and prejudice."

I understand that's what you suggested.

Oh, yes.

Well, that's what I always strive for.

My memory is this great.

As expected.

Good job.

You may leave now.


You don't know me. You don't know me...

You can't know me.


Though taken by a tiger, he may live if one gathers his wits.

I was just picking up trash...

I'm Don Se Ra, the new secretary intern who's been assigned to you.

Where's Assistant Kim?

Oh, Assistant Kim?

I'll bring him right away.

Wait, hold on. You...


What did you say your name was?

Secretary Intern, Don Se Ra...

Se Ra, nice!

Connection complete!

This is Manager Kang Tae Joon's office.

Ra Min Ji?

Yes, please hold a moment.

Manager Kang, you've got a phone call.

I'm pretty good at this.

Is this my calling?

- You must be insane.
- Pardon?

How dare you just transfer the call to me?

She said she was Actress Ra Min Ji, so...

So if she's Ra Min Ji,

it's an automatic connection?

Am I just anyone?

I'm sorry. I'll correct myself.

Do well...

Let's do well, okay?

What are you doing? It's time for the 1:00 pm meeting!


Then we'll decide on which strategic direction we'll take

based on the conversation until now...

Is there anything you'd like to add, Manager Kang?

Manager Kang.

I'm sorry.

Did I interrupt?

Please continue, Manager Kang.


I... like it.

I like it, but...

what's the role of the avatar in the metaverse?

It's another form of myself, is it not?

Hey! Can't you get it right?

This isn't the right order!

I'm sorry, I mixed up the docume-

- Manager Kang!
- Wait.

I'm sorry.

I provided the wrong documents.

The person presiding over the meeting doesn't even know the order,

takes it out on his subordinates...

and doesn't even realize he's an embarrassment.

Manager Kang,

Having no knowledge in today's society...

is indeed a sin.


Where did you find that ditzy intern of no use?

Get rid of her. I can't stand the sight of her.

Secretary Song quit,

so you'll need her. Leave her by your side.


I'm sorry.

It's hard, isn't it?

Everyone's like that at first.

Thank you for earlier, Assistant Kim.

You only need to remember a few things about Manager Kang.

Keep private calls from outside the company

and unbooked visitors completely blocked.

As for work, the secretarial staff should handle as much as possible.

Oh, and...

besides answering when he asks a direct question...

- Right?
- Right.

You're well aware.

It's hard now, but you'll get the hang of it after a few days.

- Hang in there.
- Okay.

Se Ra, come here for a sec.

I heard you got an earful from Kang Ddo.

- Kang Ddo?
- Manager Kang Tae Joon.

He's Vice Chairman Kang Wan Soo's son,

but he's also the son he gave up on.

He's called Kang Ddo amongst ourselves.

What a good thing to teach our rookie.

We just want her to be careful.

Of course.

So she doesn't become a frog that is killed by an inadvertently thrown stone.
(A Korean saying)

Anyway, hang in there.

You saw earlier, right?

How Assistant Kim showed no sign of being flustered in front of Manager Kang.

He's a sunbae with quick wits.

Assistant Kim always perfectly

resolves whatever trouble Manager Kang creates...


You're all going to attend the welcome party, right?

A welcome party?

Director Hong said to throw a welcome party for new recruits,

so all interns must attend.

Se Ra,

tell Assistant Kim he must come.

To today's welcome party.

He probably won't.

He never comes to company gatherings.

You must absolutely convince him to come, okay?

I'll do my best.

You must control yourself at work.

Are you giving me a warning?

Vice Chairman is brimming with worry.

I'll do as I please.

You should just focus on what I order you to do!

Assistant Kim Jae Ha...

is in charge of managing Kang Tae Joon's affairs?

Yang Jin Mo, please attach a tracking device to Kang Tae Joon's car.

I'll work on that now.

What brings you here to my room?

- Please sit here.
- No, no.

You should sit there, Chairman.

Director Hong, please sit, too.

I'm all right.

Okay, you prefer to be comfortable, huh?

From what Director Hong tells me,

you're turning down all marriage proposals?

Oh, I've been busy.

And I have no thoughts on getting married yet.

An owner's marriage affairs directly affect corporate management.

You must think about it strategically.

I know what you're trying to say, but

I still need to familiarize myself with corporate management.

You know that Seho Group

bought a stake in our Eunkang System before you took office, right?

- If the two groups connect through marriage,

they will be a reliable resource.

I'll make plans soon,

so don't cancel for my sake, at least, okay?

Director Hong, please take good care of him.


No, no.

No need to follow me out.

Have a nice day!


Director Hong?


Are you happy that I'm being forced to go on blind dates?

No, I'm not.

There's a welcome party for the new interns,

so I'm just excited about that.

Oh, are you making fun of me right now?

Of course not.

At today's welcome party, just thinking about

what nice things I should say...

what juicy things I should say...

to the new interns

is making me excited.

I see...


I'm so excited.


Look at this.

You saw it, right?

I don't know how in the world something like this could be found inside a cake.

A moment, please...

What is this?

It looks like a steel scrubber...

How should I know?

Anyway, the inside of my mouth

is a mess because of this. What will you do?

But there's no way this could've been inside.

We don't even use a steel scrubber,

and layer cakes are thinly spread out layer by layer with freaking- I mean...

scrapers, so there's no way that could've been inside.

Then you're saying...

that I'm lying right now?

Then I'll refund you the total amount of the cake.

- I'm sorry.
- Refund?

Are you talking out of your a**? What refund?

What do you see me as?

You took me too lightly.

I'll look into legal proceedings,

so prepare yourself.

You want to look into legal proceedings?

I'm Attorney Yang Jin Mo.

Look, a lawyer. Good thing you're here.

Good thing I'm here.

I'm Miss Sa Na Hee's personal lawyer.


You're saying you're her lawyer?

Yes, I'll guide you through legal proceedings regarding what happened today.

Sir, exactly how badly did you get hurt?

Yes, Chairman?

I'm sorry.

I'm dealing with a case of suspected

dissemination of false information and obstruction of business.

- H-H-Hello?
- All right.


Hey... Hey!

You really just hung up on me?

Listen, you gentleman.

Dissemination of false information?

What the hell are you saying right now?

If it...

happens to be false information...

Article 314 of the Criminal Code.

"A person who obstructs business by force or disseminates false facts

shall be sentenced to up to five years in prison or fined up to 15 million won."

So, where and how does it hurt?

Then I'll...

try rubbing some ointment on it. I think it'll heal well.

Sir, then please keep me updated. Take care!

Are you okay?

That was quite surprising, huh?

Diligently carrying out my primary job.

I've attached the tracking device on his car,

Primary job?

so tail him on your own tonight.

Yang Jin Mo...

You're being very suspicious these days.

What the?

The door is opening.

The door is closing.

So what's your impression about working as a secretary?

Don Se Ra?

Yes. Oh...

I'm still very lacking,

and I hold great respect for my sunbaenims.

It's not that you're lacking...

There's no one who can manage Kang Ddo-

There's a lot you learn

when you meet a difficult boss.

And how you should hold yourself, too.

That's true.

- He's trying to discipline us again.
- Huh?

Do you have a role model, Sunbaenim?

Since the day...

I joined the company, I always...

Jae Ha sunbae?

Of course, it's Assistant Kim!

Me, too!

Jae Ha! Jae Ha!

Jae Ha! Jae Ha!

Jae Ha! Jae Ha!


How much do we owe you?

Let's get up now.

We drank a lot. Get up.

Get up.

The wine we drank last time.

I ordered it again.

I'm not in the mood to drink with you.

You're the one who called me here.

Are you just stupid, or do you just lack tact?

Then why did you call me here when you told me not to even contact you?

You have a selfie from the last time we met at the club, right?

Give it to me.

What do you want with my selfie?

There's someone I need to find.

Hand it over.

By any chance, is it the rookie actress who came with me?

That b****? Are you interested in her, Oppa?

Shut your mouth and just give me your phone!

What does Kang Tae Joon want with Don Se Ra's photo?

By any chance...

the necklace Don Se Ra had on?

How does a wine bar sound for round two? Here.

Oh, my. That place is really hot!

Is it going to be on you?

Wait, but didn't you say you were going home today?

My dad's coming home late tonight.

Your dad?


- Oh...
- If not tonight,

when else would we be able to go to a high-end bar like that?

Let's go! Let's go, let's go!

- Let's go, let's go!
- Let's go, let's go!

- Let's go!
- Then let's go!

- Go, go!
- Okay!

Okay, today I'll-

Find her.


Chairman Eun Sun Woo?

You're Chairman Eun Sun Woo, right?

Do we...

know each other?

We will know each other.

We've never been introduced to each other,

but I've seen you a few times at events my father hosted.

Chairman Jang from Seho Group is my father.

Oh, I see.

Then, I'll take my leave.

Let's meet formally next time.


Let's meet if we get the chance.

What are you doing here?

Are you tailing me?


I don't think we're friendly enough to meet outside and

share a conversation, are we?

How about we just continue on our ways?

Of course, we should.

But why do I keep getting the feeling...

that you're following me?

What are you still doing here?

As you can see, I'm having a drink.

We're not the best of friends,

so I'll just move somewhere else.


[Director Hong]
Are you afraid you'll get caught lying now?

What lie?

Excuse... Ch-Chairman?

Aigoo! Aigoo, Director Hong. Over here!

Wait, you really had plans?

You even take care of the secretaries?

This is the difference between you and me.

Arranging get-togethers is one of my duties as well.

Director Hong,

you never mentioned this.

W-Why are they here, out of the blue?

He's an unpredictable man, to begin with, so...

Why? Are you displeased?


Oh, Assistant Kim!

I had a good feeling about coming here.

I reserved that center seat over there.

Please have a seat.

Long time, no see.

Hurry up with the glass.


Go, this instance!

I... I'll take my leave now.

My secretary can't leave. Come on, sit down.

All right, since our glasses are full,

let's empty them.

For Chairman Eun Sun Woo, who has arranged this dear gathering...

should I say something like this?

What the hell? You can't even read the atmosphere.

Don't you think you're the one who can't read the atmosphere?

I thought you only lacked tact in corporate meetings,

but I guess you're the same in get-togethers.

Everyone seems to be uncomfortable,

so why don't we take our leave?

Director Hong?

Uncomfortable, my a**.

Sit down.

All right, today...

let's clean out all the drinks here

with Chairman Eun Sun Woo's card. Yeah?

An extra glass for our new secretary.


What can we do to liven up the mood?

How about a round of Yaja Time*?
(A game where honorifics and formal language are thrown out altogether)

Whoa! Yaja Time!

- Okay!
- Yaja Time!

Goodness gracious, that's old. It's old, but I like it.

Tae Joon, it must be fun.
(Spoken informally)

Why does Kang Ddo act like Kang Dddo even at a get-together?

Kang Ddo?

Manager Kang...

Kang Ddo...

How amusing.

Kang Ddo?

How fun.

I think it'll be fun at work tomorrow, too.

Kang Ddo!

Again, again, again!*
(Ddo also means "again")

Hey! I admit you're good-looking,

but you need to fix that temper of yours.

A get-together is a get-together!

Stop abusing your power, Mr. Superior!

Oh, Sunbaenim must be drunk.

I'm not drunk.

No, no, no. Let her be.

Let her continue.

Assistant Kim!

Why are you so silent when we're drinking?

Can I ask you a question?

Do you have a girlfriend...

or not?

Why aren't you answering?

- Speak up, speak up.
- This is nuts.


You talk way too much.

I didn't ask you!


This might be a get-together, but still...

And you, too, punk.

Kang Ddo!

Why do you never listen?

What the hell is Kang Ddo?

- Guess what it means!
- What it means!

That's enough.

Manager Kang Tae Joon, nutcase.*
(Ddo-rai is slang for lunatic in Korean)

Kang... Ddo!


Oh, my gosh.


Hey, can't you see my glass is empty?


I'll pour you a drink, sir.


As expected of Assistant Kim to care about me like this.

I almost discourteously made a woman pour me a drink.

Receive a glass from me.

You have no problem with that, right?

Thank you.

Let's go!

- Please take care of the rest!
- Okay.


- Careful, careful!
- No problem!

Why did you drink so much?

Wait, it's this car.

- Get home safely!
- Okay.

From now on, if possible...

let's not butt in on staff get-togethers,

Kang Ddo.

- That little...
- Manager Kang.

You must be happy you're so popular.

Get home safely, sir.

Why is the taxi fare so expensive?

What is she still doing there?

Se Ra, are you all right?


Why is Assistant Kim...

If you're headed toward the bakery, I can drop you off on the way.

Do you want to ride with me?

How did you know?

We've met at the bakery before.

She can't even hold her drink. What if she gets caught?

No wonder you looked familiar.

- Let's go.
- Oh.

It's okay. I need to sober up, so...

- I'll walk.
- Why are they talking for so long?

- Then get home safely.
- Okay.


Gosh, Don Se Ra.

Whatever! Whatever.

Let's go.

Mr. Ground, please don't come at me.

Please don't.

The place is swarming with taxis, but why isn't she riding one?

Is she planning to walk home?

Mr. Tree?

Please excuse me.

Look at her.

My goodness.

She's not a child. She'll find her way home.

Whatever, I'm leaving!

Why did you drink so much, Don Se Ra?

What the?

What the? Don Se Ra.

Wait, where'd she go?

Geez, she's really making me worry.

Okay, I'm only worried about her as her employer.

I would've done the same for anyone, not just Don Se Ra, right?

Aigoo, Don Se Ra.

Don Se Ra!

Wh-What are you doing?

Hey, why would you sit there?

You need to go home!

The buses aren't running now.

Gosh! I shouldn't have followed her.

My caring heart is the problem.

D-Don't. Don't do that.

Don't! That's not good. Not good.

Hey, hey, hey!

Why are you lying down here?

Don Se Ra, have you really gone insane?

Wake up!

You need to wake up.

Put your shoes on. You're not home.

Na Hee, you just got home?

Na Hee, listen. That bastard...

shoved me into the lion's den.

I almost died...

That bastard?


Lion's den?

How will you face me tomorrow?


Stay still. Don't move, okay?

Put this on.

Why would you take your shoes off?

Gosh, you're such a handful.

Stop. Why would I wear shoes at home?

You need to wear your shoes since you're home.

I don't understand.

Come here. Come on!

I don't understand.

So cozy.

You're doing this on purpose, aren't you?

Stay still, or you're going to fall.

Na Hee's back is so manly!

I'm manly!

Why is it so steep?

What am I doing right now?



Kang Ddo?

I'm exhausted!

Na Hee! Our Na Hee.

Why is your face so flattened?

Hold on.

Looking at you this way,

you look a lot like the person I know.

He's really rude,

and speaks bluntly,

and does whatever he wants, that Chairman Eun!

No... Eun Ddo!

Now that I think about it,

I'm dealing with two crazy people.

Eun Ddo...

Kang Ddo...

Double Ddo...

Eun Ddo.

Double Ddo?


talk tomorrow. Tomorrow.

Eun Ddo?

Am I dreaming?

I keep hearing Eun Ddo's voice somewhere...

Is he here to catch me?

Na Hee!

Tell him I'm not here! I'm scared!


Sleep tight, okay? Tight!

Eun Ddo will head home now.

Se Ra!

Who's that?

Se Ra!

Se Ra, are you inside?

Hey, hey, hey! Where are you going-

[Thanks to Woo Kang Min for his special appearance.]
♫ If I was given another day's worth of time ♫

♫ I'd just look at you face-to-face ♫

♫ and stay in the same place as you ♫

[Good Job]

What do you think is the most important virtue of a secretary?

It's watching their mouths.

If I stay put, will Eun Sun Woo, that bastard, hand over the company to you?

I need to do whatever it takes. Whatever it takes!

I'm more sensitive than you think.

She's oddly familiar.

I think Don Se Ra works for Chairman Eun.

We must directly investigate Kang Tae Joon.

Get ready to duplicate his phone.

Okay, connection complete!

Where on earth is it?

We must find it immediately.

♫ Holding someone in my heart... ♫