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[Episode 4]
We're headed to the address that you saw in Park Eun Jeong's car, right?

What about the license plate?


Oh Ah Ra isn't dead?

What are you saying?

Then the people we've been looking for all this time aren't murderers-

I never said we're looking for a murderer.

I'm not interested in that, either.

Hey, are you insane?

We finally meet.

Oh Ah Ra.

Where did you get this cell phone?

It was discarded over there.

Over here!

Look here!

- What the hell is that?
- Over here!

Save me!

Everyone thinks Oh Ah Ra is dead.

- Why would you go this far-
- Since Han Byul is Oh Ah Ra's child.

What are you saying?

What do you mean Oh Ah Ra's child?

You're right.

Han Byul is my child whom I thought had died seven years ago.

I realized I was pregnant after I broke up with that man.

[Jang Han Byul]
The name Han Byul was my child's taemyung*.
(Name given to the fetus before birth)

I was drawn to that name the moment I saw it.

Hi, Han Byul.

Your heart doesn't hurt anymore?

Look at me.

How is our Han Byul?

He's healthy as of now.

By any chance are you Nurse Park Eun Jeong?

Oh Ah Ra-

I thought the name Han Byul was just a coincidence, but it wasn't.

Even when I heard the truth from Eun Jeong, I couldn't believe it.

As soon as the child was born,

he told me to lie that he was dead.

I'm sorry.

I have wronged you.

- She said he was sent to an orphanage.
- No way...

I reunited with Han Byul who had been adopted by Jang Min Su,

and even though I knew Han Byul was my child, there was nothing I could do.

Even though the child had been abused.

Jang Min Su, the one who abused Han Byul is an evil bastard,

but I also couldn't forgive the man who lied to me that Han Byul was dead.

I wanted to get revenge.

As soon as I saw the necklace in his safe, I knew it was the Queen's Tears.

I thought it could become his weakness.

That's why I brought it with me.

At first, I thought it was him who took it back.

So I didn't even report it stolen, but that wasn't the case.

Cut! Okay!

- Good job!
- Good job.

Are you okay?

[Unknown Number]
[It's a warning this time, but I won't make a mistake next time. I know you have it. Bring it to me.]

The necklace was stolen,

and I thought I couldn't live like this.

I lost the necklace,

and if he found out Han Byul, whom he believed to be dead was alive...

I was scared.

So, I decided to leave with Han Byul.

And I thought I could use Jang Min Su to deceive everyone and leave...

That necklace, I never knew you were looking for it, Chairman Eun.

If you recognized who I am, you must also know why I was looking for you.

Ah Ra, Han Byul's condition isn't so good.

Please let us leave now.

I have to get on a plane with Han Byul in three hours.

Every second matters!

If he doesn't get surgery right away-

I have no intentions of stopping you from leaving with Han Byul, however...

tell me who you got that necklace from.

You can't leave if you don't tell me that.

That child, either.

And you'll become the national liar from being the national actress.

I don't care what other people say!

Right now, I'm...

afraid something might happen

to Han Byul because of me.

- That's what scares me more.
- So then tell me!

Then I'll let you go.

That necklace...

I know it's your mother's.

There's a surgery in one week.

If we leave and safely finish the surgery,

- I promise I'll tell you-
- I don't trust promises.

I really want to save our Han Byul, please.

That's why you should tell me whose hands that necklace was in.

Han Byul.


Why did you make Ahjumma cry?

It's okay. I'm fine.

Han Byul, are you in any pain?

It only hurts a little.

That's enough.

Let them go.

She's saying Han Byul's surgery is urgent.

It's none of your business.

I shouldn't have joined you if it was something like this.

I never told you to. You're being disruptive, even now.

Be quiet and stay out of it.

Just let Oh Ah Ra go!

She'll tell you for sure.

What do you know about someone you met for the first time today?

Do you know how long I've been searching for this?

After 20 years, the necklace

taken by my mother's killer reappeared in the world.

I just barely found a clue,

and you want me to give up here?

Hey, Yang Jin Mo!

Yang Jin Mo. Yang Jin Mo!

Come on, Yang Jin Mo!

You want me to trust her after seeing this?

His fever is too high.

If his fever doesn't subside,

getting on the plane will be diifcult.

But if we miss the plane right now,

it'll be hard to schedule another surgery.

Am I doing the wrong thing?


You're Han Byul's mom.

Let's not give up, okay?

How long was I like this?

About one hour.

Are you all better?

Yeah, I feel refreshed.

Check the GPS on your phone.

Sure, the GPS?

Geez, I'm dumbfounded at the way I got attacked.

Let's see.

The GPS location is...

about 45 km from here.

You put a location tracker on Oh Ah Ra's car?

How incredible of you, Chairman Eun.

An 8:00 p.m. flight...

If it's around here, they probably couldn't get on it yet.

We can catch them.

Han Byul.



When are we getting on the plane?

Let's get on it when you're feeling better.

I don't hurt anymore now.

Then let's go.

If we're lucky, we might get there before the plane takes off.

Come on.

There we go.

- Han Byul, even if it hurts, just hang on-
- That'll be impossible unless there's a miracle.

Must you absolutely be like this?

That's why you need to remember.

If you don't keep your promise,

I'll find you no matter where you are, just as I did right now.

They're already too late.

I'm being considerate of the child, not you, Oh Ah Ra.

If you take my helicopter, you'll arrive at the airport within an hour.

I don't think you have the time to be touched.

Aren't you going to go before I change my mind?

A private helicopter.

Thank you, Ahjussi.

- I'm not an ahjussi.

- Ahjussi, goodbye.

I said, I'm not an ahjussi-

Look at him.

You're smiling?

Hand that over to your oppa or whatever.

Tell him Jang Min Su's wife will be there.

The child knew.

[A Just Society for the Nation and the People]

Oh Ah Ra. Jang Han Byul. And your wife.

Where are they now?

I don't know, either.

How many times do I have to tell you I was trapped when I came to?

Judging by just the bloodstains found in your house,

it's an amount enough for one dead body.

Is there evidence that I did it? Bring me the evidence!

If you don't have any, then stop bothering an innocent man.

The insurance you created for your family,

and the bloodstains found in Oh Ah Ra's house and your car...

The evidence is overflowing, you son of a b****.

What murder when there isn't even a body? Call me a lawyer.

I'll bring one, so you just wait.

You're done for, you bastard.

It's here. Start digging.

- Yes, sir.

There's something here.

The body of Jang Min Su's wife, Kim Ji Young, was found at the house of Mr. Jang,

a suspect who was arrested

on suspicion of murder of actor Oh Ah Ra.

According to the investigation results, Actress Oh Ah Ra

had been a victim to Mr. Jang's stalking.

Multiple police reports have been made by her

expressing that she felt her life was threatened.

Since when were you aware Oh Ah Ra was alive?

From the beginning.

The bedsheets saturated with blood.

That's where the whole case started.

But viewing that as the starting point,

there's no way those bloodstains could've gotten on the bed or the wall.

They weren't drip stains nor were they projected bloodstains.

That means...

someone splattered them intentionally.

And the stains left on the table...

that was where she had left her trophy.

The first award Oh Ah Ra received after becoming an actress for best actress.

The two of them probably left safely, right?

Well, I'm glad things worked out well.


Attorney Yang will send you a confidentiality agreement.

Be prepared to sign it.

- And if you violate it-
- I swear...

there's no way I'd tell anyone.

Since the futures of Han Byul and the two of you are on the line.

Then without further ado.

- And from now on-
- I'll be off then.

Wait, wait!

She should hear a person out until the end.

That's why you should've gone easy on her.

Look at Se Ra walking away.

She's leaving feeling fed up. Fed up.

That's not what I was trying to-

Let's quit it.

This dress-

I thought he was just playing detective to pass time.

But he wasn't.

He was looking for the culprit who killed his mom...

This is why you shouldn't carelessly misunderstand someone.

I can't believe I accused him of robbery and abuse of power.


[Yang Jin Mo, Attorney at Law]

Oh, right! My dress.

No, my dress...

[Yang Jin Mo, Attorney at Law]

Attorney Yang.

No one's here.

Did he go to the restroom?

There's a place like this in a lawyer's office?

Excuse me.


Why does he have so many books?

In movies, there's always a door that opens in a place like this.

It really worked.

What is all this?


[Yongnam Market Station]
Wait. Oh, no.

What do I do?

Gosh, whatever!

Wait, what is that?

Why did he bring this down here again?

Yang Jin Mo!

Where did this guy go?

Wow, it's atrocious even with a second look.

I don't know what profit she can gain from this.

Don Se Ra?


Wh-What are you l-looking at with those eyes?

It really suits you.

It's not like that.

I'm not prejudiced against things like that, so you don't need to worry.

I'm not!

I knew you had unique preferences,

but I never knew it would suit you this well...

I'm not! How many times must I tell you, I'm not!

It's a compliment!

Anyway, I just need to take that dress as promised, right?

Of course-

Hold on.

Hey, Yang Jin Mo!

Hey! Your jacket, jacket!

Wait, how is Se Ra down here...

I mean...

Did you bring her here?

Are you craz- Stop saying nonsense!

I mean, this secret base.

Wait, this is a secret base?

I never imagined there would be a secret base in a place like this.

When Sun Woo sets his mind to it,

he goes beyond your imagination.

It would be smart for you to be careful.

- If you so much as utter a word about this secret-
- I don't think I have anything to gain

by staying here any longer,

so I'll take this and leave.

I was going to bring it to you.

No, it's fine.

It's not something I'm going to wear anyway.

Why did you ask for it if you're not going to wear it?


this turns out to be quite expensive.

Then why did you bring it back? You could've just sold it then.

It wasn't mine at the time.

But now, it fairly belongs to me as my part-time compensation.

I earned it with my own hard work.

All right then.

No need to walk me out. I know the way out.

Se Ra came down by herself? Here?

Add a clause preventing disclosure of the secret base.

What do we do now?

Se Ra ended up finding out about all your secrets.

Your bare body, too.

Shut it.


Did you see the news?

There was a dead body found in the house of Oh Ah Ra's murder suspect.

Then this guy also killed Oh Ah Ra?

I feel so bad for her.

Well, you see...


I received this as compensation.

As compensation?

I'm not even surprised since you take all sorts of jobs,

but what the hell kind of job is this one?

It's all over now.

Why do I hear disappointment dripping from your words?

Did you grow attached during this short time?

Not to the extent of attachment,

but I earned money while doing good deeds.

I was somewhat proud.

I guess you finally found a job that matches your aptitude.

Oh Ah Ra is now someone who disappeared from the world.

She's probably well on her way, right?

Sun Woo.

What did Oh Ah Ra whisper in your ear before she left?

Be weary of Kang Tae Joon.

Oh Ah Ra said...

to be weary of Kang Tae Joon.

Kang Tae Joon?

Wow, it's atrocious even with a second look.

Y-You... you-

Wh-What are you l-looking at with those eyes?

I'm speechless.


Why does she look familiar?

Is it because she resembles Chairman?

It's Angel Ahjumma!


[Current International Metaverse Industry Trend]

Tell Manager Kim to come to my office.

Yes, sir.

Come in.

Manager Kim was just called to Chairman's office.

Based on what you said last time,

we're applying NFT technology within the metaverse platform

to develop the digital economy as well as

games and SNS activities.

That sounds good.


the technology and design going into the platform are important,

but this is about building a world.

Don't you think we need a guide for the meta-citizens?

O-Oh, m-meta-citizens...

Of course, we need one.

But that's still under discussion...

It can't be under discussion.

You'll be pressed for time to meet the release date.

Do you think it'll be possible?

Manager Kim.

Was this report really written by you?

Well... that...

was written with our team members...

Please come with that team member next time.


- You can't do this-
- I said, get out of the way!

I don't have a meeting scheduled with you today.

I'm the one in charge of this project.

You're abusing your authority to disregard the organization's system!

And your attitude right now is a mutiny?

Manager Kim, do you have anything else to say?

No, sir. Then...


That entertaining friend I met at the club last time...

Is she someone you know?

It seemed like you two knew each other.

Don't you?

If it's as you say...

I don't have any interest in women, right?


what exactly are you asking?

I had fun that night.

I wondered what kind of person was able to put that expression on your face.

If you ever meet her, please let her know...

that I'd like to meet her again.

I have things I want to ask her, too.

If you're that curious,

why don't you look for her yourself.

Don't forget who you're working for

just because you visit the Chairman's office.

There was nothing for you to worry about.

Would you be here right now...

if you made me worry?

You'd better watch what you say until the end.

I think there's something there.

Yes, it doesn't seem like they're simply keeping you in check...

but they have rather suspicious...

No, what I mean is, are you wearing back support?

I would never.

I saw you being pushed around by Chief Manager Kang earlier.

Don't you think you should build some back strength?


There's no problem at all with my back.

- It seems like you do-
- More importantly,

did you visit the hospital a few days back?


- Chairman. Chairman?
- Yes, hello?

Yes, yes. I understand.

Excuse me!


Not you?

By any chance, are you the type to rely on back support during work

because you slightly tripped through the door a few days back?

No way, right?

I would never.


I think your scandal has died down a bit.

I'll set up your delayed external schedule going forward.

No. I'll focus on the internal company schedule for now.

It's not for now. You'll-

You'll have to focus on it going forward.

And Director Hong, you should focus

on treating your back going forward.

Remember to wear your back support.


I told them to give me an extra large.

[Bang Bang Bakery]

You must be headed to work.

Your face is back to normal.

Yes, thanks to you.

Next time, no matter how frustrated you get,

don't just gulf down any kind of milk.

I'm usually very good at managing my frustration,

but you had such a big misunderstanding that day,

- so I lost my mind-
- H-Hold on. Hold on.

I'm busy!

All right.


This is vegan bread.

There's no chance of your face blowing up because of milk.

And it's good for your body and your taste buds, so try it out.

All of a sudden? Why?

Just gratefully accept it since I'm giving it to you.

If you drop this on the floor or step on it one more time,

then I'm going to-

(Old traditional way of calling "Oppa")

Why am I...

your orabeoni?


As if no one could tell you're a detective.

You're even romantic in detail.

Enough with the embarrassing flattery.

No, you're really one of the manliest man

out of all the men I know.

Let's go in.

I'm sorry I couldn't even make it to the opening.

It's okay. I know you're busy.

Attorney Yang Jin Mo?


Oh, hello.


What business brings you...

Not much business.

The second floor of this building is my office.

You two... know each other?

Yeah, a bit.

If it's a detective and a lawyer...

is this a single log bridge*?
(Korean saying: You'll encounter your worst enemy at the worst time and place on a single log bridge)

I heard you caught the culprit.

- I guess, congratulations.
- Sure.

- Is the Chairman doing well?
- Yes, of course.

He's doing too well.

And if something happens to him, the whole world will find out first.


Is one of his clients a chairman?

Our Rotary Club Chairman?

[Attorney Yang Jin Mo, Law Office]
It's not even a major law firm.

It's a bit off, huh?

That lawyer is totally weird.

I have your favorite red bean bread. Let's go.


Geez, it's freaking hard to park here.

- Detective Ddong Hee, you're here, too.
- Yes, hello!

It's so nice to see you after all this time.

- Not so much for me.
- Huh?

Let's go in! Let's go in.

[Yang Jin Mo, Attorney at Law]

Please enjoy.

- Thank you.
- But...

Detective Ddong Hee, you really stick to Oppa all the time, don't you?

We are partners.

"Partners" doesn't really sound right.

"Colleagues" sounds like a better term. "Colleagues."

I like "partners" better.

This is really good.

Of course, it should be good.

I made the dough by punching it with my fist over and over again, so I could give them to Oppa.

What about Se Ra?

Se Ra went to sell a dress, but she'll be back soon.


She's selling clothes?



What did she say?

What clothes does she have to sell, when she doesn't even shop all year long?

- Well...
- Na Hee! Daebak, daebak!

Bring it here.

Oppa, why are you here?

You sold your clothes?

What does that mean?

Well, you see...

I got it as compensation for a job,

but it was a bit flashy for me.

I see.

Did you ever...

- visit One Heart Hospital?
- Huh?

No! Why would I go to the hospital?

When I'm this strong.

If you keep using your super-vision and get pulled into investigations,

you could get into big trouble like before.

Oppa, I had a dream.

It's a scene I've seen somewhere,

but I have no memory of it...

A dream?

You know how I almost died because of my super-vision?

Maybe it's a memory from that time...

Oppa, how come you never tell me about that time?

You remember the whole situation.

It's because I don't know all the details, either.

You know that ahjumma who occasionally visited the orphanage?

The pretty ahjumma...

Do you remember her?

There was a bunch of people who came

to the orphanage to take photos like some event.

You're really cold in situations like this.

There were also people who were warm and friendly.

Let's go look at rooms for Soo Ah together.

I'll make some time.

Don't you worry.

The two of us are enough to look for a room for Soo Ah.

I'm going.

Is there something going on with Se Ra?

Gosh, it does seem like it,

but she won't tell me.

It's because you worry way too much.

Why do you think Se Ra went through the trouble of hanging this worry doll?

Who do you think it is?

The person who was aware of the dead body buried in Jang Min Su's house.

Do you think Jang Min Su had an accomplice?

Rather than an accomplice,

I have the feeling we're not the only ones chasing this case.

[Attorney Yang Jin Mo]
What was that?

I can't read her intentions.

How can someone change 180° like that?


Orabeoni, my a**.

Geez, this bread was made so crudely.


Please come in.

Attorney Yang Jin Mo?

Yes, I'm Attorney Yang Jin Mo.

What brings you...

I heard from Se Ra unni,

that you're a skilled lawyer...

You heard right. Please have a seat.


Se Ra said that I'm skilled?


My goodness.

You must be Se Ra's younger friend.

- Yes.
- So what brings you-

Would you like some bread?

- I'm fine.
- You're fine?

May I ask what brings you here?

Did he act that way to Se Ra that night after recognizing the necklace?

Kang Tae Joon...

What is it that you know?

Thank you. Please enjoy and come again!

Isn't that Soo Ah?

What business does she have with that lawyer?

You're here?

Why was a student here?

I guess you're taking young clients now since you have nothing to do, Attorney Yang.

What do you mean, young client?

Paragraph 1 of article 1 of the Attorney-at-Law Act,

"The duty of a lawyer is to defend basic human rights

and to realize social justice."

There's no age preference in human rights. And...

she's Se Ra's younger friend.

Don Se Ra's younger friend?

Why would she come find you?

Why do you think so?

Try making a deduction with your profiling skills.


I'm not that curious after seeing your expression.

I don't want to tell you, either.

But your expression says otherwise, so go ahead.

I'll listen.

I'm only telling you because you asked me to.

Apparently, Se Ra strongly recommended me saying I'm a very skilled lawyer.

I see...

She probably said you're a pro bono lawyer.

Pro bono lawyer, come follow me.

Gosh, I should probably defend Se Ra's friend pro bono, right?

Why? You should charge her.

Like how you charge me every single time as my lawyer.

Hey, you must really have zero worries.

Even though Se Ra knows all of your secrets.

Well, I know what Don Se Ra wants.


Her nosiness didn't seem false.

- So you trust her?
- So what I'm saying...

is that I must find out every detail I can about Kang Tae Joon.

Leave it to me.

I need someone to keep an eye on him within the company-

There's someone I have in mind.

Hey, no way!

How do you know who it is that you're saying no?

She went through s*** at the club that night!

You think Kang Tae Joon won't know?

It seems he even hired someone to look for her.

You seem to know exactly what's going on.


Does the Se Ra then and the Se Ra now look the same to you?

She'll be hidden in plain sight.

Kang Tae Joon's secretaries never last more than a month.

And Se Ra even has super-vision.

What is our goal?

Serveillance. It's to surveil Kang Tae Joon.

Super-vision. Se Ra.


Doesn't it flow so naturally?

Well, I guess she's better than nothing.

That's exactly right.

God d*** it, you...

persuasive little lawyer.

Go away.

- Should I give her a call in advance?
- Forget it. I'll do it.

Will you?

[Se Ra's Ledger]

The job this time was pretty rewarding.

Se Ra, you kept it a secret from Gwang Ki oppa for your own reason,

but you didn't say a word about this job to me, either.

There's a confidentiality agreement. So sorry!

It's very suspicious.

That lawyer, too.

Soo Ah visited that lawyer's office today.

Soo Ah did?

[Chairman Eun]

[Chairman Eun]

Yes, Chairma-

Investigator Eun...

Don Se Ra, starting tomorrow, come to work-

Come to work.



Didn't you specifically tell me that I'm not needed?

So are you saying you're going to reject my offer?


need you now.

What... What did you say?

You absolutely need my help?

Well, no need...

to emphasize "absolutely."

Then I guess you're saying you can replace me with someone else, right?

Then I don't necessarily have to-

Do it. Just do it! You must do it! I absolutely need you!

Happy now?

Well, since you're pleading with me like that...

as an investigator's assistant...

I'll help you out one more time.

Don't be late.

This hurt my pride.


Did you get a job at that investigation agency?

Yeah, they told me to come starting tomorrow.

What's the identity of that investigator?

Are you sure he's not just trying to use your super-vision?

I wish I could catch bad guys like Kawng Ki oppa does.

With my super-vision.

There's a chance you might kick the bucket first before you kick bad guys' butts.

I'll be careful.

And keep it a secret from Kwang Ki oppa for now.

I don't like keeping secrets from Oppa...

Just for now!

I'll buy you a drink.

Okay, a drink and one more day of work.

A drink and one more day of work? Deal.

I'll zip my lips! Zip my lips.


[Yang Jin Mo, Attorney at Law]

Good morning!

Good... mor... ning!

What about Se Ra?

She's absent for her first day of work.

Are you sure she even agreed to come in?

- Should I give her a call-
- Don't!

I'm going to.


- She hung up.
- Without a word?


Oh! That's Se Ra.

She makes a quick turn on her way to work.

Why's that?

For what reason?


Why aren't you following me?

What? Wh-Why? What?

There's a dispute between the employer and the employee,

so there should be a mediator, Attorney Yang.

Hurry up and follow me.

Se Ra left for work.

Well, she didn't come, so that's why we're here.

Even if she's on the verge of collapsing with a high fever,

she's the type of person who still goes to work.

If she didn't go to work, there must be a good reason.

What reason?

What's so special about working part-time at an investigation agency?

If there's a better paying job, then she can ditch.


When I'm the employer?

It's not something she can ditch as she pleases.

It looks like you need our Se Ra badly.

Then just wait a little longer.

Do you know how much money you'd get if you convert my time into money?

- It can't even be converted into money...
- Yang Jin Mo.

Do I look like someone who has time to waste?

It hasn't even been a day.

You scurry out here after waiting just a measly hour.

I guess you two are different than how patient you look.

I don't know about him, but I've been waiting patiently.

However, Se Ra hung up on me right after answering,

and she couldn't be reached afterward.

Such terrible manner.


She usually answers calls without fail.

[If it's Don Se Ra, Daebak]

Does something like this happen often?

You know how she is from working with her.

She's such a diligent girl. She would never.


if she skipped out on her job,

it must be related to Soo Ah.

Are you talking about student Han Soo Ah?


I've got a hunch on what's going on.

Is there anything that comes to mind?

We have confidentiality obligations regarding our clients.

Why must I need to tag along for your client's affairs?

I analyze the client's situation and

you bring our employee to the scene.


Everyone must think I've got time to waste.

Do you think I've got time to waste?

You're saying our Se Ra asked you a favor?

Yes, she's our employee

and she asked us to look into this, saying she's worried.

Se Ra takes good care of her younger siblings here.

Gwang Ki is the same.

Then... all of those siblings were...

[Sunny Children]

Soo Ah is soon to be discharged, but

we suddenly lost touch after she left with her bankbook.

Her bankbook?

Are you talking about the resettlement fund for protection terminated children?


That's why I urgently called Se Ra.

Could we take a look at Soo Ah's room?

Sure, go ahead.

[Na Rin Restaurant]
One, two, three, four...

What kind of a high schooler works this many jobs?

Let me see.

[Yongnam Youth Rest Area]

This is why she sought my consultation...

Yeon Ju?

This Yeon Ju girl is the problem.

Are you getting a feeling?

A girl who works this many jobs wouldn't

be going to the Youth Rest Center.


analyze the ingredients.



What am I, the NFS*?
(National Forensic Service)

Excuse me...

Did student Han Soo Ah come to work today?

Soo Ah just asked me for her pay in advance.

She just left.

- Just now?
- And you are...

Thank you.

Are you Soo Ah?

Soo Ah.

Soo Ah!

Gwang Ki oppa, Gwang Ki oppa.

[Worrywart Orabeoni]

Why isn't he answering?

Come on.

Don Se Ra, why aren't you picking up?

Please help me.

Our Soo Ah just got kidnapped.

Soo Ah?

Come on, catch up to them!

It's that car!

Over there! Step on it.

- Can't you go faster?
- I am stepping on it!

Hey, hey, hey! They're turning right! Right!


I think they went this way.

Was there a place like this here?

Left turn, left turn.

- Soo Ah, Soo Ah!
- What?

She's there! Over there!

Don Se Ra!

What will you do after barging in without a plan?

Then should I just watch from outside?


Then how will you take her from the kidnappers?

Do you have a plan?

You don't have a plan or fear.

Follow me.

You owe me for this.

You'd better pay me back later.

Do you have a good idea or something?

Yeon Ju!

Yeon Ju!

What have you done to Yeon Ju?

What have we done?

Hey, she's the one who's b****ing at us.

You said you're her friend. Didn't you know she's a junkie?

Yeon Ju.

Wake up.

What's the rush?

We haven't even started the calculations.

Let her go. You said you'd let her go!

Nope, this falls short.

This falls way too short.

You said it's 10 million won.

That's just the overdue payment on principal.

Interest upon interest upon interest...

She also just took this one on credit.

This is...

all I have right now.

- If you just let me take her, I'll pay the res-
- How can I trust you?

You don't even have a cosigner.

You're an orphan.

That doesn't mean I don't have a family.

I have an unni...

and an oppa.

And if I get my pay this month, I can pay it all back.

What, a convenience store?

A cafe?

How will you pay all of this back with that?

Do you want me to introduce you some

short-term, high-paying jobs?

F*** off.

My oppa is a detective at the Yongnam Police Station!

Oh, is that so?

I'm so scared.

You're forgetting your place.

How dare you f***ing threaten me?

Try all you want. It won't budge.


Who the hell-

- It's not you?
- Nope, not me.

We didn't order delivery!

This is 8-24, is it not?

S***, who the hell...

Hey, follow me.

Don't start until I get back.

Why are you so loud?

Hey, who is it? Hurry up and check.

I said I didn't order.

Then who the hell is that guy?

Hey, no one ordered anything.

Just leave it there and go.

I was told to get the money here.

What? Come and get paid?

We'll pay you next time, just go.

I can't give it to you on credit.

Let me see. What even is this?

What is all this?

I didn't have time so that's all I was able to prepare.

Soo Ah...


What the?

Soo Ah!


Are you hurt anywhere?

How did you come here?

Unni, Yeon Ju, Yeon Ju.


Yeon Ju.

Yeon Ju, get yourself together.

Don't f***ing move!

Just try moving, any of you.

Her head will roll right off.

Soo Ah...

What are you doing, you idiots?


Plan B.

The time has come.

Is it my turn now?

Thanks to you, I'm getting tied up every other day.

Soo Ah, don't worry. It's okay.

Unni, what do we do...

You said she's no trouble since she's an orphan.

What are we going to do about her dregs?

I also didn't know...

Before it gets more twisted, untie this twisted rope and

just leave quietly, won't you?

This f***er has been talking trash like this when

he's the one that's tied up...

That's going to be hard since I have money to collect from her.

Or will you guys give me the money?

I'm a pacifist.

She needs to pay for what she bought. Am I asking for too much?

Are you talking about the money you get...

by abducting kids and mugging them?

- Aren't you ashamed of yourself?
- "Are you talking about the money..."

I'm scared to death, s***.

That's none of my concern.

I just need to get paid, you morons.

D***, these petty thieves.

If you're going to scam someone, you should go big or go home.

How much do you even make, selling drugs to kids?

Is this funny?

Let's see how long you can keep that smile.

You're surrounded!

You're surrounded!

Did you call the cops?

You think I'd come alone when

I'm walking into a drug den?

H-Hey, clean up!

Move, move.

Soo Ah!

Soo Ah! Han Soo Ah!

Don't move!


What are you doing? Untie us!

Where are they?

Hurry, hurry.

What is that?

These f***ing cheapskates!

F***ing hell!

Soo Ah!

Stop right there!


Unni, Unni!

Han Soo Ah!


I'm going nuts.

Hey, Sun Woo!

What do I do?

Wait, w-wait.


Soo Ah!

Soo Ah!

Soo Ah!

Soo Ah...

Don Se Ra!

Don Se Ra!

Don Se Ra!

Soo Ah...

A bit longer...

Don Se Ra.

Don Se Ra!

Don Se Ra.

Don Se Ra!

Don Se Ra!

♫ Not safe here, please save me with your love ♫

♫ Please save me, whoa, whoa, my savior ♫

♫ So no one can shake my heart ♫

♫ My savior ♫

[Good Job]

It doesn't hurt?

When you use super-vision, do you faint and whatnot?

If you use your super-vision like today, you're...


It's spreading as a grassroot movement around institutes street.

What exactly is this drug?

It seems to have surfaced out of nowhere and breaking out among the students.

I must find out everything about Kang Tae Joon.

What exactly were you thinking when you sent me?

Hey, wait. You...

I must also add to the employment contract that

you must not use super-vision carelessly.

What am I doing right now?

♫ My savior ♫