Good Job (2022–…): Season 1, Episode 3 - Episode #1.3 - full transcript

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[Good Job]

[Jung Il Woo]

[Kwon Yu Ri]

[Song Sang Eun / Eum Mun Suk]

[Good Job]

- Can you see?
- Of course.

It's the tallest building in Yongnam-si.

What does it say?

Take off those round glasses, and try reading it.

[I found out your secret]

How should I know what you're holding?

I never said I was holding anything.

I'm speechless.

Is it a superpower?


Should I say super-vision?

How far can you see?


Or this far?


So you really can see me.

You saw from up there? That person?

That looks pretty far.

The man wearing a mask directly in front of you.

And let's say that awkward fake mustache

is just a concept.

I thought it was impossible,

but this is really happening.

And yet once again, I'm the one

who proved it ingeniously.

I thought something had happened to you!

You scared me!

Is it genetic? Or acquired by accident?

Exactly how far and how detailed can you see?

I guess it's because of your unique brain structure that Dispatch reporters chase you, huh?


Oh, my! Bird poop on your head!

Not. Was it just some dust?

Oh, my! It fell on your chest!

You're great at showing respect.*
(She made him bow)

Hey, Don Se Ra!

Are you crazy?

Even old fogeys don't use that joke these days.

Do you know how old that joke is?

I matched it accordingly to your childish standards.

Why? You don't find it amusing?

It's totally amusing.

That's why you shouldn't play around with someone's secret like that.

Do you understand?

H-Hey. Hello?

Don- Hey, Don Se Ra!



What's wrong with him?


But how did he know?

I was being really careful.


[Episode 3]

How infuriating!

What? Say what now about my brain structure?

How crazy, how crazy.

- Is this possible?
- Hey, you.

You saw it through the CCTV, too, right?

D***, does she have a knack for enraging someone or what?

Don Se Ra, I'm going to get you.

Hold your horses. Se Ra's hand is way better than the one you're holding.

So as my lawyer, what's one way to reverse this situation?

Reverse? Why would I?

When she has such an amazing ability?

Hey, and thanks to Se Ra,

we witnessed the suspect, discovered the tree-shaped keychain,

and narrowed it down to Jang Min Su.

Saying "Thank you" to her wouldn't be enough.


You sagging lump of monkey testicles.

I'll escort this woman who

seems to need my help.

Do they know each other?




That bracelet was also worn by the person I saw.

It's a bracelet sponsored by the Children's Cancer Foundation.

It's a foundation Oh Ah Ra sponsored.

It's a list of hospitals sponsored by the foundation,

and a list of sponsors who bought the sponsored bracelets.

You're not going to look into all these people, are you?

How do you think Jang Min Su knew Oh Ah Ra?

Who in our country doesn't know Oh Ah Ra?

He probably wasn't just a simple stalker.

Oh Ah Ra never reported the stolen necklace

or Jang Min Su, either.

That's obviously because she

didn't want to draw needless attention since she's a celebrity.

Oh Ah Ra has filed complaints against not only stalkers,

but haters and cyber wreckers without leniency as well.

She never overlooked these things, but...

Jang Min Su... why did she just let him off?

Chairman, I know you have a lot on your mind, but

there's a pile of documents that need your approval.

You should come out now-

What the?





- What the?
- Chairman, are you sick?

Are you sick?



Oh, that must hurt.

Are you all right?

- Yes, I'm okay.
- Oh!

It's time for my medication.

[Documents for Approval]

I personally think I should be aware of your worries.

When I took care of the previous chairman up close-

Father needed to be taken care of because he was old,

but I can take care of myself.

But where did you get that bracelet?

I never knew you liked things like that.

Oh, this bracelet?

What do you mean by "things like that?"

I recently visited One Heart Pediatrics

and received this bracelet after I made a donation to the Children's Cancer Foundation,

which Oh Ah Ra sponsors.

Yes, you see this, right?

Closer. It's a small font.


It means it's a limited edition.

Now that I'm of older age,

I thought it would be a good time to practice noblesse oblige-

As you get older, you should shut your mouth

and open your wallet.

I see that's what you're practicing.

I'll carefully and slowly review this document

because I have a lot to think about right now.

Why do you have so much to think about?

- It's not like you're some monk-
- You should...

go and get some work done.

Attorney Yang!

Oh Ah Ra...

was sponsoring the Children's Cancer Foundation at One Heart Pediatrics.

And Jang Min Su's child.

One Heart Pediatrics, Jang Han Byul.

So it was you.

The point of contact.

[Yongnam Police Station]

What is this?

Sunbae! The bloodstains found in Jang Min Su's car match Oh Ah Ra's blood.

What about the search warrant for Jang Min Su's house?

We found the bloodstains, so it'll be issued soon.

And you know the spring wire we found in the car?

It's something often used by nurses in hospitals.


Jang Min Su's son has an intractable heart condition.

Do you think the son is related to this case?

To the hospital, for now.


- Yes?
- What is this sound?

I don't know.

Hold on. Let me check.

What's going on?

Isn't he the secretary of your company's Vice Chairman Kang?

What the? Why would he come here?

Why not? Your company is right behind here.

I think the townspeople are swarming here because of the new bakery.

D*** it, then I can't leave right now.

Gosh, I should've kicked them out sooner.

Hey, just hold on.

What? You're going outside?

I've got to give them a sharp warning when it's this noisy.

- That's how they'll learn their lesson.
- Hey!

Trust me, okay?

Fine, go give them a sharp warning.

Gosh, this is really...


[I wish you prosperity!]
We're Bang Bang!

[This shop's bread is the best!]
- Have a taste.
- Hello!

We're Bang Bang, an organic and handmade bakery shop!

Please spread the word!

You spent 20,000 won? Thank you!

Please spread the word!

Enjoy your bread!


Please try a sample before you go.

Hello, welcome.

- Please give it a try.
- It looks good.

Please enjoy it.

- Good luck.
- Thank you.




Thank you! Please spread the word.

Thank you. We're Bang Bang, everyone!

Hello, we're Bang Bang!

I'm the second-floor lawyer.


You must really like free things. You came all the way down here yourself.

How could I not, with all this going on?

My ears are sensitive.

They must be very sensitive.

I must've caused a great inconvenience for you.

Whatever. When will all this end?

It'll end when it ends.

You must very impatient.

Don't be like that, and while you're down here,

you should try our bread properly.

I'm fine. I have allergies, so I don't eat them.

What allergies are you talking about?

I said it's fine.

- Just give it a try-
- I said, it's fine-

This bastard...

I told you that I'm allergic, but you still...

Don't you l-listen to your customers?

Why force... me...

Turn off the music.

That wasn't my fault-

It's dancing.


Oh, my!

My balloon...

seems to have been greatly damaged by you.

Get up.

G-Get up!

She's up.

[Bang Bang]


Not there.



Yang Jin Mo.

What the hell are you doing right now?

Are you crazy?

Enjoy your food!

How long are you going to make Attorney Yang dance like that?

Tell him to stop now.

Why? Looking at his dance,

I can tell he frequented the club dance floor.

There are times I question his occupation,

but he's a total know-it-all.

Attorney Yang must be the type to give it his all in everything.

I know, right?

He's actually doing his best just because we told him to.

Soo Ah, eat up.

Hold on! Hold on, hold on, hold on.


You need to post these things on In***gram to get popular these days.

You beautiful girl! I put our store in your care, customer.

Come to the convenience store with some money. I got caught.

Why? Is something wrong, Soo Ah?


I forgot that I had plans with a friend.

I'll get going, unnis.

Oh, what?


Anyway, her devotion to her friends...

is the same as me.

What did you do with that dress?

Did you return it? Or sell it?

I thought it could be a gift from God to a poor soul,

so I considered selling it,

but out of conscience, I have to return it.

You could just fold your conscience and put it away.

I could not put it away even if I wanted to.

Kind. Too kind.


I'm sorry. She must've forgotten to bring her card today.

If she weren't your friend, I would've called the police on her right away.

But are you sure you're even friends?


Don't hang out with girls like her.

She has the hands of a thief.

I'm sorry.

Anyway, thank you.


- Take care!
- See you.

Yeon Ju!

Yeon Ju!

I thought...

you went back home since I didn't hear from you.

I wouldn't have left in the first place if I had planned to go back.

That s***hole of a house.

Do you have more money?

- Why?
- Do you?


You should've contacted me, at least.

I heard you left the shelter two days ago.

- Where are you staying now?
- What does it matter to you?

Mind your own business!

I won't contact you next time.

- Yeon Ju!
- God d*** it!

If you're not returning home, do you want to spend a few days with me at the orphanage?

Hey, am I an orphan?

You and I are still different.

Don't look down on me just because you got into college.

I'm so embarrassed.

All the neighbors saw me.

Who would come to me to defend them?

To a lawyer who danced like a balloon.

Hey, how long are you going to stay like that?

Do you even know how I feel?

You bastard with no sense of empathy.

Look at this guy.

Hey! Hey, I-

I empathized more than enough!

When I saw you dancing like a balloon,

"Is that Yang Jin Mo or a balloon doll?"

I was briefly confused quite intently.

You're making fun of me again right now.

What do you mean?

Hey, let's go out.

- Huh? Let's go out!
- Let go.

Hey, y-you go out.

Geez, it's Se Ra! You go out.

- I told you to go out.
- You go out!

Hello, I brought the dress...

Yang Jin Mo, come out.

- Here.
- I-It's not mine.

Close the door, please.

Gosh! Do you still have something left to say?

I just wanted to return this dress.

You want me to wear it after you return it?

You're quite blessed in regards to your looks, Chairman,

so I thought this dress would look good on you, too.

I don't need it, so you can throw it out.

Throw it out? This expensive dress?

Your brain is divided into money, money...

and, of course, money, huh?

You hold such a long grudge.

Considering you were talking to yourself, I heard you loud and clear just now.

Oh, you must be headed somewhere.

You're quite the curious cat.

Well, this level of disguise is

something like a detective?

If there's a detective like me,

he'd probably walk the runway, not hold an investigation.

A real detective would laugh if he heard that.


Wouldn't it be better for Se Ra to accompany us for a hospital inquiry?

Think about it.

Instead of you who shuts people up even if they want to talk.

Yes, that's right!

That's me right here, Don Se Ra!

I mean, I'm not really someone who likes free things

and money and stuff like that.

Since you did me a favor, I have to repay you.

Just trust and leave it to me.

I always wanted to do something like this.

I'll give it a try. I'll do it.

Do you think this is some kind of child's play?


Those two are really driving me...


Just wait until this job is over. I'll fire you both.

Hey! Wait for me.

[One Heart Hospital]

The setup is complete here.

[End of Year Charity Bazaar to Help Children with Terminal Illnesses]

It's the same bracelet as Oh Ah Ra's.

It's a bracelet sponsored by the Children's Cancer Foundation.

It's a foundation Oh Ah Ra sponsored.

I recently visited One Heart Pediatrics,

and received this bracelet after I made a donation to the Children's Cancer Foundation,

which Oh Ah Ra sponsors.

Look into this volunteer for me.



I'm Detective Han Kwang Gi from Yongnam Police Station.

I'd like to ask you a question.

Do you happen to know Jang Min Su's son Jang Han Byul?

Han Byul has been discharged. Why do you ask?

I guess your detective brother is actually doing his job right.

He's been discharged?


Then the child is now...

Speaking of, Han Byul's surgery is urgent,

so we've also been trying to reach his father multiple times.

But we've been worrying about him because we couldn't reach him.

What kind of person was Jang Min Su?

In the hospital, he was a warm and caring dad.

We felt sorry for him and pitied him.

But there was something we didn't know.

The child was continuously being abused.

- Dad...
- Go away, you bastard.

Do you know what an important moment this is?


I'm hungry.

S***! Hey.

I told you not to bother me when gaming, didn't I?

I keep dying because of you, bastard!

You're crying?

Stop crying.

Stop crying! Stop crying!

I told you to stop crying, bastard. Stop! Stop!

You son of a b****!

Keep your mouth shut, okay?

So was the child separated from his father?

We reported him, but it was no use.

They took him back home.

The younger the child victim,

the more difficult it is to separate them from the parents who are the assailants.

Since there's a huge shortage of care workers at the shelter.

[The search warrant has been issued]

The search warrant has been issued.

This was found in Jang Min Su's car.

I heard it's used by hospital nurses.

Is there anything that comes to your mind?

I'm not sure.

This is commonly used by everyone.

I'm not too sure.

Oh, is that so?

Thank you.

[Fairytale Story-telling Classroom]

Yang Jin Mo, this woman next to Han Byul

is the same woman as the one with the bracelet.

Please analyze these photos.


What an evil bastard.

How can someone hit these small and sick children?

What if Oh Ah Ra was aware of Jang Min Su's abuse?

If she had been aware, she wouldn't have let it go.

Matching complete.

Sun Woo, that woman matches with Oh Ah Ra 99.9%.

That woman is Oh Ah Ra.

That's right. My prediction was correct.

So you're saying, Oh Ah Ra disguised herself to volunteer

all because of Jang Min Su's son, right?

Oh Ah Ra and Jang Min Su...

There's more to the story as we dig deeper.

There's one more thing.

You said the nurse's equipment was found in Jang Min Su's car, right?

That means,

there's a chance the person who drove that car that day might not be Jang Min Su.

Then are you saying Jang Min Su worked with an accomplice to target Oh Ah Ra?

We need to investigate this hospital a bit further.

Jang Min Su must've done drugs, too.

There's a whole stash.

He lived like this with the donation funds for his son?

And when funds got low, he must've targeted Oh Ah Ra, who was one of the sponsors.

Then he probably took the money in Oh Ah Ra's safe, too, right?

And according to the ahjumma next door,

she said she heard them fight every night.

Although she wasn't sure if it was a fight or a beating.

And then, since a few months ago, she hasn't seen his mother around after she ran away.

His wife ran away,

and he assaulted his child, who has a heart condition?

Anyhow, where do you think Han Byul could be?

I've set it up perfectly.

You're going to be shocked.

I'd like to stop being shocked, please.

Where the hell is it?


Wait, it's not a VIP room

but a room for four people?

- Is this your plan?
- It's perfect, right?

It's the best arrangement to dig for information.

Yang Jin Mo...

[Don Se Ra]

Hey, Don Se Ra-

Aigoo, newlyweds!

- Huh?
- Yes.

Good times.


Oh... us?

Yes, yes.

Yes, we're newlyweds. We are.

- We are?
- How long has it been since you married?


how long has it been since we got married?


I guess it probably wasn't too long ago.

I can tell with one look.

Let's see, let's see, let's see, let's see.

Six months?

A year?

- About six months-
- Oh, six months...

You must absolutely be good to your wife when she's sick.

That's how you'll get brownie points.

Ms. Don Se Ra, consultation.

- Yes!
- Yes.

Groom, what about saedek*?
(Title given to a newlywed wife)

Aigoo, you must escort her. She's a patient.

I mean, she can probably...

not walk by herself since she's a patient.

Yes, of course, I should help her.

Okay, let's go.

Yang Jin Mo...

- Please come again!
- Take care.

Be safe!

I've sold so much!

[If it's Don Se Ra, Daebak]

She went to return the dress, but why isn't she back yet?

She's not picking up, either.

What is this?

"Sa Na Hee is loyalty?"

Hey! Why weren't you picking up?

Yes, saedek here...

She just left to get her heart examined.

H-Her heart?

[Pediatric Ward]

Please check on patient Lee Gun Ho.

- Yes.
- She's studious...

and very hard working...

but clumsy.

A rookie nurse who started within the past two months.

[Pediatric Ward]



Please change the sheets for patient Lee Myung Ki in room 510.

- He spilled some soup.
- Yes, sure.

For patient Choi Myung Soo in room 513,

please attach a 20 mL NS500.

- I'll write a prescription right now.
- Okay.

Nurse Kang?


Sheet change in room 510 for patient Lee Myung Ki,

and patient Choi Myung Soo in room 513, IV change.

The infusion is NS500, 20 mL.

20 mL...

But which department are you from?

There's something I want to ask.

To me?

Who's the one who reported Han Byul's dad for child abuse?

I'm not sure.

Asking Nurse Shim would be better...

Oh, Nurse Shim knows well, huh?

Since she was the nurse in charge of Han Byul.

But you are...

Oh, Charge Nurse!

To be honest, I'm...

[Police Agency]
investigating a case regarding Jang Min Su.

I already explained everything to the detective who came earlier.

You know Oh Ah Ra, right?


She's sponsoring a pediatric patient from our hospital.

I see.

Anything else?

Like what?

By chance, were you working on June 8th?

I'm just asking some questions for formality.

For work...

Oh, my.

Oh, my! L-Look at him smile!

A moment, please.

Yes, I had an evening shift that day.

Oh, I see.

Okay, take care.

What a killer smile.

Please look into the whereabouts of the pediatric nurses on the day of the incident.



There's something I must tell you.

Right now?

I'm a little busy right now.

There's nothing more important than what I'm about to tell you.

I'm telling you this because it's like I'm looking at my younger self.

We look similar.

We look very similar.

If you let it go because it was just once...

- Don Se Ra?
- You'll end up like me.

Don Se Ra!

Where is she following her?

The bakery shop boss...

- Boss, Boss!
- What the?

Second-floor lawyer?

I'm busy right now!

Sa Na Hee!

What the? What's wrong with him?

I must tell you today-


I'm serious right now.

Wow, this ahjumma is amusing.

I mean, she dragged a patient-

I mean, I wonder what she's talking about with my honey...

Your husband...

I saw him earlier with the nurses...

Aigoo, he was so sweet to the nurses.

- Sweet?
- Yes.

You probably don't know too well,

but men live up to their looks.

Some time ago, in the next pediatrics ward, Han Byul's dad

hit it off with Nurse Shim and-

Oh, you don't know Han Byul's dad, do you?

There's this guy who has a decent-looking face.

Han Byul's dad did?

You know Han Byul's dad?

The one who abused his child.

Oh! So you do know.

I was completely fooled, too.

Then he was so-and-so with Nurse Shim...

Yes, that's what I said!

You can't deceive my eyes.

They're very accurate.

So that's why you should manage your husband well.

If you just leave him be in hopes that he'll stop...

Aigoo, you're going to die of stress like me.

- Aigoo, Saedek, are you okay?
- Don Se Ra!

Don Se Ra, emergency! Emergency!

The bakery shop owner has appeared!

I have to go right now to catch that husband of mine.

Of course, you should. Go catch him.

Catch him! Kill that bastard!

The hospital's going to be noisy today as well.

So what is it that you want?

I came because I heard Se Ra was admitted here.

So I need to go. What do you need to tell me?

First off...

calm down and look at my eyes.

Calm down.

Gosh, do I look like I can calm down?

Exactly how ill is she?

She's the type of person who crawls to work

even if she has a 38°C fever, that girl.

She's not the type to just faint anywhere,

but what in the world did she do until she collapsed?

She didn't faint...

How do you know she didn't faint?

By any chance, did you guys...

I mean, how much did you overwork her when she's a mere part-timer?

If I check on Se Ra and she says her heart still hurts,

I'm not going to leave you guys alone, understand?

- Why are you taking it that far-
- What I'm saying

is why in the world would that strong girl faint?

Hey, let me get a word in! Give and take! Let's have a conversation, okay?

Why are you going off by yourself? I can speak, too!

I'm a lawyer. I'm good at speaking.

Why do you continue talking by yourself?

Oh, my.

I'm sorry for yelling just now, but

you're really making us out to be criminals or something.

- And we're tactical-
- Tactical?

Who are you people, huh?

Are you even a lawyer?

What the hell do you bastards do?

Did you just call us bastards? Bastards?

Whatever. Where's Se Ra?

Oh, my!

Oh, Honey! Where did you go when you're sick?

Na Hee's here. She's here!

But where did you go in this situation?

Y-Yang Jin Mo?

Hey, wait!

[Sa Na Hee is loyalty]


Can you pick it up?

- I should pick it up for now.
- Yang Jin Mo.

Why isn't he picking up? Hey!

Yes, Na Hee?

Huh? Attorney Yang fainted?

Emergency room?

Emergency room?

Why did you tell me to feed you something this dangerous?

Thank God I didn't drink that, or I'd be lying here right now!

Unbelievable, gosh!

I told you I'm allergic.

- Allergic to milk.
- Allergic to milk, my foot!

Can an allergic reaction to milk make your face swell up...

like an overstuffed dumpling... and make you look...

- hideous?
- It just did.

I told you at the bakery that I'm allergic.

Na Hee!

Hey, Se Ra! What in the world happened?

Wait, who is he?

- Did you hit him?
- No way!

He's the second-floor lawyer.

Attorney Yang?

Wait, but why is his face so...

Did you feed him milk by any chance?

He drank it in one shot himself.

Hey! Are you okay?

What the hell? Why does your heart hurt, and what's with the hospitalization?

That's not it...

There's something we need to look into at the hospital.

- Tactical.
- Tactical!

Are you a spy? To get tactical?

My heart is shriveling up because of you! Shriveling up!

Anyway, nothing's wrong with you, right?

You know how strong I am.

Are you in your right mind?

Why would you drink milk? Do you have a death wish?

- It hurts...
- That's pretty bad.

Really bad.

I'll come back tomorrow.

Where are you going?

Well, of course...

Of course, you should stay with your wife!

It's her first day at the hospital.

It's okay. I'm really fine.

You heard her.

She'll divorce you at that rate.

Based on what?

No one would dare divorce me.

A man should be properly tamed from the start.

Look at me. That's why I'm going through this hell.

Oh, I'm not in a position to do that.

My, my. Being sick is sad enough. Don't be intimidated!

Is being sick a sin?

The bastards who neglect their wives because they're sick are the sinners!


is not something I do.

Yes, good night! Yup.

Let's sleep.

You're really going to sleep here?

Then what should I do?

If I leave, they're going to rip me apart.

We're going to sleep together?

Yes, we are.

Get down.

- What are you doing?
- But I'm a patient!

Give it a break!

Hey, you think I can sleep somewhere like this?

Get down. Come on!

I'm the patient!

You're driving me nuts.


What is it that Chairman Eun mentioned...

The metaverse platform case.

Yes, I've reported the overall schedule and progress until the platform launch.

You're doing as Chairman Eun says?

Manager Kim, who are you lining up with?

- Well, I'm...
- Hey, hey.

Why would you bring up who you're backing?

To be blunt,

that position was yours from the start!

I'm well aware of my position.

You're the one who needs to make this platform successful

if you want to defend that position of yours.

I'll properly show you and Eun Sun Woo

this time, so don't worry about it.


Assistant Kim,

what is Chief Kang going around doing these days?

Why are his claws drawn out?

There was a minor incident at the club recently,

but it was put to an end after Chairman Eun Sun Woo showed up.

But Sun Woo doesn't frequent places like that.

Why was he there?

I couldn't figure that out.

Saedek, it's time to eat.

- Oh, my...
- Oh, my goodness!

- Dear...
- Aigoo...

- What in the world?
- She slept on the floor.


Did you sleep well?

You must've had a very good sleep, huh?

No way...

I'm pretty picky when it comes to sleeping arrangements.

Is that why you made your sick saedek sleep on the cot?

Oh, yes... That's not... what happened.

Don Se Ra-

I mean, H-Honey?

Time to get up.

What are you doing? Lie her on the bed right now!

Oh, y-y-yes.

H-Honey! Here.

Let's move to the bed.

There, sit down.

Here, her food.

Thank you.

Even a healthy person is uncomfortable sleeping on a cot!

But you left a patient there all night!


Saedek, are you okay?

Yes, well...

I think my arm is cramping...

Gosh, is it because I slept on a cot all night?


I don't think I can eat.


- Huh?
- I can't eat.

Oh, you can do this, Honey.

- Give it a try.
- What are you doing?

Your wife gave up her bed for you last night.

Of course, you should feed her!

Oh, yes...

Yes, right. Of course, I should f-feed her.

Okay, Honey. Let's eat.

Here. That's a good girl.


Marinated beef? Marinated beef...

Here, marinated beef.

Honey, eggs.


Here. There's quite a lot of food you want, Honey.

You're eating so well, Honey. You'll be discharged in no time.

Today's hospital food is so good.

I should finish everything here.

That's how I'll regain my strength.

That's right. You should regain your strength.

Sure, I'll...

Here, Honey.

Say "ah."

There we go, Honey!

You must be thirsty.

Let's have some soup.

Wow, the soup looks delicious, right?

- Say, "ah." No, no, no.
- Slowly.


[Consultation Room 2]

- This is your prescription.
- Okay.

But do I absolutely need to use this?

I think it's going to ruin my bodyline.

Patient, there's no obvious bone injury according to the x-ray results,

but we need to consider your age,

and it could be really bad if you fall or sprain something again.

You must wear the back support and be careful.

Well, yes, I'll be careful,

but he's such an unpredictable man...

Wait, excuse me. By any chance,

are hallucinations one of the symptoms?

- For muscle pain?
- Yes, for muscle pain.

There's no such thing.


- Take care.
- Okay.

Daebak! You even fed Se Ra food?

Oh, so sweet.

This is all because of you!


- It's Director Hong.
- What?

Yes, hello?* Yes...
(In Japanese)


Excuse me?*
(In Japanese)

Excuse me?*
(In Japanese)

Excuse me?*
(In Japanese)

I heard that one of the previous volunteers

was especially affectionate with Han Byul.

Oh Mi Young?

That's right. Han Byul liked her.

Was any of the medical staff especially close with Oh Mi Young?

I'm not sure.

But why are you asking about Oh Mi Young?

An unni of mine met her at a volunteer center,

but she said she couldn't get in touch with her these days.

Nurse Shim Da Jung would know better.

I saw the two of them having conversations on multiple occasions.

Here she comes.

Don Se Ra?


We need your guardian's signature on the consent form,

so please ask your husband to drop by when he gets here.


Chairman, there's a tree-shaped keychain on Nurse Shim Da Jung's pen.

Excuse me! Ch-Chairman!



Excuse me, Chairman- Ow, ow, ow.

Excuse me! Please answer-



- Are you crazy?
- Be quiet.

Turn around naturally.

Don't say anything.

Don't look back.

That's strange.

It was the Chairman for sure.


Hello? Yeah, it's me.

Chairman did?

Okay, I'm on my way back.


That's strange...

It hurts more...

Why don't you let go?

What's with the look of discomfort?

This isn't a look of discomfort.

It's a look of displeasure.


It's not like my acting had any meaning or...

Aigoo, don't misunderstand like that.

I ask you to avoid this kind of action acting from now on.

- I ask you this favor.
- Action?

Who's the one who said, "Honey," and acted it out all disgustingly?

When did I ever say, "Honey"...

And what do you mean disgusting?

If it weren't for my method acting, you would've been caught by everyone!

If it weren't for Director Hong, I also wouldn't have hugged you-

Did she just push me?


Yes, yes.

During the three shifts on the day of the incident, excluding the evening and night shift staff,

a total of three pediatric nurses were part of the day shift.

The alibies of two of them were confirmed,

and the remaining one is Nurse Shim Da Jung.

Han Byul's nurse was Nurse Shim Da Jung.

She also has the highest possibility of coming into contact with Jang Min Su.

The ahjumma from the bed across said that

Jang Min Su and Nurse Shim had a close relationship.

The volunteer from earlier also told you to ask Nurse Shim about Oh Mi Young, right?

That's right.

That means the helper from inside the hospital was...

- Nurse Shim.
- Bingo.

Ji Min from room 507, please frequently check for fever.


- Nurse.
- Yes.

Were you working on June 8th, by any chance?

Why do you ask?

Because I think I saw one of you outside that day.

Oh, really?

- I wonder who it was.
- To be more specific,

someone who wasn't part of the evening or night shift.

I'm not sure...

Now that I think about it, during the night shift,

the charge nurse usually provides the shift reports,

but Nurse Song did it that day.


She left early, saying she had something to do that day.

The charge nurse left early...

Sun Woo? Nurse shim was a Latin dance instructor.

On the day of the incident, she had a Latin dance class,

and her last class was 9:00 p.m.

For her to have gone to Oh Ah Ra's house on the day of the incident

is absolutely impossible.

What should we do, Sun Woo?

Her alibi is solid.

Isn't that Nurse Shim's?

Oh, this.

Han Byul gifted this to the Charge Nurse some time ago,

and she attached it to her pen.

I tend to use whatever's around when I'm in a rush...

But why do you ask?

It belongs to the Charge Nurse?

Look into the Charge Nurse.


Her night shift ends at 10:00 p.m.,

but Park Eun Jeong left two hours earlier, at 8:00 p.m. that day.

Then what the Charge Nurse told Chairman earlier was a lie.

Were you working on June 8th?

Yes, I had a night shift that day.

The Charge Nurse's alibi has been disproved.


Jang Min Su's helper...

[Changing Room (Female)]

[Changing Room (Female)]


That person, there.

Hey, Sun Woo. The suitcase Se Ra mentioned

is in the Charge Nurse's trunk.

[Pediatric Ward]

Take a close look at the numbers the Charge Nurse presses.

Taking a close look at the numbers the Charge Nurse presses.


[Pediatric Ward]

Park Eun Jeong?


Over there! She went that way!

I'm sorry!



This way! This way!

Excuse me.

[Recent search results]

Yeah, one is her house,

- and one is somewhere nearby in an isolated-
- We're chasing Park Eun Jeong right now!

Check the hospital CCTVs.

Okay, I'm on it.

What about the CCTVs?

I don't know if it's because she changed her clothes or if she knows where CCTVs are

but I don't see her at all from here.

She might head to her car, so keep an eye on it. You go that way.

I found her.

I'll chase her for now.

Don't take your eyes off of her!

The fourth floor supply room. Hurry!

[Supply Room]

[Supply Room]

Don Se Ra!

Park Eun Jeong.

Just leave us alone.

That's enough.

Just leave us alone!

Gosh, what are you doing?

Eun Sun Woo!

Se Ra!


I'm going nuts!

Sunbae, Jang Min Su's phone turned on.

What? Where?

Around Namyangju.

Chairman Eun. Chairman Eun!

Wake up. Chairman Eun!

I'm breathing fine,

so if that's what you're trying to check, you can get off me.

You can try if you want to.

What the?

How long were we like this?

I'm not sure.

We were all friendly like this when I opened my eyes, too.

- Ow, it hurts!
- Ow, gently, gently, gently!

Gosh, what are you doing?

What on earth are you doing? We're more tangled!


My head is ringing.

Don Se Ra?

Our distance right now...

we're close enough to hear each other even if we speak softly.

If you have that much energy,

- use that strength to-
- Strength to what?

- What can I do?
- Our hands! And feet!

- What's the only thing we can use?
- Our mouths!

That's right! You're well aware. The only thing we can move is our mouth, so...

Should we yell on three?

No, that's not it!

This IV tubing...

would you like to try...

untying it with your mouth?


You want me to do it?

Wait, "do it?"

That's imperative.

I only suggested it.

Shall we call it a consideration?

If we end up leaving, I want you to leave first...

A deep consideration.

What a deep consideration...

How unbelievable.

That's enough with gratitude.

Go on.

Don Se Ra?

You're doing this on purpose, aren't you? It tickles!

I'm doing the best I can.

That's the problem. Move!

How are you good at nothing?

I'll try it, okay?



Hey, it tickles...

[Supply Room]


Where are they? I'm going nuts!

[Supply Room]

Yang Jin Mo.

We're alive!

W-What are you staring at?

Aren't you going to untie us?

Let me just... stare for now.

You should've at least lain something down first.

- I'll be outside.
- Yang Jin Mo!

Attorney Yang!

I worried for no reason.

I'll be back later.

Attorney Yang!


We're headed to the address you found on Park Eun Jeong's car, right?

What about the license plate?


Oh Ah Ra. Park Eun Jeong. Jang Min Su.

How do you think these three are related?

Jang Min Su and Park Eun Jeong planned it out and killed Oh Ah Ra.

That sounds right.

Oh Ah Ra cashed out her entire fortune not too long ago.

They must've been targeting the money.

Then the two of them killed Oh Ah Ra...

This case has nothing to do with money.

- What?
- Then why would the two of them kill Oh Ah Ra?

Who said anyone killed Oh Ah Ra?

Oh Ah Ra isn't dead.


Eun Jeong?

Oh Ah Ra isn't dead?

What are you saying?

Then the person we have been looking for all this time

- isn't a murderer-
- I never said we're looking for a murderer.

I'm not interested in that, either.

Hey, are you insane?

We finally meet.

Oh Ah Ra.

♫ Not safe here, please save me with your love ♫

♫ Please save me, whoa, whoa, my savior ♫

♫ So no one can shake my heart ♫

♫ My savior ♫

[Good Job]

Tell me who you got that necklace from.

I shouldn't have joined you if it was something like this.

I never told you to. You're being disruptive, even now.

Be quiet and stay out of it.

There's someplace like this in a lawyer's office?

Se Ra came down alone? Here?

You! What are you looking at with those eyes?

Did you get attached already?

What is our goal? Surveillance.

Se Ra has super-vision.

She hung up? Why's that?

Don Se Ra! Why aren't you picking up?

Please help me.

♫ My savior ♫