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[Good Job]

[Names, characters, businesses, places, events, locales, and incidents in this drama are used in a fictitious manner.]

[Episode 12]

Se Ra!

Kim Jae Ha.

That evil bastard.

[Unknown Number]

Stop immediately, Kim Jae Ha!

Se Ra just so happens to be a witness.

Then all the more reason I can't stop.

You made the wrong move.

You shouldn't have crossed the line.

If you hurt Se Ra in any way,

you're dead.

How scary, Eun Seon Woo.

You say that, but you could never protect anyone.

Don Se Ra, here...

or your mother.

You bastard, where are you?

Where are you, you bastard?

The place where your tragedy began.

You have to come alone.

If I see so much as a single ant,

Don Se Ra will die.

Like your mom.


right there.

Where are you taking me?

Untie me this instant!

You brought this upon yourself.

Why did you have to use your super-vision and put us in this situation?

Turn yourself in.

Turn yourself in!

The ones who pushed me to the brink...

are you and Eun Seon Woo.

I'll allow you both to meet your end in a memorable place,

so you can look forward to that.

What did you say? Se Ra has...

Calm down.

We're going to save her.

What do we do about Se Ra?

The places Kim Jae Ha could go

are the house I lived in with my mom,

and Vice Chairman's villa.

Jin Mo, let's split up into two teams

and contact each other.

You move with Detective Han.

You need to be careful.

Where do you think you're going?

Stay here.


this is about Se Ra.

You expect me to just sit here and watch?

If you become in danger, too...

Na Hee.

Come with me.

Don't worry, Oppa.

Where the hell is this place?

Se Ra is probably okay, right?

Where is this?

Where have brought me to-

Keep your mouth shut if you want to live.

- Yeah.
- Seon Woo,

from now on, whenever I call,

you must pick up before the third ring.

You must!

Yang Jin Mo.

Why all of a sudden?

Why do you think?

I'm Eun Ddo's friend, Yang Ddo.

Yang Ddo?

In this situation... are you crazy?

Yeah, I must be crazy.

I must be crazy about you 24/7.

Seon Woo, I'll go with Detective Han for today.

I'll hold on to my phone,

so call me right away if anything happens.

I'll make a u-turn into Plan B and head straight towards you.

All right?

Yang Ddo,

you're not just a friend.

You're more than that.

Don't forget that.


Eun Ddo, me, too!

This is...

This is...

Why did you bring me here?

While Eun Seon Woo was laying low,

you two must've been stayed here.

Eun Seon Woo was probably always happy here.

Since he was with a well-off family,

and the woman he loves as well.


Chairman was never happy.

Since you made his memories of this place into hell.


You think Eun Seon Woo even knows what real hell is like?

It was a constant hell for me,

when I saw Eun Seon Woo here,

always, every time, constantly.

Like a scene from a drawing,

they're the only ones who looked happy.

Is that why you killed Ahjumma, too?


I just helped my father.

If a child doesn't care for his father, who will?

You're insane.

How could you kill someone out of fear of

being abandoned by your father?

Chairman's mother...

you're the one who killed her.

You probably killed your father in fear of being caught.

Father brought that upon himself.

And Don Se Ra,

do you know why you were abandoned?

It's because you were born with those unlucky eyes.


is that...

is that why my father also abandoned me?

Just because of that...

You really think your blue eye...

that your blue eye is the reason you were abandoned?

I warned you ever since then.

The Blue Goblin...

if you tell anyone, you'll die.

Se Ra,

just stay safe.


The door's locked?

Let's try the side.


Get away from there!

Come take a look from here.

It's a trap.

The fact that he set a trap and was waiting for us...

Means that he knew we would come here.

But where's Chairman Eun Seon Woo?

Kim Jae Ha told him to come alone,

so he went alone,

to keep Se Ra safe.


There's definitely a trap there, too.

Let's hurry.

Kim Jae Ha, that bastard!

He's using a classic method...


He's not to be messed with.

This won't do. Call for backup,

and let's walk as far out as we can.

We'll be able to catch a car to the orphanage if we go a bit further out.

Hold on.

After the whole ordeal with President Byeon,

I installed a tracking device on Seon Woo's wristwatch.

He's near Seon Woo's villa.

But isn't this illegal?

Eun Seon Woo is actually fearlessly coming alone.

For you.

What an incredible love.

Take a good look.

Since today will be the last time you get to see him.

Let go of me, you crazy bastard!

Untie me.

Untie me!

Stay put.

Untie me this instant, you crazy bastard!

Save me...

What is this? What is this?

- What is this?
- It's nothing, nothing.

With even the slightest shock, that will go "boom!"

If you do anything reckless and that explodes,

everything, including your neck, will fly off, so

it's a good idea to keep your mouth shut.

Wait here.

[Unknown Number]

You see me, right?

As you can tell, I came alone.

Keep your promise that you won't hurt Don Se Ra.

Don Se Ra is waiting patiently for you to come.

Hurry up.

You need to check if Don Se Ra is unhurt.

The place where your tragedy began.


There aren't any cars passing by!

I'm sorry!

When will the backup arrive?

But shouldn't we send them to Chairmain Eun Seon Woo first?

She's right.

Seon Woo is alone right now.


keep walking for now!

There isn't a car in sight!

What cars were you talking about?

You look tired. Why don't you catch your breath, Chairman?

There's no rush here.

And you share this place of memory with me,

you should take a moment to...

miss your mom like the good son you are.

I warned you not to cross the line.

Where's Don Se Ra?

I'm not sure.

She's probably desperately waiting somewhere for you to save her.

Where could Don Se Ra be?

You bastard.

Kim Jae Ha, you crazy bastard!

What the hell are you doing?

You're not in a position to yell at me, are you?


With a wrong press of this button,

Don Se Ra's life will be over.

If something happens to Don Se Ra,

I won't leave you alone.

I don't think you comprehend the situation,

but this is where you plead with me, not threaten me.

What is it that you want?

You were so high and mighty just now...

did you lose your fighting spirit?

I'll do what you want,

so throw that switch away.

Let Don Se Ra go,

and you and I should resolve this.

I'm still confused about whether you're pleading with me or ordering me.

If you're pleading, you should at least get on your knees.


I won't tell you twice.


Happy now?

Are you satisfied?

You should've done so sooner.

This place might have been the beginning of your tragedy,

but it wasn't for me.

What I couldn't have, no matter how hard I tried,

you already held everything in your hands.

Not just you,

but your parents, too.

Especially your mom,

it seemed like she was sharing everything in the name of volunteering,

but she was just showing that she's fundamentally different from us.

She just viewed us pitifully.

It was disgusting.


My father was the same.

He'd keep you by his side if he needed you,

and discard of you without a second look if he didn't.

You should've blamed your father.

Is that why you killed her?

Because of your victim mentality?

My innocent mother?

I didn't intend to kill her in the beginning.

I thought she was already dead.


Your mom...

was alive.

Keep listening.

What I never told anyone else...

you need to listen to it.

I know you're curious.

Say it again.

My mother...

was alive?

That's right.

I still clearly remember the way she looked at me as she gasped for air

as if she'd die any second.

Then you...



I'm the one who finished her off.

Because if I hadn't, I was worried my relationship with Father...

would become complicated.

I'm as much of a good son as you are.

You son of a b****!

I'm going to kill you!

Why did you kill my mother?

She never did anything wrong to you!

My innocent mother!

She didn't do anything wrong?

Why didn't she do anything wrong?

She pitied me.

She felt bad for me.

You guys were the only happy ones!

During my 20 miserable years...

were you happy?

Did Vice Chairman Kang Wan Soo approve of you?

You're a more pitiful bastard than I am.


You dare to pity me?

Like your mom did?

My mom was sincere towards an a**hole like you!

Towards a son of a b**** like you!





Chairman, are you okay?

Are you really okay?

Yes, I'm fine, so don't worry about me.

What's with your face? Gosh.

We need to catch him!

Stay still. Are you really okay?

Don't worry about me.

We need to catch him first.

I'll be the one to catch him.

You stay here.

- Hey!
- Se Ra!

Se Ra!

- Seon Woo!
- Are you okay?

Hey, what happened to you?

More importantly, we need to catch Kim Jae Ha first.

He ran away but couldn't have gotten far.

I'll take care of it.

What are you saying when I'm the police?

Jin Mo.

You're still tracking me, right?


I-I am.

But how did you know I was tracking you?

You always have a plan B.

That's right.

I'll chase after Kim Jae Ha.

You take care of Se Ra.

We don't know when Kim Jae Ha will return, so it's not safe.

Be careful.


I thought this might come in handy later.

All right.

Attorney Yang, please take good care of them.

All right.

Hit me.

You want to kill me.

You win if you kill me.

Kill me!

Go on and kill me!

Hurry and hit me!

So this was your intention.

To make me into a murderer like you.

I'll do as you wish.

He even killed someone 20 years ago,

abducted our Se Ra, and even tried to kill Chairman,

so Kim Jae Ha will be severely punished, right?

Of course.

He'll rot in prison for life.

I'm here, hon.

What a long day.

It was rough, wasn't it?

Because of me.

Don't blame yourself.

I'm fine.

Look at your face.

My goodness...

Are you worried about me right now?

You think I won't?

Your body and your face it breaks my heart.

♫ Your smile which was always out of reach ♫

You worried more...

about me than I do...

and you were still worried about being by my side?

♫ had to act as if I knew nothing and turn away ♫

Instead of worrying about me...

♫ Do you know me? ♫

think about how you can love me more.

♫ If I was only given one day ♫

♫ I'd face you and look at you ♫

♫ and stay in the same place as you, but once again ♫

♫ today I stupidly ♫

Come here.

- Aren't you cold?
- No.

Oh, gosh.

♫ embrace you in the corners of my heart ♫

There was no perfect crime.

The culprit of Yoon Sung Hee's murder has been caught after 20 years.

Sources say there was unexpected special cooperation

between a police officer and a detective.

[The truth revealed after 20 years, justice is served!]
K, the culprit of this case,

and Kang Wan Soo, Eunkang Group's former Vice Chairman, who recently attempted suicide

turned out to be accomplices.

The fact that the two of them were father and son

is even more shocking.

Is that true?

Father and Assistant Kim...


Kim Jae Ha is your half-brother.

No way.

Then Father really killed your...

It's true.

And your hyung, Kim Jae Ha, tried to murder your father.

And one more thing.

Were you aware...

that Vice Chairman Kang attempted to kill Oh Ah Ra's child?

Oh Ah Ra's child?

Oh Ah Ra became pregnant with your child seven years ago.

And she decided to keep that child.

But in the end Vice Chairman ordered for that child to be killed.

What are you saying?

It's my child?

Father tried to kill my child?

Thanks to the nurse who helped during the childbirth,

they were able to save the child's life.

The child's name is Kang Han Byul.

Your future should be decided by you.

This child...

is really my child?

Confess to everything you've done

and if you possess the courage to pay for your crimes,

I'll ask her for you.

If she wants to meet you or...

if she'd rather not for the rest of her life.

I hope you don't follow your father's path, Kang Tae Joon.

Where should I start?

You have too many charges.

Abduction and confinement of Don Se Ra,

assault and attempted murder of Eun Seon Woo,

attempted murder of Vice Chairman Kang Wan Soo,

and murder of Mrs. Yoon Sung Hee...

20 years ago.

I didn't kill her.

I was just a witness.

That was the doing of Vice Chairman Kang Wan Soo.

A witness?

The actual witness is someone else.

You going to continue with your lie?


It's been over 20 years since it happened.

How can you trust the words of an eight-year-old kid?

The day you abducted Don Se Ra,

this is a recording of you confessing everything.


what if Vice Chairman Kang Wan Soo personally testified?

He's alive?


did you really try to kill my child?

I wanted to become like you.

I looked up to you.

That's why I took any means necessary to...

But I no longer want to become like you.

I'm scared I might become like you.

I'm going to turn myself in.

I'm going to confess everything I did and pay for my crimes.

After that,

I'm going to meet my child.

I have no more business with you.

Spend your entire life repenting.

[Yang Jin Mo, Attorney at Law]

Yes, this is Attorney Yang Jin Mo.


A detective agency?

Yes, it's run alongside our office.

Yes, yes.


Okay, okay.

The phone.

Yes, yes, yes, yes.

Yes, this is a lawyer's office.

A detective agency?

There's no separate number for that.

Yes, all right.

- Hello?
- Yes, hello? This is Yang Jin Mo-

This is the lawyer's office.

Chairman, here...

It's a necklace.

In your eyes,

which one looks better?

In my opinion, I think a ring would be better than a necklace...

and a bracelet would be better than a ring...

A thick gold bracelet...

Wait, not something you want.

But what would suit Don Se Ra better?

That's what I'm asking you.

Oh, something that would suit Don Se Ra...

Wait, but when did it go from flirting to dating?

I think you're the only one who wasn't aware.

It's been quite a while.

Oh, I see...

I offer belated congratulations.

If it's a gift commemorating the start of a relationship,

I think a ring...

Yes, a ring would be best.

Rings are originally a garakji*
(Type of ring)

that is split in half.

I don't know how it's related to Garak-dong,

but when you think of rings-

"Diamonds are forever." It comes out in 007.

"Diamonds are forever."


are something I'll save for when we get married.

Director Hong,

do you know the reason why I always ask you to get out?

Well, that's in order for you to focus on work...

or because the secret base might be discovered...

It would be great if you could just answer the question I asked you,

but you talk too much.

If you reduce your words,

you can also reduce the distance between us.

Now you may...


Yes, Na Hee, there's a favor I'd like to ask you.

"From one to ten, they're all words for you..."

"A story told by the heart, not the mind."

Should I stop?

Should I resign?


- Chairman!
- What the? You were here?

- Oh, I was just about to-
- Come on.

Attorney Yang's phone is about to explode.

and the forum is about to burst in flames.

Why? What's going on?

Are you going to a wedding today?

Oh, I see you want to get married these days.

Anyway, look at this.

I don't know where the information leaked,

but people believe I work with the investigator who solved your case,

and a variety of old and new cases alike

are being referred to me.

Wow, today is the first time this many people visited my forum,

ever since I started the forum.

Se Ra! Se Ra!

- Aigoo.
- Hi!

I told you I'd go to you. Why did you go through this trouble?


Sweet, I came because I thought you might be busy.

Huh? Spicy?


What are you, sweet and sour?

- Huh? Sweet?
- And Sour?

That's pretty good.

It's pretty.

Look at the nightscape.


♫ My heart flutters at the sight of you who came without warning ♫

They sell tteokbokki at a place like this?

How is it?

Doesn't it look very familiar?

It looks like the one from Sonyeo Restaurant-

I've offended the tteokbokki from a luxurious restaurant.

Wow, Investigator Don, your deduction skills are...


I asked Sonyeo Restaurant's boss for days.

♫ more than my other feelings ♫

That I must...

cook it for my girlfriend.


You made all this yourself?

How can I eat it when it's so precious?

What do you mean precious?

Hurry and give it a try.

Give it to me.

It looks delicious.

Here, have a taste.

I'll enjoy it.

♫ Wouldn't you also know on a day like this? ♫

♫ Little by little ♫

It melts in my mouth.

I'm really happy right now.

From now on,

I'll fill your life with happiness.

All you need to do

is smile like you are right now.

I'm totally confident about that!

But business must be slow today.

It's so extravagant, too...

By any chance...

did you rent this entire place?

It's me, Eun Seon Woo.

How very like you.

Investigator Eun's class.

But I don't need surprises like this from now on.

Events like this are kind of overwhelming,

and not my type, either.

This tteokbokki full of love and care is enough for me.

Just imagine how much you thought of me while making this.

This is the most special gift.

I know it's not your style,

but I thought once would be okay.

The tteokbokki is going to get soggy.

I hope you enjoy it. Chew vigorously.

♫ what I absolutely want to say to you ♫

Oh, and... hold on.

I forgot to call the office.

Hold on a sec.

What is this?

It's the first gift I'm giving you,

but I wanted it to be something

that's most precious to me.

This necklace...

was given to me by Mother.

Se Ra, you can now...

cherish it for me.


♫ Do you know me? ♫

I don't know if I can keep...

something so precious to you.

You have every right.

My life's meaning

and the most precious thing to me

is you now.

♫ I'd face you and look at you ♫

Just like how this necklace

protected you by your side,

I'll be by your side from now on.

♫ Embrace you in the corners of my heart ♫

I love you.

I love you, too.


How did they follow us here?

What should we do?

We shouldn't have dates outside for a while.

We need to have indoor dates.

It's probably just temporary, right?

It's okay. We have the secret base.

I see you're not saying you won't go on dates with me.

- Oh, gosh.
- Why?

♫ I like you ♫


[Eunkang Group's Chairman Eun Seon Woo Seen with a Woman]

It's been quiet for a while,

but we're first on every search engine once again.

Tell them to take down the articles immediately.

Or else, we'll remove all our advertisements.

Yes, in fact, to the point it won't interfere with your dignity,

I've already sent out all the notices.

You're surprised at how quick I was, aren't you?

I was surprised as well.

Your ability to show off is the same as always.

You did a good job.

But the problem isn't

the media, but it's the netizens.

They're digging into Don Se Ra's past

and writing ridiculous stories.

Take strong measures against them as well.


your dignity

reflects Eunkang Group's class.

My woman's dignity dropped overnight,

but for me to maintain my own...

It will be quick to boil and quick to cool down,

like a metal pot.

If your love remains the same as now,

there will be no problem.


Isn't this Se Ra?

[Eunkang Group's Chairman Eun Seon Woo Seen with a Woman]

Se Ra did what?

The comments are so outrageous.

Should I track their IPs?

We need to catch all of them and feed them prison food for them to realize.

Let's meet right now.

What will you do about this?

Was this all in your calculations before you met Se Ra?

Why must my sister go through this trouble because of you?

I'm sorry.

I'm very sorry that Se Ra has to go through this because of me.

The group will take quick action,

so it will become quiet after a few days.

I'll take appropriate measures,

so this doesn't happen again.

Well, I mean...

you probably would've taken good care of it,

but I'm like Se Ra's real oppa,

and I'm also a detective,

so if you need any help from the cyber investigation team, relax and contact me.

Se Ra always said you were like

a real oppa to her.

I'll contact you frequently from now on.

If our Se Ra so much as sheds a tear- no...

if she even sighs, I won't just sit back.

All right.

How envious.

It's sad for someone without

family like me.

All right, Hyungnim! I'll...

treat you as my hyungnim!


Well, I guess I am a hyungnim.

That's that...

Chairman Eun! I mean...

Investigator Eun! Wait...


There's a case I've been assigned,

but something just doesn't make sense.

Oh, is this a case inquiry?

Well, nothing as official as an inquiry.

A question!

Let's just call it a question.

Since you're my hyungnim,

of course, I'll help you out.

We've even worked together before.

Then by any chance,

is it possible for you to share...

some of those items there?

I mean, while we're investigating,

we're going to have to go undercover and beat up criminals, you know?

But funds are meager.

Judging from last time, your equipment is also not that...


offer unlimited rental

for my hyungnim.

Let's go.

Are you serious?


What did you say to Chairman this time?

It's nothing like that.

As if.

Dong Hui told me your eyes were menacing earlier and was worried,

so I ran over.

I told you, it's not like that!

I had other business, so I just dropped by.

What business do you have with Chairman?

And what's this?


Eun Seon Woo isn't just a chairman.

Did you... inquire about a case with him?

Inquiry, my a**.

I just asked about something trivial.

I'm going.


disguise yourself well so you don't get your picture taken.

Like Awoo*.
(Another term for younger brother)




Was Oppa really here to inquire about a case with you?

Well, it wasn't that difficult of a case.

All this time, Hyungnim probably

couldn't help but acknowledge my skills while watching me.


Why did you suddenly turn into Hyungnim and Awoo?

Then that's actually great!

I came because I was worried Oppa said something

disheartening to you.

Don Se Ra.

Are you worried about me instead of yourself in this situation?

Are you an idiot, Don Se Ra?

An idiot who only knows...


I think the idiot is you, not me.

Didn't you see the articles?

"A magical woman who captivated Chairman

at once."

"The femme fatale fairy who captivated Chairman with her fatal charm."

They seem to be talking about me.

Right, that was the only thing that rang true in the article.

You're fatal.

I've fallen...

deep into your charms.


[Inquiry Request Forum]
A lot of inquiries were requested on Attorney Yang's website today, too.

There's no end to it, no matter how many we manage.

Why don't you resolve this first?

Well, what I want to resolve immediately is-

This first.

This can't go on forever!

We can't be hung up on inquiries that are submitted every day, not just temporarily.

Then should we temporarily close down the forum?

We need to make a decision soon.

Take special measures.

Special measures?

- Director Hong!
- Yes.

The vacation I couldn't take last time, I'm going to take it now.

Okay, then while you're away, I'll also-

Director Hong, you can take one after I return.

I'm going to start a new business after I get back,

- so please get it ready.
- Okay.

A new business?

I'm going to be a bit busy preparing for my vacation,

so you can slowly review it, and when my vacation is over,

you may contact me.

All right.


[2022 Eunkang Group, Private Youth Support Project]

[Vision, Budget...]


you have one incredible son.

All my son does is play games every day...

Have you two been well?

Ahjumma, I'm sorry.

I'm only now visiting you.

You think my mom is Angel Ahjumma for nothing?

Mother, Father,

you saw everything from up there, right?

it's late, but...

don't worry anymore,

and rest in peace.

Don't worry from now on.


couldn't save you that time,

but I'll protect Chairman from now on.

I told you not to say that!

Who'll protect whom?

Of course, I'll protect you!

I have supernatural powers.

Mom, you heard everything, right?

Don Se Ra said she'll protect me from my side.

Don't worry.

Se Ra,

I have a favor to ask.

A favor?

What favor? Ask me anything.

After our vacation,

I'm planning to build a Corporate Social Responsibility business.

What kind of business is that?

Is it something you need my super-vision for?

Super-vision is never allowed from now on!

It means the company will fulfill its social responsibility.

After the ordeal with Soo Ah last time,

I've been thinking about it since then.

You've been caring for those kids while taking multiple part-time jobs,

so I thought Eunkang should contribute some help as well.


our Eunkang has a lot of money.

Well, I can't deny that.

That's something I really wanted to do.

Do you think that will really make a difference?

I'll start by helping teenagers who are out of protection services to become independent.

Not just with material support,

but also by caring for children's hearts.

Wouldn't that be something Don Se Ra is the best at?

I want to try doing something like that.

I'll do my best not to

inconvenience you.

Thank you for giving me this opportunity.

If you fail, you'll be fired immediately.

There you go again...

But what should we do about the detective agency?

I can't think of any good ideas.

Man, it's such an absolute waste

to leave your skills to rot.

I'll manage the forum for now.

Even if we can't help everyone,

what about just helping those who really need it?

[Scrap Car Industry]
If it's as Chairman Eun predicted,

he'll reappear back here for sure.

You must really trust him, Sunbae.

Well, I've seen him solve different cases.

He even personally solved a 20-year-old unsolved case, too.

Is that why you also entrusted Se Ra to him?

You think she'll even listen to me if I hold her back?

If you meet someone, you should tell me early on, too.

If you deceive me like Se Ra did, I'll feel so betrayed.

That won't be happening.


how long are you going to stay chasing criminals?

You need to meet men and go on dates.

- Gosh...
- I do have a man!



you're all traitors.

You don't even go home and stay at the police station all the time.

When did you have the time to date?

Sunbae, do you support non-maritalism?

I don't like being a supporter of something.

You know me. Life should be lived the way-

If you're that dense,

you'll never be able to get married.

I'm dense?

- I'm Han Kwang Ki-
- Yes, you're dense.

That's why Na Hee

and everyone else leaves in search of other men.

Na Hee- Na Hee...

Na Hee had... wait. What?

Sunbae, get it right this time. Okay?

Don't beat around the bush.

Who is it? Huh?

By any chance...

do you have something with Rookie Officer Cha? Huh?



It's dangerous, so stay here.


Was she always this pretty?

Did you just notice?

Chairman Eun seems a bit cold, but

is unexpectedly considerate.

What kind of friend is Chairman Eun?

You judged him quite accurately.

He's a very considerate friend.

He's a friend who always tells me nice things.

"Do this when I'm saying it nicely."

"Go when I'm telling you nicely."

"Come when I'm telling you nicely."

Even today, he said he's going on a vacation with Se Ra,

and told me to work...

when he's telling me nicely.

Then, when I'm telling you nicely...

shall we also go on a vacation?

Why now...

Why are you just saying that now?

I knew this would happen,

so I prepared a Plan B.

Let's go.

[We're on vacation this week!]

Hold on.

What's wrong, Sweet?

Well... I...

planned to go on a camping tour with you,

so I finished setting up a camping car.

But Eun Seon Woo, that punk...

went crazy over a woman and stole my

camping car.

Then I guess we should just go on a picnic.

What do you mean, picnic?

How long has it been

since we had a vacation?


Eun Seon Woo, this punk was feeling sorry, so he...

What is it?

Tickets to Paris.


Since things turned out like this, should we just

go to Paris and go on a food tour?

Paris Food Tour?


You don't like it?

It was my dream!

What will you do now?

Every single day will be...

like a dream.

♫ My heart that was wavering, like the breezy Spring ♫


Let's go!


Let's go!

Party tonight!

♫ The words that I practiced so much, "I like you" ♫

It's pretty, isn't it?

The color is so pretty.

It's like the color of an aurora.



It's good.

This tea is from that photography studio ahjussi, right?

It is.

You don't know how much tea I bought in compensation for the photo.

I gave it all to my staff.

I can drink it every single day with you.


is that like...

a proposal or something?

That you want to stay...

with me forever?

If it is...

will you accept it?

Of course not.

Don't. Don't you dare do it!

Since I'm going to do it.


Well then...

what about this?

♫ Even if love is predictable ♫

This won't do.

- You're cold, right?
- Huh?

I think you're cold. Here.

♫ It's what I absolutely want to tell you ♫


- I'm not that cold.
- Oh, yeah?

Where are you taking me?

I'm wrapping you up and stealing you.

[There is a cookie upcoming.]

♫ My savior, please save me with your love ♫

♫ I'm overwhelmed without you, my delay is full of hurt ♫

♫ Please save me, whoa, whoa, my savior ♫

♫ so no one can shake my heart ♫

♫ My savior ♫

♫ My savior ♫

♫ I wish all these small moments passing by ♫

♫ will last forever, yeah, yeah ♫

♫ so no one can shake my heart ♫

♫ My savior ♫

[Good Job]

♫ My savior ♫

♫ My savior ♫

♫ My savior ♫

Don Se Ra! Where are you going?

This place...

I think this is the place!

You know the Mosoon Village case we received on our forum?

How their house burned down from a fire,

but the mother disappeared

and there was a lot of blood at the scene,

but no corpse found.

Oh, is it?

Let's stop by here.

What are you talking about? We're on vacation right now.

We're already here,

how can we just ignore it?

We can just go back the way we came.

Hey, let's stop by!

The only person who can solve this mystery...

is my babe.

My honey must be happy.

That I'm yours.

Okay then, shall we get to the bottom of this?

Okay, follow me.

- What the?
- What the?

We're Plan B.


Good job!

[Thank you for watching "Good Job" until now.]