Good Job (2022–…): Season 1, Episode 11 - Episode #1.11 - full transcript

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[Good Job]

[Jung Il Woo]

[Kwon Yu Ri]

[Song Sang Eun / Eum Mun Suk]

[Good Job]

- Honey!
- Mom!

- Seon Woo, no! You can't, Seon Woo.
- Mom!

Seon Woo, no...

- Mom!
- Seon Woo, no...

Mom! Mom!


Poor woman, aigoo.

No! No!

It's all right.

Don't cry.

If I just caught the culprit,

I thought those recurring nightmares...

would end.

What I never wanted to see...

but the time I have to face every time I open my eyes...

is too painful.

All this time,

I was scared and afraid of everything I had to face,

so I hid them with glasses.

But for the first time in my life,

there's someone I want to...

see with these two eyes.

I want to face the difficult times with him,

I also want to be the first one...

to see him...

smile in his happiest moments.

To the point where I feel blessed...

for possessing super-vision.

♫ If I was only given one day ♫

♫ I'd face you ♫

♫ and look at you and stay in the same place as you ♫

♫ but stupidly ♫

♫ I keeping thinking about you ♫

♫ I always only have you ♫

[Yang Jin Mo, Attorney at Law]

He did it.

He did.

He confessed.

So proud of him.

What the?

You scared me!

We understand everything.

Not just understand...

Take it and bet double! I fiercely approve!

I was just tired.

I briefly fell asleep.

Come here.


We really just slept.

Thanks for understanding,

and even more so for congratulating us.

But I respectfully decline your... exaggerated attitudes from you both.

What do you mean, exaggerated?

I'm... simply fiercely congratulating you.

I'm also fiercely congratulating you.


I don't want to ruin this good atmosphere,

but news about you is spreading to the press.

[Eunkang Group Vice Chairman]


Father attempted to commit suicide?


I need to get out of here.

Get me out right now!

[Vice Chairman, Kang Wan Soo]

Yes, Attorney.

No, please don't tell them

- anything related to Vice Chairman-
- They were too persistent,

so I had no choice.

What should I do?

We don't know what might happen to Vice Chairman,

so please allow him to come out momentarily.

[Yongnam Police Station]

Last night, Eunkang Group's Vice Chairman Kang Wan Soo

was found at home attempting to take his own life.

He has been transported to the hospital but still has not regained consciousness.

Police are searching Kang's house to find out more about-

Vice Chairman attempted suicide?

Then the one who killed Angel Ahjumma

is really Vice Chairman?

There hasn't been a quiet day for Eunkang Group recently.



Father, wake up.

Father, it's me, Tae Joon.

Father, why would you do that?

What were you doing instead of your job?

Watch your mouth.


Even after all the trouble you've caused, I'm the one who made it possible for you to even be here.

And I'm also the one who can send you back to prison.

Are you threatening me right now?


How dare you come here?

Who do you think made Father like this?

Get lost this instant.

Both of you get lost!

Is the reason Vice Chairman tried to commit suicide...

because of the case from 20 years ago?

It seems like he hired someone to tail me.

I think he found out I told you that I'm a witness.

I think that's why...

[VIP Ward]
I heard large amounts of sleeping pills were found at the scene.

Did Vice Chairman normally

suffer from insomnia?

I never heard anything about that.

With Chief Manager Kang's case,

he seems to have been taking them frequently due to stress lately.

I tried to stop him,

but he said he couldn't get any sleep.

Insomnia, you say...

Vice Chairman isn't the type to express what's on his mind easily,

but you two...

must've been quite close.

[Blue-eyed Goblin...]

[The murder case near the stone pile, the culprit still at large more than 10 years]

You should've called if you missed me.

I didn't know you enjoyed surprises like this.

I was going for a snail bride* concept, planning to clean and leave,
(Fable about a snail who turned out to be a woman who cleaned and cooked every time the man left the house)

but you caught me.

How about you forgo the former, and just be a bride?


I'm sorry, Se Ra.

This is my situation.

We can't go on a regular date, and I feel like I make you walk on eggshells.

It's office hours right now.

You should separate your personal life from your work, Investigator Eun.

All right, Assistant Don.

Shall we clean up?

"Blue Goblin"?

This is a fairytale story I read as a child.

"A blue-eyed goblin..."

"A blue-eyed goblin..."

You received a report like this?

After the case became known, I received all sorts of reports.

Although, in the end...

I wandered for 20 years, when the culprit was right in front of me.

But you didn't give up.

No matter the years, you still found him in the end.

We just need to clean this up now, right? I'll do it.

But oddly...

my thoughts still haven't made sense of it yet.

Forget about it now.

It's all over.


It's late!

I'm sorry, but I can't take you home today.

I also need to go straight to the office.

I'm a mess too, but so is the company.

I'm leaving first.

You must have a lot going on inside and out, you can take a rest now, Chairman.

Director Hong, I'll decide when I get to rest.

As you know, Eunkang can't function without me.

Where the needle goes, the thread follows.

I'll also cancel my vacation and join you.

I'll work diligently.

Oh, speaking of,

I scheduled a meeting for hotel executives and employees.

Where did the person who just told me to rest go?

Let's proceed with the meeting.

And Director Hong,

I'm very thankful to you... always.

Which brings me to-

I'll leave first.

[Yang Jin Mo, Attorney at Law]

I found the culprit after 20 years but I don't know why I still feel leery.

Of course, you're leery.

Vice Chairman ended up like that before he paid for his crimes.

Seon Woo, let's just forget about it.


Everything falls into place too perfectly...

like a perfectly solved puzzle.

Like a puzzle?

Are you saying there's something else?

Wait, are you saying...

Vice Chairman's suicide might not be what it seems?

Although, it's too early to tell.

What more do you think there is to it?

Something like that.

Se Ra.

I saw the news.

So Vice Chairman killed Angel Ahjumma?

Yeah, I think so.

They found his suicide note.

He kept it well hidden until now, but why did he suddenly attempt suicide?

I think he made such an extreme choice because there is a witness.

A witness?

You know how I mentioned Kim Nam Gyu last time?

He turned out to be Vice Chairman's secretary, Kim Jae Ha.


He's the Kim Nam Gyu who was with us at the orphanage when we were little?

Yeah, I was really shocked, too.

I suspect Vice Chairman's case to have been attempted murder.

Am I the only one who thinks it's weird for someone who's planning suicide to take his

hyperlipidemia medication?

It's only suspicion for now.

If his blood analysis shows traces of the medication,

isn't that a sign that it wasn't suicide?

Detective Han,

I ask you to perform the blood analysis.

So I can find the true culprit who killed my mother...

If someone really attempted to murder Vice Chairman, there must be a reason.

Then promise me one thing.

Say you won't drag Se Ra into this case.

Of course.

We're on the same page for once.


The damage to our group is extensive because of what happened.

I would like to conclude this case through a formal police investigation.

What are you trying to investigate?

I want to make things clear,

so no one questions whether Vice Chairman attempted suicide or not.

Assistant Kim, you think dearly of Eunkang more than anyone,

so I thought you were on the same page as I am.

Are you not?


The case from 20 years ago, I'm thinking of requesting a reinvestigation of it.

You just need to describe exactly what you witnessed at the time.

I already told you the truth behind everything,

and Vice Chairman even attempted suicide to atone for his crime.

Must you go to this extent?

- Can't you stop-
- Stop?

I still haven't done anything yet.

Assistant Kim.

No, Kim Nam Gyu.

I'm also going to hold you...

responsible for staying silent about Vice Chairman's murder.

- I'm-
- Assistant Kim.

I didn't call you here to ask a favor.

The police will be contacting you, so you may leave and get back to work.

You'll make a hole in the ground, Don Se Ra.

Why do you keep rubbing it?

Is something bothering you?

Simple labor is the best way to get rid of distractive thoughts.

What distractive thoughts?

Don't you barely have enough time to be affectionate with each other?

Chairman Eun and I both have too many things to take care of right now.

I'm busy looking for other jobs after quitting investigative work, too.

Hey, you still call him Chairman Eun?

Isn't it time to figure out how to address him?

Is it?

"Is it?" Look at this girl...

You think I don't know you?

Your head is full of thoughts about Chairman Eun.

If you don't do anything, nothing will happen.

Whether it's a change of pace or dating, you should do something.

To be honest, Chairman Eun-

Gosh, stop! Stop! Don't say anything, you potato.

Hold on.

I'm showing you because it's you...


What is this?

What is this beautiful sight?

It's a totally hot place.

I haven't been there yet, either.

I saved it so I could go with my sweetie.

A starry night...

isn't just the thought of it romantic?

Se Ra, you know...

you look the absolute happiest when you're with Chairman Eun?

Don Se Ra's happiness is my happiness.

Who knows?

Maybe you might find the real answer there.

Na Hee.

Sa Na Hee, you're truly-

Why the hell isn't Father waking up? It's been days!

Let's wait it out a bit longer.

What if he doesn't wake up?

What will you do if he just passes away like this?

Will you take responsibility?

He's old,

and he needs some more time to recover.

If my father doesn't wake up,

you're going to be-

It might be better for him not to wake up.


Are you speaking out of your a**?

Are you showing your true colors now?

Chairman Eun requested a reinvestigation of the case from 20 years ago.

If the investigation is approved,

Vice Chairman could go to prison.

Why would Father go to prison, you son of a b***?

- You can't do this!
- Get out of my way!

- Get out of my way!
- Manager Kang! Manager-

Are you really trying to turn my father into a murderer?

I'm not turning him into one. It's the truth.

With what evidence?

Just because he possessed a mere necklace?

There was a witness.

Didn't Assistant Kim tell you?

You expect me to believe that bastard?

I don't believe a single word that bastard says.

And my father

wasn't weak enough to rely on medication.

But he took sleeping pills and attempted suicide?

Don't make me laugh.

It was all made up by that bastard!

If you try something funny with my father,

I won't leave you alone.

Keep that in mind.

Kang Tae Joon.

How well do you know your father?

I mean,

do you even trust him?

He's my only family.

I know him...

and trust him...

better than you.


Why is Manager Kang Tae Joon like that?

He's going all out, gosh.

Kang Tae Joon's mind...

looks the clearest today.

And he's very human.

- More importantly, Director Hong.
- Yes.

You should prepare your mind before hearing this.

I have a favor to ask of you.

Yes, go ahead.

I need something...

of Assistant Kim's.


Well, yes, if he needs something, I can prepare-

Are you asking me to steal something?

Assistant Kim Jae Ha.

No, wait...

Should I say Kim Nam Gyu?

What is it?

[Eunkang Group]
Don't you remember me?

I guess I didn't recognize you either.

I'm Han Kwang Ki,

from the orphanage as well.

Are you here for a reunion?

We weren't that close, weren't we?

I recall that Angel Ahjumma was quite good to you.

I didn't think this was how you'd repay that affection.

You call yourself a witness,

but why didn't you do anything at the time?

If you had told the truth,

we could've caught the culprit who killed Ahjumma.

Don't stick your nose into other people's business.

Who will, if a detective won't?

Speaking of...

was the reason you didn't step forward back then

because of your father?

Twenty years ago, that time,

I heard the conversation you had with Ahjumma.

How she said she'll let you meet your father soon.

That your father was...

Vice Chairman Kang Wan Soo, was it?

But why did your father commit suicide?

Or maybe someone...

covered it up as a suicide?

What the hell are you saying right now?

I don't have the brains,

but my sense of smell is quite accurate.

I'm called a bloodhound.

Once I bite, I never let go.

So unfortunately for you, we received a request for reinvestigation.

Let's see each other again soon.

[Eunkang Group]

Eun Seon Woo.

You can't do this to me.

Yeah, it's me.


Get ready.

I'll call you back.

[Vice Chairman Kang Wan Soo]

[Vice Chairman Kang Wan Soo]


I got it!

I got it!


You did a great job.

You did as I asked of you, right?

Yes, so that anyone would notice...

I tossed the pen like this.

Good job.


the reason you asked me to leave a trace is...

He needs to know he's been cornered,

in order for him to feel anxious and rushed...

which will lead him to slip up.

Oh, as expected.

But why did you need Assistant Kim's hair?

Please do a DNA test.

Along with Vice Chairman Kang's.

Then those two are...

The reason he stayed by Vice Chairman's side for so long could be...

because of this. It's my suspicion.

I'm not certain yet.

- No wonder. Their faces-
- The quicker, the better.

Do you understand?

Yes, I understand.

[A Just Society for the Nation and the People]

Yes, yes.

So you're saying the blood had a statin reaction in the hyperlipidemia drug?

Yes, thank you.

I knew it.

Why are you following me?

Didn't you say you were going home today?

How can I go home when you're going to the crime scene?

It's not the crime scene.

You don't need to come, so go home.

If it's not the crime scene, then all the more reason I can't send you alone.

Do you not know yourself?

Right now, the lunacy in your eyes is...

indicating you're about to cause trouble.

Follow me.

She's so weird.

- That feels good.
- Look at how tense your shoulders are.

The flow of customers today was just relentless!

Were you tired?

How about a glass of energy drink

that I prepare for you?

I'd love one.

Hey, gosh... you scared me...

Hey, give us a knock.

Even if we're in the same space...

Isn't it weirder for me to knock on my own office door?

Don't you know that rated R is prohibited in the office?

Gosh... gosh...

Geez, that bossy...

Na Hee, he scared you, didn't he?

Are you okay?

But where is he rushing off to?

He's going to see Se Ra.

See? He's going to smooch, smooch, too.

No, that's not it.

They weren't making any progress,

so I gave them the gift of seeing the stars.


You're so... how long have they been together

that they can see stars?

Not those stars!

I know.

But Seon Woo... he's...

quite far from...


To be honest, so is Se Ra.

I wouldn't be surprised if she used her super-vision to see the stars by herself.


is it time for us to get involved?


Where? Now?

Yes, right now.

But we haven't seen each other in days!

Oh, I need to prepare my mind if we're going somewhere-

Gosh, get on for now. We don't have much time.

Wait, I'm not driving?

You want me to get in the passenger seat?


This car is a stick!

I'm a woman with a specialized license.

Get on.

This car doesn't even have airbags. I'm nervous.

Why did you come here?

Do you have a gut feeling about Vice Chairman's attempted suicide?

I have a strong feeling,

but no evidence yet.

Wait, that person...

Is that the bastard?

Hey, hey, hey, hey!

You just stay put.

I make enough trouble as it is.


I'm tailing the girl as you asked me to,

and she's going somewhere along with Chairman Eun.

Report their location to me once they arrive.

Is Don Se Ra...

really Eun Seon Woo's Achilles' heel?

Wait, this was the place?

What is this?

What's the telescope for?

Do you know when the most mesmerizing moment

I ever saw with super-vision was?


When you met Eun Seon Woo?


I was closer to shocked than mesmerized when I first met you.

At the fact that you were a thief.

Thank god.

It's perfect weather for stargazing.

We might be able to see the Milky Way if we get lucky.

Take a look.


The stars that I'm seeing through this telescope

is a mesmerizing sight you can see with just your super-vision.

The brightest star over there is Vega.

Then the star shining all the way on the other side...

must be Altair.

You're right. It's really brilliant, right?

It's Na Hee's gift to us.

She said you need to look at stars to see stars.

I mean...

how can you say something so embarrassing with a straight face?

You should be friendlier with Bang Bang's CEO.

She says a lot of wise words.

These days,

I don't have nightmares.

Maybe it's because the case has been solved,

your mind must be at ease.

That's not what I'm saying.

There do seem to be some after-effects.


Wh-What kind of after-effects?

Like side-effects?

I guess the side-effect is...

that the effects of the drug are too strong,

so it's hard for me to stop.

What are you saying?

What do you mean?


saying I can't live without you now.

Now I'm somewhat reassured.

You seem to be back to normal,

and we found the truth.

I think all the hardships are over now, right?


I guess.

I'm not...

going to be your employee anymore.


Don Se Ra already means...

more to me than a simple employee.

To be honest...

whenever you look at me,

I worried that you might be reminded of your mom's case,

and contemplated whether I should stay

by your side.

But I still missed you and wanted to contact you,

so I held myself back 10 times

and finally relented.

My feelings for you keep growing,

but I wasn't sure if it made you uncomfortable

to see me.

♫ Do you know me? ♫

♫ If I was only given one day ♫

I'm not uncomfortable...

at all.

I can no longer...

live without Don Se Ra.

I don't want to part with the person I love


♫ today I stupidly ♫


If it's not with you,

nothing holds significance...

to me.

Gosh, you two...

I thought you two would be spacing out while gazing at the stars,

but "if it's not with you..."

Wait, what did he say?

"If it's not with you, nothing holds significance."

But what's with the atmosphere when you came all the way here to camp?

Yeah, what's with this atmosphere?

Shall we give this place a makeover?

Okay, Plan B!


Where did we leave the car again?

See how these small touches transformed the atmosphere?

The basics of camping!


The atmosphere is set.

While we're at it, let's just start Plan B.

Double date.


♫ Without realizing it, I had rehearsed countless times ♫

[Detective Han Kwang Gi]

It's a work call,

so I'm going to leave for a sec.

Yang Jin Mo, let's go buy some food together.

Hey, we have so much to eat. What more do we need?

I'm just scared of walking alone at night.

Come along.


Okay, sure.

I'll be back. Wait a moment.

Do you think he noticed us tailing him?

Which way did he go?

The only way he could've gone is toward the camping site.

Yes, Detective Han.

Yes, I'm outside with Se Ra.




- Star-Starry.
- Starry Camp Site


Starry Camp Site?

We lost Kim Nam Gyu somewhere nearby.


It seems like things will go down here.

Se Ra is at the top of the campsite.

I put her in your care.

Jin Mo, follow me.

Who is he?

Are you a quick runner, or are you better at taking blows?

I got hit by my mom, and when I was a student, my teacher also-

Okay, rather than running away,

don't do anything and just defend from behind.

Are we on our way to take him on right now?

Move according to your instincts.

Let me move according to my instincts.

I think Kim Jae Ha is going to attack Chairman Eun.

Call for backup.



did these guys go to make the food?

What's taking them so long?

Na Hee.


really like Chairman Eun,

but can I continue to like him?

I wonder if I'm too much of a burden to him.


are you sure you're okay if you don't see him?

Then, my friend,

you should "go" rather than worry.

Chairman Eun!

Attorney Yang!

- The two of them are in danger!
- Huh? Why?

Hey, get some rest.

I became a lawyer by eating the law books whole, you bastard.

Seon Woo.

Yang Jin Mo!

Who sent you?

Did Kim Jae Ha send you?

Are you trying to kill me?

Are you that stupid?

This won't end just because you kill me.

What is it?

It's dangerous!

Well, what can you do?

- We don't have the time to do this!
- Hold on, hold on!

Let's call the police! Kwang Ki oppa!

We can't wait until then.

Se Ra!

Kim Nam Gyu...

Don Se Ra,

you can see me?

You're like a blue goblin.


Your eyes...

they're blue.


How did you know?

They're visible to my eyes.

[Blue Goblin]
The blue goblin...

if you tell anyone...

you'll die.

Blue goblin...

if you tell anyone, you'll die.

How did he...

Angel Ahjumma...


Se Ra... Se Ra! Se Ra!

Se Ra! Se Ra!

Jin Mo!

Chairman Eun!

Se Ra!

Jin Mo!

I'm okay. He just grazed me.

D*** it!

Jin Mo!

Jin Mo!

Jin Mo, are you okay? Get up!

Are you okay?

Thanks to you.

Is the culprit who you suspected?

It seems so.

Se Ra.

I should go to Se Ra.

Please take care of Jin Mo.

Se Ra! Are you okay?

Se Ra.

Did you forget that I told you not to use super-vision?

How do you feel?

Can you see me?

Are you really okay?

It wasn't a nightmare.

It was what I saw.


That night, 20 years ago,

the culprit that killed Angel Ahjumma...

I saw everything.

The Blue Goblin.

Blue Goblin?

Are you talking about what was reported in my mother's case?


That witness was me, wasn't it?

That's why you told me I don't need to remember.

What do those memories hold?

Tell me the truth now.


you were really the witness?

Detective Han,

what's going on right now?

Before you got into the accident,

you said incomprehensible words.

And I kept hearing news of Angel Ahjumma's accident.


the reporter...

I reported it.

Se Ra did see something,

but I couldn't tell what she was saying.

But I thought it might help in some way.

Se Ra regained consciousness but couldn't remember anything.

I thought it was for the better.

Since she also forgot how Angel Ahjumma died.

I should've run to her.

I could've saved her.

It's because of me.

Se Ra.

It's not your fault.

Don't be like this.

It was...

the man with blue eyes.

Blue eyes?


Who is that person?

Kim Jae Ha.

It was Kim Nam Gyu.

Kim Jae Ha

did that to you?

Why... Why am I remembering this now?

Why now?

Kim Jae Ha.

Director Hong,

I need Kim Jae Ha's home address.



You overexerted yourself today, so you need to rest.

No, I just started to regain my memories.

I want to go, too.

Get some rest at the secret base.

I'll go over in a little while.

- But...
- Detective Han will come,

and that bastard ran away, too.

Staying here is helping me.

Stay here in safety.

I'm asking you a favor.

Yeah, I'm always by Seon Woo's side.

I'll make something for you to eat. Get some rest.

Please move aside.

It's Vice Chairman's birthday.


Can we do this without a warrant?

That's why we're just walking in without breaking down the door.

I mean...

What is this smell?

Hey, he must've fled.

What was this bastard scheming in here?

I'll request for Assistant Kim's car to be tracked.

Hey, Seon Woo, this is giving me bad vibes.

Yes, Director Hong.


The results are out.

Vice Chairman and Assistant Kim are father and son.

And the security team just contacted me,

but someone just entered your office

with your access card,

but I cam and

no one's here.

He built this discreet place and must've been tailing me from here.

He was digging into the case from 20 years ago,

while going back and forth from here to the office.

Like a rat.


How did you get in here?

I saw Chairman Eun coming out of the lawyer's office when he was in the president's office.

No matter how fast Eun Seon Woo is, he couldn't have done that in that short time.

That's impossible.

Chairman and Oppa all know now.

That you're the culprit who killed Ahjumma.

Turn yourself in.

With what evidence?

That I'm Vice Chairman's son?

Since I saw it.

You saw it?

I wasn't sure, but you did make eye contact with me that time.

Ahjumma wasn't enough, so now you're after Chairman.

You're the one who sent those people, too, aren't you?

How far will you go?

That's right.

You were like this back then, too.

I never got caught by anyone,

but you went around blabbering about my blue eye!


Let go of me!

I wouldn't make any stupid moves if I were you.

I recall that Mrs. Yoon said your eyes were special.

Tell me what you saw with those special eyes.

I saw it.

I saw you killing Ahjumma.

Ahjumma was bleeding, but she had gotten back up...

but with a rock, you...

killed her.

You saw that?


Se Ra.

- Na Hee!
- Don Se Ra!

[Call list]

Jin Mo!

Check the CCTVs.

Se Ra!

Evil bastard!

Kim Jae Ha.

[Unknown Number]

Stop immediately, Kim Jae Ha!

Se Ra turns out to be a witness.

Then all the more reason I can't stop.

You made the wrong move.

You shouldn't have crossed the line.

If you hurt Se Ra in any way,

you're dead.

How scary, Eun Seon Woo.

You say that, but you could never protect anyone.

Don Se Ra, here...

or your mother.

You bastard, where are you?

Where are you, you bastard?

The place where your tragedy began.

You have to come alone.

If I see so much as a single ant,

Don Se Ra will die.

Like your mom.


right there.

♫ Trap, trap, trap! ♫

♫ I'll be there when you need ♫

♫ Tell me you need me, boy ♫

♫ I'll be here, I'll be there, you know that you need me ♫

♫ I'm back here, so I'll be there ♫

[Good Job]

The place where your tragedy began.

The places Kim Jae Ha could go are the house I lived in with my mom,

and Vice Chairman's villa.

The fact that he set a trap and was waiting for us,

means that he knew we'd be coming.

There will definitely be a trap there, too.

You're insane.

Does Eun Seon Woo know what hell is really like?

You made the wrong move.

You shouldn't have crossed the line.

Don Se Ra will die.

Like your mom.

♫ Everything is too obvious, too obvious because I see it ♫