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[Good Job]

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[Song Sang Eun / Eum Mun Suk]

[Good Job]

[Names, characters, businesses, places, events, locales, and incidents in this drama are used in a fictitious manner.]

[Episode 10]

[Byeon Duk Koo, Kang Tae Joon]

[Oh Ah Ra, previous lover]

[Kang Wan Soo, Eunkang Group's Vice Chairman]

[Kim Nam Gyu]

We finally found him.

The key to this incident.

Why do you think it had to be Kim Nam Gyu?

Do you think there was a reason it had to be Kim Nam Gyu?

Kim Nam Gyu left the country 20 years ago,

and there's no record of him coming back into the Korea.

Do you think he emigrated?

That makes sense if someone intentionally erased the information...

You haven't found anything else out about Kim Nam Gyu?

Current age, 39 years old.

And I'm just listing up any leads around

the orphanage right now.


I teach you one thing and you know 10.

You're becoming more... useful.


He just complimented me, right now, right?


I'm wide awake now.

Because I'm in a good mood.

Should we spread out flyers saying, "We're looking for Kim Nam Gyu"?

Or should we just take over the entire poster board?

When it comes to stamina, you can't leave me out.

- Sometimes, you're really old fashioned.
- Huh?

It's a digital society these days.

The analog method is not recommended.

Oh, instead,

you should go to the orphanage...

with Sun Woo tomorrow.

- O-Our orphanage?
- Yes.

Someone who knows about Kim Nam Gyu,

swiftly and accurately.


And I'm telling you since you're both here,

but I'm currently developing a new app, hoping to finish by the latter half of the year.

Like I said last time,

Wouldn't it be a waste for a talented person like me to be just a lawyer?

So I was developing a new app for the latter half of the year,

and I think it would be good

to incorporate the app here.

It's called, the Face Prediction Program.

It's not a success yet and we're still testing it,

but let's just say the accuracy rate is 99.9%.

Whoa, you're really incredible!

As expected, I knew Attorney Yang was a talented man since I first saw him.

Of course.

Complimenting Yang Jin Mo is his poison.

I cancel my earlier compliment.

Cancellation impossible.


I looked for it since Se Ra asked me a favor,

but there aren't any photos.

[Child Information]

I thought we'd definitely find something here.

He went to study abroad right after he entered the orphanage?

Director, do you have any additional documents beside this?

I'm also not someone who was present at that time,

so I can't be of significant help.

Is there anyone who might happen to remember?

After Director Park passed away,

it's been a long time since the children who hung out with him also stopped coming.

Se Ra!

What about Kwang Ki? Don't you think Kwang Ki would know?

Oh, Kwang Ki oppa!

Why didn't I think of Kwang Ki oppa?

I guess that means, as of now, it's just Detective Han.


You're going to stay and play this time, right?

I'm working right now.

With this ahjussi?

- I'm not an ahjussi-
- Ahjussi, you should play with us, too.

Let's play. Let's play.

Come with us.

Let's go.

Let's see who pops it first, start!

♫ Liking someone more than myself ♫

♫ I think it's such a strange feeling ♫

I'm going to the restroom, so play with the kids for a bit.

How am I supposed to play with the kids?


Please give it to me!

- Please give it to me!
- Okay, quiet!

- Hands!
- Me!

- Me!
- Okay.

- This one.
- Me! Me!


♫ Just walking together ♫

Director, the kids play so well, right?

That's how they get hungry every five steps.

He's the investigator who came last time because of Soo Ah, right?


I was so grateful because he gave us a huge help that time.

I never knew he was your boyfriend.

What? Boyfriend?

Gosh, I'm just an employee.

Investigator, Assistant Don.

A completely professional relationship.

I'm not sure, Se Ra.

You should rethink your relationship one more time.


It's not like that.

No way.

Wow, you're good!

♫ Can you tell me? ♫

There, there, there!

Gosh, these equipment...


about those two...

isn't something... a bit weird?

A bit fishy...

I think you're being weird.

Are you jealous of Se Ra?


I rolled kimbap for Chairman when he went on picnics as a child.

Of course, he thinks more of me than Se Ra, you know?

Director Hong,

do you...

like Sun Woo?

I changed Chairman's diapers when he was a baby.

Of course I like him, however,

not... like that.

There's no place like that to get a view of my face, huh?

How is it? Is it so perfect that it renders you speechless?

I mean...

I wasn't looking.

Oh, really?

It felt like you drilled a hole in my cheek.

Since you say you didn't,

I'll take you for your word.

I really wasn't looking! My...

back! My back just hurt,

so I was sitting with a slight tilt.

That's all.

It's true.

Tell me right away if you're hurt.


Was I in the car for too long?

My stomach feels upset.

I'm going to... sleep a bit then.

Get some sleep. I'll wake you up when we get there.


Assistant Kim,

where did he say he is right now?

He said he's still at the office.

Driver Lee, do you know where Assitant Kim's house is?


Go to Assistant Kim's house.


[Secret data about Eunkang Group, Kang Wan Soo and Kang Tae Joon]

[Yang Jin Mo, Attorney at Law]

Don Se Ra!

You're leaving work early.

Shall we have a shot with some samgyeopsal?

You look like you need a ssamso*.
(Samgyeopsal and soju)

I do?

Not at all.

Tell me right away if you're hurt.

I'm just really tired today.

I don't need ssamso,

I just need to lay on my bed.


It seems like you're saying you're tired,

but you still have to eat dinner before you sleep.

I lost my appetite,

and I just want to go and lie down.

Then I guess you're eating alone.

Yeah, Oppa.

What we're going to eat tomorrow?

Oh, then...

let's decide later. Okay.

Wait, she said she's tired,

but what's with choosing tomorrow's menu?


[Yang Jin Mo, Attorney at Law]

Don't misunderstand,

I didn't follow you out.

But it's pretty late...

Where are you going? I'll give you a ride.

It's okay. By chance-

By chance, what?

I have plans with Na Hee,

so I'm going to leave first.


Is she running away or what?


Is he tailing me or what?

Chairman Eun Sun Woo.

What are you doing with my dongsaeng?

Judging by her lies...

it seems my dongsaeng won't be listening to me...

Don Se Ra isn't at an age she has to listen to someone.

Did you disguise that law firm as a detective's office

to investigate cases?

Is it a force of habit?

I can't tell if you're starting a conversation or an interrogation.

Don't drag my dongsaeng into your case.

Or I'll expose what you go around doing to everyone!

Can a police of the Republic of Korea... make threats?

I can do worse when it comes to protecting my dongsaeng.

Don't regret it and think carefully.

Oh, I'm just asking since we're on the topic,

but you know Kim Nam Gyu, right?

No, I don't.

How would I know someone from 20 years ago, let alone one who was there just briefly?

I guess you already heard.

You know that he left 20 years ago...

Well, since you're saying you don't know,

could you properly look into it at least from now on?

If you absolutely must look into him,

just properly request an investigation, but-

first fire my dongsaeng!

I'm warning you...

don't drag my dongsaeng into that case.

Wow, he just loves requests for investigations.

Yes, Driver Lee.

I think Vice Chairman left something at my house.

No, don't tell him.

I'll just return it to him tomorrow.

You came...

to my house for the first time,

but you just left...


You didn't find anything at the orphanage?


Has my time to shine come?

Put on a show, why don't you.

Hey, does this even work?

Why is it taking so long?

Gosh, you must think this is an easy job since I'm so good at it,

but this analyzes big data -

Gosh, never mind. What can I say

to an idiot who doesn't even know his own feelings?


Yang Jin Mo, you've finally gone nuts.

But what feelings don't I know?

How are you like this?

You're only good at working...

Are you unable to even recognize your feelings for Se Ra?

Gosh, you make me speechless.

Well... what about my... feelings for Don Se Ra? Huh?

How long are you two going to stay like this?

Even grade schoolers move faster than you two.


By any chance...

is Se Ra not interested in you

and you're currently in...

a one-sided love?

Hey, Yang Jin Mo.

I'm Eun Sun Woo!

Eun Sun Woo, no explanation needed.

No explanation needed?

Eun Ddo!

Unexpectedly Crazy. Scratch that-

Geu Ddo, Just Crazy.

I'm telling you because I'm your friend,

but life is about timing.

Being obsessed with work like that isn't what's important.

Your feelings are important, your feelings.

At this rate, you're going to lose Se Ra and regret it.


Don Se Ra?


[Yang Jin Mo, Attorney at Law]


We? Yes.

We are...

in what... kind of relationship?

Well, we're...

employer and employee.

And... a detective and an assistant?

Chairman and Secretary?


what else are we?




not family.


[August 2022, Eunkang Group Metaverse Marketing Strategies Report]

Is Tae Joon's matter taken care of?

Yes, I took care of his paper company overseas,

and as for the borrowed-name accounts used by Manager Kang,

I ordered them to complete the accounting arrangements.

Make sure no traces are elft behind.


Delete all the files I prepared in case of emergency as well.

Everything including what you have.

Clear out Tae Joon's studio...

and yours as well.

Come back home.

It'll be hard at first,

but let's do this slowly.

And take care of Chairman Eun before that.

Now, come here.


What is Sun Woo doing these days?

This is Yang Jin Mo, an old friend of Chairman Eun's.

You probably know him.

He's registered as a consultant lawyer for Eunkang Group.

- Oh, that friend?
- Yes.

I believe he investigated cases

with Chairman Eun at his law firm.

Right under my nose...

Since when?

It seems to have been since Chairman passed away.

Since one year ago?

And now that I think about it,

the day Oh Ah Ra's case took place,

I believe the reason Chairman Eun was inside her house was because of the necklace.

That necklace is...

also highly likely to be in chairman Eun's hands.

Then or now,

that b**** is quite...

If she hadn't stolen the necklace, this would have stayed buried forever...


the staff who worked as Manager Kang's secretary...

The girl Sun Woo assigned to Tae Joon?

Yes, she's a friend who stayed at the same orhpanage as I did.


He's intentionally keeping someone from the orphange by his side?

I don't think that's the case.


their relationship seems...

I think Chairman Eun thinks fondly of her.


He's never been interested in women before.

Don Se Ra, is it?

I think I should meet him.

(Can also mean date)

You want to meet me?

I should meet Oppa.

Don't worry. Just trust me.

Meet that oppa?

[Yongnam Police Station]
[A Just Society for the Nation and the People]

You should've called!

What brings you all the way here?

Oppa, eat this with Dong Hui.

What do you need to say that you even brought lunch?

Oppa, do you happen to know someone named Kim Nam Gyu?

He was at the orphanage with us when we were younger.

- I don't know.
- Oppa!

20 years ago,

Eunkang Group's Vice Chairman Kang Wan Soo was at Dodam-ri.

But he lied at the time,

saying that he's never been.

But after that, he started sponsoring a student named Kim Nam Gyu.

Isn't this whole situation just strange?

I think you're the strangest.

What are you saying after coming so abruptly?

Vice Chairman Kang Wan Soo?

Whether he lies or not,

- comes to the orphanage or not-
- By any chance...

do you think he might be related to Angel Ahjumma?

Don Se Ra.

You're really not going to listen and go this far?

I told you not to investigate this case anymore!

This is a murder case.

The culprit that killed Ahjumma...

I want to find him, too.

What's the reason you're going this far?

Angel Ahjumma?

She's just someone you met briefly 20 years ago.

You know as well as I do, how special Angel Ahjumma is to me.

I can't tell...

if Angel Ahjumma is special to you...

or if Chairman Eun Sun Woo is special to you.

You and that man

are from totally different worlds.

I also have an ID of the Republic of Korea.

Stop playing around with Se Ra.

You should just stick to your role as well,

Don Se Ra's oppa.

And stop crossing the line.

Let's go.

Don't worry too much

about what Oppa said.

I think he's misunderstanding something...

It's not a misunderstanding.

Your oppa at least has some intuition,

but you don't even have any tact?

- What?
- What's the use of having super-vision?

When you can't see anything about me.

Or do you choose not to?

Well you told me never to use super-vision on you!

Oh, is that it?

Wow, thanks for being so considerate of my words.

The high school Detective Han attended,

it's Dodam High School, right?


Yeah, it's Dodam High.

Yang Jin Mo contacted me.

He said Detective Han and Kim Nam Gyu attended the same school.

Then we should hurry to the school.

Don't you think we'll find something there?

You said you're going to see Se Ra...

Did you meet a criminal instead?

What crime did this lunchbox commit?

I don't think this will work.

Leaving things as is...

doesn't feel right.

What's going on?

Did you fight with Se Ra?

Hey, you-

Never mind.

You should go home!

Go and be a good daughter.

Not showing my face is being a good daughter.

Seeing my face will raise my parents' blood pressures.

This is being a good daughter.

Why did you fight with Se Ra?

Because of something.

We need to stop those two before Se Ra gets hurt.

Anyhow, Kim Nam Gyu...

I have heard that name before.

Of course, he's not here.

There's no teacher who stays for over 20 years at one school.

I see.

There's really not a single person?

The principal used to work here back then

and came back here recently as he got apoointed.

Thank you for choosing our school,

but I am a bit confused.

Furthermore, for you to personally visit...

Both my employee and I

have deep connections with the students here.

We're also sponsoring kids from Dodam Orphanage that's nearby,

and those kids will one day attend Dodam High School, too.

I hope we'll be of some help to a variety of kids.

You're speaking of Sarang Orphange, right?

Yes, that's right.

It's previous name was Sarang Orphanage and it's now called Dodam Orphanage.

I know it well.

Back when was I assigned students as their homeroom teacher,

I had a couple of them each year.

Then do you happen to

remember a student named Kim Nam Gyu?

He's in his late thirties now,

but he's said to have attended this school during his third year.

Oh, Kim Nam Gyu!

I remember him.

He was a very smart student, placing first as soon as

he transferred here in the first semester.

He really liked my subject, too.

All the other students were afraid of dissecting frogs,

but he would calmly and efficiently proceed.

I thought he'd go to medical school.

But he didn't?

Do you know what he's doing nowadays?

I don't keep tabs,

but about 10 years ago?

I went to a seminar in Seoul

and ran into him at the hotel.

He became so different from back then

that I almost didn't recognize him.

He had even changed his name, so...

He changed his name?

He does seem to resemble someone...


This man...

He gave me his business card at the time,

and he had changed his name.

Hey, Sun Woo.

I ran the Face Prediction Program,

but someone unexpected came up.

That's right.

Assistant Kim Jae Ha.

[Chief Manager Kang Tae Joon]

[Robbery and murder case...]

Se Ra said Eunkang Group's Vice Chairman Kang Wan Soo

was there that day.

And she's searching for Kim Nam Gyu...

How are they related?

Nam Gyu,

you're not alone in this world.

I'm fine.

Thank you for your consolation.

Your father...

will come to meet you for sure.

That's right.

The hyung that spoke often with Angel Ahumma.

His name was Kim Nam Gyu.

Kim Nam Gyu!

I never knew you were this close.

Vice Chairman is your guardian,

Kim Nam Gyu...

That's you, right?


Is that a problem?

Isn't it a little strange?

Not long after my mother passed away,

you went abroad and changed your name with the help of Vice Chairman.

And you're now his right-hand man.

This situation is quite uncomfortable and

strange to me.

It's a painful memory for me, too.

I don't want to even to speak of it.

When I went to the orphanage for the first time after my mother passed away,

I had a very difficult time.

The person who helped back on my feet

was Mrs. Yoon.

She suggested that I study abroad,

and while I was preparing to go,

she passed away.

Not long after that, Vice Chairman said he'd sponsor me,

so I left to study abroad.

I'm currently repaying his kindness after coming back.

Is that really all?

The day my mother passed away,

you didn't see anything else?

I know you want to believe something else happened that day,

but nothing did.

That day, Vice Chairman

simply came to see me because he was curious to see which student

Mrs. Yoon was sponsoring.

What did Assistant Kim say?

He admitted he's Kim Nam Gyu.

And? Why did he stay under Vice Chairman?

He said he was able to live a different life thanks to Vice Chairman.

So that's what happened...

That's why he couldn't talk about it.

Last time, he told me

that he's indebted to him, so he can't betray him.


Even so, helping him commit a crime?

That's not right.

Well, I don't think that's the end of it.


something he's hiding.

Chairman Eun just...

came looking for me.

So you're saying he knows you're Kim Nam Gyu now?

You claimed Kim Nam Gyu is dead to the world,

but in the end, Eun Sun Woo...

discovered your identity?

If I had denied it, it would've looked more suspicious.

What suspicion?

Since he found out about Kim Nam Gyu,

I had to give Chairman Eun what he needed.

It's not something you have to worry about.

I told him, you came to see me that day as well.

That bastard...

gets on my nerves.

The members are turning their backs on me.

I really can't leave things as they are now.

The girl who's also from the orphanage...

you said she has a special relationship with Chairman Eun, right?

Don Se Ra?

Eunkang Foundation has been sponsoring Dodam Orphanage for a while now.


They've been continuing to sponsor them even after Mrs. Yoon's death.

Bring that girl to the support meeting that's being hosted by

Eunkang Foundation today.


Do you...

have any plans in mind?

I thought I warned you not to talk back to what I say.

A couple of the members who supported Vice Chairman

seem to have changed their minds after the incident with Manager Kang.

Oh, right, and this...

You have to attend tonight's support meeting

hosted by the Eunkang Foundation.

I'll just send a donation.

It's a foundation established after your mother's will.

The previous Chairman attended every year.

It's a fund for children who's protection has terminated...

Many of the members also attend with their spouses,

so I believe it will be a great opportunity for you to strengthen your position.

- Furthermore, you're-
- Stop.

I... will attend.

All right. Then...

I'll prepare accordingly.

- CEO Sa!
- You're here?


Yes, this is Don Se Ra.

Huh? A support meeting for our orphanage?

As soon as Chairman Eun returned...

People are quite shrewd.

I didn't know the executives who supported Vice Chairman

would turn their backs in such an instant.

I'm solely to blame.

Oh, not at all...

The Chairman is coming.

What is Chairman Eun doing at a support meeting such as this?

Well, my wife's looking for me now, so please excuse me.

Wait, hey...

- I'm sorry.
- Vice Chairman,

please excuse me.

I keep getting a call.

I'll remember each one of you.

Those flip-flopper bastards.

Vice Chairman.

This is Don Se Ra.

Thank you for inviting me, Vice Chairman Kang Wan Soo.

Secretary Don,

or are you Chairman Eun's secretary now?

No, I have nothing to do with Eunkang now.

Then are you Eun Sun Woo's woman?

I hear you're from an orphanage sponsored by Eunkang.

I heard you're in need of a lot of money.

Is that why you're sticking next to Chairman Eun?

I am from an orphanage, and I do need money,

but that's not the reason why I'm staying by Chairman Eun's side.

And geez, who am I

that you threatened to cut all sponsorships if I didn't come?

Since I came and greeted you,

I can leave now, right?

I see you're acting up believing Chairman Eun has your back.

Another reason...

Do you two have feelings for each other?

That reason...

could be you.

How daring.

Let's see how long you can stay that way.

Hello, I'm Kang Wan Soo.

I'm up here because there's someone I'd like to introduce to you.

Don Se Ra?

This is Don Se Ra, who grew up in our foundation-sponsored Dodam Orphanage.

As a sponsor, I've only seen the money that gets donated,

but I never imagined she'd grow up this well and work at Eunkang.

There might be a couple of you who recognizes her face.


how did you...

enter our company again?

I'm sorry?


Through me!

I'm Eun Sun Woo.

I personally hired...

Don Se Ra myself.

- Personally?
- Why would he...

I never knew you had personally hired her.

But why did you specifically

assign her as Manager Kang Tae Joon's secretary?

If you don't mind me asking.

Everyone gathered here today is Eunkang's family, wouldn't you say?

It would be nice to talk about ordinary family matters with everyone, Chairman.

Of course, it would be nice.

Everyone gathered here probably already knows,

Director Kang Taejoon's secretary always quit after less than 3 months,

Manager Kang is quite the sore finger of our family...

then or now.

He said Assistant Kim wasn't enough,

and if it was Don Se Ra, who has years of experience, I thought

she'd be more than competent enough to take care Manager Kang Tae Joon.

Even so, for you to have

personally assigned him a mere secretary is a bit...

To call her a mere secretary, Don Se Ra's resume is quite extensive.

Don Se Ra,

before entering the company, what jobs have you done?


starting from a Refund Specialist, also known as the Marines

of the customer service department,

to part time child care who can make even crying children laugh,

and even a part-time job in dog behavior correction therapy

that can make even fierce, crazy dogs into cute dogs.

Of course,

we can also provide behavioral therapy for problematic humans.

That's how important of a person they are.

Who are you talking about?

Manager Kang?

Or Don Se Ra, who's standing here now?

Of course,

both of them.

In different ways.

What Chairman means

is that each employee of Eunkang Group is precious.

Vice Chairman Kang Wan Soo.

I'm greatly disappointed in you.

Is it okay to call a person up there

in the name of the sponsor meeting,

recklessly without asking for her permission?

Then everyone...

please enjoy...

the rest of your time here.

Director Hong,

please get the car ready.

All right.

I'm sorry.

I put you in a difficult situation, didn't I?

The one to receive an apology should be you.

I didn't know Vice Chairman would do this.

If I had known, I'd have prevented this beforehand.

- I'm sorry.
- I'm all right.

You had to stand in front of your employees because of me...

Chairman Eun.

You can't leave just anyone by your side.

Think of your reputation.

What wise words.

I'll pay more heed to my reputation from now on.

Please keep your distance

from me.

Just because you both don't have parents doesn't put you in the same shoes.

I'm telling you this because you're like my son,

take my words to heart!

How dare you even think you have a chance!

Vice Chairman Kang Wan Soo.

I might not have inherited a fortune from my parents like someone,

but I lived a good life independently,

and I have enough to care for my dongseaengs.

Look at you talking back to an elder.

This is why parenting is important.

I can see now that Sun Woo became this way after meeting you.

If Sun Woo's parents were alive,

to think how upset they'd be if they saw him right now-

Why don't you tell that to your son who's in jail right now.

If my parents names

pass through your lips again,

I won't just sit back like I did today.

Forget about what

happened today.

Force yourself if you have to.

- From now on, I'll never-
- I'll...

take good care of myself.

Don't worry.

I have super-vision

and if I'm in danger, I can see it coming before you do.

You don't need to be competent when you're with me.

I'm competent enough,

and I'll stay by your side.

Humiliating Don Se Ra in front of everyone...

was your mistake.

You've only riled up Eun Sun Woo.

Are you trying to teach me a lesson?

Don't think about anything and just get some rest tonight.

I think sleeping pills

will be better than alcohol.

The one who gave Tae Joon drugs was you, wasn't it?

Manager Kang Tae Joon...

was always anxious and worried that you wouldn't approve of him.

Is that why you made him depend on drugs,

and make him go to jail like that?

It's not because of me, he was always a feeble-minded kid.

You already know that.

Don't say that!

Tae Joon is my son!

What about me?

You said I was your son, too.

Telling me to move in,

telling me I'm your son,

was it all just to feel me out?

I could've done anything for you.

Even back then,

and now.

Whatever it is, whatever it may be, everything!

What's wrong with you? Let go of me!

Shin Ae!

I don't need useless people.

Become someone useful to me.


that did happen long ago.

Do you still think the same way?

Can you...

sacrifice everything for me?

Do you want me to?

Didn't you just say you'd do anything for me?

In the end, that was it.

- The reason you needed me.
- It's not just for me...

but for us.

Sun Woo will never give up

until the culprit appears!

Are you scared of...

Eun Sun Woo?

How foolish of you to ask that,

when you're not even a match for him.


The foolish one is you, not me.

You do whatever it takes to protect useless Kang Tae Joon,

but try to discard of me, when I'm the one you need.

You still can't tell who you need more,

and who's more helpful to you, Father?

Who are you calling, Father?

You're here?


You said you were going to a support meeting,

but you're expression is more like a dough that took a beating than before you left.

I did take a beating from here and there.

What the? From who?

Na Hee,

you know...

What is it? Tell me.

Did you receive something like aconfession from someone?

Hey, daebak! H-How did you know that?

Didn't you know your super-vision and my sense are on the same level?

You can tell Chairman Eun likes you with one look!

Then you already knew about it?

Don't just look at other people with that super-vision,

and take a good look within your heart as well.

♫ my fluttering heart is pounding ♫

♫ I want to share the same memories as you ♫

♫ I want this to be a bit more special moment ♫


and I...



Was this what you meant when you told me to become...

someone useful?

So I can be loyal to you like a dog and then disappear without a trace?

I spent the past 20 years staying as quiet as a dead rat...

but I was just an expendable tool,

you could use and discard?

Keep a good eye on me, Father...

See what kind of person I am.

I'll definitely show you...

that Eun Sun Woo is nothing compared to me.


What do you want to say that you're hesitating like this?

That day...

when your mother passed away,

I was at the scene.

Vice Chairman killed your mother...

I witnessed it...

behind the Oak Tree.

Then Vice Chairman...

he really...

I thought I had to take it with me to the grave.

People like me or Don Se Ra who grew up in an orphange,

when we receive someone's help,

we strive to repay that person's grace.

Then why did you suddenly change your mind?

If you kept your mouth shut,

no one would've known.

It's because...

there was no other way to stop Vice Chairman.

It wasn't for me...

This decision was also because of...

Vice Chairman?

I'm sorry.


Angel Ahjumma was very special.

Kim Nam Gyu!

Don't you dare speak of my mom.

And don't rationalize yourself.

Not everyone grew up like you lives like you!

Get out.

Get out right now!

I wasn't even aware...

and all this time...

I had relied on him?

I did?

The murderer who killed my mother!

Chairman! You can't.

Please stop it.

I heard everything from outside.

I know it hurts so much you could die.

How could I even begin to imagine?

But you must still endure it.

You can't let yourself get hurt, please!

I can't forgive Kang Wan Soo.

I'll make him pay...

in the same way.

You can't! Stop!


How can I?

When I lived for this reason all my life?

I understand.

But please...

Don Se Ra,

you can't stop me...

this time.

I'm sorry.

[I'm sorry. I cannot bear this any longer...]

Get up...

Get up, Kang Wan Soo!

You can't die just yet.

You have no right to die!


Get up!

[Operating Room]

What happened?

He overdosed on sleeping pills.

Do you think he committed suicide after all this time,

in fear of his sins?

I finally found him...

but without atoning for his crimes...

he cowardly chooses to kill himself?

I'll do whatever it takes

to bring him to life,

and kill him with my own hands.

You shouldn't drive!

You couldn't even sleep for the past few days.

My head is clearer than ever before.

Listen to me!

I'll take you home.

Go to the secret base.

If I just caught the culprit,

I thought those recurring nightmares...

would end.

What I never wanted to see...

but the time I have to face every time I open my eyes...

is too painful.

All this time,

I was scared and afraid of everything I had to face,

so I hid them with glasses.

But for the first time in my life,

there's someone I want to...

see with these two eyes.

I want to face the difficult times with him,

I also want to be the first one...

to see him...

smile in his happiest moments.

To the point where I feel blessed...

for possessing super-vision.

♫ Your smile was always out of reach ♫

♫ It is warmer than it was yesterday ♫

♫ I had to act as if I knew nothing and turn away ♫

♫ Do you know me? ♫

♫ If I was only given one day ♫

♫ I'd face you and look at you ♫

♫ And stay in the same place as you stupidly ♫

♫ Today once again ♫

♫ I embrace you in the corners of my heart ♫

♫ Your endlessly beautiful eyes ♫

♫ They are clearer than they were yesterday ♫

♫ To hold someone you can't reach dear to your heart ♫

♫ It can be difficult sometimes ♫

♫ If I was only given one day ♫

♫ I'd face you and look at you ♫

♫ And stay in the same place as you stupidly ♫

♫ Today once again ♫

♫ I embrace you in the corners of my heart ♫

♫ This touching night, I want to express ♫

♫ All of my sincerity for you who resemble a star ♫

[Good Job]

Don't you barely have enought time to be affectionate with each other?

Is Don Se Ra really Eun Sun Woo's achilles heel?

Everything just falls together too perfectly.

Like a solved puzzle.

I need Assistant Kim's home address.

What was this bastard thinking in here?

He must've been chasing me from a discreet place like this...

like a rat.

Go to the secret base immediately.


I remember now.

♫ I only have you ♫