Gomer Pyle: USMC (1964–1969): Season 1, Episode 21 - Daughter of the Sarge - full transcript

Carter's adopted Korean daughter arrives-but she's not the little girl he remembers.


Gomer Pyle - USMC.

Starring Jim Nabors
as Gomer Pyle.

Also starring Frank
Sutton as Sergeant Carter.

Sergeant Carter? It's a letter for you.


Hey, Sergeant.

What are you doing here, Pyle?

Sure am glad I ran into you.

The feller over at the post
office wanted me to explain to you

how come it was
delivered so late.

Let me have that again?

You see, they sent it to
another Sergeant Carter

who'd just been transferred
out of the country.

And he said it wasn't his,
so back it come, all the way.

Them fellers over at the
post office really tried, though.

It's like they say, "Neither
rain, nor sleet, nor snow."

But, of course, it shouldn't
have been two weeks late,

on account of the weather
hadn't been terrible lately.

Have you noticed it's been real
lovely out, not a touch of sleet.

There's a letter for me?

Uh-huh. There's a
funny stamp on it.

It's got the Chinese
writin' all over it.

Chinese... Korea,
then it's from her.

That's a Korean
stamp. Well, where is it?

Well, it's right up in the
right-hand corner, right next to...

Not the stamp!
The letter, the letter!

Oh, it's over on your desk.


Hey, Sergeant, my cousin Goober
saves stamps, and I was just wonderin'...

Yeah, yeah, yeah, the
stamp. Now get out of here.

Boy, them Chinese folks
sure use real stickum.

Well, I'll be. How about that?

Good news, Sergeant?

This is great. My
daughter's comin' to visit me.

Daughter? You got a
daughter? Mmm-hmm.

Well, I'll be. I didn't
know you had a daughter.

I have. Where's she
been all this time?

Korea. She was born in Korea.

Korea? Well, I'll be.

That sure is a strange
place to have a daughter.

Huh? Oh, it's a little girl I
kind of adopted years ago,

during the Korean thing.

The whole company
watched out for her,

but she took to me, mostly.

Treated me just like I
really was her father.

So I've been looking
out after her ever since.

Oh, bless her heart.

That's your daughter, all right.

That nose and
that cute, little chin.

She looks exactly like you,

that toothy grin and everything.

Yep, no mistakin' her.

She's got that
Carter smile, too.

Pyle, she's adopted!

I know, Sergeant, but
that's what happens.

Adopted children grow to look
like their mamas and daddies.

Didn't you know that? No.

Well, they do. What's her name?

Sue Linn Chin Hong.

In Korea, that means
"pink blossom."

Oh, did you ever...

"Pink Blossom Carter."

It's been so long, and,
well, I always hoped,

but I can't believe I'm
really gonna see her again.

Well, she'll be here, all right,

your own little girl.

And you'll be able
to see her all the time.

And you can help
her with her homework

and braid her
hair into pigtails,

and you'll be goin' to them
PTA meetings and everything.

Where's she gonna stay?


Well, I don't know. I
hadn't even thought about it.

I know what,

maybe she could stay with
Sergeant and his Mrs. Mason.

They got that big, nice house

and all them young
ones of their own.

Yeah, they got that big backyard

with the slide and the swings, and that
plastic wading pool, that'll be perfect!

When will the little
darlin' be here?

Well, let's see, now.

She, uh, says she will
arrive on Monday the...

Holy smoke! That's today!

Well, bless her heart!

She's coming in this
afternoon. What time is it?

About 2:20.

Well, her plane
comes in at 3:00!

Look, I... I gotta
get out to the airport!

Uh, tell Cuccinelli to
take the guard mount!

How 'bout that, you get a letter
and... CUCCINELLI: Sarge...

H-He'll tell you!

What's with him?

He just got news that he's
about to become a father.

All over again.

boarding at Gate 6.

Flight 90, New York.

Thank goodness. I was
afraid I'd missed you.

You been here long, honey?

Well, what's the difference?
You're here now. Is this your bag?

Come on.

What's the matter? You
mad because I'm late?

I'm sorry, honey, but
your letter came late.

Now come on.

You wanna carry it? Okay.

Hey, look at you! You're so big!

Here, I almost forgot.

Now, just relax, sweetheart,

there's nothin' to worry about.

Your daddy's gonna
take care of you now.

I know it's all
a little strange,

but, well, it'll take us a little while to
get to know each other again, huh?

CARTER: Come on.
What's going on here?

It's okay, buddy,
I can handle it.

Now, now. Mustn't
bother the man, Sue Linn.

Her name is Anna Lee.

Her name is Sue Linn. Don't
you think I know my own daughter?

Don't you think I know mine?

Uh, well, I'm sorry.

It's, a... natural mistake.
I have one just like her.

arriving at Gate 5,

flight 110 from New Orleans.

Passengers may claim their
luggage at the check stand outside.


Passengers may claim their
luggage at the check stand outside.

Are there any more
passengers coming off that flight?

No. They're all
in, it looks like.

But they can't be.

Was there a little girl
looking for a Sergeant Carter?

No. I'm sorry. No one came here.

I missed her.

Maybe she went straight
out to the base, Sergeant.

Yeah. That's it. Sure.

She probably figured I
was on a detail or somethin',

so she went right
out to the base.

That's pretty smart
thinking for a kid, huh?

I sure hope somebody's
lookin' out for her.

Can I help you, ma'am?

Excuse me, is
Sergeant Carter here?

No, ma'am. He's gone
down to the airport

to pick up his little daughter.

She's come all the
way from Korea,

that's right next door to China.

How unfortunate.

We must have missed each other.

I'm Sue Linn.

You're Sue Linn?


Well, he won't be expectin' you.

Oh, but you just said that...

He's expectin' his daughter,

but... he won't
be expectin' you.

I... I... I mean, you're
a whole lot bigger

than what he's lookin' for.

He figured you'd
look more like this.

He still has the picture.

All the Marines were so
very kind and so helpful.

They looked after me, and they
were interested in everything I did.

Well, it seems
like they still are.

You know, you sure
speak English good.

You ain't got hardly
a trace of an accent.

Well, that is thanks
to Sergeant Carter.

His assistance helped me to
go to school, an American school.

Good old Sergeant Carter.

He always was
the kindest of all,

so sweet and so considerate.

Hasn't changed one bit.

So patient and so understanding.

That's him, all right.
That's our Sergeant Carter.

He used to... to recite nursery
rhymes in that soft voice of his.

are you guys doin' there?

Move, move, move! Out
of there! On the double!

That's him. Though I do expect
his voice has changed some.

Pyle, did anyone call me...

Bet you can't guess who this is?

Sue Linn?

I'm your father...

I'm Sergeant Vincent Carter.

Bless your hearts, both of you.

It's been a long time.

It is 12 whole years.

You've grown.

Oh, this is a...

So, how's Uncle Wong, huh?

Oh, he's well.

Is it something for me?

Yeah, well, I... I
kind of thought...

It is a lovely
present. Thank you.

This here's one of the
members of my platoon,

Private Gomer Pyle.

Hey, Pink Blossom.

I guess you two got
a lot to talk about.

So I'll finish cleanin' up.

Hey, uh, let me
take a look, huh?

Well, I just can't believe
it. You're so grown up!

Yes. It happens, even
to "pink blossoms".


Oh, gosh, I'm so
glad to see you again.



You remembered.

Here, sit down.

Well, uh, uh, tell me,
what are your plans?

You didn't say
much in your letter.

What are you gonna
do in, uh, the States?

Well, Papa Sergeant, uh, I
want to finish my education.

Good, good.

And I wanna see all I can.

Fine. Fine.

And I should like
to marry a Marine.


Did you say, "marry a Marine"?

Is it not a good
idea, Papa Sergeant?

W-Well, now, hold on.
W-What's this marriage?

You just got here. Besides,
you're still too young.

Oh, you always
were a great kidder.

I have to admit, you had
me goin' there for a minute.

You, marry a Marine!

(LAUGHING) Excuse me,
Sergeant, just wanted to remind you,

guard mount's
ready for inspection.

Oh, yeah.

No, when I give
my daughter away,

it's gonna be to a doctor,

a lawyer, a professional
man, an Ivy Leaguer.

But I have known
some wonderful Marines.

Yeah, well, they're
not all like me.

No, you marry a
doctor or somethin'.

And when he comes
home, you sit down,

you have a martini, you ask
him what happened at the office.

But if you marry a Marine, what
have you got in common with him?

He comes home, what do you
say? What's new in the jungle?

Papa Sergeant...

But why worry
about all that now?

It'll be years before you
even think about marriage.

Besides, it's, uh, bad enough
to have a Marine for a papa,

now isn't it, huh?

Look, I'll be back
in 10 minutes.

In the meantime, you just
make yourself comfortable.

Boy... you sure are grown up.

Ain't that nice?

I bet you you're just about the
happiest girl in the whole world.


What's the trouble?

I cannot talk to him.


He is so opposed to my plans.

Oh, you mustn't let what he said

about the Marines
upset you none.

It ain't as if you're really
gonna marry a Marine.

But that is the problem!

I am!


I am to be married this Sunday.

You mean this comin' Sunday?


And to a Marine?



Hey, Sue Linn.

Did you break the news
to Sergeant Carter yet

about you gettin'
married Sunday?

All week, I've been trying
to find some way to tell him,

but I just cannot do it.

I'm sure it would displease him,

and I do not want
to displease him.

What you need is some more time.

But Sunday is two days away,

and Fred will be
here this afternoon.

Fred? Is that your
boyfriend's name, huh?

Yes. For me, it was
love at first sight,

maybe because he was so
much like Sergeant Carter.

Fred is a fine man, and
he has a wonderful mind.

Oh, that's nice.

I just know you two are
really gonna be happy.

Perhaps I should
postpone my plans.

In my country, we are taught
to respect and obey parents.

Sergeant Carter is
the only father I know.

If he is so against
this marriage,

perhaps it is best
I honor his wishes.

You mean you'd
call off the weddin'?

Sue Linn, before you do that,

why don't you talk to
our chaplain, right here?

He's a real fine feller,

and I know he'd do everything on
earth and heaven to help you out.

You think he would?

When people's in
trouble, that's his specialty.

I just know he'll
have a right answer.

I will go see him.

Private Gomer, perhaps
you could help, too.

Me? But I don't know what...

SUE LINN: You and the
Sergeant appear to get on so well,

I was... I was hoping that
you might prepare him.

Oh, would you, Private Gomer?

Well... Please!

Speak with him,
see if you can get him

to accept the idea of having
a Marine for a son-in-law.

All right. I'll talk
to the Sergeant.

I know it will not be easy.

Don't you worry, Sue Linn.

You go see the chaplain, and
I'll go see the Sergeant right now.

Gung ho.

That means, "Everybody
workin' together."

Yes, I know.

Oh! Yeah.

Hey, Sergeant. You steppin' out?

Yeah. I'm taking Sue
Linn out for dinner.

Sure nice to have a
daughter around, huh?

So you can take
her out to dinner

and buy her pretty things

and play with
your grandchildren,

and eat some home-cooked
meals. What was that?

I was just sayin' how nice it'd be
to eat some home-cooked meals.

Before that.

Play with your grandchildren?

Well, if you're over
there to eat the meals,

the least you can do
is play with the kiddies.

What is all this? She's still a
kid herself. There's plenty of time.

You talk like she's
getting married tomorrow.

Oh, no. It won't be
tomorrow. No, sir.

Tomorrow's only Saturday.

But it could be soon
after that, real soon.

What do you mean?

Well, it's just that
you can't wait too long.

Golly, she's 20 years old now.

Before long, she's gonna be 30

and then 40 and then 50...

She'll get married
sooner than that.

Like maybe Sunday?

Pyle, you're not
making any sense!

Why should her marriage
be any concern of yours?

No reason.

I was just thinkin' what a happy
day it's gonna be in your life.

I can just see it now,

her walkin' out of the church
there, ever so beautiful,

with that dark hair
and them big eyes,

walkin' down underneath
all them crossed swords...

Wait a minute!

Crossed swords?
What crossed swords?

Well, you know how the Marines
do it when somebody gets married.

Who said there were
gonna be any Marines there?

Well, there have
to be Marines there.

What do you mean?

Well... Well, you're
gonna be there.

And that's all!

But suppose she did find
somebody that she liked,

and he liked her.

Would you stand in
the way? Can't happen.

But suppose it did.

Suppose a Marine come to you
and asked you for Sue Linn's hand.

What would you do?

I'd throw him out on his head,
is what. Now, stop bugging me!

But, Sergeant, suppose...

Supposing you let me
finish getting dressed

and get out of here!

But, Sarge... Out!

You want me to take the duty
now, Sarge, so you can leave?

Oh, there's no hurry.

I'm not taking Sue
Linn out for an hour.

But she's here now.

Yeah, where?

I just saw her over
at the Administration,

comin' out of the
chaplain's office.

Chaplain's office?

What is she seeing him for?

How are you,
Gomer? Just fine, sir.

I hope y'all had
better luck than I did.

I tried to hint around
to the Sergeant

about what was gonna happen,

but he wouldn't
take to it at all.


What's that all about?

Now what would she and
Pyle want with the chaplain?

What do you usually
see a chaplain about?

When you're in trouble,
when you get married,

or when you want
emergency leave.

No. No, it can't
be! Say it can't be.

Not to Pyle! Not to Pyle!

He told me how you felt
about her marrying a Marine,

but that is not
for you to decide.

This is her life, Carter.

There is only one
thing that you can do.

Kill him.

That's a very intelligent
reaction, isn't it?

Well, you better
face it, Sergeant.

This wedding is set for Sunday,

and there's nothing
you can do to stop it.

Come on, now, accept her man.

Meet him halfway.

I'm sure in time that you'll get to
know each other and like each other.

No, I don't wanna like him!

All right, then you
will lose your daughter.

What have you got
against this boy?

Sir, he's stealing my
little girl. She's just a kid...

Sue Linn is not a child.
She is a mature woman.

And she's... In fact, she's far more
capable of picking a husband than you are.

Well, sir, she doesn't know...

I don't know why she
is concerned about you.

She's worried about
making you unhappy

and you don't care that you're
making her life miserable.

I am?

Because of you, she is ready
to call this whole thing off.


You're the only
father she has known.

Now, she wants to be married,

but also, she
wants your approval.


I don't know.

Sergeant, Sunday could be
the happiest day in your life.

That's the happiest?

You don't leave me
much to look forward to.

Give her your blessing.


I know you're
doing the right thing.

You have a talk with her fiance.

You'll see. In time,
it'll all work out.

I guess it could be worse.

She could've married a sailor.

You want to see me, Sergeant?

Come in, come in.

Sit down, Son.

Thanks, Sergeant.

I, uh...

I wanted you to know that
I've talked to the chaplain,

and he, uh...

told me all about the wedding.

How could you do it,
Pyle? How could you do it?

Well, I tried to
prepare you, Sergeant.

I know, I know. If it's
what my daughter wants,

I gotta learn to live with it.

I'm glad you feel that way.

It's gonna make
Sue Linn very happy.

But it's tough for me to accept.

For 12 years, I've reared
her. I've sent her an allotment.

12 years of anguish,
12 years of sacrifice,

and just like that, she's gone.

Well, that's what
happens, Sergeant.

They grow up,
and they leave you.

100 million men in this country,
and look what she picks out!

How could she
make such a choice?

She said it was
love at first sight.


She said it was the
resemblance to you that done it.

Oh, the resemblance to me,

how much punishment do
I have to take in one day?

She said she always was
attracted to a good mind.

Now, Sergeant, you
know what they always say,

you ain't losin' a daughter,
you're gainin' a son.

I've made out a list here

of things that are supposed to be furnished
by the bride's side of the family,

that's you.

Flowers, refreshments,

and a cake with a Marine
insignia would be real nice,

and lots of throwin' rice,

and some cans...
That's for the car.


There will be no
flowers, no cake,

no shoes, no wedding!

I just made up my mind! Huh?

Pyle, I'm begging you! Please!

You can't marry my
daughter! You can't!

I know that, Sergeant.

I'll give you anything in
the world! Anything you...


I ain't gonna marry
your daughter.

You're not? Oh, no.

Why don't you wanna marry her?

I never did.

You break her heart,
and I'll break your head!

Sergeant, you got
this all mixed up.

It never was me.

She's marryin' a feller by
the name of Fred Pertwee.

That's who she was
gonna marry all along.


Fred Pertwee?

What is he, some kind of Main
Street commando she met someplace?

Pertwee? Oh, no!

This I ain't gonna take!

You're bad enough, but
some two-bit, pipsqueak recruit!

But, Sergeant... I
have 'em around all day!

I'm not gonna have
'em around all night!

You haven't even met
him yet. You might like him.

I'll break him in two! No, sir!

There'll be no wedding!


Sergeant Carter, I'm here
with your daughter and we...

You! You!

You're not gonna marry
my daughter, you hear me!

Yes, sir. My daughter ain't
gonna marry no two-bit...

Papa Sergeant,

the chaplain said he
had spoken with you,

so I brought Fred with me.

I thought it was about time my
two favorite men met each other.

You're, uh, Pertwee?

Sure glad to meet you, Sergeant.

I heard some mighty
fine things about you.

We're on our way to the
Green Lantern for dinner,

and we won't go without you.

Got a lot of gabbing to do.

So, come on, nothing
keeping you here, is there?

No. No, nothing at all.

Just a second. There...
There is one thing.

I... I'll be with you in
just a second, huh? Fine.

Come on, come on, get with it!

Find the list. Put
it together, huh?

Be right with you, Fred!

Listen, what was it we needed?

We needed, uh, flowers, uh, we
needed cake with an insignia on it,

uh, old shoes, uh...

Hey, you can see why
she went for him, huh?

The resemblance to me.

Come on, the list, the list!

Just another second, Fred!

Would you hurry?
The wedding's Sunday!

We just got two more days!
Move it, move it, move it!

GOMER: The Captain's
really a nice-lookin' feller.

Sue Linn picked well.

Oh, I guess he's okay.

My son-in-law, the Captain.

Well, I guess I'll
get used to it in time.

I'm sure glad it
worked out this way.

Sue Linn sure wanted
to make you happy.

That was all she
cared about was you.

She's a very considerate girl.

"Considerate" is the word.

It runs in the
family. Hey, Sarge...

Did you really think there for a while it
was me she was gonna marry, did you?

Well... Wouldn't that
have been somethin'?

You'd have been
my father-in-law,

and we'd have spent the
rest of our lives together,

you and me, Dad.

Never could happen, Pyle.

Why not? Well,
just like you said,

Sue Linn's much
too considerate a girl.