Gold Rush: White Water (2018–…): Season 6, Episode 9 - Missing In Action - full transcript

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
water's coming up!

I never thought I would
ever see anything like this.

I thought I had seen allthe flashfloods at McKinley.

I thought I'd seen it all.

This is by far...

It came up! It just
came up right now!

Tie off the dredge.

I'm trying!

This ain't showingany kind of stopping,

and it's still raising.

Let's go now!

This is primetime to die here.

A tidal wave couldcome at any time!

We're almost stuck.

Man, it's goingover the boardwalkright now.

Get out! We gotta go!

Looks sketchy, doesn't it?

Don't fall, don't die.

Dear heavenly father.

Look out!

We have to find gold.

I think it's starting
to weigh on everyone.

Let's get
this party started.

Dustin fired Wes.

About everything.
About the whole deal.

What's going on?

Is Wes coming back?

He's strongarmed right
now, I don't like that.

I've got to get to bedrock.

Whoo! Time to dive!

Hey, that's crazy.

That's the layer that's
got the gold in it.

If you can get
underneath that boulder,

there's gonna begold under it.

Challenge accepted!


I'm on a hot patch.

Are you kidding me?

Holy moly!

Dustin took off, so,they needed me back.

And I'm curious to know
what the hell's going on.

Deepin the Alaskan wilderness,

crew boss,Dustin Hurt, is MIA.

Forcing marine veteran,Carlos Minor,

to rush back to Nugget Creek.

I had to stayhome with the baby.

Feel a little bitguilty about it.

I shouldn'tbecause family comes first.

Hey, dude,
welcome back!

Carlos is back now,

but now you guys
are missing Dustin.

It's a tough
situation to be in.

If the leader of a crew
just ups and quits

and walks away...

Yep. You missed
an ordeal yesterday.- ...

This season...

I don't think we're gonna
go back to McKinley this year.

...Dustin tooka huge gamble

on a remote new claim...

Bigger, better gold.

Good gold, but nobody
can get to it.

Nobody? That sounds like us.

...furtherinto wild Alaska

than most would dare.


The water here is steeper

than anything we've
ever dug ever.

It's a bear!

It seems like
McKinley on steroids.

All that experience
in the past

is gonna come
to bear right now.

...Three, go!


He has battledto keep his operation afloat.

I don't think
it's gonna have the power
to take it up, dude.

I don't need that right now.

Let's fail before you
tell me it's not gonna
work, all right?

But a constantbarrage of bad luck...

You can't put this on TV.

...and setbacks...

- Look out!
- Look out, look out!-!

What have you gotten
yourself into?

It's summerand there's still 20feet of snow.

Right now, it feels like this
place is out of my league.

You all right?

Well, I'm either
having a panic
attack or a heart attack.

...pushed him...

We just can't get
anything out without our
generator running. hisbreaking point.

Why are you so mad?

I'm just trying to help.

You just come over,
took over what I was doing.

You know...

He cracked under pressure.

I can't imagine what's
going on in Dustin's head,

and, man, as a leader,
don't abandon your crew.

Without a leader,

the entire crew risks failure.

This is the reality,

it's too frickin' late
in the season...

...for us to go get jobs.

It's too late in the season
for us to just say, "Stop."

What can we do
today to go forward?

I think we should just go
up there and keep working.

We need to get
in the water, man.

We need to move all
those frickin' rocks
that's down there.

Three men
can frickin' dredge.

Three men can find gold.

- It sounds like we have a plan for today.
- - Yep.

You guys are
gonna work on that,

- if you need help, you just let us know.
- - All right.

And I'm gonna
go get in the water.

- Hopefully, we can punch through that clay layer.
- - Yeah.

I hope you get some good
gold out of that because...

I hope
you guys get gold.

- Let's do that.
- Let's get it done.

Sounds like a plan,
all right, let's do it.

If it doesn'tbreak your legs...

...and if it doesn't
break your back, man,

it'll surely
break your spirit.

We need to keep ourspirits high, man.

We need to feed eachother some frickin' goodmedicine, man.

If they start to fall apart,

then this is, this is
not gonna happen.

Over halfwaythrough their season,

and barely any gold to show for all the backbreaking work,

their future at Nugget Creekhangs by a thread.

We have to find gold.

If we don't find
gold this year,

I don't know that I can
come back for a third year

just to follow
someone on blind faith.

I think it's starting
to weigh on everyone.

I know it's definitely
starting to weigh
on the other crew.

They're having a lot
of issues right now.

Everybody is just toast.

Totally exhausted.

They're better begood gold here

with how much work
we've put into this site,

that's all I can say.

Since strikinggold six weeks ago...

I got gold already!Bingo.

...the battleto set up their most

remote dive site ever...

It's been such a pain
in the ass to get access.

I think we can get
a walkway fairly quick.

...pushed Kayla'screw to their limits.

There ain't nothing
easy about this.

There's nothing easy
about anything we're doing.

But their last dive

brought the firstglimmers of hope.

Scott, look at this.
Come here, hurry.

clay layer.

That locked in gold like
a vice, wasn't it?

...and the promiseof chunky nuggets

as they close in on bedrock.

I sawa couple little flakes.

It's a good sign
that there could be

a lot better stuff
waiting down below.

Good to go?

Good luck down there.

Down into the darknessshe goes.

How's it looking or not reallylooking down there, Kayla?

It looks terrible.

Zero vis.

But the good thing isit's all smaller material.

I'm gonna start dredging now.

All the smaller stuff, I thinkit's pretty fast to dredgethrough.

I cleared all the sections.

I focused on gettingus down deeper.


a light-colored rock

out in the middle out there.

That's actually
a really big rock.

Last week,

Kayla dredgeddown to eight feet

where she hit a clay layer.

Now she must removethe last few feet of boulders

to get down to what could be

a monster pile of gold.

A little bitof slack, please.

Copy that.

- Ready?
- All right, go for it.

Hopefully, it stays.

That's like
a big turd, Kayla.

My ,
look at that!

Nice rocks.

Despite moraleat an all-time low,

under Kayla's leadership,

her crew makes steadyprogress towards bedrock.

There you go,
that's clear.

I lift that up
with one arm.


Six hundredfeet down creek,

with Dustin MIAand their future uncertain,

Wes, James and Carlosmust band together.

Yeah, man,we're working solo, dude.

We don't got the Dustin
knowledge in our head, man.

So, we have to rely
on everybody

to put in their five cents
to make this work.

Back in business, man.

We can't quit. We've gone,
come into this too far along

to Nugget Creek to quit.

I was thinking about
grabbing these rocks,

- and putting them in the basket.
- - Okay.

- All these big ones.
- Yeah.

See what you can dredge.

See if I can
go further this way,

see if I can go down
and find bedrock.

- For nearlytwo months...
- Three, two, one!

...Dustin'screw have battledmonster boulders...

- Yeah!
- their mostdifficult dive site ever...

This is not a present
place for dredging.

...and dugdown over eight feet.

See any gold?

it's starting, man.

Look her there, buddy!

If our small gold
is this big or bigger,

we're in for a treat.

- That is not small.
- That's gold, dude!

That's gold!

Now beforethey can go any deeper,

the three-man crewmust expand the hole

by hauling out surface rocks.

Ha. That's probably
about a load, isn't it?

That's a load.

Yeah, just kinda
hold on to it.

Come on!

What is going on?

It's not doing anything again.

The winchsystem is the only way

to remove the monster boulders

that stand betweenthem and the gold.

One more day
in the life of this
up place.

We can't move any
rocks the way this is set up.

As soon as you let that mother
down in the water

to pick anything up,

this goes

opens up like
a bird nest,

and you can't get anything.

This, winch system,

it's proving time
and time and time again

it can't get the right
kind of lift to get
the boulders out.


...just not doing its job.

I've had my
fill of this.

With our systembeing so steep,

I have to let slack
on the upstream winch

and the downstream winch,
and then they spool,

and when they do that,
they jump over the barrel,

and it's locked up,
and we're spending hours

replacing the cable again.

So, I'm gonna see
if there's a place

we can put a skyline in here

because I'm readyfor something to work right.

Wes's plan?Upgrade to a skyline.

A high-fixed cablethat supports a pully.

The two winches can thenbe used independently.

No slack, no bird nesting,

so they can moveboulders trouble-free.

See, check this
out right here.

What do you think about this?

This up bed, I wonder
how good that is.

That'sthe only viable place.

I think we can get the ladder,

it'll get most
of the way up there,

and then can drill and put
the anchor in to hang on.

So, it's safe and flat
and that's a perfect
sheer for that.

That is perfect.

I think we need to go
up to that rock and look down.

Yep, I think
we got a plan.

We'll check that out
and then go from there.

I amtrying to scope out

how this new skylineis gonna work out.

Wes's idea was to use this... the anchor.

So, the way it
kinda looks like,

looks like this skyline's
gonna cut our pool

right in the middle,
which is good news.

The skyline is a necessity,

We're making an executivedecision here

since Dustin's not here.

Better to ask for forgivenessthan ask for permission.

Let's sacrifice a day
fixing a skyline so then...

...the days after that,
all we're doing is
moving rocks

and getting down to business.

Carloshas volunteered

for the most dangerouspart of the installation.

Climbing 30 feetup a crumbling cliff face.

This is gonna be
a non-sanctioned
frickin' climb.

This is gonna get ugly.

The deal is
don't fall, don't die.

That's the rules.

I hate heights.

I loathe heights.

Looks sketchy, doesn't it?

The scariest
part about this... trying to get
a safety line put up first.

As long as James can
keep that ladder there

just for,
just for a little bit...

...I can secure this ladder.

Let's give it
a try here, let's see.

Dear heavenly father...

...please protect me.

Please protect me.

I gotta get home.

Holy Lord.


Carlos, be careful, man.

Thirty feetabove Nugget Creek...

I'm literally trying
to do this right, Lord.

Fear fear itself.

...facing offwith a vertical cliff...

...Carlos attempts to installtheir new skyline.


Hopefully that's gonna work.


All right, James, we're gonna
change it up, dude.

That's ganky as hell, dude.

My God.

Nearly a foot tallerand with a longer reach,

James taps in.

Here, here, here and here?

You got it.

I got two tie-off
points, so...

...I should be good
to rock and roll.

Be careful
because that's soft rock.

That's ugly frickin' rock.

This is sketchy.

Good job!
Three more to go.

I'm gonna go help Wes.


This is plain, so,
I'm easy to drill four
holes back here.

The 100,000-poundbehemoth

the minors call"Big Ass Boulder"

will act as the upstreamanchor point.

Drops ought
to go right in there, dude.

Okay, that'll work, man.

I'm working on the easy
part of the skyline,

the upstream side.

Why is it so easy?

I'm hanging free, baby!

No wobbly ladders.

No ugly rock to hang on to.

So far,it's going pretty smooth.

Carlos is drillingthe upstream anchors.

James is doing great,we've got the downstreamanchors in.

That's the hardestones to get done.

We'll pull the cable
up there, tighten it up,

and it's just a little
bit of, hooking up,

and it'll be ready to go.

This is actually a pretty fast
set up we've got going today.

Up creekat Kayla's site,

she is three hoursinto her dive.

You can go up with the basket.

Copy that,coming up with the basket.

Battlinga field of boulders

between herand the bedrock gold.

She's definitely been
working her ass off.

She's pretty muchgone non-stop.

I know she'swore out, but...

...she's down there
giving it a fighting chance.

That hole is deep,

but it's pretty narrow.

So, we just need to,widen the hole.

Copy that.

We run into this
problem every year.

We get to this point,

we just start tunneling down,

and that just allow us
to expose just a little bit
of bedrock.

We need it exposed
all the way across

so we can find that pasty,

and then follow that pastry.

The dive holeis now nine-feet deep.

Before Kayla cango any deeper,

she must increasethe width at the top... they can exposemaximum bedrock gold.

There's, a really big rock.

Big shale rock, it's atleast five-feet long,

um, and it'spretty wide as well.

I think I'm gonna tryto blast this one.

You want the drill?

I'll need the drill.

Copy that,
I'll get it ready.

We've got a, we've got a large shale rock.

It's bigger than what we
can actually sling out.

So, we gotta blast it apart.

Kayla's gonna drill it,

and she's gonna blast it.

He's got a charge
ready, if you're ready for it.

I'm ready for it.

I'm gonna try it
with just one booster.

One booster?
Copy that.

All right, everybody's ready?

- Yeah.
- Yep.

Here we go, fire in the hole.

Three, two, one.

Ooh, nice.

All right.

- Turn 'em off?
- Yeah.

I don't really know
if that did much of anything.

How are you
doing, Kayla?

So hard doing this
when you can't see.

My body's tired,
my arms are tired,

everything's tired.

I think we're gonna
call it early today.

I don't think I'm gonna
get back in.

Just need to retire
and then early in the bed.

You want
your mask off?

Despite Kaylareaching nine feet,

bedrock gold is stillpainfully out of reach.

I could just feel myself
getting frustrated.

Don't get discouraged
being tired.

We're all in the same
boat right now.

I mean, you still got
a lot of stuff out.

You're still getting
rocks out, so we're still

making important
progress, but...

I called myday a little bitearlier today, but...

...I still got a lot donein the hours that I was in.

Sometimes you just have
to listen to your body

'cause if you
overwork yourself,

then you're gonna be
useless the next day.

I wonder how
they're doing with their
skyline over there.

I don't know.

We're close, man.

It looks like a making
of a gorgeous skyline.

Down atthe golden gates,

the unsanctionedskyline system

is nearly complete.

We can probably
get it pretty tight even
with this winch, I bet you.

Let's tighten this up,
and then we can let it go.

Is this slipping?

- Yeah.
- Okay.

It's not tight enough.

We can just go
into that one and come along

and just pull that cable
to get a loop here.

This is
the granddaddys
of all come-alongs.

You can close up the gap
of the Grand Canyon
with this thing.

I think this will give usthat frickin' leverage thatwe need.

Hey, James, I think we
gotta switch roles, man.

You're the one
with the muscles for this.

The monster come-alonghas a pulling power

of 5,200 pounds,

and is the first testfor the new skyline anchors.

Holy ,
it's making some crazy
tightening noises.

There you go.

Come on, J!

- That's it.
- - That's it right there.

Awesome job, guys.

That's awesome, man.

I like it.

This isall tightened up.

Ready to rock
and frickin' roll.

Kinda the last stepin the operation here.

Feed up to the top
of the cable,
hook on the cable,

hook the pull-back
to the upstream pump.

Skyline looks good.



- Ready?
- Yeah.

Maybe... no, not too bad.

You look like
a Texas pinata, man!

So, I just gotta go
to that, right?

- That's it.
That's it, that's all we need.
- All right.

- Great job, I like the way this is turning out.
- - Yeah.

Should have done it
a long time ago, but still,
we got it done.

Seeingthe skyline up... reminds you...

...the great guys to work
with, you know what I mean?

Unitedin their triumph,

this skeleton crew provesrisk brings reward...

The first skyline
in Nugget Creek.

...but the winonly highlights their loss.

As much as we're trying
to keep our heads clear today,

it's frickin' hard

because what's going
on in everybody's
head right now

is what the hell's
going on with Dustin?

Let's vamoose.

The crew knows

their only shot at locatinglife-changing gold

is to track downtheir missing link.

I'm sure we'll be able
to find where he's at.

. Hammy.

9 miles upthe Tsirku River,

the search party returnsto Nugget Creek...

...with crew boss Dustinbringing up the rear.

Dustin is back

and I'll take that as
a positive note.

Gotta get back to work.

Let's get this party started.

We still have
our frustrations right now

'cause we know things
hasn't resolved with Wes.

But once again,

another vital crew memberis MIA.

What's goin' on?

What's going on is
Dustin fired Wes.

That's what's going on.

All season,

the tension between Dustinand Wes has been building.

Got a message from Dustin.

"Noon, livable."

There's no way,.

We can build
pretty fast, but not that.

Whoa, !

This is gonna be a typical

Fix it. Keep going.
Fix it and keep going.

Like, I'm just trying to help.

I don't understand
what I did wrong.

You just come over and
took over what I was doing.

, you know?

And during the tripto find Dustin,

it all came to a head.

What's goin' on?

Just don't feel it, man.

- About what?
- About everything,
about the whole deal.

- What's goin' on?
- What whole deal?

Is Wes comin' back,
is Wes not?

... So you're just not gonna work
until we talk about it?

- Or even after we talk
about it--
- No, no, no, no, no.

- What are we talking about?
- We just...

I'm just not motivated
until we figure out

is Wes coming back or...

I feel like I'm being
strong-armed right now
and I don't like it.

- No, I--
- I'll tell you that right now

that I don't like
this at all.

It has nothing to do
with strong-arming.

And it has nothing to do
with disrespect, you know.


I got pissed off, man.

He was getting to me so bad,
I was ready to quit this job.

And when I quit,
you all go away.

You all go do your own thing.

I know he loves you
like a brother.

We're all family.

Let's see
what's in this stuff, man.

For almost a decade...

That's full!

...Dustin and Wes haverisked their lives...

! Bail!

...side by side...

- You saved my life, man.
- - Hoo,!

I couldn't let go there
for nothin', man. their search forlife-changing gold.

This is definitely
gonna be our year.

Dare to dream?

I love him like a brother,
too, but...

I still have residual
bull that I don't
wanna take out on him.

So I asked him...

not to come up for
a little bit,

to go do some other things.

I can't tell you
how much of a relief that is.

It was all
up to him, man.

I feel a bit better.

I feel a bit better, but

did things get resolved?

- No. They didn't.
- No. They didn't.

It's not resolved yet.

But that's a start.

Now he knows that...

we stood together on this.

I had a talk with Wes.
We had a good talk.

I'm still pissed off, so

I needed him to be out of
my face for a couple of days.

I think things aregonna change, though,

with Wes.

We'll see.

We live to work another day.

Live to work another day.


Up at the Golden Gates...

Wow, this turned out
to be beautiful today.

I wanna jump in,
test out this line

and start getting some
progress, man.

Start getting some gold.

Dustin will geta first look

at the crew's changesto the operation.

Hey, y'all.

We put up a skyline.

I see that.

The unsanctioned skyline

completely overhauledDustin's system.

If it fails,it will be on them.

What was wrong with
the old one?

We got too much of
a bad angle, man.

A real steep angle.
And it just won't work here.

So we can keep on working
with the old system

and keep on fixing,

or we can try something new.

All right.

We're almost done, man.

We can get this thing
settled up, man.

I hit the water,
and we give it a try.

So right now, it will go over
the center of the dredge.

There is no doubt in my mind,
because when you're pulling
that way,

almost no matter
how tight you pull that,

everything's gonna move
to the left.

Putting it to the test.

See if it'll hold a boulder.

If Dustin's right,

the new skyline will sendthe 500-pound basket

straight into the dredge.

Dustin's a person that's
hard to please.



Looking good so far.
I love you.

I love you.

Make this thing work.

Everybody needs a win.

Please. Please.

Nailed it!


I personally think that's
a dang success.

Looks good.

It looks great, man.

It looks real good.

Gorgeous anchors,
by the way.


Good job.

I'm gonna suit up. You guys
are gonna get on the comms

and we're gonna get gold.

Yay, gold!

Yay, team!

We got the skyline goin'.
It's a new, fresh start.

We're back in action.
It's time to get digging.

After one ofthe most trying weeksof his career...

Pump the hot water on, dude,

and I'm ready to
rock and roll, guys.

...Dustin Hurt is lookingto stage a comeback.

Hot water is going on.

And, today, he desperatelyneeds a win.


Heavenly Father,
I'm in your hands.

Now we're in the water.

What do you got down there?

One big rock that we've
been clopping to no avail.

I think if you get
underneath that boulder,

there's gonna be
gold under it.

Challenge accepted.

The rock I'm talking about
is underneath
the nose of the dredge.

Okay, I'll head
on that side, then.

Okay. Got ya.

I think this is the one
you guys are talking about.

This thing goes
down deep.

Just so you know,

I never foundthe bottom of it.

Yeah, it's a big rock.

I'm gonna start
loafing this thing.

Carlos' plan,

blast the massive boulderinto smaller,more manageable sections,

a technique the miners callbread-loafing.

Bread-loaf this thing.

You want one at a time
or both of them?

No. One at a time, please.

Carlos strategically placesthe blaster

to slice the first sectionof the boulder.

That's gonna about do.

- Go naught?
- Yup, go naught.

Three, two, one.

Ooh, yeah.

That was a good pop, then.

Yeah, that's what I needed.

That's perfect, man.

Hey, James. Right down there
are those small green straps.

That's it, brother.
Throw it this way.



Okay. ho-ho!

You got it.

The skyline's working well.

I'm about to move tons
and tons

and literal tons of rock.

See that big ol' boulderlike that

just come to pieces?

That's exciting.

Just keep cracking it, man.

If we can move
that whole rock,

maybe there's some gold
under it.

I get it, man. I get it.

Now I'm a believer.


- One-two, one-two, one-two.
There you go.
- I got you.

- It's the sweet spot.
- Don't touch it!

600 feet up creek...

Whoo! Time to dive!

...after Kayla's divewas cut short,

Scott must boost crew moralethe only way he knows how.

Getting them on the gold.

This is my third season and
I haven't seen bedrock yet.

So hopefully today,
I can get some serious depth,

and I can get down
and maybe hit bedrock.

Okay, that works.

- Cool.
- Have a good dive.

I'll have some gold

- and maybe some bedrock later.
- That'd be nice.

If we're focusing on widening
the perimeter of the hole,

- you need to slow it down
just a little bit.
- Yeah.


Copy that.

Al right.

You good?

Good to go.

Don't you come outa there
till you find some gold, boy.

Copy that!

And down he goes.

There's that blast
of cold water.

And leak-wise.

How's your vis?It looks like it's.


So I got some little
I gotta clean up

and then I'm gonna start
moving rocks.

Copy that.

I know Scott's gonna
wanna go down

'cause he wants to
see bedrock.

I don't know it'sthe best idea right now.

The best idea is
to expand the hole.

But Scott might havedifferent plans.

Hi, rock.
There's a big rock.

All right, come down for me.

Copy that.

I need a longer choker,


This little leash
ain't doin' it.

You're hooked. Go aheadand pull tension on it.

I got it double-wrapped,
so it shouldn't come off.

Come on, baby.

damn it.

It's round as
on one side.

That flipped
the headache ball over.

I'm gonna focus
on getting more depth.

I could only be
a couple feet from bedrock.

You on the bottom?


Copy that.

Hey, Scott.
What's up?

I already told youto widen the hole.

If you could get offthe bottom

and do what I asked
and work the perimeter.

Yeah, I got ya. I got ya.

That would be great.

We don't reallyhave time for someonethat's not gonna catch on.

And if somebody gets
seriously injured

because of
a lack of communication,

I'm gonna be very angry.

Down at the Golden Gates...

How far you think you've got
with that rock so far, man?

Good, man.
Everything's good right now.

Everything's rocking, man.Everything's good, man.

...Carlos has provedthe new skyline a success

by quickly removingthe bread-loafed boulder

in under four hours.

The dive is going well.

Carlos is doing a great job.

He's getting throughthat big boulder.

This rockhas been plaguing us.

Dredge all this out
and get the gold.

It's right here.

Let's get rid
of this basket.

Okay, that's the last slice
of this big boulder.

Take it away.

I'll go check there
for the gold right now.

Holy crap.

There's hardpack
under this big boulder.

I'm on hardpack.

Holy moly!

Are you kidding me?Yeah!

Awesome, man.Just keep moving it.

Hardpack isthe last compacted layer

before they reach bedrockand the gold.

Good job, Carlos!



yeah, dude.That's awesome.

We've been together
for so long that

there's no way that you can't
work together for 10 years

and not get in an argument.

After the bust upwith Dustin,

Wes is on a solo missionto salvage materials

from Porcupine's junk pile.

You know, Dustin and I,
we were getting
on each other's nerves

kind of a lot.

And then next thing,we're arguing. It's like,

"Wait a minute.We need to stop thisThis is stupid.

We're not mad at each other.
We're mad at the situation

and we're taking it out
on each other.

That's what brothers do.

I'm gonna take a few days off.

Just take a break fromeach other.

We fight and push and argue

and-- but when it comes
right back down to it,

we're family and
we're all gonna stay together.

That's just the way it is.

Good job!

Good job, Carlos.

At the Golden Gates,

Dustin's crew has overcomethe weekthat nearly ruined them.


That's dredging!

They've built a better systemto get them to bedrock

and now believe they arejust inches from the gold.

I'm starting to cramp up.

But five hoursof back-breaking work...

I'm tired, man.

...has pushed Carlosto his limit.

Yeah, it's done.


There was a lot of
progress made.

I was getting somewhere, man.
I was getting somewhere.

I'm gonna go check my box.

Everybody needs a win.

Come on!

Nothing! damn it.

I got underneath it,
but it's not on bedrock.

I love my guys.

They have just been
working their butts off.

Carlos saw hardpackunder the big boulder.

Whoever gets in next will definitely find big gold.

It's time for the next step.

Up at Kayla's site,

Scott is three hoursinto his dive.

All right, pull up on that.

Following Kayla'sinstructions,

he has widened the holeto 12 feet across.

That's not a small rock, dude.


Boy, he's moving some
rocks today.

Scott doin' Scott stuff.

"I am Scott. Hear me roar."

How's it goin' down there?

It's goin' real good.

I got the wall pretty much
free of boulders.

And it goes from the hose
into the rapids.

Good job.

Since we have
more perimeter opened up,

we focus on getting us
down deeper.

Copy. Maybe hit some bedrock.

That'd besweet.

Nice-looking material
coming over the back.

Yeah. I gotta clean offanother rock here.



Check that out.

Yup, we're at... covered in
all kinds of conglomerate.

Dang, that's crazy.

That's the layer
we're looking for.

That's pretty close
to bedrock.

Just likeat Dustin's site,

Scott's hit hardpack,

they layer that sitsright above the bedrock.

When you get to that layer,

that's the layer
that's got the gold in it.

he's into that good layer

and maybe there'll
be some gold in the box.

You know,
I'm working so hard down here,

I'm actually sweating
in my mask.

I am tired.

But gettingdown to hardpack

leaves Scott running on empty.

Don't push yourself too much
and get yourself hurt.

I feel a little...
a little sting in my leg.

- I think I might call it, dude.
- I'm bushed.

I'm getting stumbly.


Hey, I got a lot of
rocks, though.

Yeah, you have.

Good dive, man.

I know I put a lot of
material across there today

from underneath boulders, so.

I'm kind of hopeful.

Come on, come on, come on!

I don't see anything.

Not yet.

I didn't get down
to bedrock,

but I definitely cleared a
path. That's for sure.

Whoever goes in next,

he's got a wide-open hole
down there.

I got so many rocks out,
so many boulders out.

I got a lot of
cleared off.

Today, we had
a really good day.

I'm happy withthe crew that I have.

I think all together,we get a lot done.

Let's get all this
tidied up
and let's get out of here.

After monthsof back-breaking work,

both crews have finallyhit hardpack.

A big reward may beon the horizon.

Tomorrow's dive couldget them down to bedrock

and life-changing gold.

Overnight, an unexpected stormdumps over 4 inches of rain.

Holy . This is insane.

We check our site,
see how it's doing.

The crew wakes tothe deafening sound

of Nugget Creek's fury.

What in the hell?

This water is
coming up.

Here we go again.

We had a catastrophic flood.

The torrent fromthe rain and debris

threatens to destroyanything in its path.

The water's coming up
so fast right now.

Instead ofcleaning out bedrock nuggets,

today has turned intoan emergency rescue mission.

I never thought I would
ever see anything like this.

I thought I'd seen all theflash floods at the McKinley.

I thought I'd seen it all.

This is, by far--

It came up!
It just came up right now!

The winch!

It's the winch
is underwater!

When we came, that winch
was way out of water.

We need
to save that dredge.

everything else.

We have to help out
with Kayla's crew.

Just don't die.

This ain't showing
any sign of stopping.

It's still raising.

What are we doin'?

Tie off the dredge!

, I'm trying.

All hands on.

We have to get it
on the bank.

Stop, stop, stop, stop, stop, stop, stop, stop!

You're punching a hole.


A tidal wave could
come at any time.

We need to get out of here.

It's going over the boardwalk
right now.

We can't get back.

The only means ofescape from Kayla's site

is on the boardwalkthat's about to disappear.

They're almost out.

Lift it off.

- I'm getting hung up.
- Pull! Pull harder!

Get out!
We gotta go!

We need to get
out of this area.

This is a prime time
to die here.

It's not safe out here.

- Come on, let's go!
- Get out of here,
man! Go!

- Go! We gotta go!
- Go!

Go, go, go, go!

Hurry the up!

Our walkway's

The only thing, we need
to make it out of site.

- We had to abandon the dredge.
- The dredge is dead.

We're about to lose everything

and there's nothing I can do
but watch it happen.

This place is destroyed.

Everything we have
is underwater right now.

The water
took everything today.

I don't know how
we didn't see this comin'.

Yup. This is a...


Up aheadon this season ofGold Rush
White Water...

I finally realized y'all
are tougher than I am.

We've been out here
working for three months

and still no gold.

If you stay with it, this
is what you're gonna find.

Scott for Nugget Creek.
Anybody there?

My boat's dead
and we're in the river.

It's gonna take us
right into that wall.
Hold on, boys!

Hold on!

This is a nightmare.

Right now,
it's a waiting game.

We gotta let it run its course

and then check the carnage

I feel cursed here.
I feel like this place hates us.

This is beyond anything
I thought was possible.

But too stubborn to stop.

Going back to our roots, man.
Scary diving.

I can smell the gold!

- , it's about time!
- yay!

There's a crack in the bedrock
and I can see a piece of gold.

- Whoo!
- We found gold!

- It's right there!
- Yeah.

We got gold!

I worked my
into the dirt for her!

We need to regroup

'cause we're on a steady path
of destruction here.

This is our final push.

Get out of there!


That's gonna give us
nightmares for frickin' years.