Gold Rush: White Water (2018–…): Season 6, Episode 14 - Mouth of the Dragon - full transcript

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
Four days into the season,
we're running out of time.

We're onto the gold,
couldn't be happier right now.

It's up in that cave area.

That's where all
the big gold's at.

But it's very, very dangerous.

I need to stay away from
that big-ass boulder there.

It's halfway undermined,

and if I start getting greedy
and poking around over there,

that thing comes crashing
down, smash me...

That's not the way
I wanna go out.

I don't wanna... I don't
wanna die in Nugget Creek.

Just don't go too far, man.

Yeah, yeah, yeah.

If this comes down, it's
gonna fall right in here.


Not trying to get
inside your head,

I'm just giving you, trying
to keep you prepared.

You get it? I say
move, you move.

You hear me? If
somebody's pulling you,

you move without
any hesitation at all.

At all.

- Here she comes. Check.
- Yep.

Check gear.

All right.

- Ready to go?
- All right.

Let's go find some gold.

They're dredgingright
into that area,

where a 100-ton rock
can just flip off on top of us.

You gotta climb in the
mouth of a dragon to get gold.

The was that?

We don't know if it's
gonna hit flood stage,

but it's very
possible that it could.


Doing things an
old man don't do.

Can't believe how
brave you are, man.

On the point of death like that.

Think I see a piece already.
There's chunkies in there.

There it is!

We're getting down to
the bottom of this thing.

It's finally our time.

Ooh, yeah!

Dan's getting some
gold right there.

Every time that box turn
dirty, cha-ching! Gold.

Deep in the south east
Alaskan wilderness,

Dustin Hurt and his
crew are on the gold.

But time is not on their side.

The jackets are
getting bigger out here.

This snow is creeping
down the mountain

right now as we speak.

But, we're finding gold.

The bottom of this,

I have no doubt
that it's gonna be

absolutely amazing.

Those some pretty rusted rocks.

Everything that we've heard
when you get into this red hard pack,

you start getting gold when
you get under it on the bedrock

in the deep areas where
there's anomalies and stuff,

you get large nuggets.

That's just the
money pot, right here.

But what's holding us back?

Big-ass boulder.

You gotta climb

in the mouth of a
dragon to get gold.

We're getting into a scary area.

They were warned, though.

Five weeks ago, a major storm
ripped through Nugget Creek,

threatening to
endDustin's season.

This place is destroyed.

Everything we have is
underwater right now.

But in a stroke of luck...

Hey, Dustin, come look at this.

The storm surgeuncovered
an anomaly...

Has anybody been
underneath that rock? I doubt it.

There's gonna be
some huge risk involved.

That could lead to a
massive deposit of gold.

I'm seeing gold, guys! Yeah!

- Whoo-hoo!
- My!

Right, hell yeah!

But their good fortune
comes with a 50-ton risk.

If you look at it, it's
completely undermined.

There's nothing left to it, so.

James, you gotta
try to stay back here.

I don't think it's gonna
fall on him back there.

I don't think, anyway.

The hard pack is like cement.

We're gonna need
a pressure washer,

something with
really good pressure.

Got you, got you.

Um, just trying to
rig up a spray hose

with just this water jet
that's coming off the pump.

We don't have a high-pressure
sprayer here right now,

but we do have
this and it'll jet.

I think it'll work.

It takes this gravel
out like nothing.

Thank you.

Using the pumpfrom the dredge,

Wes has created a
high-pressure gold blaster.

James will attempt to
punch through the hard pack

to get to the gold layer.

But if he goes too far,

he will bring50 tons of boulder

down on top of him.

This is awesome.

Just gonna be
tearing it up today.

He'll be digging a bunch.

He's looking for nuggets right
now. I know what he's doing.

If there's any gold in there, he's
gonna pull it all out, I promise.


Holy, they're wet!

That rock!

I knew it was haunted.

That boulder moved.

It just did that.
See it up there?

Holy, dude.


Blasting his way
towards the gold layer,

James has under mined
the massive boulder,

causing it to shift.

- Hey, watch yourself.
- Get the out of the hole.

I thought it was, I thought the
rock was gonna come down.

If that rock comes
down, we're dead.

Holy crap, dude.

We're so far
underneath that rock that

if something happens, it slips,

I'll never forgive myself
for letting anybody get hurt.

So we're gonna
have to figure this out.

Until Dustinand his crew

secure the 50-ton
mammoth, all dredging is off.

Just 600 feet up creek...

Look how nice that water is.

I know.

Kayla and her crew
have managed to tame

the raging whitewater.

But with winter just weeks away,

they are desperate to get their hands
on Nugget Creek's legendary gold.

On my last divel found
some pretty good pickers,

so hopefully we'll
find more gold today.

Should have
some good visibility,

the water's really low and
it's actually pretty clear.

That diversion wall,
working really well.

Two weeks ago... I
am tired of your attitude.

How about you go back to camp?

What the hell?

Scott Allen quit with
less than a month left.

But the three-man crew pushed on

and built a diversion
wall to protect them

from the raging torrent...

What that's gonna dois help it be a
lot easier for the divers, so they're not

fighting that current
the whole time.

Which led to the discovery
of a gold-rich red layer.

We got gold. Finally!

The water current
is nice and low

after we did that
diversion wall, so.

Justin's gonna have a
really good dive today.

Feeling really good
about today's dive.

This is the first
dive I'll get to do

with the diversion wall
and the calm water.

I think I'll be able to move
a lot of material today.

All it is, is put in the time.

You about ready?

All right, how's that feel?

Feels good.

Think you're good to go.

Good luck. Find some gold.

No gold, no dinner.


Good thing I have
reserves attached.


This hole is awesome,
guys, you've done amazing.

I mean, it's great.

May I please have
that yellow pry bar?

Justin is seven feet down

powering through
a gold-rich red layer.

Without a gold blaster,

he'll have to use brute force

to break his way
through to bedrock gold.

Thank you.

All right. Ready for this beast?

This late in the season, we
gotta do everything we can

to get to bedrock.

Bingo. We can get to dredging.

He's into something good
right now. I mean, look at that.

Right now, he's probably got
the best visibility we've ever had.

Now, if he can stay focused
and just keep moving materials,

we'll get a lot of stuff done.

I don't know how
much time we have left.

It would be nice to know that
we got enough bedrock cleared off

that, we'll have
a decent season.

The was that?

Hey, did you just
hear that rumble?

That almost sounded
like a jet, but it wasn't a jet.

It was a real quick rumble.

Almost like thunder.

Something let loose upstream.

We got some chocolate
water coming down.

After weeks of the worst rain

Alaska has seen in 30 years,

the 500-foot cliffsare
saturated with water

and are collapsing.

Something broke free upstream,

so you're about to
have some brown water.



That's some brown
water. Dang it.

This visibility sucks now.

Had a big one fall in the hole.

Hey, swamp-cud chucker.

All right, let's play
Where's Waldo.

It's proving to be
a little troublesome.

Yeah, it's hard when you
can't see what you're doing.


All right, hopefully
it doesn't slip.

It did.

I had it in a good groove.

All right, let's give
this another go.

But if I had
gotten to it earlier,

I could've actually seen it

and this would've
been not so difficult.

I give you five minutes underwater
and you'll have that rock slinging out.

That's definitely
not his strong point.

Try this again.

Dang it.

We do not have time for this.

He needs to pick up
the pace just a little bit.

Winter's definitely
moving in on us,

we've already seen
termination dust on the peaks.

There's snow up high,
it's only a matter of time

before it hits us down
here at the lower levels.

So we are definitely
running out of time.

Right now it looks like
a rat trap, doesn't it?

So, my idea is to go
up with two cables,

goes up the two pipes.

It might be enough to slow her
down enough to not crush us.

We got three options, one
of them is to just chance it.

Doesn't seem like
the right thing to do.

Second thing is, we
can crack that rock,

but it'll set us back another
two weeks that we don't have.

Or we could tie it off in a day

work under it, and
hope that tie-off works.

So we're gonna tie it off.

It's basically a time
crunch right now.

I mean, what's the
worst that can happen?

Dustin's quick fix to
secure the 50-ton boulder?

Drill anchor bolts and
use steel-braided cable,

attach to the rock wall
and big boulders upstream.

At over 100,000 pounds,

the anchors may not stop
the boulders from falling,

but could give the diver
enough time to escape.

This is the strongest
point right here.

It's gonna go
here to right there.

If I'm guessing, this boulder's
probably been here for

no telling how many
thousands of years.

That tells me nobody's
been underneath it.

Once we get this
big boulder secured,

it's gonna be absolutely
chock full of gold.

We're making it
happen, so, soon,

really soon, we're gonna start
finding some good gold here.

That's tight, man. That's
tight as you need to go.

We got a cable that's
helping to hold up

the giant boulder that
could possibly fall on us,

but we need to do more.

Carlos, can I, get you to tie
this off back here over to this wall

and over the top
and into the face?


Hey, if it looks like it's gonna
start moving or something,


Got you, I got you. I hear you.

Be careful you don't
hit that thing too much,

'cause, you know, it has moved.

I know! I know.

The only thing I believe holding
this entire rock up right now

is that jammed piece
of granite right there.

You hit that with a hammer, and it
might come straight down, right down.

Heavenly Father, please
protect us, please keep us safe.

Heavenly Father, please
protect us, please keep us safe.

I'm getting every
prayer up in there.

At Nugget Creek,
all diving is off

while Dustin and his crew
secure the 50-ton boulder

looming over their dive site.

Crazy how brave you are, man.


On the point of death
like that, like, geez, man.

This should be enough.

You wanna hook it down
there and tighten it up top?


Do not want to be
standing right here

when this thing starts to move.

Biggest rat trap on Earth.

This is the part where

the Coyote finally
gets the Roadrunner.

- All right, ready?
- Yeah, go ahead.

I'll take it.

Got it.

Well, I won't say this is safe,

but it is definitely safer
than it was a minute ago.

I can live with that.

You good to go?

I'll get to work.


Look for the dirty box of gold.

Right there, look.
There it goes, gold.

Couple of nuggets in there.

I got a lot of basket
rocks in here.

We're getting further up
underneath this big-ass boulder.

I'm predicting pretty
soon here in the future,

we're gonna get into some
of those large nuggets.

Whoo! Lot of red rocks, dude!

Lot of red rocks.

More red rocks coming
out, that means more gold.


James puts in another
two hours in the kill zone,

and is now running on fumes.

- And he is just cooked out, he is...
- - Yeah.

He's so motivated to get
gold he's dying, look at him.

Yeah, I know.

Hey, let's pull him up, man.

He's too far.

Hey, dude. You know what, man?

Let's call it a day right
now, dude. Let's call it a day.

- Diver up!
- Diver up. Let's call it a day.

Let's get all your tools
out and all that good stuff.

Good dive, bro, good dive.

He's exhausted, dude.

Good dive, James.

All right, go check
out that box, man.

Crossing my fingers.


Good job, man!

Holy crap, dude!

- Yeah!
- Whoo-hoo!

Every dive, box is
full of gold. Every dive.

Cha-ching, bro!

That's a great day.

There's a pocket there
we haven't gotten yet, dude.

- A pocket.
- Man.

Just wait till we get to the
bottom and get those big nuggets.

It's only gonna get way better.

This is just the beginning, man.

Three dives in!

Hell yeah, man. Good job.

- You got it, brother!
- Yeah!

Once we get all the way up
underneath this big-ass boulder,

get to the bedrock, I got a feeling
it's gonna be a huge payday.

We've been striking
out for years and years.

We're just getting to a place
where we're getting gold every day.

It's finally our time.

We're gonna get down
to the bottom of this thing.

I hope that there's
a huge payoff,

because it's time.

Still working on that boulder?


At Kayla'sdive site,

Justin is four
hours into his dive

and still struggling
to remove a boulder

standing between
him and bedrock.

So slick.

It is a race against time, we know
we got some weather coming in,

so the more Justin can get
cleaned off, the better it will be.

All right. Hopefully
it doesn't slip.


- That's a big rock.
- Yeah, it is..

Now I can follow the bedrock.

Yeah. We're getting it, guys.

Now if he can just stay focused
and keep moving material,

we'll get a lot of stuff done.

Hopefully he'll get to see
some gold laying on the bedrock.

Look at the clouds. The
clouds are moving in.

We're not gonna be able to see
the top of the hills here in a minute.

Those clouds are dropping.

We're gonna be in the
clouds here in a second.

Water was getting
deep on the other side.

Damn. We started
washing all that gravel.

- Yeah.
- - That thing won't do it,

it's got a channel over there.

- It's definitely picked up.
- - Yeah, it has.

What's scary is if
that diversion wall

goes right there, it's gonna
wanna fill the hole back in.

With this rain that's coming in,
the water's already picked up.

We don't know if it's
gonna hit flood stage,

but it's very
possible that it could.

Hey, Justin, are you at a
good spot that you can stop?


But I wasn't going to until
you asked.- We're gonna call it.

All right.

Let me get back.

It's all right.

How deep does it go?

I would say that I'm about

eight foot deep right where
the ripples of the water...


- Come in this way.
- Yeah.

You had some really,
really dark material

- coming out of that box.
- Guess so.

Sound like you need
to go check the box.

It's taken Justin six hours,

but he's managed to carve a
chunk out of the red rust layer.

I can't see anything.

Hang on. A little piece.

Pretty good sized piece.

That one right there, too?

- At least it's a start.
- - Yup.

Hopefully it starts
getting better. This

is fun to see,

but we need a lot more
gold this late in the season

and if it doesn't
start picking up,

I don't see this creek being
worth mining again next year

if we don't get better gold.

- We're gonna find that pocket.
- We're gonna find it.

Takes a little while,
but we're gonna find it.

That's true.

Hopefully tomorrow
we'll get some more.

- Lots more.
- Lots, lots more.

Lots more.

- Go get changed, man.
- - All right.

Don't get me wrong, I
always love to see gold.

But "nice to see gold" and "needing
more gold" are different stories.

I wanna just get more gold.


Today went a lot slower
than I would've liked it to go.

Justin had a pretty rough dive.

We don't have very
long left in the season,

so we have to hit it hard.

If we don't find
something better,

this season's gonna be a wash.

Up ahead... Whoo!

I'm fresh back here, all
full of piss and vinegar.

Hey, Fred, how's things going?

Gotta be some gold in there.

That's gold.

Just beat.

I feel like physical mobility
is leaving me right now.

Man, just walking up
those stairs just now,

like, what is wrong with me?

At Nugget Creek,

after four months of
backbreaking work,

Dustin and his crew
are running on fumes.

My guys are falling around.

We're exhausted.

There's only a certain
limit to physical abilities.

We're not rock stars.

We need help, so a
friend's coming up to camp.

I gave him a call.

It would be nice to have an
extra set of hands up here.

In an act of pure desperation,

Dustin has called in the only
person with the right experience

to keep his crew
alive and finish the job.

So, we got Fred coming in today.

Dustin's gonna pick him up. Us
three, we got this thing taken care of.

As long as that big-ass boulder
stays where it's supposed to stay,

and I stay where I'm supposed
to stay, then we'll be frank about it.

So, we keep working
closer to this boulder.

We're trying to
take precautions,

because that's a death
boulder right there.

Let's get some gold.
Let's get some red.

Sinking like crazy.

I'm fresh back here
in southern Alaska,

all full of piss and vinegar.

After a two-month absence,

79-year-old mining
veteran Fred Hurt

has dropped everything to
help his son get to the gold.

I just got into town. Been a
while since I've been up here.

I know they've been struggling.

Sounded like Dustin
needed a little help up there.

Hey, they've been up here for
months and months and months.

Maybe I can just
put a fresh eyeball

on the whole situation.

Whether they'll listen or not,
hey, that's a different story.

It's been years since
I've been down here

to Chilkat Landing.

See what's going on out here.

I hear him coming.

I don't know if
that's Dustin or not.

- You!
- You.

It appears that he is stuck over
on a bar over there in the river.

It's an unexpected little event.

90% land all the way out there.

A truck would go
right across there.

Should I try that?

I think I'm gonna try to go ahead
and run out there with the truck.

Watch me get stuck.

I hope not, but whether I can get
all the way out there, I don't know.

I'mma try it.

You ready for this adventure?

Fred, are you crazy or what?

What happened?

I gotta find a shallow spot
to get across this thing.

See if I can get
across up there.

You wanna be rough right here.

Rough, right here.

There we go.

Better stop right here.

Kinda look like you got
a little problem there.

First time you ever
drove that boat?

Yeah, well

I hit that edge a little too hard
and it spun me around, is all.

- How you making out?
- Well, been better.

Good to see you,
welcome back to Haines.

Let's see what I can do with it.

I got over the back.

See what you got, Fred.

One, two, three.

Okay, slower, let
me get another bite.

One, two, three.

Yeah, that's better.

Let's go!

Two, three.

Nice, she's floating now.

Let's see if she's
stuck anymore.

You're gonna want ear protection
or something. It's gonna be awful.

- And you don't want...
- I'll just hold my ears, that's all.

You also don't wanna
stand behind me

when I take off, - I know.

- 'Cause I gotta haul ass through here.
- I know.

Come on.

Watch your ears.

Whoo-hoo! Got it.

All aboard.

How's it going, Fred?

All right, doing all right.

Yeah, good to see you,
welcome back to Haines.

Good to see you.

- Up and running?
- Yeah, kinda.

So we got an adventure, waitin'?

Gonna be one hell of a
ride, I hope you're ready.

Well, I hope I
got the right gear.

This is gonna be the wettest boat
ride Fred has ever taken in his life.

My boat is banged up
and it's running nose down.

So, the water's literally
coming over the front of the boat.

If this wasn't such a
damn low-budget outfit,

he'd have put a fender skirt all the
way around the front end of that boat

to stop all that.

Fred, you need one of these.

Well, almost feels
like I'm going diving.

I feel like I'm in
the Christmas story.

Let's get this show on the
road. All right, Fred, you ready?



Water looks amazing,

our, diversion
Wallis holding up.

After nearly striking out,

Kayla and her crew
push to get back on track

before winter ends their season.

Well, right now I've got
some good, good clarity.

I need to take advantage of it,

see if we can't
find some bedrock.

Today I'm gonna have
Paul get in the water.

We don't have much
to show for our work yet,

so hopefully Paul
gets a lot more today.

Um, I'm glad that we
saw gold yesterday,

but hopefully Paul can
bring up a little bit more

'cause we definitely need
to add to the collection.

All right, tuck her in.

- Everything feel good?
- - Yup.

Sounds good.

Better get to work.

Does it look like
you got much fill-in?

There might be
just a bit down here.

A few basket rocks.

Hey, Justin, can you work
on reinforcingthe main wall?

Right now, we've just
barely started finding gold,

so that's not the time to
have to start over again.

So while Paul's in the water,

we're gonna have Justinwork
on reinforcing the wall.

So hopefully if the water
comes up too much,

it still keeps most of the
current in the brunt of the water

on that side, and
away from our holes.

What the hell?

What was that?

I am standing on bedrock.

Really? Yes.

Is it flattened out?

It's got a bunch of

it is flattening out.

It's got a bunch of cracks
and crevices, and it's thick.

It's got a lot.

But it's definitely bedrock.


Nine feet down, Paul
has discovered bedrock

sloping towards the
center of the creek.

Now he must follow the bedrock
down to the deepest point,

in the hopes it contains an
untouched pocket of gold.

Definitely see shiny flakes
down hereon the bedrock.

Don't know if it's
pyriteor it's gold.

- You said "shiny flakes"?
- Yeah.

Hopefully it's gold.

That's what I'm hoping.

Better get busy.

Definitely makes me feel
a lot better about this spot,

there could be a
lot more on bedrock

and hopefully a lot
bigger gold on bedrock.

Nugget Creek needs
to live up to its name,

and so far it has not.

So hopefully that changes
before the season comes to an end.


79-year-old Fred Hurt

has survived his
first white-knuckle ride

up the Tsirku River.

Whoo, all right!

What'd you think, Fred?

It's a hell of a ride?

What a ride, what a ride!


That's different, right?

Yeah, I've run
boats all my life,

but nothing like that.

- It's more like, um...
- Flying!

- Yeah. I had...
- It's like flying.

It's like flying,
except wet and cold.

Whoo! Doing things
old men don't do.

Well, welcome to camp again.

All right, you wanna go with me?

All righty.

Little chilly up here.

Back home.

You're perfect.

All right, we did not
clean up Scott's stuff, so...

Whatever, I'll, I'll fix it up.

Last time I was here,
it was nice and warm.

I had jacket weather.

I was sleeping on top
of this sleeping bag.

I'm gonna be under
two of them now.

Sleeping quarters, done.

See what we got
going on up front.

All right.

Yeah! Gold! Gold, I tell you!

Up at Nugget Creek,

Carlos is three
hours into his dive,

dredging under the shadow

of the 100,000-poundgranite

This is scary.

Carlos is in today,

he's just moving forward
from where James was at.

We think that's,
that's where there's

a tremendous amount of
gold, is underneath this boulder.

These stairs are harder to
walk on than anything else.

Carlos is diving.

That's a little-bitty hole
there, boy, that rock

that rock just moved!


We're going up
underneath there, Fred.

Not without doing
something to that rock.

- We did something.
- Yeah?

It's got two cables
on it right now.

What does "-" mean?

It's just not enough. I
mean, that thing has got

50 tons.

And you only got, a little,

dinky little cable and a one...

What is that?
Half-inch on there?

With two cable clamps, hell, that
ain't even enough cable clamps.

That's gotta be
fixed right away.

The very factor that it's, moved

makes it an emergency
as far as I'm concerned.

It'll be fine, but I
think it's fine already.

I think our cables
are getting tight,

and we can screw
it out of there.

No. No.

Especially if you take...
move any rock down there.

If it moved any at all

that thing can go at any second.

- Nope.
- What?

That is not enough.

I mean, that's scary.

I feel safe with
what we did already.

I think we're just
gonna keep digging.

Dangerous mistake.

Total disaster
waiting to happen.

That's just kind of a
common sense thing.

Sometimes common sense
is just not too common,

especially when you get tired.

Mentally tired,
mentally wore out,

physically tired.

I'm fresh on the
job, I'm looking at it,

they don't seem particularly
that much problem with it.

That rock, that rock was
level when I saw it last.

Tons of disaster sitting
there waiting to happen.

Fred wants to tie off the
rock more, a lot, lot more.

What he's talking about
would take me several days.

What do you do?

Do you take that chance,
or do you back off?

Apparently I'm a chance-taker.

Setting up a nice little
sleeping situation here.

Fred Hurtspent over a decade

mining in the
Alaskanback country.

And he's learned a thing or two

about packing for life off-grid.

Gotta have hats, of course.

Gotta have gloves, but you also

you can't come
empty-handed into a camp.

So you gotta
bring a little gift.

Gotta have a little hooch.

They wanna have a little,
nip every once in a while.

Sure enough.

This earth's got so
many ups and downs in it.

It is far from flat.

That's a good sign. Yeah, it is.

It's taken six hours
but Paul is on bedrock,

chasing its slope down
towards the deepest point

in the hunt for a
bounty of gold nuggets.

It sounds like the bedrock isn't
very flat, which is really good

'cause it makes for
good gold catches.

Now it's just a matter of
finding that right gold catch,

finding that pocket of gold,

hopefully finding several ounces
instead of just a few pickers.

Paul, it's about 5:00.

- You in a pretty good spot to stop?
- - Yep.

All right.

That water looks like it
was super calm today.

It was.

Maybe we should
go check the box.

Ooh, let's see.

I think I see a piece already.

Paul, look.

Yeah, there's a couple
pieces right there.

- Look at that.
- -, yeah, one's close to you as well.

- There's chunkies in there.
- - Yeah.

That's definitely a
good sign, I mean,

bedrock's there.

There are cracks
and crevices in it, so.

Damn, that's not bad.

Starting to add up a little bit.


Getting chunky.

I like that.

- They've gotten character.
- Yeah, they do.

That's awesome..

That's a decent little pile.

- Yeah.
- Not bad at all.

- It's a good sign.
- It's a good start.

We've worked so hard
and have had no reward

for any of our efforts, and to
now start seeing a little bit of gold,

it definitely gives
usa lot of hope.

The fact that we found
gold two days in a row

is a really good sign, hopefully
it continues to get better.

I mean, we're on bedrock,
we are finding gold,

but that deep pockets is

that's what's gonna
have everything in it, so.

That pocket of gold could be
right upstream from us right there.

Only time will tell now.
Hopefully we can get to it,

hopefully we don't
get flooded out.

And, hopefully we
all go home rich.

That's what we're
here to do, find gold.

Yeah, from here that
looks sketchy as heck.

Carlos has spent
the last five hours

dredging in the danger zone

beneath the 50-ton
boulder, risking certain death

in his pursuit of
life-changing gold.

Just beneath, taking it down

one rock at a time and
hope this whole boulder

don't frickin', come down on us.

It's a little dangerous.

That's why I keep watching up
there to see if anything moves.

Two-thirds of that rock
is trying to fall in that hole.

Every time I look at that thing,
that thing gives me the willies.

Hope you're still watching, man.

I had to come up and look at it.

I didn't want to
flex on it, man,

'cause I'm not trying... if I
don't look at it, it's doing a diss.

I think they're
worried about it.

If they're worried about it,
you gotta pay attention to it.

Particularly if it's a concern
of the diver, which it is.

, man. Diver up!

All right, man,
diver's coming up.

Diver coming up.

See that? See how it's
starting to slip a notch?

Dude, it looks more and more
sketchy every time I look at it.

I know, man.

Hey, Fred, you should check
out and see what's in the box.

Better be some gold in there.

Hey, Fred, how's things going?

How you doing, man?

- I haven't seen you.
- Yeah, yeah.

- Good job, good job.
- I sure hope there's gold.

Come on, baby, come on.

I don't see nothing down there.

There it is!

- That looks good.
- There it is!

There's a lot, I can
see it from here.

- I can, too.
- All right.

Look at this!

What you got?


- Wow, look at that.
- Look at that.

- Look at that baby.
- - That's a cool looking beast.

Like, crystalline gold.

Look at this.

- That's gold.
- - That's a rare type of gold.

Crystalline gold is
textured and jagged,

indicating it's not
traveled far from its source.

That's gold. That's gold.

- See how weird that looks?
- Looks like it.

See how weird it looks?

I ain't never... that's been
smashed, I can tell you that.

Somewhere nearby
lies the motherlode

that Dustin has
been searching for.

Gonna be a frickin'
pocket in there, man.

- Crazy.
- Underneath that boulder,

you're gonna get that
weird frickin' crusty gold.

We're getting gold,

finally getting gold
somewhere, just...

It's just big boulder
situation now.

Not sure exactly
what to do about it.

The season's almost done,

and, we just started
getting gold every day.

The only real problem
we have right now is

giant boulder over our head
that's gonna smash us like bugs.

What do you do?

Next time on Gold
Rush: White Water...

We need to sew the entire
rock together up on top.

I would wait until
Fred put the chains on.

- Go get his thing.
- Go get his thing.

Take a minute. We're
gonna get killed like that.

Kayla's on a mission right now.

At the fast pace she's working,

it's gonna work us to death.

Damn! This is
exciting. We're getting it.