Gold Rush: White Water (2018–…): Season 6, Episode 13 - Risky Business - full transcript

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
Hey Dustin, so what are
you seeing right now, man?

I'm about few
inches past right now.

Winter is closing
in on Nugget Creek.

Dustin Hurt battles conditions
few divers would risk,

in an attempt to
save his season.

What the?

I'm through.

What's going on with my suction?

Water looks good from this side.
I hope we didn't break it again.

I feel cursed here.

This can't be. It's
not happening, man.

- This creek hates Dustin man.
- It does. It absolutely does.

Kinda wonder if
shouldn't just call it.

It's not Dustin's
day for a dive.

You wanna call it?

This is freakin' unbelievable.

I'm exhausted.

We've been working so hard, our
bodies are starting to give out on us.

You've got to be kidding me.

- Yep, that's gold!
- Holy, there's gold there.

- What the hell?
- Gold, gold.

- My.
- Holy moly.

Ooh, doggie!

- Look at that.
- Awesome.

Holy man.

This might turn around for us.

Wow look at that.

We got a giantboulder
hanging over our head.

It's terrifying.

Here's that current.

- Shoot.
- Justin.


We're getting all flooded right
now, but we're gonna dredge anyway.

We're gonna push
it to the limits now.

Better not be feeling bad and
you're just gonna tell me you feel okay.

I'll yank you out of the water.

- I'm seeing gold, guys.
- Yeah.

I knew there was gold in here.

- We got gold!
- Yeah!

Right, man! Hell yeah.

So, it rained all
yesterday. It never let up.

- All night.
- All night.

And now it's raining
harder, this morning.

Dustin has invested everything
he has in Nugget Creek.

But three quarters of the
way through this season

with snow already falling
on the mountains above,

he's still struggling
to find gold

on what could be
Alaska'stoughest claim.

We're still gonna
get ready for a dive.

See if we can get that done.


- We could be getting close to the bottom.
- That's true.

If this creek is only
7 to 12 feet deep

we might only have
another two feet to go.

We're so close to
being right there.

Well, every time it floods
it changes the whole...

It changes completely.

- Features of that spot.
- Yeah.

If we don't have that again,
we shouldn't have an issue.

So we'll go out, assess the
situation, then we'll figure it out.

Let's go see if we
can get in the water.

Time is running out

and there's almost no
gold to show for their work.

Let's go see what it
looks like up there.

Both crews need to get
diving, whatever the conditions.

We don't have
that much time left.

We need to start
seeing some progress.

I don't know how this rain is
gonna act the rest of the day

and if the water is gonna
come up more, but...


A little work is
better than no work.

It's not just the weather
Kayla's crew will be battling.

- You know what, let's have it out.
- You wanna use your own,

- use your own.
- - How about you go back to camp.

Work my ass off.

A week ago,

tension between Kaylaand three
season veteran Scottproved too much.

It's time.

Time for meto go home.

So we'll get that
dredge fired up

- to get you in the water.
- Okay.

Down to a crew of three
and in brutal conditions,

Kayla is forced to
usea single dredge.

Newest recruit Justinis diving,
and once again in the spotlight.

End of season coming, the
pressure is on for all us to find the gold.

But, you know,

we got to work through this.

I just want to do the best
I can for everyone here.

We're a man down now.

It's only the three of us and
it's kinda my time to shine.

This is probably the longest
stint I've worked this hard for

and not seen anything quite yet.

Since we're down up
here remember now,

everybody has to step
it up including Justin.

He's gonna have to learn a lot
quicker than he has been learning.

Because we still have to get just
as much work done with less people.

- All right, how does that feel?
- Feels good.

- Then I think you're good to go.
- All right.

All right.

All right.

How is it looking down there?

I'm in the current so I
can't see diddly squat here.

The rain has got everything a
little bit screwed up right now.

But since we've still got a lot of
material, we're gonna make some headway.

All right, let's get into it.

I wanna make some progress.

On their last diveKayla's crew
got down to seven feet deep.

Battling the current, Justin
needs to remove the rocks

that have been swept into the hole then
push on down through the last three feet

towards bedrock gold.

I'm starting to find
some good-sized pieces.

You want the basket?

Yeah, if we can get a
few more feet this way.

Got that one good.

- Sounds like he has water in his mask.
- It does.

You got a bit of
water in your mask?

Yeah, I caught that current.

Okay, you gotta
tell us these things.

Try not get your back to the
water, that lifts your mask out.

Head on.

Just take some real hard
breaths out and it should clear it.

There are still a few hiccups
that we have to get past with him.

I can definitely tell that he doesn't
as much fast water experience

as Paul or I have.

How's your air?

The air is getting kinda slow.
It takes a bit of a pull to get in.

You look really red.
You look like a tomato.

- I'm like a tomato?
- Yeah, you're red.

Feeling all right?

I feel all right.

Are you sure? You look like
you got sun burnt super bad.

Justin's red face might be
from fighting the fierce current.

Or he could be suffering from
the early stages of hypoxia,

or lack of oxygen.

You better not be feeling bad
and you're just gonna play it off

and tell me you feel okay.

- No, I'm not.
- I'll yank you out of the water.

Hypoxiacan cause confusion
and poor coordination.

If prolonged it can lead
to brain damage or death.

Your face is just about
as red as your dive suit.

- Really?
- Yeah.

I have to pull really hard.

- You need me to adjust your air?
- I, maybe.

Now you guys got
me all concerned.

Luckily we have a little valve inside
the regulator that we can adjust,

give him a little bit more air.

How does that? Take a breath.

About the same.

Really? I've got it opened
up pretty good right now.

Unless our pop-off
valve is starting to go bad.

I think our pop-off valve is no
good, that's not much pressure.

When that pop-off
valve wears out

it becomes a lot lighter
so it'll let the air come out

without building up the
proper pressure that we need

and I think that's
what our issue is.

The pop-off valve is part of
the com press or on the dredge

which supplies air to the diver.

The spring in the pop-off
valve is only meant to open

when the pressure in the
diver's air tank exceeds 50 PSI.

But it's been opening
at a far lower pressure.

Meaning there's almost no air
in the tank for Justin to breathe.

So, at that low pressure

you take a few deep breaths,
well you've already expended

all the air that the
compressor has made.

Paul switches out the valve.

How does that feel?

- That feel easier on the breath?
- - Yeah.

That was our problem.

That sounds so
much better already.

All right, I think
you're good to go then.

All right, back to it.

I think that's just ready to go.

He's pretty close to
back where I left off.

He can continue
to open the hole up.

So far so good.

All right, we'll have to
throw another basket.

Down at Golden
GateDustin and his crew

are also forced to con tend
with the raging flood waters.

We're getting all flooded right
now, but we're gonna dredge anyway.

And with a 1,000-pound boulder

teetering above their dive site.

I'm gonna get suited up.

Going underneath that damn
thing man, that's freakin' terrifying.

Today's dive just
got a lot riskier

for Marine Sergeant
Carlos Minor.

I'm excited. I'm trying to think
about this as a successful dive.

I can get gold and
move a lot of boulders,

come out safely.

Got to take care of the family.

We're gonna see if
Carlos can dive today.

Hopefully, he will
find us some gold.

We really need it.

Well, we had a lot more rain last
night, we got some flooding situations.

But we're getting so close to the gold
that we're gonna push it to the limits now.

Just go as deep as
you can right here, man.

- Yeah.
- You know what to do.

Yeah, yeah, I got it.

Check air.

How you feeling, man?

- Good.
- Pretty good.

All right, time to
go under water.

All right.

Let's see what we got.

Definitely feel there's
some kitty litter.

I better dredge
as much as I can.

Sounds like there's a bunch of kitty
litter filled in the hole a little bit.

Just workin' on that.

Hopefully, he gets to
the rust layer I was in.

Wes, can you bring that
basket up a little bit more please?

You got it.

All right, there we go.
That's good. Thank you, sir.

Hitting the red rocks, fellas.

Looking good.

I think we got into
the red layer already.

Anyone that's ever found gold here talks
about relating this red material to gold.

Dustin invested every cent
he had on Nugget Creek.

And a few weeks ago,

afraid he was never going to
see a return on his investment...

- Hey, Al.
- How's it been going up there?

Wet. We've flooding every week.

He sought expert advice, from the
man who sold him the claim, Al Gilliam.

When you get close to
bedrock, you're gonna find a layer

of rusted and reddish
color. Get through that clay,

this is what you gonna find.

It's awesome.

He has dug straight
down, he found red material.

You can see some of
these rocks are just solid red.

I got this big marble boulder.

You... That doesn't look good.

On their last dive at
around six feet deep,

James began to find the
first hintsof the fabled red layer

they're convinced
yields big gold.

But the way is blocked
by a large marble boulder,

which Carlos has to
snareto get any deeper.

Now, the tricky part is I
don't know if this can handle it.

One way to find out.

Let's do it. Let's find out.

Okay Wes, let's pull.

Carlos snaresthe marble boulder.

I don't know if it's
gonna hold or not, man.

Now they could be one
pull away from a payday.

Come on baby.

Keep on pushing.

Come on.

Looks like you got it.

That's beautiful. Yeah.

- Woo.
- - You can see the rust underneath it.

- Look at that.
- Yeah.

- Good job, Wes.
- - That's sitting on a rust pack.

Woo hoo. We're gonna
get gold today, guys.

Yeah, that's another layer.

It's breaking up.

Next thing after that is
gold, so it should be there.

So I'll get all that red out.

Well, your sluice box
has turned very red.


Look at that comin' out.

There you go.

I got a bunch of
branches kicking.

All right, he's got you doubled
down and he's about to stake it.

I'm seeing gold.

- What the hell?
- What?

- James is having some fun.
- I'm seeing gold, guys.

- My!
- Yeah!

Woo hoo!

Yeah I got through that layer.

Well, your sluice box
has turned very red.


Look at that comin' out.

I got a bunch of
branches kicking.

He's about to stake it.

With a 1,000-poundboulder
threatening the dive hole,

Carlos battles deep
in Nugget Creek

to reach the fabled red layer and
their first big nuggetsof this season.

- What the hell?
- What?

I'm seeing gold.

- James is having some fun.
- I'm seeing gold, guys.

I'm seeing gold.

- It's about time.
- I knew there was gold in here.

I knew there was gold in here.

I knew that was over here!

- That's exciting.
- Yeah.

That gives me a woody.

- Holy cow.
- This might turn around for us.

- Yeah.
- I was super worried, I'm not gonna lie.

The marble rock out of
the way, progress is swift.

It's only gonna get better.

Carlos gets down
past eight feet.

I can't mess with that no more,
I've got too much of it over my head.

Hey, how about we pull him
out and clean up what we got?

We can do that if you want to.

The truth is I'm dying to
see what kinda gold we got.

- Good job, man.
- Good job, dude.

I can see for sure
that that's gold.

Yeah dude.

I see it. Yeah.

I can see it right here.

- What're you seeing? I wanna see it.
- Right down the corner.

I can see you. I see you.

- I see you.
- Look at that.

My look at that.

It's right there.

Wow, look at that.

And we're starting to
get gold. We got gold.

What I needed to see.

- Wow, look at that.
- These are stuck in there.

- That's gold all through this.
- My dude.

There's plenty, plenty more.

Well, it's not just stories
anymore, there is gold here.

They told the truth.

Good job Carlos.

And I'm probably gonna
sleep good tonight.

Everybody is gonna
sleep good tonight, dude.

Finally there's
some gold. Finally.

So relieved right now, because I
thought maybe it was all just folktale.

Starting to look good.

I don't know how
much season we got,

but if it starts looking like
this it's gonna add up quick.

While Dustin's
crewcelebrates victory...

- No.
- What's up?

There's the current.

Up creek, Justin is still
battling the raging torrent.

- Shoot.
- Justin.

Well, that was a fail.

All right, let's crawl back.

That current is rough
when you got full body into it.

A man down and time running out,

Kayla's season now hangs on
her most inexperienced diver.

Justin having some learning
issues with dealing with the current,

so the current caught
him and pretty much

sailed him back all
the way to the dredge.

The current
definitely picked up.

Yeah, it's a learning
curve. Dealing with current

you have to know how
maneuver your body

and he is still trying
to get the hang of that.

- Now it should be good.
- - All right.

I know with this current like that, it's
like holding a 4x8 sheet of plywood

up in the wind and expecting
to be able to walk right.

You have to maneuver
differently with fast water.


All right.

Justin seems to do pretty well
for the most part in the water.

He still needs to get
used to the fast current.

I can definitely tell he struggles
with that aspect of diving here.

Ready, go.

I can hear boulders rolling.

How you doing
down there, Justin?

Lots of rocks
falling down in here.

Nothing is cooperating.

It's hard because
the rain is coming in.

All right, let's get back to it.

Justin needs to work fast

to stay ahead of the rocks and gravel
being sent down by the brutal current.

I'm really confused. There's hardly
anything coming over the dredge.

- I don't know what's going on.
- I don't know.

Five hours in and Justin
is not getting a lot of depth.

- I'm trying to expose more rocks.
- Do you need a basket?

Almost, not quite.

All righty then.

We have no material coming
out. No rocks coming out.

- What is he doing?
- I don't know.

If you're not moving material,
we're not gonna stand here freezing.

We're about to call it.

You're about to call it?

Because I don't see any rocks coming
out or any stuff coming out of the dredge.

I don't know what
the he's doing.

- Is that it, or...
- Yeah. - Okay.

In the toughest conditions he's
ever faced, Justin's longest dive

produced little result.

It seems I had a problem
earlier today with the air.

Material-wise, I didn't clear
as much as I wanted to today.

But it's opened up a
little bit more wider.

I made a little bit of progress.

Today, with the conditions

as he was diving
it was still filling in.

Unfortunately, that slows
the progress down a lot.

Because it's more of maintenance
dive than a new progress dive.

And it just seems like
we just can't get anywhere.

Every time we make a little bit
of progress, it gets wiped away.

We need to start
seeing some gold.

We need to make progress.
We need to get a lot of work done.

And nothing is cooperating
with us right now.

Up ahead... We found gold.

If we hit bottom, we
can find some gold.

Let's try to get that
thing out of here.

We're gonna push
it to the limits now.

It's ripped in half.

- What the.
- Everything went to.

Gold, holy.

Ooh, holy moly.

What's up y'all?

How did it go for you all today?

Not too bad. Got a dive in.

It's cool.

How did you all do?

We... Carlos dove today.
What did you find today?

- We found gold, dude. We found gold.
- Yeah!

Gold, I mean gold, dude.

I'm talkin' about
gold, gold, gold.

I don't know how many times I've
been waiting to say that, dude. Gold!

It looked like we set
that up, but we didn't.

Once they got into that
rust, holy it just looked

like the river was bleeding,
when it was coming of the dredge.

- So it's just like they're saying?
- Dude,

just like they said, I was
going underneath the boulder,

there was that hard red pack,

so I was just picking up rocks
that was just red, you know?


Then I was saying like,
"There has to be gold here."

Man, I'm following
all the signs.

I'm following all the signs.

Just like they said,
you know what I mean?


The boulder, red pack, come on.

There is actually gold here.
I was starting to get worried.

- Yeah, me too.
- It was another McKinley.


You all got to be right
there close as well.

Hopefully we're close
because we're starting

to hit that really
hard packed stuff.

We may be have, what, four
feet to go to get to that level.

Look for the rust,
that's where it's at.

Only downside is, where
we're at, every time it floods

it brings in not
just small debris

but it actually rolls
big rocks into our hole.

- Really?
- We had to start over.


You know, big rocks rolling in.
You could hear 'em rolling in our hole.

We're fighting the
current with the dredge,

with our bodies,
with everything.

We've been there before.

What if, it's like, diversion
wall, diversion wall.

- That's all I could think of just now.
- - That's a great idea.

We're set up perfect
to have that there.

If you got it to where floods

- affect you as bad, then it'd be worth...
- - Yes.

Every moment of it, right?

It definitely would be worth it.

So maybe we just need to bring
the cap stand and pull some of those.

That's a not a bad idea.
I forgot about cap stand.


Y'all can definitely do that.

All right, let's call it a night,
tomorrow let's hit it hard.

Let's get some
more gold, all right?

All right.

We really need this season
to start turning around

because there's not much
left to it. If we don't get any gold

that's an entire mining
season that went to.

That we completely wasted.

I am not okay with that option.

We're going to work
on a water diversion.

We're gonna give it
everything we have.

Hopefully, we can start
making some progress

and we won't have any
more major setbacks.

Water looks good.

I don't hear boulders
rolling or anything.

Nuh-it doesn't look
that bad, does it?

There needs to be a...
a kind of a steep angle,

not straight across the creek.

That's what I was thinking.

After weeks of
losing their dive hole

to infill brought
down by the current,

Kayla has a plan.

First thing today, we gotta
take some time out of diving

to move some of the boulders
upstream to make the diversion,

it should alleviate
some of the back fill

that we keep
getting in our hole.

It won't get rid
of all the water

- but it'll help push that current over.
- Yeah. That'll work.

They'll usea capstan winch to
pull rocks from a recent landslide

across the main channel to create
a wall that will deflect the water

to the far side of the creek,

then open up that channel

by moving some of the big rocks

blocking it with the
main winch system.

What that's gonna do is help
it be a lot easier for the divers

if they're not fighting that
current the whole time.

Even though it takes away
from hours diving today,

it's gonna make the
hours that we put in diving

later today or
tomorrow and everyday

from here on out
easier to make progress.

All right, when do
we wanna pull first?

- I'll try this one?
- We could try it.

A lot of pull on this, hey?

It should.

What is going on with it?

The rock's not
too big for it, is it?

I've seen it pull a lot
bigger rocks than that.

It's just a portable winch that
we can wrap a rope around,

pull a bit of tension,

and it's supposed
to pull the rock

but today for some reason
we're having a little bit of issues.

It should pull that rock easy.

That's so weird.

That's why we're
trying to plough.

We're trying to plough a lot
of material righ here with that.

Let's see if we can pry
loose that middle one.

Unable to move the big
bouldersfrom thr landslide,

they attempt the
closer river rocks.

Feel like this is gonna take us
a little longer than we thought.

Why isn't this working?

I might be able to put
that to that redirect.


We got one rock in place so far.

So far we've diverted
the current a little bit.

It would have been nice
to be able to get right there

and not worry about
being flushed downstream.

That'd be nice. Hopefully
gonna have a dive today.

Yeah, that's what
I'm thinking too.

While Kayla's crew
struggles to get ahead,

down creek, Dustin's
crew is on the gold.

Water's clear today,

that's a good sign, might
be able to see nuggets.

Yesterday, Carlos finally broke
into the legendary red layer

that might just turn
their season around.

My turn in the hole.

I hope to go find some gold.

Dustin's gonna have
a good dive man,

we're gonna see
gold in the box today.

Clear water, he's gonna
be able to see the gold.

We're on the gold finally,

so if Dustin has a great
dive today, no issues,

we're gonna see a lot
more gold in the box.

It's gonna be a great day.

We've been stuggling just to
keep the dredge in the water

so we can all finally dive.

So, this is a big deal to us

because we're finding
gold and we're dredging,

and finally set up to
where we can get there.

Just took an entire
season to get to this.

- All right, we ready?
- Yeah.

Yeah! Woo hoo!

All right, man.

Ready to rock and roll.

Well, I see these rocks
y'all been talking about.

Getting rid of a whole bunch of
kitty litter that built up overnight.

- Guess who's back?
- Dustin's back!

Dustin's back.

All right, I have entirely
too much hose down here.

I, I know, man.

I won't be able
to dredge like this.

Dustin's more than
eight feet down,

but in the cramped dive hole,

his 40 foot hoseis
causing problems.

So can you pull it up, go away?

Yep, we're gonna float it.

Pull it that way.

Okay... okay...
hey, hey hold on.

Okay, pull it.

Pull it that way.

Yeah, that's better.

It's already better.

All right, we're
good. Thank you.

What the?

What's going on with my suction?

Yeah, that's the litter.

Yeah, hey.

Looks good.

Water looks good from this side.

It's either stopped up or
doubled down or something.

You gotta check you nozzle

because, we got plenty of
water coming out of that sluice.

Well, I can tell you to

I can put my hand right
over the end of it to stop it off.

I don't know if we got...

Maybe we ripped the hose.

I think we
might'veripped that hose.

It's ripped in half.

Shut it down.

What the?

Look at that.

What the?

What's going on with my suction?

I don't know, if we got,

maybe we ripped the hose.

Yeah, I don't know.

I think we
might'veripped that hose.

It's ripped in half.

What the?

Look at that.

Dustin should bedredging up
nuggetsfrom that gold rich red layer.

Look at that.

But just minutes into his dive,

they're forced to shut down.

What are you gonna do?

I don't know what we can do.

This hose is trashed, man.

What's the play here guys?

You got no hot water dude,

you might as well get out, dude,

you got no hot water.

Why? Is it not running at all?

Not all all man.

Great. You gotta get out.

That was probably
my shortest dive ever.

All that for nothing?

I barely even got wet, man.

All right, hold on, hold
on, let's figure this out.

Maybe, James, you
can go ask to see if

there's anotherhose
we can snatch off them,

'cause I think they're only
running one dredge. Copy that.

Not very lucky lately.

Soon as I seen that hose bent
in half my heart sank, I'm like,

"We're just on the
gold, just on to it."

Big nuggets could be
sitting there, just a hose,

but it always is something.

Something that breaks.

It's one of the most minor
things that pisses you off.

Minor things.

We're getting close
to having to get out.

Copy that, I'm gonna
go figure out that hose.

I think that I'll just go
ahead and pull this one

- all the way back.
- We can definitely do that.

Up creek,

Kayla is just a few rocks from
finishing their diversion wall.

So far, so good.

And busting to dive for gold.

This thing will make it so
much easier to get a lot done.

She's gonna out do it,
she's gonna have it so good.

I do that anyway.

Just kidding.


That's gonna stop
that flow completely.

Hell yeah.

It's going.

- Got it.
- Yeah!

Nicely done.

This is working, that flow
has pretty much slowed down.

That should make a
pretty good channel.

This is beautiful.

We've changed it quite a bit,

that's a good flow
coming through here now.

It's amazing what a little
bit of rock moving can do.

It's definitely
making a difference.

What's going on?

Our hose broke in half.

- Crap.
- - So we're gonna ask you guys

if we could borrow a hose.

Dustin's still in his suit
trying to get hot water,

so I don't know what's gonna
happpen to the dive today.

Damn, all right.

You see James down there?

That... they broke their hose.

- Well, that sucks.
- Yeah.

They're out wanting to
ask if they could borrow one.

They can take that short one

- we're not using right now.
- - Okay.

It's propbaby not the one
they're looking for, but...

That's the one they're getting,

- 'cause the other two are connected.
- - That's so true.

How did they break their hose?

- I'll try to get that thing out of here.
- - Okay.

I appreciate your help, man.

I should be able
to get it from here.

- Okay.
- I appreciate it, man.

Good job, James.

I don't know if
it's long enough.

Throw it that way.

Throw it that way, James.

Looks like Kayla had
an extra hose for us.

Gotta see if that works.

Still warming up?

I'm freezing my
ass off right now.

I feel cursed here.

Feel like this place hates us.

- Good?
- Yeah, good.

That looks all right, dude.

Fire that baby up.

Let's see if it works.

One little suction hiccup,

we're back in business. Woo!

Always an eventful day bro,


You good?

Do you have good suction now?

Yeah, it's doing all right.

I'm just trying to follow
a holed own right now,

see where it goes.

We got material coming over.


- Ruby red, - and root beer.
- You heard this?

He's making money,
he's making money.

All right guys,
going straight down.

Couple of nuggets just went
in the box, I could smell it.

We need gold to
make this day right.

Woo hoo!

"Go dredging" they said,

"it's fun," they said.

Dustin's back in there,

not in the happiest
of moods but hey,

when are we ever
in a happiest mood?

Except when we're finding gold.

Hours behind schedule,

Dustin is finallydredging
the red layer,

desperate to find the gold
that will save his season.

Is this all the gas we have?


We'll grab another five gallons.

- I think it would be a lot safer...
- I'll go get it.

- I'll be back.
- If we did that,

- we won't get in any trouble.
- - Yeah.

Somebody dropped the ball
for not bringing enough fuel cans.

That's something that we don't
wanna make public with Dustin.

- Where did Carlos go?
- Um...

What are you doing over there?

Yeah, this hose is okay.

Things good? Okay.

Got some fuel just
to finish off the day.

No harm, no foul, it
really never happened.

That's way better.

That's the calmest
it's ever been.

That ain't no lie.

A man down, and
no gold all season,

Kayla's diversion
wall has to work.

Hopefully we'll start
seeing something soon.

I hope so too.

Since we're not
expending as much energy

fighting the current, we
will have more energy

to move materials, so hopefully
that will increase production.

I'm gonna try to keep
following them all the way down,

hope it will bottom out,

and there's good potential
that we could find some gold.

It's nice having a little
bit of visibility right now.

There's definitely
some big boulders

right here that need to go.

Roger that.

After we do the diversion,

there's been a lot less current

and it looks like there's
some decent visibility,

so we're close,

and being the
other teams got gold

that's just pushing us
that much harder right now,

so I think everybody is excited, about
to see what's gonna come out today.

If you could just
set it like right here.

Thank you.

- Good rep.
- Yeah.

She has moved a lot of material,

so that's definitely a
step in the right direction.

All we can hope for now is we're within
two to three feet of the sea and gold.

Okay, we're good.
Let's start dredging now.

The calmerwater inside the wall

has allowed Kaylato
move a ton of boulders,

and get down to the gravel layer
where she can start to dredge.

We can turn suction
on now. Copy that.

She's getting into
some dirty stuff there.


She's got a rusty red
layer coming up now.

- Ooh!
- Hell yeah!



- That was some dark material.
- - That's awesome.

We're back on untouched ground,

it is red layer,

and that's where
the gold is gonna be,

so hopefully we're gonna
have one hell of a day.


Down creek, over eight feet
beneath Big Ass Boulder

I got into a hole more
than an arm's length down.

Dustin is four hours into a dive

that he hopes will
salvage their season.

We got termination dust
on the freaking mountains,

we know where the gold's at,

get what we can, as
much as we can, quick!

I'm through, might
have to stake it.

Water looks good from this side,
I hope we didn't break it again.

Something's going on, I think
there's an opening somewhere.

Gotta be sucking air.

I think we up
and lost the prime.

Whoa! Whoa!

It's spraying it out,
man, it's spraying it out


Spraying it like that

loses all our gold, man.

What the?

Losing the prime
from the foot valve.

I can wash that
out with this, so...

Air in the pumpis causing
it to spray and lose suction.

Okay, it's working now?

- Go ahead.
- Here goes.

Simply purgingthe air from
the system in just minutes,

Wes gets them back in the game.

All right, I'm
gonnadredge some more.

The water is merked out.


You've got to be kidding me.

D, you just lost
your visuals right?

Yeah, 100 perecent now.

Man, he can't catch a break

with this full of
water, that's up.

You think you're
diving good today?

We're gonna break the
hoseand dirty your water.

- This creek hates Dustin, man.
- - It does,

it absolutely does.

You're finding gold?

How about we blowup an engine?

First day he wants to dive
again and everything went to.

Like, really?

I just can't make this
dive happen, man.

I kinda wonder if we
shouldn't just call it.

- You like... let's...
- you wanna call it?

Shut it down.

It's not Dustin's
day for a dive.

So we're calling it.

Tomorrow's another day.

I am exhausted.

This is freaking unbelieveble.

But we've been working so hard

- our bodies is starting to give up on us.
- What a day.

With winter approaching,

a bad day was the last
thing the crew needed.

Things did not go well.

It turned into like a
little dive nightmare.

I'm beat.

Now I doubt there's
anything in the sluice.


- Gold!
- What?

Are you kidding me?

Gold underneath that.

- Gold!
- Gold.

Look at that gold
caught eight here.

- Gold! Look at that nugget right there.
- Yeah.

Whoo! Holy moly.

Look at that.

Whoo doggie!

Look at that.

Holy, man.

That's so freaking heavy.

- It'll only get better.
- It'll only gonna get bigger.

Got some nuggies,
pickers and nuggies.

A lot of gold in here,
just everywhere.

You know we're on a pay streak

when you still get
gold on a bad dive.

Look at that big
chunk right there.

Here on out, gold, gold, gold.

How does it look fellas?

- It's chock full.
- How much?

There's ounces for sure.

- That's awesome.
- Good freaking deal.

Right now this is just
scratching the surface.

Yeah, we're just
getting started.

We knew there was gold here

and now it's about to start freezing
on us and the snow is coming,

and it's happening,
we're finding gold.

There's no telling how
much gold we got in here.

I'm excited,

I hope there's a big payoff,

looks like there's gonna be.

Thank you, God.

I swear, man, just
thank you, God.

I'm gonna get this basket out,

then I have to clean
up the bottom a little bit.

Copy that.

Five hours into her dive,

the diversion wall has helped Kayla
make a massive push to bedrock.


After all that rock moving

I don't know how she has
the energy to go this long.

You got any clue on how
deep you might have gotten?

I'm standing.

- Okay.
- That might be all I have in me today.

What time is it anyways? Four.

Four? Already?


I didn't realizel've
been in that long.

I thought I was
cutting it short.

No, you've been
there for a long time.

She's put in a full dive today,

moved some big rocks,
moved lot of material.


Getting us one step
closer to the bottom.

I can't wait to see
what's in the box.

And you had some dirty
ass material coming over,

little bit of reddish in it...

That looked good.

What? I think that's gold.

What the?

- Spot of gold.
- No way.

There you go.

It's about time.



I was starting to think we weren't
gonna get anything this year.

- It was hard to stay positive.
- That was good.

That makes it a little easier.

Kayla's epic dive has
finally gotten her crew

down into the
gold rich pay layer.

Wow, that's a nice
piece right there.

Holy, here.

We weren't wasting
our time after all.

What a relief.

You talk about a second wind.

- Right?
- - That's our second wind right there.

That's what we needed.



- That's amazing.
- We got gold.


Finally it's paying off here!

Today was a huge moment for us,

we've put in so much
work this season,

and this kinda just
sparks that fire again,

so I think everyone is
excited to get back to work.

- You're ready?
- Yes.

- Let's do this.
- Yeah.

Celebratory beer.


All right guys,
this is the last of it.

Let's see what we got.

After over four months
of back breaking work,

Dustin's crew have finally
got a big load of concentrate

to run through the trummel.

That's nice looking
gold right there boys.

Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Nice, chunky gold.

- Hey, y'all.
- Sup, Paul?

- How's it looking?
- - Not bad, we just started, man.

How did you guys do today?

- We got gold!
- Yeah!


Right, man. Hell yeah!

- Where is it? Show me, show me.
- Yeah.

- About time.
- - That's what I'm talking about dude.

You got that red hard pack?

Yup. Once she got out I wanted to
put my suit on and just go right back in,

I didn't wanna stop.

- Look at that.
- Gold there, dude.

- Yeah, dude.
- Damn.

This has been such
a tough season,

that definitely
weighed on everyone.

Today, seeing gold
finally is making it worth it

because I think we
can really hit it big here.

- How much is there?
- Couple ounces.

- Probably at least.
- Awesome.

With it looking
like this already

there is no telling
what's gonna be there.

Finding gold,

it's a little late in the season
for it, but it's happening,

it's got everybody lit
up and happy about it.


We just need to keep going.

We were all worried that
there was just pipe dreams here.

There's actual gold
here, so here we go.

On the next Gold
Rush White Water.

Let's go find some gold.

A 100 ton rock could
just slip off on top of him.

If this comes down it's
gonna fall right in here.


We don't know if it's
gonna hit flood stage

but it's very
possible that it could.

We are definitely
running out of time.

You gotta climb in the
mouth of a dragon to get gold.

If there's any gold in there he's
gonna pull it all out, I promise.

Definitely see shiny flakes
down hereon the bedrock.

Shiny flakes?

Hopefully it's gold.

Yeah! There its is.

Woo hoo! Woo hoo!


It's finally our time.