Gold Rush: White Water (2018–…): Season 6, Episode 12 - Blood Red White Water - full transcript

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
I am tired of your attitude.

Can't believe I worked
that hard and she's like that.

I put my heart and soul into
this. That's all there is to it.

We are all away from
the things that we love

and the people that
we love to be here.

He is not the only
one making a sacrifice.

He pulled like
this last year, and.

I could've easily just
let Dustin fire him.

And he seems to forget
that he didn't have a job.

How this is gonna end, I can't
really answer that at the moment.

I can't take it anymore.

After battling their new
claim for the last three months,

the crew has
precious little gold,

pushing the miners
to their breaking point.

I worked my into
the dirt for her.

She fired me. She said that?

You'll be all right, bro.

You gotta be the
bigger man on this one.

Nice talk. I'm outta here.

That's the temper talk,
amigo. That's the temper talk.

At the end of the season,
we hate each other,

there's no gold to
bring us together.

This is what separates the
men from the boys right here.

There's a lot of
organic coming out.

Water's coming up real quick.

Come on out.

Whoa! Whoa.

No! Scott!

Wheeled in!

How about you go back to camp?

I'm not here to scream.
I'm here to work.

It's not easy for
any of us to be here.

This is hard damn
work. We all know it.

I'm excited that you're diving.

I'm more excited that I
think you're gonna get gold.

When the water bleeds,
you're so close to gold.

Look at the snow.

It's getting cold, y'all.

Snow in the mountains.

Freezing down here.

Two-thirds of the way
through the season,

Mine boss Dustin Hurt

has just weeks left to
secure a fortune in gold,

and his future on Nugget
Creek before winter hits.

All right, well, let's suit up.

We all know we
need waders, right?

There's a red layer down there,

somewhere that we
haven't really seen yet.

- And, that's where the gold is.
- Yeah.

Last week, after a
string of disasters,

Dustin sought help from
former claim owner Al Gilliam.

It's been the hardest
digging year I've ever had.

Don't expect to find gold
until you get down to bedrock.

You're gonna find a layer and
it's just all rusted reddish color,

and it's all bound
together tight.

If you stay with it,

this is what you're gonna find.

Armed with new intel...
My! Look up there!

Look underneath the gold gates.

Dustin finally catches a break.

Did this set us up or what?

In a stroke of good luck,

the storm has left
a perfect dive spot

in the shadow of a
monster granite boulder.

The water did exactly
what I wanted it to do.

This is one big
sluice box right here.

Buried somewhere beneath

is a layer of
rust-colored hard pack.

Inside is a pay streak

that promises to run all
the way down to bedrock.

Dustin could be on the
brink of striking it rich.

I've been trying to
dig a hole all season.

Weather won't cooperate, and,

sun's up for the first
time in a long time,

so hopefully, with any
luck, today's our day.

Whatever it is, it
happens out here.

We are so invested
we have to keep going.

Keep digging a hole.

We'll get it done,

gonna find some gold.

Man, that's a lot of water here.



All our water dribbled down.

You have got to be kidding me.

Water level came down, now
we have to float the dredge

to make it work again.

The dredge is sitting
on dry land right now,

it's not dredging, so
we're not getting gold.

This is not a good thing.

Overnight, water levels dropped
after temperatures plunged

to below 30 degrees,

freezing the runoff and
grounding their dredge.

That needs some serious work.

Think I got an idea.

See if we can block it off
with a little bit of plastic, maybe.

To catch gold,

The sluice needs to rest
between four and eight degrees.

And the only way to ensure that

is to fill the pond
and float the dredge.

So, I just wanna get the water
level up, that's all I really need.

So I just figured,
I've got this plastic.

We throw it on there, when we
get done, we can pull it right out

and take it down
with us, but for now,

we're gonna use
it to our advantage

and get our water
level up a little bit.

Let's see here,
what're we gonna do?

That'll work.

Wes, it's working.

Wanna push back a
little bit? Heck yeah, man.

That's what I'm
talking about. Yeah!

Fire it up.

Carlos can now start dredging

for the gold-rich red hard pack.

Yeah, turn that water up.

She's a-dredging.
We're dredging!

This is it. Come on, baby.

This is where we get gold.
This is where we get gold.

I'm just topping them off. Okay.

Today, Justin and Scott
are gonna be in the water.

We're trying to
get a quick start,

because right now we have a
little bit of clarity in the water,

which makes it
easier on the divers.

But since it is sunny, as soon as
that sun hits the snow upstream,

the water level
rises, it murks out.

Unlike at Dustin's site,

the freeze in the mountains is
actually helping Kayla's crew.

The water is clear and low. Yup.

Current don't look too
bad right now. No, it don't.

My goal today is to punch down
and try to get down to eight feet.

Keep following this
bedrock wall down,

I gotta believe that Nugget
Creek is gonna live up to its name.

And we need all hands on
deck. It's too late in the season

and we're all way too tired
and broken and beaten down.

I'm really hoping that this spot
pays off as well as we think it will.

Yeah, I know it's slightly
annoying to have the tape on there,

but it's even more annoying
to have frozen hands.

Yeah, I know.

Scott. Yup.

You're gonna be on
the small dredge side.

Justin, you're gonna be
on the outer dredge today.

No problem.

Got the hole basically to
around five feet in depth.

If we keep following this
bedrock wall on this side,

it keeps sloping down.

We'll find where it
starts leveling out

and we can find the bottom of
the creek and hit actual bedrock.

I'm really hoping that within the
next week we can see some gold.

After three months
finding only traces of gold,

Kayla is modifying her plan.

On the nearest
side of the creek,

they've identified a
sloping wall of bedrock.

Kayla will chase it
down to the deepest point

in the center of the creek

where she believes, below
the layer of red hard pack

they will find a
treasure trove of gold.

How's that? Little more
on the bottom down here.

So, we need to
just work together

and get it done.

We really need to see gold soon

because we're
running out of time.

And if we don't get any gold,
then we wasted an entire season.

That feel good?

Can you hear me, Scott?

- Yeah, I can hear you.
- That's good. Copy that.

I can hear you.

Good? All right, I
think you're good to go.


Let's find some gold.

That feels good.
All right. You ready?

It's definitely nice having
two divers in the water

completely suited up again.

Right now, we are
in a desperate fight

to get to the bottom, see
if we can find some gold.

Before weather runs us out.

Everything we've
heard about this area,

we need to get to that rusty
red layer, that's where the gold is.

All right.

Can I get a choker? Yeah.

Thank you.

Is that rock ready to go?


Is that rock ready to go?

Justin. Justin.

That rock good to go?

Yeah, yeah. It's good to go.

Gotta say something, dude.

If you need something,
Justin, you gotta ask for it.

Nobody can read your mind.

Hey, Justin.

I have to have you communicate.

It's just a yes or a no.

Yes, communicate,
please communicate. Yeah.

I will.

This year is definitely
trying my patience.

Every day we've had issues,

whether it be the winches, um,

motor on the dredge
not wanting to start,

hot water overheating.

We've always had
something going wrong.

And it's definitely
a frustrating place.

That rock you're
standing on needs to go.

Yeah, 'cause I'm
right up against it now.

It's uppercutting
into the current.

While Scott dredges for depth,

Justin works above him,
widening the dive hole

and removing rocks.

All right, what
do you got, Scott?

What? That you?

Yeah, that's my head.


All right, I gotta
go around that way.

No! No, Scott!

All right, what
do you got, Scott?


In an effort to
salvage their season...

That suction feels really good.

Scott and Justin are
working close quarters

as they push towards
a bedrock payday.

That you? Yeah, that's my head.


I gotta go around
that way... No! Scott!

What'd you do?

You okay? What's wrong?

Pulled a.


, Justin, I told him
earlier to move a rock.

Like, yeah, I told him, I thought
that it could, so I went to move.

It came down and there was
another rock underneath me.

Ouch. Me.

It's right on the ankle
bone, like right... Right here?

Right there is where
it hurts the most.

It might just be,
like, an impact hurt,

and maybe it'll wear
off in about ten minutes.

- Wanna give it a rest for a little while?
- Yeah.

See how you feel.

If it's hurting too bad,
one of us will get in for you.

Scott hurt his ankle.

Um, it sounds like had a big rock
that he had Justin roll out of the way.

Justin told him that
he got it up and out,

but, really, it sounds
like he just, like,

stacked it on the
perimeter of the hole.

So, there's a lack of
communication, and

it's starting to cause issues.

I don't know what
to do with this.

You've been on top of
me almost this entire dive.

Hey, Justin.


Work farther that way

so that he has
room on this side.

- How's your ankle?
- It hurts.

I don't know, I'll tell you
at the end of the day.

If you need to switch
out, just let me know.

You don't communicate,
especially when there's

another diver in
the water with you,

you're putting the
other person in danger.

- But, like, right now, he doesn't talk.
- Exactly.

We don't even know, I don't
even know if he's in the water.

I don't know what
the to do with him.

It's to the point where
he's becoming a threat

to our equipment and our people.

It's quite deep. Let's go deep.

We got a dive, ain't we?

We've got a dive, dude.

In an hour, Dustin's
crew has cleared

over three feet of gravel

in their hunt for
the red hard pack.

Gotta blow these
straight out of the way.

This one, this one,
and that one? Yep.

We gotta pop 'em, dude.

You comfortable
doing this? I'm good.

James and I are gonna
start drilling and blasting.

Well, we got the dredge going,

and the hole's getting
deeper and deeper.

And there's a few
big rocks in the way.

So James and I are
gonna get after him

and make little
rocks out of big rocks.

Manageable sizes.

I'd say go three at least.


Blow it up!

Three, two, one!


Let's do that again. Yeah!


It's starting to move.

I'm just saying, like, the
water is coming up pretty good.

We were worried about not
having water this morning.

I know. That's not a
problem anymore, Carlos.

Obviously not.

So the water has picked up since
we have got here this morning.

It might be, through
the full day of sunshine,

which we rarely get.

Snow is melting and
it's coming down hard.

Man, that's a lot of white
water, man. Yeah, it is.

It floods when it rains,

and it floods more
when it's sunny.

That's the.

What? Whoa!!

That's a lot of water you
got coming down, man.

That's a lot of dirty water.

Think we got a
flash flood coming.

In just seconds,

millions of gallons
of raging water

now surges through Nugget Creek,

threatening to erase all
their progress once again.

Grab my drill, come on
out and get out of here.

Water's coming up real quick.

Come on out.

I'm mostly worried about
trees coming through right now..


Hurry up, hustle it up, let's get
it back. Let's get the nozzle up.

What is with this place, man?

- That's some crazy.
- Yeah, it is.

You're not gonna have
a hole again in a minute.

Where did this come from, man?

Heat. The heat.

Snow bridge.

Snow bridge, you're right.

Even late in the season,

snow bridges still cover
over a mile of the upper creek.

Well, the snow
bridges collapsed.

And obviously, it's warming up
today for them to keep collapsing.

There's just so much
material on top of them,

it just hits the
damn water so hard,

and all this little bitty fine
kitty litter, the stuff here,

just fills in everywhere.

Son of a gun.

It's that quick. Take your work.

Take your work
that fast in an instant.

We can't catch a frickin' break.

Might be a good time to go up
there and check out their place.

I don't know. I
hope they got out.

We should go up
there and check it out.

How's it going over here?

It's getting dark.

It's getting real dark.

There's a lot of
organic coming down.

Ice! What the hell?

That snow bridge
must've just collapsed.

Usually it doesn't
stay brown that long.


So, our water picked
up almost instantly.

I mean, it is starting to
wash this stuff down, like,

like something
broke loose up here.

We figured a snow bridge or
something broke loose up here,

so we just, like, we
got out for a minute

'cause it's starting to
take our dredge hose

and filled up our hole in,
like, three minutes, and...

Three minutes, filled
up a three-foot hole.


Right up to the top, man. Yeah.

It was wild.

I think we're gonna call it.

Hey, Scott.


What do you think
your depth is right there?

So I'm right about
there. So I'm 6'2"...

So, about six
feet... about six foot.

Probably about three
feet into the hole.

Are you at a good spot
that you could stop?

We're gonna call it.

I'm gonna need about
ten minutes, yeah.

It's another tough
blow to a battered crew.

And morale is
at an all-time low.

Did y'all just stay against
this wall the whole way?

No, well, Scott's right here,

Justin's out towards the basket,

or he's supposed to be.

He's supposed to be?

Is anything going
on with the dredge?

I have no clue.

I just know he doesn't
communicate at all.

Not a word.


That makes it kinda tough.

What I'm beginning
to wonder with him,

if he doesn't have
a hearing problem...

He does have a hearing problem.


Kinda something
you should tell people.

Yeah, that's pretty important.

He's the worst at communication.

Whether you can hear or not,

- you can still speak.
- Yeah.

I have to talk to him.

All right, kids,
see you at camp.

I'm smoked. I'm done.

Justin, come out.


We gotta communicate a
lot better underwater, dude.

I can't hear
anything down there.

When you have two people
in water that you can't see in,

whether you can hear
us or not, you have to talk.

Have to, there's no excuse.

Like, when I got out
of the water, free flow,

I could hear, quietly, everyone.

So I had to come up.
If I was down below,

and the air was going,
I could barely, like,

unless someone really yelled.

I've got all, all the
volumes are maxed out,

diver to tender's maxed out

tender to diver's maxed out,

diver to diver is maxed out.

Do you have a hearing
issue? Can you not hear?

I mean, I do have
slight hearing loss.

We can still talk. We're
not trying to pick on you,

but it's something,
it has to improve.

Or we can't put you
in the water because

it's becoming a
hazard to people.

We'll get you up there.
Don't worry about it, buddy.

I'll get you there.


- Yeah, we. We will get you there. Sorry.
- It's not just you.

I've definitely lost
a little bit of hearing.

I've worked at industry
situations a long time,

and as diligent as you are
about earplugs and everything,

you're gonna have some
effects from that over the years.

But I try not to let it
ever get in the way.

He needs to communicate more.

He needs to talk. We need
to know what's going on.

And if he's not going to talk,

then I'm not going to
put him back in the water.

Getting some go
juice for the dredges,


We need to get a full dive day.

It's starting to get termination
dust on top of these peaks.

And when that happens,
we just watch the snow get

further down, come further down,

further down, further
down, and when it gets

real close, we gotta
boot-scoot, man.

Mother Nature wins at the end.

See you up there,
man. Good luck, guys.

I am anxious to see
what it's gonna look like.

This... well, let's go
see how much it filled in.


- Filled in.
- No!

- What?
- Our hole filled in.

Filled in.

The surge from the
snow bridge collapse

has dumped three feet of
material into their dive hole.

All the way up.

Their search for the
gold rich red hard pack

is back to square one.

That's kitty litter, bro. We can
just such that out, like no problem.

The big boulders, it's when
they fell in with the big boulders,

that's the problem.

Kitty litter, it's just
a thorn in our side.

We can take it
out just as quick.

It's just annoying.

We've got the hose in.

Yeah, fire it up.

There you go. Whoo!


Yeah, look how
deep that is. Ooh!

That is deep.

Pretty incredible.

Let's get a diver
int the water, man.

I'm gonna go suit up. Why not?

It's a race to reach
the red hard pack

before Mother Nature
lands her next blow.

Feeling pretty
confident about this dive.

We got good vis and
it's time to get to work.

We need to get
gold, we're desperate.

We just need to dive down.

We need to find that
red layer down there.

If no one's got to it we're gonna
get a ton of gold out of here.

Speak, James.


I got you.

Air check.


I'm excited that you're diving.

I'm more excited that I
think you're gonna get gold.

Look, all right, James,
you're good to go. All right.

Diver in the water.
Diver in the water.

Finally, right?

I like the fact I can see.

Some rocks, so I need to
start out with in the back.

Thank you, Carlos.

Hot water's good.

Finally digging. All right.

I wouldn't be surprised if
we see gold today, guys.

I hope you're run,
but don't blow it, man.

Care, when are you going?

You're not the boss.

After three long
months of hard labor,

bad weather, injuries,
and endless setbacks,

Kayla's crew still haven't
found a single ounce of gold.

Be a little crybaby about that.

What the is wrong with you?

Crew morale is
nearing rock bottom,

and tempers are
on a hair trigger.

Don't use my batteries
then, how's that?

I have my own batteries.

Cool, use your own batteries.

How about you go back to camp?

All right.

I am tired of your attitude.


I tried to make things work.

- No, you...
- I tried to make things work

as efficiently as possible.

You make it worse.

The I do.

You do.

With your attitude, you been
bringing all these along to work,

you're making it worse.

Well, with your attitude
that you're bringing,

you been making the
season worse, so...

I guess that's par
for the course, isn't it?

Get the out of my face, Scott.

Get the out of my face.

I'm done with you.

Should've fired you last year

when you told last year.

Should've let Dustin fire you.

I put my heart
and soul into this.

That's all there is to it.

Worked my ass off.

I don't know. Don't know.

I don't know what's going on.

I worked my into
the dirt for her.

What the hell?

What's going on?

- She fired me.
- She said that?

Yep. You'll be all right, bro.

You gotta be the
bigger man on this one.

Let's talk.

I'm out of here. That's
the temper talking, amigo.

It's a temper talk.

At the end of the season,
we hate each other.

There's no gold to
bring us together.

Everything's a little
bit unstable, man.

This is the time where you
see what you're made of.

This is what separates the
man from the boys right here.

What the is happening?

I just busted my ass.

And then goes off
about my attitude.

Yeah, I've had a
little bit of an attitude.

I'm missing a lot back
home with my kids

and it's starting
to weigh on me.

A lot firsts with my daughter.

First crawling, first words,

I'm about to miss
her first steps

and those are the
things you can't get back.

So it's been weighing on me.

It hurts.

You know, coming home
with a pocket full of gold,

you've got something in your
hand that you can show the kids.

Say, "Hey, this is
what Dad was gone for.

This is gonna provide
a better life for us.

This, you know, Dad's sacrifice,
being gone from you and missing things,

it was worthwhile because, hey, you're
gonna have a better life because of it."

But I can't have that.

I don't have that.

I don't have that
gold in my hand.

Scott is a good worker.

But don't disrespect
me like that.

- No?
- - I'm gonna tell you to leave.

Got so mad I don't even
want to get in the water now.

Scott thinks he's fired.

Is that right? He's not fired.

I told Scott to go back
to camp for a little while

because he's throwing
temper tantrums all the time.

- I'm tired of it.
- Okay.

I was just curious.

I get the feeling that he's
trying to make us look bad.

Because he wants
to run the crew.

I understand what you're saying.

He wants to be in charge and he's
pissed off that he's not in charge.

And him's trying
to step on my toes,

and that macho man, immature
can go somewhere else.

I don't have the time for that.

We're all here trying to
achieve the same goal.

I hear you. All right,
let me go talk to him.

All right.

Scott has brought up
multiple times, you know,

he's got young children at home.

I understand it's
hard to be away,

but we are all away from the things
that we love and the people that we love

to be here.

He is not the only
one making a sacrifice.

He pulled like this last year

and I can't take it anymore.

Right now we don't
have time to waste.

So if somebody
doesn't want to work

or if somebody has an attitude,

we're not gonna
let that stop us.

I'm not here to scream.

I'm here to work.

A man down, Kayla
can't risk Justin,

their most inexperienced
crew member

tending for both her and Paul,

Hey, Justin?

How do you feel about
getting in the water?

I don't quite think
I'm confident enough

to leave you up here by
yourself and tend two people.

I know I can handle it.

If you want to get in the water so we
can still get out double dive in today

that would be a huge help.

Okay. Are you up for that?

- Okay.
- Yeah.

- Want to start getting suited up?
- All right.

I'll keep working on
where I know I was.

- Okay.
- So that works out great.

I need you to make sure that you
focus clearly on communication.

Yeah, I've been
practicing with this. 100%.

- So.
- It'll seem annoying,

it'll seem weird,
it'll seem awkward.

You gotta get over that.

I need you, especially with him.

- Yep.
- So talk to him.


We're not going to hit that
rock this year if we don't focus.

- Yes. I'll do whatever it takes.
- So.

For Kayla to continue to safely
run to two-dredge operation,

Justin must prove that
he can change his ways.

The water's still clear.

We want to, like what
do we need to do here to...

Like what am I
trying to say here?

We need to focus
on widening the hole

so that way, we can keep going
down and gain more depth as well

and not tunnel straight down.

I'm trying to... I'm
working on it a lot.

You can ask me all kinds
of questions all day long.

Nobody's gonna get
mad about questions. No.

But when you don't do something
and you don't tell us that you don't know

and that's why you're not
doing it, that's gonna piss me off.

When we're standing here

and it' quiet and I don't have
the rushing water, I can hear.

- Yeah.
- But once it goes in there, it's like...


and then "Justin," I
know what that means.

Why don't we plug
in his mask right now?

If we can hear on it, then
we know there's not an issue.

You talk into this.

Talk loud. I'm talking.

- Loud.
- I'm talking fairly damn loud here.

Not Scott level, but loud. Yell!

- Okay!
- Okay, I can hear you.

Justin, can you hear me?

You're clear.

Close your ambient
and check your air for me.

Good? Yep.

I think I'm on the
edge of the hole, I think.

All right, you guys
have a good dive.

We really need Justin to
cooperate from here on out

because we don't
have that much time left.


If we don't hit bedrock

that's a whole season
that we pretty much wasted.

So we really need
to put everything in it.

We need to move
a lot of material.

We need to get to bedrock so
that we can hopefully see some gold.

Here's where I was.

Yeah, this would be
the front edge of our...

The hole we got going.

Please stay with me right now.

Got some big rocks that
came down on the bottom.

Stay over here and avoid

knocking anything
in your direction.

Despite people issues,

we still managed to get
two divers in the water today.

We're still gonna
get a lot done.

This morning started
off really rocky,

but we're still gonna
make the best of it.

Hey, man. What's going on?

So I went over
and talked to them.

Somehow you got
irate is what I heard.

As I was packing my stuff up
and getting out of my waders,

she's like, "You should've
been fired for that last year."

Yeah, but that doesn't
mean you're fired, so...

Let's just calm yourself,

and we'll see where this goes,
I don't know what to tell you.

I'd say play it cool
and try to figure out

how to get along with your crew,

and if you can't, then
you need to go home.

There's only two ways.

Now we got progress.

I'm liking this.

On Nugget Creek,

Justin and Paul are two
hours into a double dive

chasing a sloping bedrock wall

in pursuit of a
gold-rich red layer.

Right here, I thought
of moving a big one out.

Men down, the crew
has to pull together

or face going home empty-handed.

I hit a rock. I'm dropping one.

Okay, go for it.

I'm way over here
away from you, so.

Copy that. I'm against the wall.

What if you hear and
it's right this moment?

Thank you.

Still rolling.

Copy that.

Justin seems to be doing a
lot better with communication,

and I think the talk with
him today really got to him,

so it's nice to have
that breakthrough.

And he's doing so much
better which I love seeing.

Yesterday, I think we
had the hole about six feet.

We've been getting a lot of
material moved, a lot of rocks moved,

so I'm really happy to see that.

As Paul dredges,

Justin continues moving rocks
and boulders out of the dive hole.

All right.



We got a nice ridge wall.

Getting chilly in hole.

What the is going on?

What's going on, Paul?

I'm not sure I'm
getting any water.

I don't think the valve was
going the entire... It's not working?

Stuck again.

What the?

And it gets stuck shut
and then it gets stuck open.

Can I help him?

I don't know. I might
go ahead and call it.

Think I'm done for the day.

Paul's hot water supply failing,

he's forced to
cut short his dive.


The crew's success now
rests entirely on Justin.

All right, I'm gonna
get downstream a little.

I got more rocks
to lift, come on.

He's good for right now.

Definitely been some
weird gremlins today.


I did clear off some
of the backslide.

I was hoping to get
more of that done today,

but it just wasn't in
the cards for today.

On a positive note,

- Justin's been going pretty good today.
- He has, hasn't he?

I mean, Justin, he's
definitely stepped it up today

as far as his communications go.

It's a big improvement
from yesterday. Yeah.


That's ready to go. Okay.

After that, I got one to choke.

Okay, choker's over
here, I'll get it to you.

Thank you.

All right.

Take it away.

Nice rocks.

Got it.

Holy moly, you guys.

We're making a hole.

After five hours in the water...

Yeah, I hit seven foot.

Justin has taken them
a foot closer to pay dirt,

salvaging their week from ruin.

He's definitely
kicking ass, man.

Hey, Justin, you hear me?

I can hear you.

I think we're gonna call it for
the day if you want to come up.


Go ahead.

- Did a good job today.
- Thank you.

I talk more? Yes.

You did way better. Thank you.

I'm trying to learn,
sorry I was so slow.

That was a huge improvement.

So thank you.

Good job.

I wasn't planning
on diving today,

my rotation was yesterday,

but situation's occurred

and it ended up being
more effective for Kayla

to attend for both Paul and I.

But what you did today

is what I've been trying to
get you to do the whole time.

Sorry it took so long.

So if we could just
stay on that track,

it'd be perfect.

Nothing yet?

Nothing. Okay.

I got a lot moved
today, that felt good.

Despite having a really
bad start to the day,

um, and being down
on a crew member,

we still managed to get a
good amount of material moved.

To see Justin step up

and actually improve like that,

that much improvement in
one day was a huge relief.

So we're not gonna
let people issue stop us.

We aren't quitters.
We're not gonna give up.

Hopefully we see
some really good gold

for all the effort
we're putting in.

It's looking good.

Down at Dustin's site...

Starting to look
really good, my friend.

James is three
hours into his first dive

in the looming shadow
of a 50-ton boulder.

I've gotta come back
over and clean this.

Somewhere below him is
the promised red hard pack,

and a monster payday.

Looks like beautiful weather.

I'm pretty sure
you're the warmest.

I'm overheating. I'm
sweating in my mask.

Yeah, I don't have
that problem right now.

Why can't dredging ever be easy?

Why can't we just
dredge in The Bahamas?

Or Hawaii?


Somewhere nice
and warm, you know?

Tell us what you're
down there doing, man.

How's it looking?

It's just...

This is really hard to dig.

Like really hard to dig.

Seeing any color, man?

Nah, I'm just
dredging like crazy.

Already trying as hard as I can

to get us down to bedrock.

All right, take your time, man.

I mean, you know,
pace yourself, brother.

Remember it's a
marathon, not a sprint.

Running into orange rocks.

Do you think you made it
down to the rust layer finally?

I think so.

Yep, dredge water
starting to turn orange.

Yeah! Whoo-hoo!

Look how orange that stuff is.

I know, dude. It's like one
of those riddles. Look at it.

When the water bleeds,
you're so close to gold.

It's taken three months

of blood, sweat, and tears,

but James has finally gotten
the crew down to the red layer

that legend says
is rich in gold.

All right, frickin' tired.

See what we got.

All right, I'm done.

Good dive.

Thank you.

Look like you made
some real progress though.

Good job, James.

Hey, man. I'm really,
really excited, man,

to see what's in the box.

How's it look?

Dirts, probably some. Maybe some
fine but it could be covered up too.


I mean, we're starting to get
a little bit of orange come over.

Just sporadically.

We gotta be getting close to it.

Though for sure we was
gonna get some color today.

We had a good dive.

I'm not gonna lie, I
expected a lot of gold.

The way he was digging,
where he was digging...

Got it in my had that...

Here we have it.

We'll see.

Just keep diving,
see what happens.

Been up since 3
o'clock this morning.

I don't want to cause issues

with the rest of the
crew and everything.

- Okay.
- Just...

I think it's time for me to go.

Well, I understand.

I think you're
making a bad choice.

Some things in life you
regret more than others.

Maybe not this week,

maybe not next week.

It's the hardest decision
I've ever had to make.

If you don't mind,
I'll tell everybody.

So, y'all, it's
time for me to go.

Time for me to go home.

Right, wrong, or indifferent.

I made a decision.

With all due respect, I think you're
gonna hate yourself, man, in another month.

Please, man, you jumped
the gun on that one.

Yeah, Scott,
don't do that, dude.

It's time for me to call it.

Wish you all the absolute best.

Yeah, I'm sorry, man.

A pleasure working with you.

Bring it in.

Best wishes.

Stick around, dude.

All right, man.

- Thanks for everything, brother.
- Yeah.

I'll see you tomorrow.

Good luck. Good luck, brother.

You've come a long way, man.

It's time for me to go.

- Stay safe.
- I wish you good luck.

We all make our own
choices to be here,

- So that's very true.
- Yep.

It's not easy for
any of us to be here.

So you have to make your
choice and that's his. Yeah.

This is hard damn work.

You gotta be away
from your people.

We all know it.

It kills me because I
love it up here so much.

I love this group
of guys like family.

But I got a family back
home that I need to go back to.

It's time.

It's just time.

Scott played a huge role

in overcoming a lot of the
challenges that we faced this year,

and I hate to see him
leave this close to the end,

and him not to get
to finish it out with us,

but if his heart isn't in
this, that's his choice.

We're not gonna let it stop us,
we're still gonna push forward.

We're gonna do what we
have to do to get a lot of gold.

White Water...

Find us some gold.

Really need it.

Right now.

Hell yeah!

Every time we make a little bit
of progress, it gets wiped away.

- Justin.
- Just ripped in half.

We should just abandon this.

We gotta push it
to the limits now.

- I'm seeing gold, guys.
- Yeah!


I can see it!

We got gold!

Yeah right, man!