Gold Rush: White Water (2018–…): Season 6, Episode 10 - Total Annihilation - full transcript

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
Pull it.


It's under water.

Start the dredge.

Pull that upstream.

We can't get it outta there.

Whoa! Watch out.

Pull it back there.
Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.

What was that?

It came up.

The water's coming up.

- Holy.
- It's too treacherous.

It's not safe.

We need to get outta here.

Let's go.

Let's get the hell out.

Looks like a dang hurricane.


We got little
Niagara right here.

That's insane.

But I've never seen it do
this, this is a record flood.

The creek has risen
in a biblical way.

This is scary.

Is this it? Is this
how we go out?

Is this the final chapter?

Holy fricking moly!

This is insane.

Last time we had rain like this we
had mudslides and we had fatalities.

This is scary for Haines.

This is scary for
Southeast Alaska.

Nine miles up the Tsirku River

at their remote
gold mining camp,

Dustin Hurt and his crew endure
the regions worst storm in 40 years.

Trying to get the boats
away from the river.

Water is destroying
everything right now.

I don't wanna lose my boats,
we have to have a way outta here.

- Try to navigate around the sharp rocks.
- Okay.

Good to go? Yeah.

All right, pull it up then.

Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.

It's so loose and soft. Damn it.

The air boats are the life
blood of the mining operation.

And in these conditions

they're only chance of
emergency evacuation.

Good to go?

Come on.

Yeah, yeah. That'll do it.

That's not going nowhere.

All right. Are we secure?

Okay? We're secure.

What a crazy morning.

The crew retreat to camp
to wait for the storm to pass.

I couldn't sleep all night.

The storm was raging so hard.

Dustin and his crew
have survived the storm,

but they may not have
a mining season left.


That was a hard learning
experience right there.

This is a different game, man.

I've never seen the
water come up that fast.

That was chaos.

You always underestimate
fricking the power of this


I think being such a narrow
canyon makes it worse.

I'm from New Orleans and, we
would leave and get evacuated

and you'd... You don't know
if your area got smashed.

And then you come back to see
what's been done to your house.

This is that same feeling,

like, let's go check out to
see what the devastation is.

I know, I'm scared to go look.

Hopefully not too much damage.

We've always been lucky with
the floods we've had in the past.

Every member of the crew has
invested 11 weeks of backbreaking work

in the hope of finding the
legendary Nugget Creek gold.

- How's it look?
- Holy.

That is bad.


It looks like a
tornado hit our tent.


Check this out.


Look at our dredge.

It's buried.

This whole engine and
pump was under water.

! That completely broke our box.


Look at all the boulders
built up right here.

That was a deep hole.


We were on the
verge of getting gold.


Last week, Kayla's
crew were 9 feet down

and only inches away
from bedrock nuggets.

I could only be a
couple feet from bedrock.

That's the layer
we're looking for.

That's the layer
that's got the gold in it.

- I saw a couple little flakes.
- Really?

- There's another one, yep.
- Hell, yeah.

But the violent storm surge has
wiped out weeks of hard work.

And with over half the season already
gone, they're back to square one.

We cleared it all out, but now it's back.
Exactly how it was before we started.

Well, it completely
submerged the wench.

What? Really?

I thought the winch was
definitely high enough.

How's it look?

My, completely full of silt.

- No good?
- Yep.

It's dead.

Blocked everything up.

This isn't just clearing out
small debris out of a hole,

this is completely
starting over.


We were getting so close too.

Total annihilation.

I don't know that
we're gonna recover.

It's not impossible.
We can still start over,

it really sucks to be starting
over this late in the season.

It's either that or give up.

I don't think any of
us wanna give up.

Damn it.

How's it look?

600 feet down creek at
Dustin's Goldengate mine site.


Holy crap.



Look at the dredge.

At least it's still here.

Devastation came through

and just annihilated everything we
worked for for the last two months.

Our hole filled in.

I don't recognize
this creek anymore.

This may have done us in.

Wait a minute.

No way! What?

It dug it out for us.

No fricking way.


What? Dude!

Look at this.

Holy cow.


Took out a good 4
feet of our overburden.

It is dry.

It's like a whole new site now.

Look how deep this thing is now.

So we don't have to do
all the work underwater.

That's crazy.

When they first arrived
at the Goldengates...

Dude. Good job, James.

- Look at that bolder.
- I see it.

The crew identified this giant,

dubbed Big Ass Boulder,
as the perfect gold catch.

Just seeing that boulder
by itself makes me think

- of how much gold's underneath it.
- It's go time.

Now, the rocks carried
down by the storm surge

have redirected the flow,
revealing what should be

gold rich creek bed in the prime
real estate beneath Big Ass Boulder.

Look how lucky we are.


There's a good possibility
that there's gold here.

I expected the worst,
but it didn't happen.

So bonus on us.

That would've took us a month
of good dives to get that deep.

It changed everything.

It dug a hole for us.

With any luck just there'll
be boat loads of gold under it.

Pull it forward
a little bit. Okay.

After surveying the severe
damage to their claims,

Scott is forced to attempt
a death defying mission.


There's not much of a choice,
I've gotta go get those guys.

I've gotta get Justin and Wes,
we need them up here bad.

With Wes and Justin
in town on a supply run

it's up to Scott to retrieve them
and get the crew back to full strength.

This is one of those, you know,
grab yourself by your boot straps,

suck down a can of man,

give 'er hell, and go for it.

Look at all the trees going down
the main channel there. Yeah.

You really gonna
have to dodge that stuff.

- Just take it slow.
- Yep.

She's sounding feisty today.

I know Scott likes to think
he's a good air boat driver,

but he's still way
too inexperienced.

The Tsirku River is at its
highest level in 40 years.

And novice skipper,
Scott, faces a 9 mile journey

strewn with dangerous
tree trunks and debris.


- Wes.
- Yes.

That storm completely
destroyed our dive site.

You serious?

You would not have
believed it, dude.


The power of that
water is astonishing?

"-" Is right.

That's not good. This is
a bad place. Yeah, it is.

Come on. Don't
tell me this is dead.

What the hell is up with that?

It's dead.

Scott for Nugget Creek.
Scott for Nugget Creek.

Come on.

Scott for Nugget
Creek. Anybody there?

This is ridiculous, man.

This is Wes, this is a no death.

We're dead in the
water, floating backwards.

All the frigging trees.

We got one right in front of us.

What the!

We're spinning.

We're moving backwards now.

Come on.

It's gonna take us
right into that wall.

We are done. We're
toast. Hold on, boys!

Hold on!


It's gonna take us
right into that wall.

Hold on!


We need to get the outta
the water or we're dead.


Maybe we can
get this thing going.

Connect that battery cable.

Justin, here, take that.

The red light just came on.

Come on, baby.

Come on.


Let's get the hell outta here.

Back to the boat launch. Yep.

We almost died. That was scary.


We gotta get hellied
back to Nugget. I'll do that.

The air boat out of commission

the guys must shell out over $2,000
for safe passage back to Nugget Creek.

My, I didn't think we were
gonna make it here, dude.

Dude, we got lucky.

My, dude.

You won't believe our
boat ride we just had.

Dude, man. What's going on?

The boat decided to die on us.

It went "boom".
Down. Just dropped.

In the middle of the rapids.

- Holy moly.
- It's all right.

We hit that big 'ol solid
rock wall, we hit it hard.

Luckily, he got it to start again and
idle all the way back to the boat ramp.

I got us back.
Scott did good, man.

- That's good. Good job, guys.
- And it worked out fine.

Well, I'm glad
that y'all are safe.

I'm glad you're okay.

Welcome back. Thanks.

We missed ya.

I understand we got a
lot of water at the site.

You gotta look at it, dude.

It'll blow your damn mind.

I'm gonna have to go
change my drawers.

That was a serious
ordeal right there.

We got Wes back, so
I got a full crew now.

We can all just
really throw down.

Hopefully we can
get to the gold.

It's salvage day.

Hey, it's better
than quitting day.

Now back to full strength,

Dustin's crew return
to their dive site,

eager to dig the newly exposed
area beneath Big Ass Boulder.

Work site definitely
looks 100% different now.

But first, they must get their
mining setup operational again.

I still don't know the
extent of the damage here.

What're you thinking? I know
you got an idea of the plan.

You know, it was a curse,
it destroyed everything.

We're gonna treat it
like it was a blessing.

All right. First, I need
you to go up to the winch,

start picking the
rocks out of it.

The damn thing went
completely submerged underwater.



That gravel is so wedged in
there the pulley won't even turn.

This is a wake up call

for us to see how dangerous
it actually is in Nugget Creek.

You can see what
happens in an instant.


I need this dredge outta the
water and off of this incline.

Let's do an inspection on it, if it
made it I'd be very, very impressed.

Got ya, man.

The winch system down,

they must find another way
to lift the 2,000 pound dredge.

It should slide up.

Nah, it's stuck.


All right. I need a bunch
of anchors right here.

Just try to get a
come-along on this thing

and try to get this dredge
to slide up this way.

Got it.

Dustin's plan...

With the come-along on
this side, hook to those eyes.

Push fix a winch system by
attaching a come-along to the dredge...

That's good, James.

A pulley to the cliff face,

and a redirect to an
overhanging alder tree.

Make it tight.

Yeah, we're done.

Do I think any of this is gonna
work? I have no fricking clue.

We can only try and just hope for
the best, pray for the best. Coming up.

It's on the move.

Make sure the front's
not getting hooked.


It's getting hung up.
Hey, can you lift it up?

It's stuck against the rock.

What the. I can't believe this.

I think I'm gonna have to
let out on that come-along.

Let it go, James.

Are you crazy? Man, this river.

Be very careful, dude.

That's teetering.

Is it coming up at
all? Yeah, dude.

Let's just make
sure it doesn't slide.

What was that?


Your alders are
coming loose. My what?

I don't know if those alders
are gonna hold. What?

- James, please don't go over.
- Almost there.


Watch out. James. James!


Watch out!



All right.

That's it.

You all right, dude? Yep.

So fricking close, man.

Thank you, James.
Sorry about that.

What a day.

You did the job, man.

We have, what
seems like, a full setup.

I have everything I need.

It's beat up, but we
were able to save

just about


Kind of miraculous actually.

This is huge. This just
opened up a whole new world.

The carnage.

After a once in a
generation storm

Kayla faces the reality that this
season could be a total washout.

That is a ton of damage.

So today, what we
need to focus on is

get fixed whatever
we need to get fixed.

Get the dredge
back to working order.

We have some parts of the
dredge that need to be hiked in.

- Okay.
- We got a lot of work to do.

This is gonna be a
lot to recover from.

This is a setback we really did
not need this time of the year.

We had an extra
box back at camp,

so we're gonna swap out
the good box for this one

'cause the flood bent it all to.

To stand any chance
of catching gold

they will need to completely
overhaul their damaged dredge.

It's gonna take all of us to
get this back in order again.

That's good for now. 'Kay.

But we're gonna go out fighting.

We're not gonna quit.

Justin, you're gonna
go get that sluice box?

I'm going to, yeah.

What are you waiting on?

Thank you.

All right.

The only way in for the
bulky 70 pound sluice box,

an 1,100 foot hike up the
steep incline of Nugget Creek.

We're just carrying this back.


Okay. I got this.



My. It collapsed.


The boardwalk came down.

- It just gave way.
- That could have been bad.

My hand went up to the
carabiner, I was was like "".

Wow. It's a
causality of the flood.

I thought we were safe with our
walkway as high as it was, maybe not.

I can repair it. I hope.

Miraculously, Justin gets the sluice
box to the dive site in one piece.

It was a scary
moment feeling that...

Feeling the board under your
feet go down while you got the

about a 60 - 70 pound
sluice on your shoulder.

And to come down
like that, it was, crazy.

But it's all because of
this recent weather event.

Nugget Creek's
definitely putting up a fight.

- Wes.
- Yep?

How y'all doing over there?

So I gotta do a little
bit of adjustments

and put a swivel in here.

Down creek, the shift
in the course in the river

has opened up a new possibility.

I'm trying to use this
destruction to my advantage.

They can't dredge until
Wes gets their winch working

and they remove the rocks
below Big Ass Boulder.

Really hope that
there's gold under these

rocks, so we can
continue on our lives here.


I think that's gonna take
care of our problems.

Gotta be hopeful.


It's working.


Yeah. We're back in operation.


Nice job, Wes.

Our beautiful skyline.


This is gonna be the first time

anybody gets to see what we
actually do underwater above water.

Let's start just hammering
into this wall right here.

All this needs to come out.

Open it up, we're gonna go up, and
we're aiming at that big one right there.

I wanna see what's right
underneath that sucker.

Dustin's plan, while this
section of creek bed is exposed

use the charges to dry blast
and remove the last granite rocks,

before allowing
enough water back in

to dredge the gold rich gravels
beneath Big Ass Boulder.

We have to get close to bedrock
in order to hit the big jackpot.

All right. Ready for a pop?
Better get outta the way.

Three, two, one!


We don't have to
do this underwater.

Thank you.

Get this underneath it? Yeah.

Yeah. All right, Wes.

Anything you can grab, man.

Almost like you're dredging
without a damn dredge.

Nice and deep.

This is gonna throw
a lot of spray. All right.

Going hot!

Holy moly!

Dry blasting is far easier,

but the flying rocks make
it much more dangerous.

We're getting fly
rocks. Big time fly rocks.

So me and James
taking extra precaution.

Three, two, one!

Holy, that hit the
dredge. Holy crap!

That's it brother.
Look good, fellas.

Finish him!

What'd you think is
underneath that big boulder?

Lots of gold?

I hope you're right, man.

- You all right?
- Taste blood.

Wow. Okay.

This is our last hope, y'all. If there's
no gold under these rocks we are sunk.

You never know, man.

Wait a minute.

Hold on.

Holy moly.

What'd you got, man?

Look at that, man.

Found gold.


Holy moly.

- What'd you got, man?
- Look at that, man.

Found gold.

It's gorgeous, man.

Convincing. That
looks like gold, don't it?

Let's see.

Pyrite. Whoo-hoo.

That's a beauty.

Fool's gold isn't
going to pay the bills,

but pyrite is a great sign

because it is often found
alongside the real thing.

Good day, guys. Yeah.

This is the kinda days we need.


Is it Friday yet? We still
got a long week ahead.

We have a lot of work to do.

I'd love to get a dredge
in the water today.

If we're not diving,
we're not finding gold.

After the storm erased
months of work in just hours,

and left their future
in the balance,

they now have less than two
months to get down to bedrock gold.

Thank you.

We really need to get that
dredge back in the water,

really need to get back to work.

And we need to
find some gold soon.

This is the engine that got water running
over it, I'm gonna do a quick test run.

What's going on?

There's no water coming out.

That doesn't sound good.

Turn it off, turn it off.

Something ain't right.

What's going on here?

Oil looks good though,
there's no water in it.

I don't know.

Hang on. I think maybe
it needs a pump seal.

I got ya. Yeah, yeah,
yeah. We can try.

A rotating impeller inside
the pump creates a vacuum

which sucks the water through.

If that vacuum is
broken by a faulty seal,

it will suck in air and
the water flow will stop.

I don't have new
seals for this pump,

but we found some old
pumps with seals in 'em.

It's not ideal, but we gotta
make do with what we have.

It might not work,
but it's worth checking.

It's all we got, I mean.

I'm gonna try these out.

All right.

See if it works.

Come on.


Got it.

That was great!

- Yeah.
- That was so awesome.

Pump's working.

That's what I needed.

Whoo, nicely done.

There we go.

Engine's good.

Now we have two working pumps.

The last piece of the puzzle,

install the new sluice.

I'll get this on there and get
it back the way it should be.

The sluice box is in its home.

We're getting closer
to getting back to work.

This late in the season, not having
any gold I think is really wearing on me.

So the faster that we can start
seeing gold the better it's gonna be.

We needed that victory.

We'll fight through it, we'll
conquer, and we'll get the gold.

Man. My legs are. Me too.

Another day in paradise.

Look, dude.

I had to get me
a frigging hardhat.

I busted my noggin yesterday
with that dang breaking bar.

- Man.
- Heck, yeah, man. It hurt, dude.

Hit my head so hard, man, I
tasted my fillings, dude. I was like "".

No, man, this is
treacherous work.

Back in Nugget Creek...
It's above water now.

Tear it up.

Dustin and his crew return
to clear the last of the rocks

before they can get to the bedrock
nuggets beneath Big Ass Boulder.

Who would've thought the
flood would actually help us.

Watch yourself.

Three, two, one!

Whoo-hoo. Whoo!


There's gonna be
gold under those rocks.

Now we're on a
frigging mission, dude.

Break everything. Everything.

Three, two, one!


We're gonna get this hole dug.


I love this.

Look out.

Moving the rocks
like the old timers.


We're getting things
out so fast today,

it is just one basket
right after another.

We got this.

Nothing's going to stop us.

Hell, yeah. Whoo.



What happened?

That rock just came
off the power head.

- And hit you in the head?
- Yeah.


You all right?

This saved me. Man.

That nearly killed me, man.

Dude, you got lucky.


Damn, this place can really,
really take you by surprise, man.

Watch out.

You can never be ready in Alaska,
man. You can only be prepared.

And just hope for the best.

Keep on going, man.

The weather's already
starting to get colder.

Yeah. Rainy season's here.

It's just a matter of time
before this rain turns into snow.

We really need to make
a ton of progress. Yep.

Their dredge fixed, Kayla and
her crew can get back to mining.

All right, let's get
this one ready to go.

This is gonna take forever.

It is.

But with their dive hole
filled in by the storm

there's no guarantee they'll
reach the gold rich pay layer

before the season's end.

We have so much to do here,

but we can't afford
to not find gold.

- Yep.
- That's exactly right.

So I want to get that
second dredge in.

I want both dredge in the water,

two divers in the water.

If we don't make huge progress,
we're not gonna make it this year.

- Yeah.
- I agree.

We gotta do everything we can to
get down to bedrock as fast as we can.

We gotta get some progress.

Kayla's bold solution
risks running her crew thin,

increasing the danger
for the divers below.

All right, everyone needs
to be on the same page

and not giving 100%, they
need to give 1,000%. Yeah.

We need all hands on deck
and everybody to bust ass.

Watch yourself.

Whoo. Thank you.

With two dredges they have a chance
of hitting gold before the season's end.

Hammer time.

Coming around
ya. Frigging heavy.

I do enjoy a workout.

I enjoy my workouts a lot more
though when they end in gold.

Get this all nice and tight.

I don't wanna lose air
while I'm trying to dive.

We're getting there.

Couple more fittings
then we're gonna have it.

Nice. Heck yeah.

Let's get this
thing in the water.

I really hope it works.

We're actually floating.

All right.

That's good.

Think we're ready
to fire this dredge up.

Fingers crossed.

I hope that works.

Come on.

Come on.

It's working.

Music to my ears.

We got two dredges
in the water, y'all.

Yeah. We're getting
bedrock quick.

Heck yeah.

Well, that makes me feel good.

- Seeing everything working.
- Yes.

Feels like we have hope.

And we gonna be able to actually
go home with a pocket full of gold.

Man, that sure is a pretty sight,
two dredges in the water side-by-side.

Get two divers in the water,

see if we can't tear this
place up and get to the bottom.

So I'll be on this dredge
and you'll be on that one.


I'll start on this side and you start on
that side, then we'll meet in the middle.

We know there's gold here.

We just gotta fight
through all this and get to it.

Here we go.

We're actually dredging again.

We're moving a lot of material.

Can't go any faster
with two dredges.

Everything seems to
be jiving so far. Yes!

I'm earning my dinner tonight.

Back in business.

That water.


That got real dark, real fast.

Muddy water is a sign
of a landslide upstream.

I don't think I've
ever seen it that dark.

Lots of debris coming down.

Something came through.

Chunks of ice. What?

That snow bridge.

If that gives way it's
gonna create a flash flood.

It's August, but there is
still a 20 foot ice bridge

200 feet up the creek.

If it collapses it could
create an inland tsunami

and wipe out both
crews in an instant.


If we're in this water when that
flash flood comes through, we're dead.


We've been getting chunks
of ice floating down here,

so something gave
way up the stream.

It had to be one of
those snow bridges.

High up Nugget Creek,

Kayla's crew face the risk
of a collapsing ice bridge.

Ice is breaking off.

I think that's a chunk
of the snow bridge.

My gosh.

That's time for concern.

I say we call it.

Let's get outta here.

Rather than risk a flash flood

Kayla calls time on a successful
day of double dredging.

It's operational again.

Not bad.

We're right there.

I think we got down
to almost three feet,

so we've got enough depth
now that we can actually dive.

That flood set us back
so much, but today

should be our turning point.

We put all the effort in to get
everything fixed, modified, or changed.

And it's gonna
make it a lot faster

for us to hit bedrock soon
and, hopefully, find some gold.

Man. I could really
use a beer right now.

No, right.

I don't think we've ever
worked this much above water.

Crowbars, slings, sledge hammers,
it's not what we normally do,

but it's working.

Down creek at Dustin's sight...

I know there's gold here.

Prospecting just like the old
timers, with a pickaxe and a gold pan,

James is eager to see if Nugget
Creek will finally give up her treasure.

Let's see if he can put his,
name to the test, The GoldHound.

Well, we'll see.

If there's nothing
we're in big trouble.

What'd you got, man?

I swear that looks like gold.

Yep, that's gold. Look at that.


There's another piece.

Hell yeah, dude.
That's great, man.

That's a picker, dude.

That is fricking awesome.

Good job!

I needed to see that.


This pan of pickers is proof that
the ground beneath Big Ass Boulder

could contain the jackpot.

So that tells me we
should have a stream

of gold going right down through
here all the way to the bedrock.

James found some gold.

Everyone always said it's up here,
it's so hard to get to, we know that now.

Just gotta keep working at this.

If the weather will hold out for, like,
two weeks we are gonna crush this!

We're so perfectly
setup with everything,

just need the
weather to cooperate.

And I can devastate this area
and we can pile up the gold.

This is a good day, guys.

It's been a heck
of a week, I tell ya.

Fricking Alaska, bro.

On the next Gold
Rush: White Water...

Water's definitely picking up.

She's angry today.

It's real death out there.

I forbid my people to go out.

Worst I've ever seen
it. Flooding. Landslides.

Watch out.

Whoa, whoa.

It's the hardest
year I've ever had.

You could not have
picked a worse year.

The weather's beating me.

If you stay with it

this is what you're gonna find.