Gold Rush: White Water (2018–…): Season 5, Episode 9 - Cut and Run - full transcript

Dustin makes a controversial decision that changes his season.

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
Deep in Alaska's
remote Chilkat Mountains.

Should be a good day.

You want me to tape that?

New crew boss

is going all in
on their hunt for gold.

Come on, let's go.

Man, it does work.

In order for
this season to pay off,

we need to move
way more material.

And, the only solution
to that problem
I see right now

is to run two dredges.

Sending two divers
12 feet down,

in one hole,
doubling their risk.

Alright, alright, alright.

See if we can find
some gold.

In a dangerous,
last-ditch effort,

to reach bedrock,

before seasons end.

With Tim and Scott
both in the water,
we'll get a lot moved today.

It'll be a bigger workload,
but I think all of us
can handle it.

Alright, so what are
you thinking here,
how do you wanna do it?

Well, we'll do it.

This is crazy.
It's insane.

You're clear,
I'm watching your back.

Let go of that.

- All clear?
- All clear.

going up.

Alright, there now,
set it down slowly.

That's good.

- Whoa, whoa,
watch out.

- Whoa, whoa.
- Run, run, run!

- Get up here, guys!
Get up here!
- Go, go, go!

Get down there and get it.

There's a lot of things
that can go wrong.
A lot of things.

Don't get hurt,
don't die.

He just pulled
his mask off,
what the *bleep*?

Two dredge,
*bleep* yeah.

Tell the other crew
we got a dredge.

Mother nature built
the perfect sluice spots.

- That is some rich ground,
some very rich ground.
- Pickers all over.

That's a good little pile
right there.

- Welcome back.
- Thank you.

More than halfway
through the season

and now spread thin
across two dive sites,

Dustin finally has
an ace up his sleeve.

This project
is not *bleep* for everybody.

Well, I'm glad
to be back. This is like
old times again, man.

Is that
Paul Richardson?

You gotta be
kiddin' me.

Look at you, dude.
You look good man. Dude,
how much I love you, man.

*bleep* I miss you so much.

- How's it goin', man?
Been a while.
- *bleep* yeah.

We're glad you're
*bleep* here, we need
the *bleep* help good.

I mean, we need a lot of help.

Three weeks ago
after an argument
with Scott...

You just
shut the *bleep* up
and do what you're told.

You know what?


Eric walked out,

leaving Kayla's crew
a man down.

I'm already in the works of
trying to get somebody else.

You guys need
a four-person crew,
it's a safety hazard.

Since 2013,
Paul Richardson had been
Dustin's wingman.

If you can get down there
and clean this out,
we gonna get paid.

- Okay.
- He has four years
of experience

in the deadly waters
around McKinley Creek.

We're counting
on you today, Paul.

Hell, yeah.

Where did I lie to you?
Explain it.

But after falling
out with Dustin...

- I'm not.
- You guys basically *bleep*
lied to me.

...he didn't return at
the start of the season.

Me and Paul had some,
uh, problems.

So, I'm trying to squash
the beef with all
the stuff we had goin' on.

Well, we can get back to, uh,

- you being you again, and, uh,
I'll be me again.
- Not a problem.

You came home, man.
You came back home, man.

Dude, this season picked up

way better bro.

Paul this is Kayla.

- Hey.
- Kayla.

- Nice to meet you.
- Nice to meet you.

I'm glad to be back.

Kayla's gonna be runnin'
your side and

she has all the power I have.

She's proven herself quite
a few times and she's

tough and

that's what we need
over there and

Paul Richardson,
he's Wes' brother.

He got a bit more
skills though, pretty sure.

And you're fresh.

They energy went out,
didn't it?

That's another thing
I'm hoping for.

That's what
I'm hoping for as well,

that some of that energy
rubs off on everybody else,

- because you know how it feels
to be here for a whole season.
- Oh, *bleep* yeah.

He's a really good
worker and, uh,

I think he would be
a great addition to you team.

I know the creek,
I know what to expect.

You know I'm ready
to get some gold.

Nice, well,
that's really good news.

'Cause, this late in
the season, like,

we don't have
the time to start over
training someone.

- No.
- And

having someone else
experienced is just going
to make us stronger.


- Welcome back
to the crew, man.
- Appreciate it.

- And, uh, we gonna
have some fun here.
- Yeah, man.

- Let's get some work done,
let's find some gold.
- Let's get some gold.

- Yeah.
- It's what it's about.

And we'll have
some fun too.

I love this
group of guys, I mean,

there was a couple years that,

yeah, we had a little bit
of differences, but,

we've worked through that and

now we're back
to one big family again.

Now, I feel better
with Paul there.

And, uh,

his presence is
gonna help them
get down to the gold because

of all the things he can fix
and the extra help.

With their crew
back to full strength,

Kayla sees an opportunity.

In order to make
this season pay off,

we need to move
way more material.

Um, and the only

solution to that problem I see

right now is to run
two dredges at a time.

Um, that's gonna get us
to bedrock faster

and hopefully get us
way more gold than
what we're seeing right now.

I'll talk to Dustin
and see what he says

about letting' us using
the second dredge.

- Hey, guys.
- Hey, how's it goin'?

In all honesty,
we're way behind

in how much gold
we should have.

So I was wondering if
it would be an option

for you to leave
the big dredge
behind because I think

between the four of us,
we'd be able
to operate two dredges.

Last week,

Dustin gave up
on House Rock...

I don't wanna waste
any more time digging here. focus
all their attention
on the Chute.

This is what we've
been thinking about
all weather long.

A place they've
already proven has gold.

I need to know
what's at the bottom
of that hole right there.

Both dredges, huh?

Yeah, it's gettiin'

late in the season and

since we're already on gold,

to make it pay off
real big right now,

we need to get
to bedrock faster

and I think if we have
two dredges going,

two people diving
and two people
up top at all times,

then we can move
way more material.

That's four people
to two dredges

and it can be done,

but that's not easy.

- No, man, it's not easy, man.
- Hard rotation.

- Yeah, just...
- No.

You guys are gonna be
running in circles.

You think *bleep* fixing
a winch right now is hard.

I think my crew
would be able to handle it

with two dredges.

I mean, I see your point
about wanting two dredges
there, but,

if we leave them both dredges,
what're we gonna do
for a dredge?

I've got a junkyard full
of old parts and pieces

and I may be able
to put together a dredge.

Junkyard dredge.


I think I can make
that happen.

If not, you're gonna
be stuck with one dredge.

- Sounds good, thanks.
- Yeah.

So, hopefully
we can have two divers
in the water today.

And we'll get it
cleaned out a lot faster.

Water's nice and low.

I like this area.

At House Rock,
for the last month

Kayla's original
three-man crew
has been on

a gold pay streak.

This looks like
a really good spot.

So our hole goes
from right up here

- all the way to where
that line is right there.
- Yeah.

And all the way
to the current.

In a bid
to get to bedrock gold

before season's end,

Kayla will now attempt
to run two dredges,

with just four people.

It's a little bit challenging
running two dredges, uh,

in an ideal situation, yeah,
we would have a tender
for each dredge.

To keep
the operation running,
and the two divers alive,

the two crew on
the surface must

run comms to the diver,
operate winches,

unload baskets, clear tailing,

ensure the four gas tanks
remain fueled,

and monitor
the air compressors

that supply vital air
to the diver.

Failure to keep up
could cost a diver their life.

I can't see us
running two dredges.

Two people teams,

that might be a little,

little crazy.

But you gotta be
a little crazy
to get into this.

I hope everything she decides
is the right decisions.

All I can do is
give suggestions.

So far,

the only person I've worked
with o this team is Scott, so,

working with Kayla,
and working with Stamper

is gonna be a whole
new experience for me.
I don't know.

I don't know how they work,
I know they're both
experienced dredgers, um,

it's just getting
used to everybody.

But in Alaska,

the learning curve is steep.

And mistakes can cost lives.

It's official guys,
the dredge is ours.

Now for the big question,
who's diving when?

I'm diving today, um,

if we can get
to where both dredges
are running,

then Stamper will be diving
with me as well.

So, what's the game plan
with the comms?

We gotta work on
getting a comm cable
across the creek

so, that way, we can link

both divers together
and we can all use
the same comms system.

They can't
tandem dive without

upgrading the vital
comms system

to connect the two divers
to each other

and the tenders.

Cut the end off,
wire 'em all back together,

pull it straight across
and plug it in.

So, we can have two dredges
operating at one time.

My science teacher
would have been
proud of that one.

Look at that, perfect.

start it up.

We'll get both dredges going,

I got a feeling it's
gonna be really good.

We're gonna blast through
material at a speed
that's unbelievable.

There you go.

I'm glad Paul came and, uh,
joined our team,

we really needed a fourth
person in order to be able to
run two divers at a time.

Double production,
double the gold.

Two dredge, *bleep* yeah.

So far,
with just one dredge,

they've dug a hole
12 feet deep

and hope they're
already halfway down

to the massive payday
on bedrock.

Ready to go again?

You're clear
to go.

Their side
went off too?

- They are cleared.
- Okay.

Clear, good job.

this is really not good.

What is it?

Oh, our hole's
*bleep* filled in.

What the *bleep*?

- What is it?
- Oh, our hole's
*bleep* filled in.

What the *bleep*?

At House Rock,

Kayla's crew has just
been dealt a massive blow.

I'm standing.

Where I'm at right now,
was 12 feet,

and now we're only at five.

Last week...

Yeah, that water's
comin' way up.

...a violent flood raged
through McKinley Creek.

Diver up, diver up.

Causing the miners
to evacuate.

We need to get
the *bleep* outta here.

This is not divable water
right now.

their gear in 12 foot
deep gold stream.

Think let's
just leave it.

Yeah, we gotta
get outta here man,
this is crazy.

That kinda sucks
because we were on
a roll finding chunky gold

the past few days
and now we're gonna
have to start all over.

Oh, that's not good.

Man, McKinley Creek
strikes again.

To get back
on the pay streak,

Kayla's four-man crew
must successfully
run two dredges

if they are to move
7 feet of fill-in in
a matter of days.

So, we got just
loose material that
we just blast through,

dredge through
real fast right there.

So, the majority
of it should be loose

and we have to
dredge that stuff all out.

we can definitely do it,
it'll be a bigger workload.

But, I think if we're gonna
run both dredges,

all of us can handle it.

I know we can.

Come on, let's go.

At Porcupine,

Dustin and James
are on a mission

to build a third dredge

and further expand
the operation.

This is where I keep
all my spare parts.

Anything smashed,
bonked, broken.

Gonna try to take
some of this stuff
and put a dredge together.

To build a dredge
from junkyard parts,

they'll need motors,
air compressors,

sluice box, hose, floats,

and heaters. It needs to be
small enough to fit
in the narrow Chute,

but powerful enough
to supply a diver
with vital air and hot water

and suction to get down
to bedrock gold.

Things we have
to do to get gold.

- Here's a sluice box.
- That's a sluice box
right there, he could probably

set it up, right?

- Yeah, and a jet log.
- Wanna bring both
of these up--

- Look at that.
- Which one is
the best one, then?

- Obvious it's smashed,
look at it.
- Yeah.

So, let's both of these
and he can decide,

since he might get upset,
you know.

Oh, suction hose.

Like a damn Slinky.

Desperate times,
desperate measures.

We need to

put together a dredge


And we'll go divin'
and we're gonna
find some gold

for me to clean
that Chute out.


Let's get outta here.

If Dustin
can't build a dredge
out of these scavenged parts,

Kayla's dream
of double dredging

will be short lived.

Almost everything.

Missing one jet log.

Do we have a jet log up here?

Yeah, we do.
We got it up here.

- Well, there she is.
- Yeah.

- So, we got
a full dredge now?
- Yep.

Need a gasket here.

This'll work fine
because it goes
to the other hose.

And I think I can get
this dredge together
pretty fast.

I mean, we've got-- we've run
out of time already, so,

it's uh, it's not
this time, it's just the

"Slap it together
as fast as I can."

As long as we can get it in
and get to dredging
and get after this gold,

that's the main thing
right now.

That's a full.


What am I looking at wrong?

- Am I missing a metal piece?
- No.

I just did that.
Just did that.

Well, that fits
right in there.

- That's how
that goes.
- Yeah.


I'm scrounging just
to get this going.

I'm trying to optimize
everything. I think,

gonna get all
three dredges runnin',

two dredges with Kayla,

and I get some crappy dredge

put together for us,

get into the Chute,

find gold.

See this?
This is smashed.

So, let's put something
on it to keep it together,

The only hose we got
with holes in it.

And this is

straight from the junkyard.

- Nah.
- Yeah.

This Chute
has to pay off.


Mother Nature herself built
the perfect sluice box.


But there's--

God, I hope there's
gold in there.

There's gold
in there, brother.

I guarantee you, man,
we're gonna do it.

We'll find a record breaking
nugget, man. Talking about

morning interviews
nugget find, you know?

It's there, man.

It's there.

All taped up.

You'd be surprised
what tape does.

The whole problem I'm having
with this dredge is,
I'm gonna get out there,

put everything together
and find out
what's really wrong with it.

Will the engine run?


the hot water heaters work?

Will the floats float?

Everything needs to do
its job but they've already
been beaten to death by us.

They'll have
to send the junkyard dredge

piece by piece down
an old haul line.

Until they get it assembled
and in the water,

they have no way
of knowing if it will run.

Well, I don't have
any damn gold
and I need to find some.

And the Chute has gold in it.

Just needed to get this

mixed together,
piece of junk dredge

over there and I need
it to get me gold.

Up creek
at House Rock.

But I think
we can get it done.

Yeah, I think
we can handle it.

After a storm
dumped 7 feet of gravel
into their dive hole,

Kayla's crew is
on a rescue mission
to save their season.

We got this.

And the return
of Paul Richardson

couldn't have come

at a better time.

Running two dredges,
that's exactly what we needed.

We're moving this *bleep*
material already.

So, just for comparison,
see my fingertips?

Holy *bleep*!

- Holy *bleep*!
Yeah, barely.
- I'm standing.

I'm standing with
my arms fully extended.

That's how much *bleep*
stuff is here.

And you were like
at your chest level before.

Exactly. *bleep*

So that's,

that's at least
3 foot of material
out of there already.

That a lot of
overburden. I didn't realize
it was this much.

Hey do you see
where the basket is?

Stamper, can you
hear Kayla?

Stamper do you copy?

The double dredging

is making short work
of clearing the in-fill.

But the vital comms system

that Stamper rigged
is failing.

I can hear
him breathing'.

- Yeah, I can too.
- Yeah.

Hey, Stamper.

Mark, you gotta copy.

Can anybody
hear me? I can't hear *bleep*.

Stamper, can you hear me?

That's not cool.

We are gonna have to
get that worked out.

Absolutely. Gotta figure out
why the *bleep*

he can't hear us as soon
as he goes in the water.



if we can't communicate,
he's gotta get out.

Hang on, I'll find him.

Stamper, I'm right behind you.

Ah! *bleep*

That's my foot.

Any luck?

Hang on, I'm trying
to get Stamper.


So, go that way.

- This way?
- That way.

You gotta go that way
and take the hose.



- Go that way, go.
- I don't know

what the *bleep*
anybody's saying.


He's going
the wrong way.

Oh, no,
I'm trying to tell him.

He just
pulled his mask off,
what the *bleep*?

Whoa, whoa, whoa.
What's goin' on?


I will never deal with that
*bleep* again.

Oh, *bleep* great.
Here we go.

Oh, *bleep* great.
Here we go.

Diver, Mark Stamper

has abandoned his dive
after a comms failure.

Hold on, slow down, slow down.

I can't hear

What's goin' on?

I think he's getting
frustrated about the fact
that he can't communicate.

You good?

Good deal.

Go ahead and do
what you gotta do.


Open it up.

Alright, Kayla,
I am opening the
dredge back up.

comms problem

means Kayla's crew is back
to just one dredge

and one diver.

I had communications
in and out, in and out.

They're yelling,
asking me stuff.

She came over, she patted me

on my shoulder or somethin',
and I was--

I wasn't upset,
I was just

being me, cussing, and

that was that.

I mean, it sucks
I wanted to keep goin'.

Hopefully we can get
that worked out.

Let's just see what we got.
Take a look at it.

1,000 feet
downstream at the Chute.

Putting the dredge together.

Dustin's crew is over halfway
through their season

and have found no gold.

Another floaty device.

Junkyard dredge.

Their future

depends on this pile
of salvaged parts

functioning as a gold
catching dredge.

Right now, we are in a hurry
to get this dredge
assembled today,

get it runnin',

we can't waste any more time,

we have to-- we have to get
to the bottom of the Chute.

Got a little bit of, uh,
construction to do here.

So, the rest of our season
is riding on JD here
and we gotta get him goin'.

And hopefully everything
works right because

pretty sure we left
a large amount of gold
left in the Chute.

Wes is gonna make

this mixed together,
piece of junk dredge

that's gonna last us
for the rest of
the season hopefully.

I don't care what it
looks like, just need it
to get me gold.

Grab that end.

- Alright.
- Let's go.

- Got that other end?
- I got it.

Got it.

- Alright,
y'all got that?
- Yeah, I got this.

- Got it. So,
that's it?
- I got it.

Come on down.

Flatten it out.

Here you go, James.

And one for Carlos.

- Yeah.
- Grab that?

- Got it.
- Thank you.

Got it, got it, got it.


Alright, together, everyone.

- Don't hurry it up.
- Okay, got it.

Hold on, hold on,
that side's jamming somehow.

Did anybody
ever bring that mallet?

Junkyard dredge
in full effect,

we about to find out
if it works.

Trying to give the
other crew
as much advantage as I can.

Without two dredges they
won't finish for the season.

But I have to have a dredge
because I can't go
another season,

without knowing what's
in the bottom of this Chute.

If I gotta go take one of
my dredges from them, I will.

Working now?

So, there could be
a lose connection,
right in there.

You just gotta
figure out at this point
what the *bleep* problem is.

Kayla's dream
of running
two dredges is over,

unless Paul Richardson,
can repair the vital
comms system.

That could be
the problem right there.

So, splicing them together,
we *bleep* those wires up.

If the diver can't hear
the tender,

it's no good because
if they get into a situation,
and we call for diver up,

and they don't hear us,
it could get really
bad really quick.

That box has two outputs,
we could have just
run from there.

Over to here to run the
second diver. So, we have
diver one and diver two.

So, this should
take care of that problem.

Thanks to
their newest crew member,

it's now safe
to run two drivers
side by side.

Diver two,
back in the water.

Maybe they will last longer
than a half hour.

There's the hose.

- Yeah.
- Alright.

Alright. Comm check Stamper,
you hear me?

Yes. I can hear you.

That's fine.

- Can you hear me?
- Yes, we can hear you.

If we can't hear you,
we're gonna yank out
don't worry about that.

Stamper, focus on
that side of the hole
and I'll do from here over.

I know. Alright.

Is there any material
coming out of the dredge?

Yeah, there's material
coming out.

Nice little hole
to work out of here.

I have some
good news for you, Scott.

- Go.
- I got a *bleep*
crater on this side.

- *bleep* Yeah.
- That's what I wanna hear.

Guys it looks like
a dredge again.

After a day
building a dredge, made of
parts from a junkyard,

it's the moment of truth.

The only thing the dredge
has to provide is air,

hot water and the means
to pick up gold.

That's it. That is it.

Alright! Let's crank it up.
Let's see if it works.

I'm excited. Are you?

Yeah, we're gonna bring JD
from sitting out in
the junkyard

to back to making money.

Gotta choke
the hell out of it, man.

Gas on, choke.

Yeah, let's choke.

They were empty.
They were very empty.

We're almost there,
gents. We're almost
freaking there.

Come on.

- Come on, baby!
- You can do it.

There it goes.

There it is.

- Wow, dude.
- Come on.


There it goes.

This thing really wants
to work, guys.
Look at that water flow.

- That's a lot
of water, dude.

I guess we could tell the
other crew, we got a dredge.

Yeah. Hell, yeah.
JD is gonna find us some gold.

You guys did
great today. They got the
dredge ready to go.

Now, all I need
is a diver in the water.

At House Rock,
Kayla's four men crew
is five hours

into their first tandem
dredge dive.

- Can you hear me?
- Yes.

I'm looking at gold.
There are rocks, people.


*bleep* yeah.

You've got a bottle
to put it in?

get a load of this stuff.

- That's a nice one,
isn't it?
- Yeah, it is, nice picker.

Oh, we've never
got gold
on the first of the mine site,

but these guys have been
busting ass.

They're definitely
on top of it.

Any time they get gold's
not a *bleep* day.

The gold is
a sign they're
already through the fill in,

and back to new rich ground.

- It's back
down to where it was.

Yeah. It's like back
to where we left off.
It's a 100 percent gold.


That's *bleep* great, dude.

- Go ahead and
come on out.
- Alright.

I'm coming.
I'm coming.

We need to check the sluice.

There might be
a piece right there.

Yeah, there is gold in it.

That's gold right there.

Yeah baby. *bleep*

There's another piece
right there, I see.

that's definitely a piece.

- Yeah, that's *bleep*.
- Yeah, that's a big piece.

- Whoo! Whoo!
- We weren't even
expecting to see gold today,

because we were just trying
to clean out
that flood material.

- See that piece
right there?
- Oh, yeah.

Gold feels good.

How's that for a welcome back?

*bleep* yeah.

Any gold from this
double dredge dive,
is a huge bonus.

To the other side!

As they spent most
of their dive
moving the flood infill.

Not seeing pickers.

The main goal today was
to open the hole back

to where it was and
mission accomplished.
We got all that *bleep*

- out there.
- Hey! That's a victory.

I was thinking,
when I first saw it,
I was like,

"Oh, it might take two days
to clear to it out." But we
got it done in one.

- So, that's good.
Back on track.
- And we got gold.

I just really hope
that Dustin will let us keep
that dredge over here.

'Cause I feel that's gonna
be a game changer.


You know for such a bad start,
it turned into
a really good day.

I mean, anytime we put gold
in the box is always
a good day so...

I'm thoroughly impressed.
This is a good spot.

This crew seems to be
pretty good. They're on
top of their game.

Kayla's crew hassuccessfully pioneered double diving

with just four crew.
And are back on the gold.

In the end,
it benefits everyone if
I got two divers in the water

and move more material.
We cleaned out
the entire hole.

All the flood debris is
out of there. So, now we can
have a fresh start tomorrow

and we're right back on track.

Up ahead...

I'm a bit nervous
to come back to the Chute.

Don't get hurt.

Oh, dude.
Do you see that *bleep*?

Run run!

Go, go, go...

Get out of there!

Today is a dive day.

And let's get to work.

Dustin's dream of
a million dollar pay day,

now relies on a dredge
cobbled together from scraps.

Huge day. Today is our first
dive in the Chute
for the year.

The rest of
the season starts today.

- Alright ready?
- Let's go.

Alright. Off you go.

He's put his last
dollar into
his biggest operation yet.

And needs
to see a return in gold.

I need the focus up.

Get to dredging,
find some gold
so we we can pay for this.

We won't be able to come back
next year if we
don't find enough gold.

Dive day one
on the Chute today.

We hope everything goes
smooth. We're working
with the junkyard dredge.

There's a lot of things
that can go wrong.
Lot of things.

Fire it up.

Open that valve over there.

You see if it's got
air coming out?

Oh, yeah. It's got air.

The junkyard dredge
is ready to go.

It is a patch up job.
It is dangerous.
It wasn't ever meant to run.

So, I'm taking a huge risk.
I'm not sure about it but

if that's what we gotta do,
there are no other options.

How's the hot water, hot?

Yeah! It's diveable. It's not
the best but
it's not horrible.

Huh! That will work. I guess.
That should work.

James has
volunteered for
the risky first dive,

on a bush engineered dredge
that's never been tested.

Just dig as deep down as you
can right here. But don't go
point down and hurt yourself.

- Got you.
- Alright.
Ready for our best?

- Yup.
- That's a lot of weight, dude.

You're gonna need it.

Little bit nervous to come
back to the Chute but
gotta get the job done.

I worry about rocks
falling down and junkyard
dredge and Mother Nature,

whatever she wants
to throw at me.

So, I'd like to...
get this thing done
and get outta here.

I think you'd be safe if you
hug that wall.

- Don't get hurt.
- Don't get hurt.
Don't die.

Don't die.


- Let's get him down.
- All cleared.

- Though we need to untie this,
there you go.
- Hey, help me.

I'm gonna let this go,
give you some slack.

Diver in the water.

How you doing?
Go check air?

Got air, got hot water.

- You got suction?
- Yeah,
got good suction.

Dustin's junkyard
dredge works for now.

But it needs to keep supplying
vital air and hot water
for James to find gold.

James's goal today
is to start off for a five
foot hole all the way across.

The Chute is the
narrowest spot
on McKinley Creek.

They must dredge beneath the
raging water, to uncover
a plunge pool in the bedrock.

That they believe
contains a pile of gold.

So, let's get all this *bleep*

all done,
all those step downs.

Right now, our total count
with gold is...

I've a hard spot,
the water
is pushing really hard.

Love it. It looks
like it's beating you up
right now even.

All the rock here is
looking good. He's starting
a good dig.

We're already-- All the
baskets we're pulling out.

This place is uh...
It's moving so quickly.
You have to be

a heavy rock or gold...

to stay in here.
So, this is where we wanna be.

So far James is
doing a good job.

He's getting a
lot of material out.

Dredge is looking good.
Very cute.

And the Chute right here is--
The gold is at the
very, very bottom.

So, anything that's on top
of that, has to come out.

You're not gold,
you gotta come out.

I think that basket,
I can't tell how full it is.

Coming up.

This is probably the most
amazing dig we've ever done.

And I hope,
with all my person,

that this is the
life changing hole right here.
That's what I want.

The amount of gold down
there that I hope is there.

It could be life altering
in a huge way.

Or it could be nothing.

If it's *bleep* empty,
I'll *bleep* cry
all the way home.

We don't have any gold.

I'll get suited up,
then we can find some gold.

After their first
successful dive
running two dredges,

Kayla's now expecting every
crew member
to pull double duty.

It's gonna be my first dive
for this season.

I'm definitely looking forward
to it. It's...
an amazing spot.

At 12 feet and back
on virgin ground,

Kayla's banking on two divers
and two dredges
cutting in half the time

it takes to get
to bedrock gold.

The gold's coming up
so high up on top.

That's a really good sign this
is a really good spot.
I mean it's set up perfect

for a perfect gold
drop out so...

I've got real high hopes for
finding some
pretty good gold today.

That's it.
Time to get in the water.

Today is Paul's first dive on
our crew, I've heard that
he's a really good diver

and he knows what he's doing.
So, I'm excited
to have him on our team.

With him and Scott both
in the water, I think we'll
get a lot moved today.

Fire it up.

Alright, alright, alright.

- Try it now.
- Oh, that's a lot better.

Come on, let's go.

Oh! It's cold water.

Scott, get your ass down here
and get to work.

I'm getting there.

Everything is set up.
You're good to go?

Good to go.

Alright. Here we go!

Man in the water.

Kayla's plan,
both divers will
follow the pay streak

down the creek wall
to the bedrock bottom

where they believe there
is a massive pile of gold.

There is a big ass rock.
Holy *bleep*.

How's the visibility
down there? It looks like
you guys have good water.

It's about two feet,
maybe two and a half.

It's alright.

I'm up for
this kind of dredging.
I don't have to move anywhere.

- This is Fred's
kind of dredging.
- Yeah, right?

Hey Paul, how you doing
down there?
Everything going good?

Do you feel like you're
back at home?

Oh *bleep* yeah.

It's so nice to be back.

Having Paul here
is definitely gonna help us

because we can move
more material

with two dredges running
and two divers at all times.

Hey, Paul, Paul!
Come here, come here,
come here.

- What do you got?
- Look right where
my light's pointing.

Oh, dude!

- You see it?
- Yeah. *bleep*

We have it.

Nice little picker.

Yeah. Yeah.

- Did you find a picker?
- Yup. Yeah.

I had high hopes for today
'cause yesterday we already
found pickers

when were doing the
flood debris so,
it should be a good day.

After dredging
the lose material,

and collecting the pickers
along the bedrock wall,

Scott and Paul get into
a new layer of rocks
at 13 feet.

There's plenty of rocks here
we can put the basket.

- Basket is
over the hole.
- Alright.

Wanna lower it down slowly?

Going down.

- Ready to go up?
- Yes.

Alright. Pull it up.

- All clear?
- All clear.

Alright, going up.

Alright there.
Now set it down slowly.

That's good.

- What the hell?

- Whoa! Watch out.
- Run, run, run!

Get up here, guys,
get up here!

- Divers up! Divers up!
- Go, go, go...

- Oh oh, I know who's
in the water.
- What?

My lucky miner,

At the Chute,
James's lucky
charm wants in on the action.

Oh, I touched this thing
and it went sproing!

I was like, what is that?

Ah! He just wants
to go dredging.

Save some more,
I think we're both gonna be.

Charlie, that's funny.

Alright. Going up.

At House Rock,
Kayla's mission to run
two divers on two dredges

is violently cut short.

- What the hell?
- Watch out! Watch out!

Whoa, whoa...

Run, run, run!
Get up here.

- Divers up! Divers up!
- Go, go, go...

Get out of there!

A landslide from
the 200 foot high cliffs,

has thrown a ton of deadly
rocks on to the miners
and film crew.

Oh my *bleep*. This is crazy.

That would have
killed someone.

- Everyone out.
- Everything in
Alaska wants to kill you.

Did anything hit you guys
down there?

Boulders came
rolling down
the side of the mountain.

There was no warning.
All of sudden it just came
crashing down.

Deadly rock fall
means calling the dive
at the worst possible time.

Just as they struck gold.

With all that stuff
coming down
to get the divers out,

call it short, I mean...

There's no gold worth dying
for. So if there's a
rock slide coming and

we gotta get out,
that's what we gotta do.

Live to dive another day.

Feel like we're
getting somewhere today.

- That sounds good to me.
- Yeah.

After four hours
diving of the
junkyard dredge,

James has gotten them
four feet closer to the
finish line at the bedrock.

This basket's awesome.

You could get into the basket
with the big rocks if you
wanted to.

- Do you know where
the bedrock edge is?
- Yes.

On the downstream side
or the upstream?

Downstream... I can go over
to the wall and
follow it down.

But I got pretty good
hole going.

I think we're done.

Let's get him up for now.
Let's get him up.

Hey James,
we're gonna bring you up.

- Your dive is finished.
- Copy that.

I dug a hole
didn't I? Wow!


- Good dive.
- Yeah, I felt like
I did a lot.

- It looked like
you did a lot.
- I got about four feet deep.

Four feet alright.
I'll take that.

You see me when I came up?
I had to go up a mountain.

- Oh wow.
- Yeah.

First dive in the Chute.

I pulled out
a ton of material.

I dug a hole in the roughest
spot that you can
dig in so far.

It's a great day.
I mean, I'm excited to be
down here at the Chute again.

Junkyard dredge's
working good.

Winch is working good.
Heat is good.

It's a great day.

It'll be good when we have
some gold, it'll happen here
pretty soon.

Day one, beautiful,
complete, success.

We're back at the Chute.
The Chute is what's
gonna pay off.

I guarantee it.

After half a season
of setbacks,

Dustin's crew is finally
making great progress
at the Chute,

the site he believes is the
holy grail in their
hunt for gold.

You guys did great today.
The Chute will get done
this year.

We got to dig it.

If no one's been down there,
we're all about to be rich.

Good dive, man.

At House Rock,
after a rockslide

nearly took out
their operation.

That could have
been really bad.

Dude that's some crazy
rock slide there.

The miners risk
a quick check
in the sluice box.

Turn that one all the way off.

I see gold already.

Holy *bleep* y'all!

Four pickers
down there. There's one there.
It's all over.


- That's nice.
- It's in there.

Look at all this
up here still.

You have
to get the pickers out.

That's a good
little pile right there.

We're killing it
down there too, dude.
Look at that.

It's great. That's a good day.

- Good *bleep*.
- Yeah, it is.

- Whoa, whoa, whoa.

- Is that a rock?
- I think that's where they
were coming down from.


You can see where they
creamed everything
on the way down.

I think y'all need to
go look at the other dredge.

Roll the dice and walk
to that side of the creek.

Be careful.

- Whoa whoa whoa.
- It's all over the back.

- Oh! That's a big one.
- Holy *bleep* yeah!

That's *bleep*
exciting right there.

I never saw that piece either.

But the amount of gold that we
just got for the area that
we actually dredged...

That is some rich ground.
That is some very rich ground.

Kayla's gutsy
decision to run two dredges

with just four people
has paid off.

Kayla's doing a really
good job. She's more

than any of us
on this dredging.

The dive may
have been cut short,
but her plan is working.

And they are on
the best gold yet.

I can't wait to see
bedrock. Bedrock's
gonna be loaded.

We find that bottom valley
or that right track--

Dude, it's gonna be loaded.

- We're gonna be pulling up
nuggets bigger than that.
- I hope so.

For me, coming in fresh
and seeing gold in the
first dive is just...

that's amazing.

Running two dredges, we were
just able to move so much
more material

even in a shorter amount
of time. We don't know
how deep bedrock is yet.

We haven't hit bedrock at all
so to be finding gold like
this, that's a good sign.

On the next,
Gold Rush: White Water...

Right now, we're failing.

No hot water.
Diver's got no hot water.

Fire, fire...



that shiny stuff.

We have a hose
and it's so flimsy.

That's all we can get
ahold off right now.

We're gonna have
to take their hose. That's it.

Don't drop it,
whatever you do.

What's the chances of me
falling and really
hurting myself?

Oh, holy *bleep*!

Yeah, Dustin.

That's not good.

We've blown a lot of gold out.

I keep telling him
to stop digging down and
he won't stop.

It fills the death trap.

Oh, my *bleep*!

We're back on the gold!