Gold Rush: White Water (2018–…): Season 5, Episode 6 - Boiling Point - full transcript

Fred celebrates his 78th birthday by diving for gold. Kayla's crew is on a hot streak, but their luck runs out as tensions between crew members reach a boiling point.

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
It's a beautiful day
to be a gold miner in Alaska.

How are you doing,


What do you mean?
I'm in the river.

At House Rock,
Kayla's crew are riding high

after finding the first
gold of the season.

Okay. Are you clear?


Oh, nozzle out of the water,
nozzle out of the water.

There goes our gold.
We got a blow out.

Eric, try not to take
the nozzle out of the water

because it sprays out
the back of your sluice
when you do that.

It shoots a jet and you
could blow some gold out.

We just got
to be extra careful.

I don't really
need a lecture right now.

up and do what you're told,

You know what?

this is going to get

Come on, Eric.
Come on.

Do what you're

- Relax.
Hey, hey, hey.


Hey, hey, take
the water off the of him.

It's always
my theory, you've got

to give a little bit
of blood to get some gold.

Holy dude!

I just don't want it
to smash us like a damn bug
at the bottom of this water.

How many
78-year-olds go out
and celebrate

by going diving in a raging
creek looking for gold?

Look, why are you
trying to nit-pick everything
I'm doing underwater?

Well, I don't care
if you're just
comfortable here.

You won't believe this.

I'm bringing you a nugget.

I know
there's more in there.

We're going to get them
all today. Oh, [bleep]!
Look at that.

We got gold.

We're finding gold,
so that's all we can ask for.

Okay, what if I what
if I wind up
in the middle of it?

Well, that's going to
suck for you, man.

High in the Chilkat Mountains
after hanging up

his own dive suit,
legendary miner, Fred Hurt,

is helping son, Dustin,
tackle his most
ambitious season yet.

All right,
so we're doing this?


So, I'm going
to turn around,
do a little aerial dynamic.

Here we go.


The boys are going
to have to be on their game,
and girl.

Good luck today.

This year,
Dustin gambled everything

on a brand new dive site,
House Rock.

Let's do this.

Convinced there's a fortune
in gold here,

he's doubled down investing
in a second dredge
and a new crew

led by dredging expert,
Kayla Johanson.

I'm excited to see
what we have in the box
at the end of the day

because I know
there's going to be
gold in it.

Last week...

We got gold.
Got gold, man.

Her crew found
the first gold of the season.

We got picker.

Surprising everyone
by beating Dustin to it.

Well, that's good.


Dustin's crew is more
motivated than ever

to put gold in their
own sluice box.

That thing is huge.

Looks to me like
it's counterbalanced
right on the very

- edge right there.
- It does look like it.

Is it good to go?

Yeah, I don't want
to frickin dig where that
fricking rock's over us.

But I think
you're going to have
to spend some more

breaking it up
and getting it out

of the hole before a diver
gets in that thing.

So we have
this huge rock
and it's teetering right

over the top of our dig,
and it's being undermined
every day by the water.

Last dive,
they attached a cable
as a short-term fix,

but strong currents
have undermined
the rock even more.

If this thing goes
and you're down there,

that's your burial
spot right there.

Until the rock
is removed, Dustin puts
a stop on diving for gold.

It's just too
dangerous to go down there.

Fred, do you mind
making some charges up?

All right.

So, James, if you put
on some waders and grab
the underwater drill...


We'll get it
under the water line
and really load it up,

man, one piece at a time.

Don't think about
it as a giant rock.

Think about it as a bunch
of little rocks that
you've got to crack.

- You up to it?
- I'm up to it, man.

- Thanks, man.
- I'll get rid of it.

Thank you.

Before a diver
can safely get back
on the hunt for gold,

Dustin plans to use rock
blasters to break up
the deadly Widowmaker.

He's going to need
a bunch of stuff.

Make sure
they're good and clean.

Thank you, Fred.

Thank you.

We'll get it all...

It's not fast.
You don't need to be fast.

They need to--
They need to be right.


You have to use a little bit
of panache and a little bit
of southern engineering.

While Fred
prepares the blasters,

James drills 12-inch
holes into the rock.

How many boosters?


All right, don't
forget to put a rock on it.


Fire in the hole.


It's -- there,
there are cracks

it's just I can't get
it to go through.

These splitters,
they work great on granite

but not so much on shale,
and that is a big shale rock.

Shale has got
lots of planes in it.

Granite is mostly just a big,
solid rock.

Blasters work
by sending an electrical
current to the charges

causing them to expand
rapidly in a confined space
and break up the rock.

But if a boulder
is cracked or fissured,
the blast force dissipates

and can't generate
enough pressure
to crack the rock.

The softer the rock,
the harder it is to split.

Drill some more.

Try to figure it out.

Do better.

right here then.

Okay.Maybe I'll pop that rock.


Small sections.

I don't care
how many blasts it takes,
I don't care how many

barges it takes,
this thing has to get
out of my life.

Small pieces, let's blow it.

Get it gone.

Thank you.

For his next attempt,
James drills holes

into the lower side
of the rock,

hoping to undermine
it from the base.

One day
it's going to go off really
well and just surprise

the out of everybody.

When they pop,
they really pop.

Fire in the hole!

Did they both go off?

It didn't do
any damage.

Doesn't matter.

It's a waste of time.

That's what
the this is.

Across the creek...

I'm energized
about today,
I'm ready to get rolling.

Kayla's crew
is fully prepped for their
first dive of the week.

I think
we're going to have
a good day today.

We're going
to crush it today.

Scott is in the water.

Strongest diver we've got.

Marine veteran,
Scott Allen, will investigate
whether Kayla's gold

find was a fluke
or the start of a consistent
pay streak.

I'm going for at least
6 hours.

I'm going to put
in a good long time.

I'm going to get
a lot of material moved.

And Lord willing,
I'm going to load that box

with gold by the end
of the day.

Today's going to be
a good day.

I'm going to do
a perimeter check
first as always.

Copy that, good, man.

Enjoy that hot water.

I'm sort of envious.

How's your visibility?
Pretty good?


Their plan,
continue dredging down
the gold rich pay streak

that Kayla discovered
at 7 feet last week.

On the other side,
Dustin's crew will work
through rocks

and boulders looking
for a pay streak
of their own.

Somewhere around
20 feet deep,
close to the bedrock base,

they'll combine the two holes
where they hope
to find the motherlode,

a haul of gold
worth millions.

There's a lot
of loose stuff here.

All right,
where's the basket at?

To your left.

Bring it down, please.

I think
this is the first day

we got in the water
before the veterans.

We're doing good.

We're gonna get
some gold today.

Hey, Scott,
you got a copy?


Hey, man,
what does it look like
down there right now,

moving a lot of stuff around?

Dude, I got a little
bit of, uh, basket rocks
down here, not much.

And, and then I got--
let me count them out
here for you all, okay?

I got one, two,
three, four, five,

six, seven, eight,

nine and ten big boulders.

I got nothing but big-ass
boulders down here now.

It sucks.

It's a boulder
field down here.

I'm stuck.

Until they can
get past the boulder field,

their path down to the pay
streak is blocked.

I got an idea.
I think this big boulder
right here

is actually the keystone
that's blocking them all in.

I can dredge around it,
but I'm just going to have
to muscle this

out of the way.

Then we can wrench
the rest of the boulders
out from there.

Scott hopes
if he can use brute
strength to force

out the biggest
of the problem boulders,

the rest will be loose
enough to be hauled
out on the choker.

I'm almost ready.

All right, grab the choker.

Super long one,
short one.

How big is this

Pretty big.

Are y'all ready?

I'm good.

She's going,
she's going,
and it's double choked,

so it ain't going off.

Oh yeah, that's
sexy stuff.

Good job, man.

That thing came right out,
didn't have no issues at all.

It's on.

Is the hole clear?

the hole is clear.

All right, well,
that's the safest place
for me to be.

Wow, that left a
hole down here.

Holy [bleep]!
I got a bunch that
I can dredge now.

What was underneath
of that deposit rock?

we're in business,
y'all, we in business.

You won't believe this.

Rock is beating me.

At House Rock,
while Dustin's crew battles

a deadly Widowmaker
above ground...

Oh, I got a bunch
that I can dredge now.

Scott has won
his underwater battle
with a massive boulder.

What was underneath of it?

You won't believe this.

Oh, we're in business,
y'all, we in business.

I'm bringing you a nugget.

Give me your hand, bro.


He found a nugget
laying in the bottom
of the creek.

That's what's up.

I know there's more in there.

We're going to get
them all today.

I'm going to make
a gold tooth with this.




We got our first nugget.

He just picked
a nugget off
of the bottom by hand.

Hell, yeah,
I wish we were.

I wish a lot
of things right now, man.

Until Dustin's crew
deal with a huge
Widowmaker threatening

their dive hole,
no one can dredge for gold.

We've wasted
so much time on this thing.

Yeah, I understand.

Losing my damn mind.

You know what?
- What.

If you can drill
into there where
it's got water now, I wonder.

That's what
I've been hoping for.

We've got to come up
with some idea because
all we're doing

is breaking up boulders,
which is not paying anything.

Let's try again, shall we?

You know what?

I put on waders
and I'll do the water trick
and all that.

Dustin's new plan,
pour water
into the drill holes

to fill the cracks
and amplify the blast force.

All right, all clear.

Everybody ready?

Three, two, one.

That was a good blast, dude.

That was good.

A successful blast,

but the bulk of the rock
is still intact.

This rock has turned into a,
a project now.

Luckily, we've got
a pretty good supply
of these things.

I just hope
we still have some left
when we get down deep

and we actually need them.

Three, two, one.

See it,
the whole thing cracked,
nothing to it,

won't come apart.

Nothing happening
in five, four, go.

Try another one?

Yeah, I hate this rock.

Me and this rock,
we're not friends.

I need to find some gold
and you're in my way.

Don't you want to godownstream with all your buddies?

Hoping to speed
things up,

Dustin turns to a less
conventional approach.

It doesn't have
to be this way.

We can fight all day,
all week long.

You can try to kill us
by falling on top of us.

But I'd rather you just
crumble up and I'll send
you on your way,

you pile up,
hang out with your buddies.

It'll be fun.

he's taking his frustration
out on that rock.

It literally seems,
man, that that rock
is getting

the best of Dustin, man.

Why has it got
to be like this?

Thank you.
Well, I don't care

if you're just
comfortable here.

You wrecked

part of my week,
making it dangerous
for me and my guys.

Three, two, one.

Whoo. That was good.

I'm going a little
crazy, but that's all right.

Three, two, one,
it's cracked right now,

but it doesn't do anything.

With nearly a full day lost,
Dustin is getting desperate.

James, I thought
we'd get this done,

I don't think we gonna.

How about we take turns
with a sledge hammer
for about 10 minutes each?

Take out our
frustration on this thing.

I wanna watch eyes.

Let's have
a frustration smash party.

Desperate times,
desperate measures.

Find the biggest rock
you can and just start
hitting it with a hammer.

Something will happen.

You will either wear out
or the rock will be gone.

What a rock, man.

One more shot
on the bottom
and that piece

is fixin' to go,
that big one's going to go.

The big one,
it's a big one.

I'm done.

I'm done. Done.

Dustin now faces
a critical decision,

continue battling time
and the massive boulder

or risk it all diving
in its shadow.

That's enough of that

It's ridiculous.

James and I committed ourselves
to trying to get

that rock down today.

We only made it about halfway.

I feel defeated,
but I got nothing left for it.

We got to dive, we got to dig.

Take our chances.

I'm over this.

Across the creek,
Scott calls time
on an epic dive.

I think
that puts you
at the longest dive so far,

almost 6 hours.

I can't wait to see this.

Let's see what we got here.

So, yeah,
have you seen the movement,
gold or anything?

Not yet.

We got gold.

Look at that.

Look at all that

Scott's haul
is more evidence that
they're on to a proven

pay streak and a sure sign
they're heading towards
a monster payday on bedrock.

It doesn't matter
how your day goes.

When you see that,
that makes everything
a lot better.

I'm so happy.

We seem to be
having really good luck now,
and we're finding gold,

so that's all we can ask for.

You guys were
rolling today, man,
good for you.

You guys are finding
your speed, man, it's good.

We're finding our groove.


That's just today.

You guys.

That's just the big stuff.

There's small stuff
in the box.

What's funny
is you guys got
so much energy,

you got so much to prove
that y'all are going
to outdo us so fast

because we've been
doing it so long.

I think
it's great, man.

Y'all are going to make
my crew step up
their game and me too.

I love it.

Up ahead.

Look like
I'm turning 78.

We don't want
to kill him on his dive.

Come on up, Fred.

Fred, come on up.

Take the water
off the of him.

At McKinley Creek,
It's a big day.

It looks like today,
ahh, look like I'm turning 78.

That's one thing.

Happy birthday, Fred.

Thank you.

Come on.

It's Fred's
birthday and he's celebrating
the only way he knows how.

One hell of a day.

How many 78-year-olds
go out and celebrate
by going diving

in a raging creek
looking for gold?

I do.

Fred will need all his two
decades diving experience

to complete the dive safely.

After the crew failed
to break up the deadly

that's still hanging
over their dive site.

So we're going
to have to tend him
a little bit tighter than

we normally do.
I'm scared of that rock,
so a little afraid for Fred.

The six,
eight-foot boulder there,

I'm going to look at that
thing real careful.

It's a serious situation.

You're ready for this?

Damn right, let's do it.

Water's beautiful.

Look rough.



That's the easiest
I've ever done that.

He got air.
All right.

It's good.

Diver in!

All right,
Fred, you're swimming.


All right...

Let's check all this
stuff out first.

A lot of small stuff
down here.

it's a high, it's a high
flow area, so it, uh--

What it does is it,
it fills up every night.


this is some of that
faster water,

that's just all there
is to it.

You're in the middle
of a whirlpool.

Fred's goal,
get past the infill,
then get Dustin's crew

deep enough to find
a pay streak of their own.

Hey, he's starting
to clear off
all the kitty litter,

get a few of the rocks
out of the way.

Boy, that thing is sucking
like crazy,
sucking like crazy.

I spent half my time

off the end of the nozzle.

Carlos or James,
do you guys smell

some weird burning?

something's on fire

It smells like paper burning.

What the is that?

Exhaust hose,
it's about to catch on fire.

The hot water
system is overheated,
threatening to send

scalding steam down
to Fred's dive suit.

Hey Fred,
hey Fred, come on up,

come on up, Fred.

Come on up, come on up, Fred.

Diver up.

you've got to come
up, Fred, we're going to--

Fred, come on up.

I'm coming up.

Take the water
off of him.

Take the water
off of him, James.
Take the water off of him.

Got it.

what was all that about?

Yeah, it lost prime.

And that thing,
when it steams, it gets hot.

The diver's
hot water system
lost suction,

letting air into the heating
chamber where
it's supercharged

and turned to steam,
which could have burnt
Fred alive in his dive suit.

Luckily, it's a simple fix.

This primes the engine.

You get water in there
and all that good stuff,
makes the engine go round.

And Fred
can get back
on the hunt for gold.


Now, we've got it.

Across the creek...

Sunshine, it got hot.

over here.

Come on, man.

Who are you
yelling at?


Crew boss,
Kayla, is looking to continue
her crew's hot streak.

So far,
Scott has our longest
dive of the season.

So today, I'm either
going to try
to match it or beat it.

We shall see.

CommBox is dead,
no power going to it at all.

All right,
let's try it again.

our CommBox is dead.

Hey, try that.

Dude, we have no power.


We have no power.

Look, when you turn
the on switch on,

you get power.

It's like start
with the simplest thing first,
it's like diagnosing a car,

how does the sparkplug look?

Is the on switch on?

Yeah, now it's fixed.

Life is good.
Amazing what an
on button does.

All right,
you still have one
loop back here.

I know.
I've left the air out of
my suit.

Kayla's mission,
follow the pay streak
they've identified

beside the sloping
bedrock wall,
then dredge down

towards the gold trap
at the lowest point
in the bedrock.

what's your visibility
like down there?

It's actually
pretty good.

I can see a good 6 feet away.

Think you're kicking ass
down there, girl.

I just saw a gold flake.

You just saw
a gold flake,
is that what you said?



And another one.

Minutes into your drive
and you're already

seeing gold,
that's a damn good
day right there.

- What'd you get?
- She saw gold already.

Across the creek...

He's doing
pretty good actually.

On his
78th birthday
Fred Hurt is hunting

for a pay streak
of his own.

It looks like
he's put some good
material over the sluice box

and he's rigging some
good rocks.

Fred's doing good today.

I'll tell
you what, you know,
the hole is probably

starting to open up
just a little bit.

Hey, Fred,
you're starting to get
a familiar noise that,

that means that your
regulator is starting to get
stopped up from little rocks.

Kind of weird
noise in the microphone.

It's not
the microphone, man.

It's, uh, it'll be the air.

That's your air,
'cause it's not
coming out right.

We might have to take
a look at your regulator,

Oh, okay.

Well, every once
in a while,
it doesn't do it all the time.

Dustin may
be in charge,

but Fred only takes orders
from Fred.

Hey, Fred,
you're playing with fire
with this thing, man.

Oh, yeah?

Yeah, cause
it'll suck tight to your face
where you can't blow out.

It's not bothering me.

No, real soon
you won't be able to blow
out of your mask, Fred.

And it won't let you exhale
in a little bit,
and it'll happen so quick.

It's something
we have to watch.
He's on his 78th birthday.

We don't want
to kill him on his dive.

The regulator
controls the flow of air
in and out of the mask.

When fine material
gets inside it,
it blocks it up,

making it impossible
to breathe.

be on point,
if you've got to yank him

the out,
if he can't breathe.

He may not be able
to exhale soon.

Before you know,
it's going to go...


Diver up,
that's the air, get him.

Diver up, get him.

At House Rock,
78-year-old Fred Hurt
is 10 feet deep

and unable to breathe.

Get him.

Get him up
to a place where
he can breathe.

Okay, don't die.
Don't die.

Fred's second
close call brings his 3-hour
birthday dive to a close.

All right, Fred,
we've got Dustin behind you
and they're going

to undress you.

Good job, Fred.
Good job.

Happy birthday, Fred.

Thank you.

You moved
a lot of material.

Holy crap.

It felt like a fairly
good dive and there
was a lot of--

There's just a ton
of rocks down there.

There's a ton.

How deep
do you think you got?

I probably put
it back down a foot
more than what it was.

That looks like
a piece jammed in there.

Maybe not,
maybe not, false alarm.

Like the old man
struck out on his
birthday, man.

I was hoping to get
something or another.

Anything good?


Still too high, ehh?

No gold,
but in one short dive, Fred
has cleared out the infill

and taken them another
crucial foot closer
to the jackpot at bedrock.

I'll tell you what,
it's, uh, it was a good day,

good way to celebrate
a birthday.

I'm curious to see
what they got

at the end of the day.

Across the creek...

The longest dive
I've ever done.

Kayla comes up
just short on her attempt
to break Scott's

6-hour diving record.

Let's see
what you've got.

I didn't see
any pickers when I was under.

I got my eyes set
right on that one.
Yeah, look at that.

Is that our biggest one?

crew's hot streak continues.

They found gold
in three straight dives
and are now three

feet further down
the bedrock wall,

heading down towards
the gold trap

and what could be
a life changing payday.

We're getting pickers
every single day,
every day is gold.

I was able to pick
up 10 chunky pieces of gold,

so we're still
on the gold line,

we're still in that
pay streak.

So, it should just keep
getting better
and better every day.

Back at camp...

Hey, Fred,
what's going on, man?

A final
toast to Fred's birthday.

Another damn
birthday party.

Oh, [bleep]!

You're not
going to believe this,
but they happen every year.


Carlos's son
made you a cake.

Udi is doing it again.

Udi made
a cake for you.

Oh, my God,
look at that.

Holy cow!

That's incredible.

You've got
your gold nugget in there,

it looks like a marlin
coming out of the water.

That's an old
golden nugget, Fred.

Oh, right.

Did you find
that today?


Let's put some--
let's put some candles
on here, Fred, I mean...

Gee whiz.

One for each--
One for each decade.

Eight on there.

Eric had the right idea,
one for every decade.

- Yeah, right.
Close enough.

Whoo! And a whole lot more!

♪ And many more ♪

In the year of COVID,
I won't blow on the cake.

Yeah, all right.

I'm hungry,
anybody want a piece of cake?

All right, cake.

Oh, my figure
does not love cake
and I lost 25 pounds,

so I'm trying
to keep that off.

Oh, my [bleep],
just work harder.

You'll burn it off
tomorrow in the water.

One thing
about it, it's all
the memories that you,

we're going to be
making out here,
you'll remember

it for the rest of your life.

I think you're going
to really do well this year.

All right.

Y'all, thank you.
All right.

Thank you.

I've been out
here for 17 years.

I always made enough
gold to just keep
coming back every year.

It's been a thrill
of a lifetime.

My stuff all done.

All right, Fred,
let's get you
to the airport, man.

Yeah, man.

it was good hanging
out with you.

Hey, same here.

Thanks for your help, man.

I'm glad that things
are working out.

Hey, they're finding
gold over there.

They are finding gold.

I think we have to be deeper.

the potential is there
to find a lot of gold.

I think
you're going to get it.

Good luck.

we've got a long way
to go to get out of here.

So, let's get you
to the airport.

Okay, yeah,
appreciate the drive.

I'll be back at some
time or another.

Ready, Freddy?

Yes, sir, let's go.

All right,
let's get out of here.

Yeah, we'll make
it to the airport in time,
I'm pretty sure.

Up ahead...

up and do what you're told.

Hey, mother

You know what...

This is gonna
get interesting.

He just ripped it off.


While Dustin
takes Fred to the airport,
both crews head down

to the dive site,
eager to put gold in the box.

It's a beautiful day
to be a gold miner in Alaska.

- You ready?
- Yeah.

Eric was one of the last
crew to join

and is preparing
for just his third dive.

Good morning, Alaska.

He brings
two decades of diving

but this is his first season
dredging for gold.

I feel good.

I'm going to go
diving today.

she was on a pay streak,

so I'm hoping to get down
a few more feet today

and we can pull out some
damn gold.

We've got
Eric going in the water today.

It's going to be great.

He's going to move
some more material,
put some gold in the box.

Tonight we're going
to celebrate
when we clean it out.

He's going to do a great job.

Team Johanson!

Have a good dive.


You ready to rock, brother?

Go get some done, huh.

Have a good dive, dude.

This is exactly
what I love to do.

I never need a girlfriend
again because
I'm so in love with this.

Got a diver
in the water
on the other side.

This is a record day for them.

Awesome, man.

Across the creek,
Dustin's crew
is playing catch up.

They probably
have it over there
in their barrel.

They're pretty bad
about taking our stuff
and they may be out too.

- I don't know.
- Hey, we need tape.

Throw it here
and we'll throw it back.


Whoa! Whoa!

Oh [bleep]!

Are you all right, man?

Make me wipe out.

Wes, come on, bro.

that's a little bit off
level there.

Holy dude.

that's my fault, I should
have thrown that better.

I shouldn't have
tried to catch it.

It's always
my theory you've got
to give a little bit

of blood to get some gold.

Oh, dude.

makes me not
want to dive, man.

It's been
a painful two months
for the crew.

And the only remedy
at this point is gold.

Get some gold,
man, hand in some gold.

Yeah, yeah.

I've given enough...
blood to this place.

We need to find some...

The payoff is not there yet.

Good to go.
Good to go.

Good to go, all right.

All right, man,
let's have a great dive today.

I'll do my best dive.
I'll do my best.

That's all you can do, man.

This is ugly dirt man,
ugly dirt.

Lots of dirt.

I think that's all
just coming off the side
of the hill

right here actually.

Ugly freaking dirt,

It's frustrating as
hell because it's all

If they
can't clear their hole
faster than

the current's filling it in,
they'll never make
it down to the gold.

All right,
let's get rid of this basket,

Copy that,
basket coming up.

you've got it man.
Coming up.

Copy that, coming up.

whoa, whoa, your winch.

Holy [bleep],
look at the winch.

But that's not
even that heavy a load.

Boy, it smells burnt.

That thing stinks.

Look at this.

It's melted,
I could smell it.

I believe
it's an electronic issue.

I'm afraid our only
option is to go back
and grab one of our

old winches and bring
it down here and put on it.

But that won't happen today.

Are you sure
it's no go?

We're a no go.

I can't get it to do anything.

So what we're
thinking is we might have
to use y'all's winch...


[Wes]... because
we've got piles of rocks,
we can't get anywhere at all.

Wes' temporary fix,
run double duty,
with divers Eric

and Carlos taking turns
on the winch.

We just have
to get some teamwork
going here on both sides

and try to do this...

True that. True that.

But double
duty for the winch
means double duty for Scott,

who's on basket detail.

I got two
baskets to dump
instead of just one.

Our winch has been
having problems.

Their winch damn near
just caught on fire,

so we'll get it worked out.

Today, it is just going
to be a whole lot
of suck it up,

buttercup, get the
to work.

All right,
this basket's good to go.

Copy that.
I'll let them know.

First load, Carlos.

Can you just
relay maybe to half
load 'em,

not quite that full.

She was saying
maybe if you could just
have him not fill it as much.

I've unloaded way
worse than that.

you haven't worked with us
long enough

to see what the
Carlos puts in that basket.

Okay, come up.

Next up, Eric.

Pretty unstable,
but go ahead and pull it.

I'm out of the way.

Eric, you hear me?

Can you please
not loop choker up
through the hook like that?

All right,
just told you guys,
before you lifted it,

it was pretty unstable.

Please don't do that, bud.

All right, please,
let's pull another,
this basket is good to go.

Carlos is already waiting
on the next lift.

basket is getting out
of your way.

You betcha.
Thank Kayla.

Look at the positive,
got to come up.

Scott's just
shaking his head.

That would
have been nice to know.

We've got a diver down there.

It'd be great know
if there was a rock choke too.

Did you say something?

I hear a bunch
of whining down there.

Don't start yelling at us.
We'll take your

basket away from you
and you're going to be
moving rock by hand.

It'd be nice
to know...

yell at us, you hear me.

piss me off,
you just keep that up.

Oh, he's throwing
a hissy fit now.

How are you
doing, Eric?


What do you mean?
I'm in a river.

This river is filled
with rocks.

This is a popular spot
for rocks.

I can't listen to him talk.

He doesn't shut the
up and work.

Come on up.

do you choke that?


That's a basket rock.

Grow a pair of balls
and put it in the basket,

He's not moving
material, so

waste of my
damn time.

Get that mother
out of here.

He chokes rocks that
I can pick up
and move.

Hello, that's a basket rock,
dumbass, put in a
basket, quit wasting my time.

Pull up
on this rock a little bit.

Going up,
another one?

Looking for it.
Okay, there you go.

- You got it.
Okay, are you clear?

Yeah, take it away.

Oh, nozzle out of the water.
Nozzle out of the water.

We got a blow out.

There goes our gold.

Now we're
blowing gold out
of the box

'cause he don't want
to listen to anybody.

He lifted the nozzle
right up and out
of the water

and sprays our
gold out of the box.

Eric, try not
to pick the nozzle out
of the water because

it sprays out the back
of your sluice
when you do that.

It shoots a jet
and you could blow
some gold out.

Trying to get
it pinned down and I got
caught in the current.

By letting
the dredge nozzle
go above the water,

Eric has let air
through the hose,

creating a powerful jet
across the sluice box,

potentially blowing
gold down the river.

I'm going
to give you a rock.

Okay, there you go.

You got it.

Okay, are you clear?

Yeah, take it away.

Did it again.
You're hooked on your nozzle.

Take him out,
Take him the out,

blowing gold
out of the box, man.

You got to watch
where your nozzle is.

And that just had another
blowout because
the rock hit the nozzle.

We just got to be
extra careful about
this stuff because

when we have gold
in the box,
that blows the gold out.

I don't really
need a lecture right now.

You just shut the up
and do what you're told.

Hey, mother [bleep],
you know what?

I guess Eric's mad now,

this is gonna get

Just do it, man.

He just ripped it off.

Come on, Eric,
come on.

It's okay.
I wasn't getting mad at you,
I was just letting you know.

He's not in charge.
He doesn't need to be talking
to people like that.

Hey, hey, hey.

I don't really need
a lecture right now.

up and do what you're told.

Hey [bleep], you know what?

At House Rock,
tension between crew
members, Scott and Eric,

has reached boiling point.

I ain't dealing
with that dude.

"Do what you're told."

I grew up in the

Ain't nobody playing no

Why are you trying
to nit-pick everything

doing underwater?

How many times I
give you directions
while you're underwater?


I let you do your job.

It was,
it was uncalled for
and you can't disrespect--

We've got to work together.

That's not right.
That's not right.

Corner of the rock
I was lifting bounced off
of another rock,

came back into the nozzle
and it floated the nozzle.

I said I did move the nozzle.

I really don't need
an explain--

Really don't need a lecture
right now.

And, and that's
when Scott came over
the comms and said,

"Shut the up
and do what you're told,"
and that doesn't

work for me.

That doesn't work
for me at all.

I grew up in the hood.

That's some
that end up in the street,

somebody gets smoked over.

That don't work for me at all.

I've walked out of jobs
for less and I'll walk
out of this one.

What's going
on with all the drama, dude?

dude, how was it?

I just
needed a basket,
man, holy moly.

How did the material look?

I know you saw

The further
I was going out,
the better the materials get,

was like nuggets of material.

The end
of Carlos' dive marks
the crew's

sixth week without
finding gold.

Just hang
in there, dude.

We'll get gold, bro.
We'll get gold.

Back at camp...

Is this--
is this you leaving
for good or...

He has no control
over his mouth.

We've already learned that.

I've seen it twice.

It's not going to be a
third time,
and I'm not going

to give him the opportunity
for there to be a third time.

Status quo
is not acceptable for me.

He's leaving.

He just told me he's leaving.

How about you
stew on it and think about it?

Listen, listen,
I don't want you to leave.

It's not
a light decision, bro.
All right.

It's not a light decision.

On the next
Gold Rush, Whitewater.

Apparently Eric has quit.

The only reason Scott
is still here is because
Kayla spoke up for him.

If it were up to me,
he'd be gone right now.

All right, as of now,
we are rocking
two divers at once.

Fire in the hole.

What the hell!

Just want to dive.