Gold Rush: White Water (2018–…): Season 5, Episode 5 - Groundbreaking Gold - full transcript

Fred opens the door to a new site. After a bust-up with Fred, Kayla makes a discovery that will change the course of their entire season.

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
Hey, Fred!
- Hey!

Take a look at this guy.

Ooh, what is that?

This is the coolest little
thing you ever saw.

So it's an underwater drone.

- That's exactly what it is.
- That is awesome, Fred.

- You got 4
- K cameras on it,

lights, all kinds
of stuff on it.

- You wanna go check it out?
- See what we can do with it.

High in Alaska's
Chilkat Mountains,

Fred Hurt has a new
underwater drone.

- Watch you don't slip.
- Yep.

That could
open the door to a sight
he and son Dustin

have dreamt about
for over a decade.

Now that
is something else.

McKinley Falls,

a colossal,
80-foot waterfall,

contains the biggest
gold catch on Dustin's claims.

It's intimidating as hell.
- Yep.

I can't wait to do it.

This big
waterfall has been
my goal from the start.

The reason I bought this place
is because of that waterfall.

The way the rumor
is around town...

there's still a huge
payload down there,
at about 40 feet.

- The thing is massive!
- Yeah.

In the early 1900s,

pioneering gold miners
built an enormous flume

to divert McKinley Falls.

The old-timers dug down
40 feet into the plunge pool,

but were flooded out before
they could hit bedrock.

In total, they found
4,500 ounces of gold,

worth over $9 million today.

They only worked
on it like two weeks,
pulling stuff out of it.

We suspect the flood
hit 'em, and they never
finished that waterfall.

And there's probably
still tons of gold in
the bottom of that thing.

To divert the
300,000 gallons
per minute of water

that crash over
McKinley Falls
may take years

and cost hundreds
of thousands of dollars.

But Fred's underwater drone

could prove that a person
can survive diving
into the deadly pool.

So, Fred, you wanna try out
this drone in this water?

let's try it out!

And we'll know
what we're dealing with.

Come on, buddy. Fly.

Come on, baby!

There it goes! Yeah!


This is cool, man.

That is a cool machine, huh?

- Really cool.

A little bit
of current going there,

just keep it around the edge
if you've got a choice.

All right, hold on.

Gettin' right
at the edge of
the bubbles, man.

Can we do a
little sweep back over

in that direction
over there with it?

If you get right directly
under that waterfall...

Hey, wait, wait,
the water's pulling it in.

It's gettin' its ass kicked.

- Pull it in, Fred,
pull it in!
- I got it.

It got into the zone
and it was just yankin' it in.

- Started to-- I--
I couldn't stop it.

You wanna
stay on the bottom

and creep out
towards the waterfall?

Oh, I get it!
This really goes down.

There it goes! Ho-ho!

Easy now, diving deep!

You have a reading
on there of any kind?

About 9 feet deep,
right there...

at the plunge pool.


The turbulence
looks very intimidating
from the top,

but underwater,
it doesn't look that bad.

Holy cow.

This is awesome, man!
This thing is cool.

So, pull it back in, please.
I think I'm done.

I was super surprised
how calm it was
underneath the plunge pool.

We could actually do this.

But the dredges
we have right now will not
make it down 30 feet,

so I'd have to buy
almost all new gear.

For that, I need gold.

It would be
the biggest payday
of my entire life.

Whoa! Look out!

I'm not going in
the water today until
that boulder is stable.

This is gonna
snap back like a twig.

Once again, everything
is going to

I don't feel they've quite
got a handle on everything.

I will tell you this.
I wish, in the beginning,

we were as good
as they are now, though.

And you cut me off
when I was talkin'.

Okay. Do what
you wanna do.

That was a long one, brother!

Some big rocks came out.
You look beat, dude.

Why don't you
check your box, man?
- No.

You never know, though.

You can look and see.

Oh, [bleep]!


Dustin's in a bad mood.

There has to be some gold.
Otherwise, we can't do this.

Six weeks in,

Dustin Hurt has had
the worst start to his
most expensive season ever.

We're not payin'
for the fuel.

We're not payin'
for the beans.

We're not gettin' paid.
We need some gold.

I've invested a lot
into House Rock.

I've got two dredges,
I've got two crews.
This has to pay off.

It has to pay,
or else I'm going broke.

In desperate
need of gold to keep
the operation running,

he's stepping up his game.

We got
the new basket 5.0.

This is American made, dude.

You only have
to do half as many loads.
- True that.

To get down
to bedrock faster,

Wes has built a rock basket
three times the size
of their old one.

You guys can watch
from the other side

and see how
the pros do it today

while y'all are learnin'
on the trainer basket.

- Sounds good to me.

Equipment upgrades may help,

but the pressure
to find gold weighs heavy
on Dustin's shoulders.

I haven't made
any money this year.

There's no gold in my pockets.

I'm freakin' out
a little bit.

And I'm sorry we're
not finding gold,

but I thought for sure
it was a beautiful spot.

It's just turnin' up nothin'.

Well, the truth is that, uh...

well, most of my life,
I've been too dumb
to quit things.


- We can't leave
him right now.
- No.

I agree.

I'd say keep diggin'.

About another
solid week of diving.
- Yeah.

All that work,
and there could be
a pile of gold down there.

I agree.

- Yeah.
Yeah, yeah.

A couple more.

We're gonna give it
another hard week.

If we dig for another
solid week, is what
we came up with,

another solid
week of diggin'...

And no show, no gold?

Probably gonna have to move.

Dustin has
gone all-in on his
House Rock gamble.

Failure will force him
to abandon House Rock

costing him over a quarter
of a season's hard work.

What's a-happenin'?

Dustin needs
every crew member
to push hard this week

to have any chance
of hitting gold.

House Rock is such a huge dig,
I got two crews workin' it,

and it's because there's
gigantic boulders down there
that we have to move.

It's gonna take both
crews to get this done.

Damn, there's some
current down here.

Last week,
Dustin took a beating
in the raging pound zone.

Carlos, it's kickin'
my ass today, man.

[inhaling and exhaling
deeply] I'm done.

But the
4-hour dive revealed
a glimmer of hope.

I made it down to some
really big granite boulders.

Below that.

That's when
the gold will start.

Now, Carlos
must punch through
the granite boulder field

to discover if any
gold lies beneath.

- How's that?
- That's good. Feels good.

I know you like
to break Wes' stuff,

but take it easy on
the basket, man.

I need this thing to work.

I need gold.

Have a good dive, Carlos!

Watch the rolls.
Don't get hurt.

Don't die.
- Don't die.

Brain freeze, brain freeze!

Carlos is
7 feet deep. His goal,

use the bigger basket
to remove a huge boulder
field blocking their path.

Once both crews are through,

dredge up any
nuggets underneath

and continue down
to what could be over
20 feet to bedrock

and a life-changing
pile of gold.

Don't break
my [bleep], Carlos!

We can't dig here
without that basket.

Let's get it done.

If you see something
safety-wise that's a
real concern, you...

Don't let it slide.

They have a rope...

After helping
Kayla's new crew learn
the ropes last week,

Fred's offered to extend
his stay to help Dustin
save his season.

Fred don't just observe.
He will suggest.

Strongly, if it's
a safety issue.

In fact,
if it's a safety issue,
he will insist.

But, uh. We're in here
to get some gold.

I'm ready to go
get it right now.

What the...

7 feet deep...

How am I gonna get you
in here, dude?

...Carlos has uncovered
a half-ton boulder
he can't lift by hand.

We're gonna have
to get smarter.

Oh, I know what to do.

Hey, throw me that
choke cord in here real quick.

He's using the sling
and loading up the basket
with the sling.

He hooks the rock,
gets me to lift it up,

- and gets me to
set it in the basket.
- Ah.

He's pretty clever.
I wouldn't have thought of it.

Carlos' plan, lasso the
heavy boulders with a choker.

Use the winch to lift it
into the larger basket.

Repeat the process

before removing
the entire load
in one lift.

Hey, man,
I'm down with that.

Copy that.

All right.


A bigger,
heavier basket

carrying bigger,
heavier boulders

will test Dustin's
Skyline to the limit.

- Ooh...

- Holy...

What did you do, man?
I'm gonna have to drag
this the whole way.

What the hell?

Look at it.

I'm about to drag it
over the
hose and everything.

I don't know
what's gonna happen here.

Well, if it goes
in there, it'll come out.

We got it!

Lookin' good.
- Nailed it!

The basket upgrade
will get them through the
boulders three times as fast

and could be the key
to finding gold by
the end of the week.

We need this to work.

Across the creek...

Crank this baby up.
One pull.

Kayla's new crew
face the same boulder field.

a really big day for us.

We're gonna get down there,
we got some big-ass boulders
that are in their way,

so send the big boy in
to deal with the big boulder.

We don't have time
to around
with this hole.

We gotta get
this done.

I got-- My fourth kid
is on the way right now.

I gotta get gold,
plain and simple.

There's no two ways about it.

To steer
her team to glory,

new crew boss Kayla Johanson
must continue to build
on last week's success.

I feel like we're finally
at the point

to where we can start working
a little bit more smoothly.

We've had nothing but mishaps.

Things go wrong.
Things breaking.

The weather not cooperating.
The water not cooperating.

And now, we're finally
to the point where we can
actually get some work done.

Marine veteran
Scott Allen
will take today's dive.

It's gonna
get deep-- deeper
right there real quick.

I got this.

I gotta get down here
and do a perimeter check.

What does it look like?

Got a bunch of loose stuff
down here from overnight

that I gotta dredge out
of the way first.


I'm just really gonna
need that basket here,
very quick.

To your left, Scott.

Coming down.

Dustin's crew's
old basket is an upgrade
for Kayla's crew,

who now have all the tools
they need to get down
to the gold fast.

Now we get the, uh,
the hand-me-down.

It's all right.
If it works, it works.

That's all I hope for.

And here comes
one magical basket.

I love my basket!

Hey, Eric, look at our cable.

- What's that?
- It's fraying.

How the
did that happen?

The half-inch
braided-steel cable used
to lift 1,000-pound boulders

is hanging by a thread.

This is gonna
snap back like a twig.

There's no point in
having him in there

if he can't have a basket,
and he can't move
the rocks.

So, we thought we were gonna
have a smooth day,
and look up,

and the cable
to our winch is frayed.

So, once again,
everything is going

Damn it! This is gonna
snap back like a twig.

Running hard
to hit Dustin's deadline

of finding gold
by the end of the week,

Kayla's freshman crew
has worn their winch cable
to the breaking point.

kidding me.

It would take
a lot to break that.

Run it till it breaks!

Hey, Scott. Do you have
the choker on that rock?

Yeah, but you're gonna
snap that cable.

The way I look at it, Scott,
if we're gonna have to fix it,

we might as well use it
till it breaks.

I think that's how people
get hurt, but, okay.

Hang on,
I'm gonna go over there.

With little
experience running winches,

new crew boss, Kayla,
seeks expert advice.

- How's it goin'?
- Not good.

- How did that happen?
- I have no idea.

They shredded
the cable.

The spool doesn't look frayed,
it's just that one spot.

So, I don't know
what would have happened
right there.

What's causing that is,
at some point,
the cable got slack,

it bird-nested,
and then you pulled on it,
and it jumped.

And it cut the damn cable.

We've done it 1,000 times.

To avoid damage,

the winch cable
must remain under tension
at all times.

Too much slack
has caused the line
to bird's-nest.

As the cable re-tightened,

metal on metal has
worn away at the integrity
of the steel cable

and threatens
to snap at any moment.

Come down here
and let me
point something out.

I've looked and see how far up
where that break is
in that line up there.

One thing I notice is that
every time they lift that, uh,
basket down in the water,

that fray is gonna be
out there.

I think I've got
a really easy solution.

I think all you gotta do
is just add a choker
on top of the basket.

To give us
more length,

so that we don't have to pull
that frayed section out.

Exactly. It can get you by
for the rest of the day.

Fred's advice,
add a 12-foot extension

to keep the frayed section
of cable wrapped on the spool,
so it's not under load.

Hey, Scott.
Are you ready for this basket?

Oh, yeah. Yes, definitely.

All right,
he's just to your left.

I'm gonna start
lowering it down,
so you have slack.

Right there.
Hold it right there
for a minute.


I decided to go
with Fred's fix.

We already have a diver
in the water,

and we already are in motion,

and dredging,
and we already have rocks
being moved.

It will at least allow us
to get through the day

without breaking our cable,
in theory.

Um, at this point,
anything can happen,

and it would not surprise me.

Ready to take it away.
I'll take it.

All right.

Fred's bush fix
has worked,

teaching Kayla a new trick
and getting her crew
back on the hunt for gold.

What kind of
life choices have I made?

Where did you go wrong?

Something doesn't work

Someone is always pissed.

This is what I do all day.
All day, every day,
this is what I do.

- Welcome to hell.

All right.

They got no gold.

They are so frustrated,
they are willing
to risk snapping a cable

on doin' what they're doin'.

And I totally understand it,
because that's exactly
what I would do.

The basket weave might
drop easy, I think.

On Dustin's
side of the creek,
using their new bigger basket,

Carlos has shifted
over 4,000 pounds of rocks
in just three hours.

Basket on water.

All set.

That doesn't look good.

I've got a big granite
down in here.

That basket won't be able
to handle it.

1,500-pound granite boulder

is too big even for
the new basket.

What do you need?

Copy that.
Single power head.

Their only option,
blow it up.

All right.
So, you get one of these,
I get one of these.

All right.
Try to straighten it out

without pulling it
into a knot.

Dustin puts Fred to work
prepping the power heads.

You wanna
half-twist it to where
it's edgeways that way.

Just that little bit.
You grab the line

and you try to
not let it knot up.

You want it as flat
as possible.

All right. Done!
Give me those power heads.

Plug him in!

Thank you, sir.

I put a sleeve over it
so it doesn't bang around.

It's got one charge on it.
Be careful.

I got, uh, tape on it, so...
but it's not that great.

Yeah. It's pro, though.

Oh, perfect.

How far are
you getting out of the water?

All right,
that's good right there.

All right.
Bombs away!

Fire in the hole!
- Three... two... one...


I felt that here!

Holy moly, man.

You don't wanna be down there
when that happens.

Good job, guys. Oh, yeah.
Cracked it in three.

Boulder cracked,
now, Carlos can fit the pieces
into the new basket.

Uh, just so you know,

you got the longest dive
for the year, man.

What's that?

Five-and-a-half hours
just now, bro.

Oh, look at this one.

with the help
of the new basket,

has got the crew down
2 feet deeper
into the boulder field.

We're getting
some depth now, guys.

I lost count of rocks,
I lost count of baskets.

There's an urgency.
Of course there's an urgency.

We're late in the season,
and we have no color yet.

Dustin's crew are
banking on the dirt
from under the large boulders

delivering the season's
first gold.

All right, James,
what do we got, brother?

I'm not seeing anything yet.

Look at this.

Disappointing, man.

Where did that come from?

That's not gonna
pay the bills.

We gotta keep digging.

I am starting to get worried,

Dustin gambled big
on house rock,
doubling down on crew,

but will abandon the site
at the end of the week
unless he finds gold.

Hey, Scott.
Do you wanna go ahead
and come up?

Right now, we're gonna
check the box.

There ain't no gold in there.

At just 7 feet deep,

there's no sign of gold
on either side of the creek.

There's no gold in the box.

This place is looking
less and less appetizing
for gold right now.

I'll give it a little bit
more time.

We'll see if I'm gonna
move or not.

Up ahead...

That's a big 'un.

- Oh, [bleep]!

Man, y'all are still goin'.

I'm just makin'
a suggestion--
- Can I finish my sentence?

No, ma'am.
Do what you wanna do.

Thank you.


It rained here. Tremendous.


- Breakfast?
- Yeah.

- Better than what I had.
- What did you have?

I had half
a tuna fish sandwich.

Best thing about today.

the Chilkat Mountains
were pounded by rain.

But Kayla's crew are up early,
with a plan.

I think it's because we left
too much slack
on the headache ball.

- And it bird-nested,
and then...
- Yeah.

...frayed the cable.

Just days left
to find gold before
Dustin's deadline is up,

it's all-hands-on-deck
to repair the winch cable.

Dustin is bringing in
some new cables, so...

we'll be able to respool that.

I can scamper up there
and do that real quick
if you want me to.

Yeah. And then we'll just
switch over the rope
that we used for the basket.

We'll get it done.

Hey, guys.
How you all doin'?

- What's going on, Fred?
- Hey, what's happenin', Fred?

I was, uh, off to the side
kind of observing
a lot of stuff yesterday,

and, uh...

you look like you all have
a couple of problems
over there

that need to be addressed
right away this morning.

You all got a winch problem,
for one thing.

But I got some ideas
that I can only suggest.

Can I say one thing?

All right.

Uh, we already have
a little bit of a game plan
for the day...

I'm gonna show you
what I think has happened,
what caused that fray.

Well, I think it's because
we left too much slack
on the headache ball,

- and it bird-nested,
and then--
- No. No!

Take a look at
a couple of things here.

Let me show you
something on here.

we're not doing this, though.

What you've got up on top
is one of these

this size right here.

And what happens
when you turn it like that?

See any reason why
that might fray a cable?

When you pull it this way,
it's hittin' on this side.

Oh, it's binding it.

But you're gonna have
to put somethin' on here,

to hold it
a little straighter.

Keep it from going like this.
Or like that.


Well, that's one thing
we discussed last night.

- And--

- All right. These are just
some suggestions.
- Yeah.

And I just want you guys
to know that, uh,

I'm just making a suggestion--

Can I finish my sentence?

No, ma'am,
I'm talking right this second.
I'm tellin' you that--

You cut me off
when I was talkin'.


Do what you want to do.

Thank you.

I mean, it's only fair.

You don't want me
to cut you off,
don't cut me off.

For your information,

I'm done with anything with
the new crew. Period.

That's all I have
to say about it.

It's your crew,
you're the boss.

That's it.
Plain and simple.

There has
to be mutual respect
between people, so...

if I'm gonna let you
finish your sentence,

you need to let me
finish my sentence

and don't just
override me.

And he really has
no power over our crew,

'cause he's not in charge.

There needs to be
respect on both sides.

A quarter mile
upstream at House Rock...

Oh, a monster
boulder came down, dude.

- This big one.

- Yeah.
- Yep.

- Last night.
- I knew it, I knew it.


heavy rainfall raised
water levels.

This has undercut
a huge boulder at
the top of the dive hole.

I do worry about that
big, huge boulder there.

Now that I'm looking at it,
it's literally teetering.

Dustin, off
buying a new winch cable,

the crew must deal with
the dangerous
monster boulder alone.

We can't afford to let it
fall over on James.
What do you guys think?

We gotta get
a safety cable around it.

I'm not going in
the water today until
that boulder is stable.

The huge boulder
is dangerously undermined
above the dive hole

and could fall in
at any moment,

crushing anyone
caught beneath it.

James' plan...

secure the monster boulder
by anchoring it to House Rock.

If it slips, the cable
will stop the boulder,

allowing the diver
enough time to
clear the danger zone.

This problem rock
is so under cut

that it wants
to fall on a diver.

We have to protect
the diver at all times.

With Dustin here
or without Dustin.

So we're taking this
upon ourselves.

Hey, James.


Wrap it around there,
let's try to come back to me.

If I fall in, I got a suit on.

There you go,
if that'll tighten.

Comin' up,
comin' up.

I like it.

Having that on there,
at least we can tell
if it tightens up.

It ain't gonna go all at once.
It's gonna slowly slough off.

And then it may tip.

I know it's probably
not perfect, but...

time is of the essence.

To turn
their season around,

James must risk his life
to hit Dustin's
goal of finding gold

by the end of the week.

Let's go diving!

If we're screaming,

ask what's going on
after you get out of the way.

All right.

All right,
have a great dive.

It's cold, oh!

Did it all fill in?

Oh, yeah, dude.

Oh, crap.

Back to the
old drawing board--

...and not being able to dig
because of a cave-in.

These are huge.

The overnight
torrent has filled
their 7-foot dive hole

with over 4 feet
of rocks and boulders.

What a mess.


We'll get rid of this.

I so wanna dredge, so bad.

It's killing me.

I know, we really
need to feed some gold

in our box as well.

Now, James
must clear it out fast.

Dustin's race to find gold
by the end of the week
depends on it.

It's gonna be a long day.

What's going on, fellas?

At House Rock,
Dustin and Fred return
with a new winch cable.

This ain't
no joke up here.

No, it's not.

Crew boss Kayla
needs it replaced fast

to get back to dredging
for the gold that could
save their season.

Good to go.

All right, now, y'all
ready for this cable
to go loose?

- Yeah.
- See ya.

Bye, cable.

Fred continues to monitor
the new crew's progress.

After watching what's
going on over there,

I don't feel they've
quite got a handle
on everything.

I will tell you this,
I wish in the beginning,

we were as good
as they are now, though.

We were not that good
when we started.

Ah, yeah.

I'm just gonna
guide it with my hands.

Good job.

Now we're finishing up
re-spooling our winch.

You're doing a good job.

That's awesome.

The cable replaced,

Kayla will now take
the final dive of the week.

It's really
wearing on me especially
as the crew leader,

that, you know,
if we're not finding gold,
I don't get paid.

And if we're not finding gold,
my guys don't get paid, so.

There's a lot of pressure
on us to move material
to get gold in that box.

So we just have to make sure
we pay attention

when we're
lowering the basket.

Copy that.

All right, Mark,
she's your diver.

I think we might
see some gold today.

I hope so.

I'm hoping to get a lot of
material in this today.

Protected by boulders upstream,

their side of the dive site
avoided the overnight fill-in.

Crank this baby up.

Kayla's mission,
continue down through
the boulder field,

dredge as much
material as possible

and prove that
House Rock has the gold
Dustin's banking on.

So, that's it?

Yep, coming upstream.

Coming down with it.

Hey, Kayla,
how're you doing down there?

Uh, doing good.

There's some deep rocks
I'm getting exposed.

But the on
the bottom right now is
just that-- washed in.

Copy, you're doing good.

All right, it's all clear.

It's all yours.

Coming upstream.

All right, it won't lift
anything right now.

Yeah, this thing wasn't
really pulling it.

You gotta
be me.

I found our problem.

It's our downstream sheave
on our highline.

Well, something happened.

Dustin just saw it, too.

The pulley should
be hanging straight down

so the cable can run free.

Oh, it flipped over
and got stuck.

I wonder how long that's been
flipped like that.

Incorrect fitting
during the re-spool

has caused the cable to jam,

shutting down their operation.

We're here for gold.

That winch don't work,
we ain't getting no gold.

Does someone
want to go up on that line
and flip that?

I'll do it.

Scott races
out on the skyline,

30 feet above
the raging torrent.

If I had a penny,
I could drop it on you
right now.

This pulley broke.

It was at a wrong angle,
so it had all kinds
of side pressure

on the wheel
on the inside of the pulley.

Scott's bush fix,
an additional shackle

to allow the pulley
more movement.

All right, here's
what I'm gonna do.

I'm gonna come
back a little ways,

and just kind of, uh,
take a look at it.

I like the way
it looks now,

with the, uh, second
shackle on there.

It gives it a lot more
room to maneuver.

Hopefully it works.
Fingers crossed, everyone.


All right,
he's off the skyline.

put some rocks in the basket
and see if we have joy.


Basket's coming down.

Comin' up. On the way.

How's it workin'?

Oh, like a dream.

That felt so good.

That was like satisfying.

Set it down.

All right. Coming down.

Nicely done.

We're getting there.
We're getting there.

Kayla can finally
continue moving material
through the box

on what could be
her final dive at House Rock.

Y'all ready
to get some shiny stuff?

Let's get some shiny.

Across the creek...

They're huge.

James is almost done
clearing out huge boulders
that filled in their hole.

We'll get rid of this...
frickin' rock.

What do you need?

So, we're gonna come on down
with that choker, uh...

- I gotta go
deep around this rock.
- All right.

It's one of those rocks
where I gotta fish

the cable underneath
and back around.

And a little tension on up.

Oh, up? Okay.

Think that's got it?

I think I got
a good bite on it.

All right. Clear.

Just let me clear out.

All righty.

Okay. That's a big 'un.

There it goes.

- Got it, huh?
That's pretty heavy.

Hey, man. I'm just so happy
that we can get
this outta here.


- That was a pretty--

- Oh, [bleep]!

[bleep]! The cable!

Oh, check this out.

We're hooked on...
their skyline now.

Dustin's cable
has wrapped around
Kayla's skyline,

shutting down both operations.

The cable,
on the winch!

What the actual...

Uh, doing a gender reveal.
I've got my fourth kid
on the way now, and...

finding out whether
I'm having a boy or a girl.

At McKinley camp,
it's the moment of truth

for marine veteran,
Scott Allen.

We made
an exploding target
into a gender reveal.

It's either blue or pink.

And it, uh, explodes.


Well, let's see if, uh...

he can shoot it,
first of all.

All right, Scott.
Let's see what you're
fixing to have.

Dude! It didn't go.

you didn't hit it.

There it goes!

I'm having a little girl.

- You need more practice.

Oh, boy. I need more guns.

Oh, great.

We're hooked on...
their skyline now.

What the hell?

What happened out there?

Their choker
wrapped around our cable.

winch cable is tangled
on Kayla's skyline.

Both crews are shut down.

Without our winches,
we can't really move much.

If you can't move rocks,
then you can't get gold.

We've gotta fix this.

Only hours
of daylight remain.

The fate of their season
and future mining
at House Rock

hangs in the balance.

Let's see
if you can pull that off.

I'm just gonna
pull it to you.

There we go. Perfect.

We're freed and all.
We're good to go.

All right. Good job.

Got some fire in it.

Holy moly. That team
is murdering it today.

- Scott is on fire, man.

Both crews push on.

Fighting to save their season
and find gold-rich pay dirt
at House Rock.

On Dustin's side
of the creek...

Okay, I'm gonna go ahead
and get the basket
out of your way.

James has now been
in the water for six hours.

We had a good day today.

I'm not gonna tell you
what time it is.

'Cause you stayed late.

How's it lookin' now?

It's a lot deeper
further downstream.

7 feet.

It's taken
James' entire dive
to clear the filled in rocks

just to get back down
to 7 feet.

That was
a long one, brother.

Some big rocks came out, dude.

You look beat, dude.

You look like your girlfriend
just frickin'
broke up with you, man.

Kicked you to the curb...
with a baseball bat.

Any gold in the box?

Nothing here.

Across the creek,
though Kayla lost two hours
to a cable fix...

Ugh, I'm hungry.

...she still put in four hours
in the water

and got the crew
down to 8 feet.

- Go check your box, man.
- No.

You never know though.

You can look and see.

- Oh, [bleep]!
- Yeah.

We got some gold!

gold, man. Finally!

- Whoo!

Those are some

Yeah, we
should probably get
the rest of the pickers

- out of the box.

What do you think?
Look at that.

We got pickers!

Well, that's good.


Thank you!


It's Kayla's
freshman crew that
are first to strike gold.

Oh, look at all of it!

How many pickers?


Fifteen pickers
in there today.

That's exactly what we needed.

We've had so
many things go wrong.

We've had so many adversities.

This changes the whole
dynamic of everything
we're doing here.

I think, for the rest
of the crew's sake,

this was exactly
the morale booster.

you guys earned it.

You're putting in the work,
man. That's for sure.

Y'all were having some
hang-ups and bang-ups,

but, man,
y'all are still going.

Dustin's gamble
to mine House Rock

has finally paid off.

It was really nice
to see that in the box.

Lifting up the mat
and just seeing pickers
lying in the box.

And I'm hoping that this spot
does really well.

So far, it looks like
it's gonna be really good.

It's the first gold
of the season.

We needed to see this.

It was probably
the hardest, by far,

start of a season
we've ever had.

I'm happy for Kayla
and her crew.

It's starting to pay off.

Hopefully, now,
we can get down to it
twice as fast.

Find twice as much
of the gold.

- It's starting to rain.
- Suck it up. Yeah!

We're gonna stay here,

and this is gonna help
the season out a lot.

- It's okay! Yeah! Yeah!

This is a sign
that it's gonna pay off.

And I love it!

Diver up.

Get him up to a place
where he can breathe.

On the next
Gold Rush, White Water...

Another damn birthday.

- That worked.

Eric, I'm bringing
you a nugget.

I know there's more in there.
And we're gonna
get 'em all today.

Shut the up
and do what you're told!

Eric just came out of
the water with his mask off.