Gold Rush: White Water (2018–…): Season 5, Episode 4 - Who's the Boss - full transcript

Dustin makes a surprise announcement that divides the crew. Fred returns to McKinley Creek with a lead on new ground, rumored to be the home to a fortune in gold.

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
Flying over
a little history, eh?

About 30 or 40 years of it.

Plus, about another 100.

A lot of people
mined up here.

Hey, Fred,
what are we doing today?

I've been looking
for a place to

do some more mining.

Right upstream here
is where they think

basically the, uh,
source of most of this gold

that came down creek
came from.

That's awesome.

Whoa! Whoa, yes.

I would love
to dig that right there.

That has got
probably more gold

than we have
ever found dredging ever.

Do you think we can
get permission to dig it?


This could be dangerous.


You guys trying to
smash the dredge?

Today is Stamper's
first fast water dive.

I have never dealt
with anything this violent
in my life.

I want to do more.

I want to be in charge
of the second crew.

Everything's going
really smooth?

Hell, no.

What are you at, Kayla?

This is ridiculous.

Oh, man.
It's so dangerous.

What the is that?
Look at this.

Oh, wow!

There's no doubt that there's
some gold across there.

This is the very first time

that you and I agree
on where to dig.

I'm tired
of setting up.

- Me too.
I wanna get some
damn work done.

Yeah, I came here
to mine gold,

not build a city.

In Alaska's
Chilkat Mountains,

mine boss Dustin Hurt
is fighting to keep his head
above water.

Nothing's going to plan
this season.

Got no gold.

This year, last year
we had four ounces.

We've had
nothing but delays.

We've gotta fix this.

At the start of the season,
Dustin's father,

77-year-old Fred,

hung up his dive mask.

All right.

Dustin seized the opportunity
to increase production

by recruiting
a second dredge crew.

Here we go.

Bringing in
experienced divers

Mark Stamper
and Eric Foster.

Whoa, thank you, sir.

And solo dredging expert,
Kayla Johanson.

We're gonna
tape over these.

The only crew member with
McKinley Creek experience

is Marine veteran,
Scott Allen.

I'd say do
'em all at once.

I brought on a second crew

to try to double up
on the gold for the season

and so far,

they're just not working out
together very well.


Last week,

Oh, my!
that's scary.

- Diver out.
- Are you not
listening to him?

Dustin's new crew failed
to work together.

Absolute embarrassment.

Someone has
to take charge!

The only miner who stepped up
was Kayla.

Kayla's got what it takes.

She's probably
a better dredger than I am.

If I'm gonna salvage
the season,

we have
to start finding some gold.

I've gotta make
some drastic changes.

I can't be over there
and babysit all the time,

so I need to
choose a team leader,
make a crew boss,

now, I think it's that time.

Dustin took a huge risk
by hiring a second crew.

We don't have a... a

quote-unquote, "leader"

for the, for the...
the second crew. I mean.

I feel like I could lead it,

but I'm gonna,
I'm gonna leave that up

to Dustin's judgment.

I trust his judgment.

Hey, fellas,

we have a little
quick meeting up here.

So, guys, I wanted to make
a quick announcement.

I've been trying to train up
everybody and do all this

and work over there,
and I can't do it

so I have to assign
a crew boss.

I'll be there for you
when you need me,

but Kayla's gonna be
their new crew boss.

Oh, that's awesome. Thanks.

Pretty good?
- Good.

She's gonna be
running the show.

I am going
to back her up.

Everybody needs
to know that, right?

All right, guys.

- Work it out.

We got it.

The obvious choice to me is,

She's done this longer
than them.
She's levelheaded.

There's one or two guys that
I'm not sure will follow,

but this is my decision

and they could either
take it or leave it.

All right.
What are we doing?

Stamper's gonna be
diving today.

I'm in.

I have one question for you.

Have you ever led anybody in
a life and death situation?

Oh, boy.

I have not led anybody
in a life or death situation,

but I have been a manager
in a couple of jobs,

- so I do have
leading experience.
- That is completely different.

Just be careful.

I'm happy that, uh, Kayla got
appointed team leader.

She's a really good dredger,

but I don't feel that
couple of the guys really
wanna listen to her.

Dustin's pick
divides the crew.

Kayla must quickly
earn their trust.

I have a lot more weight
to carry now

than the rest of the team,

mainly because,
if something goes wrong,

everyone's gonna
be looking at me.

I've kinda been thinking
this whole year that, uh,

Dustin was gonna pick me
to be the crew leader.

I've led...
led men in the Marine Corps.

She's never led anybody in
a life and death situation.

We'll see how she does.

Across the creek...

Hey, Carlos?

- You're diving today.
- Roger that.

...Dustin's veteran crew

have, this season,
made slow progress.

All right, I'm ready
to rock and roll, guys.

Let's start diving.

Awesome, let's dive!

It's all about getting
everything in the water,

and let's get after it.

This time last year,
we were already finding
good gold.

We're running
out of time quick.

All right, guys.
Ready to go, huh?

All right,
diver in the water!

Holy moly.

I can't see
a damn thing, dude.

I'm gonna try to get
underneath that pound zone.


Carlos is diving
three feet down in the heart
of the pound zone.

A raging torrent created
by the waterfall above.

His mission,

dredge beneath the danger zone
towards bedrock

where Dustin believes
20 feet down,

lies a life-changing
amount of gold.

All right.

I'm gonna start dredging.

Back to dredging.
How does it feel, Carlos?

Water's really,
really quick.

All right, man,
we're dredging now.

That's a really good thing
for us,

so we're starting
to dig a hole.

We're gonna find some gold.
I can feel it.

This water is gonna be
a challenge for a little bit.

How deep are you?

Four feet.

I like to hear that.

So we're getting some headway.

Awesome. Good job.

Carlos may have
another two feet of dredging

until he's beneath the pound zone.

It's go time now.

Across the creek

on Kayla's crew...

Are you ready?

Yeah, I'm ready.

Stamper prepares
to enter McKinley Creek
for the first time.

I'm really glad
to get in the water.

I've dove in the Bering Sea.

It's considered
one of the most
deadliest places around.

I'm gonna be fine.

Bering Sea was

a training course for this.

This will also be
Kayla's first chance to
prove herself as a leader.

You want it tighter?

You want it pretty tight
'cause that water is
gonna wanna lift it.

-You good?

Let's do this.
Let's go get some money.

Last week,
the new crew only reached
a depth of two feet.

Stamper's task?

Match Carlos's
current dive depth

by dredging down
a further two feet.

Hang on, Mark,
I'm coming.


Give me your hand.

I tripped over the hose.

All right, take your time,
no rush.

This is so
freaking disorienting.

I am not used to this.

It's startling here.

What the is going on?

Stamper is getting a crash course
in whitewater diving.

Where you at, Kayla?

Hang on. Let me
get his basket hooked up.

What's going on, man?

Mark, can you hear me?

What's going on, Mark?
What's the issue?

Mark, just take it
slow and easy.

I'm gonna need you
to calm you breathing
just a little bit, buddy.

You're gonna hyperventilate
if you keep going
like that, man.

Oh, man.
That's so dangerous.


This is so
freaking disorienting.

I am not used to this.

At McKinley Creek,

experienced Bering Sea diver

Stamper is taking a beating
in the raging whitewater.

Where are you at, Kayla?

Hold on, let me get this
basket hooked up.

What's going on, Mark?
What's the issue?

I can't get nothing done.

What's going on?

I can't do it.
It's beat me.

I'm failing at this.

This is the most dangerous
I've ever done.

I'm disappointed.

I felt left alone,
by myself with no comm,
no communication.

Oh, I'm sorry.

New to whitewater diving,

Stamper needed more support
from crew boss Kayla.

Thisis ridiculous,
and it worries me a lot.

Hours into her new role,
Kayla is struggling.

Today did not go as planned.

I think one of the biggest
challenges I'm running into

is just remembering

to communicate

because I'm so used to
dredging by myself.

I'm used to
facing these issues, but

I'm not used to facing
these issues with
three other people.

Scott asked her,
if she had ever, uh,

been in a life or death

You know, hey, here,
that's a legitimate question.

You know what I mean?

Uh, it's not the place
to learn how to manage.

Let me go over
and have a word with Dustin.

- Hey, Dustin?
What's up, man?

I want to do more.

I want to be in charge
of the second crew.

All right.

You and I
are gonna have to have a talk
like a real talk.

In my judgment, you're not
ready to run a crew yet.

Do you understand
what I'm saying?

I don't know. I...

No one's keeping you here
if you don't wanna be here.

I gotta get back to work.

I took on this job
and I hired another crew,

and I knew it's
gonna be stressful,

but to tell you the truth,
I didn't know how stressful.

Personalities clashing.

People don't like
who I put in charge.

A lot of stress.
I wish you could just
come up here, and work.

Somehow, they just won't
let me do that.

The future
of Dustin's new crew
hangs in the balance.

In the pound zone...

I've got another big boulder.

Copy that.
How deep you think you are?

About five feet.

...veteran diver Carlos

is still fighting his way down
one boulder at a time.

You have to pull it out.

Yeah, here you go.

To clear the danger zone,

the 1,000-pound boulder will
test Dustin's skyline winch
to the max.

Down the hook.
Wes, down the hook,


All right, it's gonna be
a tricky lift, man,

'cause it's a round rock,

so come up easy, please.

Coming up easy.

That's a big one.

Up and over.

You're thinking...
yeah, what
if I drop it on the dredge?

Well, let's go for it.

are you doing?


You guys trying to
smash the dredge?


The boulder is directly above

$23,000 dredge.

Oh, my

You're gonna smash
my damn dredge.

All I can see was that thing
slipping just a little bit,

- everybody going home.
- Yeah.

I can't afford another
one of these dredges,

not without any gold.

The problem?

The skyline
is in a fixed position,
running down the creek

directly over the dredge.

Hey, Carlos?
Take a break, come up.

Roger that.

Hey, can you
move these rocks?

I can try moving them.

The only solution,

move the dredge
out of its path.

If you can move those two

and break that, this thing
will sit right there.

Yeah, let me try.

James, do we have,
uh, blasters here?

They were up at camp.


My whole set?

All right.
Let's wrap it up for the day.

What a day today, guys.

I don't know
what happened today.

Rotten day.

It'll get better.

happens, move forward.

Look who's walking up.

Hey, Fred!

What the hell's going on here?

A month since he hung up
his dive mask,

Fred makes a surprise visit.

What are you
doing up here, man?

I got a hell of
an opportunity for you.

But we'll talk about
that a little later.

All right.

How's everything going?
I'm Fred.

I'm Eric.

Since Fred left,

Dustin has invested heavily
in new equipment and crew.

- Kayla. Good.
- Kayla, how you doing?

I think I know all
these other people.

We've met.

Just so you know, uh,

- Kayla, here is the crew boss
for the new team.

going really smooth?

Find any gold?


How'd it go today?

It started out awesome,
and it just all kind of

rolled downhill steadily
for the rest of the day.

Who was in the water?

So I was in there,

trying to make a lick at it,

and the next thing you know,
I was fighting myself.

You've been in it before?

Not in something
moving this fast.

We just need to open up
that line of communication
a little bit better.

Well, now that
you're here, man,

do you wanna help out
with the new crew?

Small dredge?

I'd like to do that.

Sounded like
there's a few little bumps
in the road out there.

I'll try to do
what I can do to

smooth it out
a little bit for you.

Tomorrow's gonna be
a better day.

Hey, I'm really, uh,
happy to be back up here,

gonna help out with the crew.

Well, however they need me
to help out.

But my real motive,

tomorrow, I'm taking
Dustin up the mountain

and I'ma
show him a waterfall.

I think it's got
more gold in it

than anything
he's ever found.

I know that the new crew
is, uh, trying their best,

but they're still making
some big, heavy mistakes.

One month into his
five-month mining season,

Dustin still has no gold

and a failing second crew.

Fred got ahold of me
and asked

if he could show me
some cool stuff.

Not sure what it is, though.

It better be worth it
because I should be out there
digging right now.

Hey, Fred, how's it going?

All right.
Yeah, man.

Yeah, man, we got a...
kind of
a new prospect coming up

and I brought
a helicopter in here.

We need to go out
and take a look at it.

All right.

Fred offered to help

get Dustin's new crew
back on their feet.

- Hello, boys!
- How's it going?

But first,

he has business for father
and son to tend to.

All right.

I'm gonna go up
right up... up... upstream?

- Uh, yeah.
- Yeah?

Hey, Fred,
what's going on, man?

What are we doing today?

I got an opportunity
to take a look at a place

that absolutely looks like
it's got a lot of gold to it.

I got this information
from a geologist.

They were doing
the prospects

and it was
really looking good.

Sounds promising.

Do you think we can
get permission to dig it?


Fred and Dustin are
heading up McKinlay Creek

a mile and a half beyond
their House Rock dive site.

Oh, there he is right there.

Oh, whoa!

This is pretty cool, Fred.

Oh, this is... look
at the view here.

Right upstream here is
where they think basically

the, uh, source
of most of this gold that came
down creek came from.

So they think
the source is up here, huh?

That's correct.
That's awesome.

A hundred and twenty
years ago,

miners flocked to the area
dreaming of striking it rich.

In just two decades,
they mined almost
80,000 ounces of gold

worth over
a $140 million today.

Despite huge success,
nobody has ever discovered
the gold's true source.

Now, Fred hopes
he's found the motherlode.

See right there,
it's all eroded out.

The gold had
to go somewhere.

Millions of years ago,

gold rose to the surface in
super-heated water
and liquid quartz.

McKinley Creek
has eroded that vein,
carrying nuggets downstream.

Just below a large waterfall
is the perfect gold trap

that could change Fred
and Dustin's destiny forever.

I am suspecting that
those plunge pools

probably caught a lot of
that gold

that was coming out
of those cracks.

I would love to dig
that right there.

I wanna see
if we can get to it.

The plunge pool
could be the opportunity
of a lifetime,

but unless they can
figure out access,

there'll be no way
to mine it.

How would you
get in there, Dustin?

I'm looking
at the access on this side,

we got a 150 foot.
200-foot wall, here.

Not sure.

Maybe on that side.

Do you know of any trails
that go out that way?

Uh, there's the
Old Bear Trail, of course.

- So that shouldn't be
a problem.
- Yeah, that's shouldn't be.

All right then. Well,
it looks like a good claim.

Uh, it looks like they had
some really nice waterfalls.

Does it have...
If it has gold, I'm in.

But it's just kind of just
way hard up here.

Oh, it is.

Well, thanks for the ride.
- You betcha.

It's always
good to see you both.

Thanks, Jack.

I've been mining
for about 17 years now.

And little by little,

we just keep walking in
to where the source of that
gold came from.

And right now,
I'm looking at the future

and I'm just trying to think
of Dustin's operation
out here.

I want him to succeed.

I think it's too high up.

But, uh, if I do
enough sampling

and there's gold in that
waterfall, I'm all for it.

I don't see us doing it right
now because of access, but

for the future,
this could be amazing.

Fred may have found
Dustin's next dive site.

All right.

Get over there
and get to work.

But still, with no gold
for the season,

father and son need to focus
on their current operation.

Welcome to my new site.

All right.

Quite a place you got here.

All right. So lay it on me.
Where would you dig if
you were digging?

I would dig, uh,
all across right there.

- Yep.
- My focus is behind
that big rock to start.

- Yeah.
- Down and then
out to the middle.

After we're down
enough, you can get
underneath that current.

Yeah, I agree.

- Fred...
- It's like. is like it is
possible that this
is the very first time

that you and I agree
on where to dig.

There you go, man.

Well, I'd back up,
about 40 feet.

Yeah, I think, uh,
the first time in

since we've been
working together
we've agreed on where to dig.

There's no doubt that there's
some gold in that, uh,

in and across there,

probably a lot of it.

Up ahead...

Who's diving today?
- I'll go back in.

If it kicks your ass,
hey, kick it back.

Hey, Fred.

Do you have some
coffee there?

- Yeah, would you
like for some?
- Okay.

first day at the helm

ended in an aborted dive.

It's critical the new boss
turned her operation around.

Well, you mind
if an old man just gives you
a little bit of advice?

You know,
from a few years of

mining around here.

What you got?

You know, as well as I do,
it's not easy being a boss.

It's tough working
with people,

especially, uh, when you've
worked by yourself so much.

Yeah, that's something
that I struggle with

'cause I'm just used to
doing everything

by myself, for myself, and--

One thing you gotta do
is communicate with them

and tell them exactly
what you need to do.

I've tried to do a little
bit of that,

so far, I think it's just me
getting used to working
with a team.


Well, I think maybe if you'd

be decisive,

tell 'em what you wanna do

and then you will
gain their respect.


I appreciate it.

- You have a good day.
- You too.

All right.
Thanks for the coffee.

I was in there
talking to Kayla.

She's got a strong

Kayla's gonna have
to understand that,

uh, it's not
a popularity contest.

We'll see how it
works out this year.

Gonna have to push hard.

What I need to do is

communicate better
with my crew.

Every day, you learn
a new lesson.

Kayla must now step up

to lead her crew.

Eric's gonna be diving today.

I work as a diver
for a living.

But, you know,
this is new for me.

Experienced commercial diver Eric

will be diving
for the first time
in McKinley Creek.

This is dangerous work.

That's what we
do for a living.

If you wanna play it safe, sit
at home on your couch.

Rock and roll, man.
Rock and roll.

Here we go.

Start working.
All right.

Today, I'm gonna start
on the wall's side

and move towards their hole

'cause we wanted to
follow that bedrock

from the wall to break down.

So we'll see how deep
and wide we can
get this thing.

The dive hole is
still just two feet deep.

Eric's mission,

dredge down
and across the creek

to reach the same
depth as Dustin's crew...

on the other side

his target

five feet.

I'm very excited today


I'm diving in a river!

Oh, yeah!

You know,
you've got a clog there.

- Whoa.
- Yeah.

Yep, we got a clog up.

The hose blocked.

The dredge is immediately
out of action.

All eyes are on boss Kayla.

Hey, Scott.

We need to snake it.

Scott attempts to
dislodge the rock,

blocking the hose,
with the snake.

A 30-foot length
of stiff cable.

Can you see anything
coming through?

No, it's still clogged.

damn it.

I'm gonna double down
real fast here, guys, uh,

I'm gonna throttle
down, throttle up.

Yeah, go for it.

Uh, it's still clogged.

What do we do now?

Eric, is there a rock

through your nozzle
or is it a clog in the hose?

It's a clog in the hose.

Hang on, I got a idea.

We got a really sharp
curve in that hose,

maybe we shouldn't hit it,

All right.

I'm gonna be picking the hose
up right behind you here.


Scott, I can...
I think I can see it.

It is to your right.

Right where I'm standing?

Hit it.

Hey, look at that.

I felt that go through.

Oh, who's your daddy?

Imagine that.

Kayla's quick thinking

clears the blockage.

I'ma bust 'em out.

I'm seeing material
come out the back
of the sluice, so...

That's a sign that we're
in the right direction.

Good job.


Over the next two hours,

Eric continues to push
deeper towards bedrock gold.

- Hey, Eric.

How's it looking down there?

Uh, I'm right along
at the wall.
I think I got about four feet.

We're looking pretty good.

Very good. Now we're
gonna get you out of there.


Kayla's crew's dive hole

is now four feet deep.

You did a good job.


Gaining ground
on the veteran crew.

Knocked it out
of the park, bro.

Kayla helped out doing
all kinds of stuff today.

That's a... a good sign.

Really was good sign.

I'm still learning.
I'm not perfect.

So, overall I think,
you know,

we worked well as a team.

Across the creek.


drill me a hole
in the big one.

Dustin's crew is shut down.

What are we thinking?

Gonna put two in there?

All right.

His dredge lies

directly under the skyline.

All material they haul
out of their dive hole

passes over it.

you doin'?


You guys trying to smash
my dredge?

...a large boulder,
threatened to fall,

destroying Dustin's wash plant.



to clear the dredge
from the danger zone,

they must break up and remove

three large boulders,

creating enough room
for a safe harbor.

Three, two, one!

Man, it split it

Removal of this

rock right here,

removal of two rock
boulders over there.

Reset the dredge.


Production starts back
up in House Rock.

Time is of the essence.

We don't have no gold.

Three, two, one.

It looks good now.

We can call that
good if y'all want.

Yeah, let's give it a try.

The final rock removed,

Dustin's crew can
move the dredge

clear from the path
of the skyline.

This is it.

- We had to move
mountains to get this.
- Yeah, you did.

It's absolutely perfect.

I can pull baskets without

threat of ruining our dredge,
having to go over the top.

We're ready to start dredging
and making gold.

Finally in position,

Dustin's crew can
get back to dredging

towards the calmer
water below the pound zone.

It's my dive tomorrow, right?

I'm excited to see
what's down there.

Up ahead.

First dive of
the season for Dustin.

It's good diving water.

Oh, my goodness, look at this.

Yeah. Oh, wow.

There's gonna be
gold down there.

Who, uh, who's diving today?

Hey, Stamper,

you wanna
give it another go?

The best thing to do
when you have a day like that

is just jump right back in.

I agree.

I'll go back in.

This is so freaking

I'm failing at this.

Stamper's first
white water dive

ended in disaster.

I felt left alone.
No communication.

Oh, I'm sorry.

And Kayla struggled to work
as an effective crew leader.

And we just need to get

used to talking to each
other a little bit more.

I agree 100% with that.

Ride that horse
a second time.

It kicks your ass,
hey, kick it back.

With one successful
day under her belt,

Kayla is looking to
prove to Dustin

it wasn't a fluke.

If you need
anything, you know, I'll be
right there next to you.

Am I intimidated?
Yeah, I'm intimidated.

Am I gonna succeed?

I don't know.

You ready for today?

How are you
doing there, Mark?

Yeah, I got a copy.

Oh, man. I'm probably
gonna pass out.

You're good. Take your time.

All right. Much better.

That's awesome.

Yeah, I fell a lot better.


Stamper has arrived.

Stamper is
safely in the water.

He's four feet deep.

It's now a race
to catch the veterans

who are at five.

How, how's your suction?
Yeah, it's good.

Good, good.

I'm pulling up some rock.


You're doin' a good job.

You're doing fine, sir.

Hell, yeah.

You are a fine
Kentucky gentleman

at the bottom of
a river in Alaska.


Hell, yeah.

What kind of depth you got?

Five feet.

So it's about chest deep?

That's awesome.

One hour into his dive,

Stamper is down
to the same depth

as Dustin's crew.

Oh, back home.

Oh, great! Mark.

That's... that's pretty
good right there.

Stamper's in there.
He's is actually
doing really well.

I'm just happy to
see him in a little bit
better mood today.

Mark has just joined
the elites

of diving in a treacherous,
nasty creek.

Across the creek...

- Carlos.
Yes, sir.

- We good?
Yeah, we're good.

Looks like it's
my turn to go diving today.

With his new
crew coming together,

Dustin can finally take his
first dive of the season.

In two months, I haven't,
I haven't relaxed, really.

This will be my relaxation,
I get to dive.

I get to move rocks.
This is what I love to do!

Dustin's mission,

pick up where Carlos left off

and push down

beyond the
dangerous pound zone.

We good?

Yeah, I think
we're ready to rock and roll.

All right.

First dive of the
season for Dustin.




I'm in the water.


Yeah, I missed going
down here.

It's kicking
my ass today, man.

All right, Dustin, get to
work, man, make us a hole.

You know I do.

Dustin's first dive
into the water.

Let's see how much
material he can move today,

and I'm hoping that we
can get somewhere finally.

I've got a pretty decent hole.

Now you got some
rocks out, man, that's...

- that's what counts.


What the hell?

There's huge rock there.

Bigger the boulders,
bigger the gold.

Fred, I'd love to
get that sucker out.

Dustin's path
to calmer water

is blocked by a large
granite boulder,

he needs to remove it
to keep digging down.

Below it could be
a potential pocket of gold.

I can't wait to see what's
under that rock.

I got that chokerright above you, man.

Let's do this.

Come on!

I got it hooked.
Let's see
if you pull that out.

You gotta hold.

Oh, my gosh.

There's the dredge.


Dustin moved his dredge
from underneath the skyline.

Is it gonna hit the dredge?

Move the dredge
if you can.


The boulder is his
first chance to see

if it's clear of
the impact zone.

Look at that.

That thing was holding on
by a prayer, man. Holy moly.


The boulder moved,

Dustin has opened up prime
dredging real estate.

The water, it's perfect.

He is finally
beneath the pound zone,

and on the hunt for his
first gold of the season.

This is exciting.

This is exciting.

I am at six feet right now.

At House Rock,

Dustin's crew have
removed a huge boulder

they believe is
covering a pocket

of gold-rich gravel.

What the [bleep], man?

Nothing here.

Dustin's invested
everything in this dive site.

No gold beneath the boulder

could mean he's picked
the wrong location.

I can't see anything
down here.

What the is that?

damn, man.

A lot of pyrite
down there, man.

Tons of it.

Catch this rock.

I'm gonna overhand it.


Oh, wow!

That is some convincing
stuff right there, man.

- All right.

Dustin's hit
a large deposit of pyrite,

known as fool's gold

a key indicator that
this dive site

could contain
a massive deposit

of real gold.

Pyrite like that,
that tells you,

we're in a good spot

where there's gold because
you start finding more pyrite,

there's gonna be
gold down there.

I'm getting tired.

I'm already getting tired.

Dustin has been in the water

for almost three hours.

I'm done.

Coming up.

Any gold in the box?

Lots of pyrite.

That's a good sign.

No gold in the sluices,

but pyrite is a
significant breakthrough

and shows Dustin is
nearing what could be

a gold-rich pay layer.

I think this is
a great spot to dig.

I made it down to some
really big granite boulders.

Below that, that's
when the gold will start.

Across the creek,

Dustin just got
out of the water.

You dove
longer than he did.

some braggin' rights.

Stamper has
conquered his fear,

and is three
hours into his dive.

He's determined to
redeem himself.

So I'm glad things are goin'
a lot smoother today.

Hey, Stamper.


What kind of depth you
got going over there?

I'm pretty damn deep,

it's about six foot.

You're a rock star, bro.

Six feet down,

Stamper reaches
Dustin's dive depth.

A couple of days ago,

I was out
here for my first time

and I looked at
the situation out here and,

yeah, I was shaking my head.

Now they've
seen how to do it,

how to be
successful in diving.

We're ironing out
those wrinkles,

it's all there is to it.

We're starting to come
together a little bit.

Mark, you about ready
to come out of there?

Yeah, I'm... I'm comin' out.

Stamper dives
for over four hours,

the longest
of the season so far.

Yeah! Stamper.


Good job, man.

Good job today.
You did awesome.

The new crew

matched the veteran crew's
progress for the week.


I kind of redeemed myself,

Kayla, she didn't let up.

She did
exactly what she does.

- Great day.
- Yeah, it was good.


Yeah, that was our,
that was out first

day without like,
major problems.

I think we finally
got most of the issues

worked out.

Well, good.

- Do it again tomorrow.
- Yeah.

Well, I appreciate
your help today.
Thank you.


We're making do.

- It's working out, so--
That's cool.
That's cool.

Awesome. I'm glad for y'all.
Good job today.

Thank you.

At the start of the week,

Dustin promoted Kayla.

Despite early setbacks,

she has today stepped up

and fully earned
the title of crew boss.

Today, is the first day
we've actually

been making really
good progress.

Finally, uh,

this has been a rough start.

We've had a lot of issues, so

today is definitely a relief.

To start off,
when Kayla got here,

I had a couple

I suck at it.
What can I say?

But today, it was a good day.

It was the day
that we needed.

Kayla's a great
addition to the team.

I can see it already.

She's fearless,

she's motivated.

Getting along with the guys,

it's gonna work
out really well.

Kayla's killin' it.

On the next
White Water...

I got something
you need to see.

There it goes. Oh-ho!

The rumor is, that
there's still a huge

payload down there.

This is awesome, man.

It would be the biggest
pay day my entire life.

We got picker!
Good news.

Very good news.