Gold Rush: White Water (2018–…): Season 5, Episode 3 - Shake Up - full transcript

Under extreme pressure to get his first gold of the season, Dustin pushes both crews to their limits at one of the world's most dangerous mine sites. And before they can prove themselves, mother nature shakes things up.

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
Let it out slowly,

Let out slowly.

I can't believe
it's working.

What did you expect?

In a narrow ravine
on McKinley Creek,

Dustin Hurt and his crew...

Come on, let's go.

...are launching
their second assault
on the raging white water.

We're getting
the second dredge
in right now.

That means double
the chances of finding gold.


That's awesome.

He may have to land it
further down and we'll spin it
lower to the water.

Oh! What was that?

You hear that?

Oh, Rocks!

It's coming down
over here.

Frickin' earthquake!

Go, go, go,
go, go, go, go!

Holy [beep]!

It's coming down!


Get the hell
out of here!

Cover me,

Go, go, go,
go, go, go, go!

So many problems
that I've never had
to deal with.

Diver down.

Going under!
Holy, crap.

This is probably
the deadliest place
I've ever been.

Is this
passed your age, or what?

Diver up.
I can't breathe.

He can't breathe!

I'm trying to put two dredges
so I'm trying to have
two separate crews.

Someone's gotta show
the boys how to do it.

This ain't my first rodeo.

There better be some
good gold here,
that's all I gotta say.

Two dredges
means two divers.

Two divers means more gold.

I hope there's
a lot of gold down there.

And I'm crossing my fingers
and hoping

that these are
the right people to help me
get down to it.

Stack those, please.

My new walk board,
$27 apiece.

That's more expensive
than gold, man.

That's worth fighting
for, right there.

In Alaska's remote
Chilkat mountains.

Dustin Hurt has gambled
his entire season

on a new, unproven, dive site.

I feel like we've hit
every single block
that we could at House Rock.

At this point, we should have
a whole bunch of dives
under our belt.

We've only had one single dive
on one dredge. Seems like
everything's against us.

Last week,
Kayla Johanson joined
Scott Allen

to form Dustin's
second dredge crew,

that he hopes
will turbo charge the race
for bedrock gold.

It's cost me a fortune
to get a second crew
and a second dredge up here.

It's a huge investment.

So now, I need to focus up,
get to dredging,

find some gold
so we can pay for this

All right,
here we go Wes.
Yup. Ready? Let's go.

Let's go, let's go, let's go.

Whoo! The water's ugly.

Oh, my

Look at that water.


Some angry water right there.

Holy, crap.

Looks like all the water
in the world is coming
to visit us right now.

This is not good.

This water's getting crazy.

It's coming right up
over the bridge
like nobody's business.

And it's getting worse.

It's almost 80 degrees today,
and it's melting a record
amount of snow.

Making it just
impossible for me to dig.

The sheer volume
of mountain meltwater

has turned McKinley Creek
into a ferocious deathtrap.

This is the highest I've ever
seen the water here.

It's vicious looking.
You cannot dive this water.

I just got
a bunch of people
ready to work.

We're set up,
everything's ready to go.

And I gotta tell them, wait.

It is definitely undiveable.
That puts a damper on things.

'Cause if we can't
get in the water,
we can't get any gold.

There's not much we can do
with this water doing
this crazy

The water keeps coming up
and it's getting worse.

Yeah, that
pretty treacherous.

Everyone sacrificed a lot

to come out here
to chase a dream
of finding a bunch of gold.

And now,
I've got so much water...

They can't work.

I've got so much
riding on this season.

I had to leave the shoot,
where I know there's
guaranteed gold.

And here I'm at House Rock,

and I'm just
throwing money at this dig.

Being that the water's so high
and we can't do anything here.

We're gonna use this time to
set up for the second dredge.

After that when
the water goes down,
we'll hit it hard.

And throw everything
we have at it.

I am headed to the airport,
going to pick up
a new crew member.

A dredger from California.

But until the water comes down
there is no way he's gonna
be dredging any time soon.

In the hunt
for new crew,

Carlos reached out
to commercial divers
on the west coast

to see if anyone
would brave the whitewater.

Mr. Eric, right?

And Carlos?
I am Carlos, hey.

Hey, we appreciate your coming
on the short notice, brother.

Hey, I appreciate
you guys having me.

Navy veteran,
Eric Foster

has been diving for 17 years.

I have a lot of
different skill sets.

I had a lot of
diving experience,
I had a mechanical background,

I had a little bit of
rock climbing background.

And recently,
the 51-year-old
boat dwelling Californian

added another string
to his bow.

I didn't grow up
looking for gold.

It was something
that, uh, came about
in my later years.

Up in the Californian
mountains up to sleuths
and pan for gold.

I like gold
and I like digging
in the river for gold.

It's always about gold, right?

Man, there was a time
when I was in that seat.
I was you, you know?

New guy on the crew.
I know what it feels like
to be in that seat, so.

Any tips?

Expect the worst
and if it doesn't happen,
then bonus.

Has the plane already left?

Planes not coming back
for a while, man. So you're
here with us, brother.

All right, Eric. This is home.

How ya doing?
I'm Dustin, man.

Nice to meet ya, man.

Welcome to my
little world, uh--
Thanks, sir.

This is camp,
this is where we live.

And we work...
way up that creek right there.

And that is the water
we will be in, right there.

The sun's been out
and the water's up today.

I've never seen it this bad.

We're not trying to scare you
but you need to know
what you're getting into.

Yes, sir.

That's a big waterfall.

I haven't dove
in swift water before.
That's gonna be interesting.

Uh, to say the least.

I hope there's
a lot of gold down there.

And I'm crossing my fingers
and hoping

that these are
the right people to help me
get down to it.

No one dives
in this type of water.

So I'm a little worried
that he's gonna have problems
with our regulations.

Or the lack thereof.

The creek's
still raging.

But Dustin now has
more crew than ever

that he needs to put to work.

All right.
You're gonna hook in?

And then I'm gonna
go down first.
Then you gotta come down.

Yes, sir.

See y'all
at the bottom,
one way or the other.

Trust your gear.

Trust your gear.

It just got steeper.

Welcome to
the dig site, man.
Thank you.

That's some
serious water.

You fall in there,
it's game over.

But you know what?
I'm in it, man.

I'm here to find
some damn gold.

you are not diving
in this water.

'Cause it is deadly.

So let's do everything we can
to be ready to dive 100%
soon as the water is diveable.

So we're gonna try to get
that other dredge out there
and ready to go.

It's gonna take us a day
to put up the second skyline.

That's something we can do
when the water's high.

We just need to get in
the water to start dredging.
We gotta see some gold soon.

Dustin's plan,

install a separate
skyline system for their
second dredge,

on the other side
of the creek.

Two sky lines will double
the rocks and boulders
they can remove...

Halving the time it takes
to get down to bedrock gold.

Really wish we were
already in the water, digging.

We should have
a 10-foot hole by now.

With this many people
and this much gear.

Hopefully, today's our day
to turn that around.

The crew divide
and conquer.

Scott and James
set the anchor bolts.

That's it.


That's gonna
be strong.

We got our second skyline
strung up.

Now we just need
to tighten it
to get it working.

Once we get it working,
we'll be able to get
that second dredge in,

Two dredges means two divers.

Two divers means more gold.

Hey man,
we fall in this
we're done for, dude.

Down below,

the rest of the crew
work on connecting up
the braided steel cable.

Kids, don't do this at home.

Ya know what's so scary
about this?

That it really doesn't
scare me any more.

Okay, now,
what we can do...

Put the dogear on.

You got...
There's a ratchet right there.

Put the dogear
as close as you can
to the edge.

Okay, yup.
Without falling down.

Eric's first task,

attach the dogear loop
to the main cable.

Without falling down, man.
Uh, not falling down.

Take your time.

Lost a bolt?
Nut? No? Okay.


The ratchet?
You lost
the whole ratchet?

The whole ratchet.

Holy [beep],
that's Dustin's
best ratchets, man.

That's why I wanted
the wrench.

Yeah, if you had the wrench
you'd be there forever.
We don't have forever.

Wouldn't be lost.

It's a tradeoff.

Was that a nut?


Hey, can you find
another ratchet there, Scott,
by any chance, please.

Yeah, three quarters.

Take your time, dude.
We can't afford to lose
any equipment.

Yeah, I dropped the ratchet.
Well, actually,
I didn't drop it.

It fell out of my pocket.

It's his pocket's fault.

Yeah, I'm just
losing today.

The crew must now
tighten the skyline

until it's strong enough
to lift monster boulders.

Weighing upwards
of 3000 pounds.

We're just about to
get the second skyline
tightened up.

We're this much closer
to doubling up production.

Once this is up,
we can put our
second dredge in.

Get two crews working,
double the production,
double the gold.

Hold tight.

Look at that, dude.
That's frickin'
almost perfect.


Watch yourself.

What'd you think, Wes?

Yeah, that looks good to me.

All right. We're done, bro.

From my angle it looks like
it's going directly over
those rocks we wanted.

Looks perfect.

Good job, guys.

Y'all did great.

Hell yeah.

Now it's all about
getting our second dredge in,

and then our season
should be on. It's all about
finding gold then.

And hopefully there's
gold here.

because we've done
so much setup at this site
to get to this.

We're taking a big chance
this year.

So, we're going for it.

Up ahead.

We almost lost
the dredge.

Hey, Eric! Eric!

All he has to do
is spin the dredge.

Diver up.
Can't breath.

He can't breathe.

This is what I refer
to as a nightmare.

Diver in!

Oh, that's
a big rock.

Carlos, are you okay?

In the south-east

a surge of deadly meltwater
has made House Rock

Well, this is camp.

In an effort
to get to gold quicker

Dustin has risked it all,

forming a second crew.

This is Mark Stamper.
How ya doing? I'm Dustin.

Dustin, Stamper.
Nice to meet ya.
Nice to meet ya, man.

I thought I was a badass
when I first came up to Alaska
eight years ago.

And I realized
that everybody up here
is a badass.

Former firefighter
and diver, Mark Stamper

has spent two seasons
dredging for gold
in the Bering Sea.

And he's here
for one thing only.

Gold is the key to anything,
it doesn't matter
where you go,

people will accept it.

I could go to
the furthest place
on this Earth,

walk in there and go,
bink, bink, bink.

and they will let me in.

Makes you greedy.

It makes you want more.

And I'm gonna get it.

Stamper joins
Scott, Kayla, and Eric,

completing Dustin's
second dredge crew.

The reason we brought
more people out is, uh,
trying to put two dredges.

So, I'm trying to have
two separate crews.

And you guys are gonna
function as your own crew
without us.

All right.
So, I wanna throw
everything at it.

And I wanna get as much rock
out of there, as much gold
out of this hole as I can get.

So that's why
you're here, man.

I'm ready. Let's do this.


There's a lot of work
to do today.

Everybody good?

All right, man.
Rock and roll.

Welcome to
the group, bro.
Thank ya.

It's very intimidating,
I wasn't prepared for this.

This is definitely,
uh, rugged.

This is the only way
to and from work.

This is our
daily commute.

475 feet across,
275 feet to the bottom.

How ya feeling about that?

I mean, I'm not gonna lie.

I'm scared
but let's do this.

It's amazing
what we'll get ya use to.

Okay. You are locked in.

All right,
have a good ride, man.

Oh, wait, wait! I'm joking.
Joking, joking, joking.

I can't help it, man.


What a hell of a first day
at the job.

That's where
we're digging.

This is it.

Everything wants to kill you.

Rocks are coming down

There's nowhere that is safe.

This is probably the deadliest
place I've ever been.

This is some damn
moving fast water I hear.

Oh yeah.
This is low.

It cooled off
a little bit last night.

So the waters
coming down today.
It's looking pretty good.

We're gonna try to get
the small dredge in today.

We're gonna get a diver in.
It's time to get after
this gold.

We spent way too much time
on setup.

We don't have any more
time for that, it's all about
getting the gold now.

The water levels
are going down now

and the water's actually
a lot clearer, you can see
rocks in it,

so when it's clear like this,
that's when you really
wanna be diving.

The water is now
low enough to finally
get back to dredging.

But there's one last task

before both crews
can dive for gold.

It's time to see
how Mark reacts up high.

So, all right,
what I need ya to do,

you're gonna have a cable.

The cable is gonna
go through one of these.

You're gonna just
drop the cable in,

back, and then
reconnect it to yourself.

Yup. And that's it.
That's all you're doing
over there, all right?

In order to finally
get two crews diving,

Stamper must brave the skyline
and connect the cable
used to lift the second dredge

into the water.

I guess it's baptism of fire.

Or, should I say, water.

A lot of raging water.

I'm scared.

To a point where, uh,
starting to shake.

You can tell a lot
about a person when they're
out there.

How people handle fear.

It's a good tell of how
they're gonna be later on.

You can hide who you are
for a little while,
but not here.

It all comes out.

I see ya shaking. It's okay.

We don't mind.

You can be afraid
all you want.

It doesn't mean
you don't have to do it.

No mistakes up there.
This is not the place
for that.

Are we good?
All right. I'll try.

All right, we're gonna
go up this way.

Carlos is gonna
walk with him, too.


All right, have a good ride.

Ah, yeah, yeah.
Let go.

You all right?

All right.
Here he goes.

Oh, my


There ya go.

You gotta
thread it, man.

He's doing a good job.

He's clenched in every part
of his body right now.
He's moment for sure.

Is that look right?

Put the cable around
your body.


Don't drop it.

Got it. Oh,

Oh no, no, no, no.
Get it, get it, get it.


Clip the cable.

There ya go.

That'll work.



All right, James,
pull him back.


That scared the hell
out of me.

Winch cable connected,

Dustin can finally launch
his second dredge.

That was pretty entertaining,
Mr. Stamper.

But you accomplished
the mission.

Damn, that was my
favorite hat.

He panicked a little bit.
You could tell
how afraid he was.

But, Mark did the job.

Now we can get back
in the damn water.

Everything in my body's
killing me.


Looking down at that water,
zipping by.

I was holding on so tight.

Ah, I'm still shaking.

Dustin is now just
moments away from his dream

to run two dredge crews
this season.

James, I might
need some help
on this front corner.

Keep your wits.

All right, here we go.

Let it out slowly, please.
Let it out slowly.

I can't believe
it's working.

What'd you expect?


That's awesome.

Man, that's a pretty sight.

That's tight, right?

We'll have to frickin'
anchor it up on the other side
and bring it in.


That's perfect.

Here we go. You got it?

Let's go.

Down a little.

Somebody's gotta
spin it around.

Hey, Eric!

Spin the dredge.

Goin' under.

It's going under.

The dredge is facing
the wrong way.

And the sluice box
is caught in the current,

forcing the dredge down,
into the creek.


We almost
lost the dredge.

Hey, Eric. Eric!

All he has to do is spin
the dredge.
I know.

No sense of urgency.

Need a rope.
On the front.

The furious

is proving too much
for new recruit, Eric.

Veteran miner, Carlos,
steps up to the plate

in a race to save the dredge.

Watch out,
the hose is in the current.

What the

It's like sucking
big piñata, man.

Take the hose off.

All right, hold on.
Hold on, hold, hold, hold.

You gonna take this up there?

Wrap it around, according.
Yeah, yeah, yeah.

You gotta wrap it up
on an anchor, or something.

Come on.

What are you doing?

Just push it through.

You don't have to
take that apart.
I got it, I got it.

Just give me a second.
What! Oh, my gosh.

Jeez, help a brother out here.

Let go.
Hey, stupid.

Take the hose off.

You're gonna
have to land it, dude.

Tie off
on that corner.

Go and get done.

He may have to land it
further down and we'll spin it
lower to the water.

Oh, what was that?

Did you hear that?

Oh Rocks!

It's comin' down
over here.

Frickin' earthquake!

Go, go, go,
go, go, go, go!

Holy [beep]!

It's coming down!


Get the hell
out of here!

Cover me,

Let go.
Hey, stupid.

At the bottom
of a 450 foot ravine--

hose off.

...Dustin Hurt
and his crew are trying
to save their season

by launching
a second gold dredge.

Tie off
on that corner.

Oh, what was that?

Did you hear that?

Oh Rocks!

It's comin' down
over here.

Frickin' earthquake!

Go, go, go,
go, go, go, go!

Holy [beep]!

It's coming down!



Get the hell
out of here.


Go, go! Go, go!


A 4.4 magnitude
earthquake has just struck
Dustin Hurt's dive site.

It's still coming down
over here.
It's still coming down.

Watch out,
we got another one!

Oh, my It's crazy.
Freaking earthquake.

That's two slides in a minute.
That's a problem.

What I'm worried about
is aftershocks right now.

Dude, this place
is trying to kill us.

I don't wanna be here
any longer.

The hell are we doing?
Are we crazy?
Let's get out of here.

All right,
let's bail. Let's bail
out of here.

that thing,
tie that off.

Calling it quits.

I wanna get out
of these rocks.

We just had an earthquake
and two landslides.
Two rockfalls at once.

This place is too unsafe
for that type of stuff.

An aftershock
could send killer rocks
hurtling down at any moment.

Evacuation is Dustin's only option.

Let's get
out of here quick.

Get the out
of here before comes
down on our damn heads.

We're getting the hell
out of Dodge.

It's the wrong place
to be during an earthquake.

McKinley Creek
sits on the Denali fault line,

where over 40,000 earthquakes
occur each year.

Back at camp, Dustin calls
an emergency meeting.

First it was snow, COVID,
freaking bears.
Now earthquakes, man.

So is, uh, earthquakes here,
like, constant all the time?

'Cause that's just another
checkmark on my list

of how to die in
Alaska working like this.

There's earthquakes
up here all the time.

I mean, small ones happen
pretty often, but this so
treacherous out here

because of the steepness
of the walls.

It's just, like, I mean,
it's a death trap

if anything any larger
than that comes down,
I mean, you just never know.

You guys are all here
on your own free will, right?

You know how dangerous it is.

You've been down there,
and now you've seen
an earthquake.

That's my first one
down there.

If this makes you too afraid,
and you don't wanna be here
because it is, I understand.

You guys good with going
back out there?
Anybody running home?

I mean,
that's just part of the risk.

If you're gonna mine
in Alaska, you're just gonna
have to face those things,

and if you aren't willing
to face it,

you don't have any business
being in Alaska mining.

That's why people
don't make it.

I'm not going anywhere.
I'm here till the end,
so Mother Nature can bring it.

That's exactly
how I see it.

I'm good.
No guts, no glory.

I'm in.
I've been here
for so many years,

there's no way
I'm leaving here.

It did freak me out.
I'm not gonna lie.

Is this past your edge
or what?

You thinking
about going home now?

No, Mother Nature
doesn't have me yet.

Good 'cause it's dangerous
and I need your help.

All right,
let's get to work.

Okay. Bridge is there.
Still got a season.

Dredge is there.
Still got a season.

All our gear is still there.
We still got a season.

We're still in the game,
we're still in the fight.

Dustin's operation
has survived the earthquake.

Now it's time for his new crew
to prove themselves
in the water.

Usually I'd start the new crew
off real slow,
I baby-sit them, one-by-one,

I'd teach them how to do this.

But it's too late
in the game for that.

I gotta throw them in.
Sink or swim.

We have to find out
if they can hold their own.

Dustin's keeping
his experienced crew together
working his big dredge

on the far side of the creek,
while he gives
his fresh recruits

a crash course
in white water dredging.

It's super simple.
I'm just gonna go over it.

You already know this [bleep],
but I'm gonna talk
about it anyway.

These are your air tanks.
We got two separate water
lines coming up right here.

These are your shut-off valve,
throttle up, throttle down.
Does that make sense?

The first dive
will be taken by Kayla,

who's been dredging
for 14 years,
but only in small creeks.

This is going to be
the fastest water
I have ever dove in,

so that'll be a new
experience for me.

This has been
a long time coming,

so I'm looking forward
to getting in the water today

because that means
we're at one step closer
to getting some gold finally.

So we'll do
a comm check
before she walks up.

We're gonna find out
if the air is pumping right

before she even walks out
of that tent.

That's a big deal.

All that should
be done before the diver
makes it the out here.

This is your hot water flow.

You're going to go
with hot water, right?

Actually, I'm used
to diving in freezing

so I'm gonna be diving
in my dry suit.

Okay, well you don't want
to work with hot water
if you don't want to.

We tried the dry suit,
I froze my off.

Well, I haven't had
that exact problem.

This is comfortable for me,
it's not the only way.

All right, let's get
this thing primed.

Across the creek,
Dustin's most experienced
diver, Carlos,

is gearing up
for his second dive
of the season.

That's some
good water.

It'll be
like a bathtub down there,
I'm telling ya.

I hope you get
somewhere today.

All right,
good to go.
Diver in!

Diver in.

The dive hole
is only one foot deep.

remove as many rocks
and boulders as he can

to get closer to bedrock gold.

All right, gents, let's see
what we got here.

Ooh! That's a big rock.
Can you give me
that basket right here?

Thank you, sir.
Let's get some material
moved today, huh?


Back to dredge
and how does it feel, Carlos?

That's good.

That's what
I do, I move rocks.

This area is a area
that I don't think
the old timers mess with.

You've got big rocks already.

We're gonna, hopefully,
get into some pretty
good gold pretty fast.

I hope so.

Took a lot of setup
to get here, so it's gotta
pay off now.

Yup, absolutely.

First things first,
let me grab this boulder
out of here.

That's a big piece.

You think you can get it
in the basket?

Ah, I'm good to go, man.

If you could take out this,
um, basket real quick?

Look, easy piece,
come up easy.

Coming up easy.

Looking good.

Nailed it.

On the other side
of the creek,

Kayla is moments
away from the new crew's
first ever dive

at McKinley Creek.

Weight belts
are out there.

I need to zip up.

Mask, harness.

I'm really excited to finally
be getting in the water,
and get to work.

Scott told me, "Good luck,
it's probably gonna
kick your ass."

I'm sure it will,
but I guess I'm due
for a good ass kicking.


Go ahead
and check your air.

In a season
struck by disaster...

Kayla Johanson is stepping up
for the first dive ever
for the second dredge crew.

How's that?
I feel
like I'm in surgery.

Clamps, scalpel.

All right,
let's put some weights on her.

How's that feel?

All right, Scott's gonna
be behind you, just in case
you go falling down.

Stamper's gonna have you
on line up here.

All right.
Here we go.

Dustin has got two crews
diving in his hunt for gold

at House Rock.

Been a long time
in the making,

so there better
be some damn good gold
down there

'cause this is a lot of effort
to make this happen.

I think that rock
weighed more than you did.

Yeah, I think so.

I need a basket.
Otherwise, I'm just gonna
be throwing.

All right,
we're gonna take
that rock basket.

All right, drop it down.

That's perfect.

The new crew
are dredging down

on the near side of the creek.

Dustin's veteran crew
will dig down
on the other side.

Eventually, the two holes
will combine, creating
a wide enough hole for them

to get down to bedrock.

Where they hope to find
a monster pile of gold.

So how you hanging
with the temperature
down there?

Still comfy?
Yeah, I'm good.

You may never
have to use that hot water

Maybe not.

All right,
you guys are dredging.

This is your first
real dredge.


On the far side
of the creek,

Carlos has been shifting
baskets of rocks
for two-and-a-half hours,

in his mission to dig down
as deep as he can
towards bedrock gold.

Back at it.

Right now I'm getting rid
of all that shale rock

that we blew up
on this bigger rock.

Rockslide, rockslide.

Carlos! Carlos, are you okay?
Are you hurt?

I'm good.
That was a close call, man.

Since the rocks
were coming down there,
I missed it by an inch.

I'm good though.

I just need to get this rock
out of the way.

An underwater
landslide has rolled
1,000 pound boulder

into the dive hole.

Are you able
to get it out?

that was, wow, what a big
boulder out of there.

Copy that.

let's get that Mammoth
Claw back.

All right.

Give me a little server hand.
Come up, easy, easy.

Coming up easy.

Thank you, sir.

This thing
is so beautiful, man.

All right, now, all right,
I'm coming up then.

After three hours,
Carlos calls it a day.

He's got the crew a foot
deeper in their search
for gold.

How you doing, buddy?

Start playing with us now?

You getting

I had
to make sure, dude.

Sorry, I didn't come
hang out with you today.
Duty calls.

It was a good dive.

I mean, what I know is that
I gotta get more divers in,

and move more
rocks, man,
so we can get gold.

You know, enough
with the stuff, man,
let's move rocks.

Let's move rocks.

Across the creek...

Drop it down. Perfect.

Kayla's decade
and a half of dredging
experience is paying off.

She's three hours
into her dive,
and still going strong.

You guys look solid
right now, by the way.

You got a quick routine,
and I think
it's a beautiful thing.

There's a hole
here, girl.

I'm moving rocks.

They're the same rock
structure as you.

I don't think
you guys need me any more.

I think Kayla's got
what it takes.

I know.

She's probably a better
dredger than I am
in some ways.

She stay up good.
She knows
what she's talking about.

I trust her.

She's a boss.
I can feel it.

I think you guys had
a pretty successful dive.

Diver up!

All right.

Going up.

There's a hole right here.

You don't say.

All right, Kayla,
let's go ahead
and get you out of here.

successfully overcome
the raging McKinley Creek,

digging a 2-foot deep hole
in just three hours.

Felt really good
to get back in the water.

That's where I feel most
at home is underwater.
Diving and dredging.

So it gives us
a starting point.

We got a hole started,
so we're getting closer

to getting some gold
in the box.

You did good.

A little guidance,
and they'll do a great job.

After that,
I think they're gonna
be solid.

Tomorrow though,
the training wheels come off.

I gotta get back to my crew.

They gotta do this
on their own without me.

everything goes right.

It's gonna be
a good day, y'all.

It's gonna be a good day.

After a month
of setbacks,

Dustin finally has two dredges
in the water, and is ready
to kickstart his season.

I'm getting the new crew used
to this lifestyle
pretty good right now.

They're starting
to step up their game.

Yesterday I went over
and I, uh, guided them
for a little while,

and everything went beautiful
and smooth.

It was real nice to see.
I'm glad they have it
in them.

You guys ready?
Let's go.

All right.

Under Dustin's watchful eye,

the new recruits
had a promising first dive,

but now they face
their biggest challenge yet.

All right, you guys
got a dredge,
you got a crew.

It's up to you
to figure it out now.

Yes sir.
We ain't gonna get
gold sitting here.

Don't get hurt, don't die.

What was that
part about not dying?

Kayla, Scott, Mark,
Eric, they're a crew now.

I want them to figure things
out on their own.

They need to learn
how to make decisions,
and get after it.

I didn't put anybody
in charge.

For now I'm still
their crew boss,

but they have to figure out
how to work together.

We're gonna knock this
out of the park.

I'm gonna do everything I can
to help my team
get as most G as we can.

I put it right there
in my hand.

Ah, what do you think, James?
Why don't we jump
in the water, man.

Sounds good.
Suit up.

If Dustin can keep
both crews dredging
on each side of the creek,

he'll get down to gold
in no time.

My first dive.

Anxious to get in the water,
at the same time,
a little nervous,

but who wouldn't be?

Doing this
for a living.

I need you to have a boring,
easy dive.

There we go, you are set.

All right, you walking out?

See what you got,

There you go.

That's cold.
You're not warm any more.

All right.

We're digging now.

So once I get myself
a settling hole here,

I can sit in it and get it
bigger and bigger as I go.

rocking this right now, y'all.
Hell yeah.

Basket up.
Copy that, coming up.

Lift it up!

Across the creek,
after a rocky first season
under Fred Hurt,

Scott Allen is looking
for redemption.

Gold isn't gonna jump
into the box on its own.

We have to put it there,
so the only way for gold
to get in the box

is for us to get down,
for us to get diving,
for us to get dredging.

That's what we're doing today.

Come on, let's go.

It looks like they,
uh, finally suited up,
and got over here, man.

Looks like they're
uh, trying to get
in the water.

I'm not getting
any air.

There is no air.


The new crew
are all experienced divers.

This is the first time
they've operated the dredge
without Dustin.

Does it feel
like they're just stuck
in traffic over there?


I'm not getting
any air at all.

It's not getting no pressure.

These are the things
that should've been worked on

before they got a diver
dressed up, you know?

Someone has to take charge.

What seems
to be the problem, sir?

They're having an air issue.
I don't think it's coming
out our block.

Dustin is forced
to leave his own dredge
to help the struggling crew.

The direction on that offload
valve, which way does it go?
Is it backwards?

It's backwards.
Copy that.


One of the air valves
is busted,
and they're trading it out.

It's incredibly

I'm suited up, ready to roll,
and we're blocked right now

by a freaking 50 cent piece
that you get at the hardware.

It's the littlest things
sometimes is what stops

Swapping the valve
has cost the second
dredge crew

nearly an hour of dive time.

We got air. Air is on.

All right, let's get me
in the water.

This is getting

But finally,
Scott is clear to dive.

All right, my man,
you all set?


Come on, let's go.
Diver in the water.


This current's a

All right, pull this one up.


Do you want me to pull this--

Use the comms, bro.

All right,

Man, hey, everybody's trying
to work together, bro.
It's okay.

Our hose
is stuck on something.

He's trying to lift
the whole dredge hose
with the water inside.

Oh, it's like an anaconda,

Oh, my
Oh, my [bleep],
that's scary.

It's gonna figure eight
on him, dude.

They got a spaghetti dinner
with the diver's hose
all in the middle of it.

Right now, they're getting
a taste of what whitewater
really is.

All right,
I think these guys need
a little assistance over here.

So I might have to take off
for a second, all right?

Dustin is once
again forced to step in
and take control.

Oh, my

This... is what I refer to
as a nightmare.

This stuff is so tangled up.
Not ideal.

All right, first thing
is we gotta straighten

that hose up, come this way
a little bit with it.

The tangled dredge
hose will lose suction,

making it impossible
to suck up pay dirt.

Good, tie that off.


Let's get
the basket ready.

Can you get a basket for him?

Are you not listening to him?

No, they never gave me
the comms.
I asked him for them.

That's hilarious.
I asked him.

All right, so you can't hear
a word he's saying.

Okay, we'll get
a basket ready for you,
my man.

Oh [bleep]!

We gotta get this
to ground.
I need comm.

Dustin is coming in hot
with a basket at your six.

It's a freaking washing
machine down here, man.

Diver down. Diver down.

Oh, my
No way!
He's walking the dog.

Dustin has to grab the diver,
and place him where to dredge.

This is gonna be a long day.

At House Rock,
Dustin Hurt is trying
to run two dredge crews

on opposite sides
of the creek.

This is gonna
be some of the hardest
dredging ever.

I dug a nice hole.

I'd say
it's about 5 foot by 3 feet.

Takes awhile
to establish a hole.

It's turning
into a whirlpool down here.

At the far side
of the creek,

experienced dredger
James has shifted over

a ton of boulders
out of the dive hole.

Let's go ahead and,
uh, secure the hose
and come on up.

You've been in
for over three hours already.


Good job, James.

Wow, bro.

So much rocks, dude.

That was some
of the hardest diving
I've ever done.

It's like a washer machine,
a whirlwind.

As the veteran crew
wraps a successful dive...

Across the creek,
the newly formed crew
is still struggling

to get their operation
up and running.

holding myself

I can't stay forward.

Hey. Diver up.

We got a diver up
situation right now.

He's got a problem
with his mask.
Are you losing air?

Can't breathe.

He can't breathe.

That's it! Get up.

Got to take this thing
off right here now.

I'm dealing
with here?
Got it.

All right.
Hook your dredge
back up, please.

It's the final
straw for Dustin,

as he calls time
on the disastrous dive.

Get your line out
of the water.
Get this untangled

You guys are a
nightmare right now.

You don't need
to be doing this.
Go get out of your suit.

Get out of here,
we'll clean up.

Wow! That was something else.

Oh, wait,
it gets way worse, man.

You guys are just fumbling
in the dark right now.

Somebody's gonna die.

You can't do that.

That's what was gonna happen.

It was a short dive,
a lot shorter than I wanted.

A couple little pieces
of gravel went inside
my regulator of my mask.

I was barely able to breathe.

That's scary.

Today was an absolute

I gave the new crew
an opportunity to flex
and show what they know.

This water might be more
than they can handle.

It started to make me doubt
if this is worth it.

Am I doing the right thing?
Are we in a good spot?
Is it worth all this trouble?

Like, at some point,
when is it time
to pull the plug?

On the next
White Water.

Hey, Fred.
What's going on?

An opportunity has cropped up.

Oh, my

They've got
more gold than we have
ever found.

This could be dangerous.

You guys trying to smash
my dredge?

Kayla's gonna
be their new crew boss.

Well, that's awesome.

Are we good?
Oh, boy.

I'm getting pissed
because we're not getting

No one's keeping
you here if you don't
want to be here.

Everything's going
really smooth?

Hell no.