Gold Rush: White Water (2018–…): Season 5, Episode 2 - Fresh Blood - full transcript

Dustin puts his money and reputation on the line, doubling down on two claims. He brings in fresh recruits who quickly learn the dangers of mining in white water.

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
This is the longest
skyline we've ever put up.

You got some balls to be
going out there like that.

And that's 30 feet
off the water.

I would call this
a high-risk situation.

This is the first time

we've really put
our skyline to test.

This is gonna tell the tale
if those bolts

and those clamps
are gonna hold or not.

I'll do it.

Someone's got to show
the boys how to do it.

All right. It's a fast
field class right now.


How are you feeling?

Crazy nervous.

All right. You're on your own
from here on out.

Do not want to drop.

Oh, my

What the hell
did I get myself into?

Dive number one.

All right. He's diving.

Whoa. Heads up.

Brown water.


Everybody, this is
new crew member, Kayla.

I'm concerned.
Can this person pull me

out of the water when
I need to get pulled out?

Everybody has to prove
themselves here though.

So, we'll see what she's got.

I expect that
there's gonna be gold

- around that boulder.
- All right.

Ready. Fire in the hole.


And I guarantee you,

there's some big nuggets
down in there.

There better be
some damn good gold.

All right.
Let's get down to House Rock.

We'll figure out
where we're gonna set up.

I can tell you right now,
it's pretty damn dangerous.

Frickin' rock is loose,

Rock is loose.

High in the Chilkat Mountains,

Dustin is two weeks

into the riskiest
mining season of his career.

What a tricky spot
to frickin' dredge, man.

It's gonna be interesting.

At House Rock, sheer cliffs

tower over the raging creek,

home to millions of dollars'
worth of gold nuggets.

All right. Coming down.

There it is, fellas.

All right. Ugly.

This is a very sketchy spot,
very sketchy.

Dude, that is a ton
of water, man.

got you nervous, huh?

Yeah, it does.

Yeah, it's scary.

If you were a normal person,

you would look at this
and run away.

All we see
is opportunity here.

Those are huge boulders.

Everybody knows
what huge boulders mean.

Huge gold.

And I guarantee you

there's some big nuggets
down in there.

Last week...

Whoa. Holy
that's a lot of snow.

...Dustin's season
was thrown upside down

after snow and ice
blocked them from reaching

guaranteed gold
at the shoot...

There's no edge?

That's insane-looking.

There is so much
loose ice over us.

It's a no-go, boys.

...forcing Dustin
to take a huge gamble

on a new mine site,
House Rock...

Nothing looks too dangerous
over the top of it.

If we decide to dig this,

it could take us all season. area so big,

he'll need
to double his crew.

We have to find enough gold
to justify two crews.

Let's start doing
the actual logistics here.

We're gonna figure out

where we're gonna set up
the dig site.

How about across
stake across.

It's a lot safer
than this side

where it's nice and flat.

Where we can get
everything on there.

That's not a bad idea.

How do we get over there?

If the water
was about half this,

we can walk across this
but this is crazy.

We got to get timber
to make a bridge.

Yeah, we have a beam
we can lay across there,

but we have to figure out
where it goes.

Y'all, I think
we should put it here.

There's no crossing points
better than this.


We have to go convince

the helicopter pilot
to do this.

Pretty much you just want him
to stab it into that

and lay it right here, right?

- Yeah.
- Then we have to run across

and go unhook
all of our stuff downstream.

That's gonna be a rough one.

It's very important that
this bridge goes in perfect.

To unlock
House Rock dive site,

a pilot must heli-sling in

and precision land
a makeshift bridge

over the narrowest part
of the creek

before the crew receives
all their equipment

on the far side,
set up the skyline system,

and finally get the dredge
in the water

so they can start the hunt

for millions of dollars
in gold.

Do we have a plan?

- Got a plan.
- Got a plan.

All right.
I wanna be in the water

by the end of the week.

Setting up House Rock

comes with a huge
financial risk.

The helicopter alone

will cost two and a half
thousand dollars an hour.

I hope there's a whole bunch
of gold down there.

Either way,
we're gonna dig it.

What's pushing us
to dive this water?

Gold and the chance
of to pay those bills off,

gold as a chance
to have a better life.


Gold can do that for us.

Back, back,
back, back, back.

Good. Right there.

Well, that's one way
to take it down.

With a helicopter inbound,

the crew race to prepare
their sling loads.

All this prep work
is for our heli-lift.

And this season,
Dustin is doubling

the size of his operation

flying in not one,
but two dredges.

His big dredge...

We haven't used this dredge
in a while,

so we got to get it
working right.

...and a smaller dredge

that belonged
to his father, Fred.


Last week...

Hey, Fred.

Fred dropped
some shocking news.

I'm not gonna be running
a crew this year.

You're gonna be running
the whole operation.

Never actually done a season
without you up here, man.

Dustin wasted no time...

Hey, Scott.

...and recruited
some of Fred's crew...

If you want me, you got me.

...and his equipment...

Five ounces of gold
for the dredge.

Oh, no.

Offer me eight.

All right. Sounds good, man.

Eight ounces it is. double
his chances of a huge payday.

I don't have
the manpower yet

to run both dredges,
but House Rock,

it is so big that
if I don't get

a bunch of divers
in the water,

we may not finish it

and it's a short season

This is a gamble,

putting everything
down on this.

It's either gonna get...
be a big payoff

or I'm gonna go broke.

How you feel about working
on Fred's dredge?

I think
it's an all right dredge,

but they got some gold
with it last year.

Being that we have such
a large area up there,

let's set this up to see
if we can get two divers

on this one and the other one.

If I get four divers in there,

I think
it would increase our odds

of finding that gold.

We'll try.

It would be awesome
to have somebody

under the water
that can just move rocks

and somebody
that continually dredges.

There's only one way
to find out though.

You know, I've got some
ideas what to do to this.

For the first time ever,

Wes must retrofit each dredge

with an extra hot water
system and air supply.

This new setup doubles
the amount of divers

on both dredges.

Dustin's gambling
that more manpower

will mean they'll get
to bedrock gold

four times faster.

I've got a separate
filter system,

so I can have
two different heats

going through each diver.

We're gonna put
two tanks on this one,

so we'll have plenty of air.

My little brain
thinks it'll work,

but until we actually
test it, I'm not sure.

I think by the end of today,

I'm gonna be
getting pretty close

to have this one ready
to fly up.

I'd love to have four divers

and that's a lot of hoses,

that's a lot of tangles,

that's a lot
of body parts down there,

but I'm looking
to step my game up.

So you got all this, right?

I got it.


We need to get out
to the dive site.

If that bridge doesn't go in,
it's a wasted day.

All right, Wes,
good luck down here.

All right.
Good luck up there, guys.

Dustin, Carlos,
and James race to House Rock.

You finish getting that ready

and I'm gonna mess
with the dredge

as long as I can.

It's on Wes
and Scott to send the loads.

It's definitely
a high stress day today.

The big thing about making
this heli-lift succeed

is every time
we have to do one of these,

it cuts
into our profit margin.

It means less money
that we take home,

means less money
for my family.

I got three kids right now

and we actually found out

we have number four
on the way.

So, this year is kind of
a very crucial year for me.

I've... It's got to happen
for me this year.

For this
difficult operation...

brought in pilot, Jag Gerard.

He's fit his
A Star Helicopter

with an extra-long
150 foot line

to deal with House Rock's
dangerous ravine.

First load, a 40-foot,
1,200 pound beam,

the key
to crossing the river.

Hey, Jag, it's Dustin.

We need a little bridge
put across the creek

and I was hoping
you can put it there for me.

Thank you.

If the helicopter pilot
don't get it right

and the bridge stabs
into the water, boom.

That whole bridge
is just gonna go downstream,

along with
the helicopter pilot.

Come on, brother. Right here.

Right there.

Come on, Jag.

You're so good.


Get the bottom to touch.

It's touching.

Whoa. Stop. Stop.

Whoa. No, no, no, no.

come on down.

Well, I sure hope
our board's long enough.

That's fine right there.
That's perfect.

all the way.

- Thank you.

- I'm nervous.
- I'm nervous.

Dustin must race
across the unsecure bridge

before Jag returns
with the next load.


Scott for Dustin, be advised,

the big dredge is flying.

that is quick.

Let's go.

One slip...

This is crazy.

...and he'd die
in the freezing white water.

Don't die.

This is dangerous.


- That was intense.

Hell, yeah.

I'll take that.


Perfect, right there.


Scott for Dustin,

second dredge
is on its way to you.

Good job, man.

Very nicely done.

Hell, yeah.

All right. There he is.

Yup. Right there
where he's pointing,

it'd be good.

Come on.

This snow is gonna be
the death of us, dude.

That is perfect.

Holy stop them,

so they won't roll
into the water.


Whoa. Whoa.

This snow is gonna be
the death of us, dude.

At House Rock,
Dustin's second dredge

and his operation
hang in the balance.

Holy stop, stop,

so they won't roll
into the water.


No, no, no, no, no.

Got it.


Great job, Jag.

Thank you. Big help, man.

You're the right person
for the job.

All right.
- We did it.

We're moving in, boys.

Well, now we have
to make a work site,

get the dredges in the water,
start diving.

It's now a race
to get the skyline installed

and a diver in the water
by the end of the week.

We have a new
crew member today.

Her name is Kayla.

We need the help right now.

To help pull off

his ambitious
two-dredge operation,

Dustin's recruited
a seasoned miner

he's known for years.

I need to try to get
some workers up here.

I need a full second team.

She's got a lot
of dredging experience.

So I got high hopes for her.

Hi, there.

Hey, how's it going?

Kayla Johansen
caught gold fever

as a teenager,
following in the footsteps

of her grandfather who panned
for gold in Arizona.

For the last two years,
she's singlehandedly run

her own dredge
in Southcentral Alaska.

I started out
with small dredges

and then I upgraded

to a six-inch dredge
by myself.

This is actually
my first nugget.

That's my good luck charm.

Dustin called me to see

if I wanted to come
join their crew.

It sounds like they do things
a little bit differently

than what I normally do
when I mine at my own spot.

I'm hoping
we don't go home broke.

So this is where
my claim start.


I'm a little nervous
just to see

if I fit in with everyone.

I'm only as good
as my team out here.

You can't do
anything by yourself.

You'll understand what I mean
by the end of the day.

This is what we call home.

We're good,
we're good, we're good.

What's going on, fellas?

meet your new crew member.

- This is Kayla.
- Hi, nice to meet you.

Hi, Kayla, how you doing? Wes.

So are you ready
for this great adventure?

Yeah, I suppose.
As ready as I'm gonna be.

Well, these are the guys
and we'll show you around.

Seems a little tiny
for the fast rushing water.

But we'll see.

She might be a small fish
that's really strong.

How do I feel
about new people

doing what we do?

Let's see.

I'm concerned.

Can this person
pull me out of the water

when I need to get pulled out?

Wes saved my life
once or twice.

James can.

You know what I mean?

So far, everybody
seems pretty cool.

Since I'm the only woman here,
I have a lot to prove.

Mining tends to be
a man's world in profession.

But a lot of people
have doubts

when they see someone like me

coming in to this kind of job,

but I'm here
to prove everyone wrong.

In a race to get a diver

in the water this week,

Kayla is thrown straight
into the deep end.

Let's get to the dive site.

This is our only way to work.

It's pretty crazy.

How far down is that?

275 feet down to the river.


Anyone's fallen off yet?

Not in my time anyway.

I'm a little freaked out
with heights,

I get anxiety and think
that I can't do this

but I'm pretty good
at talking myself

into doing stuff
I probably shouldn't do.

- Feeling good?
- Yeah.

All right. Here we go.


Line barely
even notices her on it.

I know, I know.

She weighs about a buck 15.


Just my concern.

down the river.


Welcome to your new dig site.

That's it, Kayla,
that's your freaking office

for the next
freaking five months.

Fed by a glacier,

McKinley Creek
is a frigid 33 degrees

and rages at 5,000
gallons per second.

You gotta be tough as
nails to get into this water.

What do you think?

This is like
a hundred times faster

than the water I dredge in.

Pretty insane.

Hopefully they don't get me killed.

You gotta be
kidding me.

It's a little sketchy bridge.

Make sure you don't fall in.

That's like the easiest way
to die here.

I'll try not to.

All right.
Let's talk seriously

about where the
we're gonna dig, man.

I expect that
there's gonna be gold

- around that boulder.

We got to get to areas
that the old-timers

a hundred years ago
couldn't get to.

And that rock, that's been
there for a long time.

This will be our
starting point on this side

and we can work in

and then work out, out, out

and start working
their way upstream.

Before Dustin
can get a diver in the water,

it's critical they complete
the dangerous job

of rigging the skyline.

All right, guys.
It's gonna take a lot of work

because this is gonna be
the longest skyline

we've ever put up.

We're gonna set up anchors
right there downstream,

right in between those trees

where you could see that flat.

That's gonna take
some climbing, dude.

And over here on the upstream,

gonna be on the side
of that bridge,

there's this block
right there,

the best part of that
we're gonna hook up to.

I am not sure that
I've got enough cable

to make this work.

Well, let's find out.

Dustin's plan,

drill anchor bolts
into solid rock

and tighten the 300-foot
steel cable between them,

creating their longest
and highest skyline ever,

then attach a system
of winches and pulleys

to maneuver
the rock basket and dredge

that will allow them
to dive for gold.

We're gonna split into
two teams, Carlos, myself,

and Scott will go
to the downstream side.

The other end will be
James and Kayla.

It is a huge set up,
but we can pull it off.

We're gonna get it done
in one day, man.

All right. Let's get down.

Dustin, Carlos, and Scott

are on the hunt
for solid rock.

How are you feeling?

Nervous but good.

Pretty tight on my rope.

Watch out. Watch out.

- Rock.
Rock, rock, rock.

Ooh, the rock just hit Dustin.

Aw, looks like it hurt.

You bouncing around
on that rope

is probably what set
that boulder going.

- Don't do that.
Stay still.

Clean that up and see
where the best rock is.

This is all crumbly rock.
How about down there, man?

Where your left foot's at?

Yeah. How about that?

Right now,
we're looking for solid rock

and there's none to be found,

so you take
the best you can get.

The skyline will need

to bear thousands
of pounds of weight,

finding rock
strong enough to hold

under that much stress
is critical.

Oh, that looks better,
doesn't it?

Yeah. It sure does. Yeah.

It's perfect.

There you go.

What I've learned to do

when doing this stuff
is just slow movement.

Got you.

Up creek, 300 feet,

James and Kayla are also
on the hunt for solid rock.

This is the fun stuff
we get to do,

but it's dangerous as hell.

It's a lot better
than a desk job.

It looks pretty solid there.

- All this...
- This looks like crap.


Like that stuff right there
looks a little more solid.

All right. You wanna drill
a hole right here.

We're gonna knock this
out of the park, hopefully.

Drill's nice.

So you have pretty much

gave up everything
to come out here?

Yeah. I quit my job

and left all my friends

and just drove out here.

Wow. Nice job.
It doesn't look...

That wasn't too bad,
hopefully everything holds.

Kayla seems to know her stuff.

Everybody has to prove
themselves here though.

So we'll see what she's got.

Anchor bolt secured.

Now, they must wrestle the
280-pound cable into place.

Now what we're gonna do
is pull it tight.

- All right. Here it goes.
- Pull.

I'm not sure
if it's gonna make it or not.

And that's gonna be tight.

Gonna be close.

Long good pull.

Son of a

You got another?

All right.

We can't pull anymore.

It's not gonna make it.

There is no way
this is long enough.

You don't think so?
- We're gonna be about
20 feet short, right?

I would agree, 20 to 30 feet.

Another setback
pushes Dustin's goal

of diving by the end of the
week further out of reach.

This sucks, man.
I want this done.

How come this always takes
so long?

We had a pretty good
start yesterday

with a little bit of hiccups.

Short cable.

At House Rock,
Dustin's most ambitious

mining season ever is
stalled at the starting line.

Every day that we're out
of the water

is every day my bills
are not getting paid,

so we need gold.

Before they can
begin their hunt for gold,

they need to solve a problem
with their skyline.

The cable that we have
is too short,

so I have to extend.

We got an extra cable

and that's what we're doing
right now.

Make a small cable
into a bigger cable

with two pieces of cable.

All right.

We get the cable connected
and then we'll tension it up.

Oh, my

That's loose rock, man.

I know.

They out


- That's crumbly rock, man.
- Yeah.

One of Kayla's
anchor bolts is loose

and could lead
to a skyline failure.

Rookie mistake, man.
If these break,

somebody can get real hurt
really, really bad.

Did I mess it up?

This whole section
might blow out.

Oh, sorry.

Yeah. We gotta fix this.

Wanna drill another one?

This... Yeah.
Let's do it.

I'm just trying to figure
everything out, so...

It's a lot. We all understand
because we've all been there.

I should've come and checked
it out first, that's all.

Y'all, after she's done,

I need you to put a final
torque on those things.

Got you.

I've gone over 'em twice

but if you wanna check 'em.

Is there something

- I can be working on?

I don't know where to put you
just because I don't know

what you can do.

By the end of a week or two,
I'll know exactly

- what you can do, so...

I feel a little useless
right now

because I don't really
know how to do any of this.

You'll be...
You'll be all right.

You'll be...
You'll do just fine.

One point in time,
I didn't know

all about this either.

So it doesn't matter where
you start,

it matters
where you finish, so.

Yeah. No big deal.

- I call it good right here.

- Let's get to it.

Oh, yeah.

That did it.

It looks way better now.

All right, man.
We're gonna get tight.

Here we go.

This is where
all the magic begins.

The cable must be
cranked with enough tension

to have the strength
to lift boulders

weighing thousands of pounds.

Looking good so far.

One inch at a time.

But too tight,
it could rip the anchors

from the cliff-face.

I like it.

- Hey, Carlos.

Your is screwing
tight, brother.

All right.
Rock and roll.

We got us
a really nice skyline in.

It's a lot harder than
I thought it was gonna be.

- You're way up there.
Look how high up
you were.

- It is really up there.
Oh, my

And that's 30 feet off
the water.

I know, man.
That's incredible.

Yeah, it is.

To complete the job,

one crew member must
now risk their life

on the untested skyline
to attach a pulley,

hanging 30 feet
above the raging white water.

You got some balls
to be on out there like that

because you don't know how the
anchors are going or doing.

It' gonna take a lot
of upper body strength too,

super dangerous, above
and beyond the call of fear.

I'll do it.

You wanna go up there
and do this [bleep]?

I can.
- I know you can.

- Do you want to?
I'll do it.

Someone's gotta show the boys
how to do it.

This goes on a big skyline.

And then I'm gonna
feed the cable

- through the bottom one.
That is correct.

- You ready?
- Okay.

I'm determined
to redeem myself.

I wanna prove that I can do it

and keep up with what
everybody else is doing here.

She seems pretty confident.

Let's see what she's got.

- Are you ready for this?

I've never done anything
quite like this before,

so a little nerve-wracking.

All right.

It's a fast field class
right now.

I made that mistake once.

- I won't do it again.
Or wish you hadn't

volunteered for this
in a minute.

Be careful.

Don't look at the water.

All right.
You're on your own

from here on out.

It's a fast field
class right now.

At House Rock,

Kayla Johansen
is on a mission

to earn her spot on the crew.

Oh, you gotta be
kidding me.

Do not want to drop.

She must reach
the center point

of the 300-foot skyline
dangling 30 feet

above McKinley Creek's
raging water...

Take your time.

You're not in a hurry. attach a vital pulley,

critical in moving boulders
to get to the gold.

You got this, Kayla.

All right.
Here we go.

Ugh, I don't like this.

Nice. Good job.

I have to take a breather.

Yeah. I feel you.

Rest your arms.

Don't let it go, it'll fall.

Look at that.

Look at that
full figure-four leg lock.

You're doing good so far.

- All right. You got
the view now.
I've got her.

I got you.

She's on the move.

Keep coming.

I'll take it, right there.

You got to hook up
your pulley now.

All right.

Feeling good?

Scared [bleep]-less.

She's doing great.

She's doing really good.

Yeah, she is.

First time ever doing it, too.

I get 'em lined up.

There we go. That's it.



- Hell, yeah.
- Good job.

So awesome.

Hell, yeah.

Dude, she's fearless.
- She is, man.

- It looks like
she belongs here.

We've added a good crew member
to our staff this year.

All right.
You're free to go.

You got it?

How was that?
You know, I thought

I was gonna be nervous
out there.

Yeah, I was pretty steady.

Good for you.

You're you're
perfect here by the way.

You definitely pulled
your weight.


She went out on a 30
feet off the ground line,

accomplished everything,
showed no fear.

It looked pretty scary to me.

Proved to the guys that
you got what it takes.

Just because it's seen
as a man's job

doesn't mean
a woman can't do it.

We got to the finish
line on the skyline

and it took all
of us doing something.

We're ready to get
the dredge in the water.

There's gold sitting there
waiting for it.

I'm gone.

I love my job.

You guys ready?
Yup, ready. Hit it.

We're gonna move the dredge

and we're gonna dredge up here

as much as we can
to make a hole.

Can I fit that dredge
right here?

I'm not sure.

It looks pretty tight.

This one rock
is in the way.

Yeah, don't you think?

The only place to house

their gold-catching dredge

is blocked
by a monster boulder.

Yeah. We're gonna have
to blow that up.

Oh, we're gonna crack
some rocks today, baby.

Right now, I'm drilling
holes in the rock

to put the blaster
down in here.

Basically, the power heads
need to be held down

and it keeps it from shooting
into the air

like a bottle rocket,

so we put rocks on top of 'em.

Kayla inserts the
blasters into the drill holes

adding rocks on top
to keep them in place.

Then, she'll fire the trigger

that sends an electrical
current down the cord,

detonating the blasters.

The shockwaves should crack
the boulder

from the inside out.

Are we ready?

I do believe we are ready.

Everybody take cover.

You get control of that.

Y'all clear?

Three, two, one.


What happened?

What the

It wasn't plugged
into the generator.

Fire in the hole.

Oh, he's going.

He's... Get the down.

Three, two, one.

Woo-hoo, yeah.

Oh, did split it.

That was awesome.

- Yeah.
- Oh, nice.


solid rock, too.

Nicely done, nicely done.

Well, we had ourselves
a blast.

Now that we got that boulder
out of the way,

we got enough room to put
that dredge in the water.

Now comes the fun.

This is the first time
we've really put

our skyline to test.
This is gonna tell the tale

if those bolts and those
clamps are gonna hold or not.

Using a system
of winches and pulleys,

they must lift
the 2,000-pound dredge

into the water.

So many good things
can happen.

So many bad, bad,
bad things could happen.

I just wanna see
which happens.

If the bolts fail...

- James, you're in...

-...a bad spot, my man.
All right. will come crashing down

into the raging water below.

All right. Let's kind of
move it out slowly

and I'll help you.

a little bit.

There we go.

Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.

Stop, stop, stop.

Okay. Okay.

- Whoa, whoa, whoa.
That was close.

Oh, you work out, dude.

Oh, we got control now.

It's on you, James.

- Oh, man.
You need help?

- Can you get behind me?

There we go.

All right.
There we go.

It's flying.

Now you might be able
to take it downstream

and it'll just sit in.

Ready? Coming down.
- Baby.

Coming down.

There it goes.

Down, down, down, down.

Yeah, buddy.

- How's that?
Yeah, I like that.

That is sitting nice.

Good job, y'all.

Things are working smooth,

This is amazing.

- This is...
- Good job today, Kayla.

You're a
you kicked ass today.

That was awesome job

Good job.

Hell of a day.

Dredge is in the water.

Time to get it running,

time to get a diver
in the water.

See that log right there?

I would like to call that
a widow maker.

Before Carlos
can take on the first dive

of the season...

If that log comes loose,

it has a potential
to kill the diver.

...Wes must step
up to the plate

to deal with some dangerous

Well, I'm from Texas
and theoretically,

I should be able to lasso
anything, so we'll see.

There you go.

Give it a little tug.


All right.

A lot less snow, huh?

Yup. Sun came in hot.

Three weeks
into the season,

Dustin and his crew
have battled every obstacle

Mother Nature has thrown
at them.

I hope I find gold
the first time.

But she's not
giving up without a fight.

it's coming over the bridge.

Water is up today.

This is what melted snow does.

Water is up today.

Over the long
Alaskan winter,

a record snowfall fell
on the mountains

above the dive site
and now, it's thawing fast.

And that's because the
snow is melting quick.

Yeah, it is. Real quick.

You got crazy
raging water right now.

This water is vicious.

Looks horrible.

That's gonna be fun
to dive in.

If it rains really hard here,

this water could come up
six feet

and they will blow through
that like nothing.

A person cannot dive
in that water.

We can dig it in.

We're just the crew to do it.

What do you say, Carlos?

Ready to go diving, buddy?

Ready to go diving.
We're good to go.

All right.

Let's get suited up.

- Fire it up.

All right.
That's running good.

We're getting ready
to put Carlos in

for the first time
of the year.

Finally we're there.

First dive's
pretty nerve-wracking

especially with rough water
like this.

I do my best to remind myself
I got family to get home to,

so I can keep it safe.

I'm excited to see
how Carlos' first dive goes.

It's pretty crazy water.

Anxious to see how he manages.

I hope there's some good
gold here, because, man,

we've put a lot of
effort into it already.

There better be some damn
good gold, man.

This place is a whole
another level of crazy.

- Yeah.
- The amount of water

that's here, deadly, man.

Ready for this?

Does it matter?

- It don't, dude.

It don't matter, man.

How many times
have first dives gone wrong?

A lot.

Really want this to go smooth.

Let's have a safe dive.

Good dive today, Carlos.

All right.

Dive number one.

Do you want
hot water going?

Yeah, it's going.

That is freaking good
water, dude.

Okay. Set her up.

Comms are on.

Hey, man, how are you doing?

Good, good.
I remember this feeling.

Oh, yeah.

All right.

It looks like you are set.

Am I good to go?
- I think so. Gear is good.

All right.

This right here
is the calmest water to dig.

So we're gonna start there

and then we're gonna work
our way into the worse parts.

Don't let go.

Diver in the water.

How you doing, buddy?

Hey, Carlos.

Do you copy?

Can you hear me?


I forgot how much I love
working in the water.

Oh, my God

I missed this.

We're finally in the water,

Finally in the water, dude.

- It didn't seem like

we would be able to do this,
but we're here now.

Let me see
what I can get.

All right. Keep dredging.

All right.

Dustin has hit
his deadline

and finally has a diver
in the water.

The question is will
House Rock give up the gold?

Yeah. It's nice to see a diver
in the water finally.

First dredge of the season.
This is awesome.

I can't wait till the
end of the day to see

if there's anything
in the box.

Rocks coming up in the dredge.

- Good first dive, man.
Yeah, man.


Glad to be back
in the water.

Everything seems
to be going smooth

for the moment.

That's a really good thing
for us.

So we're starting to dig
a hole.

We're gonna find some gold.

I'm sure of it.

Something cut loose upstream.

- What?
- Something cut loose upstream.

Can you see debris down there?

It's all white out here.

- Oh, look at the brown water.

Holy brown water.

Out of nowhere,
muddy water and debris

crashes down
into the dive site.

I've never seen it that dirty.

That's like chocolate.

Get him out of there.

Can't see a thing.

get out of the water.

I thought
I was done for, dude.

You can't win against
that water.

When the water goes
brown that means usually

there's a landslide upstream,

and right now,
it's landslide central.

That's undivable for us.

Brown water bad, you die.

This is such
a weird place, man.

Just 45 minutes
in the water,

Carlos hasn't even dredged
a foot down.

Have we checked to see if
there's any gold in the box?

Any digs?

I don't see anything yet.


I don't know
where the gold's at.

You don't get gold,
you can't buy gas.

If you don't buy gas,
you can't run your dredge.

Sorry I can't get you
any gold today.

Not a flake.

I'm not saying
it doesn't exist,

I'm just saying we got
to get those rocks out.

We didn't find
any gold today,

but we only scratched
the surface, that's it.

Historically, all the gold
out here is on the bedrock.

We got a lot of investment
in this, but truthfully,

it's just like going to
the casino and throwing dice.

You go broke or you can get
rich real quick.

I think we're gonna get
a lot of gold,

but it's a gamble.

I want it bad though,
I want it bad.

You cannot dive this water.

It's vicious-looking.

On the next
White Water.

This is Mark Stamford.
Welcome to my world.

It's probably
the deadliest place

- I've ever been.
- You're Garrett, right?

It's gold, gold, gold.

What the [bleep]?
- Frickin' earthquake.

Go, go, go, go, go, go, go!

Jump down.