Gold Rush: White Water (2018–…): Season 5, Episode 10 - Robbery at House Rock - full transcript

Dustin makes a decision that jeopardizes Kayla's future.

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
Right now, we're failing.

We won't be able
to come back next year

if we don't find enough gold
to continue this.

I'll have to take out loans
and I don't wanna
have to do that.

We survive off the gold
we make and right now
we have not made enough gold.

We've been working
so, so hard

and right now,

as far as I'm concerned,
we haven't even paid
for the gasoline yet.

Brain freeze.

No hot water,
diver's got no hot water.

- Get back!
- He is going straight down.

Leaving that wall
that could collapse
and just bury you.

He's building a death trap.

Three, two, one.


Lots of rocks.

I need to find out
what's in the bottom
of this damn chute.

That just excites
the heck out of me
right there.

There's more!

- Sexy gold.
- Oh, my *bleep*.

Look at that!

We're back on the gold!

This is *bleep*.

We're doing worse.

Way worse
than the first season.

We have nothing, zero.

I mean...

- We need gold, man.
- Yeah.

We gotta do this quick, man.
We gotta do this really,
really quick.

All right, you ready?

of the way through
their season,

Dustin and his crew
don't have an ounce of gold
to their name.


I'm *bleep* tired, man.

Right now, we have no gold.

I've been working hard,
my leg's sore,
my shoulder's sore.

My muscles are twitching
and *bleep*.

me up at night.

Losing sleep over
not getting gold.

It's plagued my mind.

I need to get to the bottom.

Two weeks ago...

We gotta figure
something else out,
because this is not working.

abandoned House Rock

after finding no gold
on his side of the creek.


That water is outrageous.

To change
his fortunes, he returned

to proven ground
at the Chute.

We're back
at it again,
back to the Chute.

If we have
two dredges going,

two people diving,
then we can move
way more material.

Leaving Kayla
running the show

and seizing the chance
to double down
with two dredges...

I may be able
to put together
a junkyard dredge.


- There it goes.
- There it goes.

Dustin must run a dredge

he built out of scraps
from their junkyard.

I sure hope
this junkyard dredge
holds up.

I sure hope it still lives.

Right now it feels
like it should be in an ICU,
you know what I mean?


- All right?
- All right.

I'm still diving.

Oh, yeah.

your water temp?

No, everything is good.


my dredge hose?

Oh, here we go.

We're ready to rock and roll,

There's a wall that drops
straight down right here.

I'm hoping Carlos
can make that flat

all the way across
the entire thing.

I need to find out
what's at the bottom
of this damn Chute.

An ancient
waterfall of the Chute,

cut a plunge pool in bedrock,

creating a perfect catch
for nuggets washing
down the creek.

Carlos's mission,
clear the rocks and gravel
in the narrow ravine,

exposing all four
bedrock walls

that form the top
of the plunge pool

and lead down
to what could be
life-changing gold.

This dredge don't got
no power, man.

Let me
find out if they're maxed out,

all of it, man.

Oh, man, if we had
our big dredge,

we would be eating
this thing up, eating good.

Carlos, right now,
is getting into a good spot.

He's trying to open up a hole,
but the material
that we're going through

is a lot of rounded rock,
a lot of, uh, irons

and, uh, a lot of heavy,
uh, granite rock.

I don't like that hose at all.

We gotta kill this Chute
and get down to the bottom.

We're digging a hole.

Not fast, but we're
digging a hole.

Do what we can.

James, can you, uh,

give me some more slack
for my nozzle?

Oh, *bleep*.


See, that's the problem
there's no suction.

Let me see
what the problem is.

Oh, *bleep*.

It sucks it up.

That's bad.

This clog's really bad.

I don't know what...
I mean, look at the flow.

It's gotta be solid
with something.

We have a hose
that is so flimsy...

This is, like, the very first
hose we ever used.

It's all we could get
ahold of right now.

And, uh, it just wants
to keep like this.

We keep going like this
all day long, this is not
gonna get any yardage moved.

We really need the dredge
to work along with all
of the other systems as well.

The worn out
dredge hose can't keep up

with the amount of material
Carlos is trying to move,

causing a clog in its pipe.

Carlos, coming back down
with the hose.

yup, yup.

We're gonna
throttle back up
and see if that clears it.

go ahead.

Do we
have suction now?

Oh, I got no suction.

It's a *bleep* show.

The blockage
has been cleared,

but Carlos still
has no suction.

It's gotta be
the *bleep* hose.

It's got a flapper
or something in it.

that rip...

What are
you saying?

A rip
by the collar.

It's got an opening
right there,
when he lifts it up,

it just pulls air, like,
through that crack,
hard, hard, hard.

Just wrap the hell out of it
until it stops.

A tear
in the top of the hose

means Carlos is getting
zero suction.

We thought our hose
was stopped up,
but this is a rotten hose,

so we're just gonna try
to duct tape if for today,

see if we can get
a suction on it.

All right,
got suction now.

Let's give it another start.

This reminds me
of our first days of dredging,
when we had pieces of junk.

Nothing would work,
we forgot how to fix

all the crappy stuff
that we've already eliminated.

We'll make it work.

A thousand feet
up creek...

*bleep* look
at that water.

Oh, my *bleep*,
clearer than yesterday.

You're gonna have
great vis today.

Holy *bleep*.

- Look how far down
you can see rocks now.
- Yeah.

Let's get in the water
while it's clear.


For the last month,
Kayla's crew have had

a steady stream
of gold in the box,

but are yet to hit
a big deposit.

We need to start
finding more gold.

This late in the season,
you know, we don't have
that much gold yet.

So, we're gonna get
two divers in the water,

it's gonna be
Stamper and Paul.

They should be able
to work all new materials

and hopefully get
more gold in the box.

So you just have to look
at the main goal,

which is getting to bedrock
and getting more gold.

Running two
dredges and two divers,

is the only way the crew
will hit bedrock
before season's end.

I'm not happy
with what we've got so far.

I'm done with these
itty bitty cleanups.
I'm done with that.

Today is gonna be
nothing but ounces.

All right.

He's got a pretty good
hole opened up down there.

Open the top up
as much as you can

and then work down,
that way you can expose
as much bedrock as possible.

I definitely like having
two divers in the water.

It's perfect.
I can't wait to see
what the bedrock looks like.

There's amazing gold
right here.

All right, Kayla,

how about we go get
some ounces of gold?

Do it.

Yeah, let me know
what it looks like.

my , it's beautiful.

How deep
do you think you are
down there?

Only got about 14 feet.

If I know what's good,
I'll just keep dredging
over here along this wall.

How's that?

good to me.

Good to go.

All right.


Stamper, Paul is
in the water.

Hey, Paul.

How's it going?

for the nozzle right now.

Let's get it.

Get it,
brother, let's get it.

To get to bedrock
before winter hits,

will require them digging down
to the depth
of a two-story house.

At 13 feet,
they're around halfway.

But with less
than two months
left in the season,

they need to be
running two dredges daily,

if they're going to hit
what could be
a life-changing payday.

I love this kind of dredging.
I don't have to move anywhere.

I'm ready for the basket.

Yup, we're bringing
the basket.

All right.

Right now, what I'm
looking at

is a massive boulder.

What the *bleep*?

How big is that rock?

over 6 feet long
and about 4.5 feet tall.


over 7 tons,

this is one
of the largest boulders
the crew have encountered.

And it lies directly
between them
and bedrock gold.

I'd just love
to get that big *bleep*
out of there.

Right now, I'm prepping
these power heads,
so that we can drill rock

and expand them.

We're encountering rocks
that are too big
for our winches to haul off.

So, in order to move them,
we have to make them smaller,

so that our winches
can handle them.

We gonna go, "Kapow,"

and a big old piece
will fall of then.

That would be nice.


All right, fire in the hole!

Three, two, one.

- I felt that.
- I felt that
up here.

Hell, yeah.

*bleep*, yeah.


So, are the pieces
small enough that we can
pull it out with the winch?

- Yup.
- Awesome.

Good job, whoo!

Busting rocks.

The blasted
boulder cleared,

the divers can get
back to their mission

to reach bedrock gold
before winter hits.

Get back to work,
you scurvy dogs.

not gonna *bleep*
believe this.

You found gold

Holy *bleep*.

not even looking for it

and it's just laying
right here in front of me.

There's more!

Suck it up that *bleep* up.

gonna have to suck it up.

I'm really excited to see
what we get
when we hit bedrock,

'cause we don't know
how deep bedrock
is yet.

We haven't hit
bedrock at all,

so to be finding
gold like this,
that's a good sign.

Down the creek,
at the Chute...

How's progress down there?

dredge is not letting me get
where I wanna get today.

I hear you, man.

After losing
half their day

battling with a hose
on their junkyard dredge...

Aw, man.

is back on the search
for the bedrock walls

that form the top
of the plunge pool

that could change
their fortunes.

I got
bedrock on my left-hand side.

I like that.
Like it.

just working on the left.

I've got bedrock on my left,
man, yeah.

- That's good news,
- That is good news.

not there yet,
but real close.

Hey, man,
how do you feel
about coming up?

Yeah, man.
I'm coming up.

Carlos has
succeeded in uncovering

two of the four bedrock walls
at the top of the plunge pool.

What a very...

- Hard dive, right?
- Ugh, gosh.

- Frustrating dive.
- Frustrating.

But the worn-out hose
cost them valuable time.

We got progress.

I did what I wanted to do,
uh, it was very frustrating.

Very frustrating,
but the job got done.

I'm telling you, man,
if I had that big dredge
right now, man,

I would have frickin' went
down to 10 feet.

It'd be great, man,
if we had some gold.

Nothing in there
but false hopes.

This hose
is so *bleep*.

Yeah, man, new hose
or new dredge, man,
we need one or the other, man.

We'll be here forever, dude.

Right now,
we're at zero, we need
to see some gold.

This turned into
a bit of a nightmare.

I don't see any other way.
We're gonna have
to take that hose.

That's it.

I got no two ways
about it.

Hey, guys,
I think we're done here,
so let's see how we did.

All right, Kayla.

All right, coming up.

At House Rock,
Stamper and Paul
have finished four hours

of double dredging.

Good dive.

You wanna check the box?

Holy *bleep*!

Oh, *bleep*!
Look at that.


Sexy gold.

Oh, my *bleep*.

I love seeing gold.

It puts a smile on my face.

Oh, damn,
look at that piece.

Running two
dredges is paying off
for Kayla,

with gold in both
sluice boxes.

It's awesome.

And if they
continue at this pace,

they will hit bedrock
before the season ends.

there's another piece.

- Hell, yeah.
- Hey, Paul.


Hey, y'all.

We're in trouble.

What are you
doing here?

Came down
here today 'cause
we've been trying

to dredge over
there in the Chute,
and the hose that we got...

As far as I'm concerned,
it's unusable,

and it's costing me
a lot of time and effort.

So I'm going to have to take
one of these 35-foot hoses.


- Uh--
- I was trying to give
you guys everything I could,

but at some point, if it stops
my work over there,

I got to do
something about it.

Basically, I will not
finish this if I keep
going like this.

That's gonna slow
us down a little bit,
getting to bedrock.

I wouldn't
do it if I didn't have to.

It's got our progress
down to... Just a crawl.

Okay. Um--

Sorry about that,
but I have to take
one of these hoses.

This is bull-*bleep*.

You guys ready?

Let's grab a hose.

Holy *bleep*.

Don't drop it,
whatever you do.

I feel bad
for taking it, but--

we have to, man. There's
no doubt about it, man.

Jeez Louise.

Without the hose,
Kayla can only run one dredge,

a major setback
in her march to bedrock gold.

So them taking
that hose, it definitely puts
a roadblock on things,

so we need to figure out
what we're gonna
do about that.

So we just have to make
the best of what we have,
which is only one dredge.

We need every advantage
we can take right now

to speed up the process
of getting the bedrock.

'Cause it's getting late
in the season.

It's a pain in the ass,
but we gotta do
what we gotta do.

What do you think?

What's the chances of me
falling and really hurting
myself, man?

85% to 90%.

I'll take that.

- I got a backpack.
- Holy *bleep*, man.

- Holy *bleep*.
- Yeah! Dustin.

Let's dig
a hole, y'all.

As Dustin departs
with her precious hose,
all Kayla can do is push on.

I mean, look at that.
There's gold on that.

There you go.

It's pretty.

We're seeing
some gold in the box,

The top net had more
gold than we've seen
in the last clean-up, So... least we know
it's getting better.

That's not good.

There's gold on the carpet
this far back.

There were actually
several flakes
on the carpet,

which was under the moss,
in this back section.

And that's really concerning.

A sluice box
should catch all the gold

in the first two-thirds
of the mats.

Well, this is just
the last two.

Finding any gold
at the bottom of the sluice

is a sure sign you're sending
gold back into the creek.

I mean, there's
three good-sized
flakes right there.

That means we've blown
a lot of gold out.

So we definitely need
an extension on our box.

It's a good thing
we caught it when we did.

So that's our next step.
That's what we'll be
working on tonight.

It's making an extension
for the box, and we'll be
putting it on tomorrow.


- Damn, dude.

- I can't believe
you're doing this.

- You're crazy.
- Yeah, I know.

To get the vital
hose to their dive site
just a 1,000 feet down creek--

Whoo! Holy moly.
I can't believe he's doing it.

...Dustin, first,
has to haul it a quarter mile
up the side of the ravine.

Sucking all
the energy out of me
just looking.

*bleep*, man.

*bleep*. Whew.

Having trouble getting air.
I need help.

Back there, back there.



We never
should have brought
that *bleep* down here.

- Come on.

- This has turned
into a pain in the ass.

Holy *bleep*, dude.

- Sit
down somewhere.
- Sit down on this rock.

- You can sit
on this rock.

All right,
I'm gonna take
this *bleep* off for a sec.


You're worried
about me, aren't you?

- Yes.
- Me too.

Let's see
if I can get this to the rest
of the way without dying, huh?

I think
that's too much, man.

You just
gotta believe, Carlos.

- You just gotta believe, man.
- Yeah. Yeah,
I hear you, man.

- Yeah.
- There you go.

*bleep*, buddy. *bleep*.

- Dude.
- Yo, let's stop.

- *bleep* beast, man.
- Holy *bleep*, man.

- *bleep* beast.
- Holy *bleep*,
man. Ha!

Next, they
have to get it across
the zip line to camp.

That was easy.

Five years, Carlos.

- Holy *bleep*, dude.
- How the *bleep*
you still doubting me?

I never
doubted you, man.

I just can't see how it works!

- It's like watching
a bumblebee fly.

Next day, at camp.

With Kayla now down
to just one dredge--

Hey, Wes.

...she needs
to ensure they're capturing
every single flake of gold

that goes through
their sluice box.

- What's going on?
- I got a question for you.

- Um, I think we're losing
gold out the end of our box.
- Mmm-hmm.

So I'd like to make
an extension to go on it
to catch more of that gold,

and I was wondering
if you had anything
laying around

that we could use to do that?

You know, there are a couple
of old sluice boxes we found
in the tunnel over there,

a bunch of years back.

- You never wanna lose
any gold at all anyway, so--
- No, it all adds up.

Um, yeah. I mean,
we can't cut up any
of our good sluice boxes.

But those old ones,
they should be fair game.

Yeah, I just think
it would catch the gold
a little bit better.

- You're gonna have to give
me a share of that though.

Here, see if that'll
go. What now?

There it is.

- What about this piece?
- Where did you
get that piece from?

I found it laying
in the woods
over by our outhouse.

It's been around here
for probably 40 years.

Yeah, you're welcome
to that, for sure.

For now, we're working
on coming up with an idea
for an extension for the box.

Um, 'cause we're blowing
gold out the back
of the box right now.

The goal is to catch
the gold, not blow it out
the end of the box,

so we're gonna make
a longer sluice.

So that we can catch
more of the gold
and not lose as much.

Should work. Hopefully,
uh, it solves our problem
with losing gold.

Um, 'cause that's a problem
that we can't afford
to have right now.

Up ahead...

Holy *bleep*.
- What?

I just got
the biggest piece
we have so far.

You're *bleep*
kidding me.

- Damn!
- Oh,
my good *bleep*.

- Those are
*bleep* nuggets, dude.

James? Hey, James?

Can you hear me, James?

He's building a death trap.


That looks pretty damn good!

At House Rock,
the crew's double-dredging
days are over.

But Kayla is determined
to not lose any gold
from the remaining dredge.

I mean, it fits pretty snug.

I don't think
it's gonna go anywhere.

Now, the dredge
is very back-heavy.

so it steepens
the angle on the box.

So when you steepen
the angle, the water
flows even faster.

So what we need
to do is add pontoons
to the back,

just to lift up the extension
a little bit more to flatten
out that angle a little bit.

Here's your pontoons!

It's the one time
I might actually clip in.

- Well, you have
your floatation built in.
- Yeah!

It's not like we can go
to the store and just
go buy them,

we gotta make do
with what we got, so...

This is what we got.
We'll make it work.

Oh, there we go.

Kayla's plan:

add extra pontoons
to their dredge

to float the back
of the sluice box
higher in the water...

...slowing the flow
of material,

and giving the gold
more time to settle
into the mats.

- There we go.
- That's gonna
work really well.

There shouldn't be any gold
going over the back
of this thing,

Strap the *bleep* out of it.

I mean, it should catch
what we've been losing.

I think that's good
right there.

Kayla may be
down to one dredge,

but, at least, she won't
be losing gold anymore.

That'll work.

I'm happy as hell
to see these on here.
It's like... .

Now we're gonna have
some little stuff, big stuff,

and a whole
bunch of stuff in it.

Whoo! I feel good.

Make sure it hooks,
because it bounces
a whole bunch.

- It's hooked.
- Okay.

If it falls, you gotta
go get it, man.


The last stage
of the hose's journey

is to send it
down the haul line
from camp to the tunnel.

All right.
Y'all know what to do.

Man, this hose is heavy.

That's what I figured.

All right. We got
a hose. Whoo!

It looks like
it'll fit just right in, man.

This thing will never
come out, dude.
Oh, my *bleep*.

Yeah, dude.

- What is that?
- What?

What you got there?

*bleep*, yeah!

- How the *bleep*
did we miss that?
- I don't know.

Holy *bleep*.

I just
spotted it. I was like,
"That looks like gold."

- Dude!
That's a nice one.

*bleep*, yeah!
Whoo-hoo! Whoo-hoo.

We found gold
in the sluice box.

- What!
- Yes!

What the *bleep*?
You *bleep* with me?

- Get the
*bleep* out of here.
- Gold!

After three months
without seeing a single
speck of gold,

Dustin and his crew finally
have their first nugget
of this season.

We had so many problems
the other day. We really
didn't look for gold.

We're not expecting
any gold till we get
down to some depth.

And the next thing... Yeah!
There's this nugget
sitting in the box.

Can you believe it?
That just excites the heck
out of me, right there.

That's a great sign.

I want to get
to the bottom of the Chute,
see what's in the bottom.

And it made my day.

I'm tickled pink right now.

And can't wait
to get dredging.

- Yeah, dude!
- That's awesome, man.

- We need to see some gold.

- Yes.
- No, no, no. Seriously.

- Yes.
- Need. I don't use the word,
"need," very often.

- I agree.
- We need to see some gold.

Clear! Let's go
dig a hole, y'all.

Let's dig
a hole, y'all.

At House Rock--

Will you zip me up?

is down to one dredge.

I'm doing a solo dive.

Ideally, we wanna be running
both dredges every day.

But they took our hose.

So I'm gonna dive by myself.

On the last dive,
the crew cleared
some boulders

and found
a decent-sized picker.

Hopefully, under those big
boulders will be big gold.

So I'm looking forward
to seeing what's in the box
at the end of the day.

I'm going in.

- Yeah, this sucks.
- Your
visibility went from 6 feet

to 6 inches
in a matter of seconds.

Oh, well.
I'm gonna start dredging.

- Please turn the motors up.
Motors up!

That looks
so much better.

That's what
it's supposed to look like.
A real dredge.

So much better.

That's gonna
catch everything.

Well, we just need
to focus on what we're
doing today.

We'll be able to move
more material and...

we'll see some
shiny yellow in the box
at the end of the day.

That's our hope.

- Hey, guess what?
- What?

the bottle.

- You're *bleep*
kidding me.
- I'm not kidding.

- There's pickers down here.
- I like hearing that.

I'm coming up.


- Get
back in there. Go get more.

- Holy *bleep*.
- What?

I just got
the biggest piece
we have so far.

*bleep* kidding me.

- Damn!
- Oh, my good *bleep*.

Holy *bleep*.
- What?

I just got
the biggest piece
we have so far.

*bleep* kidding me.

At House Rock,
despite being a dredge down...

...Kayla is the on the gold.

- Damn!
- Oh, my good *bleep*.

- Don't tell my wife,
but I think I might love you.

Those are nuggets.

Those are *bleep*
nuggets, dude.

Holy *bleep*.

All right,
I'm going back in.

In the bottle.
Suck that *bleep* up!

It's great that
we've been getting gold
all week long.

It's nice,
pretty chunky gold.

So I'm really happy.
We aren't even on bedrock yet.

So the deeper we get,
the bigger it should get.

three hours, Kayla
has gained an extra foot.

Hey, I'm coming up!

Look at the front.

- Oh, yeah.
- There's a lot
of gold in there.

But the good
thing is, we don't see
gold way down.

It's catching it
right up front.


Normally, you gotta work
for it a little bit.

And today, it was just
easy picking.

- Easy pickings!
- Easy picking.


These were the first,
like, actual nuggets
that we found.

That's really exciting.

I think that's a really good
sign that there's gonna be
a lot more nuggets on bedrock.

the creek, at the Chute...

We got a new hose
for the dredge, so we're
gonna get great suction.

...the crew
are on a high

after catching their
first nugget of the season.

Looks like my ass
is in the water today.

And hopefully,
I can find a nugget.

I'm just dying
to get in there.

I'm gonna tear it up today.

See if I can get some gold.

- Feeling good?
- Yep.

Just take your time.
One rock at a time, man.


All right,
ladies and gentlemen.

It is time... get some *bleep* gold!

- Ready?
- Yeah, go on.

Dive with the wind!

I love my job.

What's it looking like
down there right now, man?

I just, uh, I keep
doing parameter checks,

and I see big rocks and stuff.

Make sure
they don't hit me in the head.

Copy that.

- Be careful.
- Yes, sir.

In his last dive,
Carlos found the sidewalls
of the ancient plunge pool.

James's mission:
get through a layer of gravel

and identify
the downstream bedrock steps,

which Dustin
hopes will lead them

to the bottom of the plunge
pool and a monster
pile of gold.

- Don't go too deep.
Just keep digging.
- Yep.

I got a lot of work to do,
but it's looking good.

He's getting
things done.

He's getting things
taken care of.

And the best thing is,
if he keeps going deeper,

the more chances
of bigger gold.

More gold is gonna be there.

That basket is full.

Basket up!

I'm just
tearing it down. Yes!

I'm loving this.
I feel good about this.

I'm chomping at the bit

to get some
frickin' gold, man.

That's awesome, man.

After two hours,

James has dredged 4 feet down.

There's that wall
starting to go across.

So is your giant ball
of dirt... Is it, uh...

Is it vertical or sloping?


Does that sound safe to you?

This boulder's in...

Can you hear me,

You can't hear me?

The mine shaft.

He's booby trapping himself,

I know. I can't stop him.

He's about to bring
the whole *bleep* down, dude.
*bleep* vertical wall.

No vertical walls!
No vertical walls.

Hey, James?

Yes, sir?

Make sure you don't
go any deeper, all right?


Don't go any deeper.

If you do anything,
do not go deeper. All right?

Instead of removing
the dirt in layers,

racing to get to the gold,
James has dug straight down

leaving a steep upstream
gravel wall that threatens
to collapse at any time.

burying him alive.

This is what gold fever
does sometimes.

You just wanna get the gold

and you're not paying
attention to what the hell
you're doing, you know?

Don't go too deep
or that wall will collapse
on you.

All right.

One surge
and it'll ruin your life, man.
I mean,

It would take me two days
to get you from underneath
that stuff.

You just don't want
that to happen.

Got it. I have to go
from wall to wall.
Sounds beautiful.

Dustin's advice,

James gets back
to dredging in layers,

searching for the downstream
steps that leads to
the plunge pool.

Come up.


Some good size rocks,

Yeah, dude.
Getting them out of here.

We're getting somewhere.

I'm very excited about it.
I'm loving this.

- Dustin.
- Copy.

I recognize the steps
that I saw last year.

I'm down to, like,
those three steps again,

and there's a big rock
down there.

James has finally
uncovered the downstream
bedrock steps

which Dustin hopes will lead
to a massive pay day.

I hope there's so much gold
at the bottom of this thing

it changes our life forever.

Hey, Kayla.
What're you doing?

I'm trying to get
good-sized ones so we can just
pick them off out of it.

Kayla is moments
away from seeing

if her sluice box extension
has caught any gold.

Ah, the sound of a trommel
on a cool Alaskan morning.

It's got a good beat.

Beautiful. Look at
those little pieces.

Should just keep getting
better and better.

It's beautiful.

To see this
chunky of gold

this early

is definitely a good sign
that it should be good
when we get down.

That's sexy.

Sexy gold.

Hey, y'all.

- Hey.
- Check this out, dude.

After a week
of setbacks...

Holy crap!


...Kayla is looking
for a win from her
sluice box extension.


That's that shiny stuff.

- Look at that.
- That's a lot
of fines.

Using only
one dredge,

Kayla's crew is pulling
more gold than Dustin.

The first clean up
barely had that much
fine gold, like, right there.

- Yeah.
- Look how shiny it is.

So we added
an extension to it

and look how much more fines
it's catching.

- So you were losing fines?
- We were losing gold
like crazy.

That is a lot
of fines.

You're not at
the bottom yet.
That's the important stuff.

- Yes.
- Yeah.

Not at the
bottom because all the gold's
gonna be at the bottom.

That's over an ounce
right there.

It's picking up.

- Yeah.
- Well, good for you guys.

You guys will hit it
down there in
the chute though.

We're, uh, still not paying
for the gas,

but you guys are
getting closer.

I can feel it.


- Awesome.
- Nice job.

- Good job.
- Nice job. That's...

- Damn.
-...beautiful gold.

Yes, we were losing
gold previously,

but now we've corrected
that problem.

And so it just gives us
a little bit peace of mind.

Little bit on
the desperate side.

They're at an ounce and

we found one little picker.

And the chute has gold in it.

So we gotta get there.

What we really need is to get
down to bedrock and find out
what's down there.

We doin' it?

Go. Let's go.

for results,

Dustin's crew dive for
the last time this week

to see if they can turn around
their fortunes and find
some gold.

We're back.

We know there's
gold down here.

We got the long hose
from the other site.
Reach farther.

It's gonna make
everything better.

I feel hopeful.

I'm hopeful that
we're gonna get gold.

That's the plan.

We all wanna
finish this hole.

Yardage, yardage, yardage.
He's gonna kill himself
trying to get yardage.

As of right now,
there's gold in there,
I know it for a fact,

at the very, very bottom.

So anything that's on top
of that has at come out.

We can't go through another
winter with not finishing
this hole.

- Have a great
dive today.
- Oh, I hope so.

Move a lot of material.
That's the main thing.

This will do.

Dustin's mission:

get through the last layer
of river gravels and into

the ancient plunge pool
where the nuggets
should've collected.

What was that?

Ah, my *bleep*.

Ah, come on. Come on.

Frickin' engine died.

No hot water.
Diver's got no hot water.

The engine that
supplies the hot water
to the diver has turned off...

What is the problem?

Come on, hot water.

...leaving Dustin
diving in water just 3 degrees
above freezing.

It hurts, too.

- Ugh. *bleep*

Oh, my *bleep*.

They must restart
the engine quickly

or Dustin will be forced
to abandon his dive.

- Ugh.

We got it.
The hot water should
be working fine.

That's more like it.

The hot water now
flowing down to Dustin,

he can try to locate
the upstream wall
of the plunge pool.

It should lead them
down to gold.

We're getting
a lot of flow.

Dustin's in there right now
getting a lot of material

dredged out of the way.

Your mission for
today is to find that
upstream wall.

So far, so good.

Yeah, you got a big-ass pile
behind you already.

Oh, you just had a huge one
come through.

So far,
things are going great.

With this new hose,
he's digging like no tomorrow.

He's digging like we should
be digging.

Hey, Dustin.
How deep do you think
you've got down there now?


hard to guess right now.

Probably about 8 feet.

How much have you
uncovered from what
we had last year?



I did dig down pretty deep.

- Yeah.

There's a substantial
wall in front of me.

It's that upstream wall.
It's just a big wall.

Hell yeah, dude!

We're finally back on it now.

Dustin and his crew
have finally exposed all four

bedrock walls of
the plunge pool.

Now, it's a straight shot down
to what they hope is

a life-changing deposit
of gold.

- You gotta be pretty
close to 8 feet deep then.
- Yeah.

Just cleaning bedrock
as I go upstream, man.

You're still coming
across small rocks, right?
No boulders yet?

Not yet. No.

Oh, *bleep*.

What's up?

Oh, *bleep*.

Are you all right, man?
What's going on?

Something's standing
up on deck.

Tell me if that's
gold or not. I can't tell.


Oh, my *bleep*!

What, what, what?

Look at that!

Hell yeah!

Holy *bleep*

Oh, my *bleep*!

What the heck, man?

- Good job.
- Whoo-hoo!

Wow. Awesome.
It's gonna be a big payday.

- Good job.
- That's like
a quarter ounce, man.

We're back on the gold.

*bleep* , dude.
It was such a surprise
this time.

It was like,
"Are you kidding me?"

It was the most convincing
white rock I've ever seen,

but it wouldn't go
in the nozzle.

I was like, "No way."

Yeah! Yeah.

I love it.

Good dive.
Damn good dive.

I needed that, man.

So did I.

I needed that.

- I bet. Because today--
- I haven't...

I think we haven't seen
gold all season.

I know. It was scary.


Quarter ounce nugget.

Now, we have hope.
Hope is back.

After nearly four
months risking their lives

without seeing a dollar
in return,

Dustin's crew is finally
on the gold.

That nugget was
something else.

Just sitting there.
Just beautiful.

Bang. Beautiful.

It was sitting there going,
"Hello. I'm down here.
I've been waiting on you.

I'm the nugget you've
been waiting for."

Oh, I needed to see that.

What's at the bottom?

On the next
Gold Rush: White Water...

What the hell?

The whole engine is
on fire.

Dustin, get the *bleep*
out of here.


Oh, my gosh. Oh, my gosh.

Whoa, whoa, whoa!

It's taking me.

I don't have
any hot water.

Get the *bleep*
out of there.

That's getting to the point
of hypothermic.

What the...
The *bleep* string broke.


We dredge till the end.

Oh, yeah! Look at that.


Yeah! We're back.