Gold Rush: White Water (2018–…): Season 5, Episode 1 - Roll of the Ice - full transcript

Dustin takes the biggest gamble of his life, but will doubling his crew mean double the reward or double the danger? Meanwhile, Fred drops a bombshell on Dustin.

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
We're gonna push through
the snow,
push through the ice,

and we're going
to find some gold.

It's just not going
to be easy.

Back at it.

It's already
dangerous out here,

the ice and snow
is just taking it up
another level.

Hopefully, we can get
more gold than
we've ever had, though.

My goal every year is to keep
getting more and more gold

to pay for this situation
and pay for the next year,

And then, eventually,
we're going
to hit the big jackpot.

This is just like
going to the casino
and throwing dice.

Out here, you could
go broke or you could
get rich real quick.

This year, we're going
to go bigger than we've
ever gone before.

Hopefully, we are going
to hit the big, big
pot of gold.

But it's a gamble.

I want it bad, though.
God, I want it back.

This could be the year
that changes everything.

On the all new season...

It's go time now.

...of Gold Rush White Water...

Fire in the hole!


...the Dakota boys are back.

Yes! Hoo-hoo-hoo!

This is the very first time
you and I agree
on where to dig.

Well, I'd back up about
20 feet.

Dustin doubles down...

You guys are crazy, man.

...with fresh blood.

Someone's got to show
the boys how to do it.

I've never worked
this hard in my life.

It's frigging awesome!

And Fred
returns with shocking news.

I'm not going to be running
a crew this year.


Two crews unite
to chase their
biggest payday ever...

Ain't nothing like
diving the creek.

Yeah, how many 78-year-olds
you know doing this? Mother Nature
fights back...

A person cannot dive
in that water.

We can dig in it.
We're just the crew to do it.

This is probably
the deadliest place
I've ever been.

It's coming down over here.
Frigging earthquake!

Go, go, go, go, go, go, go!

Holy [bleep]!

Run, run, run! Run, run, run!

Get up here, Dad!
Get up here!

...pushing them
to breaking point...


Someone has to take charge.

We're always
looking for our limit.
This is our damn limit. the hunt
for millions in gold.

And I guarantee you
there are some big nuggets
down in there.

Holy [bleep]!

That's more gold than
we've ever found.

Those are


These guys are awesome.
But it is going
to put us to the test.

Made it back to Haines.

This is my favorite time
of the year.

It's when everybody's
just charged up

and will do anything
to get up there and...

I love this part of the year.

In the southeastern
corner of Alaska,

Dustin Hurt is back
on the road to the richest
gold ground of his life.

We're looking really hard
to try to get started.

Winter would not end.
There's so much
snow up there, though.

It's got me worried.

The snow just kept coming
and coming and coming.

This winter,
the Chilkat Mountains

suffered its worst snowfall
for a decade...

We have more snow
than we've ever
seen here before.

...forcing Dustin
and Carlos to return

to their McKinley camp using
the only means possible...

This place is beautiful. remove 20 tons
of snow and ice from
the roof of their cabin...

All right, man,
let's start digging.

...that would have
destroyed their camp

and with it,
their mining season.


That was
so awesome, dude.

I just need to get up there,
we're gonna tear it up,
get dredging.

We've been doing this for
five years. This has to pay.

So, I feel like this is
the year it's going to pay off
big and that's what drives us.

Hey, man,
you made it.

Hey, I've been waiting
for y'all.
What took y'all so long?

Give me a hug, bro.
Good to see you, man.

Returning for his
fifth year diving for gold
in raging white water,

Dustin is joined by his
veteran crew willing to risk
it all to strike it rich.

So you got the ATV.
What do you got going on
with that thing? I mean--

It's got tracks on it, man.

The tracks for ATV
is necessary because

this is the only way
we can get up there right now.

With their
mining camp inaccessible
due to the record snowfall,

Dustin's season rides
on his new tracked ATV.

This thing should do it.
Yeah, that looks pretty good.

Let's get a camp.
If we can get camp open,

we'll get across the line.

Don't know what's going
to happen on the other side
of the line.

I've never been over there
with heavy snow.

we're going to be finding
nuggets at the chute.

We did not hit
the bottom of it.
Could be a huge payload.

Huge payload, man.

Last year,
the crew discovered

their best ground ever
at Rockfall Ravine.

We got gold, baby!

Chasing the gold upstream,

the crew were on to another
big payday at the chute.

If it's big rocks,
there's gonna be gold.

But winter's floods
almost forced Dustin
over a fatal waterfall...

Oh, man!

I can't hold it!

...and caused an abrupt end
to their season.

We'll finish it this time.

So let's get going.

Let the adventure begin.

To reach the dive site,

they must first negotiate
the frozen 8-mile trek
to Porcupine Creek.

From there,

it will be a steep ascent,
2,000 feet up
a snowy mountain trail

to reach their McKinley camp.

Look at that thing, man.

That looks like
a beast right there.

We got snow.
We got downed trees.
We got bears.

You got to be ready
for everything.

But, hey, as long as
we get the gold.

The gold is at
the end of the rainbow.

All right. You guys ready?
Let's see how
this thing rolls.

All right.
Yeah, let's do this.

Here we go.

Oh, wow,
this thing's badass, man!

This is great.

I think we're going to be
able to make it just fine.

It's not even struggling.

This should be
no problem, man.

Getting deeper.

Holy [bleep]!
What the is that?

Well, here's our
first obstacle, boys.


All right, so let's get a--
cut right there.
Right there. Yep.

Drop that. Make sure
that limb doesn't catch you
in the way,

so chop that limb and that
limb, and then we'll start
sectioning it up right here.

See what we can roll off.
On our way to Porcupine,

there's a bunch of snow
and there's obviously
a pretty big tree

laying across the road.

We're going to have
to take care of it
before we can continue on.

He stick it?
He stuck it.

Oh, my saw.

can you just do a cut?

James attempts
to free Carlos' saw
by cutting a wedge.

Back out. Back out!

Bent the saw.

It's monster [bleep]!

I was yelling
"back out,"
and he's balls deep in it.

Destroying the saw.

As soon as you see it move,
you back out and you feel it.
Like, you start feeling it.

Glad to be back!

I misjudged that one.
I didn't pull up the bar
fast enough,

and I bent the bar.

Hopefully, Carlos' saw works.

we're turning around.

And I hope we don't have
any more damn trees like this.

It's about go. It's close.

That-It's cut, dude.
It's cut.

Yeah, there it goes.

There it goes, there it goes,
there it goes.


That'll be just fine.
You can get a vehicle
through that pretty good.

First obstacle down.

We're used to things
like this.
We're used to curve balls,

we're used to monkey wrenches
coming our way.

That's what we do.

One tree down.

What's next?


The journey
to Porcupine Base

has taken four times
longer than normal,

and they still face
a 2,000 foot ascent

up the snow-covered
mountainside to reach camp.

All right. Well, we made it
to Porcupine, fellas.

There's lots of snow still.
Oh, dude!


That is deep.
It's deep.

This is a lot of snow, man.
Yeah, it is.

This thing sits right
on top of it, doesn't it?
Yeah, it does.

In the eight or nine years
I've been coming up here,

I have never ever seen it
like this this late
in the season.

This is insane.

This is Porcupine,
what does it look
like upstairs?

It's probably
still freezing up there.

You want to try
to make it up there?

Machine's running perfect.

I mean, we still got
a couple of hours before dark.

This could be
dangerous, fellas.

If this thing breaks,
it's a long walk back
in 5 foot of snow, guys.

Nightfall fast approaching,

the crew face
a tough decision,

abandon the mission

or attempt to climb
the mountain and risk
freezing to death

before they reach
the safety of the cabin.

If you want the gold,
the gold's up there.

A little bit of danger
that's standing between us.

If it flips or anything
like that, we're done.

I want you to know
that's a possibility.


Let's gear up to head up.

The next thing is
to try to make it to camp,
which is really steep.

We don't know how much snow
or ice is up there.

No joke, this is probably
one of the more
dangerous things we've done

in a long time.

Well, here we go.

I'm just curious to
see if this thing makes it up

the fricking mountain, man.
Come on, baby!

Whoa, whoa, whoa!

Come on, baby.
You can do it.
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.

This thing is

Yeah, dude.

Ingram's, dude.
Watch your face.

Yep, yep. Got it.

Nothing I can do about it.

We're about to be in the place
that I'm worried about.

Here we go, this is
the right here.

Look at this.

Just 200 meters
from the summit,

they hit the steepest
part of the trail.

Come on, keep going.

Just keep going.

No, no, no, no, no,
no, no, no, no. Oh,

Hey, let's
put the winch on it.

That's what I was
just thinking.

All right, I need
that rope out the back,

and we'll go as far as
you can reach
with that longest rope.

Carlos redirects
the angle of the winch pull.

All right.
Rock and roll!

All right. it.
Let's see what happens.

Holy [bleep]!

All right.
Rock and roll! Here we go!

Let's see what happens.

Dustin and his
crew are stuck on the steep
trail to their McKinley Camp.

Holy [bleep]!
Are you all right, Carlos?

did you get hit?

Yeah, I'm good.
That was pretty badass, huh?

Holy [bleep], dude.
Oh, my

The nearest ER
is over five hours away.

If any of the crew sustain
a serious injury,

they could bleed out
on the mountain.

We tried to winch ourselves.
Cable broke.

It made a scary sound, bro.

Everybody was like, you know,
when people start saying,
"You okay? You okay?"

That's when everybody
has to stop and count
our fingers, "Okay,

I'm good, I'm good, I'm good.
Are you okay?"

This frickin' snow
is so sloppy, bro.

Yeah, it is.
It's [bleep], man.

These tracks aren't
even sitting on ice anymore.

All right, I'ma backup.
Watch yourself.


Keep going.

All right. Good deal.

This machine is awesome.

I can see right now this thing
will never make it up that.

There is so much snow
on this aspect right here
and it's so steep.

It's just that this
is so deep,

and you can't
get on top of it.

So either
we hike it or we turn around,
it's about a half a mile.

You guys think
we can make it?

Man, this freakin'
temperature's dropping,
so we need to get inside.

We're on foot. You guys
want to get your stuff
and let's get it done, then?

Let's not get
caught freezing cold.

As always,
if you're in Alaska,
always have to have a gun.

Specially now,

bears are just waking up.
They're hungry.

I look good.
I'm a scrumptious meal.

But I'm going to make it
hard for them.

Southeast Alaska

is home to one of the densest
bear populations in the world.

Right now, they're coming out
of hibernation
and they're hungry.

This is just another
animal here, isn't it?

Geez, it's deep.

Watch your footing.
It's almost June.
3 feet of snow!


pretty cold, isn't it?

This exceptional winter

is forcing temperatures
20 degrees lower than
the seasonal average.

Man, there is
a lot of snow here, boys.

this is a bunch of snow.

Well, we made it.


You all right,
Yeah, I'm fine.

All right, well,
let's work on trying to get
the cabin open.

Let's get a fire going.

I'm ready to get
warmed up.
Finally, got here.

Didn't think we were
even going to make it.

It's almost like
we were returning
to aftermath,

you know,
of apocalypse fricking winter.

It was a long trek just
getting through all that snow.

I am freezing. Holy crap.
Nice to get some heat in.

So now that we
know camp's all right,

we've got to make plans to try
to get over there in the snow.

Tomorrow, definitely
want to see what's--
what's up with the chute.

First crossing
of the season.
You ready for this?

I'm a little shaky.
I don't know why.

Why do I get nervous
every time I do this?

You're afraid!

All right, here we go.

The zip line
is the only way to
Dustin's McKinley Creek claims

on the far side of this
275-foot high ravine...

Look at that water.

...stretching 450 feet
over Porcupine Creek.

Holy [bleep],
that's a lot of snow.

Holy moly.

Then it's
a short hike down to their
dive site at the chute.

Oh, that's some funny stuff
right there.

He flipped
upside down accidentally.

Ah, I love him.
He makes me smile.

You sure
it's not still February?

Let's go see
what's accessible.

After abruptly
abandoning the chute
at the end of last season,

Dustin is anxious to get back
on the richest ground
of his life.

This is over
the top of the chute.

I think we should get down
there and get eyes on it
and see what it looks like.

If it gets too dangerous,
we'll back out.

Oh, [bleep],
that's a lot of snow.

Do not slip down this,
it will kill you.

All right? Let's find out
what's down here, man.

Nobody get hurt.
Nobody die.

This right here,
at this time of year,

is just blowing my mind
right now.

I don't know what to expect,
to be honest with you.

Very, very dangerous.


Wow, that's crazy.

That's a bunch of snow, man.

That waterfall
is coming hard, dude.

I know, right?
And it's coming harder
than it look like.

That's a strong,
strong water.

I just need to make it over
through the snow
into the tunnel.

We'll leave the rope up.
We'll just tied it off
on something.

There's under here.
Be careful right there, buddy.

If I bail,
I don't want you
coming with me.

All right, here we go.

To reach
the tunnel entrance,

Dustin must traverse
the snow-covered scree slope,

but it's thawing from beneath
and could avalanche

dragging Dustin right down
into the plunge pool.

You see this water right here?
It's going right underneath
the snow,

so we have no idea
if it's hollow underneath.

You can literally
fall right through the snow.


I never thought
we would see this.
This is crazy.

Tied off, but be careful,
there's a big gorge
right here.

Got you.

It's just a drop off.

If Dustin made it across,
we put us a safety rope,
so I think we'll be all right.

That is a cavern.

Welcome back.

that was different.

That was different,
wasn't it? Snowmageddon.

After a 2-day
battle to get up the mountain,

the miners finally reached
the tunnel
which leads to the chute.

What the [bleep],
dude? Oh, look at that!

That's crazy.

Holy [bleep]!
What happened?

It looks like
the water came up

and filled this thing up
halfway with rock.

That is incredible.

there's 7 feet of clearance
in the tunnel.

Now there's less than four.

Dude, that's a lot
of fricking snow still, man.

Why are you going
out there, bro?

I want to see.
You don't want to see?

Oh, you're crazy, man.
I want to see.

This is nuts.

You see that snow edge?

That's insane-looking...

Oh, man,
that's over our-Oh.

So that is that
snow edge right there,
right there.

See it?


This thing could slide off.

couple of tons of snow sitting
right there.

That's a lot
of snow, dude.

I can tell you that
we won't be digging this
for a while.

You see how bad
this is over here?

Oh, [bleep]!

We're a ways off
before this stuff melts.

Even if we could get in
this water, there is so much
hazard ice out here, dude.

The near-vertical rock face
surrounding their dive site

is chock-full of ice sheets
and compacted snow.

As temperatures rise,
tons of ice will come
crashing down

right where the miners
are working,

turning the chute into
a kill zone.

This is a no-go, boys.

I really was hopeful that
this would be

the exception to the
snow and ice rule right now,

and we could get in here
and start digging it out.

I want to know what's at
the bottom of that chute
so bad, man.

Me, too.
It's the best ground
we've ever had.

It's a death trap right now.

This is disheartening,
brother, because we knew
where the gold was at.

The hard part was done.

We didn't have to look for it
no more.
We just have to get it.

Now, we've got to go
look for gold and get it.

Well, I don't know
what our options are,

because if the ice and snow
is this bad here,

all the other places
we looked at is going to be
just as bad or worse.

sucks that we know
where the gold's at
and can't get to it.

It's a damn death trap.

Mother Nature can be
a beast, I'm telling you.

I actually don't like
being in here right now.

All right,
let's get out of here.
This is a bad spot, man.

And we're on loose rock
with a lot of loose ice
over us.

Let's get out of here.

We have to regroup. All right?

Let's get out of here
before we die.

The deadly
conditions at the chute

mean the miners must scramble
to find a new gold-rich
dive site

to salvage their season
before it's even begun.

I mean, I'm calling it quits
on this for now.

When it's safer,
we'll come back.

We know there's gold
right there.

We need to go dig it up,
but not like this.

We got to come up
with a new plan.

I don't know what anything
else looks like here,

but if everything's as bad
as this, we might be stumped.

I'm usually pretty optimistic,
but this is not looking
good for us.

I'm just like bad weeds.
I just keep coming back.

For the last two
decades, 77-year-old

Fred Hurt has mined
the rugged Alaskan wilderness.

Dustin and I are going to have
to discuss how things
are going to go this year.

It's going to be quite

Might be a little bit
of a surprise to him.

But this year,
everything is about to change.

Hey, Fred.
Hey, what's up, man?

Hey, I was wondering
when you were going
to show up

or if you were going
to show up.

Come on, have a seat, man.

All right. Good to see you.
Yeah, man.

Thanks, man.
How's it looking up there?

Oh, man, it's horrific
right now.

The chute is terrifying.

If you were trying to make
a place to catch humans
and kill them,

that's what
it would look like.

Oh, Lord.

I'm at a roadblock right now,
but I don't know what's
going to happen up there.

So where's your crew, man?

Uh, Dustin...

I'm not going to be running
a crew this year.


You're going to be running
the whole operation.

This could be really weird.
Never actually done a season
without you up here.

Whoo! We're
digging gold now, baby!

For a decade,
father and son have worked
side by side

on the hunt for gold
in Alaska,

starting at the glory hole.

This is where I'm gonna
get my nugget from.


Battling their way
through 100 feet of rock
and earth, and each other.

What the hell are you doing?

You're off about
everything I say.

And digging up
nearly a million dollars
worth of gold...

I'm proud of you,

...followed by
four years of death-defying

diving the whitewater creeks
high up the mountain.

Damn, Fred,
do you believe it?

We've both dived in
McKinley Creek together!

This is absolutely
one of the highlights
of my career.

What the hell are you going
to do if you're not working
a crew, man?

Sit in my rocking chair,
watch TV.

I'll be drinking
my prune juice.

Hey, honey, when's the bingo
game startin'? No.

No, that's not happening.
I got some other mining

I want to look at.

They're just not as crazy
as McKinley Creek.

I'm not retiring,
but I'm stepping back
a little bit.

All right, Fred,
I got to get up there,

so I'll see you around

Good luck on the season, man.

All right.
Well, appreciate it. Thanks.
All right.

Let me know if you need
anything, man.
All right.

This is not the end
for Fred Hurt.

There's a lot more gold
out there

and I got to find out
where it's at.

He's not going to just
leave leave.

Maybe he'll just skip
a season and come back,

because he can't stand
being away.

I was counting on all that
gold from the whole winter,

that we was going to get
that gold right there
in the chute.

I mean, it was just
easy pickings.

What's up man?
Hey, y'all.

Just met up with Fred.
Well, what did Fred
have to say?

So it looks like Fred
will not be running
a crew this year.


That's a heck
of a disappointment, man.

So I guess it's just us
up here, then.

Fred is going to be 79
this year, so...

This is hard for us.

We still kind of feed
off each other a little bit,

so that's going to be weird
not having him up here.

We're going to mine, right?

What are we going to do?

I know that it's not ideal
to go look for a new place
right now,

but I don't think that the ice
is going to melt in the chute
for almost a month.

So now, we're back
to square one looking
for gold again.

What I'm wondering is,

is there a spot where we can
actually start digging,

get to the bottom of it,
clean it out.
Once that is done,

hopefully, the weather
will be better,
there'll be no ice,

and we can get back
and go knock out the chute.

And I think one of the places

that I wanted to check out
was that big House Rock.

House Rock did
look promising.

I wonder how much snow is...
I mean, it might be over,

but-I don't know, as long as
we can get down there
and check it out.

Let's get eyes on House Rock,

see what's going on
down there.

True that, man.
We got to do something.

All right. Uh, let's suit up,
do another hike.

Go check it out. Yeah?

Last season,
Dustin's crew went on the hunt
for gold-rich ground

untouched by the old-timers...

Wait till y'all look
right down there.

Oh, wow!

...finding boulders
bigger than ever before.

Look at that.

There are boulders
as big as houses.

Big boulders
mean big gold.

Yep, there's gold.
Oh, man. There's like
five pieces in here.

Five pieces!
That's what I wanted to hear.

Well, watch your step.

I'm going to follow
in your fricking footsteps,

Oh, dude!

It's a quarter-mile hike to
the cliffs above House Rock.

This is where it drops off.

This is it though, right?

It doesn't look the same.
Does it look the same to you?

It does not look
the same.

Man, it doesn't,
does it?

But heavy snowfall
and landslides have completely
changed the landscape.

I can't figure out
where to go.

Can we go down
that ice or what?

I wouldn't go down
no ice.

This doesn't look right.

It's a drop off.
What are you-that!

I'm not doing it.

Not on ice man,
not on snow, that.

Back there
looks feasible, at least.

You see how the truck and all
would sit right there?

Is that it? I can't tell.

And this is the section
we came up

with all the
boulders, right?

Yes, this creek. Yeah.

Everything looks different
right now.
There's more downed trees.

There's snow everywhere.

I don't want to get stuck,
but I need to get down there.

I just can't tell
where the hell I'm at,
to tell you the truth.

So I'm just going to go,
what I normally do.

No more second guessing.
Just go.

Don't kick anything off.
Watch these loose rocks.

All right. This is definitely
where we came up.

This is it, right here.
Everybody get ready.
This is the way down.

Up ahead...

I hate negotiating
when a guy's got
a knife in his hand.

You guys ready?
Fire in the hole!

Did you hit it?

Good job, Carlos.

House Rock at?

See that rock
right there?

That's House Rock?

At McKinley Creek,

Dustin's mining operation
is at a standstill

while his crew explore
their potential new dig site.

I thought it was
something different.
For some reason, I'm way off.

This has got to be chocked
with gold through here, man.

The bigger the rocks,
the more gold
you're going to find.

There could be a bonanza
sitting right there.

We could work all
of this stuff here around
these big rocks.

There could be huge nuggets
underneath that big boulder.

I mean, I want to finish
the chute,
but till we can get to it,

this looks pretty good.

Somewhere up
the mountain,
gold from the mother lode

washes down McKinley Creek,
traveling until it reaches
an obstruction.

Huge boulders,
such as House Rock,
act as natural dams,

slowing the flow of water,
causing the area around
the massive boulder

to collect heavy gold.

Exactly the kind of nugget
trap the miners
are looking for.

You guys are feeling this?

This is diveable water.

I mean, for us.

I think so, man.

This is not like
the chute, man,

where it has killer ice that
were really gonna kill us.

Nothing looks too dangerous
over the top of us.

It could be past
20 feet. Uh,
it could take us all season.

If we decide to dig this,
we're going to need
a second dredge.

This is a two-dredge operation
right here, dude.

The last time
they mined a site like this,

it took them two years
to get down to the gold
at bedrock.

You can't run two dredges off
of four people.

We're going to need
a second crew.

So we have to find
enough gold to justify
two crews.

Two crews can go
twice as fast.

The main objective is
get this done
and get back to the chute,

because we've got
a lot of gold sitting there.

We need to finish it
if we're going to start it.

Throw the dice, man.

Rock, rock, rock, rock!

Where did that
come from?

You see
those rocks right there?

I seen that. Yeah.

This is dangerous.

There's nothing
about any of this
that's not dangerous, though.

So the only concern
I have right now

for our dig site is
the rock breaking loose.

We're on some
unstable ground right here.

Oh, yeah.

We got beaucoup
widow-makers on top of
the dang dive site.

But the area on the water,
House Rock, that's diveable.
We can do that.

Let's make a plan.
I'll work on seeing if
I can get another crew.

If we want to dive here,

we're going to have to do
something about these rocks.

If the miners
can remove the overhanging

they can begin their season
and start digging down
to bedrock gold.

House Rock looks like
a great place to dig.

Truth is,
once we start digging,
if it's too deep,

then we're going to be
stuck here the whole season.

So we need a second crew.

But this is not an easy job.

You've got to be
a very specific type of person

to want to do this.

All right.
Back in Porcupine.

Before Dakota Fred can move on

to his next
golden opportunity,

he has some loose ends
at Porcupine Creek to tie up.

Well, it looks like
everything survived.

This is my claim. We've got
a bunch of reclamation to do,
tidy up everything.

I've got all kinds
of equipment sitting
over there.

I've got to do something
with it.

Well, let's go see what

the rest of this claims
are doing around here.

Hey, boss.

Hey, some help
has arrived, man.

How you doing, Fred?
Good to see you.
Good to see you.

Same here, man.
I'm glad to see you up here.

Fred has brought back last
season's hire, Scott Allen,

for a week of hard labor.

We got a lot of stuff
to kind of get ready.

How soon are you going to be
able to go to work?

Well, I didn't come here
for a vacation, so, I mean.

We got some boxes
that's collapsed

and plywood laying
all over the place,
every which direction.

We'll get that cleaned up.

The first thing
we're going to have to do
is get that loader running.

I've got a bunch
of reclamation to do.

All right. Sounds good.

Wow. Oh, wow.

Is that terminal still okay?
I mean...

Enough wire here
that we could strip that off
real quick with just a knife

and have nice clean,
fresh wire on there.

I like that idea.

Right now, we've got
a battery terminal problem.

We've got to get
this thing running, because
this is a workhorse out here.

This is a 48-year-old machine.

We've done tons of reclamation
with this thing,

and this is one of the things
that I need it for right now.

We're still doing
some reclamation out here.

We got a little bit more water
to cover up in the

glory hole.

There you go.

Look like
that's going to work.


All right.

Big gal is ready to go.

Having pulled
over 500 ounces
of gold from this site,

Fred now must pay his dues

and reclaim the hole
to its natural state.

I'm heading down to Porcupine.

I know Fred has a dredge
and he's not going to be using
it, apparently, this year.

So I'm wondering if I can get
a dredge off of him.

After I get the dredge,
I got to get a crew up here.

I don't see any reason
to not run a second crew.

There's Fred there.

Hey, Fred. what's going on?
Hey, Dus, what's up, man?

So what's happening out here

So there's a new area
that I went to look at,

but it's a huge area.

And we don't know
how deep it is.

So we need to get two dredges
in the water

because I don't think
we could finish it
in one season,

because it looks deep
like trifecta.

So the first step is
I came over here to find out

if you were going to be
using your dredges this year,
and if you're not,

can I get one of them off you?

Yeah. I'm not going
to be using.

I'm up to selling
some of that stuff.


Any chance we can make a deal?

Well, what are you thinking?

Well, I don't have the cash
for it right now.

All right.

What if we make it--
How about, all right,
how about this,

would you go for this, uh,

five ounces of gold
for the dredge?

Oh, no.

Look, if you don't have
the cash right now,
I can understand that.

But I have total confidence
that you're going to get
some gold this year.

How about 10?

I was thinking maybe six.

You're going to get plenty of
pretty little yellow rock.

Six and you got a deal, man.

Come on.

Let's do six.
Come on.

I hate negotiating
when a guy's got
a knife in his hand.

Come on now,
I can't give this thing away.

I think 10 ounces is fair.

No, I'm not doing--
I'm not going to agree to 10.

At Porcupine,

Fred Hurt and son Dustin
are in a standoff

over the price
of Fred's dredge.

If we can't get
a second dredge, we're stuck.

I want ten,
you're offering six,

offer me eight.

All right.
That sounds good, man.

Eight ounces it is.

That's going to get me
on my way for sure.

We need a second crew,
and the first step of that
is a second dredge.

Hopefully, I can get
a crew up here,

but we'll see.

Hey, Scott,
what's going on, man?

What's up, Dustin?
How are you doing, brother?
I am hiring a second crew.

Hey, you interested in that?

If you want me for the season,
you got me.

That's exciting, man.
I'm... I'm... That's awesome.

Well, I didn't know
if you were available
or not, so.


Yeah, you got me, brother.
All right, man.

You got me, man.

he's already trained up.

That's a big plus.

Put up with Fred,
so he could definitely
put up with me.

I got to break the news
to my wife now
that I'm staying up here

for a few more months
rather than just
a couple of weeks.

I'm heading away
from the claims right now,

go and find cell service.

I've got a lead on someone
that may be able
to come out here.

One crew member locked
and three more to go.

Dustin sets his target
on an experienced dredger

he's known for six years.

This job is not for everyone,

and it takes
a special kind of crazy
to stick with us.


Hello, Kayla,
this is Dustin Hurt.

Uh, I am looking
for crew members.

So what kind of
dredging experience
do you have?

Last year,
I dredged full-time

in a river here in Alaska
using a 6-inch dredge
by myself.

Kayla Johanson
started panning as a teenager
in North Carolina,

inspired by her grandfather.

For the last two years,
she's run her own
gold dredging operation

in Southcentral Alaska.

Have you done
whitewater before?

Not whitewater,
but it's fast enough

to not turn your head
or your mask gets ripped off.

That's the kind of experience
we're looking for up here

because that's basically
all we do.

There's always a risk,
but if this ground
is as good as I think it is,

we're all going to get paid.

Are you interested
in coming to work with us?

Yeah, I would
definitely be interested
in coming up.

Okay. If you could
start your way out here,

we'd like to get you up here
as fast as we can.

I'll start packing my stuff up
and I'll be on my way.

We've got a second dredge.
I've got half a crew.

We're halfway there.

Oh, wow!

You're all set there,

Hey, yeah.
Let me get this in the truck.

After tying up
his loose ends,

Fred is ready to head back
to the lower 48

and begin a new adventure.

We got a lot of stuff done.

I'm going to tell you what,
that was not bad

for the short period of time
I was here.

Hey, Fred.
What are you up to?

I'm getting ready
to head out.
All right.

I wish you guys luck.

Looking forward to seeing
how you guys do.

Go get a bucket of gold.

That's our plan.

Well, thanks for everything,
especially the dredge, Fred.

All right.
Appreciate it, man.
Have a good trip.

Glad you made it.
Yeah. Thank you.

And, uh, y'all take care
of my man there.

It's the end of an era

of the father and son team.

Adios, Porcupine.


I'm going to miss Dustin.

You know, I've worked
together with him
for the last ten years.

We've had our differences,
but I'm going to miss him.

I've been coming up here
since I was 60.

God, that makes me almost
nearly 80 years old.

There's something wrong
with me saying that.

I will be back.

I might have to come up
and check on my investment.

You can count on that.

Yeah, we're gonna tie off
on that tree right there.

On the cliffs
above House Rock,

before they can
get to the gold,

Dustin's crew
and new recruit, Scott,

need to remove
killer boulders overhanging
their new dive site.

So just below us right here
is a big rock face

with a whole bunch
of loose rocks on it.

Underneath that is
where we're going to be
digging this year.

Our job today,
break rocks loose,

send them down to the creek
as far as you can.

Everybody clear?

All right, I'll go over first.
Just don't kick anything
on me.

We want to get to dredging
as soon as possible,

but we've got to get
some of the rocks
out of the way.

So when we start working,

we don't have any issues
with rocks falling
on our head.

This is what's
over our heads right now.

This crumbly stuff.

It's got to be moved,
because it's... it's going
to come down and just

pop us in the head.

If we can get
these rocks cleared,

we can get set up
and dredging by next week.

There's a couple of pieces
right here I want gone.

This is scary.

I just lost a big rock
about this big out of here,

and I barely touched it.

Hey, guys, everything
you step on is loose.

You see how big
that's going to go, right?

This is nuts.

Holy [bleep],
that's a big piece.

The Chilkat Mountains
run directly

over the eastern
Denali Fault line.

Even a small tremor
would send these rocks down,

killing anyone below.

is what it looks like.

Oh, my gosh!
There it goes! There it goes!



Somebody's dredging,
somebody's dredging,

Ooh, killed a diver.
Killed a diver.

James, good job, bro.
Rock and roll, amigo.

You did good, man.

Holy moly. You definitely
saved some lives with that.

That's right.

This is the beginning
of a bowling lane
and we're the fricking pins.

Talk about Boulder Dash.

All those rocks I was prying
on just came loose,

and there was a big
granddaddy piece,

and if we would have
left it there,

it would have took everything
in its path and it would have
tooken us.


Scott, come on down.

This is my first day.

These guys do things
a lot more extreme than
what we do with Fred,

so it's exciting.

But at the same time,
you have to respect
the situation.

You have to respect
the danger.

If you don't respect it,
you're going to get bit,
and out here,

if you get bit,
it's lights out, it's done.

Hey, Scott, you know
how to climb, bro?

I haven't rappelled
in a little while.

I've got that nervous feeling
going on.
That adrenaline's pumping.

My heart's sitting there,
going thump, thump,
thump, thump.

It's the first chance
for Scott to prove himself

to the new crew.

Watch out, watch out.
Rock, rock, rock.


This whole side
of this mountain
is just bunch of rocks

being held together with luck.

Scott being the new guy
on the team,

we're going to give
Scott a chance on it.

Watch out, watch out.
Rock, rock, rock.

Argh! That hurt.

You all right?

Yeah. Got a pretty
good-size rock to the shin.

Scott, every step you take
is knocking down.

At House Rock,

new recruit, Scott,
helps Dustin clear

killer boulders overhanging
their dive site.

Look how fast that's going.

Nice one.
Nice one, Scott.

That could've killed somebody.
Holy moly.

There it goes.
Oh! Damn, dude.

Rock, paper, scissors.

Rock's always going
to win here.

He took off probably
10 yards of this [bleep], man.

That's amazing.

That's awesome, man.

Dude, we're going to have
to figure something else out,

I can't pry this out,
it's too heavy.

That one's locked in,
isn't it?

It still needs to come down,
but not with us under it.

The biggest widow-maker

is too heavy to dislodge
with a crowbar.

But Dustin's come prepared.

We got to a section here
we can't get out and pry on.

So Carlos brought some
exploding targets.

And I have a rifle.

So I don't see any reason why
we shouldn't just use it.

We got these explosive charges
that we use for our
frickin' target practice.

The only thing
that can set these things off
is a high-velocity bullet.

Where are you thinking,
right there?

Yeah. [bleep], yeah.

Think so, man.

This should free
the last of everything
that we're worried about.

Yeah, this--
this is going to
take care of it for us.

Now we're going to go shoot it
from a distance

and see if we can't get it
to cut loose.

If that's the case,
that's the last section
we got to deal with,

and it'll be more or less,

more safe than it was
than when we started.

All right, fellas,
you guys ready for this?

Yeah, dude!


Fire in the hole!

Do you know how to turn it on?

"Did you turn it on?"

Jump-start it.


That didn't set it off.
It should have.

I think I hit it.

What the hell?
That should go off.

Did he hit it?

I can see a hole in it.

Come on, [bleep]!

Dude, that worked great!

Oh, here it comes!

Oh, yeah!

That was awesome.

Oh, my [bleep]!

I loved that too much.

We got off what we could,

some of that rock came down.

I'm gonna say if it stayed,
it's going to be safe enough.

I think so.

I think so too, man.

We got a lot of rocks down.
It's a lot better than it was.

I think it's a job well done.

You guys did great today,
by the way.

Widow-makers removed,

now, the miners can finally
start their season

and get diving
for a life-changing
pile of gold.

I'm taking a huge risk
at House Rock.

I've invested into two crews

and a second dredge.

This has to pay off.

Just going on a guess here,

there has to be gold
down there.

On the next

Gold Rush White Water...

meet your new crew member.
This is Kayla.

they don't get me killed.

Everybody has
to prove themselves.

Let's see what she's got.

Feeling good?


Whoa! Heads up.

I've never seen it
that dirty.

Holy [bleep]!

Get out of the water!

I expect that
there's going to be
gold around that boulder...


I think we're going
to get a lot of gold.
God, I want it bad!