Gold Rush: White Water (2018–…): Season 4, Episode 9 - Depths of Despair - full transcript

Dakota Fred and his son Dustin risk their lives to find a fortune in gold nuggets, taking them deep beneath the waters of one of Alaska's wildest creeks.

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[indistinct chatter]

in south east alaska...

[indistinct chatter]

At the bottom
of mckinley creek...

-[ryan] just hold on
for a little bit.
- [man] copy that.

[narrator] ryan has never
dived this deep.

[ryan] I'm going to sink it,
hold on.

Now reached the bottom.

Okay, yeah.

[indistinct audio]

[man] what do you need?

[ryan] the gas is leaking
out the front.

Yeah, it's no good.

Paul, you got me?

Done. I'm finished man.

I'm finished.

Just too much for me
to deal with, man.

Yeah, we're up.

I feel like
I'm winnin' at life.

I want to obliterate
that wall.

I'm a little irritated
right now.

Just clean it up bedrock.

[man 1]
the thing is banjo tight.

The engine quit
on the other side.

[indistinct chatter]

Want to have fun.

Now we're trying to get
to the gold on the very bottom
of this break.

I like to hear files that go.

Holy [bleep].
Look at the gold.

-That's nice. Nice nice.

Music to my ears.

Nuggets, nuggets,
nuggets, nuggets, nuggets

-What's up, fred?
-I'm glad you all are getting
to go now.

I'm home.
I'm glad we can help too.

A nugget here, a nugget there,
not bad.

Carlos did us good.

He left a little bit
down there.

He walked away
with heavy buckets but.

He left us all of these.

-Well, thank you, guys.
-Thanks. We appreciate it.


Well, let's get
some more gold.

This is badass. [laughs]

[narrator] last week...

We got a big rock.

We won't be able to blow this
at all.

[narrator] dustin came
to fred's rescue.

We're here to save the day.

Using his new rock
blasting technology

To blow up a 3000lbs

Three, two, one

-[all laughing and cheering]

Getting fred back on the hunt
for bedrock,

And on the gold.

It was only
by that busted rock.

Holy [bleep].

That's a damn nice
piece of gold.

Splash that whole wall down
towards the other side,

Uh, so could go down.

And we're four
to six feet deeper.

[narrator] at thetrifecta,

Fred's crew are racing
to hit bedrock.

We're trying to get
to the hill of a lot of gold

On the very bottom
of this creek.

[narrator] fred turns
to rookie miner, scott allen
to do some heavy lifting.

I'm a big boy.
Plain and simple.

I'm 250lbs.

When I want to rock to move,
it's going to [bleep] move
one way or the other.

I might have to dredge
around it,
losing some material,

But, hey, I'm going to get her
down into that basket.

I'm going to get her up
and out of there.

Go ahead,
get him in the water.

[narrator] for the last
week and a half,

Fred and his crew
have been stuck

At a depth of almost 14 feet.

-Good luck today, uh, scott.
-[scott] thanks, boss.

[narrator] still over
six feet to go
to reach bedrock,

And only a third
of the season left,

They need to pick up the pace.

-How's that feel?

Just go in, go to the ladder.
That's the easiest way down.


[scott] uh, I see the hole.

[fred] check your whole
perimeter there.
Everything around the side.

[scott] stand by. Stand by.
All stop. All stop.

All stop. All stop. All stop.

Some of this lost [bleep].

All the rocks [bleep] rock's
been tearing up.

If we don't do anything
with it, we go down.

The perimeter has got rocks
on top of it,

And if it goes down,

They could easily fall
right down on top
of the diver.

We flash that whole wall down,

And then he'll go down
and he'll dredge
all that material out.

[narrator] blasting the huge
boulder has loosened

Every rock
on the steep sided hole.

Working 14 feet down
has become a death trap.

Before he can get back
on a hunt for bedrock,

Scott must use
the gold blaster

To quickly clear
the deadly widow makers.

[indistinct chatter]

[narrator] fred's convinced
the gold blaster
is the quickest way

To bring down
the dangerous rocks
in the wall.

[scott] the gold blaster
is up on the land,


[fred] copy that.

[machine roaring]


[scott] we got to turn
the rocks...

Let that fall
right down the wall.

Know what,
when you come across rocks,

You just back them off
from one side.


Come back with that.

I'll get the rock blaster
down here and and toss rocks
at the same time.

Yeah, just, uh,
flash the boulder down.

[narrator] after one
and a half hours,

Rookie miner, scott
abandons the gold blaster.


[scott] I can't even
get to the wall right now.

[fred] but what about
that wall? Is it
all the way down?

[scott] now I've run into
all the material edges
and plastic loops.


This is what I do,
I work with my hand.

I want you to come up
and do a bunch of handwork

On rocks and things like that,
then I can tell him that

Water blast will mock them
rocks down

Three times faster
than you can move them
by hand.

I want to obliterate
that wall.

[scott] I know that you can
have it blasted,

And have it laying
in the bottom

Then come up and do it again.

Still not doing it.

We got no time at all.

[narrator] scott's decision
moving the rocks by hand

Is costing a critical time.

I'm a little irritated
right now, so, you know,

I tried to convey what I want
to say to him, but...

He's doing something
totally different than
I want him to do right now.

[scott] now what I'm doing
is trying to find
some gold today.


Just finished off.

Uh, I got a present
for you fred.

Come here.

Give me your hand.

[narrator] scott's three hours
of clearing the side walls
by hand

Has netted him
a peace offering.

[fred] oh, [bleep].

Where the hell
did you get that?

Outside wall.

That is really great job, man.


[fred laughing]

Good job. Good job, man.

Feels good, don't it?

Oh, my [bleep] dude.

First time I've seen
gold underwater.

Holy [bleep].

That's a damn good feeling
right there.

You got a lot of material.

[narrator] scott's only
dredged for 30 minutes,

But the crew
are still hopeful.

I see a piece
in there, though. Nice piece.

-Oh, there's one right there.

We got a little lucky

'cause of the nice
little nugget out there.

What do you think?
Am I a gold miner now?

Well, I don't know about that.

[all laughing]

[narrator] finding gold
in the side walls
is a great sign

That the bedrock bottom
holds a big payday.

[scott] tell you what, though,
after finding that one picker,

I don't feel cold anymore.

[narrator] but at this rate,
they may not reach
before winter hits.

We've been delayed for like,
three days now.

There's no reason
we shouldn't find
a lot of gold

Right in the very bottom
of our bedrock,

But, uh, we're running
out of time.

It's time to get back to work,
time to go diving.

[narrator] for over
two months,

Dustin's crew have mined
the richest ground
of their lives...

-[all cheering]
-oh, my [bleep].

That's paid out
large, chunky gold
from day one.

this is happening boys.

[narrator] two weeks ago,

They used a new technique

To blow up the huge
hipple rock.

[dustin] all right,
let's do this.

-did you see that?
Did you see it?


Holy crap.
Look at all that gold.

[narrator] all that's left
to explore

Is the large
bedrock bowl underneath.

-[man 1] what do we
get for that?
-[man 2] another boom.

I hope this never runs out.

This is amazing digging.

[narrator] and dustin believes
the best is yet to come.

Today all that is going down
what we call nugget bowl.

We're cleaning up the bottom,
going down the bedrock.

So, hopefully, he gets
a whole bunch of gold.


Dive in the water.

Clean it up, man.
Clean out.

See what kind of gold
we can get out of that hole.

Holy moley, best of luck.

There's just so many
hiding spots in here,
you know.

So, what I would thinking
was you start getting
all the...

Yep. Yep.

And then, we'll, uh,
we'll give you a drill,

-And you break those rocks
into smaller pieces, right?


We're cleaning up the bottom.
There's a few rocks
that we can't move.

We're just going to go ahead
and crack them.

So, he's got to drill
a few holes,

And we put the expanders
in their.

That's the third one,
I'm cleaning
all the small bits.


Got our power heads
ready to go.

[narrator] these blasters
will crack boulders,

Allowing carlos to hunt
for any bedrock gold

They hope is trapped

Get these two out to carlos.

We're going to split
these rocks

To make big rocks
into small rocks again.

[dustin] good luck, man.

[drill whirring]

Okay. Coming up.

[carlos coughs]


All right.

We're ready wes.
All on you, brother.

[wes] is everybody, clear?

Everybody's clear right now.

Going hot.

Ready? Three, two, one...


[all laughing]

I love that sound everytime.

I love it.

-[dustin] you can go, bro.
-[carlos] okay.


All right. Very often...

-[dustin] I love that, man.

-I love it.
-Oh, I'm loving it.

[carlos] oh, yeah.
Found bedrock.

[narrator] after weeks
of diving,

They've finally hit bedrock,

Where the largest
deposits of gold should lie.

This has been amazing.

Good job, carlos.

There's a lot of good
clean up here, dude.
Lot of good clean up, man.

Uh, I feel like
I'm winning at life.

We've got a whole bunch
of rock.

This is where
it's at right now.

Holy [bleep].
Look at that gold.


[laughing joyously]

Look at this.
Look at this gold.

[continues laughing]

[regulator hissing]

I thought so, man. I love it.

[carlos] it just
is a little...

I keep talking, dude.
Holy crap!


It's everywhere, dude.
It's everywhere.


[regulator hissing]

[man laughs]

[carlos] a nugget.

Nuggets, nuggets, nuggets.

Nuggets, nuggets, nuggets.

[carlos] all right, man.
I'm gonna suck this gold up.

Good bye gold, good bye gold.

That's so cool,
this gold, man.

It's all stuck
in these little cracks.

[laughs] gold.
Gold, gold, gold.

[motor whirring]

[carlos] look at that.


Look at it.

What do you need now?

[wes] oh! The engine died.

-[wes] the engine died.

The engine died.
Diver up, diver up diver up!

[man] no air, no air.

The engine quit
on the other side.

[man] get out of here,
get out of here.

[man] no air, no air.

The engine died.
Diver up, diver up diver up!

[narrator] carlos
is on bedrock

12 ft underwater,

And his vital
air supply has failed.

[man] get out of there,
get out of there.

[carlos] coming up,
coming up, coming up.

[man grunts]

No air, no air.

[carlos] okay.

-[man] you okay?
-[carlos] yes.

-[man] breathing air?
-[carlos] yes, yes.


[wes] oh, good job.

[man] everything okay, huh?

[carlos] yeah, my vitals
are back. I'm breathing in.

[wes] I hope
that it'll be there.

The engine quit
and, so, the air shut off.

But luckily, we we're able

To get carlos
out pretty quick.

I mean, that ends
his dive for the day,

But we're gonna go see
what's wrong with the engine,

And hopefully we'll get it
back on by tomorrow.

I mean, I don't...
I don't know what's going on.

Not exactly sure
what would happen,

But, I'm worried
the engine stalled on you.

[carlos] it's okay.

[breathing heavily] oh...

Oh, my gosh.

-[wes] you all right?
-Ran out of air.

And then, I just saw the sun.

And then I got to the sun.

It was just...

[wes] don't go
into the light, buddy.

Don't go into the light.

I think we're done.

Glad, you're all right, man.

[narrator] carlos made it
down to the bedrock

Bottom of the nugget bowl,

And it's living up
to its name.

[carlos] what do
you say, james?
It's pretty good pieces?

[james] oh, yeah, yeah.

[carlos chuckles] yeah!
[james] it's gotta
be from here.

[carlos] we go some
good pieces, man. Whoo!

-It's a good day.
-[james] oh, yeah.

-[carlos] what the hell!
-[james chuckles]

There was a rock
that was over a bedrock,

I took it out,
found a little pocket gold.

Just like that.

[dustin] it's a lot more than
he was letting on or what?

[james] there's piles
of gold on each side.

[dustin] I like
to hear piles of gold.

Piles of gold
seems good to me.

Music to my ears.

[wes] this place
is spectacular.

I mean, you know,
the old timers

Got 4,500 ounces

Out from underneath
mckinley falls,

So there had to be
a lot left up here.

And, uh, we're proving that,
uh, they didn't get it all.

They didn't get to the bottom
of these boulders.

[narrator] now, west must
overhaul the dredge

Before they can get
back on the gold.

We'll have to find out
exactly what's down there.

Hopefully, we can get
a few more paydays

-Out of this one nugget bowl.

The water
is incredibly clear again.

Got four
or 5 ft of visibility.

I've got, uh, ryan going down,
uh, and clean everything out.

Go down a little bit more.

[narrator] at the trifecta,

Experienced dredger ryan
is on a mission to go deep

In their push down
to the bedrock.

I haven't seen the hole

For a really,
really long time.

So, it's gonna be
pretty surprising to me,

I'm sure to be the dive hole.

As well as the depth of it.

Eight pound gold
since the last time I dove.

But I haven't been able to get
down there and find any yet.

So, we'll see what happens.

[narrator] the deadly
widow maker's cleared.

Ryan must get the crew
closer to the bottom.

[paul] good luck
down there, ryan.

[ryan] thanks, man. I'll see
if I can get some gold.


-Sounds good.
-[ryan] yeah, sounds good.

Thank you, guys.

[paul] get him back up.

I'm gonna go ahead and set

The basket in for you
while you're out.

[regulator hissing]

[ryan] okay,

Let me get that dredge
to start working here.

You just work your way down
from that whole wall.

[paul] basket is on the go.

Get it down.

[narrator] the crew
are chasing the wall

Of an ancient waterfall.

They've dug the dive hole
down to 14 ft.

At the top it's 20 ft wide.

At the bottom,
it's just 6 ft.

Ryan's mission is to pile
as many rocks into the basket

And dredge as much as he can

To get to the gold,
waiting on bedrock.

[ryan] I'm gonna be
on the bottom right now.

Yeah, pretty close.
I'm filling out the basket.

It looks like
it's working out pretty good.

Not to scare you,
but you're down a good 14 ft.

[ryan] not to scare me?

[regulator hissing]

[ryan] whoa!

-[fred] the hell you got?
-[regulator hissing]

Oh [bleep]

[ryan] I was just gonna
leave it down there,

But it was just looking at me.

[fred] I'll be damned.
All right.


Very nice. All right,
ryan, go ahead.

If there's one,
there's gotta be more.

That is nice.
Go get some more.

That might be one
of the biggest pieces

We've picked out there yet.

[narrator] more gold
in the ground

This far away from bedrock

Could mean the crew
are at the top of a pay layer

Leading down
to the creek floor.

[regulator hissing]

[ryan] so, basically
I dredged down most...

Almost everything
but the rocks.

[narrator] ryan's
tunneling down

Deeper than he's ever been.

[ryan] still no sign
of bedrock.

[narrator] the narrow walls
are near vertical.

And barely
shoulder width apart.

[ryan] okay, uh...

Let's see.

May have reached the bottom.

Just hold on for a little bit.

[paul] copy that.

[ryan] one of my, uh,
umbilical caught on.


Look what I...

That's no good.

Let me see. Hold on.

Okay, yeah.

Hey, paul.

Paul, you got me?

[paul] what do you need?

[ryan] my mask
is leaking out the bottom.

[ryan speaking]

[regulator hissing]

[ryan] done. I'm finished man.

I got an irrational
fear of diving going, man.

I can't mentally deal with it.

I've been battling it
for [bleep] ever, man.

I'm finished.

You know,
ever since last year,

I had that little
bit of panic?

[fred] yeah.

I've been fighting it
all year long.

All last year, it's just too
much for me to deal with, man.

-But, uh...
-[fred] all right, look.

Uh, diver up,
right now. Diver up.

Diver up.

Go on out here and, uh,
let them drag it down.

[bleep] man.

Gotta down it.

All right.

Y'all move out of the way,
'cause he's coming this way.

Diver up.

Uh, get him undressed.

Take him out.

Ah! [bleep] man!

[narrator] the depth
and dangers of the dive hole.

Have become
too much for ryan.

All right.

[ryan] well,
it's really not all right.

It will be.

I know. Thought it
everything single dive,

All this time.

And I figured I'd make it

To the end
of the season pretty good.

-But, yeah.
-[fred] just give it
a couple of days.

The mental [bleep] thing

That I can't get
over the hump.

[bleep] ...Horrible.
It's ridiculous.

You'll get it.

[narrator] hardly any
closer to bedrock,

Fred now finds
himself down a diver.

We're a long way
down into a hole.

[narrator] at the trifecta,

After ryan's abandoned dive,

Fred's called a stop
on all operations.

I can understand
anybody not going down there.

Nobody is pressuring
you one way or the other.

You make
your own determination,

If you could go down
in that hole or not.

I won't think
any less of anybody

That does not want
to go in that hole.

Because this is...
This is serious danger.

And if you've gotta
loose material

On the side,
that's really scary.

Yeah. Yeah.

I could see some
on the top right now

That are on the verge
of coming down.

It's not something
I wanted to say.

I think I'm out on it, man.

This is getting pretty
dangerous, man.

-If you ask me.
-[fred] uh,
tell you what to dive

In the bottom
of that hole is strictly,

Strictly voluntary.

[narrator] diving 14 ft
down a narrow hole

Has become too much for ryan.

Fred's now a diver down
and still not any closer

To the bedrock gold.

[fred] it was best...

In the best interest
of everything and him

And me and the whole crew

To take him out
of the water right now.

Fire up the bridge.

Fred's gonna go
in the water now,

[narrator] having lost
a valuable day of diving,

Fred takes matters
into his own hands.

[indistinct chatter]

He's gonna go down and, uh,
take over where ryan left off.

Very first thing I wanna do

Is go down
and use the water blaster, uh,

Get the full blaster
to get it down

And see if we can
find some gold.

It's really cool out
here this morning.

[paul] give me a head
turn to the left.

[fred] I can already hear you.
I here you.

Yeah, it's over the top of me.


[fred] we gotta
get to the bottom.

[regulator hissing]

[paul] here we go.

How's it looking down there?

[fred] uh, drag it down here.

Uh, the edges
have got a lot of rocks

That needs to come down.

-I'm ready.
-[paul] okay.

Water blaster's on.

[fred] oh, yeah.

[water blaster whirring]

[fred] yup, there it goes.

Today's gonna be
a busy damn day.

A really busy day.

The water is crystal clear.

Holy crap clear!

[narrator] half a mile

Wes has fixed the dredge,
and dustin's desperate

To get his eyes
on the nugget bowl gold.

Whatever he did it,
I'm gonna get today.

Time for me to get suited up.

[narrator] carlos dredged
the bedrock in the nugget bowl

For three hours
before the dredge failed.

Now dustin's mission

Is to hunt out
any gold blood behind.

Water is low water.

Water clear as glass.

I mean, clear.

Look how clear
that bedrock is.

Holy moly.

[dustin] air checks?

[man] air is fine, man.

[dustin sighs]

Whoo! It's cold.

Oh, wow, it looks so different
down here now.

[regulator hissing]

[dustin] a lot of bare
rock here so...

[wes] yup, all right.

Do your thing.

[dustin] what he has cleaned
out pretty good.

[wes] yeah.


[dustin] where am I?
Can you see me or no?

[wes] no, I can't.

I can't loose water
with [bleep] like this.

That's ridiculous.

[narrator] out of nowhere,

The visibility underwater
has dropped.


No, I can't see your bubbles
or anything right now.

[dustin] all right.
[wes] well...

[wes] the dredge's
gotta be up there

Running that gold blaster.

They're up there blasting.

-You think?
-They are.

[man] are you kidding me?

We radioed and found out.

[wes] they're up
there blasting.

-Who's blasting?
-[wes] fred is.

-With [bleep] what?
-[wes] they're blasting
with that gold blaster.

Right they're stirring
the [bleep] water up.

[dustin] this is gonna
be long day.

[narrator] now,
with zero visibility,

Dustin's got zero chance
of seen gold on bedrock.

There's more than a quarter
mile upstream from us,

But, it just infiltrate
the whole streaming,

And, now we've got,
like, all this mud.

With this water like this,

You know,
dustin's trying to do

An inspection
of the nugget bowl

I mean, it's almost a workout

Trying to do an inspection
right now with these guys

Up there blasting.

And, uh, I mean, our water

Has totally gone
to [bleep] down here.

We gotta get to the bottom.

[narrator] at the trifecta,

Fred is 14 ft underwater,

Blasting his way
down to bedrock,

Filling the creek
with clouds of dirt.

[blaster whirring]

[narrator] topside,
paul is called over the radio

By dustin's crew,
half a mile downstream...

[wes over radio] we're doing
an inspection
of the nugget bowl.

[narrator] ...W here dustin's
struggling to dive

In poor visibility.

[wes] right now,
the water went totally dark,

So we can't see anything.

Copy that.

Fred, slow down.

[fred] what?

Why do I need
to stop blasting?

[paul] dustin's
got no visibility.

[fred yells]

Shoot, I think.

[paul] shut it down?

[fred] ah! Hold up a minute.

Not great for a walk.

[narrator] fred agrees
to shut down the blaster.

[fred] uh,
I'm not let it clear out

A minute and look around.

See what the hell.

Let's see what I got here now.

Thing is wobbly.

[regulator hissing]

Wow, a very large
rock right there.

And another one,
just the same size

Coming down off the top.

[narrator] clear visibility
reveals that fred's

Blasting has exposed
more widow makers.

[fred] looks like we could
to drill this from the top.

[narrator] they must haul out
the boulders immediately.

[man] all right, paul's on
the opposite side of the creek

Walking up towards up.

[fred] all right.

Pull it.

[narrator] paul uses a 10 ft
long extended drill bit
to bore into the rock.

[drill vibrating]

[fred] all right, going up.

We're able to drill
a huge boulder

That we've got
overhanging the hole.

Ready to pull it.
Just waiting for fred

To give us to go ahead

And we can yank
that [bleep] out of there.

[fred] all right. Hold on
to that rock a little bit.

[motor whirring]


[fred] not yet no.

This thing
is latched on tight.

[paul] all right,
give it hell.

[fred] give her hell.

[man] I think it's moving.

[fred] lift it up.

[man] how's it coming, fred?

[fred] uh, little by little.

[paul] yeah, I have a lot
of tension on that.

[motor whirring]

[man] that sounded bad.

[fred] what happened?

[paul] we just
broke the cable.

He was pulling
on the winch and...

You know, something
had to give apparently.

[fred] everybody okay?

[paul] everybody's okay, man.

[man] did our cable break?

[paul] whole cable broke.

[narrator] the quarter inch
steel winch cable snapped.

[man] oh, [bleep]

[man] that [bleep]
apart, man.

[paul] I heard that it sounded
like a damn gunshot.

Yeah, so, say we fire the 22.

[man] yup.

[paul] what our greatest limp

That broke the lip on the, uh,
quarter inch.

[man] what the hell?


You didn't pull
the anchor bolts out.

Well, that's not good.

We've cracked our rock

And we've had our,
pull-back pully on.

Until I get some
new anchors in here,

There's no way
we can use this right now.

The entire wing system
has suffered message damage.

Until I could find
a better spot
on this rock

And drill some anchor bolts.

We can't use this system.

This system is out of order
right now.

Coming up.

[narrator] fred's operation
is at a standstill,

His potential payday
is now further out of reach.

Encounter a lot of big rocks.

I don't know, if we could
pull them out or not.

We got a couple of
big granite boulders

That they're gonna try to top
down on us, and that's not,
that's not good.

In my spare time
I'd like to build
a lot of stuff, so...

[narrator] at mckinley creek,
wes has been fabricating.

Converted old steel
fuel tank into a torch.

You pull this principle
out of here.
That's got aluminum in it.

[narrator] for the last
six weeks, he's been
collecting aluminum cans.

See what we've got it.

This is going to work or not.

The end game,

If we get enough gold to be
able to smell our own gold,

Goal is to have gold bars
the size of that bar.

Then we know
we're good getting somewhere.

And it's going to be something
that we're gonna think

Motivates us to keep
looking for gold.

Let's get this thing cleaned
out and find out what's
down in that match.

[narrator] at the trifecta,

A massive failure to the wing
system has lost them

Another day on repairs.

Wash her down.

[narrator] the only thing that
can salvage this week
is some gold in the box.

First time running the gold
here, this thing is
pretty cool.

[fred] now we all look,
we got anything in there.

There's another one.

We have a pan to pan into.

Oh, there's a nice gold.

Hey, I like that.
A large picker.

There's a nice chunk.

-That's a nice piece.
-[fred] way bigger
than I thought.

I did not expect to see
this kind of gold.

[narrator] after three days of
tough mining,
fred's crew are rewarded

With the most gold
they have seen all season.

That's a nice nugget, dude.

-That certainly puts
a smile on my face.
-[bleep] yeah.

[narrator] this haul proves
there's gold for the taking
at the trifecta,

But they'll have to dig
much deeper

If they're to reach bedrock
before season's end.

That's it.

To date.

-We're doing this better,
haven't reached bottom yet.

For where we are, I'm happy
with whatever we're getting
right now.

Get down on the bottom,
who knows what
we're going to get?

I thought,
all those cleans it out.

We're trying to find
really hard to get the stuff.

We're gonna go find it,
if it's there.

at roackfall ravine,

After nine weeks of dredging,
dustin has finally made it
down to the bedrock.

But a dredge malfunction
and low visibility

Has kept the crew from seeing
how much gold they have

I think it's about to have
all you biz back.

Maybe they stopped that goal
blaster for a while.

I mean, it's coming back.

I know that's what it was.

-I know for sure.
-We can see clear now.

That's amazing.


Here we go, that's good.

That's good. That's good.

Clean the bedrock,
good man.

Looks like he cleaned out all.

-That's different.
beautiful formation.

It's a perfect crack.

It looks like
a really cool pond.

Look cool.

Nobody got this [bleep]
made it.

There's a crack.

[narrator] dustin has
discovered a crack in the
bedrock wall

That could form
a perfect nugget trap.


Nugget, right there.

It's gonna be awesome.

What you've got is some
dirty ass water coming out.

Holy. What did you do
down there?


[cheering] yeah.




Yeah, we like that.

Keep bringing those
nuggets up.

Come on, baby.
Show me the nugget.

One look at this.

I like that.


Yeah, that's what we want,
another pocket.

Hit a pocket over here
or something.

Big pocket, small pocket,
we like hearing that.

It's still producing.


There's about,
there's about thirty of it.

What the hell?

Think about it, still going
into the dredge while
I'm talking to you.


What is this?

-no freaking way.

This is starting to add up

-I like that.

-Got them.

[indistinct] clean this out.

Copy that.

Nugget wall is finished.

[narrator] after conquering
the fiercest water they have
ever dived,

Mining their richest ground,

Dustin has cleaned out every
inch of the bedrock gold.

-Good, dive.
-Good job.

Nugget wall is gone,
we have finished nugget wall.

I mean, there is
no rock unturned.

It's all done.
Everything is done.

-Jay, mc.
-What have we got?

[narrator] after cleaning out
every inch of the nugget wall

Up at mckinley camp,
the cleanup is nearly done.

Let's see what we got
to add to that.

So the very end
of nugget ball.

That's the end of
nugget ball right there.

-All right.
-That's pretty good.

-Some good pieces too.
-Holy moly.

That's over 29.5 ounces
we got so far.

That's amazing for dredging.

-That is unreal, man.
-I like it. I love it.

I'm pretty happy
with what we've got so far.

That is the best gold
we've had out of one dig.

-Absolutely, absolutely.

We couldn't have done it
without new techniques.

There was a boulder down
that we knew
we couldn't move at all.

We got to crack it and
move it out of there.

That's a whole
new game for us.

Without being able
to crack that boulder

We couldn't have got to
this stuff.

We would've left 90 percent
of that gold
underneath that boulder.

Oh, yeah.

We're moving up in
our gang right now.

Look at that.

We got a late start,
so we're gonna stay

As long as we possibly can,
get as much gold
as we possibly can,

Because right now,
gold is, it's over $2000
an ounce.

I feel lucky that the old
timers did not dig this up
and left us some gold.

I don't know why they would
not dig this area, but they
didn't or couldn't.

Whatever the reason is,
I'm happy for it,

We're up to $60,000 right now,
which is awesome.

[narrator] though the nugget
bold bedrock didn't hold the

Mother load
they all were hoping for,

They are on track to shatter
their previous season records.

We've got malls of creek up
above mckinley, cahoon,
all that.

And I guarantee
there's gold there.

If we get another hot area,
if it's good moving
upstream like it is,

Or if we do a recon
and find other areas up there,

I think we're going to come
out with a lot more gold
this season.

[narrator] dustin and his crew
still have a third of their
season left

And miles of unexplored creeks
and they're all fired up.

That brings our total up to
almost 30 ounces of gold.

Times that by...



I told you it was in his car.

Good for you.

[narrator] next time on,
gold rush, white water.

Today is pretty windy,
cold, winter is not far off.

Got to get down.


-Look at it.
-I expected to find
some big gold.

Why else would I do this?


Water is so bad.


Where are you?
Hold on.


Stop, stop.

Oh, look out!


Look, yeah!