Gold Rush: White Water (2018–…): Season 4, Episode 8 - Dustin to the Rescue - full transcript

Dustin takes control after Fred discovers a life-threatening boulder.

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[dustin hurt] all right, guys,
it's time to find out
how much gold we got.

[narrator] Just over halfway
through a season

Shortened by
the global pandemic,

Dustin hurt and his crew
are on the richest ground
of their lives.

How many ounces do you think
we got for three dives?

I say about ten.
That's a safe bet.

[james hamm] I'm saying 15.
Just looks like to me.

I say eleven.

[carlos] okay, I'm hoping
there's more than ten ounces.

That makes for
a pretty good week.

I think the gold in here is
from james from hills drive.

It looked like a lot of gold
when he came up, man.

[wes richard] oh,
this is exciting.

I mean, we're getting
underneath these boulders.

Got our hippo boulder
out of the way and

And we started getting
closer to the bedrock.

That stuff
is just full of gold.

[dustin] that's probably an
ounce sitting there.

[carlos] I bet there's more
than an ounce sitting there.

It's just good
to be on the winning team.

[wes] how does it look?
[carlos] that's good.

It doesn't look great.

That doesn't look very good.

[wes] that's just one dive.

There was more in it
than that.

I know there was
more than that.

[james] there was
something like...

Something's wrong.

No, that looks right to me.

[carlos] that looks like quite
a bit of gold right there.

[wes] it could have
gone anywhere.

[carlos] been locked up.

[carlos] you didn't leave
the door open, huh?
[wes] no.

[james] I saw that cleaned up
and it looked bigger
than that.

[dustin] something
doesn't [bleep] add up.

We're at a dead stop.

-Is it that bad?
-Well, yeah.

[dustin] if you let me have
control of your site,

We'll get it done.

We're here to save the day!

[man] we got a big bedrock.

It's not a headache boulder.

It's a man-killer.

Fred, there's a lot of tension
on that ride.

[metal clangs]
there are winds
that are [bleep].

[dustin] miner zero,
boulder one.

[man 1] this isn't
gonna last long.

- [man 2] I bet
someone's there.
- [dustin] yeah, I know.

-Three, two, one.

[dustin] look at
all that gold.

I knew there was
something there.

[all exclaiming]

[dustin] I remember
when I looked at it,

It seemed like it was
all the way across the board.

[wes] I feel like
there's a lot more.

[narrator] last week...

[man] that big [bleep] rock.

[narrator] ...Dustin's crew
used new blasting technology,

[dustin] all right.
Let's do this.

[narrator] ...To remove
a monster rock

From their dive site,
rockfall ravine.

-Did you see that?

[man whoops]

[narrator] beneath it, james
discovered pile of nuggets.

[man laughs]

We knew it's gonna be down
there underneath that rock.

It's paid off.

[narrator] now, wes is
cleaning up the gold

James sent down the sluice
on that dive,

But it's coming up short.

[dustin] right now, my brain
is on fire with,

"I'm making it up or not."

Something's not right.

It was more
on that mat than that.

[wes] no, I don't think so.

I'm not [bleep] joking.
It was more than that.

[james] I remember there being
big pickers in there.

Did you separate
the big pickers?

[wes] oh, you know what?
You're right.

I've got nuggets
that I pulled out

That we haven't put
with anything.

So, there's a least another
three ounces of nuggets.

There you go.
[wes] this was in this.

[dustin] now we're talking.

I knew something was wrong.

Damn. All right.
I'm not crazy.

[carlos] that's a lot
in that bottle.
[dustin] I know.

[narrator] wes moves on
to the concentrate

From the two other dives.

-[carlos] oh, my [bleep].
Holy crap.
- [man laughs]

[carlos] look at that.
You see that, dude?

There's like an ounce
in one scoop.

[dustin] oh, look at that.

[james] who else gets this
kind of gold by hand, huh?


That's all in one weeks'.

[dustin] you'll find the
pockets underneath
these boulders,

Like you're finding every
little pocket's
got gold in it.

Well, let's get this panned up

And get it dried out
and see how much it weighs.

Hell, yeah, fellas,

Look at us finding gold,

Like a real gold miners
and stuff, man.

[wes] got to scale
the nuggets.

Let's see
what this stuff weighs.

[narrator] if the ground
under the hippo rock

Is as rich they hope...

-[dustin] ready?
-[carlos] yup.

It could mean
there's a big payday to come

Once they reach bedrock.

Let me see, four ounces,
six, seven,

Eight point six ounces.

-With nuggets?
-No, without it.


-[wes] plus the nuggets...
- [james] p lus the nuggets...

[dustin] eleven point four.

[wes] almost eleven
and a half ounces, total.

That's for one week.

I said eleven. Eleven point
four is what it come out to.

Not bad, guys.
That's for real three dives.

[dustin] let's be clear.

That amount of gold came from
underneath one single boulder.

[james] one
hippo-sized bolder.

Good deal, man.

[narrator] their
combined total

Of twenty five
point six ounces

Is close to matching
last year's entire haul,

And there are still
two months left to mine.

And with the price of gold
at a record high,

They're already $5,000 a head.

[dustin] gold's at over
$2,000 an ounce right now,

And for nuggets,
that's even more.

So, we're talking about
$2,800 an ounce.

[wes] if we continue our
season on like that,

It's going to be tremendous.

[carlos] what's the story with
this ugly thing, man?

That probably is
right out of the source.

That is a nugget, and
it's covered with host rock,

And it's the ugliest nugget
I've ever seen.

But it's still gold.

[james] so,
you see that nugget?

You see how it's kind of
flattened and polished up?

It's traveled.

So this one didn't come from
as close as this one did.

This one came out from
right there where we were
digging right now.

I believe.
It didn't travel anywhere,

So there's got to be a source

Right there close
to where we're at.

That's good news, right?

[james] yeah. I'll take
those ugly nuggets

Any day of the week.

I can't believe there was
that much gold

Under that single boulder.

There's still boulders
down there

And I hope this continues.

I know for a fact
there's more gold to get.

I'm just gonna go
collect it boys.

[dustin] we're doing great.
We're finally making money.

We're gonna not
just break-even

Or any of that stuff
this year.

I feel like we're gonna
finally succeed

At what we're doing
and find a bunch of gold.

All right, let's get to work.

[man whoops]

Oh. Plan is just to
get in there and kick ass.

[narrator] half a mile

77 year-old fred hurt
is having

A much different season
than his son dustin.

[fred] all right. We're just
going down to see
what's going right here.

[narrator] so far,
fred has faced
challenge after challenge.

[fred] you've got to be
kidding me. [groans]

But has refused to back down

In his hunt for
a life changing payday.

[james] what you got?
What you got?

-[fred laughs]
-[james] that's gold.

That's the real thing, man.

-[fred] all right.
-[men laugh]

There goes fred's
synchronized swimming.

[fred] down, down, down.

[narrator] fred and his crew
are following the face

Of an ancient waterfall
down to bedrock,

Where he believes they'll find
a massive deposit of gold.

Fred, you get no dinner till
you find gold today, buddy.

[fred] I'm trying
to work on it.

[narrator] but in their way
is another six feet
of rocks and gravel.

[fred] I'm at 14 feet deep.

I don't have a hole
to lock on,

Something to grab on,
on the side of the wall.

You're gonna finally
need a ladder down here.

Copy that.

[james] so he wants to put
another board out like that.

Then we could run that ladder
right down into this hole.

Fred wants us to run a ladder
down into the hole.

So it makes it easier for
the diver to come up and down

Because right now walls
are pretty steep.

Deeper we get,
the more dangerous it gets.

So anything we can do
to help that,

That's what we're doing.

[fred] I need a gold blaster.

[paul] copy that. Gold blaster
coming down the blue rope.

-[paul] fire it up.
-[fred] I'll fire it up.

[engine whirring]

[fred] we're just
blasting away, man.

And now I'm on my way.

I'll just start
working my way out

And make a bigger hole
out of it.

I feel like,
in the bottom of the hole,

There's a lot of debris.

You're taking this nice,
clean water.

Up here, it's turning
all muddy, fred.

[fred] wait a minute.
Hold up...

Holy [bleep]

[paul] you all right
down there?

[fred] we got a kick ass rock.

If we expand and hold on,

There's a gold mine on it.

[paul] be careful, man.

We don't want to get
stuck down there, friend.

[speaks indistinctly]

Extreme danger
for anybody down here.

I'm glad to get this
rock out of here.

[paul] I like fred's got a
pretty good rock down there,

That he doesn't want anybody
under messing with.

I think he's gonna try to work
on it and do what he can

To get that rock out.

[fred] all right. I've got to
try blasting my way on it.

If I can cut this lose.

[narrator] fred is expanding
the sides of the hole

To allow him to go deeper
towards the bedrock gold.

But if he undermines
this massive boulder,

It will come falling down,

Crushing him
in the bottom of the pit.

...Negative. It's a huge rock.
If that thing comes loose...

You're not getting out of it.
It would pin you down there.

If it got your leg,
if it got your umbilical,

You'd be stuck down there.

[fred speaking indistinctly]

I don't know exactly
if I'm gonna

Get this damn thing
to move or not.

I didn't wonder
if I'm gonna get
five more right there.

It's finally wide enough

To kind of pry this thing away
from the side of the wall.

Uh, give me that arc.

Oh, the big pray bar?
Copy that.
Let me go look for it.

Put a little bit of
white tape on this so you can
see it underwater.

That's so we don't
lose tools underwater.

Hopefully, this will work.


I put white tape on the handle
so it's easy to see.

[fred] thank you.

[scott] fred's down there
trying to get this big boulder
out of the way.

I'm really concerned.

The size of boulder
he's talking about,

It's not a headache boulder,
it's a man killer.

[fred] all right.

I'm gonna make sure that
that big son of a [bleep]

Don't come rolling
down there visiting me.

If you can at least
get it loose to get it in the
bottom of the hole,

We can still work around it
and still get to the bottom
and just keep rolling it down.

Hopefully, he gets there
where it's not
a danger anymore.

[fred] I'm getting
blocked in by one rock.

And I just can't
get down to that [bleep].

[paul] it's about head high

And with it like that,
if you undercut it too much
and it comes rolling in,

If you're on
the bottom of the hole,

That's where
you're gonna stay.

[fred] I'm not gonna get
anything else done today

Trying to get
that rock out of here.

[fred groans] I'll be damned.

Is everyone okay down there?

[fred] uh, I just can't get
an advantage on this rock.

[narrator] over two hours
in the water,

77-year-old fred continues
his battle with
the giant boulder

That stands between
him and the bedrock gold.

[fred] if I can get one little
spot, I could get a hell of
an advantage, but I can't.

Just sitting there
is all it's doing.

Wanna turn at
a little bit of an angle

But it just doesn't
want to come right out.

You know,
just for the hell of it,

Why don't you give me a strap?

[paul] you want the strap,
you said?

[fred] yeah. I'm going
to try something here.

Just hope it works.

[narrator] fred attempts
a quick fix,

Attaching a strap so that
they can try to pull it free.

I got you looped on to this,
then if you wanted it.

[fred] I don't know...

It's a couple of pounds...

Can you take the end
of the cable, crook an arm,
twist that?

[[paul] copy. We can do that.

[fred] I have no idea
when we'll have to
start pulling on this thing.

Thanks, fred.
Got that big rock hooked up.

We get this strap hooked up,

Maybe we can get
that rock pulled out.

[fred] do a little snag back.

[paul] copy that.

[fred] I have no idea if this
thing is gonna catch or not.

You're pulling on a slab.

Hold it, hold it.

[paul] copy that.

[fred] all right.
Little tighter.

I guess, if we can even
get it to move at all.

[paul] yeah, wiggle it a ton.

Get a couple of those straps.

Copy that.

-[fred] am I in the middle?
-[ryan] yeah.

[fred] going ahead.

Got a hell of a line on it.

I just slipped right off.

[man 1] there's a lot of
tension on that, fred.

[man 2] yeah,
it is real tight.

[narrator] if the
cable breaks,

It could slice
any of the miners in two.

-[fred speaking indistinctly]
-[ryan] yeah.

-[fred] pull it a little
tighter. Just a little...

-[speaks indistinctly]
-[man] yeah, the strap...

[fred] all right, it's
not gonna work. [bleep]

But I think it'll come up.

It doesn't seem
to want to take a strap.

[ryan] basically,
we're trying to lasso
a rock down there.

Fred can get
the lasso around it,

But every time I pull on it,
it just slipped off the rock.

A really dangerous situation
down there right now.

So far, you've been down
for about three hours.

It is right now 12:40 p.M.

[fred] damn thing
is so big. [bleep]

Definitely don't want
anybody else to get to it.

It is going to be out of here
before I get out
this afternoon.

Fred doesn't want
the next diver down in there

With something
like that overhanging.

In his mind.
It's his job to take care
of the more dangerous stuff.

But we've got some
young guys out here.

We'd like to
get down there and help,

But is a stubborn old goat
so he's not having that.

He's gonna try to get
that boulder out today.

[fred] wrap
this thing just right.

A pressure washer, I think,

Might roll that big
son of a [bleep]
right into the basket.

Let's go and get
the basket down here.

[paul] copy that.

[scott] so we've
tried strapping it,

We've tried just
moving it by hand.

Now fred is blasting around it
with a gold blaster.

He's going to try to roll
that big boulder down
into the rock basket

So we can pull it up and out.

[fred] so far, so good.

Getting down behind the rock.

Material does not
get in the way...
That's going lightly.

I'm standing down here.

Get your feet out here,
get around,
get down behind it.

[narrator] four hours
in the water.

Fred's running out of time
in his battle
with the deadly boulder.

I mean, hell, hat rock's been
there for a long damn time,

So there could be
a major payday for us.

Nuggets! I'm talking nuggets
sitting underneath
that damn thing.

So we really
want to get it out.

[fred] all right,
the sled is positioned
at the bottom of the hole.

Take the line off the sled
and I'm gonna see if we can
pull that thing back.

All right, I got you
a choker cable. Ready?

Just waiting at the end
of a cable.

All right,
pick up a little bit.

Oh, no.

Keep going.

A bit more. A bit more.

Hold up. Hold up.

Is there any way
we could put that
in a block?

I was just thinking
of the same thing.

I'm on my way there.

Fred's plan.

Position a snatch block
thirty feet upstream

And lower down
on the creep wall.

This will redirect
their winch cable
and create a better angle

To pull the boulder out
from the side of the hole.

We pulled the cable back
a little ways,
give it a different angle.

Give it a different
direction of pull.

So hopefully now we can get
that boulder hooked up, right?

With a different angle
or pull.

We can get it down
into the basket

So we can get it out of here.

All right.

All right. Pull in on that
just a little at a time.

All right. Copy that, fred.
Pull on easy.

Oh no!

The high is rigged.

Well, damn it, fred.
What do you think, man?

Damn, these rocks
just keep going

And going and going and going.

There's a good chance

We won't even be able
to blow this stuff.

The score is miner zero,
boulder one.

So we definitely gotta
get that damn thing
out of our way

I got a hose around
the back of this thing

Dragging out here.

Be careful, man.

Don't worry about this.
I'm working on it.

It's possible if we can
blast a hole in it.

It could break.
Just be careful and slow.

All right.
The gold blaster's running.

I think fred's gonna try
to hook that rock up again.

One more attempt
on trying to get
that boulder out.

Fred's approaching five hours.

That's the longest time
so far this year.

And he's been down there
working on it,

2,000 lb. Rock, the whole day.

That's got me concerned.

Yeah, I got it.

He's worked his way
underneath it, made a hole.

Now he's able to
pass the cable

Underneath the boulder
and attacked it on top.

Now all we gotta do
is pull on it

And see if
it comes out of there.

This was not the way
we like to do things,

But unfortunately,
all the conventional methods
have been tried.

Now we just can't get it,
so unconventional it is.

Uh, let's try this cable
one more time.

Putting in clear.

Got pieces of huge [bleep]
rocks weighing it down.

All right, here we go.

I hope
we don't break nothing.

The first time we've ever
really blown off
that block up there.

Yeah, there's tension on it.

Fred, there's a lot of tension
on that rock.

Yeah. Well, just keep
that thing just like it is.

I just hope
he's out of the way

'cause that rock goes over
his umbilical
or anything else,

We're not getting him out.

All right.
Pull on it a little bit.

All right. Just pump it
a little bit more.

That's trying to come off.

All right, do it again.


One, two, three.

[bleep] pumped off.

I don't know what to do.

It has not budged.

I just don't see
any other way to do it.

I'm gonna come out.

Diver's coming op,
diver's coming up.

After a season record of
five-and-a-half hour dive...

Good job, fred.

...Fred finally admits defeat.

Absolute disaster down.

It's at least four foot tall
from underneath it,

Over to the top of, yes,

Two big boulders.

I thought that we were
just gonna tip it over.

It didn't even move.

Well, you gave it a hell
of an effort, anyway.

We'll figure it out.

Just had to spend
an awful lot of time
on that rock but...

...In the end...

The rock one.

Well, good job today.

Fred and his crew
returned to camp

After more than five hours

Spent battling
the monster boulder.

I know the boulder
didn't come out of there,
but you gave a hell anyway.

Yeah, we learned
about it anyway.

Yeah, it was a mother [bleep].

I gotta go talk
to dustin anyway.

-Dustin's inside?
-He's inside.

Hey, dustin, come see.

Hey, fred.

What's doing on, man?

Oh, man.

-Rough day?

Hours of frustration today.

Oh. What you guys get into?

Oh, I'm dealing with a rock,

About 3,000 lb. Rock
that I don't think I could
get out of the hole.

I couldn't even
break it loose.

-Oh, it's still on a wall.

I refuse to let anybody
go down there
till we get rid of it.

Is it undercut?

Yeah, a little bit.

I'll be damned.

It's pyramid shaped,

So it makes it hard
to try to hook it.

It's that toll from the top
to the bottom of it.

I need to bust that thing
or something.

Otherwise we're at
a dead stop.

It's that bad?

-Well, yeah.

I mean, we can go out,
but we can't go down

Because the thing is
hanging in the wall.

I see what you're saying.

Standing up in the bottom
of the hole right now.

It's right there.

And if we go out or down
or whatever,

Fall right over on it.

So anyway, maybe, uh,
what if the guys

Could crack that thing?

All right. Um, yeah.

We can come over
and crack that rock for you.

Well, that'd be great.

Yeah. You won't have to
worry about it.

We got a technique down

That's just beautiful now.

All right. Great.

But we have
and underwater drill

That's having a few problems.

It's a little fickle.

So it will be
either me or carlos

That would drill with it.

Just if you let me
have your sight
for just an hour,

Then we'll pop it off
and, uh, bail.


If you let me have
control of your sight,
we'll get it done.

All right.

Well, I appreciate it.

-Could be weird to see...
-Do you see what that hat
says on it?

-You see what that hat
says on it?

-Oh. [bleep]
-it says "dust."

You leave it laying around.

-I just pick it up.
-Oh, gosh.

-I know, I know.
-I just pick it up.

All right, so we'll come
crack a rock for you tomorrow.

After you see this,
you'll never go back.

Yeah, well, that's good,
because we got that one
in the way

And I can tell you
it kicked my ass today.

All right, then we'll see
you guys in the morning.

See in the morning, fred.

Carlos, you're not using
my wetsuit.

[bleep] I'm wearing
your wetsuit, man.

Tomorrow, I'm gonna go
crack rock for fred hurt.

He, uh, must be desperate

'cause he asked me for help
for the first time.

Apparently stuck
and there's a big rock
that he can't get under way.

We'll just go crack it
and move on.

Work with fred
for the first time this year.
It will be different.

Putting their hot streak
on the whole,

Dustin and his crew
return to the trifecta

To help save fred's season.

Dustin and his crew
are coming over here
to help us with little rock.

They have some kind
of a device

That would help
with our little situation
right now.

They claim it works great.

We'll see.

We'll get one of them
in the water,

Let them go down
to do their thing.

Hopefully we're in and out
two hours, tops,

About how long
I could tolerate
working with fred.

So in and out,
back to our own work.

We have a lot of work
to do this season,

So I can't spend
all this time with him.

He and I don't work
together that well, so.

We are here to save the day!

What's going on, fred?

Hey, dust.

I can make it out.

For the first time this year,

Father and son
will work together

As they try to remove
a monster widow maker
from fred's hold.

Yeah, back to trifecta.

Not 'cause I want to be here

But I'm trying to help fred.

A lot of things
I would change here,

But we're only gonna be here
for an hour or two.

It'll be just fine.

There's a huge deposit
in that point.

I can feel it.

For two seasons,

The dakota boys mind
the trifecta side by side.

Hey, fred, can you believe it?

Hold that
and pull them together.

But with dustin in charge,

They fought over
where to dig for gold...

There's no reason
for me to be over there.

I think the gold
is right there.

It takes a little
more explaining

To get it through
some thick gold.

What's going on?

How about coming up
with a better solution
for your problem?

You're my problem, though.

...Ending up with only
thirteen ounces
for all their hard work...

No gold, no gold, no gold.

...And leaving dustin broke.

I wasted a lot of time
on this.
I won't be wasting any more.

This is the wall
that came up right here.

All of this is gone.

All of that was solid.

It all washed away.

I think this is where I wanted
to come with the digger.

Wes talked to a psychic.

So a psychic told him
there's gold up there.

Fred decided it was over here.

I dug right in the middle, so.

Everybody's wrong except...

Well, I'm the only one
that's wrong here, so.

I dug here twice two years

And I don't wanna
think about how deep
they have to go.

If there's any gold,
it's gonna be on bedrock.

If he finds a big pocket,
he'll find more.

But how did you notice
a pocket down there?

Onley fred has an idea
of why he thinks that.

I hope he does well.
I just don't expect he will.

That is my light.

That's mine.

I've been looking all over...

We tore everything apart
looking for this
[bleep] light.

Good. Glad you found it.

Oh, fred.

We're back together again,
man, where it all started.

Started off again, dude.

It's the first time
I'm getting to work
with you, beside you.

This is awesome, dude.

-Thanks for coming down here.
-This is freaking awesome.

All right.
Today you're gonna dive,

Drill some holes,
place some power heads.

I know you guys.
This is your side.

We're just gonna run
for just a little bit.

You pop a rock today.
Be in and out, right?

If everything goes well
with the drill,
if she's not acting up.

-You talk nice to it.
-I gotta talk nice, man.

All right, I'll be on coms
with carlos.

Try to keep down
on the cross talk

Because we don't do that
a lot. It freaks us out.

-We don't either.

So everybody know
what to do?

All right, let's go.

Paul ryan, scott,
you all go down
and get that dread running,

And get everything
all ready to go.

Sounds good.

[motor starts]

There she goes.

That's almost like,
you know, a large regular.

Yep. Makes me feel like
a big boy.

Yeah, man, you're diving
with the big boys today.


-Okay. Appreciate that, man.
-No problem.

Let me tell you a story, ryan.

This is where I was born.

[ryan laughs]

I'm happy, man, because
we're all working back
together again.

This is how I started off.

This is where I learned
to dredge, right here.

It feels good to be back, man.

While carlos prepares to die,

Wes readies the power heads

And the charges
that will blast the rock.

There's one
that's ready to go.

Pretty slick, if you ask me.

Well, this thing took care
of our hippo boulder,
that's for sure.

This boulder, this,
uh, fred and these guys got

Is probably
a little bit bigger than
the hippo boulder maybe.

So, this is going to
be interesting.

We may have to do a double.

We might have to blow it once
and crack part of it off

And then, uh,
set up and do it again.

Get this [bleep]. Yeah.

I'll wait for you then.

I guess you walk in this way.

All right, guys.

Come right on it.

I want to give you
some last minute air.

You're right on the verge
of stopping off

Into a ten-foot hole.

Or twelve-foot hole.

The hole is about
where that rock is,

Just pull out of the way
into that way to the ladder.

You'll run right into
that big rock.

Go on. Perimeter check.

Yep. I'm doing
a perimeter check.

-Thank you.
-Absolutely. Bye then.

Sorry, fred,
you're really loud,
and I could barely hear him.

You close my eardrums out
when you talk.

Uh-huh. Got the hold. Yeah.

[speaking indistinctly]

You can see the rock
right there, right there.

Carlos, he's gonna keep trying
to tell you what to do

Until you he makes out
what you're doing.

It better be
coming over there.

Hey, fred. He's gonna do
a perimeter check

To make sure nothing's gonna
fall on him from the top.

Yeah, I got it.

For the first time,
this feels like work
this year.

I love doing what I do.

I don't know why
this feels like work.


I see it. I see it!

At the trifecta,

Dustin and his crew
have come to
his father's rescue.

If they can use their new rock
splitting technique

To demolish fred's unmovable
giant boulder.

Then fred can carry on
digging down to bedrock gold.

Oh, what the hell, man?

This rock is bigger
than a hippo.

But this sunken behemoth
is bigger than

Anything he's dealt
with before.


Let's see how do I want
to blow this up.

That might take
a couple of blasts.

It's a pretty big rock.

-That sounds fun.

Let's just blow it
to smithereens.


He realized how big
that rock is there.

-Pretty good-sized rock.
-Oh, good.

That's great, man.

Where to get better, man?

All right,
I'm going to the ladder

And I'm going to get my drill.

-I'll wait for you.

Thank you, sir.


Carlos will use
the pressurized
underwater drill

To bore three 13-inch holes
in the monster boulder.

He will then insert
the blast rods.

When the trigger is pushed,

The detonation
will cause a shock wave

That will crack the boulder
from the inside out.

Ah, come on.

Don't mess with me today.

-Still working?

There's just this one big,

It's coming at
a different angle.

I'm gonna need
a little bit of time.

Carlos is down there,
drilling the rock right now,

Hopefully he can
crack that [bleep]
and get it out of our way.

We need to get down
and that thing's
right in our way right now.

Did that hit?

Did it get hit?

It's not hit it.

You know what,
you're gonna have to give me
a smaller drill bit.

Copy that. Smaller drill bit.

-We got it coming.

Sorry I didn't
see this coming.

No, no. No worries.

Carlos is struggling with
the smooth surface
of the boulder.

His solution?

Drive a pilot hole
with a smaller drill bit

Before coming back
and enlarging its hole.


But all the drilling
is eating up
their battery power.

The driller we have
batteries aren't the best.

Run out really quickly
and I'll have to up.

Throw one charge,
and sometimes it works.

Sometimes it doesn't done.

It's not perfect,
but it's doing the job

That nothing else
could do, nothing else.

[machine whirring]

Good checks.
Wanna second home?


Dustin, what happened?


Copy that will pull up.

Batteries won't
last one now.

Good choice that

We need one batteries man.

Use it wisely.

Okay. [laughs]


-Does it quit?
-No, no, no.

Freaking not.
Lots of hole in that.

That's second hole now.

Plus for the third one.

Yup. Definitely its
the third one.

-Does he get couple of them?
-He's got.

Three, I thinking right now.
But they are not that deep.

They need to be
thirteen and a half.

They had the
worst damn batteries.

You have to see.

I want to pull him up,
but, you know we're in alaska.


Okay. Drill be changed.

Got it which one you want?

-Long one?
-Yes, get the long one.

All right, long one

He's gonna drill this,
but you can with the
battery life that we have.

Hopefully we can
crack this rock.

It works perfect the
first time.

We don't have to go
back down and drill it again.

[machine whirring]

Oh, that's one pal.


Someone give a cup of coffee.

I don't wanna be doing it.
Make me some coffee.

Yeah, I tried to tell him,
but he didn't want to hear it.


-Third box?

I'm gonna bring
this drill up there.

Step by, step by, hold on.

Laid out again,
I'm having trouble with radio.

Sorry manager,
I can't hear it,

I used to all this
[bleep] noise.

They're so used
to talking to each other,

Over these things
that they just must kill.

It would
carlos to flip out.

I guess he's only
here for an hour, but after
five hours he loses. [bleep]

He'd be like,
"shut up, everybody.

That's enough
talking to each other."

All right, wanna hurry up,
will get you.


I love you guys. Don't yell.
I used to do it. Can you all?

Let's just go
talk to each other.

-I'm messing some?
-Yeah, he's getting mad,
because of the cross talk.

What do you need?

He's working on
all down there.

Just let him be, yeah?

I got a lot of memories here
at trifecta.

Not a lot of them good.

I didn't really succeed here.

I'm done with this place.

Fred's not,
but I'm done with this place.

Got a lot of time and
effort put into this,

Very spot where
I'm standing right now.

I've got hundreds and hundreds
and hundreds of
hours of moving rocks.

I didn't ever think
I'd be back here.

You're right.


-[dustin] stop, don't
you guys stuck?
-No, no, no.

No, must get us side,
I tried to pull it out
as quick as I can.

I think I get one more matter.

Just a bit so freaking long.

I can't get no stability man.
I think give some force.

[machine whirring]

Oh, I mean I was power hit.


[dustin] power it!

Now, I'm gonna have some fun.

-You got all three drills?
-[carlos] yeah.

I'm able to see...
[speaks indistinctly]]

No problem,
we delicate
with these things.

-You've got three,
I guess. Right?

Looks like this three
and then,
we'll go from there.

Get ready for arrive,
first debt as we call it
for the first detonation.

I'm really excited.
This should be pretty cool.

You gotta plug
one of them in?


I want to plug it
into the cord.

Just what
we're plugging one.

All right? You should
be able to get there now.

Just follow me down with that.

Follow him down.
Just tended down.

-Whatever he say.
-I will.

[carlos] let's see what
we have got here.


[laughs] perfect?

Carlos is putting a bow here,
into the rock.

It's kind of a delicate

And I was gonna plug him
all up, and we gotta
yank him out.

Can't be underneath water
we expand the rock
because, uh,

Well, that are
knocking him out..



All right, power get three.

Can you hear me?

Get for that trigger.

We will.
Take it easy man.


Okay. Someone got slowing.

All right, man.
Everything is good.

Comin up.

[narrator] the power heads
now inserted.

Ready for detonation.

Carlos clears
the blast zone.

We will get some beer,
everything's good.

Good job man.

All right, everyone.

No one could be
under this clip right here.

No one could be under
that clip.

The sides of these
mountains are so rotten.

It doesn't take much to
get him to fall.

So we clear everybody out,
away from all
the rock danger.

If this thing does,
call the rocket ball
everybody clear.


You're gonna do a detonations.

Wes, set you up.
And this is your
trigger, fred.

Yeah. I got you.

-Is there everybody secure?

All right, wes,
you're up, buddy?

[wes] going hot.

Give it hell, fred.
Give it hell.

Going hot right now.

Everybody just makes you
nothing falls on you.

Okay we are hot.

Ready, whenever you are fred.

All right.

I'm just seeing what t
his little baby does there.

Fred about to head it.

-Off the works.

Nine, eight, seven,

Six, five, four,

Three, two, one.


Hopefully it's sittin'
in the bottom of the hole
and pieces right now.

That ten countdown was
a little excessive,

But that's all right.

I thought he only went to five.

I thought I would do three.

That's all I ever do
three, two, one.

That's enough.

Starting countdown
from one thousand.

[fred] one hundred,
fifty, twenty five,
one, go.

Three, two, one.


Oh, I felt it, definitely
shook the ground.

There it goes, there,
bubbling up right now.

[all cheering]

I gotta hope it broke
that rock into pieces.

Oh, man, it sounded like
it was blowing up back there.

All right? It is safe
for the diver
to go back in the water.

[narrator] after blasting
the boulder.

Give her hell, carlos.

[narrator] carlos dives
back down to see if
the mission was a success.

Hey, carlos,
did you blow
up the whole thing?

Aah, [bleep] man!

Does it need another,
blast or what?

To make the sites safe,
carlos will have to
repeat the process.

You get a little right,
that thing, I think,
would really help us out.


This isn't gonna
last long.

Coming. Coming.

This is taking longer
than we thought.

A little worried
that he's not gone
a be able to do this.

We can't afford to
spend all our time here.

We have to get back
to our own job.

Got one big beef left.

They're going to
blow that one, too.

-That really a hot [bleep] .

Ah! You're kidding me!

[grunts] no.

Did it quit?

It stopped altogether.

Oh, come on baby.
Just doing good.

Hold on. Okay. Perfect.

Okay. [laughs]

That's what
I'm telling you, man.

This thing has a mind
of its own, man.

I know, you
got trade it right.

I just don't wanna
curse it man,
you can do it, girl.

It's running barely,
but it's running.

[narrator] their batteries
almost drained.

Carlos attempts
a second hole.

-Your batteries are
almost dead.
-I know.

We'll see if the
battery makes it., man.

That's right. Battery stops.

I think you put that one
more power head
in the right place.

Let's going out.

Instead of drilling
three holes, like before.

Carlos is hoping they
can blast the
rest of the rock,

With a single charge.


All right, plugged in,
wire secured.

Okay. We're good.

-Come on up.
-Okay. Coming up.

All right. Fred's getting you
a countdown, fellows,

He wants you to go
from one hundred
this time, fred.

-Let's do it fred.
-All right.

Carlos, you got the
rock all set up, so free two.

Six, five, four, three,

Two, one.


Damn! That's louder.

[all cheering]

Open that did it.

Well, what's the damage?

-What is done.

It's gone dude.
Cut into pieces.

Back now.

I job here is done, guys.

All right, we're done here.

Nice work fellas.
Really nice. Really nice.


I got something for fred.

That's some smallest piece.

-Good job.
-How much fun was that?

That was pretty fun.

It's a whole new game changer.

Oh man.

I'm gonna send
hole down there right away
to fill up fast start.

Hell, yeah. Good job.

-All right, man.
-I got to go, man.

Oh, good man,
it's all up to you now.

I'm pretty excited to
see what it did.

Easy peasy, amigos.

Good job man.

This is the blast
for the past for me bro.
This is...

-A literal blast.
-Yeah. A literal blast.

We gotta get back to our site
and get diving.

Fred is big stuff.

Hi, fred.

Oh, yeah.

All right.
Stop appreciating.

Absolute fred.

We're dead in the water.

Awesome, man.
I'm glad we could help.

-Thanks a lot.

-Now. All right.
-All right, fred.

-Good luck.

Yep. Thank now.

You're welcome.

-See you man.
-Thanks buddy.

Fred was thankful.
I'm glad we could help him.

It's still a little hard
to work with fred.

He and I have history,
but we behave today.

We had a good
time at the end.

He said, thank you.

That's a big deal.

Apparently, that's
a huge deal.

When fred says thank you,
he's never really done before.

I was glad to have dusted
and his crew come
down here and help us out.

This was excellent
teamwork here.

We had a great day today.

Let's get our diver
in the water now.

We got some gold to find.

Fred's nemesis boulder
successfully reduced
to rubble.

He and his crew can get back
to digging down
to the bedrock gold.

[speaking indistinctly]

Ready to go.

Oh wow.

What do you think?

Wow, that worked
amazingly good.

Just a bunch of basket rocks.

That's definitely took care
of all that from.

All have gone down there,

To pick up a patients.

Now hole a biggest gigantic
3500 pound rock,

Is 20 pound rock.

A lot of trouble.

All right,
I think I got full run basket.

I will be down.

On a move.

Wow. It's just tons of
broken rocks.

Now they look down there, paul?

It's looking pretty good.
It broke up most of that rock.

-It's a lot more
manageable now.

There are little stuff
I gotta get filled out,

There is big pile of
rock down here.

They got the best
way going up.

Woh, this is going up.

A big, jagged one there.

Oh, wow.

And I'm looking at
a really nice piece of gold.


-Sounds good to me.
-Do you think you can grab it?

Yeah. You better believe
me man. I don't believe
this down here.

It was over there by
that bus in rock.

Very nice.

Careful with it now.

Holy [bleep].

That's a damn nice
piece of gold paul.

Let's see what he got.

Yeah. Nice little picker.

Any time you move a big rock,
you want to look
around that thing

And see if you got
gold running.

I know we're not
on the bottom yet,

But it's nice to
really find a lot.

And more spot.

There's gotta be more here.

Hell yeah, buddy.

You get the glory,
fine all that boom.


Gotta open up
a real estate abroad.

All right? Good enough.
Come on out.

Yeah. Nice job, buddy.

There's definitely
gold down there.

And now with that rock
out of the way,
we can keep chasing it.

Sucked anything else up?

Holy [bleep] .

Holy [bleep] .


You might want to come
and take a look.

-What you got?
-I see a piece!

Yeah. Look at those pieces.



There we go. Good job. Damn.

Wow. I wasn't expecting that.

In a single dive,

They have collected more gold
than they have found
all season.

This is very nice.

It's encouraging.

I love seeing this stuff.

When you see this, then it
makes it, uh, pretty much
worthwhile what we're doing.

Now after seeing that
we're definitely
in the right spot.

I have been so many times
and disappointed
so many times.

Yes. We knew there was
something there.

To find something
like this is encouraging.

I'm a happy man today.

It may not be an old man
following pretties folly.

It might be pretty fortunate,
you know?

On the next
gold rush: White water...

It's time to get back to work.

Time to go diving.

What happened?

Out of air. Out of air.

The engine quit
on the other side.

I can't mentally deal with it.

I'm finished.