Gold Rush: White Water (2018–…): Season 4, Episode 6 - Rookie Mistakes - full transcript

On a gold streak, Dustin dives deeper than ever and uncovers the largest obstacle of his career. New recruit Scott finally gets the opportunity to prove himself in the water, but a rookie mistake could end his career just as it starts.

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[ crow caws ]

Dustin: I love
your setup, man.

Look at that [bleep].

High in the chilkat mountains,
dustin and wes are cleaning up

The gold from
the last two weeks.

Keep stacking it up, man.

Every little bit counts.

Yeah, it does.

We didn't really get that much
out of the first cleanup, but...

Carlos: No?


Are you serious, man?

That doesn't make no
[bleep] sense, dude.

Oh, [bleep] hell!
Holy [bleep]!

Oh, my [bleep]!

[ laughs ]

What the hell is
that, dude?

Oh, my [bleep].

Oh, dude.

What is that?
[ laughs ]

Oh, my [bleep].
You see this?

You see this?

Oh, my [bleep]. That's like,
[bleep] dang kid's cereal, dude.

Wes: Holy [bleep].
We're in the money.



Get ready to rumble!

Carlos: Woo-hoo-hoo!

First dive. I'm excited, but I'm
nervous all at the same time.

Get your ass down there
and get some gold.


Some people, they got it.
Some people just don't.

Ryan: Even from
the top, we can see

Quite a few boulders

[ thud ]
scott: Ahh! [bleep]! [bleep]!

Ryan: Is everything okay?

Fred: Scott? Have you
got a copy?

Dustin: Get the [bleep]
out of there.

If that thing pops up,

It'll just smack you right
in your [bleep] mouth.

[ snapping ]

Drop it!

Dustin: That's some big
[bleep] gold, boy.

Everyone who told me
"shouldn't dig there,"

You can kiss my ass.

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Narrator: People have
been mining the creeks

Around rockfall ravine
for nearly 120 years,

And the evidence is everywhere.

Dustin: Let's do it.

But dustin risked
his entire life savings

On the belief they didn't
get all the gold.

When I bought these claims,

Everybody told me it
was just a waste of time.

It's already been mined.

Narrator: Now his gamble
is starting to pay off,

Pulling out over $8,000
in gold just last week

Proves that rockfall ravine

Could be the richest
dive site of their lives.

We're winning at life.

This is exactly what we want
to be doing it with.

We're making damn
good gold doing it.

Alright, man.

Get ready to rumble!

Carlos claims the first dive,

Looking to smash last week's
record gold haul.

Alright. It's a go.

Diving in!

About to take a look-see.

Oh, that is all big.

Where'd that
fall out, right here?

Somewhere right there.

That's still done
pretty good, dude.

I bet it still got
the gold, though.


Well, that goes down about
8 feet, shoulder to shoulder.

The kitty litter,
you think?

Yeah, I saw kitty litter.

I can get rid of
that quick.

Why don't you get rid of that,
see where that hole goes.


[ rattling ]

Narrator: The dredge
sucks up rocks and dirt

Through a six-inch hose
and across the sluice box,

Which should catch the gold.

Fellas, if he ever gets
wandering around that edge,

I need you to grab
a hold of his umbilical,

Whether he wants
you to or not.

Carlos: Hold on.

What the hell?
Found gold. Woo-hoo!

Look it!

[ singing ] here I come,
to save the day.

Carlos: Here I come,
to give you gold.

Wes: That's not even
a nugget, man.

Dustin: How are you seeing
that? That's so crazy.

I don't know.

Tiny gold, man. Thank
you for that. I love it.

Dustin: Oh, it's crazy.

We got carlos, just, "oh,
there's a nugget here.

Oh, there's a nugget here."

I hope this never runs out.
This is amazing digging.

[ clanking ]

Carlos: Alright.

Is the engine

Dustin: I [bleep] hope so.

Looks like I've got
a clog up there.

Yeah, you might
be stopped up.

That's not good.

Narrator: The dredge nozzle
has lost suction.

Carlos suspects there's
a blockage in the hose.


Find out where it stops.

Here you go.

[ engine running ]

What the hell is that?

We got a flapper in it.

It's locked in sideways
and it will not move.

Boy, that's lodged in there,
whatever it is.

This sucks!


There's got to be a rock
that's shaped like this

That's gone in there
and turned sideways,

And so it's locked it up.

We can't push it out.
We can go either way.

We call them a flapper rock.

Wes suspects a flat rock
has been sucked into the nozzle

And then flipped inside
the dredge hose,

Causing a 35-foot mega-blockage.


Dustin: What a nightmare.

This is something else.

Carlos: That is the hardest rock

We've ever had to
deal with so far, man.

Here, here, here, here.
I know what to do.

Hold on. Hold on.

Operation "twist
off the nozzle."

Alright. Coming
down on the hook.

I'm gonna come down
slow, come down slow.

Yep, yep, yeah.
It's coming.

Narrator: Wes uses the sky line
to lift up the rock-filled hose.

Alright. That's powerful.



Dustin: Alright.
We'll stop.

Let me go full spray.

Here we go,
it's gonna spray.

Watch yourself.

Dustin: Ready? We're gonna
pull on it a little bit.

Carlos: Yep. Go ahead.

You guys need to get
on that [bleep],

Chuck it back and forth, so
it'll come out of that dredge.

See if you can just
get it to turn at all.

Up and down.
Up and down.

[ groaning ]

It still won't turn?

Nope. Didn't want
to turn, man.

[ sighs ]

Wes, can you grab
the big [bleep]?

Off the boat?

This is stuff I made fun
of fred for, right here.


[ thudding ]

Hate this [bleep] dredge!

I've hated it since

The day fred bought this
piece of [bleep] here.

Narrator: The dredge has been
down for nearly two hours,

And with no fix in sight, carlos
is forced to can his dive.

Carlos: Gonna have to get
out of the water here, man.

You're gonna have to get me out.


Was my worst
dredge day ever.


Looks like this
day's a wash.

What a [bleep] day!


[ bird calls ]


Fred: I guess we could
just start these things.

[ engine starts ]
here we go.

Looking good!

Narrator: Half a mile upstream,

Fred's crew have dredged
down over nine feet deep,

But have found less
than half an ounce of gold.

We hope every day that there's
gonna be gold in the box,

And there just isn't.

I've waited two years for this.

Just takes time and time,
and everybody says,

"well, when you
gonna get the gold?"

Well, when we get closer
to the bedrock.

So it's either the old man's
folly, or it's freddy's fortune.

Narrator: Fred's had the worst
start to a season ever,

Delayed by a month
and a crew member down,

Fred and ryan were forced to
take on a double dive duty.

Ryan: We need his help
really bad out here.

Before now, it's been
just fred and I,

And that's a lot of
pressure on our backs,

To have to dive
as much as we do.

Fred was counting on his newest
recruit, scott, to step up,

But two weeks ago, just
before his first dive...

[ thud ]

[ groaning ]

Narrator: ...The greenhorn miner

Was thrown back
on the sidelines.

Scott: [bleep].

Sliced my hand.
Sorry, boss,

This is rookie [bleep].

Well, fred, it's kind of
down to me and you now.

Now healed, fred needs scott

To start pulling
his weight underwater.

It's gonna take
a lot of the pressure

Off of fred and ryan.

It's gonna take a lot of
the weight off their shoulders.

Broadest shoulders
carry the heaviest burdens,

And I got some pretty
broad damn shoulders, so...

I haven't dredged before.

Everybody's got
to start someplace,

And this is where I'm starting,

So I guess you can say I'm
a probationary gold miner now.

You guys ready for a diver?

Fred: We got to go
over a few things.

Some of the dangers --

Mostly, you got
to be careful.

Don't put your fingers up
in front of the dredge nozzle

If you're dredging.

At any time,
a rock like this, bam!

Fingers smashed.

Make sure that you
see every rock

That has the potential
of falling down on you.

That's real
dangerous stuff.

If you mess up, it could
cost you your life, man.

If you see a rock
that's questionable,

You grab that sucker and
throw it out of the way.


I'm excited, but I'm nervous,
all at the same time.

I mean, first dive --

This is the job that I
was hired to do, so...

I've been busting my butt
here on the surface.

Now it's time for me
to get down there

And experience it differently.

We want him in the rotation.

I'm gonna put him
in the water

A second time this week,
he just doesn't know it.


Narrator: Scott is a commercial
diver and a marine veteran...

Ryan: Do we got a copy?

Scott: I copy.

...But he's never
dredged for gold

In a nine-foot hole,
surrounded by loose rocks.


Well, I totally see now what you
guys have been talking about.

Crazy-looking [bleep]. I've
never seen anything like it.

Well, you're gold mining in
alaska now, buddy.

How's it feel?

[bleep] great.

Fred: Scott has never
dredged before.

He's done some diving work,

Scuba diving work,
things of that nature.

This is a little different.

Ryan: I'm always worried about
a new guy getting in there.

There's a whole lot
of danger down there.

Hopefully he doesn't freak
out and have any issues,

But so far, so good.

[ breathing quickly ]

Fred: Slow your breathing
down just a little bit

And take good,
deep breaths.

[ breathing slowly ]

Ryan: Give me an idea
of what's going on.

There's a lot of kitty litter.

A lot of really loose
material down here.

Clean up that bottom.

That is right where
I'm at, boss.

Last week, they discovered

The vertical face of
an ancient waterfall.

Fred believes if they
dig down another 10 feet,

They'll find a
life-changing pile of gold

At the bottom
of the plunge pool.


[ rocks rattling ]

That's good material,
right there.

Yeah, it's looking good
coming out of the sluice box.

Scott: Copy that.

I'm just kind of vacuuming
up the creek pile.

Very good, man. There might
be a little gold down in that.

I am keeping my
eyes peeled, brother.

I want to get one
of them nuggets.

Fred: We're gonna keep
him in the water

For at least 3 1/2, 4 hours,
something like that.

See what he made out of.

If he can make that,
he makes the cut.


Scott: I'm taking a
minute to slow down.

Fred: Alright.

Alright, I found
a seat right here.

Alright, that's good.

Just one hour in, young gun
scott calls a time out.

Fred: He's tired. You're using
muscles you don't use normally.

It'll absolutely
just tear you up.

He'll make it.

His ego won't let
him not make it.

Get your ass down there
and get some gold.

Scott: Alrighty.


I'm dredging this material
up and out of the way.

[ thud ]
ah, [bleep].


What's up?

You alright?

[ breathing heavily ]

Scott? You got a copy?


[ thud ]
scott: Ah, [bleep].


Narrator: Rookie miner scott
is nine feet deep

On his first-ever dive
at the trifecta.


Come again, scott?

[ breathing heavily ]

I got some [bleep] rock
just fell on my head.

Ryan: Come on out.


Feel any better?

If there's any question,
you gotta get out.

Get out. Out.
[ splashing ]


There must have been an
overhanger that I didn't see.

[bleep] rock came
down on my head.

Scott: I was trying damn hard
to earn you guys' respect,

And this is not
how to do it.

I mean, you tell me, fred.
Am I doing something wrong?

Why don't you go ahead
and go get dressed?

We've talked about
it numerous times,

About clearing
the overhead.

I mean, with three
feet of visibility,

I thought maybe we would
see stuff like that,

But this, again...

I'm trying damn hard
to contribute, boss.


Fred: I don't trust him.

I'm not sure that he's of
a quality that can shake off

A bump or a hit or
something like that.

Some people got it.
Some people just don't.

Fred, are you regretting
bringing scott into the crew?



James: I'm on
the cross, baby.

I don't think
we should cut it,

But if that's the last-case
scenario, we should.

Oh, [bleep].

Don't fall!

Narrator: At rockfall ravine,

A blocked dredge hose has
stopped dustin from mining

The most gold-rich
dive site of his life.

Dustin: Go ahead, james!

Pull the machine!


Tie it off!

Dustin: Alright, I got a
little bit of a plan.

I need to get this whole thing
up on the walkway, basically.

Carlos, to the left,

And we're gonna get
these rocks out of here.

I'm gonna pour out my end,

Instead of going all
the way that way.

Carlos: Whoa.

That is heavy, man.

Full of rocks, dude.

Alright, we've got to get
those rocks out of that end.


There we go.

Come on up!
[ winch strains ]

Up, up, up! Up!

Get out of there, carlos.
Don't let it yank you.

Look out how heavy that is.


[ laughing ]

Nobody's got a harness on.

I got catlike
reflexes, man.

Okay, I'll remember
that as your last words.

[ laughing ]

[ groaning ]

That is packed full.

This is all solid, packed rock.

Yeah, there it goes!

[ laughing ]

[ cackling ]

[ rattling ]
there it comes.

Narrator: Every hour of downtime
on such valuable ground

Is costing dustin
thousands in lost gold.

There it goes.
[ rocks rattling ]

Alright. I think
it's empty, man.

Dustin: Alright, set
the dredge down.

Just tie it, please.
James: Alright.

Narrator: Hose empty,

Dustin can finally remove it
to clear the blockage.

Dustin: Stand on it for me.

The sluice box, that is.

[ thudding ]

[bleep]. It won't
come undone.


It has [bleep]
something, like...

This has got to be the worst...

It has to be, dude.

[ winch tightens ]

Just lean back when
I [bleep], hard.

There, it moves.

There it is!

What's in there?
Found it! Stop looking!

Carlos: What's in there?

James: Oh, my god.

It's a tree.

[ groans ]

Don't throw it away!
Let's save it.


Do you think I want
to remember this?

Dude, it actually
went in the nozzle

And the curve
perfectly, dude.

What you was dredging
down there, man?

It was already stuck before
I went down there, man.

[ laughing ]

Man, that was a
frickin' chore.

That was supposed to be
a normal dive day, today.

What a chaotic day, man.

One single stick gets
stuck in my dredge,

Annihilates my entire day.

It's already a short season.
I don't need too many of these.



[ engine starts ]

Narrator: At the trifecta,
fred and his crew

Still have a huge pile of
boulders and gravel to remove

Before they hit their pay day.

Fred: We still got
to get down deeper.

We're only about eight or
nine feet deep right now.

Where the bottom is
is over 20 feet deep.

Narrator: Scott's back
on the sidelines

After he was hit by a rock
on his first dive.

Scott: Yesterday, my dive
got cut kind of short.

I thought I was gonna
get down here and, you know,

Get right in the water,
get some good diving done.

Well, fred had other
plans, apparently.

You know, I don't know if
fred's just trying to

Shaft me a little bit
or test me some more.

I don't know.

But, I mean, I thought I was
getting in the water today.

Here I am putting bolts
in the wall instead.

Pretty upsetting.

Fred: He can get as
pissed off as he wants,

But after I see that he passed
his test working topside,

Then maybe I'll
let him dive again.

Now it's just down
and dirty hard work.

[ tool whirrs ]

Let's just say that he is
gonna sleep well tonight.


Narrator: Back to
a two-man dive crew,

Fred's tasked ryan to pick
up where scott left off.

Fred: Good luck today,
there, ryan.

Thank you, fred!

Just go down and do
some dredging first.

I'm sure the hole
has got

A little kitty litter
in the bottom of it.

Explore around down there
and see what you got.

Alright, let's get some.
Have a good time, man.


All I see on the bottom
now is rock piles,

So I'm ready for
the rock basket.

Yes, sir.
Here it comes.

That looks pretty good,
right there.

Scott: Copy that.

[ clattering ]

Fred: Ay-yi-yi.

Good rock, there.

[ laughs ]

Nice rock, ryan.
Nice rock.

There's a very big chunk of
rock I broke loose down there.

Probably about
like that.

Who knows what's lying
underneath that thing.

Moved it enough now,

I was able to pick it
up end up, on its end.

You think you can
put it in the basket?

That's possible.
Who knows?

Alright then, we want to come
back with the basket, then.

Scott: You know, ryan,
if you want to,

You can leave that big
rock for me tomorrow.

I can get it, you know,
if that's what it takes.

It's in the basket
right now.

Alright! Terrific.

I got it. Put the rock
basket back on.

Trying to figure out what
I'm looking at here.

Poking at it, and it
is as hard as a rock.

You right down at the bottom?

It's hard pack.

Ryan's discovered hard pack.

Over thousands of years,

The weight of boulders
can compress gravel

Into a dense layer of material
at the bottom of the creek.

This layer above bedrock
should be the last thing

Between the crew and
a massive deposit of gold.

There's no way I can
dredge that up.

If you need help, we
got mr. Help up here.

Scott: I'm ready for it.

[ engine starts ]

Bottle it up
just a little.


Fred's help comes in the form
of a homemade jet washer.

All you got to do is pull
on this part, right there.


Fire in the hole!

Fred's gold blaster

Delivers 4,000 pounds
per square inch of pressure,

Making light work
of the hard pack.

If you put your dredge
anywhere near there,

It'll suck the material
up for you.

Whoa, man! It's digging
a hell of a hole.

Give it hell.

Scott: Your material's
looking damn good

Coming out of
the box now, buddy.

Very nice.

Seeing muddy water.

[ rattling ]

Fred: Ryan has got the gold
blaster down there.

He kind of cleared most
of the rocks out of the way,

And he's ready to just
blast some more material.

I do have a plug-up

Scott: I'm on the way.

He's got a jam. I'm
going to see it.


Narrator: Scott must clear
the dredge blockage

Before it jams up
the entire hose.

Scott: [bleep].

Come on, baby.

Doesn't want
to come out?

Nope, not yet.

Scott's on it
right now.

He's giving it hell.

There we go.

That definitely hit rock.

We got it.


It's going.

Good job!

[ indistinct exclamation ]


[ rattling ]

Narrator: Three hours of
blasting and dredging

Has got them closer to the goal.

Break it down for
us there, scott.

Boy, that hole got
a whole lot deeper.


Nice dive, buddy!
Nice dive.


We had a really good day today.

Scott has done an excellent job.

Scott has absolutely
gone and done

Exactly what we
had hoped he would do,

And I'm glad he actually
got a lot more chance

To get more training up on top.

Maybe even enough to
change my mind about

Him getting back in the water.

We're badly in need of a
third person in the dive team.


[ sighs ]

Scott, you did quite well,

So I think I'm gonna give you
a second chance in the water.


And I'm glad of it.

Well, I'm just glad
I can contribute.

I'm really glad I
can contribute.


I've really got to show him
that I've been paying attention,

That I can do this, that he
didn't make a mistake hiring me.

I mean, the pressure's on.

Narrator: Up ahead...

Fred: We're gonna see
what he's made of --

If he's tough enough
to handle this or not.

Dustin: That's some
big [bleep] gold!

We are gonna do great.


Dustin: Alright carlos.
You just start pulling.

It'll go over that.

There it is.

Carlos: That went on
perfectly, dude.

It went in easy, huh?

Narrator: Dustin's trench
is back in action

After a mega-blockage
costing them days diving.

Got everything back together.
The dredge is working.

Everything's perfect right now.

To make up for lost time,
dustin must step it up a gear

And get his crew
back on the gold.

It's already a short season.

Every single day
we get gold nuggets.

[bleep] awesome, man.

Dustin: Woo!

Sweaty socks.


I love you guys, man.



This place is a
mess down here.

Man, I need to clean up
around the outside of

Where I actually
want to dig.

I got so much
rock down there.

Why don't you send me
the super claw?

Copy that.

I got a few things
in my [bleep] way.

Narrator: Dustin's now
eight feet down in the hole,

But he's hit another
layer of boulders

Blocking his path to more gold.


Okay, I got a super claw
coming down now.

Oh, stop. It's sinking.

Coming down?
Coming down.

[ grunts ]
there it is.

You're coming with me.
[ grunts ] come here.

The more boulders he moves,

The more real estate
he's opening up.

Yep. We got it.

Alright. Let me know
when I'm clear.

You're clear.
Thank you.

Holy [bleep].

Aw man, carlos has got
this dump of that thing

Set up so perfect.

[bleep] cleaning
house, [bleep]!

Clean house!

Carlos: Okay, got a super
claw coming back down.

Dustin: I'm over here.

How's that?

Alright. I got it.
Keep coming down.

Coming down
all the time.

Oh, stop.
I'll stop.

[ grunts ]

Ah, [bleep].

It's a big, heavy
[bleep] one.

[ grunts ]

Now let's see if
maybe it'll cinch up.

Alright. Coming up.

You know what? I'm gonna
get the [bleep] out.

Copy that.

[ exhales deeply ]

Oh, please hitch.

[ creaking ]
that [bleep] big...


Oh, come on,
you [bleep] [bleep].

You know how
hard this is?

Hold on a second.
Just give me a second.


Narrator: The second boulder's
right on the limit

Of what the super
claw can handle,

But it's their only option,
as the mammoth claw is broken.

It's about tight.

Coming up, guys.

I'm underneath it, so.
Wes: Copy. Copy that.

Oh! Ah.

Scared the [bleep]
out of me.

Please, please, please,
please, please, please.

Come on.

I don't know, dude.

Good [bleep], man.


We're getting some nice
boulders out today.

Yeah, there's got to be some
good gold underneath that rock.

Narrator: New ground exposed,
dustin hopes he's got

The crew back on the gold.

Can't believe how
far down I am.


Alright, I've got a little, baby
little pocket right here.

Whoa! [ laughs ]

Wes: You got a big one?

Yeah, boys.

[ laughing ]

Down here, it looks like
a half-ounce gold nugget.


[ sing-song ]
a nugget, nugget.

It's an awesome-looking
nug, by the way.

Dustin: There you
go, buddy.

Carlos: Oh, that's
a good nugget!

That's a nugget.

That's a nugget.
That's awesome!

Good job, man.

Getting gold already.

That's a good
nugget, dude.

Wes: Yeah, this is nice.

Carlos: Turned out to be
a good dive, so far.

Everything's working
out well,

And nothing's breaking.

Nothing's breaking,
which is a bonus.

Oh, yeah. That's
some more nugs.

That's a big nugget.

Carlos: No way!
Look at that!


That's a weird nugget.
That's beautiful.

What the hell?

I got to go back down
and see what I got, man.

Copy that.

[ grunts ]

I got a rock
that's in my way,

There's got to be gold.

But it's heavier
than I want it to be.

Think it's too big for
the super claw, huh?

Just a little too big for
the super claw, for sure.

For a rock as big as this,
dustin's forced to improvise.


Ah, you know what?
I'll strap it. [bleep].

Copy that.

Okay, I'm gonna bring
you the strap.

Got a strap waiting for you.


We can get it
down to me.

[ winch whirs ]

Alright, everybody should
clear out for this.

It's gonna be attached
to the cable.

See if she don't pop
loose real quick.

Give it to them easy.

[ creaking ]

Hey, you guys need to
the [bleep] out of there.

That thing pops up,

It's gonna smack you right
in your [bleep] mouth.

It's a very
dangerous device.

Carlos: Oh, yeah!

That's big!
That's a good one!

Narrator: If the strap
slips just an inch,

The boulder will come
crashing back into the hole.

Can't believe
that boulder.

Come on, baby.

Don't fall back
in the hole.

Get ready!
Get ready!

[ creaking ]

[ pop ]

Ooh! It almost
got me!

It almost got me!

Damn, that was scary.

Just missed me.

It's right there!
It's not going nowhere.

Wes: No, it stays right there.

Alright, I got to dredge
for a little while.

Man, I'm tired.

It's got me twisted.

Dustin can now access the virgin
material beneath the boulders.

There's a piece of gold
I can see, that I can grab.

Where'd it go?

Damn it. Now and again I see
gold or a nugget come in.

Right now, this minute,
this second,

This dredge is working.

What can happen in the next five
seconds, alaska only knows.

I just sucked up some
gold, that's for sure.

Watch it go
in the nozzle.

That's all
right with that.

Suck up all the gold
you want to.

Wes: Yeah, it's gonna
shoot in there.

Hell yeah. Good job.

Narrator: Dustin's
four-hour dive has got him

Two feet deeper
through gold-rich gravel.

I think I'm done, dude.

Copy that.

That gold, dude.
You did a good job!

Wes: Had a hell
of a dive.

Dustin: I cleaned house.

It's a total different
world down there right now.

[ grunts ]

Whew. I worked.

Carlos: I got you.



Good day, dude!

Good dive, man.

Yo, look at all those boulders
you did, right there.

Those are all yours.


James: Is that a nugget
sitting there?


Carlos: Oh, yeah!
Holy [bleep]!

Two nuggies
just sitting there.

That's a gorgeous
nugget, dude.

Can't wait to see
how many ounces we got.

Oh, yeah.



Here's to a good day
and good dive.

Narrator: At mckinley camp...


...Fred's crew are heading out
for the last dive of the week.

Fred: Alright.

Fred: We gonna see
what he's made of --

If he's tough enough
to handle this or not.

In my opinion, if you're
gonna get banged by rocks,

You shake it off
and you go back to work.

Narrator: Fred's given
former marine scott

A second chance to
prove his worth as a diver.

Scott: Last dive got cut short.

It hurt. It was embarrassing.
My pride got hurt pretty well.

If there's one thing I'm not
gonna let happen to me again,

It's getting dinged
by another boulder.

It was kind of a
one-and-done lesson for me.

You know, making mistakes
isn't a bad thing --

Not learning from them is.

Kind of got to get over
that psychological factor

Of being worried about it.

I got to get in there
and I got to attack it.

I can't let it own me.

Ryan: Have you got a copy?
I copy.

Fred: Alright, scott.

First thing I want you to do,
I want you to remember --

Go down and check your
perimeter all the way around,

Right off.

We're looking for big rocks
might possibly come down on you.



You're gonna be up against a
rock, right about chest-high.

I got it right here
in front of me.


And to the left of that, gonna
be two big rocks right there.

Oh, yeah. There are.

Yep. Just don't even mess
with those rocks at all.

Yeah, no [bleep].

Come back here to your
left rock wall

Till you get you an
idea of where you are.


I made it down to the hard pack
on the bottom, here.

Get the gold blaster.

Just go ahead and knock
out that hard pack.

[ engine starts ]

Alright, I'm gonna go blast
the [bleep] out of this [bleep].

Start at the bottom
around the perimeter,

Up to about two or three feet,
and you'll get hard pack.

After that, you
have soft stuff.

Go ahead and blast
that also,

Till you don't have
any more there.


Getting a good, decent
pile of rocks pumped up.

I am just about ready
for a rock basket, here.

Copy that, scott.

The basket is
about to move.

[ winch whirs ]

It's coming.

I'll stop right there.

Can you set it down right
there? Set it down right there.

Set it down
right there?

He wants to set
it down right there.

If he passes this little test
with the rock basket,

He's gonna be good to go.

Go down there and position
it where you like it.

[ bubbling ]

Oh, that tasted like [bleep].

What is it?



Does it smell good?
[ laughs ]

No, I'm not gonna lie.


I'm trying to get the basket
situated right under them.

Got that [bleep]
in the basket.

That was a big [bleep].

Ryan: Scott is quick to tell you

That he's a big guy
and he's got big muscles.

I haven't seen anything big
from him this season.

I expect to see that rock
basket coming out of there

With monster boulders in it,

Otherwise I'm gonna
start giving him [bleep].

Scott: Yeah, let's get
the rock basket out of here.

[ basket rumbles ]
copy that.

That one was a heavy one.

You know a little kid, when he
first doo-doos in the potty,

Turns around around and,
"look, oh, look what I did."

There it is. Nice
rocks. Oh, yeah.

Scott: [ laughs ] that was a
damn good tumble there, boss.

Get back to work.

Yes, sir.


Ryan: There was a lot riding
on scott diving today.

We need his help
really bad out here.

There was a lot of weight
on fred & I's back

Just trying to be
a two-man diving team,

But now that scott's
back in the water,

We're running on all cylinders.

Scott: You thought the last
basket was pretty decent.

I believe this one's
a lot more heavy.

Nice basket.
Thank you!

Alright, top it.
Do your thing!


Ayy-yi! Alright!

This [bleep] is fun, man.

This feeling right now makes

All the [bleep] that we've gone
through justified now, you know?

Ryan: I agree.

Yeah, I'm gonna dredge
for a little while, here.


Looks like you got
some dirty water

Coming over the box
right now.

Alright, I want you to go
back to the dive platform.

Narrator: Scott's achieved
a four-hour dive,

Taking the load off
fred and ryan

And getting the crew a couple
of feet closer to bedrock gold.

Good dive, man.
Good dive.

Thank you, boss.


Tell you what, I'm pretty
damn tired, though.

I definitely feel it.

A lot of really good rock and
a lot of good dredging.

Welcome to the dive team!


[ birds chirp ]

A two-foot long in there?

You would never think that
something like that

Would get in your dredge.

What the hell?

I can't imagine how that
thing got in there.


[ laughing ]

That explains it.

He went logging.

Dude, it took us all day --

When, like 3:00, we
finally took that thing off.

How the hell did
it get in there?

We don't know!

It was just curved enough

Just to make that angle
inside the nozzle that

The whole hose got clogged up
with frickin' dirt to the end,

So that hose --

Weighed a ton.
Weighed a ton.

Dustin: The worst stop-up
we have ever had, ever.

Not just this year,
not just last year, ever.

That was a nightmare.
It was a weird day.


Fred: We got to go take a look

And see if there's
any gold in there.

Narrator: At fred's
trifecta dive site,

Scott's just finished
a four-hour dive,

Finally earning himself
a place on the dive crew.

Ryan: Alright, let's
see what we got.

Fred: See how you did!

They check to see if
the gravel beneath hard pack

Contains any gold.

I don't see anything
right off the bat.

Scott: There's at least some
good-looking material

In there, though, isn't there?


Right now, I don't see anything
to get too excited about.

Like I say, till we get down
on that flat bedrock,

I don't expect
much of anything.

No gold today, but
tomorrow's another day.

Feels a little
disappointing today,

But, you know, we're
not through it all yet.

We're not down to bedrock.

If we were down to bedrock,

And we were having no
gold visible in the box,

I'd be really worried.

We always hope that there's

A little bit of gold
in the hard pack,

But today's been a great day.

We got an addition
to our dive team.

Scott did just fine.


Dustin: Oh, what a day.

This fire's putting
me to sleep, dude.

Yeah, this is nice, man.
This is why we work hard.

So we can come back
and relax,

Talk about how badass
we are all the time.

Narrator: Back at dustin's camp,
it's a different story,

As wes preps their first
full cleanup of the season,

Wes: Somebody should buy
us a larger scale.

We're starting
to get enough gold

Now that we need
a grown-up scale.

That's a good
problem to have!

Check this out.

That's a pretty nice
amount of gold, there.

That is a lot of
gold. Big gold!

How much do you think that is?

I'd say about,
like, four ounces?

I think it's more than that.

I think there's more than
five ounces in there.

I think there is.

I think we should weigh
and see what we've got.

Narrator: First to be weighed,

The fine gold caught
in the sluice box.

James: Love that sound, man.
Look how big that stuff is.

That's amazing.

Two ounces.

Oh, look, four ounces.


There's five.

Okay, it's more than I thought.
Five and a half.

Six. We're
at six ounces.


Right at seven ounces, huh?

Not bad. That's more than
we all thought.

Narrator: The price of gold
is at an all-time high

At around $2,000 per ounce.

The gold from dustin's
sluice box alone

Is worth $14,000.

Wes: That's a lot
of fine gold, guys.

What is that,
seven, eight dives?

That's freaking awesome.

Starting to happen.

Man, I'm telling you.

Yeah, alright.

That's not the nuggets we
picked off of the sluice box.

Carlos: Alright.
[ rattling ]

Jeez, what the heck?

I can't tell, man.

I'm gonna say six.

Oh, that's full.

That's more than
five ounces.

Oh, dude, what the hell?
Oh, my [bleep].

There has be like
8, 10 ounces, man.

That's more than five.

Carlos: That's about 10
ounces, man. Holy crap.

Eight, I'm guessing.
Let's see what you got, man.

It's good for us to get a few.

[ laughing ]
oh, man.

One ounce.

Two ounce. [bleep].

Three. Four ounces.


Dustin: I knew it was
more than five.

Carlos: Oh, my [bleep].

Seven! 7.3.


That's big [bleep]
gold, man.

That [bleep] weigh was insane.

That's some big [bleep]
gold, boy.

Narrator: Combined, this
takes dustin's total to

Just over 14 ounces,
worth almost $30,000 dollars.

That's a lot of work you're
looking at right there, guys.

We all know how much
work it took to get that.

Can't believe so many people
passed up on this dig over here.

Everybody thought this was done
and everybody came at me going,

"don't waste your time.
Somebody's already dug there."

Guys, we finally found it.

We finally found
a really good dig spot

With a lot of gold in it.

Let's just keep going.

This is gonna be our year.

This is definitely
gonna be our year.

Dare to dream, huh?

Hell, man, I moved my
whole family up here

To do this, you know?

Good things come to
those who don't give up.

How do I know? I'm part of it.

Wes: We've been doing this
for so many years

And a little bit of gold here,
a little bit of gold there.

Nothing ever like this.

This is what we expected
gold mining to be like.

If we could keep this going
for the rest of the season,

We are gonna do great.

For everyone who told me
"you shouldn't dig there" --

You can kiss my ass.

Narrator: On the next
"gold rush: White water"

Dustin: We're doing
something different.

Never done this before,
so no mistakes.

Three, two, one!

[ cheering ]

Fred: The hell's wrong
with your leg?

Ryan: I might have to
go to the clinic.

If I leave these guys,
they're in some deep [bleep].

Holy [bleep]!
That's the pocket! Woo!

Carlos: They're
just everywhere.

I'll remember today
for the rest of my life.