Gold Rush: White Water (2018–…): Season 4, Episode 5 - Fistful of Nuggets - full transcript

Dustin's gamble of investing his life savings into these claims pays off after Carlos removes a monster boulder and finds chunky nuggets; Fred and crew battle the Trifecta, a game-changing discovery proves Fred's ancient waterfall theory.

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -

Oh, [bleep]


At rockfall ravine,

A month of lifting the biggest
boulders the crew has ever seen

Has wrecked their
rock pulling system...

There's one of our
anchor bolts.

...Putting a stop to them

Dredging for
chunky gold nuggets.

The other one's
about to pop.

Yeah, it popped
one bolt at least.

Started pulling
the other one out.

Oh, so we have broken
anchors? [ sighs ]

I guess our mammoth fall put
your anchors to the test, huh?

There's no way we're diving.
Let's work on that skyline.

Fix the broken bolts.

You've gotta make sure
that everything's safe enough

To really pull
on some gigantic boulders.

Marine veteran carlos baynor
volunteers to drill

The new anchor bolts
into the cliff face

30 feet above
the raging creek below.

Why don't you drill some holes?
Make sure they're deep enough.

I need you to set up
a come along,

Put two or three shackles
on that.

Make sure it's all set up.
James, you know what to do?

Do it.

[ drill whirs ]

How's that
hole coming, man?

I think I messed it up because
it's just spinning there --

Just spinning in the chuck.

You alright?

I'm not comfortable at all.

Okay. Stop.
Stop, stop, stop, stop.

[ grunts ]

Yeah don't --
leave that in there, come up.


[ grunts ]

Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
What are you doing?


Hey. Carlos!

Fred: We need to toughen up
and get the job done.

What could possibly go wrong?

Dustin: I got a spy
from fred's team.

Pain in the butt.

[ speaking over radio ]
it's a big damn rock, man.

I think I'm sliding.

Ohhh! Ughh!

Ooh, that was rough.

Scott: If there turns out to be
no gold down there, though,

I guess I'm eating noodles
for a looong time.

Gold can't swim
in liquid dirt.

Our nugget day!

Get out of here, man.

Look at that. Wow.
This is gonna be amazing.

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Dustin: Don't fall.

Carlos: [ grunts ]

Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
What are you doing?


Hey. Carlos!

How you doing, man?

How do I get the [bleep]
up here?

Alright. Hold on.
Hold on. Stop.

Here's what you do --
you grab that one,

And you pull that up.

Yep. All the way.

Now reach up and grab that rope
and take a step.

[ grunts ]

Ah. Whoa.

Man, it's always a weird
feeling, right?

Yeah, it --
[ exhales deeply ]

Take a break.
Come back to it.

Oh. I gotta
figure this out.

Narrator: For dustin's crew,
the clock is ticking.

They now have less than 60 days
in their season

Before the alaskan winter
hits hard.

This is taking forever.

Dustin risked his life savings
buying these claims.

Finally, the gamble is starting
to pay off,

Pulling out
nuggets every dive.

But hiding the nuggets
are monster boulders

That have destroyed
their skyline anchors.

I think we're done
with this.

Basically, we just reset our
anchors and tightened it up,

Tightened up
our skyline again.

It's tighter now.
Bigger, better bolts.

So now I can get back to work.
Find a big pile of gold.


Scott: We're still out in the
same [bleep] box.

Fred: Today is
the day, fellas.

I can feel it, man.

Upstream at the trifecta,

Fred hurt has staked his season
on finding an ancient waterfall

With a plunge pool
flush with gold.

But unlike dustin,

Fred's skeleton crew have found
next to nothing at all.

Well, if there turns out to be
no gold down there, though,

I guess I'm eating noodles
for a looong time.

Fred's newest diver, scott,

Is unable to dive...


...After injuring his hand
last week.

Sliced right through, and these
are down to the [bleep] bone.

And it's uncertain what his most
experienced diver, paul,

Will return.

We're already missing paul,

And it makes it really,
really hard

With the amount of work
that's on all of our backs.

Down to a two man dive crew,

Fred and ryan
are on double dive duty.

You can go about
every three days

And go diving -- it's okay.

But, boy, you try to do it day
after day after day...

It's not a good situation.

Narrator: Ryan took the last
dive, so it's fred's turn today.

Looking good.

How's that?

[ speaking over radio ]
feels good.

Go ahead, fred.

[ inhales deeply ]

Whooo! My forehead is cold.

It's gonna follow that on down
that bedrock wall

Until the bedrock flattens out.

And that's what we have to do
to get to the gold.

Narrator: Fred's theory is that
the trifecta

Was once the site
of an ancient waterfall,

Creating a 20-foot-deep
plunge pool.

Now at seven feet,
fred must head straight down

Through another 13 feet
of rock and gravel

To get to the gold-rich
bedrock floor below.

Fred: This gotta be a

Got a dip in the bedrock.

You got a dip in the bedrock,

You got a good place for
catching gold.

Hope and pray that
when we get down there,

He's right and there's a bonanza
of gold down there.

Narrator: Fred's hose
sucks the gravel up

And sends it to the sluice box

Where the gold should settle
in the riffles.

You see that this is all jagged
right here.

It's all full of little layers
right here.

This is not carved out
by glaciers.

This is carved by water.

Narrator: Fred believes these
layers in the rock face

Could be evidence
of his ancient waterfall.

Scott: The side that we're
we're dredging,

You can see all the jagged edges
sticking out.

It's like nature's sluice box
right through there.

I agree 100%, man.

We're gonna find
some gold down in there.

I guarantee it.

I hope so, man.
We need it.

Yeah, this is good material.

Scott: [ speaking over radio ]
how's it goin', fred?

Narrator: After an hour
of dredging good-looking gravel,

Scott and ryan
check the sluice box.

You know, there should be a lot
more material in this thing.

Yeah, pretty gloomy
looking box today, buddy.


[ speaking over radio ]

What now?

I've got a problem.

What the hell are y'all doing
up there?

We're having some problems.

this box is empty.

This is not good.

shut your motors down.

[ engine shuts off ]

Why don't we just pan it?

See if there's anything at all
in that.

Narrator: Scott pans a sample
of the tailings

At the back of the sluice
to check if they're losing gold.


I'm seeing gold in it.

In my mind,
it just says that

You're just letting the gold
right on down.

I guess I just want to set it up
to where we caught

Every [bleep] piece of gold
that came through here, period.

I didn't come up here to run
a whole bunch of rocks

Just because I wanted
them washed.

You know? I came up here
to get gold.

[bleep] we're gonna have to do
something about this, man.

Narrator: Ryan gets to work.

I'm gonna grind out
some of these bars

And I'm gonna bend
the riffles up.

That's gonna give us less
of an angle

And more of a dead zone
behind the riffle

So that gold will have
a real nice place to settle

Right in the back
of the riffles.

As the water and gravel
run through the sluice box,

The heavier gold should sink
to the bottom

And be caught in the riffles.

But their angle
is sending the water and gold

Out the back of the box
with the worthless tailings.

Ryan's plan --

Bend the riffles up
to increase the water vortex,

Slowing the flow of water,
trapping more gold.

[ grinder buzzing ]

All your job.

Here -- we'll bend
them up a little bit more here.

You can finish them off.

We don't really have a choice
in the matter.

We're just doing the best
we can with what we have.

Good job, there, man.
Good job.

Narrator: The modification to
the riffles

Will finally start
catching all the gold

On their way down
to the big payday

They believe is on the bedrock.

Fred: By bending those up,

We're gonna be catching more
material, I believe,

Than what we're doing
right now with these riffles.

Can't wait to get in there

And find out exactly what
we're gonna get.

Deeper we go,
more gold we're gonna get.

Alright. Good. Perfect.

Narrator: Up ahead...

Ryan: I'm pretty concerned
about fred.

He is 77 years old.

What could possibly go wrong?

Ryan: Oooh!

The most lucrative job
we've ever had.

[ water burbling ]


I'm diving today,
so it's gonna be a good day.

So I go get suited up
or what?

I think it's time.
Water does look good.

As long as it's clear,
we're in good shape.

I'd love to just be able to just
keep digging and getting gold.

Narrator: After five weeks
of raging meltwater,

The worst of the winter snow
has thawed,

Improving the dive conditions
at rockfall ravine.

Dustin: This is gonna be
a hell of a day.

Were you
about six feet here?

Yeah, right there.
Oh, right there?

Hey, james, did you take any
weight off that belt?

10 pounds.

Carlos: Is that hot enough
for you?

Feels pretty good.

[ speaking over radio ] hey,
you're all rock and roll, man.

In the water.

[ speaking over radio ]
I'm goin' down there.

How's the current?

It seems pretty good.

[ breathes deeply
through regulator ]

The rockfall ravine dive site

Is scattered
with buried chunky nuggets.

Dustin's mission
is to hunt them down.

Leaving no boulder unturned,

As one small pocket could
contain life-changing gold.

So I can't see very well.

[ water rippling ]

Should I keep going or not?

Come here, james.

Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
What [bleep] what the [bleep]

What do you got there?
What do you got?

No way!

Look at that!

Is that gold?!
[ chuckles ]

Put him over
if that's gold.

I can't tell down here.

You just don't understand
how dark it is.

Holy moly, dude!
That's a good piece.

Is it?

Good job!

[ chuckles ]


That's crazy!
Are you kiddin' me?

Look at that.
Look at that gold.

He wasn't even in the water
not more than 15 minutes.

Lo and behold,
he comes across a nugget.

Can you believe that?

Wow, that's like
a quarter of an ounce!

Narrator: For now, dustin's crew
are still on the nuggets.

With gold heading towards
$2,000 an ounce

And nuggets
selling at a premium,

This single find is worth
more than $500.

Dustin: This is it.

Hopefully it continues to hand
us nuggets every day.


Scott: Back to work.

Narrator: At the trifecta,

Fred's skeleton crew still have
over 13 feet of rock and gravel

To clear to get down
to the bedrock gold,

And only fred and ryan
are able to dive.

Ryan: You know, I'm pretty
concerned about fred.

He is 77 years old
busting a hump down there.

So the plan today
is to move a bunch of boulders

And a bunch of rocks
down there in our deep hole.

You know, if I can move
a lot more boulders today,

Move a lot more material,

It might make it
a little bit lighter on fred.

Narrator: Fred's crew have found
barely any gold this season,

But he believes there's a payday
on bedrock 20 feet deep.

They just have to get there.

Are we ready?
You're ready.

Let's do it.


But right now, ryan is just
filling baskets with rock.

And he's dredging.

He's getting a lot of material
out of there.

It's looking pretty nice on
this backslope now.

Yeah. Well, good.

Couple rocks left,
but not too much.

Yeah, just pile them
over there.

Narrator: Ryan's efforts have
paid off.

He's deep in the hole by a foot

And dredged material
up into the sluice.

Ryan, you can probably just
make your way back here.

We're done.

The dredge's working fine.
The winches are working fine.

All the anchors holding up.
What could possibly go wrong?

Fred is staking everything
on the trifecta paying out

And needs ryan's riffle fix
to have worked.

Fred: How much
have you got in there?

It looks like we're catching
a little bit more material,

That's for sure.
Yeah, I mean --

If we clean that out,
say, tomorrow,

Tomorrow afternoon,

Good job.

Our box
is working a lot better now,

And I'm pretty confident

If we suck up any gold
from here on out,

It's gonna stay in the box.

That's music
to my ears.

Tomorrow, I'm going down.

[ wood creaking ]


Dustin: I need a knife or
something like that.

Narrator: At rockfall ravine,

Dustin has been in the water
for four hours

Hunting every inch of
the dive site for nuggets.

What do you got?

It's another piece,
I think.

What?! What?
[ chuckles ]

I found
the perfect little crevice.

I think it's got about a
half-ounce of nugget in it.

I can't tell 'cause it's
buried, so I gotta dig it out.

Hopefully it's as big
as it looks to my eyes,

But everything looks bigger
under water.

[ rock scraping ]


Oh, yeah.
[ chuckles ]

Look at --
no way, dude!

[bleep] nugget,
man, huh?

I'm coming up, james.

Carlos: James, get the gold!
James, get the gold!

I got it in my pants

And I can't feel it
'cause of my [bleep] gloves.

Oh, hold on. It's stuck
in your gl-- oh! It fell.





I'll try it again.

You gonna get it
this time?

Yeah, I got it.
[ chuckles ]

[ chuckles ]
take the thing.

That's a nice piece.
[ chuckles ]

Look at that baby.

Look at that!

That's awesome, man.

He's just picking up nuggets.
That's all he's doing.

I like that. That'll work.

So that means there's
gotta be some

Going to
the dredge, too.


Two nugget day for dustin hurt.
Two nugget day.

James: We have company.
We got a spy from fred's team.


Good for him.
I'd wanna see this place, too.

Narrator: Lack of gold
at fred's site

Has pushed new recruit, scott,
to investigate the opposition.

How's it goin' up there?

It's goin'.

Ryan put in
about three hours today.

We're still on team
[bleep] the box,

But we'll get --

We're just moving
a lot of overburden right now.


I wanted to check out
a rockfall.

Let's see how varsity
does it, man.

This [bleep]
awesome, man.

You're barely 100 feet
over top of this waterfall.

Yeah, this has got
real danger to it.

Yeah, it does.

First was bigger.

Wes: Yeah, I can't wait
to go look in the box.

There's gotta be
some in there.


Can't touch it,
but you can look at it.

Yeah, that's a piece.

That's all the stuff.

Probably have at least a
quarter-ounce of fines in there.

Check that out, scott.
Scott: [chuckles ]

Look at that nugget, buddy.



Scott: Seeing the gold
in their sluice box

Makes me a little annoyed
at our spot.

You know, somewhere up creek,
there's that mother lode.

And I'm really hoping that
trifecta is that right spot.

Dude, just come work
on our side, man.

I would love to be over here,
brother. I really would.

I would take that opportunity
in a flying heartbeat.

Narrator: Dustin's crew are
on a winning streak.

Their nugget hunt
is paying off.

We're getting really good
nuggets out of this thing.

I hope it continues all season
to tell you the truth.

This is --

This is great.

[ water burbling ]


Narrator: At mckinley camp,

Carlos is up early,
hungry for nuggets.

I'm diving today
and my main focus

Is the competition
to get gold.

Narrator: On his last dive,

Dustin pulled out two
quarter-ounce nuggets

Worth over $1,000,

And carlos is determined
to stay on the gold.

Who wouldn't want to have a day
that -- dive day like that?

Pulling out gold.
You know?

wants to pull out gold.

Get the gold!


Gonna be a [bleep]
an awesome dive today, dude.

Yeah, we can take things
slow and easy.

I am expecting
a lot of gold, man.

'cause I know you're good
with the gold.

I can't wait to see what happens
when I go in there.

Narrator: But dustin wants
carlos to switch track

And do some heavy lifting.

Hold on. Hold on.
Nope, not yet.

To keep the crew safe,

His plan for carlos
is more grunt than glory.

You're gonna go down there.
There's gonna be some rocks.

Move those.

Okay. These rocks right here,
I'll move them, man.

No problem.
Some deadly ones here.

I got it, man.
I'll assess the situation.

[ breathes deeply
through regulator ]

[ speaking over radio ]
diver going in the water.


Ooh. [bleep]

Oooh, I see you, rock.

This is a boulder, man.

[bleep] dude.

That's what's gonna kill us
is those big teetering boulders

That the current
is hitting so hard,

You just know
they're gonna go.

Narrator: A giant boulder
is hanging

Directly over
dustin's dive site

Making the area a kill zone.

If the crew continue
to dredge the dirt

And rocks beneath the boulder,

It could come loose,
crushing anything in its path.

Carlos' mission --

Remove the boulder
from its unstable position

Using the skyline and clear
the boulder downstream.

Honestly, I didn't anticipate
rocks the size of cars.

This is one of the biggest
boulders we've tried to move.

Narrator: This three-ton boulder

Will test the skyline anchor
bolts to their limits.

Am I safe?

You are safe
right there.


There she goes!

Goin'. [ laughs ]

That's just movin', too.

That's a [inaudible]

That's good.
Bring it in.

[ straining ]
holy moly. Holy moly.

So stressful!
Oh, my [bleep]

[bleep] dude.

Holy moly, you're halfway

It almost got
stuck in there, man.


Rocks falling!

Look at that.

I can't believe you get that
out of there

Now that far, dude.

Holy moly, man.

Come on!

There it goes!

Is it moving?

Oh, there it goes.

Come on, come on.
Come on. Come on. Come on.

[ metal creaking ]

[ metal stretching ]

Oh! [bleep]

[ metal clanking ]

James: Whooooo!

Holy [bleep]

You know your skyline's
doing good

When you can pop cables
like that.


Dustin: Well, that's the biggest
rock we've ever moved here.

There's no doubt of that.
It was enough to break a cable.

Narrator: Now the boulder
is out of the way,

The dive site is safe.

Carlos has achieved the mission
and gets back to the glory

Of hunting for more nuggets.

Carlos: Alright.
Show me some gold, man.

Let's see what I got!

[ rocks clattering ]


Alright, man.
I've got a nugget today.

A nugget. Whoa!
[ chuckles ]

What the [bleep]

[ laughs ]
look at that nugget!

Oh, my [bleep]

That's a pretty nice

That's a nice nugget.

So carlos came up with a nugget

That came out from underneath
that mammoth rock.

Another pretty nice nugget.

Carlos: [ laughs ]

He's trying to pull out
another nugget right now.

I can hear him.

Carlos: [ chuckling ] it's
another day for me.

Ohh, man. They're
getting better.

That one broke in half!

That's beautiful, man.

I love that you're getting

Bringing up two
nuggets one day, buddy.

I love it.

That's the norm for us now,

Yeah, that's the
daily norm

Is at least bring up
two nuggets.

How about that?


Of course, man.
Getting tired, though.

Narrator: Four hours in

And having matched dustin's
two nugget dive,

Carlos is low on energy
and ready to call it a day.

Whoa, wait a minute.

[ sing-song voice ]
it's a three nugget day!

It's a three nugget day.
Three nugget day?

It's a three nugget day!

Carlos, I think you got the
record on this one, buddy.

Three nugget day.
Ohhhh [bleep]

[ chuckles ]

Damn, man!
Look at that, huh?

That is beautiful.
Whoo! [ chuckles ]

Oh, my goodness.

Three nugget day!

Three nugget day.

Look at that.
Beauty. Look at this.

Uh, what number in my hand?

What number in my hand?
Oh, my [bleep]

This will be
number four.

That is awesome.

You're on fire
right now, man.

Look at you.
What you got?

Ha haaaa!

Oh, my [bleep]

It's even bigger
than the last one.

[ laughs ]

[bleep] carlos,
you are on fire.


[ chuckles ]

[ laughs ]
look at you, man.

That's number four.
That's number four, man.

It's gonna be real hard
for me to beat this.

You're my hero
right now, man.

That's nugget number four
he's brought up by hand.

[ breathing deeply
through regulator ]

Alright, man.

Oh, [bleep]

James: Good job
today, man. Damn it.

[ groans ]

Whoo! [bleep]
I'm free!

Good job, dude.
Awesome dive, man.

Dustin: Hey, carlos.

I don't even
have to check, man.

That's the most lucrative dive
we've ever had ever.

That's crazy, right?

Hands down
across the board,

The most lucrative dive
we've ever, ever, ever had.

You kept this boy for two
frickin seasons

Without seeing nothing, man.

Yeah? Yeah?

You pull out three
or four nuggets?

I'm so jealous.

That one boulder, man.

Narrator: The combined
value of carlos' four nuggets

Is over $2,000.

They're onto a bonanza of gold,

Meaning rockfall ravine
is on track

To become the most gold-rich
ground of their lives.

Carlos found gold right where
we thought we'd find gold

Underneath one of
the big boulders.

Four nugget day, brother.

Four nugget day, man.

Dustin: The old timers couldn't
move the big boulders.

I think they skipped
over a lot of stuff

That was way too hard to dig.

But we had to be stubborn enough
to keep doing it,

Creative enough to be able
to pull this off,

And tough enough
to just keep going.

We did.

And now it's paying off.

I hope it continues all season.

Narrator: Up ahead...

You just never know
when you're gonna find gold.

Scott: I'm so
frickin' excited.

James: You got a big one?

This is the biggest one that he
brought up so far today.

Get out of here, man.

Look at that.
Look at that.

[ water burbling ]


Ryan: I'd like to see some gold
in the box today.

We could sure use it.

Narrator: At the trifecta,
morale is low.

Fred's crew have found
next to no gold this season

And still have over 12 feet
to go to reach bedrock.

I'm thinking that there is

Some sort of a hole
to catch the gold in.

Anything got in there
could be a bonanza.

It would be good for the morale
of the crew,

And it sure would be good
for my morale.

Narrator: Down to just
a two-man dive crew,

77-year-old fred
is forced to dive

For the second time this week,
and the pressure is on.

It does put us in a bind

Because it's little more
strenuous on the divers

And it will be a test.

We need to toughen up
and get the job done.

Hopefully breaking it down
there dredged that material up

And there'll be some gold
in it.

You know, we gotta clean up
at the end of the day.

It'd be nice
to have some gold in the box.


Go down there
and give her hell.

Good to go.

Well, we'll see how things
go today.

Scott: Go get in there,
gold hound.

Looking good down here.
Let me look around.

Scott: If there ends up being
no gold back there,

I'm gonna be growing my own
vegetables in the backyard

'cause I'm gonna be
broke as hell.

So I hope fred's right.
I really do.

Narrator: Fred dredges up
small rocks and gravel,

Sending them to the sluice box
and deepening the hole.

Ryan: What's the material
looking like down there?

Are you seeing any change
in the layer?

Fred: Lots of small rocks.
A lot of them go up the dredge.

It's alright.
Well, good, man.

You ought to be able to make a
lot of headway today, then.

You got it.

The box is looking
a lot better today.

The change in riffle angle

Is already showing better
results in their sluice box.

Yeah, I'm down.

I know I'm [bleep]
deeper than I've been down.

Well, fred's down
in the hole now,

And he's about 8 1/2,
9 foot down.

So he's starting to get into
some new material.

He's running a lot
through the sluice box.

And, you know, we're really
hopeful at the end of the day,

There's gonna be
some gold in the box.

Narrator: For two seasons,

Fred and dustin
dredged just 10 feet from here

And failed to hit it big.

You're coming up on
4 1/2 hours.

But fred is convinced that they
were diving in the wrong place.

And right now he's directly
above a gold ridge plunge pool.

We're just over eight feet here,
almost nine feet.

So hopefully
this next layer

Is gonna give us
at least something.

It can't get no worse.

Holy crap. The world is going
straight down almost.

The bottom just doesn't go
straight out.

So there's a big area here
that's really deep.

It's a good possibility
this hole is part of the bowl

On this waterfall.

Scott: [ chuckles ]

Narrator: Nine feet
into the hole,

Fred has made
a crucial discovery --

A near-vertical wall of bedrock.

Fred believes this is the face
of the ancient waterfall

That will lead him
into the plunge pool

And a pile of gold
in the bottom of the bowl.

Fred: I'm gonna come up.

I'm so frickin' excited.

This may very well be
that bonanza

That fred's
always talking about,

This bucket of gold
down there,

So there's only one way
to find out

And that's just get down there,
get to bedrock, and find it.


Good job, fred.

Narrator: Fred's discovery
proves to the crew

That his ancient waterfall
is more than a theory,

And they could be just 11 feet
above a giant payday.

Today was a good dive.

The bedrock is coming down,

And then it drops off
20-something-feet deep.

Any time you find a bedrock
that drops off,

It pretty well proves

That you've got
a plunge pool right there.

You're gonna look for gold in
the bottom of that plunge pool.

[ creek babbling ]

[ water burbling ]


Carlos had an amazing day

Just nuggets everywhere.

Narrator: At mckinley camp,
after seasons of striking out,

Dustin's crew are onto
the best gold of their lives.

It was crazy what happened.

We're hoping
for the same day today.

Narrator: Dustin's desperate to
carry on the winning streak

And beat carlos'
four nugget record

With his second dive
of the week.

[ zipline whizzing ]

Dustin: I'm a little jealous.
I'm not gonna lie.


That just about
ripped my mask off.

I should have grabbed it.

[ gravel clattering ]

The material's never been

And it keeps going down.

Ohh. Look what I can see.
[ chuckles ]

James: You gonna bring us
some nugget?

I think I got it.

[ breathes deeply
through regulator ]

My gosh.


That's good.

Good morning, sir.

One nugget. Three more to go --
catch up to me.

As long as we're bringing
up golden nuggets, we're happy.

You still up there, wes?
Yep, I'm here.

It's not as big
as the other one, but --

That doesn't matter.
That still counts.

It's just numbers.

That works.

Second nugget.
[ laughs ] got two!

Got two more to go
to catch up with carlos.

Oh, it's coming.

Alright, you can bring me a

Okay, copy that.
Basket's coming in the water.

Thank you.

Oh, [bleep]

Not sure what time it is,
but this has to get done.

Copy that.

Just keeps going down.
Straight, straight down.

That's insane, man.
How deep do you think you are?

I have no idea.

Aw, man, I'm doing a handstand
inside of a hole.

I don't know how you can see
with a vis like this,

But he's been down
for four or five hours now.

Dustin: Done with this.

Nope. No more gold.

Hold on.

[bleep] yeah.
[bleep] yeah!

You got a big one?


Whoo! Aw, hell yeah!

They're not too huge
but they're [bleep] in there.

Ah, I can
barely stand up, bro.

[ groans ]

Oooh! [bleep]

[ chuckles ]

is that three now?

That's two!

No, that's three.
Ah! Three! [ chuckles ]

He's catching up
to you!

This is dustin's third nugget.

This is the biggest one
that he brought up so far today.

It's probably close to a
quarter-ounce, just guessing.

Every time
we get under boulders,

Get into deep areas,
there's nuggets.

It's awesome.

And that's gnarly.
That hasn't traveled anywhere.

So there could be a source right
here close to where we're at.

We know for sure that
none of the old timers,

has been to this area yet.

This is what we've been
looking for.

There's gold in there?

You gotta
shut it off, man.

I think so.

Narrator: Dustin has been diving
for five hours,

Determined to beat
carlos' four nugget record.

He digs us up a grave every
[bleep] time.

When he gets tired,
he's just going after the gold.

Dustin: Oh, [bleep]


What now?

What, what, what?!


You got a big one?

I think my mind
playing tricks on me right now.

[ chuckles ]

I'm comin' up.

[ grunts ]

[ grunts ]

Oh! [bleep]

[ laughs ]

There's a couple
of them.

Whoo! Four nugget day!
It's gettin' bigger.

Get it!
Oh, my [bleep]

That's like,
a quarter of an ounce, dude.

I...Had a great big day,
and I am exhausted.

Dustin's hard work has paid off.

These four nuggets combined
are worth over $2,000.

Good dive, man.

What a job, what a job.
Four nugget day!

Awesome dive.

You look tired, dude.

You sound like you're going
to pass out.

Ooh, that was rough.

You're gonna carry me out here.
[ laughs ]

I'll bring you up
in the basket.


[ water burbling ]


Right now, we're getting ready
for our first cleanup.

I'm nervous.
It can be horrible.

Narrator: At the trifecta,
fred's crew are having doubts

Heading into their first cleanup
of the season

After blowing gold
out of their sluice box.

You just never know when
you're gonna find gold.

You just never know.

And, well, you never know when
you're not gonna find gold.

Narrator: Fred has discovered
what he believes

Is the wall
of the ancient waterfall.

But his skeleton crew
need more proof

That they are on track
for a massive payday,

So fred is called for
the first cleanup of the season.

It'd be really disappointing
to be doing all this work

For the last month
or so now and...

Nothing to show for it.

I'm not really
looking forward to this.

Ryan: I'm a little worried
myself, brother.

All you can do is hope
for the best.

That thing's heavy.

Worth its weight
in gold.

[bleep] hope so.


What are you seeing
in there?

Things are looking
pretty damn good right now.

You know, for overburden,
this is pretty good stuff.


Oh, yeah.
There's gold in there.

Every single pan,
I'm seeing gold in it.

Scott: Bending those
ripples worked perfectly.

Narrator: The crew are still
11 feet away

From the bedrock floor,

But even this small amount
of gold is a promising sign

That fred's ancient
plunge pool theory is right

And they could be in
for a monster payday.

Scott: It's pretty sweet to see
this from our overburden.

I can't wait to see what we get
when we get to bedrock.

This whole area is one
ancient waterfall.

Deeper we go,
the more gold we're gonna get.

Any time you can find
any gold at all,

It's a good day.


What a dive.

Narrator: At rock fall ravine,

Dustin has pulled off
a five-hour dive

And already matched
carlos' four nugget record.

Now he's banking
on the sluice box

To break the tie.


Big nuggets!

Come check it out.
They're glowing.

Look at that.

Oh, man.
This is the best we ever done.

Holy crap!

Wes: This is the best I've ever
seen the box.

That one nugget's at least
a half-ounce,

Three or four quarter-ounce

A bunch of smaller nuggets.

So right now, gold is running
pretty close to $2,000 an ounce.

So you look at that right there

And I've got probably $5 grand
sitting in my hand right there.

Check this out, dude!

What are we
talking about, man?

Wes: Well, we're
talking about a lot.

Get out of here, man.
Look at that.

That is beautiful.

Look at that.
That is beautiful.

Carlos: Talk about
a lucrative dive.

I work for that, man.
Holy cow.

I was getting changed and
I leaned down to grab my socks

And started just throwing up.
I'm like, "oh, my god."

Went way past my limits.

Well, you overworked yourself
today. That's for sure.

That is the definition
of gold fever --

Pushing your body till you
about to pass out underwater.

I never, ever seen
that much gold ever, bro.

Narrator: This pile
of chunky nuggets

Is a breakthrough for dustin
and is worth more than $8,000.

We're trying to find places
the old timers didn't get,

And I'm pretty sure this
nugget ball at rockfall ravine

Is one of those places.

I went broke getting these

And basically didn't know
if it was worth it.

Well, it's worth it.

Narrator: Dustin's gamble
is finally paying off.

The crew are on the richest
ground of their lives.

If they can stay on the goal,

They're in for
their best season ever.

It's been a long time coming,
but it's finally paying off.

Handfuls of nuggets every day.
This is gonna be amazing.

Feels pretty good.

Narrator: On the next
"gold rush: White water"...

First dive. I'm excited
but I'm nervous.

If you mess up, it could
cost you your life, man.

He'll make it. His ego won't let
him not make it.

If that thing pops up,

It just smacks you right
in your [bleep] mouth.


Gotta be careful,

We can see quite a few boulders

Scott: Oh, [bleep]

have you got a copy?

Carlos: That's a big [bleep]
mother lode.


We all know how much work

It took to get that.

Finally doing it, guys.

Finally doing it.