Gold Rush: White Water (2018–…): Season 4, Episode 2 - Good as Gold - full transcript

The Dakota Boys race against time and put their new crew members to the test to rebuild their mine sites and haul heavy equipment to the Trifecta and Rockfall Ravine. Their first dive is golden and promises a successful season.

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-Hey, hot rod.

-Hot rod, y'all [bleep].
-Hey, fred. How's it going, man?

All right.

Narrator: At porcupine creek,
southeast alaska,

Fred and dustin hurt are racing
to start their seasons.

I need some walkway material,
only a couple boards.

Oh, we got --
we got you covered.

Father and son have been hard

At work for two weeks,
but neither crew is ready

To dive for gold.

I don't know if you went
ahead and bought

One of these or not, but --
-what's that?

I know I have a gigantic
white tent right here.

-No, you don't.
-Excuse me.

You've already taken it.

-I was gonna loan it to you.

-Oh, well --
-but you took it already.

Well, thank you.
I appreciate that.

You weren't using it
or nothing. [ chuckles ]

Oh, fred, you make it rough.
You make it rough, man.

Well, what's your tough if you
were gonna loan it to me anyway.

-All right. Okay.
-[ laughs ]

-Took my tent without asking.
-You was ready to be cool

About it.
He just spoiled your surprise.

-How'd y'all make out?
-We doing all right, man.

Is there anything else down here
that you're gonna feel that

I'm not using that you should
just take or any of that stuff?

I'm looking. [ chuckles ]
I just haven't found any yet.

I'd love
for you to succeed.

We're gonna need all
the help we can get.

-[bleep] that's fast.
-Get out of the wind.

-It's flying!

Be advised,
this is a dangerous one.

Burn the [bleep]
out of your hand.

It's beyond cold.
-Most scariest water

I ever dove
before in my life.

Hey, get out of that rope.
Get out of that rope!

Keep going. Keep going.
[ cackles ] it's working.

-Oh, my god!
-Did you find gold already?

[ cheering ]

God, I love my job!
Half-ounce nuggets everywhere.


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Dustin: The window we have
for our season

Is short already.
We're a month behind,

But today, we're gonna get that
dredge down to the tunnel.

These are pretty exciting
times for us.

Everybody's gettin amped up.
We'll be diving soon enough

Narrator: Two weeks on site

In a season delayed
by a global pandemic,

Dustin's crew is finally ready
to send the dredge

To the dive site
on an old haul-line system

They've resurrected.
-That canyon is so steep

That the helicopter cannot
get to us right now.

The last time we tried
something like this,

I got injured, and we came up
with a different way.

We now have this line
that goes all the way down

To the tunnel's entrance.
Hopefully it holds.

And piece by piece,
we're gonna lower it down

Instead of dragging
it down a cliff

Because I can't take
another rock hit to the head.

This is the wrong way
to do this [bleep].

Last season, dustin dragged
the dredge down the canyon wall.

-[bleep] [bleep]
-whoa, whoa, whoa.

-Look out!


-But the risk paid off.
-That's like an ounce nugget!

After five seasons
in the chilkat mountains,

Dustin is finally on the gold.

It could be so amazing
what's down in that dig site.

Rockfall ravine could hold
the key to all the gold

I've ever needed in my life.

But the heavy winter snow

Is now creating
the most dangerous conditions

They've ever faced.
-The snow's really deep,

So we're gonna get
a lot more water when it melts,

But I know where the gold is.
We're going in that water.

I don't normally
run this trolley thing.

It's usually wes' job.
He's busy for right now,

And I'm gonna try it out
for a little while.

See if I can't figure it out.
[ chuckles ]

Carlos and james
are down at the tunnel.

They're gonna be
catching this stuff.

We've been working really hard
to get to this point.

We need to get the dredge down.
So this is the start

Of everything.
That means

There's gonna be gold soon.
This is a big deal.

Narrator: 100 years ago,

The old timers found over
$7 million in gold

At the bottom
of mckinley falls.

Dustin believes that gold
washed down the creek

Also settled at the top of
the waterfall in rockfall ravine

Right beneath their dive site.

-How's your copy, carlos?
-We got you. Go ahead.

So I'm operating this thing,

So I'm gonna go with just a
sluice box.

So I'm not gonna stack it up
big just in case

I mess this up,

-Copy that. We're all ready.
-Copy that. Coming down.

Okay, that one does that.
Okay, that one does that.

Okay. That's how that goes.
[ laughs ]

A 400-foot high, 1/2-inch steel
cable spans 600 feet from camp

To the tunnel that leads
to the dive site.

A separate haul line driven by
the motor

Sends the trolley up and down

First part of the dredge

Is heading toward the tunnel.
Hopefully, I don't mess this up.

I'm not very good at this thing.
Slow down.

Dustin's a first-time operator.

It just takes
a little bit of getting used to.

I'm worried about
losing any dredge parts,

Damaging any dredge parts.
We can't afford that.

What we have is what we got.

Touchdown! Good job.
Good job.

I'm starting to carry
heavier things.

We're gonna get
some engines on here.

Hey, man, we're coming down
with another load.

Copy that.

[bleep] that's fast.
Slow it down.

Don't get hung up.


James: Gosh, that thing
was coming in hot.

All right,
we got touchdown.

That was -- holy crap.
-I don't know what happened.

But that thing was
going way too fast.

I am awful at driving
this thing, man.

I'm gonna have to call
wes over here for this next one.

I don't think I'm the right man
for the job here.

-Oh, dustin.
-It was almost like a freefall.

It looked like it was
out of control.

Anything on it that's
not tied down properly,

It's gonna keep on
moving that same speed.

Crew fabricator, wes richardson
takes control of the haul line.

It's the big 6-inch,
35-foot hose.

-Copy that.
-Let me see how you do this.

Alright, your movements
are more subtle.

I'll learn.
Here it comes.

Come on!


-Good job.
-That made it.

All right, some of the most
important parts are showing up.

This year, we have a setup
that gets them down there

It was a huge step for us

Because the dredge
is on its way.


Narrator: Just 1/2-mile up,
"dakota" fred

Returns to the trifecta
dive site

For what could be
his last season.

Might as well just pull
all your tools out here.

Narrator: For 2 years,
father and son dredged here

On dustin's claim...

Fred: I'm convinced
the gold is right there.

...Dustin's way.

There will be no gold
in there at all.

We have to change the plan
because this isn't working.

We're gonna go upstream.

Oh, fred's got his ideas,

And I've got mine.
When it comes down to it,

I'm in charge.

Narrator: Now, fred's back
to settle a score.

We never ever worked in the area
that I want to dredge.

Narrator: Dustin mined
upstream at the trifecta,

But fred was always convinced
that down stream

Is actually the site
of an ancient waterfall

That carved a large
plunge pool flush

With a life-changing
amount of gold.

But before he can prove it,

The team needs to get
the dive site ready.

Basically, fellas, we got broken
walkway over here.

We've got to get around
to that island over there

So we can drop our big boxes
with a helicopter.

Due to the shortened season,
fred's booked a helicopter

For tomorrow
to fly in heavy equipment.

But first, the crew
need to reconstruct

The walkway to get to
the landing zone.

What we gotta to do now is
you need to drill holes

To re-establish
those little triangle angles

Over there for our walkway.
-You want me

To get my waders out then?
-I think, yeah.

-Get them on.

Marine veteran scott allen steps
up for his first time

In the 35-degree glacial
meltwater of mckinley creek

Colder than you have
ever been in before.

That water will burn
the [bleep] out of your hand.

It's beyond cold.

Scott has never been out here
at this dive site, whatever.

He's brand new to this whole
operation out here.

Right now, just giving scott
a little bit of a test

To see how he handles basic
stuff like walkway building.

We'll see if he passes the test.
-We're gonna go out there,

We're gonna see
what we can do for our walkway.

See if we can't rebuild it.
Make it a little bit

More accessible up around
to our helipad.

Fred: Ah, don't go out there
come down the walkway.

It may get deep out there.
Don't assume it's all shallow.

Tell you what,
just hang on to the wood

And walk along right here.

And I'm gonna need you to
hold that thing right like that.

-Ooh-whee, this water's cold.
-Oh, it is? Oh.

I never said
this water wasn't cold.


Okay, we got this one,

But I need you tell me
what the situation is

With the bolt on that
one down there. Twist it.

Do you want me to go
throw some hip waders on

And try to help him out?

-No, this is his test.

We want to know what his ability
to think out problems are.

Well, I mean twist it.
-I'm getting there.

Fred: Just bend it up
into shape.

I can't. I pull here,
and there's one down here.

There's three bolts
on this one.

I'm working on
getting this one out.

Okay, it's
a problem-solving quiz.

Well, I got a long road
ahead of me

To learn how to work
with him a little bit better.

We're getting those
brackets set back up

So we can connect
this walkway once again,

And he's got
fred on his butt.

So he's got to learn quick.
-Don't drop that in the water.

Oh, [bleep]

Don't bend the bolt.
Learning, learning, learning.

So far he's got about a "d".
-I think he's doing pretty good.

His feet gotta be frozen.

I'm sure he can't
feel them at all.

Maybe a "d+". [ chuckles ]

Ryan: I was the new guy
last year,

And I know what this guy's
got in store for him.

They're really
tough taskmasters.

Oh, I mean, he just expects
people to do their job.

That's all, and if they don't
know how to do it,

Fred's gonna tell them
how to do it.

-That's right.
-His grade is improving.

Fred: Oh, wow, that thing's
that heavy?

Wow. Good job.
Good job.

I gave him a "c" for
problem-solving right there.

We want it a little bit higher
than level.

That's right there then,
there's about 1/8-inch gap.

That'll do it.

-This walkway is sketchy as hell
-long as you hold onto the rope,

I believe the walkway is
perfectly safe to go across.

Scott: Fred doesn't always
explain things the best way,

And he's kind of difficult
to work with.

We'll -- we'll get it
figured out though.

He did all right.

He finally figured
a few things out,

Some thing's not so swift.

Let's just call scott
a work in progress.

Main thing is we got a walkway
established back over here

Because this will get
our helicopter load out here.



All right. We got a couple
floats coming down.

We got a load coming down.
-Copy that. We're ready.

Narrator: Back down
at mckinley camp, dustin

And wes deliver the final parts
of the dredge across their cable

That hangs 400-feet above
the canyon floor.

Dustin: Yep, that's it.
All the way down.

Good job.
We got touchdown.

Good job.

One step closer
to getting in the water.

This is it, last load, man.
This is working perfectly.

Wes: Yeah, this is
the last part.

We got our last load
coming to you.

It's some floats
and some lumber.

Carlos: We are ready.
We are ready. Send it.


-Cable snapped.
-Get out of the way.

-Get out of there.


We got our last load
coming to you.

Floats and some lumber

Narrator: At mckinley camp,

Dustin and wes
send the last dredge parts

Down to their dive site.

-Cable snapped.
-Get out of the way.

-Get out of there.
-[bleep] whoa.


Carlos: [bleep], dude.
Look at that, man.

-Holy [bleep].
-That was some dangerous stuff.

That could have killed
somebody, man.

Look at this torpedo stuff.

The haul line that controls the
trolley's brake snapped,

Smashing the out-of-control load
into the rock face

And firing the lumber
down the tunnel.

Thank god, man, nobody
got hurt. Holy crap.

That was scary, guys.

We've been trying to get
the dredge down today,

And we're sending it down piece
by piece in the trolley cart.

The cable popped.
Two of the floats just got

Ripped off of the cart.

They hit the trees too hard.
They're probably smashed up,

And we're down
two floats right now.

Those floats -- you know
what those folks do?

They keep the dredge
on top of the water.

We don't want the dredge
under the water.

We want the dredge
on top of the water floating,

Hence the word "float."

Did it -- did it go in the water
or where'd they go?

Carlos: They're retrievable.
Thank god. Let's just hope

They don't have a hole in them.

It took a hard hit.
I mean, a hard, hard hit.

Those pontoons
are valuable to us.

They're as much as gold
right now to us.

Who knows how damaged they are.
-What james is gonna do,

He's gonna go rescue these
pontoons real quick.

Take a quick look-see,
see if we can get them.

That's a heck of a trip
down there.


-Take your time.
-It's still dangerous, dude.

You're still gonna get danger.
-It's slippery right here.

Dustin: I know. No rush.


James: Got to make sure
they're in good condition still.


James to dustin,
james to dustin.

-What's going on?
-I looked at these pontoons,

And there's no holes in them.
They're in excellent condition.

Awesome, man.
We got a dredge down, guys.

-All right, good deal.
-Whoo! We really needed those.

We're back in action,

We're one step closer to getting
in the water right now.

We got the dredge over there.

And now it's just put it
together, put it in the water,

And it's time to dive.


That thing is a mad,
badass machine.

Down at porcupine creek,

Dustin's father, fred,
has a helicopter inbound

But still needs
to sort the payloads,

Including his time-saving
weapon -- the draggoid.

Fred: What that thing
will absolutely do the trick.

-I like it.
-It's gonna change

Our diving from 75%
rock moving to 25%

I can't wait to see it work
at the dive site.

-Oh, I'm telling you.

This is gonna save us
a tremendous amount of work.

We've got about
six or seven loads

We're gonna have to take out
to the dive site

With a helicopter.
It runs right about $2,500

An hour.
It's an hour-and-a-half run

From juneau up to here,
and it has to go back.

So that's three hours wasted
right there.

Calculate at $2,500 an hour
times three,

And you ain't even done
any work yet.

If the load's not ready before
the helicopter arrives,

It will cost fred thousands of
dollars in wasted flight time.

I'm gonna designate you
two to go across the cable

To go down to trifecta.

Basically, all you're doing
is catching the stuff.

Ryan, you're gonna be with me.

You and I are gonna go ahead
and load down here.

Anybody got any questions?
-Yeah, we're there.

We're there.
Let's go do it.

Did we ever test out how much
that thing kind of weigh?

No, we sure haven't.
-Have jeff put the board test

To it.

Pushing about 2,200 pounds.
There is a possibility

We are absolutely overloaded.
If we got enough boards

To build one of these?
-We got most

Of a crate right there.

Let's throw one together.

If you're too heavy, you're
gonna have to

Just unbuckle the thing

And take
some of the stuff out of it

the helicopter cannot lift it.

So we have to be very careful

How much material
we put in those boxes.

Look, y'all got about 30 minutes

Before that helicopter gets

I think you need to hurry
just a little bit.

Building up a third box real
fast, as quick as we can.

Paul and I still got
to hike up to the dive site,

But the other box
is overloaded,

So we got to make
a third box here

So we can get all of
our gear up there.

-We're hustling.
-There is a lot

Of heavy stuff in here.
-Yeah, there is.

We're cutting it close.

That bird's gonna be here
very soon,

And paul and I still got a long
hike to make up there.

So we got to haul ass. I don't
have time right now, man.

Hurry up and get this thing
zipped up

And get going up the mountain.

-Is that the...
-Last screw right here.

Alright, once you do that,
I need you and paul

To take a buggy up there,
and we'll see you guys later.

-Hi, ho, silver!

We only got about 15 minutes
between helicopter runs.

They don't land.
They come out here and hook

Is there dangling, waiting
for you to hook something up.

And they take it up and take it
and go back.

Paul: So right now we're kind of
in a race against time.

We got to get to the site before
the helicopter gets in position

So we can offload these things.

Every minute
of those helicopters is money.

So the sooner we get over there,
get done,

And the better off
it'll be.

Hope and pray I never
have to use this,

But if I do...

The chilkat mountains

Are home
to black and grizzly bears.

Paul: I'd rather have it
and not need it, than need it

And not have it. Usually
a couple shots in the air,

They'll turn and run the other

They don't want no part of it.

And the hike climbs 1/2-mile
through their backyard.

I did not hydrate properly.
That hike's an ass kicker.

Hold on.
-This hike'll do it to you.

-Yeah, it will.
-You all right?

Yeah. Breakfast might
make a reappearance,

But I'm actually
a little light-headed.

If you pass out,
you're no good to me.

We got to get down there,
the helicopter's coming.


Trying to wrap this up
as quick as we can.

We had to hustle like hell
to get to this point right here.

-Morning, fred.
-Good morning, mary.

Narrator: Pilot mary wilcox
is an expert in longline lifts.

Her a-star helicopter
has a 150-foot cable.

Lock it

...With a lifting capacity
of only 2,200 pounds.

Ryan: Paul, first load's
on its way.

-I got a first box at trifecta.
-Copy that.


-Hey, paul.
-What is it?

Helicopter's coming?

Narrator: Paul and scott get to
the dive site

Just in time to receive
the first load.

-That was close.
-[ laughs ]

Let go of it.

Scott: Scott for ryan,
helo is headed back.

Looks like we're doing good.

Time to go take
the old draggoid.

We need this one to make it,
fred, without this thing.

We're not gonna do
any mining.

Fred's plan to get down to
bedrock in the shortened season

Depends on the rock
clearing draggoid,

But it's the heaviest load.

Hopefully, this one'll fly.
I'm worried about the weight.

Should be about 1,500,
1,600 at the most.


Fred: Whoo-hoo!
It's flying!

Well, sorry, fred, your
measuring system's

A little bit off on that one,
it's about 2,200.

Be advised,
2,200-pound load.

This is a dangerous one.

That ole draggoid must weigh
a whole lot more than I figured.

Paul: Ryan said
this is a dangerous one.

Oh, [bleep] that looks dicey.

This one's spinning wild, too,

Scott for ryan, be advised
lumber and draggoid

Are on the ground.
Helo is headed back.

That was
one seriously heavy load.

Fred: This is the main boy.
My little pride and joy here.

Narrator: Last load --

The crew's moneymaker.
-Here come the dredge.

Boom shakalaka.
-Beautiful. Thank you.

Dredge is on the ground.

That is the last load.
Now get to work.

[ laughter ]

It's gonna get dangerous.

Narrator: Up ahead...

Dustin: Up, up, go, spinning
[bleep] dredge. Let it go.

This is the most scariest water
I ever dove before in my life.

Dustin: Get out of that rope.
Get out of that rope!



We need a cable, a skyline
right up here

To pull our rocks here
and there.

One big problem with trying to
get over on the other side.

We're gonna have to come up
with some sort of a bridge

Or something to get across
over there.

Narrator: Before they can dive
in the raging creek,

Fred's crew needs to construct
a bridge

Across to set up a skyline.
-Right now it's pretty severe.

We can't wade across that thing.

That thing will take you
off down that stream.

We're gonna build a little

We're gonna let it down
until it lands

Just on the backside
of that rock right there.

And then you're gonna lower it
like a draw bridge.

From there, we'll be able to
reach all the way over

With a couple of more boards.

Fred's plan --
build a bridge

And lower it out into slow
water behind a boulder

In the middle of the creek.
From there, extend

A second, smaller bridge
to reach the other side.

Go ahead and work
on these boards up here.

Scott: Okay, sounds good.

But greenhorn scott believes
he has a better way.

I just can't help but think,
would it better

To put our legs here,
right over here.

And then we're landing
on hard ground over there.

It's a shorter distance
between here to there

Than it is here across.

I mean, it's just an idea.

That current is vicious
right there.

We got calm water behind
that big rock over there.

From there over,
we have no problem.

We're gonna continue
with my plan.

We'll see how things go.


The crew's bridge must be able
to withstand the 5,000 gallons

A second of mckinley creek.
-If this doesn't go right,

We're gonna lose
this whole thing down the creek.

Everybody's got to stay
focused now.

I still don't think
this is the safest place

To be putting a bridge.

I would have definitely
picked a different spot.

Now the trick is
to try to raise that up,

And then
we're gonna let it down.

Hopefully there's not
a lot of yelling

And screaming at each other.

I'm gonna let it go down out
on the creek.

Keep going, push it out,
get it farther.

Alright, go ahead.

Here she goes.
-Here we go. Oh!

Fred: Let a little slack out
on this thing.

Hold up, right there.

Alright, that's about as much
as we're gonna get right there.

Looks like we pretty well got it
in position

Right exactly where we need
to put it.

Now time to install the walkway.

Just look at how the water
is hitting that thing.

It's gonna wash it away.

I really don't think
that's gonna stay.

Boy, this water's ripping up
under here.

Fred: Boy, I mean it is.

I really hope
this thing gets a lot sturdier

Because this is just -- this is
crazy nervous right now.

This is just absolute madness.

-Pretty dangerous.
-Go ahead and get back there.

Fred: And it is hazardous.
Yeah, no doubt.

I'm just not gonna ask somebody
to go out there

And risk their lives to go do

76-year-old fred heads out
across the unstable bridge

Balanced over the ice cold

Scott: He's got a lot of beef
holding him back here,

But this is still a very, very
dangerous situation right now.

This could go extremely bad
really fast.

I'm really worried about this.

Fred: He actually put
the board out here.

I'm gonna drill a hole
with an anchor bolt right there,

And I'm gonna tie it onto
the bridge right here.


I really think that we could
have done a better job

Of actually planning

Before getting out in the middle
of the freaking creek.

I mean, this is just --
it's -- it's reckless.

Narrator: The second section of
the bridge attached.

Fred: Just let it down.

Paul and fred lower it
to the other side of the creek.

We have a landing just like --
just like that.

Narrator: The bridge now stable,
they can finally access

The far side of the creek.

[ cheering ]

-Nailed it.
-Good job. Excellent.

In my opinion,
fred's plan wasn't perfect,

But it worked and you know,

That's the main thing.
Now we can get

To the other side of the creek
and get done what we need to do.

Once we get this
skyline up here,

We'll get the draggoid hooked
on, winches in place,

And we're gonna see

If we can start dragging
some rocks out of this place.



We're getting there, fellas.

Narrator: At rockfall ravine,
dustin and his crew

Are itching to get back
to the pile of gold

They found last season.

I know there's big nuggets
in there. I'm excited

To get back here
and dig again.

Narrator: But first, they need
to launch their dredge

Into the wild torrent.
-All right, she's ready to go.

-Man, that's a lotta water.

Heavy snowfall over the winter
means the water is 3-feet higher

And three times faster
than last season.

Wes: This will enable us to get
the diver

From the cave, around
the rough water, into here.

This is actually the pool that
we're gonna be dredging.

It would have been
so dangerous try to get around.

We had to put the walkway in.
Whoo, that's it.

All right, we got it together.
Let's get it in the water, guys.

-Let's move that rock first.
-We're gonna move that rock

First, and then we're gonna hook
this [bleep].

Right now, we wanna pick
the dredge up, take it up stream

But a boulder is
sticking out too high and

I don't think we'll get it over.

To get the dredge in the water,

The crew must suspend it
from the skyline and carry it

Upstream, but there is a boulder
right in its path.

First, they must remove
the boulder using the skyline

And a baby claw, then maneuver
the dredge into position.

We're gonna try to move this
boulder out of the way.

When we know how much gold
is there,

Nothing is gonna stop us.
-I'm gonna have to go in there.

Let me go in there and get it.
-You doing it?

-Yeah, yeah, yeah.
-All right. Here you go.


Dustin: Don't get caught.
Don't get caught.

All right, don't die.
Don't die.

We can do this.
We're smarter than this thing.


Dustin: I got you.
I got you.


We're trying to get the baby
claw on there, and the water

Is just taking it
like a fishing lure and

Spinning it around like
it's nothing.

Dustin: Watch that hook.

You're about to lose it.
You're about to lose it.

Yeah, yeah.
I got it. I got it.

It clicked. It clicked.
It clicked.

You got it?

Get over here.
Get over here.

Lift it up and over.

Hey, hey, get out of that rope.
Get out of that rope!

Get out of the rope.




Narrator: Above the mighty
80-foot mckinley falls,

Dustin's crew clear a boulder
blocking their dredge move.

Hey, hey, get out of that rope.
Get out of that rope!

Get out of the rope.


Holy [bleep]

You were tangled in that rope.

If I hadn't have caught it,
you would have [bleep] gone.

If it had stuck in that [bleep],
you would be dead right now.

Holy [bleep] man.
It was around your damn legs.

You lucked out on that one.



Oh, my god.
Holy [bleep].


Well, that was something,

Had that rock stayed
in that hook

And went down that hill...
-I was tied in,

So it would have ripped
my leg right off.


I feared for my life
for a second.

I thought I was a goner.

You made it out that time,
but tell me, lesson learned?

Lesson learned.
[bleep] man.

You got to be aware, dude.
Always aware.

James safe and the boulder
removed, the crew

Now has a clear path to move
the dredge up to the dive site.

We're gonna try and set this in

If we catch that lip of water
right there,

It's gonna just destroy
this thing.

Put this thing on the skyline.

It's gonna sag. We still need
to make it over that lip.

I think I've got
a pretty good plan.

I need the front to stay up.

We're gonna try to make it do
a wheelie the whole time,

So somebody's gonna be pulling.
This is gonna get dangerous.

If the front gets caught
in there,

It spins,
and this thing is so big,

It'll kill everything around it
if it starts spinning.

Get out of the damn way.

Don't try to hold on to it.
Don't try to stop it.

If it really whips, hands up.
We can replace the dredge.

I can't replace you guys
except for you maybe.

Not me, man.
I'm in it for the long run.

All right.
Let's see what we can do.

Wes: This year, we've had
record snowfall over the winter.

The water is absolutely

Everybody's chomping at the bit
to get in the water

Because we know
what kind of gold

Is sitting there
in the bottom of this hole.

Nothing is gonna stop us.

James, if [bleep] goes bad,

Let go, don't
let it wrap around you.

Hold it like that.
None of this. Get it.

Things go bad, let go.


You guys ready to do this?

All right.
Let's see what happens, huh?

Lift. Let's go.
-Oh, my god.

-Just walk with it
-holy crap.

-Holy [bleep].
-Oh, my gosh!

-Switch. Come switch.


Dustin: Right here
is gonna be the hardest part.

If it catches that lip, it's
gonna just destroy my dredge.

Carlos: Oh, come on, baby.
Come on, come on.

Come on, baby.
Come on.

You can do it.
We're almost there.

[ cheering ]

Dustin: That's got it.
[ laughs ]

-Hell, yeah. Whoo-hoo.

[ cheering ]

Wes: That was the awesomest
thing in the world, man.

Dustin: There it is.

I love it
when a plan comes together

God, I love my job
-I'm stepping on gold.

I feel it.
I feel it, man.

I feel gold, dude.
-Awesome, guys.

[ cheering ]

Dustin: Just got the dredge in
the water.

We tested our skyline.

It's a huge step for us.
Dredge is floating.

Next step is dive in the water,
get some gold.



[ gunshots ]

-Hey, scott, I'm glad

You came up.
Check this out.

We hung 17 exploding targets
155-yards away.

-That is awesome.
-Watch your ears.

[ gunshot ]

I missed.
[ gunshots ]

[ laughs ]
I'm an awful shot, dude.

I didn't realize
how far away it was.

I don't have really
big guns here, but carlos does.

Veteran marine sergeant carlos

Loads his
howa-1500 precision rifle.

[ gunshot ]

-Way off.
-I'll give it a shot.

Narrator: Time for marine lance
corporal scott to take his shot.

[ gunshot ]

This is not a fun game, man.

Maybe I should have went
with bigger targets.

[ laughter ]


Fred: That's pretty close
right there.

This one is gonna be
the muscle to pull that

Draggoid down through
the channel here.

Narrator: At the trifecta,

Fred and his crew rigged
the final parts of his

Skyline system.
-Looking great.

-Yeah, it does.
-Good job.

Good job. Now, throw the
draggoid in the water.

Ryan: Sweet. See if that thing's
gonna hold up.

Fred: Whoo. That's a badass
dude, man.

-Yeah, it is.
-Holy crap.

To have any chance of reaching
bedrock this short season,

Fred's banking
on the draggoid to clear

Boulders much quicker
than a diver.

-All right.
-All right.

Pull a little bit
on the pull line.

A system of pulleys and winches

Moves the draggoid up and down

Boulders caught in its welded
steel teeth

Roll away from the dive site
and reveal the gold beneath.

We need to get this done.

Ryan operates the winches.

There it goes. Keep going.
Keep going with it.

I mean, this thing
has got to work.

We are counting on this
to save us tons of labor

With a diver in the water.

Start pulling.

Come on. Come on.
-That worked.

Reverse the process.
Go the other way, drag it back.

-We're stuck on something.
-As paul hauls the draggoid

Back upstream, it hooks on a
massive boulder.

-Is the cable just moving?
-Yeah, it just slid down.

Fred: All right,
give it to me, little at a time.

Give it to me.
-Hold it.

Fred: This is not good.

Paul: This is not right.
This is not right at all.

Fred: We're gonna have to put a
cable and anchor it up

And lock it off
in the back there.

The winches are pulling
just fine, problem is when

We really put a strain,
our two cable clamps up here

On top are moving,
sliding down the cable.

So our block is moving
that direction

Rather than pulling
the draggoid back.

What we have to do is we're
gonna have to

Pull the block back up hill,

Put a cable on it
farther up that way

And anchor it off
so that block does not move.

When the draggoid got caught on
the boulder, the upstream pulley

Came loose and was dragged down
the skyline to fix it.

They must anchor the pulley
to the rock face

To stop it sliding
down the skyline.

Ryan: Paul's up top trying to
pull the block and tackle back

And get it re-clamp.
Hopefully it works this time.

Just get everything
tightened down,

And hopefully this next run
will be better.

-Ready to try it again?
-Try it again.

Here we go, man your winches.


Narrator: The pulley holds
and the draggoid now free,

Time to test if it can finally
move the boulders.

Fred: Let's grab some rock right

Come on,
you can pull them rocks.


Keep going. [ cackles ]
ah! It's working!

Rolling all them damn rocks,
two or three of them

All at one time.
One of them,

The current caught it.
-Oh, yeah. Look at that.

Fred: Big son of a [bleep].
Big [bleep] rock in there.

-All right. Okay.
-That's not a rock,

That's a [bleep] boulder.
-All right,

We know that it's working.

Oh, I hear the boulders rolling
under there right now.

It's got two or three
rocks in there.

Roll that [bleep].
-Oh, there we go.

Oh, look at that one.
-Look at that [bleep].

Fantastic, man.
That was great.

Fred: Rolling some
big rocks right now.

Just keeps rolling them
downhill, downhill.

All in all, I'd have to say
today -- one hell of a success.

We're gonna really put that
draggoid to the test

And get to the gold
a whole lot quicker.


We're ready to dive right now.
Water's a little bit crazy,

But we're gonna go dive
in it anyway

Narrator: At rockfall ravine,

Carlos minor suits up
in the old-timers tunnel.

I'm getting dressed
in my Sunday best.

I'm going diving,
and I'll make our crew rich.

Carlos is gonna have to bring
some courage today

If he wants to get
in this water.

This is the most scariest water

I ever drove before in my life.
Ever, ever, ever, ever.

Usually I'm the first one in the
water because the water

Is usually so dangerous
that it's got to be me.

I've learned to trust
carlos now,

So I'm gonna put carlos
in the water.

That way, if anything goes wrong
at all anywhere out here,

I need to be able
to take care of it.

I feel like I'm a good enough
diver to handle this water.

All right, let's go. Fire it up.
Please, please, please work.

-Got it.

[ cheering ]

James: Oh, I love the sound of
the engine running.

Dustin: I'd say this dredge is
ready to go.

See what I'm putting on,
this is our claiming harness.

Why? Because that water's
so outrageous,

I'm gonna depend on this

To make sure
I'm clipped into something.

I'm not gonna have control
of that water.

Got the dredge in,
dredge is running.

I think we're as close
as we can get.

It's time to dredge.

This is the first dive, you know
what I mean?

This is a, you know,
first dive, man.


Carlos: Even from here, dude,
it looks scary, man.

Gah, there's nothing easy
about this place.

Narrator: To get back down
to the pile of gold

They proved
was there last season,

They must face
the fiercest whitewater

Rockfall ravine
has ever thrown at them.

Whoo-hoo. All right, buddy.
First dive of the season.

It's gonna be a crazy one
-dear heavenly father,

Please protect me. I've got
to get home to my family.


Take it easy. It's our first
dive where accidents happen.

Is that too tight on your neck?
-No. Perfect.

All right, how you feeling?
I got you.

What I want to do
is clip it in right here.

The plunge pool is so dangerous
this season, dustin's installed

A tether to haul the diver out
in an emergency,

Away from the deadly
drop of mckinley falls.

-The safeword would be "help."
-actually it's [garbled]

Yeah, yeah, yeah.

All right.

-How's your air?
-Good. Smells good.

-Does it?
-Smells good.

We are ready to dive.

Carlos: I'm in the water!


All right, guys,
I'm dredging.

Let's get rich.
I love it. I love it.

In a season that was almost

By the global pandemic,
dustin and his crew

Are finally diving
for millions of dollars in gold.

Yeah! Nice to see rock coming
across the sluice finally.

Wes: I'd love to get back down
to where we found

The one ounce nugget.
-You got it.

That's perfect, man.
That is perfect.

I'm getting a hole, man.
It's digging, dude.

Dustin: Yeah, buddy!

So carlos is on the first dive,

And he's got a pretty
substantial hole

Already dug today.

Jay, you wanna switch places?

Only a few hours, and look it,
digging a big hole.

Carlos: Oh, [bleep]

-Oh, my god.
-Did you find gold already?

-Oh, [bleep].
-Are you serious?

Carlos: Oh, oh, my god. Whoo!
[ cheering ]

[bleep] [bleep]
[ cheering ]

We got gold, man!
-Probably 1/2-ounce nugget.

-[bleep] [bleep]
-yeah, buddy.

You got 1/2-ounce nug.
Good job, man.

There's obviously
a lot of gold here.

The water has been kicking our

But finally, we got a dive in,

We're pulling up 1/2-ounce

This is a dream
come true right now.

It was worth all the time
to get here

Because there's gonna be
a lot more nuggets down there.

This is gonna be fun.
This is gonna be our season

To just explode.
1/2-ounce nuggets everywhere.

[ cheering ]

Narrator: Next time on
"gold rush: White water"...

-Ah! You're going too fast.
-That's the definition

Of courage right there,

Being afraid
and doing it anyway.

That's the first dive of
the season.

-We are dredging, folks.
-We need some gold.

Let's get ready
to rumble.

Get on your feet.
Pull 'em up. Pull 'em up.

Shut this one off. We got a big
pressure bomb going.

If that engine [bleep] up,
I'm done.

-Is that gold?
-Holy [bleep]

There's gold! Whoo-hoo!
-It's amazing.