Gold Rush: White Water (2018–…): Season 4, Episode 14 - Buried Alive - full transcript

A storm turns McKinley Creek into a raging torrent, but Dustin is unwilling to call it quits. Fred's fears come true as the walls of his dive hole come crashing down.

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[music playing]


Let's get out of here.

Rock and roll.

Narrator: Late
September in southeast

Alaska's chilkat
mountains, temperatures

Are just above freezing.

And season-ending storms
could hit any day.

Oh, wait, wait, wait, wait.

Man (on radio): The local
forecast for southeast alaska--

Gale force winds to
35 knots are expected.


Man (on radio): In
addition, heavy rain

Will result in significant
rises to rivers and streams.

Continue to monitor the
forecast for local details.

Son of a [bleep].

That sucks, man.

All right.

Let's suit up.

It's looking pretty grim.

Winter's here.

It's going to be a cold one.

Get in there and get
it out real quick.

That's the only hope we got.

All right.

Let's do this.

Narrator: After four
long months of dredging,

Dustin hurt and his
crew are running

Out of time to add to their
record-breaking gold haul.

It's going to be
an early winter.

Summer is gone.

This is not a hospitable place.

But we need more gold.

We need to find enough gold to
make it worth being out here.

We have to get to
the bottom of that hole

Because that's definitely
a game changer for the rest

Of our lives, I guarantee you.

We get down to the
bottom of that hole,

That might be retirement time.

It's either all or nothing.

We need to find out where
the rest of this gold is fast.


We'll get it.

Carlos minor: Let's go to work.

And we have lift-off.


Fred hurt: I came to
prove there's gold

In the bottom of this creek.

It's the biggest
day of the season.

Hell yeah.

It appears that I'm
going to get the glory dig.

I know you can do it.

Let's go.

Oh, [bleep].

It's crazy.

One wrong move, and
the gun goes off.

I don't want to be
buried underwater.

Man: Oh!

I think he's
crazy for going in.

We dredge till the end.

Man: [inaudible].

It could be the best
pave we've ever seen.

Get that gold.

Man: There is gold everywhere.

The old man just had to
know if he was right or not.

[music playing]


Man, I'm psyched up.

Narrator: At the trifecta,
with the end of the season fast

Approaching, 77-year-old
mining legend fred hurt's

Diving days are numbered.

Fred hurt: We need to
get that thing primed up

And get us some gold.

We don't have much
time to do this in.

We've been having some
freezing nights out here.

But we came to prove
trifecta's got gold in it.

I told dustin, there's gold
in the bottom of this creek.

And he's skeptical.

But I'm gonna tell
you what, I don't

Ever listen to the naysayers.

You don't ever get nothing done
if you listen to the naysayers.

Narrator: Fred has staked
his reputation and what

Could be his last season
on finding a monster pile

Of gold nuggets on bedrock.

Fred hurt: We've been
out here for months.

We dug 20 feet down, pulled tons
and tons of rocks out of here,

Mostly with the
dredge and by hand.

Lots and lots of
hard work, focus

So much on getting to the bottom
of flat bedrock down there.

I left my family.

I left my logging business.

I left all of it.

I left everything
I had back home

With the dream of
coming out here

And actually striking it rich.

Narrator: Last
week, 20 feet down,

As they closed in
on bedrock, they

Finally started to
hit the nuggets fred

Had bet his entire season on.

Oh, [bleep].


That's a nice-looking box.

All right.

Look at that.

Fred hurt: Woo!

Those are nice.

Narrator: Now every dive
could be their last.

But the deeper they dive,
the greater the danger.

We're not on the bottom yet.

If we can get to the bottom of
this thing, we can get gold.

Narrator: Fred tasks
his most experienced

Diver, paul richardson,
to finally hit bedrock.

Paul richardson: It's so
small on the very bottom.

It's like your head down
in a 55-gallon drum.

Some of the rocks are
on the wall above that.

It's going to fall in the hole.

It would be like being
trapped in an avalanche.

It's like a ticking time
bomb waiting to go off.

Fred hurt: Get
him all suited up.

Get you in the [bleep]
water and go get it.

Yeah, I'm ready.

It's a huge day
for us, probably

The biggest day of the season.

We need big gold today.

We're counting on
you today, paul.

Give it all you got, man.

Do you feel good?

Everything feels good.

Go get that gold, buddy.

Hell yeah.

[shouting] it's cold!

Definitely some
sketchy rocks up here.




It's amazing and scary
all at the same time.

All right.

Can I get a little bit
of slack on that rope?

Fred hurt: Copy that.

All right.

Down here at the bottom?

Fred hurt: Are you down
in that real deep hole?


Fred hurt: The last
two or three feet is

Where you're gonna find gold.

Paul richardson: All right.


Thank you.

Narrator: For 17 weeks, the
crew has dug 20 feet down

Beside the vertical face
of an ancient waterfall

Into a plunge pool that
should form a perfect gold

Catch, where fred believes
on bedrock they'll uncover

A life-changing pile of gold.

Paul richardson: All right,
down here at the bottom,


Scott allen: Copy that.

Coming out.

All right, hold
it right there.

[inaudible].. Take
it out a little bit.

Scott allen: [inaudible].

We get down there, [inaudible].

Paul richardson: It's like
playing russian roulette.

One wrong pull, and
the gun goes off.

Scott allen: Be careful
down there, buddy.

Paul richardson:
The basket is full.

Basket is full.


[inaudible] a little bit.

Narrator: After an hour of
clearing massive boulders,

Paul should be within
inches of bedrock.

Get me that measuring pole.

Pole's coming down, paul.




21 feet, [inaudible].

21 feet.

Oh, you are a
long way down there.

[bleep] yeah.

Fred hurt: That's
a hell of a hole.

It's crazy.

You just gotta do a
little bit of dredging.

See what you can do.

All right.


Fred hurt: Ready, let's go.

Narrator: Paul sends the
nugget-rich gravel up

The hose to the sluice
box on the surface.

Here it comes.

It's coming up now.

Now find us that
big pocket of gold.

Paul richardson: Hell yeah.

Exciting day.

Yeah, [inaudible]
down here, guys.

Scott allen: Feels good.

Keep going.


Narrator: Paul digs
down, inching the suction

Nozzle closer to bedrock.

We're right on it.

Starting to level
off downstream.

It's looking pretty good.

I think I saw another
piece of gold go in.


Get that gold!

This is [bleep]
exciting right now.

Fred hurt: We're
going to hit it.

We're going to do it.

We're gonna do it.

Hold it right there.


What the hell?

A big section of
the wall came down.

Fred hurt: Hold on, hold on.

How's it going down there, paul?

Paul richardson: Around
that section of the wall

Is making this all come down.

You ok?

I'm definitely concerned
if it's gonna cave in,

This whole thing is
gonna come down on me.



Fred hurt: Hold off, hold off.

Paul, are you ok?

I think the old
section of the wall

Came down, this whole thing's
gonna come down on me.

Narrator: At the trifecta,
over 20 feet down

And inches from bedrock,
the boulder-packed walls

Of the holes are collapsing
around diver paul richardson.


Fred hurt: Paul,
get out of there.

We're gonna take him out
of the water right now.

Holy [bleep].

You all right, man?

What happened, that
wall just came right down.

If it would have buried
my feet, I couldn't have

Gotten my feet out of there.

We had that hole,
what was it, 21 foot.

It's not anymore.

We've got three foot of
debris on the bottom.

It's going to take
us two, three days

Just to get back to
the bedrock again.

Narrator: But with the first
winter storms on the way,

Fred's crew is
running out of time.

Fred hurt: We're right on it.

We're on the gold.

There is gold down there.

But at what point do we say
that it's too dangerous,

We're going to get somebody
hurt, somebody killed?

It's a matter of
weighing what we can get

Or what kind of danger we're
going to have to face to do it.

Is that hole too
dangerous to work in?

If you're upside down and
you get buried, you're gone.

Scott allen: Ain't that's
just a kick in the [bleep] ?

We finally get to
the point we've

Been chasing all [bleep]
season, and now we're

Getting chased out of here.

The hole's too
[bleep] dangerous.

I mean--

Man, I know we
all want more gold,

But there's no amount of
gold worth somebody's life.

There's a time to
go after the gold,

And there's a time
to call it quits.

Ok, better be ready.

It's on.

Narrator: Half a mile
downstream, at the chute--

Let's go get it.

Let's go to work.

Narrator: --After three weeks
of dredging their new dive site,

Dustin hurt is also
racing to find gold

At the bottom of a plunge pool.

Dustin hurt: We're not
down to the bottom yet,

But I'm so hopeful that
this thing has gold in it.

Narrator: Over the
last four months,

Dustin's crew has
dredged over 30 ounces

Of gold worth over $60,000.

But if they can hit bedrock
before the big freeze

Shuts them out, they could go
home with a fortune in gold.

Dustin hurt: Dane found a
pretty good sized nugget.

That's wonderful news, proof
this thing has gold in it.

We need to get it cleaned out
and find out what's down there.

I'm going in next.

It appears that I'm going
to get the glory dig

And get to clean the
bottom of the bedrock.

Hopefully there's a
lot of gold with it.

Let me go get suited up.

All right.

Let's finish this.

Carlos minor: We need to get
to the bottom of the chute.

We need gold.

We need gold to make this work.

We've got to keep focus.

We can't mess this up.

It's a do-or-die thing.

We dredge till the end.

Dustin hurt: I'm gonna take
the whole top down and get

Some of the bigger rocks out.

I think that's a good call.

Dustin hurt: I want
that basket to fly.

All right.

We can do that.

There you go.

I know you can do it.

You've got this.

Dustin hurt: Oh, I hate this.

I know!

Dustin hurt: [bleep]


It's so cold.


Narrator: Eight feet down,
dustin is following bedrock

Steps into the plunge pool.

But a layer of boulders
and gravel stands

In his way to reach
what he believes

Is a fortune in chunky gold.

I got so many big
rocks down here.



Going down.

Dustin hurt: [inaudible].

Let's go.

All right.

Go ahead and lift.

Got it.


Holy moly.


Going down.

Dustin hurt: Stop.

I'll stop.

All right.

Hold on.

Coming up.

Got it?



Dustin hurt: It's
gonna lift it up.

Man: Yep, I got it.


Carlos minor: Woo!

That's a lot of
rocks down there.

Narrator: Two hours
into his dive, dustin's

Taken the plunge pool
down another two feet.

Man: What's it looking
like down there?

Dustin hurt: [inaudible]

Man: Awesome.

Dustin hurt: On the
upstream side of the pool,

There's some big
green rocks in here.


Green rocks.


Dustin hurt: You know what
those green rocks have.


Use the basket.

Copy that.

Coming downstream.

Narrator: Green rocks are packed
full of metals and minerals.

Due to their weight,
they're usually

Found near bedrock gold.

All right.

Let's go.

Holy moly.

All these rocks are green, dude.



All right.

Let's go.


It's right there!

Looking good.

Narrator: Finally,
through the rocks,

Dustin can now continue
his hunt for bedrock

And their big pile
of chunky gold.

Dustin hurt: Whoa.



Oh, it hurts, it hurts.

What the hell?

Carlos minor: [inaudible],,
we got a fire.

Dustin hurt: Fure!

Man: Fire.

[bleep] hell.

[bleep] [bleep]

What's going on here?

It melted into the hose.

There's no water
coming out of that.

Carlos minor: Ok, bring
him up, bring him up.


Get out of there.

[bleep] damn it.

Now what's going on?
- Yep.

He's gonna come up.

[bleep], that hurt.


You all right?

It hurt.


What happened?

I don't know.

It came in hot, dude.

That [bleep] boiled over.


Is that water going
through that [bleep]??

Oh, I know.

Somehow one of the
valves got turned off.

Dustin hurt: What the [bleep]?


I don't know
how that happened.

Well, I don't even know
how it got turned off.

James, y'all turn this off?

That was totally my
fault. I made a mistake.

I bumped that when I was
slipping all over the place.

Dustin hurt: What the
hell are you thinking?

What the [bleep].

I can't believe I
[bleep] made that mistake.

Narrator: The dredge extracts
cold water from the creek,

Passes it through
a pair of filters,

Then heats it in a sleeve
around the engine's exhaust.

When james accidentally hit the
valve on one of the filters,

He halved the water supply
going to the exhaust,

Sending scalding hot water
to dustin's dive suit.

Dustin hurt: We're
obviously tired, man, making

Stupid mistakes like that.

It looks bad.

There was no water flowing
through our heat system.

It caught that
rubber hose on fire.

I can try to fix it by tomorrow.

Dustin hurt: We won't
be diving today.

Narrator: With the
dredge out of action,

Dustin has no choice but
to call an end to the dive.

This is ridiculous.

There's a storm coming through.

I got snow coming down
the mountain right now.

I don't have time for this.



No go, man.


Narrator: Up ahead--

We are down on the gold.

Is the rest of that
gold down there worth

Getting one of us hurt?


I think you're
crazy for going in.

Holy [bleep].

Dustin hurt: This
[bleep] will kill you.

We won't even find your body.

Pull my damn hose.

Get him out of there.
Hey, guys.

Help me.

Pull him up.


[music playing]

All right, we need to
fix this to get this done.


Narrator: As the first
big winter storm barrels

Towards alaska,
dustin's crew races

To finish repairing the dredge.

James accidentally
flipped one of the switches,

So it stopped water going
to our hot water system.

Narrator: After working
through the night at camp,

Wes scavenged
enough parts to get

The dredge back up and running.

Ok, done.

Start this back up.

Come on, baby.

That's better.



We got it figured out.

We got water going
through our heaters,

So we're ready to dredge.

It's all good.

That was a close call.

It could have caught
the whole thing on fire,

And that would have
ended our season.

We would have had to pack up.

All right.

Everything seems
to be working now.

Sorry, man.

I apologize.

We all [bleep] up, bro.

It's all good.

All right.

Let's go to work.

Narrator: Now it's
carlos's chance

To be the one who finally hits
the bottom of the plunge pool

And uncovers a monster
payday on bedrock.

We've got to push.

We've got to get hungry.

And we've got to dig it out.

We've got to get that gold.

We're almost there, man.

I want to finish it off.

All right, are
you going to finish

This [bleep] haul for me today?

Do my best, man.

I don't know what kind of
mess is down there, dude.




Air check?


All right, let's go.

Have a good dive, man.

Let's get the gold.

All right.




Got down to the
bottom [inaudible]..

Give me a basket, please.

Copy that.

Oh, stop.

Just stop out there.

Narrator: 10 feet down
in the plunge pool,

Carlos is back on the
hunt for bedrock gold.

All right, [inaudible].

Ready to rock and roll.

This basket's good to go.

All right, coming up.

That's it.

Narrator: But an hour
into the dive, carlos

Still hasn't hit bedrock.

Is that pole showing
any signs of [inaudible]??

Carlos minor: I
had to stop because

Of the big boulder that's in
the middle of [inaudible]..

Copy that.

Carlos minor: All right, stop.

All right.

Dustin hurt: All
right, here we go.

Carlos minor: Come on, get out.

That's a big one.

Get out, get out, get out.

All right, [inaudible],,
you got it.


That's a big one.

It's really heavy.


I can't lift it.

James: It's more pounds than
we can pull with the winch.

Man: Hold on, hold on.

Dustin hurt: Watch out.


Wes richardson: It's
starting to turn.

Now it's starting to
go hit the dredge.

Dustin hurt: [bleep] can
you grab it real quick?

[bleep] my way.

Oh, man.

That's not what I wanted.

I don't want him to
smash the dredge.

What do you want to do?

Well, I don't know.

I mean, we can use
the [inaudible]

And try to get it out.

All right, let's try that.

Narrator: If the
rock rolls forward,

It could completely
destroy the dredge.

Wes richardson: Can you
clip it onto the carabiner?

Narrator: Wes improvises,
using a come-along winch.

Hey, wes!

If that thing cuts loose,
it's gonna [bleep] you up.

Wes richardson: Y'all
move out of the way.

Be careful, man.

Watch out.

All done.

Get it off of there.


Yeah, boy.

That's a rock moving.

Good job, guys.

Look at the size of the
boulders we're getting out now.

That's a little one.

That's a little one?

That's amazing.

I just can't
imagine what's going

To be in the bottom of that.

A little bit of dredging.

Narrator: The rocks
out of his way, carlos

Can finally get back to
the hunt for bedrock.

Come along.

Let's see what happens.

Copy that.

It's getting there.


Dustin hurt: Dude,
you're still going down?


Getting there, man.

[inaudible], dude.

Narrator: Carlos has exposed all
four walls of the plunge pool.

Now he can continue digging
down in search of the bedrock

Bottom, where he
believes he will

Find a pile of gold nuggets.

Oh, man, this is--

I don't know what's
down here, man.

Digging a tunnel, [inaudible].

There had to be something
that created a waterfall right

There, because there's
no other way to dig

That hole without any pressure.

You have to have
down-- straight down

Pressure to dig that there.

Wes richardson: Yeah.

It's got to be an
ancient waterfall.

It'll be the best
pay we ever see.

Carlos minor:
[inaudible] that hose.

Dustin hurt: Copy that.

Hey, pull the dredge.

We're trying to move
the dredge up to get

Carlos a couple more feet.

Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Now the hose will go.


We gave you an extra foot
and a half on the [inaudible]..


Dude, this is freakin'
gorgeous, man.


Just working the area around it
and going left to right, dude.

Taking it down, man.

Dustin hurt: All right.

Look how much you got
blowing through there now.

I can feel that's going to have
a bunch of [bleep] gold in it.

I hope so.

Hey, man.

[inaudible] 40-minute warning.


Dustin hurt: I know, dude.

I know what you're seeing.

Narrator: Determined to
hit the bedrock gold,

Carlos has taken the plunge
pool down to 12 feet.

Dustin hurt: All right, man.

Come up.


Ok, man.

Narrator: But after an
epic five-hour dive,

Dustin calls time.

Dustin hurt: [inaudible]

You're all right.


Good job, man.

Good job, brother man.

You got a bunch of
[bleep] out today, man.

That's [bleep] awesome, dude.


That's a gold pole.

I guarantee it.

It's like a shaft.

What a freaking day, man.

There's gold in there.

Oh, yeah.

Just a couple of
small fingers today.

Carlos minor: I wanted
to hit bottom, man.

I wanted you to
hit bottom, too.

But the deeper it goes, the
more possibilities of gold.

But the longer it's going
to take us to dig it.

Do you believe this might
be one of our deepest digs?

Deeper than nugget bowl already.


It's getting there, man.

All four sides, dude.

I mean, you can
see all four sides.

Perfect nugget
catch of all times.

That was created for
the purpose of gold.

It was created for us to dig
that out to get that gold.

Dustin hurt: Carlos
definitely had a good dive.

I hoped he'd hit the bottom,
but this thing just keeps going

Down, which blows my damn mind.

This is the best-looking nugget
catch we've ever looked at.

It's going to be a
dream come true for us.

[music playing]

Fred hurt: All right.

We had a situation occur,
and I don't know what we're

Going to do about it just yet.

Narrator: At the trifecta,
dakota fred and his crew

Face their toughest
decision of the season.

We are down on the gold.

There's gold in this hole.

But the wall down
there is very unstable.

Paul just avoided
total disaster.

Narrator: They've started to
find large chunky gold as they

Close in on the bedrock,
but on his last dive,

Paul richardson
narrowly escaped death

When the wall collapsed above
him 21 feet deep in the hole.

I mean, if I would
have been head down

And kicked that one rock, I'd
still be down there right now.

Fred hurt: We don't
have much time.

We're about to get
us nasty weather.

Up in this mountain, once
it hits, you're screwed.

We've got to make
a decision what

The hell we're going to do.

I know we all want
more gold, but I

Don't see any way for a diver
to be down there safely.

I can't go back in.

I don't want to be
buried underwater.

That is one of my biggest fears.

Scott allen: No [bleep].

I want to get home to my kids.

Paul richardson: Yeah.

I understand all
your positions.

I respect them.

But I want to go
after some more gold.

Scott allen: Dude.

Is the rest of that
gold down there worth

Getting one of us hurt?


Dustin hurt: What's
going on, fred?

Narrator: Four months
ago, fred pledged he'd

Hit gold at the bedrock bottom.

Dustin hurt:

I'm thinking we missed a whole
lot of gold in the trifecta.




I think there's gold there.

I didn't find anything
there, but I hope you do.

See, in my mind, that's
where the gold got caught.

If you hit it real big,
I expect you're gonna break

Off a piece for me, right?

Hell yes, because I'm
going to get plenty of it.

I understand what the
dangers are down there.

I've seen them.

But I came to prove there's gold
in the bottom of this creek.

Y'all go ahead and get
everything together here.

I didn't get to be 77 years old
by taking chances all my life.

But the lure of
gold, it's strong.

I don't know if fred's
drive is gold fever.

I'm afraid he's going to dredge
himself a grave down there.

Paul richardson: One
wrong move, and everything

Is going to come tumbling down.

You got 20 foot of
rocks above your head.

You'd be buried alive instantly.

The hunt for gold continues.

Maybe we find the bottom.

Maybe we can't.

The only way to find out is to
get my ass in the hole water

And find out.

Let's go.

You're ready to go, fred.

Here we go.

You be careful on
that entrance, man.

Fred hurt: Wow.

That's a big rock [inaudible].

Paul richardson: Be
careful of [inaudible]..

When you're down there
20 foot and you look up

And you see rocks hanging
over your head like that,

Any second they could
come down on you.

You're not getting out of there.

You're just stuck in a
funnel at the bottom.

Any second now, that wall
could come tumbling down.

Fred hurt: I'm down in the hall.

There's rocks that
have been falling

Down on top of the ladder here.

All right, let's clear
it up a little bit.

Come down with the basket.

Copy that.

Coming down.

Narrator: Before fred can
get dredging to bedrock,

He needs to remove the three
feet of rocks and gravel

That fell in on the last dive.

Paul richardson: Ok, fred.

Just be careful down there, man.

Fred hurt: There's no room for
the basket down here at all.

All right, [inaudible]
up on the basket.

Paul, stop.

I'm taking rocks right now.

There's a huge danger
factor right now.

It's like russian roulette.

You never know when that
round's going to go off.

Fred hurt: The hole is so
small that there's no room.

It's a tight space down here.

All right, keep it straight up.

Paul richardson: Copy that.

Narrator: After two
hours of moving baskets,

Fred is back on virgin ground.

I'm going to hook
up the gold blaster,

Trying to open up an
area a little bit.

Narrator: No room to
maneuver, fred needs to create

Enough space to dredge.

Paul richardson: Sounds
pretty grim down there.

[inaudible] 30
minutes of dredging.

Much to my dismay,
and against my advice,

He's going to gold blast.

He's trying to push it
as far as he can push it.

Paul richardson: He's wanting
to get the gold blaster in there

And try to open the
hole up a little bit.

That's going to be
challenging in itself,

Because that wall
is pretty straight.

And as soon as he
starts undercutting,

It's going to want
to start coming down.

[inaudible] gold blaster.

Hey, fred, just be
careful down there, man.

It's got everybody
on edge right now.

Fred hurt: [inaudible].

This will be fine.

You hooked up the dredge nozzle.


Carlos minor: Gonna
do a little dredging.

Narrator: After using
the gold blaster

To expand the
bottom of the hole,

Fred can now dredge deep
into the virgin gravel

For his fortune.

Carlos minor: [inaudible]
a lot of rocks there.

[inaudible] four
inches on the dredge.

Paul richardson: Copy that.

Fred hurt: [inaudible]
blast of hot air.

Scott allen: That's a good sign.

Fred hurt: Yep, right
there [inaudible]

Hook lines on the bottom.

I'm going to feed
that pole down there.



Fred hurt: Keep going.



Fred hurt: Keep going.

Ryan cardoza: Holy
[bleep],, fred.

Fred hurt: Fine,
what you got there?

22 feet.

Man, I can't hardly
believe that.

Fred hurt: Looking good.

Narrator: 22 feet is the deepest
fred has ever dredged the hole.

Fred hurt: I'm not sure that
that's not bedrock right there.

You got bedrock?

Fred hurt: I got flat
bedrock down here.

I got about a foot of it opened
up right now, so looking good.


That's what we've
been looking for.


Hell yeah.

Man, that is
excellent news, fred.

It's a long time coming.

Narrator: After a season full
of setbacks and four long months

Of dredging, fred's
dogged determination

Has finally got him to bedrock.

It's taken us all season,
but we are finally on bedrock.

We're finally there.

We're finally getting
the good gold.

This is what we've been
hunting for all year.

I'm pulling it out.

It's only a little
bit of it right now.

Oh, this goes a
big chunk of gold.

Scott allen: Looking
for it, yeah.

We got it, we got it.


Ryan cardoza: It's time
to make some gold, buddy.


That is some
good-looking stuff.


What an incredible sight.



Man: What's going
on down there, fred?

Fred hurt: [bleep] winches rock.

Are you ok?

Fred hurt: [inaudible].

Fred, that sounded real bad.

Fred hurt: I know.

I don't want to come
back up right now.

If I can work [inaudible] right
just a little bit and away,

I can avoid that damn thing.

If the walls are that
loose, he needs to get out.

Otherwise it's going
to cave in on him.

Fred hurt: [coughing] yes
[bleep] can't see down here.


Pull my damn hose.



Get him out of there.

Hey, scott, help him.

Pull him up.


Fred hurt: [wheezing]

It's a long day, man.

James, you gonna
build us a fire?


I'll get a fire going.

That's a lot of
fire wood, brother.

Holy moly.

James: Just preparing for that
cold winter that's coming in.

I think it's coming in a
little faster than they expect.

Carlos minor: No doubt.

It's gonna get really, really
cold the next couple of days.

We have to start
working on that roof.

Narrator: At mckinley
camp, the first storm

Of the alaskan
winter is on the way.

The weather is coming in.

It's snowing just above us.

It may snow on us tonight even.

But we can handle it.

We're tough.

I got a great crew.

We're strong.

We're motivated.

We need to get a little
bit more gold before I

Can justify leaving this place.

It's a gamble.

Man: What's going on
down there, friend?

Fred hurt: Whoa,
[inaudible] [bleep] rock.

Narrator: At the
trifecta, dakota fred

Has finally hit gold on bedrock
at 22 feet down in the hole.

If the walls are that
loose, he needs to get out.

Otherwise it's going
to cave in on him.

What's going on
down there, fred?

Fred hurt: [coughing] there's
some [bleep] [inaudible]..


Pull my damn hose.

Pull, pull!

Get him out of there.
Hey, scott.

Help him.

Pull him up.

Fred hurt: [wheezing]


Oh, fred.

Get him out of
the [bleep] water.

Paul richardson:
Can you hear me?


Paul richardson: You all right?

Yeah, I'm all right.



You ok?

[bleep] [bleep].

Bunch of rocks come
down in that hole.


It had my boot
wedged up in there,

And it was no letting go.

That scared the
[bleep] out of me.

That's the first time I
ever got stuck that bad.

I was pulling on that dive
boat with everything I had.

And I did not move anything.

I mean, that is crazy.

Awful thoughts were
going through my mind.

When you all pulled on me,
it pulled me up just enough.

All I just was trying to do was
just get out of the damn thing.

It's not looking good.

We no longer have a well.

All that stuff down there
from about six feet down

To the bottom is filled
in, the whole thing.

We're not going to be
able to continue the dig.

Narrator: After narrowly
avoiding two catastrophic wall

Collapses, fred has
no choice but to call

It quits at the trifecta.

I'm just glad to see
you made it back up, man.

We got lucky on that one.

Fred hurt: Like the
old saying says,

I'd rather be lucky
than good any day.



You want to see if you
got any gold in the box?

[bleep] [bleep] ha!

Paul richardson: There
is gold everywhere.

Go for it.

Scott allen: Look at that
big piece there, yeah.

Paul richardson: What
I'm seeing here fred,

You're exactly right.

Dustin hurt: So that's
what's on bedrock.

Fred hurt: [bleep]
damn good to see that.

[interposing voices]

[bleep] wow.

Oh, three of them, four of them.

Paul richardson: [inaudible]

Fred hurt: That's good.


Some of those pieces.

[bleep], [bleep].

Looking damn fine, fred.

Look at that.

That's the best one so far.

I've never seen
that much gold come

Out of that small of an area.

That's worth it.

Narrator: Finding such gold-rich
gravel on a small section

Of bedrock is cast-iron
proof that fred was

Right about the trifecta gold.

Beginning of the
season, I thought

You were crazy for wanting
to come back to trifecta

And dig here.

Dustin called me that too.

But damn if you didn't prove
that there was some gold here.

Fred hurt: Those, I'm
just more than ecstatic.

And I just want to
thank you guys for just

All the help you guys gave me.

It has taken one hell of an
effort to do all of this.

I gotta admit, this
is absolutely one

Of the highlights of my career.

It really-- it's--

Ryan cardoza: Good job, fred.

Excellent dive.

Brought home the bacon.

I mean, the gold.

Old man just had to know
if he was right or not.


Finally, after all
the work we've done,

It was just fantastic to see
that kind of gold in the box.

Fred took a ton of [bleep] for
picking this spot to dredge.

Today he was vindicated.



Oh, we put some
hours in that thing.

Yeah, we have.

That's one hell of a hole.

Sad to see it go.

I feel a little bit
bad that we didn't

Get gobs and gobs of gold.

But holy cow, we only worked
it down to a six-foot hole.

We could have come
up with nothing.

It's not the amount of gold.

It's the fact that
we actually did it.

I'm just happy
with what's there.

Tough to talk right now.

I'm-- a little
overwhelmed a little bit.

Just the fact that
there was gold

Down there on the flat bottom
makes me feel pretty damn good.

[music playing]

Man (on radio):
Like the storm, it

Will bring strong gusty
winds and heavy rain

For portions of
southeast alaska.

It's coming down, bro.

It's coming down big time.

I don't like the
looks of it at all.

Narrator: The first big storm of
the alaskan winter has arrived.

It rained nonstop last night.

Weather is not cooperating.

Carlos minor: Holy [bleep], man.

Dustin hurt: Let's suit up.

We're going across.

Narrator: After a month
dredging in the chute,

Dustin's crew is racing to hit
the bottom of the plunge pool

And uncover a fortune
in gold on bedrock.

Dustin hurt: Look at that water.

I've never seen it
like that before.

The water levels look higher
than they've ever looked.

Holy [bleep].

Carlos minor: Oh!

Dustin hurt: You can
see the waters rising.

Carlos minor: We're
in for it now, dude.

Can you hear it?

Dustin hurt: Oh, my [bleep].

Carlos minor: Holy [bleep].

Look at that waterfall.

That's freakin' huge.


Dustin hurt: Just all that
fresh lumber I see at the bottom

Is what scares me.

[bleep] it does not look good.

Oh, my [bleep].

That rock.

[bleep] don't fall in.


Oh, no!

Oh, my [bleep].


It's destroyed.

What the hell, man?

Dustin hurt: Oh, no.

It looks like it's
broke in half.

Carlos minor: Oh, gosh!

This is insane.

What are we gonna do?

[bleep],, I don't
know what to tell you.

If we don't have a dredge--

The engine is underwater.

It's unsalvageable.

It's un-diveable.

This [bleep] will kill you.

We won't even find
your [bleep] body.



Narrator: On the
next "gold rush--

White water"--

We got this.

Oh, my--

That's 10 times more than I
thought you were going to get.

Ha, ha.

It's all about willpower.

How much do you want the gold?

We can't leave this.

We've got a bunch of gold
sitting there waiting for us.

The water looks crazy.

Holy [bleep].



One of us has
gotta kill somebody.

Come on!

You got it.


Holy [bleep].

God [bleep].

I can't hold it.