Gold Rush: White Water (2018–…): Season 4, Episode 11 - A Special Kind of Crazy - full transcript

At his new dive site, The Chute, Dustin is overpowered by the raging white water leaving his life in his crew's hands. After heavy rain, Fred's crew fights zero visibility and have a deadly encounter 14 feet underwater.

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
This water is vicious, uh...
It's faster than anything
we've ever been in.

[man] yeah, dude,
that's gonna be tricky, man.

[dustin] all right. [bleep].
Let's see what happens.

[narrator] in the wilds
of the chilkat mountains,

Fall has arrived

And days of heavy storms
have created

Extremely dangerous
diving conditions.

So I'm about to do
my first dive in the chute

And, uh, it looks pretty rough

'cause the water's going
way too fast through there.

But we know
that gold is in there.

So I'm gonna get
into the chute

And see what it's got.

All right. Hopefully
we have a good dive today.

I think it's gonna get
a little intense for me,

But, uh, I'll try to handle it
the best I can.

[narrator] the mighty
mckinley falls

Is just 50 feet downstream.

Dustin's life will be
in james' hands

On the safety line.

[james] you're hooked in
and locked.

[dustin] am I good to go?

Good to go.
Good to go.

Thank you.

All right.

Let's see what we've got
down here, man.

Ooh, that's cold.

Whoa! [grunts]

I can't move.

You got me, james?


[james] it's too heavy.

[dustin grunts]

[james] hey,
there's a problem!

-[dustin] carlos?

Can you give him
a [bleep] hand maybe?

[dustin grunts]


[man] oh, crap!

If you don't try
to get to the gold,

You won't get any gold.

[dustin] it's not worth
your life.

I need another place today.


[fred] pick up the diver.


this is some crazy water
we're dealing with.

Kids, don't try this at home.

[ryan] anybody willing
to dredge in water like this--

-[scott] a special kind
of crazy.
-Special kind of crazy.

Gold! Gold!

-[wes] you got gold, buddy.
-Oh, wow.

Good job.

It could be huge.

[dustin] carlos!

Oh, crap!

[narrator] dustin's pinned
face down in the chute,
where the narrow torrent

Is raging three times
faster than the rest
of the creek.

[dustin grunts]


Oh, dude!


[bleep] sorry.

-[james] pull him up.

[dustin grunts]

Come on! [bleep]

[dustin sighs in relief]
that's crazy, man.

That was bad.

It was real bad.

I'm starting to shake.

I need to get out
of these clothes.


It's like I can't stop
shaking right now.

Uh, the water kicked
my butt is what it did.

It's the most exhausting
diving I've ever done ever.

There's fast water,
there's white water,

And then there's like
furious water,

And I don't... I don't want
to get into anything

That's going to really
potentially hurt anybody.

'cause you have to
risk your life,

It's not worth it.

[scott] looks like we have
a bit of a flood.

[paul] yeah.
Our dive platform's

-[bleep] that water is way up.
-Yeah, dude.

[narrator] half a mile
upstream, at the trifecta.

Fred hurt and his
crew are also faced
with the aftermath

Of the heavy rains.

It rained pretty hard
last night.

Oh, yeah, but if you
don't try to get to the gold,

You won't get any gold.

Real simple.

[narrator] fred is gambling
what could be his final
mining season

On finding a pile of gold
on the bedrock.

It might be
20 or 21 feet deep.

It would sure be nice
to be able to get down
into that.

But that's some nasty
water out there.

Lost all of our visibility,
completely lost.

I mean, there's none.

Looks like the mississippi
river right here.

[narrator] they're down
to 16 feet,
but today's diver

Will have to deal
with zero visibility.

We had a lot of rain
last night.

Water's up, extremely dirty.

So it's gonna be
a challenging dive today.

This should give you
a good perspective
on how dirty

And how murky
this water is,
how bad the visibility is.

One of orange gloves
that we dive with...

Just like that.
You can't even see it.

So, uh, paul is in
the water today.

[narrator] in these
dangerous conditions,

Fred's chosen his most
experienced diver, paul.

The mission is to
try to open

The bottom of the hole up
a little bit.

But, uh, I kind of expect
not to have any visibility

-It don't feel too tight
for you, does it?

[paul] this is what I'm used
to diving in.

But this season, I've gotten
so spoiled with the clarity
we've had.

Like, we haven't had
any of this, uh,
zero visibility all this year.

Looks like a thick
milkshake this morning.

Going to take a couple of days
for this to clear up.

But in the meantime,
we got to keep diving.

[ryan] all right,
you're all set,

[paul] all right. Here we go.

How's your visibility
down there?

[paul] I got about...
Inch-and-a-half visibility.

-A whole inch?

-Man. Horrible.

[paul] I just hit a big rock
with the nozzle.

I need the basket down here.

-Basket's coming down, buddy.

[narrator] paul is digging
down beside the vertical

Of an ancient waterfall.
Fred believes when they
get to 20 feet,

They'll hit bedrock
and a massive pile of gold.

[ryan cardoza] this is about
the worst day to dive
I've ever seen.

A little bit nervous for him.

We don't know what the current
did overnight, you know.

It can wash material out
from underneath the boulders

That were safe yesterday
and they might not be
so safe this morning so...

It's a dangerous day
to be diving and...

You know, frankly, I'm glad
I'm not in paul's spot today.

[paul] I think I've got
a full basket.

I think it's full,
but I can't tell.

[ryan] all right.
You're all clear.

[paul] I'm clear?

It looks like you're doing
a great job, man,

For not having no visibility.

Nice rocks coming out.

Lots of material coming over
the back of the dredge.

You're a champ, paul!

[paul laughing]

Anybody willing to dredge
in water like this is

A great miner in my eyes.
I mean...

[scott] a special kind
of crazy.

Special kinda crazy for sure.

[fred] hey, paul.

-[paul] what?

The pole is right by
the end of the ladder.

Yeah, I've got--
I can feel it.

-Can you put it where
the deep spot is there?

[narrator] after two hours,

Fred checks on
paul's progress.

[fred] there's the bottom
right there?

So that's 18 feet. Right there
at that black mark.

[ryan] oh, wow.

[fred] which is great news.


[paul] it's right there.
We're within inches of
actually touching bedrock.

[ryan] bedrock, excellent!


He's down in some
deep water down there.

That means I just poked
a hole down there

And he's done almost 18 feet.

So, we're within two feet
of the bedrock.

[ryan] we know there's gonna
be big gold on the bedrock.

That gives us
a lot of hope today

That we're getting close.

[paul] god, I wish
I could see down here.

Whoa, whoa.


[paul] I wish
I could see down here.

[narrator] at the trifecta,

Paul is 18 feet down
in zero visibility.

[paul] whoa, whoa.


-[ryan] paul!
-[fred] whoa!
Pick up the diver.

Come up. Come up.

-You all right there,

[ryan] what's going on?

[paul] there's a landslide
down here.

Holy [bleep].

[paul] I can hear
boom, boom, boom underwater.

And I felt something
hit the ladder.

-Hey, paul.

Uh, what I need you to do

Is, uh, I need you
to go check it out

-And just give me
an evaluation.
-All right.

Good luck.

[paul] here we go.

We've got a big boulder

That's completely filled
the bottom of the hole.


Now it's closed.

[ryan] it takes up
the whole hole?

[paul] yeah, I mean, this rock
is touching the ladder.

And it goes all the way out.

It's where you got
everything blasted, fred.

-[fred] about 3 feet.

[narrator] a boulder
broke off the sidewall.

It narrowly missed paul,

Filled in the bottom,

And it's completely
blocking their path to gold.


[paul] the rock is that big.

I don't know how else we could
get it up out of there.

[fred] that's it.

You gotta come out
of the water.

Diver out.

The rock has got
the entire hole filled up.

It could've pinned me, my arm,
my legs. Could've got killed.

I mean, it's [bleep] big.


I mean, it just...

...Blows my mind that paul
was down there with it.

I mean...

Just shudder to think about
what would have happened.

Holy crap.


[fred] that's it. We're done.

-[man] hey.
-Morning, fellas.

-Sleep good?

I did not sleep
all right last night.

I think the chute is
really fast.
It's gonna be so dangerous.

People could die.

What's that?

[dustin] it's not worth
the gold.

It's not worth your life.

So, I need to see if we could
find another place to dig.

So nobody gets hurt or dies.

[narrator] heavy rains have
turned their new dive site
at the chute

Into a death trap.

And with
no viable sites nearby,

Dustin must scramble
to find new ground.

[wes] what are you gonna do?

Well, we know there's gold
coming from upstream

And, uh, there's a whole bunch
of my claim that I have never
seen so...

I think we should go up creek,

Find out what's on my claims

And find out where
we're gonna dig next.

-All right?
Let's go check it out.
-[carlos] I hear you, man.

There's a section of my claims
that I have never seen before

And, uh, the winter
is almost on us.

So, we gotta figure out
where we're going next.

I've got a mile of claims.

So we're looking for
a new spot today

'cause there's a lot of
gold in this creek.

[singing] ♪ I am beautiful ♪

♪ in every single way ♪

[narrator] dustin's crew
are following

In the footsteps
of the old-timers

Who braved these
remote mountain creeks

Over 100 years ago
in search of their fortune.

And pulled out gold
worth today

Hundreds of millions
of dollars.

[dustin] how much gold
did the old-timers leave me?

That's what it comes down to.

They could have
missed a bunch.

[wes] I can
tell you one thing.

They did find a nine-ounce
nugget in the early 1900s
on this creek.

So, there can't be just
one nugget that size.

-There's gotta be more.
-[carlos] oh, holy moly!

I'm looking for nuggets, dude.

[dustin] everybody be careful.
This is dangerous.

Close that machete.

[narrator] dustin owns
a mile of claims

From mckinley falls

All the way up
to cahoon creek.

His plan...

Drop in downstream
of the trifecta

And search his
unexplored claims

For virgin ground.

[wes] damn, that's sketchy.

One rock, and I bet that
[bleep] comes down. Ow!

[dustin] oh. [bleep]

Watch out.
The rest don't come with it.

[wes] oh, man.

[dustin] take your time.
Be careful!

[wes grunts]

[dustin] hey! [bleep]

Holy hell!

Yeah. Big [bleep]
broken branches.

And that looks like
a bear cave over there.

[dustin] this is
bear country, man.

[wes] holy [bleep]

[bear growls]

the chilkat mountains

Are home to black bears
and grizzlies.

As winter closes in,

Bears are extremely active

As they race to fatten up
for hibernation.


So, the bears been right here.

[dustin] see how [bleep]
scary that is?

[wes] where's your gun at?

-I unlatched it when I got
to that, uh...
-That bear cave?


[dustin] I'd hurry
through here.

[wes] I'm not scared.

I'm not scared.

[narrator] dustin needs a site
the old-timers never reached

That's safe to dive

And they can mine in
the last month in the season

Before winter shuts them down.

[dustin] this is
a [bleep] adventure.

-[carlos] yeah, dude.
-Yeah. [bleep]


Watch out. This is loose.

[carlos] holy hell!

[wes] look at that.

Why don't you all
look right down there?

-[carlos] oh, wow.
-[dustin] that?

[wes] yeah. Yeah, yeah.

Wow. Look at that.

There are boulders
as big as houses.

And, uh,
I don't see any evidence

That anybody's
actually dug here.

Yeah. I don't see any signs of
anchors or nothing.

[dustin] look at it.
No one touched this.

[wes] and the water
looks diveable.

[dustin] oh, yeah.
That's diveable, dude.

I bet there is a ton of gold
still locked up here.

I bet there is, too.

[narrator] dustin's found
ground that could be
chock full of nuggets.

If every time we moved
a boulder in rockfall ravine

We got a few nuggets,

What do you get underneath
a house boulder?

[carlos] tons and tons
of gold. Big gold.

[narrator] as gold
flows down the creek
and hits a boulder,

The water slows,

The gold drops over time,
creating a nugget trap

And a large deposit of gold.

[wes] that nine-ounce nugget

Came from up here somewhere,
didn't it?

-[dustin] yeah.

Maybe underneath these
boulders there's some
huge nuggets.


[carlos] holy crap, man.

Bigger the boulders,
bigger the gold.

[dustin] yeah, I agree.

A lot of big, big, big rocks.

But we know
how to handle those now.

-Eight powerheads.
That [bleep] gone.
-[wes exclaims]

[narrator] four weeks ago...

got our three chargers in.

We're gonna pop that rock.

[narrator] ...Dustin pioneered
a new method

To remove large boulders
from the dive site.

[wes] all right.
Let's do this!


Did you see that?
Did you see it?

[narrator] breaking them apart
with blast charges.

[dustin] just smashed it.
It's in three pieces now.

[all cheering]

Just, those size boulders
that scares us anymore, man.

-We can move them.
-He's right.


[wes] I mean, you remove
all this stuff...

That's a lot of work.

Yeah, it is a lot of work.

Well, I don't say
a lot of work really easily.

[wes] a lot of blasting.
A lot of breaking.

[dustin] well, might be
too complicated for the end
of a season but...

I mean...

This is a definite
possibility now.


There's an area
on the other side

I'd like to go check
over there with a pan.

-[wes] yeah.
-[narrator] now,

They need to find out
if the old-timers

Left them the gold
beneath the boulders.

[wes] I'll go check it out.

[dustin] you gotta get
over there first. How do
you get over there?

I don't know.

[dustin] this is some
fast, fast water.

Boy, you do not
wanna fall in that.

We're gonna have to
cross the creek
somewhere though.

[wes] well, you know what?

There's a big tree
right there.

You could lasso that log.

You could pull that log
across there and we'll
walk across it.

[dustin] that's
a great idea, man.

[wes] all right.
I'm gonna suit up.

[narrator] to cross
the raging creek,

They need to attach
a rope to a fallen tree,

Then drag it across
to the other side.

I'm gonna go down right here.

-And walk straight across
if I can.

I'll get it across. We'll
flip it over that big one,

Walk up there and you can
walk right across there
with the rope.

-Sound good?

This looks scary though.

I ain't gonna lie.

[narrator] dustin needs
to work his way

Across the raging white water

And secure the rope
to the tree.

-[dustin] james.

I need you
to hold that.

Yeah, hold that board. Oh.

All right. Let's see if
I can get across [bleep].

[narrator] dustin uses
boards washed down

From the trifecta
to steady himself

Against the current.

[dustin grunts] damn it.


Kids, don't try this at home.

kids, don't try this at home.

Was his last words...

...Before he died

A [bleep] horrible,
painful death.

[narrator] dustin and his crew

-Have discovered
a remote dive site...

...That's safer
than the chute.

But to get a closer look,

Dustin must cross
a raging creek.

[wes] yeah, if you
can get down that log,
you got it.

You could go right down that
log, then you'll
step right across.

[dustin] that's a slippery
[bleep], man.

[wes] oh, yeah. I know.

[dustin] this is
really crazy.


[bleep] hell. Be careful.

[narrator] if dustin slips
on the wet log,

He could be swept away
by the raging current.

[dustin] what the [bleep]
am I doing?

[wes] oh, [bleep].
He's going in that [bleep].

Oh, dude.

Ah, get a wet [bleep].

-Ooh... I mean, it got
right up in there, man.
-[all exclaiming]

-Chilly willie.

Live for this [bleep]!

-[wes] dustin is a [bleep]
badass, man.
-[james] yeah.

Crazy ass [bleep].

All right!

I gotta disconnect. Hold on.


[wes] you're gonna tie
it off to the end of the log?

Yeah. Can you put some
weight down there
and we pull on that side?

[wes] it should rotate right
around on that rock.

[james] dustin.

You push. We pull.

[dustin] yeah!



Keep on, boys!

-Yo! Can you lift up on it?
I can slide it.

[dustin grunting]

[wes] working its way
in the hole here.

That'll work.

Tie it off right.


-James. You walking out
or not?

-Don't fall, you'll die.
-All right.

Here we go.


I'm just trying to
get my footing.

I can't get my footing
on this [bleep].

[dustin] hey,
you lose your footing,
you're dead, buddy.

[james] look at this.
It's shaking.

Oh, ho.

-Relax. Relax.
-Holy [bleep]!


[dustin] take your time.

[james] oh.

That's slippery.

Holy smokes.

[dustin] take your time.
You're all right.

[james] oh, ho, ho, ho, ho.

Easy [bleep].

You wanna hop down,
I understand.

Yeah, buddy.

-[james sighs]

-that's it!

Damn, dude.

-[dustin] you shaking?
-A little bit.

[dustin laughing]

-I love it.
-[james groans]

Love it!


Feeling crazy yet?


[dustin] carlos.

[carlos] yeah. I can't cross.

[dustin] seriously?

[carlos] dude, this is
a death trap here.

All right, see you later.

All right, man.

There's lots of places for you
to get stuff to sample, dude.

Oh, yeah?

[bleep] there's could be
gold right here.

[dustin] oh, yeah, man.
That is a good spot, too.

[james] yeah, I'd like to
go test pan it.

All right, go ahead.
Do your thing.

[narrator] any sign of gold
on the surface

Could mean that beneath

Is a huge deposit
of chunky gold.

[dustin] nothing, huh?

-[james] nothing yet.

Yeah, there could be
something in here.

-[dustin] really?
-Yeah, there's gold.

Oh, man, there's like
five pieces in there.

Five pieces! [laughing]

-That is awesome, man.
-[wes] yeah, it is.

-Just by hand.

Right off the bedrock here.

-[wes] fricking awesome.
-[dustin] that's what
I wanted to hear.

"yes, dustin. We've got gold!"



We've got gold specks.

[carlos] oh, man.

-[james] yeah.
-[carlos] beautiful, dude.

[dustin] this does look like
an awesome spot to dig.

-[james] yeah.

It's one hell of a commitment
to get over here.

You gotta get a trail in,
you gotta get set up.

There's a lot of work.

Honestly, that would be
the easiest place to do,

Under those boulders
over there.

You could put your skyline
above that rock
right over there.

We'd have to bring the dredge
in with a helicopter here,
I think.

Or if we make
a walkway up here

We could bring it up
piece at a time.

We can do this.

Yeah, I agree. We can do it.

But, I need something
that I could finish

-In, like, a month or so.
-[james] yeah.

Because it's about to
snow on us, man.

-But I do...

-I do like this area.
-[carlos] yeah.

[dustin] well,
let's have a think on it.

It's beautiful.
It's hard to get to,

But it could have
our name all over it.

[wes] yeah.

[fred] we're gonna have
a discussion this morning

About what happened yesterday.

Is this the end of
your season?

Yes. Yesterday could have been

Had it not been
for the luck of the draw.

It was that serious.

[narrator] fred's put
all mining on hold

After an underwater boulder
almost killed paul.

-The rock was there.
-[paul] yes.

But we did not
discover that rock

Because we had no visibility.

Uh, I didn't recognize
just how dangerous it was.

I just flat missed that.

But the seriousness
of that incident

Haunted me all last night.

Had nightmares about it.

Just thinking about what
could have happened yesterday.

-That would have been it.
-That would have been it.

So, uh, from now on,
if we don't have at least

A foot of visibility,
we are not diving.

[ryan] yeah, I agree, man.

[paul] well, there's no amount
of gold worth anybody
dying over...

No. Absolutely not.
Absolutely not.

I do not wanna have to
help dustin

Get your body out.

[fred] like the old
saying said,

-"I'd rather be lucky
than good any day."
-that's true.

-And we were lucky.
-We were lucky.

Uh, so we're not gonna be
diving when we got
no visibility.

We're gonna work on getting
a big boulder out of there
right now.

Um, you know,
it's about yay high.

So it's about 15-16ft deep,

So we're gonna attempt to make

An 18-foot long drill bit

With nice, smooth
welds on that thing.

It will reach 18 feet
down underwater.

-All right, let's go ahead
and do our thing.
-[all] all right.

-You're gonna weld
with 6011 or 7018s?

[fred] rocks just don't
have handles on them,

But we've got a way
to put a handle on 'em.

By drilling a hole and putting
an anchor bolt into it.

But, we need
an 18-foot long drill bit.


This will be our longest
drill bit that we ever made.

We hope we're gonna
be able to drill.

[narrator] fred's plan,

Take his 8-foot drill bit

And weld on
a 10-foot extension

So he can drill two holes
in the boulder,

Insert a pair of bolts

And winch it directly
out of the hole.

[fred] we'll just cut it off
just below this.

-Yeah, we cut it right
in here, we're 10-foot.

And this is 8-foot.

So that's 18 feet.

[paul] yeah, that'll work.

[fred] let's put
those two together.

All right, fire it up.

That's good. Yeah.

-Well done, paul.

We gotta secure this thing
to the buggy really good

To get it up there
so it don't bend it in half.

Why don't you takes some
tin legs and shove it over
the end of them?

Yeah, that's not a bad idea.

[fred] for the time being
we're using that for transport

For our drill bit.

It's so flexible
we're afraid that it's
gonna bend the pipe.

Got a pretty rough road
to go on up there.

So, let me see if I can
get that rod up

To the cable and get it
across for them.

Here we go.

from porcupine base,

It's a bone-shaking
2-mile drive

Up to mckinley camp
in the zip line.

[fred] why, you never know
how rough it is on that road

Till you take a 20-foot pole
with you on top of a atv.

I'm going
into pole vaulting now.

My latest profession.

That looks like
that'll carry pretty good.

All right, here it comes.

Here it comes.

[ryan] there she is.

The monster bit.

[paul] perfect.

You guys have got it.
Uh, careful with it.

Give the best you can
and get it down there.

Copy that, fred.

[paul] we'll just have to go
slow and easy with it.

Hopefully, it will last
long enough to get a couple
of holes in that rock,

Put a couple
of anchor bolts in it,

And we can pull
that rock out of there.

We need that rock out
so we can go down
and hit the bedrock,

And right now
we can't do anything.

So we really, really
need this to work.

[dustin] james, you gonna
build us a fire?

Yeah. I'll get a fire going.

[narrator] just a month
left to mine,

Dustin faces a major decision,

One that will affect
the rest of his season.

[dustin] well, we know
it's out there now.

That house boulder
looked great.

But... It's gonna be hard-hard
to get to, though.

Really hard.

In all honesty, I don't
believe we have

Enough of the season left
to get everything
set up there.

[wes] exactly. I was
thinking that as well.

It's really dangerous
for the diver.

But, uh, I still think we need

To finish the chute first
before we think about moving.

[dustin] I'm telling you,
it's such a dangerous
place to dig.

People could die.

[narrator] dustin's declared
the chute too dangerous
to dive,

But it contains gold.

And they have all
the equipment they need
to mine already in place.

I mean, we're set up for it.

[dustin] I know, but none
of this is worth our lives.

[james] the last time
I dove a chute,
I was terrified, actually.

[dustin] yeah?

[james] but it was diveable.

[carlos] I mean, that water
is really, really scary.

But just our ingenuity,
we can make that crazy water
diveable, you know?

[narrator] with only weeks
left in the season,
they're down to the wire.

[sighs wearily]

All right, guys, we'll do
one more dive in it

Because as scary as it is,

We know that
the gold is there.

But we need to be safer
so nobody gets hurt or dies.

[scott] drill.

[narrator] up ahead...

[paul] I'm shaking.


[fred] we broke the bit.

-Gold! Gold!
-[wes] you got gold, buddy.

Oh, wow.

Good job.

It could be huge.

All right, we've got
beautiful, clear water today.

Two to three feet
of visibility. I like that.

[narrator] at the trifecta...

All right, scott, we got
a big rock to tackle today.

[narrator] ...A huge boulder
is blocking fred

From getting to a fortune
in gold on the bedrock.

The ladder is here,
the rock is here.

Our objective is to get
two holes drilled

About a foot apart,
directly onto the thing.


And to get that rock
out of the hole.

We're putting a lot of hope
on that drill bit.

[scott] yeah.

[narrator] the future
of fred's season depends

On his bush-fixed
18-foot drill bit.

And he's selected scott
and his strength for the task.

[scott] yeah, I've been
given one simple mission.

Get down to the bottom
of the hole,

Find that boulder
that almost pancaked paul,

And get that [bleep] out.

-[scott] I'm going down.
-[fred] good luck.

[scott] I'll say this, paul.
You're one lucky [bleep].

[paul] it's a big rock,
isn't it?

Yeah, I saw
where it came from, too.


-Right here? Yeah.
-Right here, right there.

-It came out,

There's a big void,

About that far
from the bedrock wall.

-[paul] oh, wow.
-Y eah.

[paul] I just want
to see this rock.

I want to see how big
it actually is,

See how close I actually came

To, uh, being
a permanent fixture

On the bottom
of mckinley creek.

all right, I'm ready
for the drill.

[fred] drill bit's
coming down.

[paul] we're
spear-fishing now.

-[fred] yeah,
I'm gonna spear-fish you.
-[scott laughs]

I don't know
what's gonna happen, uh.

I hope it holds up
just to get us two holes
going in that rock.

But, uh, we really need
this, uh, drill bit to work.

[fred] now that's about
where you think
you're gonna drill it?

[scott] yes, sir.

-[fred] paul, you want
to do the drilling?
-Yeah, I'll do it.

All right,
let's hook up the drill bit.

Scott, are you
ready to drill?

-[scott] ready to drill.
-[paul] right, go for it.

[scott] drill.

[paul] there we go.

[scott] we're drilling.


[fred] does it act like
it's throwing any powder
around down there?

-[scott] loads of powder.
-Thank you, very good.

[narrator] they need to drill
a full six inches,

All the way down to the tee,

Anything less and the bolt
may not hold.

[scott speaking indistinctly]

[fred] give me
some measurements.

What are you seeing there?

[scott] we might
have an inch and a half.

All right. Thank you.

[fred] I'm amazed
that drill bit's even held up.

[paul] uh-oh. I'm shaking.

[drill snapping]

[fred] something broke.
Something broke.

we broke the bit.

[scott] where did it break?

[paul] it broke
on the pipe itself.

[fred] in the--
in the middle.

[paul] above all the welds.

-[scott] really?
-[fred] yeah, yeah.
This whole pipe's broke.

That's the last place
I would have thought
it would have broke.

All right,
we're done with the bit.

I think we're done.

[scott] we got about
three-and-a-half inches

Is that enough?

[fred] uh, well,

There is no other choice.

[scott] we did get
one side of it.

-[scott] we got one hole
in it, at least.
-[paul] yeah, great.

[scott] amazing.

Do you want me to go ahead
and put a bolt in that?

[fred] yeah, wait a minute.
We have to give you a cable.

Hang on.

- Want me
to come up for that?
- Yeah.

Copy that. Coming up.

[fred] all right, ryan,
pick that up.

- Uh, you got the chain
down there, right?
- Yeah.

Take one bolt,
put it right through there,
drive it in.

Boy, I hope this works.

[narrator] instead of two
six-inch bolts,

Fred's future depends
on a single bolt

Just three-and-a-half
inches into the rock.

[scott] sir, I've got it
hammered all the way in.

Chain is on it.

All right.

All right, I'm gonna
get out of the way here.

If you pull it straight up
right now, you should be good.

[fred] all right, here we go.

Ryan, bring it up.

[ryan] coming up.

Coming up.

[fred] whoa!

It's working. Woo-hoo!

[ryan singing]

[paul] look at that.

That should be good
right there, ryan.

-[fred] there will be good.
-[paul] perfect.


Damn, we got
that thing out of there.

-[fred] you got it.

[paul laughs]

The rock is, uh,
out of the hole.

Whatever else
we do today is, uh, gravy.

[narrator] now there's
nothing blocking

Fred's path to bedrock gold.

I'm a happy man right now.
I am a happy man right now.

[dustin] all right,
over and through.

[narrator] it's crunch time
for the chute.

I've got mixed thoughts
on this right now.

They need to find out

If there's a safe way
to get to the gold.

[dustin] yes, there's gold
down there.

Is it hard to get to?
Hell, yeah, it is.

It's so hard that nobody
should go down there

'cause you have
to risk your life.

[narrator] as the boss,

Dustin will only put himself
back into the danger zone.

I'm not feeling
very brave right now,
I can tell you that.

It's still really dangerous

But we think there's
gonna be a lot of gold

Down at the bottom
of the chute.

[dustin] uh, can you hear me?

[wes] yeah, got you.

[dustin] this is such
a dangerous place to dig,

But I have no other choice.

All right, let's see.
Check air. [inhales] yep.

-[james] we got air?
-[dustin] we got air.

- James, this hooks
to me?
- Yeah.

[narrator] carlos and james
will now both man
the safety rope

In case they need
to haul dustin out
of the raging water.

-[dustin] you know how
to work that, right?
-[james] yeah.

- Don't just
let me go.
- I won't.

All right.

James, give me
a little bit of slack.


Not too much.

- Whoa, whoa, whoa.
- Dustin! Whoa!

-[dustin] james, give me
a little bit of slack.
-[james] yeah.

Not too much.

- Whoa, whoa, whoa.
- Dustin! Whoa!

[narrator] dustin's back
in the line of fire,

Diving the chute to see
if there's a safe way
to get to the gold.

[james] there you go.

holy [bleep]

-[james] sorry, man.
-[dustin] that [bleep]
scared the [bleep] out of me.

Sorry. I wasn't
paying attention. Sorry, man.

All right,
pull me upstream a little bit.


There we go,
we're good right there.

All right, let's see
what happens.

[dustin yells]

I'm going to try
to stay off the surface.
It's rough up here.

I think I can see...

-[dustin grunts]
-[james] dustin!

- You all right?
-[dustin] this is crazy,

But I think
we can make it safe.

-[wes] I love hearing that.
-I like the sound of that.

[dustin] when you're
in really, really,
really bad water,

And you want to get
underneath the current,

You just dive straight down,
and it wants to rip
your boots off,

But it's the safest
way to dig.

[narrator] dustin's modified
his diving technique,

And he's gotten safely down
below the strongest current

To a layer of rock and gravel
that could contain gold.

[dustin] this is it.
The bedrock is
still going down.

But the only way
to get rocks out
of there today,

Because we don't
have a basket in place,

Is to just throw rocks.

[wes] you're gonna
throw them out?

[dustin] I'll see if I can.
I think I can lift it.

[wes] okay.

[dustin grunts loudly]

[wes] nothing like seeing
a rock just pop out
of the water.

-[groans] I'm not
hitting anybody, am I?
- No.

Guess I would know
by now.

-[wes] stop
throwing rocks, dustin!
-[dustin laughs]

It just keeps going down, man.

Think we found our v-channel.

-[wes] it is a v-channel?
- Yeah, it's got
a wall and a v-channel.

-[wes] wow.
-The wall goes real high.

- Yeah?
- Real high,
real quick.

That's good.
I like hearing that.

I hope this thing
goes 10 feet deep.

[dustin] god, I did not
expect this.

-That's a good sign,
you know.
- Yeah.

[dustin] uh-oh [bleep]
I'm losing a boot.

Get up there. [grunts]
I'm just trying to get
my boot back on.

-[james] you didn't
tape 'em on?
- No.

- Shut up.
-[both laughing]

[carlos] go, boots! Go, boots!

[dustin] all right,
I'm just gonna get up.


All right, let's take
a look at these rocks
for a minute.

[wes] copy that.

Gold! Gold!

-[wes] you got gold, buddy.
-[dustin] I thought that.

[wes] [bleep] yeah!

[carlos] that's gold.
I knew there was gold
down there.

[wes] good job.

Starting to look like
we're getting into
something good.

[dustin] a little bit of gold?
Not a lot of gold?

-[wes] fifteen, twenty pieces.
-[dustin] oh, wow.

That's a lot more
than I thought.

-Just pickers, man, but still
that's good gold, man.

[dustin] I just did
a crazy dive.

The water's going so fast.

[chuckles] it's crazy.

we just found some gold.

I'm excited about it,
to be honest. I mean,

I'm glad we made
the call to stay here.

Dustin's describing the chute
as like a v-channel.

So that means it's a great
collection for gold.

[dustin] it's pretty amazing.

If we are smart enough,

We can go get that gold
we know is in there.

It could be huge.

[narrator] on the next
gold rush: White water...

[dustin] let go.

[wes] whoa!

Oh, [bleep]

[fred] that would have
came down on somebody diving!

When you're in charge,
you got to make sure

Things are as best
as you can make 'em.

Whoa! Hey!

[man] what is that?

Oh, yeah!

That is nice there.
That is a nice piece.