Gold Rush: White Water (2018–…): Season 4, Episode 10 - Ride or Die - full transcript

With their richest site picked clean, Dustin and crew move upstream to "The Chute" a promising, yet dangerous site with rapids stronger than ever. Fred and crew rethink their operation and adapt the rock drag method to a vertical lift system.

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[man 1] what the hell.
[man 2] look at it.

-[man 3 laughing]
-[man 2] whoo!

[narrator] in the rugged
mountains of southeast alaska,

Dustin hurt's hunt
for life-changing gold

Has led the crew
to the fastest water
of their lives.

Today is james' day.

He needs to find out
how much fear he could take.

He's going to want to panic.
Let's just hope he doesn't.

'cause soon as you panic here,
pretty much die.

[man] oh, he could lie.

I'm not nervous.

I hope nothing bad happens.

[dustin] only go in this water
if you feeling all right, man.

Don't let me push you
into some nonsense
you can't handle.

All right?

-I'll have to go super tight
with this.
-[james] yeah.

[dustin] all right, james,
you are in carlos' hands.

Let's see what you got.
Don't get caught up.

- [screaming]

We picked a really
horrible spot to dig,
but so did you.

The water's just so fast.

[man] holy [bleep]

[man 2]
stuck in the jet there.

[man 3] what? Get over there!

[dustin] you ready for this?
[man 4] I've got
a hell of a wind on it.

Oh, no!

Payoff seeds are gonna be
nothing or bigger gold
than we're used to.

We're close. Gold on bed rock.
We know we are.

Let us get ready for [bleep]

This has got to get down.

I really am expecting
to find some big gold.

Why else would I do this,

[man 1] look at that.

[man 2]
that's beautiful right there.

Yeah, that is a lot of gold.

[narrator] high in alaska's
chill-capped mountains...

this is looking great, man.

It looks like we're on our way
to surpass last year.

...Dustin and his crew have
spent almost three months

Dredging the richest dive site
of their lives.

[man] yeah, the problem is
going to be to think this is
the end of nugget bowl,

And we're gonna
have to move on.

[narrator] they've cleaned out
every ounce of gold

From the nugget bowl
at rockfall ravine.

Now, to continue
their gold streak

They need a new dive site.

It's time to move upstream.
Let's just keep this going.

Let's keep this energy going.
Let's just keep digging.

[man 1] let's go.
[man 2] yeah, let's do it.

[man 3] ready?
[man 4] yeah.

Come on.

[dustin] we're done
with nugget bowl and
we're gonna have to move on.

We're sitting at 29 and a half

That's way ahead of anything
we've ever done before.

[man] all right, you're off.

we've got to move upstream.

This whole area, I think,

It's gonna be so hard for
anyone else to have
gotten to it.

I think they left enough gold
to make me rich.

And I think
we're the only ones

Dumb enough or brave enough
to go do it.

the crew are at a crossroads.

If they can locate
another major gold deposit,

They could end the season
with the biggest haul
of their lives.

But pick
the wrong dive site.

They waste the
precious last few weeks
before winter hits

And go home no richer.

[man 1] holy moly!
That's freaking crazy water.

[man 2] wow. Holy [bleep]

I don't like that.

We finished out
the nugget bowl

It's cleaned out completely.

Now we've got to shoot this'
in front of that.

And, uh, looks like
there's a good drop out.

There's should be
a lot of gold in it.

above mckinley falls
at the top of rockfall ravine

Is the chute

Where narrow rock walls
create a fierce channel
of fast water.

So dangerous

It may have prevented
the old timers
getting to its gold.

[dustin] it's like
a slip-and-slide in there.

That's white water. It's fine.

Now it's carlos' turn
to go find out
what's in the next spot

And it's gonna be
the fastest water these guys
have ever dove in.

only eight feet wide,

About a third of the width
of the nugget bowl.

The water forced through
the chute can travel almost
three times as fast.

[fred] so its narrow
and it really widens out.

So really and truly there
could be gold up there.

I think there's gold in there.

There has to be.

If there's big rocks in there

And we actually have
to move them, like,
really move them.

There's gonna be gold
in there.

But, if that chute
just cleans out,
this is not worth our time.

There's not gonna be
anything in there.

[narrator] the speed
of the water through the chute

Could mean gold has
no chance to settle.

But, if it's deep
and full of boulders,

They'll slow the water
and create a barrier

That should trap
the nuggets beneath.

These guys have a lot of hope
that there's a lot of big
boulders down there.

I think it's gonna
be all kitty litter
and small stuff

And I don't believe
there's gonna be a lot
of big boulders.

It looks like the
waters too fast.

But, these guys want to
check it out, so we're going
to check it out.

Put your suit up.

[fred] we have no set up.

So, uh, we're just
playing it by ear.

This is the figure it out
as we go deal here.

-Are we ready to do this?

[carlos] I really am expecting
to find some big gold
in the chute.

Why else would I do this?

All right.

[dustin] it's gonna knock you
around. It's gonna be
kinda rough.

[carlos] okay.

[dustin] so I'm uh go
a little extra with your mask.

Because it's gonna want to
rip your mask off.

[carlos] oh, yeah, dude.

-[dustin] head up the chute.
-[carlos] yup.

[dustin] and if you could get
an idea of, uh, how deep it is

-And how big the rocks are.
-[carlos] sure.

[dustin] it would help us out
a bunch.

[carlos] okay.

[dustin] hopefully it goes
really deep

And there's some big boulders
in there, right?

[carlos] yeah, dude.
That's what I'm hoping of.

Yup, got it.

There he goes.

[laughing maniacally]

-[dustin] all right.
How you feeling? Man.
-Good. Good.

[dustin] try to get to
that wall, right there.

And try to make it
across the chute.

[carlos] I'm moving up.
I'm moving up.

[dustin] all right.

[carlos] so far so good.

[breathing heavily]

Wow, it's all a rock
frickin field.

-Lots of good sized rocks.
-[dustin] wow.

[carlos breathing heavily]

Big boulders.

And it's all frickin,
kind of like packed in,
you know what I mean?

Do you think there's actually
stuff to work with?

-that's good.

[narrator] if the boulders
are large and deep enough,

They could be hiding
a fortune in gold.

[breathing heavily]

[carlos] oh, ho, ho.
Holy moly.

[dustin] that's a
tough current. Ah?


[narrator] carlos is taking
a 5,000 gallon per second

Beating from
the raging white water.

[dustin] if he shoots back,
you need to stop him.

[carlos groaning]

Holy bleep.


Your gone.


[dustin] he's directly
underneath the bridge.

[carlos] oh. That was a ride.

I can hear
he's breathing hard already.

yeah, slow it down, man.

[radio static]

[carlos] wow. That is
some tough current, man.

That suit is like
a raging bull.

I mean, it is insane.

[dustin] all right,
you're almost to that shackle

That's been latched
to the wall.

You want to stand up now
before you lose it.

dustin spots an old shackle

Left by previous miners

They can use
as a safety tether.

[dustin] you can tie
yourself off to it up there.

Is that gonna hold?

[carlos] I don't know.

all right, here we go.

[carlos] here we go. Let's go.

[carlos yells indistinctly]

[dustin] the shackle's off.

[carlos] holy [bleep].

[groaning] ow!

-[dustin] what'd you hit?
-[carlos] bedrock.

[dustin] where are you?

-[dustin] underneath.
-[carlos groans]

[carlos] oh, darn. [bleep]

-[dustin] all right.

He's caught in there good.

[james] he's underneath.

[dustin] we are... Hang on.

A little problematic
right now.

[james] he has to go
underneath and back over.

[carlos] [bleep]
my hot water's over.

I'm starting to freeze, guys.
I gotta get out.

[james] get him out! Hurry!

[wes] james, grab his line.

he's stuck in the jet flair.

-[carlos] what?
-[james] now pull it.

[carlos] hold on.
[bleep] give a pull.

[james] get him out of there!

[carlos] there we go.

[dustin] there we go.
That was...

[carlos] I got it.

-I see you. Here.
-[carlos] all right.

[carlos] holy [bleep].
That was scary.

Man, that can get
really hairy real quick.

that was not a success.

No, it ate me up,
it shot me out.

It's definitely a chute,
for sure.

I think there's a possibility
for a lot of gold.

We gotta figure out
how to get in there.

Boy, you lose
your cool in that one,

You're freaking done.

That's true white water,
right there.

the chute's too dangerous.

We gotta come up
with another plan

To get the next diver,

And I hope it's not me.

We got beat today.

We don't get beat a lot.

I'm not sure
there's gold up there.

We're basically risking
our lives to get there.

What kind of
crazy people do that?

Not entirely sure
what I should do yet.

half a mile upstream...

[fred] crank it up!

It's going down today.

Check everything out.

Feeling good
about getting in there?

I hope we can
touch bedrock today.

No dinner if you
don't hit bedrock.


[narrator] fred is playing
the long game.

Two thirds-of the way
through the season,

He's two-thirds of his way to

To his pile of gold
on bedrock.

We gotta concentrate on
getting down deeper today.

[paul] copy that.

Get down there and get
as much out of there.


[fred] all right, remember,
stay calm.

[paul] thank you.

[narrator] for three seasons,
fred's been chasing

A monster payday
at the trifecta.

Now, they're 14-feet deep,

Following the vertical face

Of what fred believes
is an ancient waterfall,

Down around 20 feet
to the bedrock bottom,

Where he's sure there is
a huge pile of gold.

[fred] we found
a little bit of gold,

But, uh, we're not gonna
get a lot of gold,

At one time,
until we get down deeper.

Winter is not far off.

We got a real short
time window left

For us to get down to bedrock,

So, hopefully, paul can
get pretty deep today.

[fred] right now,
it's about 14 feet.

We've got another
six feet to go.

So, hopefully, we'll try to
get another foot down deeper

Than we were yesterday.

[ryan] can we put
the pole in the water?

[paul] yep. [radio static]

[fred] that'll be
the deep side there.

[fred] yeah, keep on going.

[paul] what the hell?

just a little over 12 feet

Is all that is. [bleep]

all right. We gotta stop.

We had 14 feet yesterday.

Today we only got 12.

[fred] using the gold black
we got in the afternoon

To loosen up a lot of rock.

They've tumbled down
into the bottom of the hole.

He's got a couple of
feet of rock

Sitting on the bottom
down there.

And all of those
have to be all removed.

It's an ordeal.

for over three weeks,

Fred's crew have been stuck
at around 14 feet,

Battling loose rocks that
continue to refill their hole.

Now, back at 12 feet,

The crew are even further away

From making it to bedrock gold

Before winter hits.

[paul] found me
a bowl basket right there

Let me get out of the way.

[radio static] copy that.

[paul] all right,
that should be clear.

[fred] pull line.

[paul] yeah.
[bleep] looks like

I lost some rocks in that one.

You got [bleep] fall out
down there, paul?

[paul] we're at a steep angle.

-Trying to get it out.


All right, right now we won't
get any more for it.

[narrator] to get to bedrock,

The crew need to remove

Another eight feet of
rocks and boulders,

But the walls of
the narrow hole

Become so steep,

Every time
they drag out the sled,

It dumps half the rocks.

-[paul] ah, [bleep].
-[rocks rattling]

[motor whirring]

Man, we got a hell of
a strain on it there.

[paul] there's a lot of
tension on that clamp.

[motor whirring]


[fred] look out! Whoa!

[paul] ah. [bleep]

We're at a steep angle.
Trying to get it out.


All right, right now we won't
get any more for it.

-[paul] yeah. [bleep]
-[rocks rattling]

[narrator] at the trifecta,
fred's racing

To get down to bedrock gold,

But the steep,
narrow dive hole

It is making removing rocks
nearly impossible.

Man, we got a hell of
a strain on it there.

[paul] a lot of
tension on the clamp.

[motor whirring]

-[scott] look out!


[paul] stop, stop, stop.

[paul] [bleep] did you see
what just happened?

-[scott] we broke our cable.
-[paul] yeah.

[ryan] cable holds the block
to the downstream side.

Oh, [bleep].

[paul] all right,
I'm gonna get up top.

So, we're coming up.

[fred] copy that.

We had our safety line
break on our...

Snatch block up here.

It shattered,

[mimics explosion] blew up,

Whatever you wanna call it.

[fred] we need to
figure out a new system

For getting those rocks out

If we're ever gonna
get down to the gold.

so, that dive didn't go well.

That was the scariest,

Fastest water
I've ever been in.

[narrator] dustin's crew
face a decision

That will define their season.

Does the dangerous
white water in the chute

Contain enough gold

To make it worth
risking their lives?

[dustin sighs] see, I'm on
the fence about this dig.

I think the water's
going too fast.

The pay-off's
either gonna be nothing,

Or bigger gold

-Than we're used to.
-[wes] yeah.

And it depends on how deep...

If it's passed
about four, five feet,

-It'll be a great pay-off.
-[wes] yes.

But if it's just licked off,

It's gonna be just bone-empty.

-There were tons of rocks.
-[wes] yeah.

You know, that's what's
making me hopeful.

[wes] we need to
go for the chute.

If we go elsewhere,

We'll think about this
all winter long.

What the hell
did we leave behind?


I believe there's a chance
of big gold in there,

But she was terrifying.

[dustin] I gotta tell you,
I think it's shallow.

You want to get into it,
we'll do it,

But it's gonna be
dangerous, though, guys.

So, I think, today,
we'll focus on trying to

Build more walkway

Farther upstream,
into that chute,

To be able to
get into the water

-Instead of climbing up
all that stuff.

And if there's
a walkway there,

We can control,

You know,
the chute downstream.

-Exactly. It'll be better.
-[wes] yeah.

After we get the walkways in,

-James should go in.
-[james] what?

I see you're nervous.

You should be.
It's nerve racking

To be getting into water
going that fast.

This is gonna be a hard dig.


If you're afraid,
I understand.

I can do it for you.

[james] I ain't gonna lie.
I'm a little...

A little on edge about this.
A little terrified about it.

But I gotta step it up,

So, just drop me in there
and see what happens.

-[dustin] all right.
-[wes] all right, guys.

[dustin] the fellas think
there's gold in the chute.

But I think it's only about
two or three feet deep,

And I don't believe it's gonna

Pay the way they want it to.

So, it's a gamble.

I know this is a little heavy.

That's why we hired scott.

[ryan laughs]

[narrator] on the trail head
to the trifecta,

Fred's come up with a new way

To remove rocks
from his steep dive hole.

[fred] this sled
was actually made

For trifecta three years ago.

It's a-foot shorter

And about ten-inches narrower

Than the sled we've got
down there right now.

We can't maintain our ramp

For the sled to go up.

Gonna have to pick vertical
out of the hole,

Just like a basket,

Except this happens to
be available

And, uh, this is what
we're gonna use.

-Got it?

-That works.

-You mind if I ride in it?
-[paul laughs]

[ryan] stick your backpack in.
He'll never know.

[paul laughs]

for over three weeks,

Fred's crew has been unable

To dig down
past the 14-foot mark.

With the bedrock gold
still well out of reach,

Fred's season
hangs in the balance.

We have to figure out
some sort of sling.

We could make
a four-point pick-up.

Put some cable on this side
and that side,

We'll hook 'em
right in the middle,

So it'll hang.

[paul] that'd be great.

[ryan] I like that idea.

[narrator] the plan:

Create a vertical lift system

By converting
their existing dragline.

First, attach
a double-block pulley

To their skyline.

Then, run the
downstream winch,

Through the pulley,
to the new basket,

So they can lower it down
into the hole

And lift out the rocks.

[fred] that's good.
That'll work.

[narrator] bush-fixed,

Marine veteran, scott,
has volunteered

To do the dangerous rigging.

I'd be a liar
if I didn't tell you that

I was a little worried,
little nervous

About dangling off
the skyline,

50 feet in the air like this.

It is dangerous.

I've never had to
go out on the skyline
to rig something up,

But I'm actually glad

Fred gave me
the opportunity to do this.

Just kind of prove myself
a little bit more.

It's definitely a moment where

I can earn my stripes,
so to speak.

newest crew member, scott,

Has made some
costly mistakes this season...

-[metal clanks]

[scott grunts] [bleep]

Knocking fred's faith
in the greenhorn minor.

[scott] sliced my hand.

Sorry, boss.

This is rookie dumb [bleep].

[fred] get out. Out.

Tell me, fred, am I doing
something wrong?

Some people, they got it,
some people just don't.

I'm not so sure about scott.

I don't know
what his abilities are.

So, I'll watch him
real careful.

Uh, see how he handles it.

Safety straps going on.

-You ready for this?
-Rock and roll, man.

you oughta have that rope

On the other side of you.

You're gonna be
wrapped around the rope.

It needs to go
in front of you.

-See what I'm saying?
-[scott] I've got it.

Whatever you do,
don't drop the wrench.

[ryan] can we hook this up?

[fred] no reason we can't
hook it up right now.

-Got your thumb
out of the way?
-[fred] yeah.

[paul] he's taken
the cable clamps off,

He'll drop a rope,

Hook onto
the double-pulley system

That fred rigged up.

You can throw that rope down.

[fred] good shot.

All right. Nice and slow.

Start picking up on it.

[paul] then we're ready to
hook up our pullback line

And, uh, see if that basket
will come up and down

And go downhill
like it's supposed to.

[scott grunts]

Well, what do you think?

It's hooked up.

All right. Go ahead.

Bring him on back.

All right, coming back.

Good job, scott.

Good job. Good job.

-Hell of a job.
-Thank you. Thank you.

Went a lot better
than I expected it to go.

We got it done quick.

Scott went out there
and did the job.

We're in good shape.

Gonna give that basket
a hell of a workout.

-Good job. Good job.
-Thank you.

[narrator] after risking
his life on the high wire,

Now, scott will risk it again,

Going deep into the hole

And put the vertical
lift system to the test.

If he has failed to
rig the pulley properly,

It's his life on the line.

Good luck today.

Good luck today.

Look, I wanna see
a lot of baskets

Of rock out of there today.
A lot of 'em.

-Sounds good to me.
-All right.

It is getting critical.
We've got to get down,
down, down.

We got down to 14 feet.

We're only at 12 feet
right now.

this has got to get down.

-Do you copy?

All right. Go ahead.

[water gurgling]

[ominous background music]

All right, fred, drop it down
nice and slow.

I've got a hand on it
so try to set her down.
Hold it right there.

[music picks up pace]

Got it down,
loading rocks in a basket.

We'll see if that works
as, uh, advertised.

[laughs loftily]

Lower basket's full.

[underwater diver] copy that.

All right, we got it back.
Pick it up. Pick it up.

[dramatic music playing]

Pull it back.

All right, that's good
right there.

[water gurgles]
[man cheers]

[fred] oh wow. Teamwork
makes the dream work.

[diver] all right.

The basket is working
just great.

We're gonna dig down,
see if we can find the gold.

[narrator] up ahead...

All right, it'll go well.

A little nervous
about something bad happening.

Whoa! Oh, crap.

We have
some kind of a problem.

[man] it's our air belt.
Get the diver up!

[man 2] diver up.
Diver up. Now!

[man] so everybody knows
what to do?

-All right, let's try
not to die, all right?

Yeah. No dying.

[narrator] at the chute,
dive operations are on hold.

Before dustin and his crew

Can continue their hunt
for life-changing gold,

They must make
the dangerous site
safe enough to dredge.

[dustin] get a walkway going
all the way up
to where we need to dive.

-That's it, man.
-It'll be easy
after that, right?

I just don't want to see
anybody shooting back
here anymore.

That's not happening.

[narrator] dustin's plan?
Build a boardwalk
off the side of the chute.

So instead of having to
swim against the current,

The diver can lower himself
in at the narrowest infest
this part of the creek.

So I'm gonna go this side,
go across, come up this side,

So we can start putting, uh,
brackets for a boardwalk.



Geez louise.

Oh holy moly, moly, moly!


That goes deep here.


Easy this side.
It's like the caribbean
over there.

Got it.

Hit it!

Carlos can now stick to
the slower water on the side
to avoid being swept away.

[carlos] bracket.

[narrator] as he fixes
the walkway brackets...

-I'll drop it.

Coming to tell you.

[drill whirring]

[man] he made that
look [bleep] easy, dude.

[carlos] yeah, dude!

It's going pretty good so far.

Going to get that
square part of the walkway in.

Once we get that in,
easy peasy.


[man] please don't drop it.

[drill whirring]

-That's fricking beauty, man!
-Thing of beauty.

With this walkway system,

Will be able to get up there
and we'll be able to
get back in the water,

Start working. Time
is of the essence right now.

You need to hurry up,
winter's closing in.

Soon as we're done with this,
it's back to dredging.

Watch out!

Holy! What the...

I'm scared about this
whole thing breaking off.

When you vibrate on a wall,
many times,
things tend to loosen up.

So, it's a little scary
for everyone.

The way he's drilling,
a fresh batch will break off.

risking deadly rockfall,

The crew rush
to get the second half
of the walkway complete.

Will you go grab those
other bracket, please, sir?

Only got one.

Got it.

I'd like to get all the way
to the end of the damn thing.

Not a big deal.

We're gonna need
more brackets.

Uh, we're not as prepared
as I thought.

up in mckinley camp,

Wes is one step ahead.

Already scavenging
through the junk pile.

I got to build more brackets
for the guys and we just
don't have material.

I can't get it.
So what I found
was an old wish bracket

That fred brought up here
a few years back.

I'm just gonna repurpose it.

We're in the middle of nowhere
up here.

So I scrounge everything
that I can and use
whatever I can find.

[power saw buzzing]

So since they don't
make a bracket like this,

A little bolt through here,
that bolt through the wall,

A bracket that's gonna bolt
to the wall on the bottom,

And one arm
that goes between them.

So it makes a...

So this, the board will
go on this, that will be
bolted... Bolted in a brace.

[power saw buzzing]

I've got several holes
in here.

So if the wall is a way out,
we can adjust.

So this will be level,
but our boardwalk's on it,
and we're good to go.

So I've got a few more
of these to build
for the guys.

Uh, so we can get back
in the water and get back
to dredging tomorrow.

[dramatic music playing]

[man] nice rock. Nice rock.

Best we've ever got, kid.
Keep it up.

They got a hole deep,
deep, deep.

This is out of bounds.

[narrator] using their new
vertical lift system,

Scott has been filling baskets
for over two hours,

Racing to push their hole
down past 14 feet,

Where they have been stalled
for weeks.

-Lower crest is full.
-Copy that.

And we already got
a couple of rocks in there.
What is that?

-[man laughing]
-everybody's a kidder.

[fred] today is
a busy damn day.

I hope to see about
20 loads of rock
come out of here today.

[man on radio] rock basket's
on its way back.

Copy that.

Can we just put the ...
In the water?

Gonna pull straight up
and down now.

What can you see?

-It's red.
-I'll be damned.

We're back down
to where we had to be.

Good job, good job.
Good job, scott.
Hell of a job.

[scott] thank you, thank you.

[narrator] the hole finally
back at 14 feet.

Scott can now start
blasting through virgin ground

Down towards the bedrock.

We got to go blast...
Hopefully by end of the day
another two or three feet.

So far,
everything is going perfectly.

[water gushing]

I don't know what's going on.

-You're cold?


How does it feel...

-They're clean.
-All right.


-[man exclaims]

What's that smell?
There is a smell.

I don't smell it,
but I hope it's not our belt.

It is. It smells like
rubber burning or something.

we have some kind
of a problem.

I don't know what it is.

It's our air belt.
Get the diver up!

-Diver up.
-Diver up. Diver up!

Diver up. Now!

We have some kind
of a problem.

It's our air belt.
Get the diver up!

Diver up! Diver up!

Diver up! Diver up! Now!

[narrator] at the trifecta,
scott's 14 feet deep

In the dive hole
and his air supply is failing.

[dramatic music playing]

Didn't I smell that already?

As soon as I got up here,
I smelled it.


Uh, come out.

The guard... That belt
was up against that.

So it was smoking the belt.
You can see where...
See, some of that rubber off.

Oh, yeah. Oh, it got hot.


What happened is,
our belt was driving...

Our air compressor
has shifted over
towards the engine,

So it's rubbing up
against that

And they were just burning
the side of that belt.

This belt is a major part
of this dredge.

Without that belt, we can't
run the air compressor.

Without the air compressor,
we can't put air
into the divers.

[narrator] the diver's
vital oxygen is supplied
by the air compressor,

Which is powered
from the engine
by a moving belt.

The belt has shifted,

Rubbing against the motor,
causing it to heat up
and start to burn.

If this belt breaks,
it will shut down
the compressor,

Cutting off the diver's
air supply.

I'm just glad these guys
got me up that quick.

That was very impressive.

They caught that quick.

Thank you for noticing that.

Well, yeah.

[bleep] yeah.

My leadership quality,
sometimes, uh,
people I disagree with,

But, uh,
in emergency situations,

I am a type of person
that takes charge,
keeps my head cool,

And makes the decisions
that have to be made.

[man] well, they definitely
don't make this [bleep] easy
to work on.

-It's leaking right here
around the bottom, fred.
-If it is leaking,

Then we got a problem
in that coil.

on closer inspection,

They also discover
why scott was getting cold.

The water heater is failing.

This whole tube in here
holds in exhaust

And that exhaust heats water.

They're leaking pretty bad.

So we are losing...

I think we may have just
take out the whole thing.


We got another motor.


We have to bring the other one
from camp, though.

Hopefully, we'll get it
repaired pretty quick and get
back down there on the gold.

But once again, we're down.

Pain in the ass.

[mysterious music playing]

So yesterday, uh, I thought
I had enough material

But didn't come in
with the right gear.

Ideally, we wouldn't have
these problems,
but we'll get through it.

Whatever it is,
we can do it.

[narrator] armed with
wes's new brackets,

Dustin can now try
to complete the walkway
and get a diver in the water.

-Let's keep going.

Let's keep on going.

Put up the lower bracket.


-The other boar?
-I got it.

Take them up.

-That on level?
-Yes, that's perfect.


That's a current! If you're
swimming in this stuff,
you're crazy, dude.

Yeah, dude.


That's what I'm talking about.


Can you go grab those
other two boards, please, sir?

-yeah, it is.


We can dive off on this.

We need to drill
a bunch of rope anchors.

I want to be on the cliff end.

to finish the walkway,

Carlos installs a safety line
to protect the crew

From a fall
into the raging white water.

Thank you, sir.

This is it.
We're able to mine here now.

That's solid. Level.

That's all we needed,
you know.

It's not the prettiest thing
in the world, but it'll get
the job done.

Tomorrow, we can start diving.
That's good.

I'm happy today we're one step
closer to dive in
our new location...

We got the walkways put in,
but gonna be a tough dive.

I think...
I'm pretty, pretty nervous.

Getting late in the season,
man. You look beat.

I'm tired.
The pump burned up.

You need a whole new pump.

[narrator] at mckinley camp,

Father and son
catch up on their problems.

We're at 14 feet down by now.

And we ain't
attained the bottom yet.


I know we're close,

But we could just
keep going down.

We tried to move,
didn't prepare enough.

Carlos goes up
into the fast water
and shoots him out the back.

Wraps his damn
umbilical around and dredge.

Oh, he got out all right,
but it was not nice.

That's it. Right there.

He shot from
all the way up there
into the dreads right here.

And then it got caught up.

-We got ... Your water
and you got deep, deep rock.

You know, we picked a really
horrible spot to dig,
but so did you.

[both laugh]

Here you go.

Boy, that thing's
going to be awkward.

[narrator] back at camp,
fred's operation
is dead in the water,

But his crew have salvaged
an old motor

To replace the one
that failed dangerously
during scott's last time.

We decided to use the border
and pump of our old unit

Instead of trying
to piece it together,

Putting new seals, new belts,
new whatever, get replacements
for all that stuff.

We're talking weeks,
but we need it right now.

So fortunately, we have
all the spare parts.
We're going to use them.

We'll get back to dredging,
get back closer to that goal.

Uh, you could carry it.

You can strap it
to that backpack.

I could get it down there.

Scott's gonna carry it
down the hill

Because the thing weighs
a ton, but trails are
super slick today.

So he's going to have to be
really careful
carrying this thing.

Whatever you do,
don't hurt the motor.

Yeah, face plant, please.

We can without one more
person, can't dive
without motor.

The concern my team shows
for my wellbeing
is overwhelming here.

-If you fall,
fall toward the dreads.
-[laughs] thank you.

[narrator] it takes scott
over two hours to hike in
with the 120-pound load.

Special delivery
for fred hurt!


Why don't you use tools?
Whatever it takes to do
what you gotta do.

Get that other unit
off of here. Get it done.

I will get dressed out
and get in that nasty-looking
water down there.


[narrator] to test out
the new motor,

Mining boss fred insists
on doing the first dive.

I hope this other engine
starts up like it's
supposed to, you know?


How's it going over there?

-Just about got it.

Well, that engine hadn't run
in a year.

Hopefully, the pump
didn't freeze up
over the winter time.

All right, here we go.

Yeah. All right.
Fire this one off.

[motor starting]

Oh, yeah.

Oh, yeah!

Everyone in the...
Fires the first line.

Ready to go.

[narrator] if anything
goes wrong with the
replacement motor,

It will be fred's life
on the line.

Whoever can find
a line over here

Might need to be in that
a little more close

For a while till this motor
is up and...

All right,
you're good to go, fred.

[water splashing]

The hole's right about
14 feet deep.

Hopefully by the end
of the day, fred can get down
a couple more feet.

We really believe
the bedrocks at
twenty foot or less, so...

Our hope lies in the fact
that we're gonna
get some depth today.

Send the gold blaster...
Down now.

Gold blaster coming down.

-Give her hell.
-I'm working on it.

Right now,
everything is looking good.

Fingers crossed
it stays like that.

-Basket's overhead.
Just standing by.
-All right. Send it down.

Down. Right there.
Looks good.

All right, the basket
is down in the hole.

Copy that. In and out.
Nice rocks.

[water splashing]

[dramatic music playing]


[narrator] when he started,
they were at 14 feet.

After three hours,
77-year-old fred has sent up
his tenth basket of rocks.

And is ready to check
on progress.

How you doin'
down there, boss?

I think we're done.

Pull up here... Scott ladder.

Ah, right there!

Looks like you're at
about 15.5 feet, fred.

[fred cheers]

Ho, ho!

Great dive today.

Fred moved a lot of material,
and, uh, I don't think
anybody could be happier.

We're close to going
on bedrock.
We know we are way.

If we can keep everything
working like this,

We're pulling some gold up.

Good job, man. Whoo!

You took a horrible day
and you made it good.

Getting down.

Pretty sure
we'll be down to 20 feet.

Where the bedrock gold is.

If there's gold in the area,

That's where
you're gonna find it.

Whoo! What a dive.

What the hell? Look at it.

[laughs] whoo!

[narrator] today is james's
first dive in the most
dangerous water

Dustin's crew has ever faced,
risking his life to find out

If the chute holds
a bonanza of gold.

Water's up!
We got a storm coming in.
Look at it.

Ready for this?

I hope they can hang on.

-All right. I guess
I'll take hopefully.

Today is james's day.

He needs to find out
how much fear he can take.

He's going to want to panic.

Let's just hope he doesn't,
'cause, if you
choose to panic here,

You'll pretty much die.

Ah, looking alive.

Little nervous.

I hope nothing bad happens.

Only go in this water,
you'll be feeling
all right, man.


-Let me push you into some
nonsense you can't handle.
-All right.

[dramatic music playing]

-All right, we're going
super tight with this gear.

[narrator] the new walkway
allows james to enter
further upstream.

Carlos is now tethered
to the wall
and holding james on a rope

To try and prevent him
from being swept away.

[on radio] all right, james.

You are in carlos' hands.

See what you got.
Don't get caught off
on anything.

Don't hold
your breath, either,
'cause it freaks me out.

[dramatic music playing]

[james groans]

How does that feel
right there?

[grunts] boy, this is
tough water.

Literally holding onto a rock.

-Carlos, you got him?

Carlos has got you.

What happens if you just
hang on a rope?


You're not going very far.
Carlos has got you.


Oh, wow! [hoots]


We can get that now,
right where you're at.

-You wanna do that?

All right. Stand by.

able to hold his position,
james can get to work

And dredge down to find out
if the chute
contains any gold.

Grab that nozzle.

Let's see
what you can do, man.

[james] I'm dredging.

-I'm getting it to work.
-That's awesome, man.

-Can't believe
I'm dredging here.
-[laughs boisterously]

You want to hear
something crazy?
You're one of us now.

[laughs heartily]

You're hauling the bedrock up
or what?

Uh, yeah. It's going now.

Oh! That's it.

I thought it was already...

It's a pretty big rock
there, right?

Yeah. Wonderland down here.

The rocks are getting bigger.

[hoots enthusiastically]

That's going good so far.
James is going down.

He hasn't hit bottom yet.

So which is good, good news.

[dramatic music playing]

James has successfully
dredged the brutal chute
for an exhausting three hours.

I can hear he's getting
worn out down there.

James is working hard.

Hey, james,
how you doing, man?

I'm all right.

I know you can handle it,
but I'm thinking
I'll pull you up, man.

How about that?

Sounds good.
I'm tired, man.

All right.
Come on up, man.

[dramatic music playing]

Whoo. What a feeling, man.

Yeah, man.
Did a lot of good work.


You guys are crazy.

-How was that, man?


I got the whole...
I'd say it's about
five by five by five.

Yeah, five feet.

It's already deeper
than I thought
it was gonna be.

I can't believe I did that.

Look at it. You understand
what you just...

It was [bleep] insane.
Good for you, man.

-Holy crap.
-[laughs heartily]

I sure hope there's gold.

-You think?
-I don't see it yet.

Oh, that's gold!
That's a nice gold nugget.

Yeah! Right there.

James did a great job.

You got gold in the mark.

Nice little nuggets.

...Scary, dangerous.

But with a good crew
like this,
nothing's impossible.

Right over here.
I didn't think I could do it.

Well, I'm strong enough,
and I know I could do it now.

'cause I did.

That is the fastest water
I ever dove in

-And I'm proud of it.
-Complete success.

James crossed it,
knocked it out of the park.

I'm proud of him.

I truly didn't believe
there were big rocks in there.

I thought it was only
two feet deep.

I was wrong.

There's definitely gold
right there.

-We found our spot.
-We found it.

Come hell or high water,
that's a river of gold.

[laughs heartily]

It's gonna be great.

on the next
gold rush white water...

Water's up. Extremely dirty.

It's gonna be a challenging
dive today.

If you don't try
to get to the gold,
you won't get any gold.

Today, we're not
gonna go the chute
really fast.

It's getting so dangerous.

I need another place to dig.

It's a dangerous day
to be diving.

Glad I'm not
in paul's spot today.

[divers speaking at once]

There are boulders
as big as houses.

This is some crazy water
we're dealing with.

Look how dangerous that is!

I do not wanna fall in that.