Glee (2009–2015): Season 2, Episode 19 - Rumours - full transcript

Sue Sylvester revives the school newspaper and decides to print a few inflammatory blind items. The glee club gains a whole new respect for Sam when they discover some interesting new information about his family life. Meanwhile, April Rhodes returns to Lima and tries to convince Mr. Schuester to hit the road with her.

Here's what you missed.

Kurt Hummel's back!

Kurt's back at McKinley,
but he's still dating Blaine.

Sam used to date Quinn, but she's back
with Finn, who used to date Rachel...

who's still sort of in love with him...
Finn, that is.

Santana's in love with Brittany, but
she's too scared to say it out loud.

You told me
you were in love with me.

I don't know what I was thinking.

And Britt's back with Artie anyways.

- Kids these days.
- I have a question.

Sue's bent on destroying the Glee
Club before nationals.

Destroy the Glee Club!

She even formed
an evil league with nicknames.

- The League of Doom.
- I don't think I was listening when you said our name.

Is it League or Legion?

Worst henchmen ever.

And that's what you missed
on Glee.

# Fondue for Two, Fondue for Two #

# That's some hot dish
Fondue for Two #

Hi, I'm Brittany S. Pierce...

and this is my new Internet talk show
Fondue for Two...

which combines the two things
I like the most...

hot cheese
and talking to people.

My first two guests are
the school's biggest gossips...

Mercedes Jones
and Ms. Tina Cohen-Chang.

Shouldn't it be
Fondue for Three?

Oh, my God, that is hot!

Okay, so let's get down
to some hot dish.

Um, I heard a rumor
that Mr. Kidney the janitor...

walks around school
drinking vodka out of a teapot.

Is this really what they were doing
in the '70s?

Hot mess Mr. Kidney aside, I want to
talk about the rumor about Asian men.

Not true.

It's not even good. It tastes
the way a baby's diaper smells.

I heard a rumor that Santana
plays for the other team...

and I can confirm that rumor-
it's 100% true.

Wait. What?

- Brittany, are you serious?
- Yes.

Look. It's Lord Tubbington.


This is Lord Tubbington.
Say hello to the camera.

You want some cheese?

- That's disgusting.
- That's my baby.

So, you're just gonna
let him do that?

Lord Tubbington's allowed to eat cheese
because he's on Atkins.

Okay, well, that's all
we have time for today.

Tune in next week
for Fondue for Two.

We will be dipping raw meat
into boiling chocolate.

# Fondue for Two #

- Hey.
- Why are you talking to me?

- Can't I say hello?
- I guess.

I just- Santana told me never
to speak alone with you...

because you would try
to steal all of my gold.

Okay, um, anyway...

I got you this.

I know everyone's always
making fun of your lips...

but I think they're cute
and worth weatherproofing.

So, considering that we're both single
and I think your lips are cute...

I was wondering if you would
go to prom with me.

- As in your date?
- Yeah.

- No.
- "No." N...

- "No"- "No" as in-
- As in no prom.

- Oh.
- I don't think I'm going.

Are you worried that Finn
will be jealous?

Look, you're just not my type.

Okay, Rachel?
So thanks for the lip chap.

I feel like my life
finally has purpose.

It's so nice to be a part of a cause
that's bigger than myself.

Honey Badger, I am so thrilled.

- Can I ask why you're dressed like David Bowie?
- I'm incognito.

We're going
deep behind enemy lines.

People are starting to sense my weakness.
They think I've totally lost my grip.

- Can I help you?
- Oh. Oh, yes.

Can I have a hot tea, please?

I'd just like a large cup
of mocha powder.

David Bowie's
incredibly eccentric.

Um, we don't take Euros.

So, Honey Badger,
last week, I had a revelation.

Now, as you may or may not know,
the Middle East is in chaos.

- You know what started it all?
- No.

A little Web site called Wikileaks.
You ever hear of them?

Well, they let loose
with a couple of rumors.

So I told Figgins I wanted
to resuscitate The Muckraker.

But the school newspaper was discontinued
two years ago, due to lack of interest.

The newspaper is making
a comeback at this school...

and like print newspapers everywhere,
we're leaner and meaner...

no longer concerned with facts,
fact-checking, integrity or facts.

The Muckraker motto?

"If I heard it,
it's probably true or something."

Sorry, but did you
just change disguises?

I'm pretty sure
that barista's onto me.

- Now I'm Ann Coulter.
- Oh.

As you may have noticed,
I'm coming slightly unhinged.

Ohio loves you, Ann Coulter!

That's better.

Can I make an observation?

You're always trying to destroy Will
from inside the Glee Club.

But I would like to try getting
him out of the Glee Club.

Now, I was trolling the Internet
last night and I had an idea.

I'll drink to that.

Excuse me.

Do you know where a gal can find
a pipin' hot cup of Will Schuester?

Oh, my God! April!

What are you doing here?

- I thought you were on Broadway!
- I was!

My all-white production
of The Wiz was a "dee-zaster."

- April, I'm so sorry.
- Don't be!

Being publicly humiliated by The New
York Times gets me to thinkin'.

Why am I weighing myself down with the "Broadway classics"?
I should just tell my own story.

So I wrote the libretto to
CrossRhodes: The April Rhodes Story.

- You're writing a musical?
- Yep. That's why I'm here.

- So, Will, you remember how I bought you your auditorium?
- Oh, yeah.

Well, I'm gonna need to borrow it
'cause I'm running a little low on funds.

Extra! Extra! Read all about it!

Get your Muckraker here.

- Extra! Extra! Get your Muckraker here!
- Hey.

I think we should talk about nationals.
We need to do a duet.

I don't think that's a good idea.

Why are you so concerned
with Quinn's feelings...

when she obviously
has no interest in yours?

- What are you talking about?
- Haven't you read The Muckraker?

It's our school's newspaper.

Look at the "Blind Items" column.

"What prom queen candidate
is spending a lot of time in her closet?"

That's garbage.
Quinn's claustrophobic.

No, that's Santana.
Read the next one.

What the hell is this, dude?

"What blondie former cheerleader is having
a secret Moonlight Motel rendezvous...

- with another big-lipped blondie?"
- Where does it say that?

Right on the front page
of the school newspaper!

You don't seriously
believe this, do you?

Well, why shouldn't I? Why wouldn't
he do the same thing I did to him?

- Because it's gossip, Finn.
- This is your fault!

You told everyone that I played for " another
team" on your ridiculous melted cheese show.

Wait. Are you mad?
You do play for another team.

You were on the Cheerios,
and now you're only in the New Directions.

- And you couldn't have thought of any other way to say that?
- I'm gonna punch your face off!

- You got a lot of nerve accusing me of cheating.
- Stop it. Stop it!

- You're the one who snuck in and stole my girl!
- Hey!

- Finn, where are you going? We got rehearsal!
- Not today!

Dinner is served.

I thought you volunteered to make dinner.

Well, Mama drinks
her dinner these days.

- Honk!
- Ah.

Can I be blunt with you, April?

I think any show about April Rhodes...

should be about your emotional journey.


Hadn't really thought of that.

I forget what a good
teacher you are, Will.


Lately I don't feel like it.

I mean, there's just so much drama in
the Glee Club right now- more than usual.

A lot of whispering
and backstabbing...

and love triangles
and questions of sexuality...

- Sounds like your club's got a touch of the Mac.
- The what?

Fleetwood Mac?
They fought all the time!

There was affairs and divorces
and whispers and gossip.

All the stuff that
made good bands break up.

But they put all that drama to good use
and wrote great music.

You know, I think I might have
Rumours on L.P. somewhere.

Oh, everybody does.

I mean, I don't.
I sold mine for drugs.

Nope. I actually did that.

Here we go.

You know, I've wanted to do a whole lesson
devoted to a single album for a long time.

You know, this is
a really good idea, April.

And I'm here to help.

# Now here you go again #

# You say you want your freedom #

# Well, who am I
to keep you down? #

# It's only right #

# That you should play
the way you feel it #

# And listen carefully #

# To the sound #

# Of your loneliness #

- # Like a heartbeat #
- # Heart #

- # Drives you mad #
- # Beat #

- # In the stillness of remembering #
- # Stillness #

- # What you had #
- # Lonely #

- # And what you lost #
- # Ooh-ooh #

- # And what you had #
- # Ooh-ooh #

# Oh, and what you lost #

# Ooh-ooh-ooh #

# Thunder only happens
when it's raining #

# Players only love you
when they're playing #

# I say, women, they will come #

# And they will go #

# When the rain washes you clean #

# You'll know #

# You will know #

# You will know #

# Hey-ey-ey #

# You'll know ##

# You'll know ##

Yeah! Oww!


A classic record by Fleetwood Mac.

One of the greatest albums
of all time...

written as the band was breaking apart
to keep it together.

Now, this week we are done
with the backstabbing and the gossip...

and we're channeling all that energy
into working together.

So, pick a song from the album...

put your own spin on it.

Simple as that.

- What's going on with you and Santana?
- Nothing.

Well, that doesn't sound like nothing.

It sounds like something, which is
almost always more than nothing.

- Calm down, Artie.
- Are you cheating on me with her?

No, of course not.
I mean, I can't.

She's a girl.
Fooling around with her isn't cheating.

It's just friends talking
with their tongues super close.

- Who told you that?
- Santana.

- Don't you see that she's manipulating you?
- That's not cheating either.

- She told me that.
- Do you see what's going on here?

You're the hottest girl
in this school...

and I wear saddle shoes
on legs that don't work.

This shouldn't be happening.

Not because I'm in a wheelchair...

but because I'm obsessed with Angry Birds
and my mom cuts my hair.

I like your haircut.

It's hard enough for me
to believe that this is real.

If I know that you spend even a little time
sharing yourself with someone else...

that there's one other person in your life
that can provide for you...

things that
I'm supposed to provide...

it's just too much for me to take.

And Santana knows that.
She's taking advantage of it to break us up.

No. Everybody thinks
she's a bad person, but she's not.

God, Brittany,
why are you so stupid?

You were the only person at this school
that never called me that.

# She broke down and let me in #

# Made me see where I've been #

# Been down one time #

# Been down two times #

# I'm never going back again #

# Mmm #

# Mmm-mmm-mmm #

# You don't know what it means to win #

# Come down and see me again #

# Been down one time #

# Been down two times #

# Mmm-mm-mmm #

# Never going back again #

# Mmm, mmm-mmm ##

So exciting.

- It's like an episode of Hart to Hart.
- No, this is not fun or cool.

Then why did you agree to do it?

Because Quinn
cheated on me with Puck...

and then she cheated on Sam
with me.

I just want to be sure.

I never understood why
you got back with her.

I mean, if you can't
even trust her.

I don't know.

I do.

Because you forgive
your first love anything.

Do you believe in
that thing called karma?

Uh, yeah.

Can you explain it to me?

Uh, well, it's the law of physics...

whereby, for example, if you do
something to hurt someone...

well, then the laws of the universe
will work against you until you get hurt.

While we're here, have you given
any thought to my duet ideas?

I can't believe Kurt
would do that to Blaine.

What do we know about Sam anyway?
I mean, what town is he from? What state?

What's his old school like?
Maybe he's a serial killer.

You guys, I'm telling you,
Kurt wouldn't cheat on Blaine.

It's like the Rumours album.
Being apart or on the road is hard for two artists.

Performers have this
"love the one you're with" mentality.

I mean, look at all of us. Look at all
the different combinations that we've had.

- Finnchel, Puckleberry.
- Tina Cohen Chang-Chang.

- Artittany.
- Pizes.

Guys, we're sitting here
squabbling over what? A rumor.

Finn's right.
We need more information.

I don't wanna get into it,
but all I'm gonna say- Sam's not gay.

God, I'm so sad.

Like a sad little panda.

Well, that's why I brought you here-
to cheer you up.

I've been going through
that Rumours album...

and I found the best song that really
goes one step past "Landslide"...

in expressing my feelings for you.

My private feelings.

What about him?

He's just furniture.

Sorry. No offense.
Hit it.

# For you #

# There'll be no more crying #

# For you #

# The sun will be shining #

# And I feel that when I'm with you #

# It's all right #

# I know it's right #

# And the songbirds #

# Are singing #

# Like they know the score #

# And I love you,
I love you, I love you #

# Like never before #

# And I wish you all the love #

# In the world #

# But most of all #

# I wish it from myself #

# And the songbirds #

# Keep singing #

# Like they know the score #

# And I love you,
I love you, I love you #

# Like never before #

# Like never before ##


Okay, so why couldn't you sing that to me
in front of everyone...

now that Artie and I aren't together?

No, not- not yet.

I'm not ready for that type
of public announcement.

Ever since that Muckraker thing, people
have already started treating me differently.

I got asked to join the golf team.

Well, what if I went first?

Come on Fondue for Two.

I'll ask you out to prom
and I'll tell you how I feel...

and all you have to do
is say yes.

- Okay.
- Yeah.

- Stop it.
- Stop what?

I am begging you. Sam is cute,
but he's not worth losing Blaine over.

- Oh, how I've missed your insanity.
- He's wearing your jacket, Kurt.

I remember that jacket.
You wore it April of last year.

You said it was your Earth Day jacket
because it was made out of recycled hemp.

I know how these things work.
I remember when Finn and I used to date.

Sometimes he would leave his letterman jacket
at my house and I'd wear it the next day.

Okay, you need to bone up
on your Fleetwood Mac-ology.

When they made Rumours,
they weren't speaking to each other.

Not even
"Pass the nondairy creamer."

They only spoke about the music.

And it was that focus that allowed them
to make their masterpiece.

- You're deflecting.
- No, I'm being a team player.

And any minute spent on this vicious,
hurtful and hateful gossip...

is a minute taken away
from preparing for nationals.

Why would she say that thing about Sam
not being gay? She was so sure about it.

Well, they did date.

Yeah, but the way she said it-
there was something else going on.

The problem with dating Quinn...

besides the mood swings...

is that she's so protective
about her feelings.

You never quite know
where you stand with her.

- Girls like that do that to keep their power.
- You never did that.

I always knew what you were thinking.

# Watch the sun rise #

# And if you don't love me now #

# You will never love me again #

# I can still hear you sayin'#

- # You would never break the chain #
- # Never break the chain ##

Mr. Schue, thank you for being my first
interview for The Muckraker.

To be honest, I had no idea
you were the journalist type.

Yeah, I have a talk show
on the Internet.

The comments say that
my questions are too gossipy.

So I joined the school newspaper to learn
how to ask the more hard-hitting questions.

- That's fantastic, Brittany.
- So, question one: boxers or briefs?

Uh... boxers.

Cool. Okay, question two:
panty hose or lace panties?

I just said boxers.

That wasn't one of the choices, so I'll just
write that you refused to answer the question.

Brittany, these questions
are sort of gossipy.

Okay, what age did you
start waxing your back?

Brittany, I don't think these questions
are very appropriate.

Well, hard-hitting journalism is about asking
the questions that people really want to know.

Um, we need to address
some rumors.

How many students
have you had affairs with?

Wait- There's a rumor about that?

- There probably will be since you
didn't answer the question. - None!

Is that the truth, or are you lying?

Like when you didn't give me
a straight answer about the lacy panties.

Brittany, I'm sorry, but I
need to work on some songs.

- Are they songs for April Rhodes's one-woman show?
- Yes.

- Is it because you're leaving the New Directions?
- What?

Because there's a rumor that you'd rather
be on Broadway than coaching the Glee Club.

- Who gave you these questions?
- Coach Sylvester said I'm not at liberty to say.

She told me this before she finished
writing these questions.

I thought so.

All right, Muckrakers,
the rumor mill is up and running.

On to lesson two.

Making... stuff... up.

Jacob, I want you to squeeze
this toothpaste into your hand.

- Now put it back in.
- Um, I can't.


Oh, no, I didn't! Oh!

Fantastic, Azimio.

Now, my point,
ladies and gentlemen...

is that once a story is out,
it's out forever.

You can't put it back in.

All right, Muckrakers, we have a deadline.

All right, get out of my classroom.
Get out of here!


Sue, what are you doing? Why are you
spreading rumors that I'm leaving McKinley?

Well, William,
I'm sure you don't dispute...

that legendary bratwurst gobbler
April Rhodes is in town...

and you're helping her
get back to Broadway.

- Am I right?
- Of course. But it doesn't mean I'm leaving the school.

Let me ask you something, Will.

You know what they say.

"Those who can't, teach."

Turns out,
maybe you actually can.

Think about that next time you prop your butt
chin up on one of those tiny little face toilets.

Look at it this way, Will.
You'd finally be rid of me.

Extra! Extra! Read all about it!

Get your Muckraker here!

- And vote for Quinn.
- Bite me, Fabray.

- What?
- Oh, my God.

Look at that!


Wait. Why are you storming?
I'm the one who should be storming.

Really? Because the way I see it, I'm the
stormer and you should be the stormee.

According to today's paper, "Finn and
Rachel were seen sitting closely...

laughing, talking intimately."

We were on a stakeout. What were
you doing with him in that motel?

I'm not cheating on you.
This time around, I haven't and I won't.

- You have to learn to trust me.
- I can't trust you if you won't tell me the truth.

- Well, what were you and Rachel doing together, huh?
- Staking out.

- That's what you do on a stakeout.
- What were you talking about?

Glee Club, okay? She wants to
do a duet with me. That's all.

- Trust me.
- Then I guess we both have to learn to trust each other.

- I guess so.
- And I guess I know what song we'll be singing this week.

# I don't want to know
the reasons why love keeps #

# Right on walking on down the line #

# I don't want to stand
'tween you and love, honey #

# I just want you to feel fine #

# I don't want to know
the reasons why love keeps #

# Right on walking on down the line #

# I don't want to know
the reasons why love keeps #

# Right on walking on down the line #

# I don't want to stand
'tween you and love, honey #

# I just want you to feel fine #

# Finally, baby #

# The truth has been told #

# Now you tell me that I'm crazy #

# That's nothing that I didn't know #

# Trying to survive #

# Oh, you say you love me,
but you don't know #

# You got me rockin' and a-reelin' #

# Hey, you know what you do #

# Oh, oh, yeah #

# Uh-huh #

# Ohh #

# I don't want to know ##

Terrific job, guys.

Might want to try to smile
a little bit more next time though.

Yeah, it was lovely, but I prefer Quinn's
duet performance of "Lucky" with Sam better.

Since you and Sam have become closer lately,
maybe you should do duets together more often.

Where is Sam? Quinn and Kurt are both here
today, so we know he's not doing the dirty.

I know what you're doing.

You want Finn and I to stop singing together
so that you can sing with him again.

Frankly, yes. Finn and I
have amazing proven harmonies.

And when it comes to nationals, I think it
makes more sense for him to be paired with me.

Well, it's not happening.
Not as long as Finn wants to be with me.

Wait. I thought you said
this relationship was about trust.

Oh, I trust you.
I just don't trust her.

Quinn, I don't think you can mandate
who pairs up for nationals. All right?

Vocal Adrenaline
doesn't need any help from us.

I love being here,
and I want to win...

but my relationship
comes first.

I'm sorry, but Finn, if you want to
be with me, no more songs with her.


# We took a cab
back to my bachelor pad #

# I had a feeling I would
see this thing through #

# My doorman Stan,
he took you by the hand #

# As he said,
"Right this way, you two" #

# But you said #

# Stanley Glover,
you were once my lover #

It's April!
# Yeah #

# I guess I slept with you #

# Because my name is April Rhodes #

# I've kissed princes and toads #

# And it's a good bet #

# I've slept with #

# You #

# Ooh ##


Oh, that song is fantastic!

It was amazing progress.

I mean, it was emotional,
it was funny, it was...

- It's you.
- Oh, do this with me, Will.

Help me take this show to Broadway.

I-I'm flattered, but I have to
take the kids to nationals.

A show choir championship?

- Yes.
- Will, that's their dream.

Yes, at one point it was yours and mine,
but look where that got us.

We're standing on
the exact same stage...

wishing that we could
have done something bigger.

# Fondue for Two, Fondue for Two #

# That's some hot dish
Fondue for Two #

I'm Brittany.

Welcome to Fondue for Two.

My guest today was supposed
to be Santana...

but she texted about an hour ago
and it just said, "I can't."

So, show must go on.

Um, I will be interviewing
Lord Tubbington.

Question one:

Do you think The Aristocats is an
accurate portrayal of the feline relationship?

You know, just because
we're doing this interview...

doesn't mean
I'm still not mad at you.

'Cause I know
you started smoking again.

- Emma, did you wash those grapes at home?
- I just rinsed them.

Yeah, I put the whole bunch in a colander, and
I just let the cold water run right over them.

For a half hour or so.

Still, Emma, that's amazing.

I've been, um, taking my medication
for a couple of weeks.

I'm so proud of you, Emma.

You inspired me, Will,
to make a change...

to take charge
of my own destiny.

- And now I want the same thing for you.
- Um, I don't understand.

I snuck in and saw
you and April singing the other day.

You're good, Will.
Really, you have a gift.

And if April is offering you
the opportunity...

to use that gift on the big stage,
you have to say yes.

I can't see April's show
lighting the town on fire.

But it's a chance
on a real Broadway stage.

And who knows who's gonna come and
see it, what great notices you might get.

You deserve to
at least try this, Will.

No. I...

I can't do that to the kids.

Not now. We...

We've all worked so hard,
and we're so close.

I can't...


Why are you crying?

The kids.


You all saved my life.

Got me out of a terrible marriage.

You helped me
find my passion again.

I just don't want to lose you.

But, Emma...

I want to go so badly.

All right, guys.

All right, guys.

- Who is up first today?
- Mr. Schuester?

If it's all right with you,
I'd like to do my own reinterpretation...

of my favorite
Fleetwood Mac song.

- Great, Rachel. Which one?
- "Go Your Own Way."

It's the song about the painful breakup
between Lindsey Buckingham and Stevie Nicks.

it's sung by a man...

but today Rachel Berry's
gonna put her own feminine twist on it.

Hit it.

# Loving you #

# Isn't the right thing to do #

# How can I #

# Ever change things that I feel? #

# If I could #

# Maybe I'd give you my world #

# How can I #

# When you won't take it from me? #

# You can go your own way #

# Go your own way #

# You can call it another lonely day #

# Another lonely day #

# You can go your own way #

# Go your own way #

# Tell me why #

# Everything turned around #

# Packing up #

# Shacking up's all you wanna do #

# If I could #

# Baby, I'd give you my world #

# Open up #

# Everything's waiting for you #

# Oh #

# You can go your own way #

# Go your own way #

# You can call it another lonely day #

# Another lonely day #

# Oh, oh-oh, oh-oh #

- # You can go your own way #
- # You can go #

# You can go your own way ##

- Yeah! I like it! I like it!
- That was brilliant.

- Brilliant!
- Not bad.

Don't you think it's maybe
a little inappropriate...

that you chose to
sing a love song to my guy?

You're such a hypocrite!
You Little Miss Perfect Prom Queen!

You're a cheater who cheats
in cheap motels with Sam.

- Nothing is going on between Sam and I.
- Enough, guys.

You know, I blame Sam for all of this.

- And Rachel too. I blame her.
- What did I do?

- I'm sure you did something.
- See, I'm with Santana.

- Why doesn't Sam have anything to say about this?
- Guilt.

Seriously, dude, what you're doing is not cool.
They both have boyfriends.

Shut up! I'm not messing around with Quinn
or Kurt or any one of those guys.

- They're just helping me.
- Oh, is that what we're calling it now?

Hold on. How were they
helping you out?

Kurt was bringing me clothes, and Quinn was
helping me babysit my brother and sister.

- Why were you in that motel?
- Because that's where I live now.

My dad lost his job a few months ago.
Then we lost our house.

So now we live
in that motel in one room.

Are you all happy?

The truth's finally out.

Thanks for the invite, ladies.

You know what I call an afternoon
where I'm getting drunk?

An afternoon.

Is there protein powder
in this margarita?

And a wee bit of placenta.

Well, I'd like to propose
a toast to Terri Schuester...

who still cares about
her ex-husband enough...

to call me up and encourage me
to ask him for his help.

- Mmm.
- Oh, put a hmm-hmm in my behind.

But I don't think Will
will be joining me on the tour.

- What? Why?
- He can't leave those kids.

- He wouldn't know how to break it to 'em.
- Blowsy Loads, leave that to me.

Tomorrow's Muckraker will include
the ultimate "Blind Item" rumor...

that Will Schuester is leaving McKinley
to join you on Broadway.

- That's not true.
- It will be.

That's the whole point of yellow
journalism- turning rumor into fact.

And the hard part of breaking the news
to the kids will be over.

He'll be free to follow his heart
and the stench of your alcohol sweat...

to New York City
and out of my life forever.

I don't know. Seems awfully shady.

And I once became an Avon lady
just so I could rob demented seniors.

Let's look at this way.

We all agree Will Schuester
has no business teaching in a high school.

You believe he's too talented,
and I just hate him.

And I just want
our old apartment back.

- I'm living in an efficiency with a raccoon in the wall.
- More placenta, anyone?

Um, I'm trying to
get my sister to sleep.

Dude, please, please.
Just let us in.

- Hi. I'm Stacey.
- Hi, Stacey.

- I-I'm Rachel. This is Finn.
- Hi.

Well, she's up now.

It beats a cardboard box
underneath an underpass, right?

We keep the rest of our stuff
in my dad's car.

- This is everything you own?
- We sold everything else.

- Can we watch TV?
- Yeah, sure. Keep it low though.

Mr. Jensen next door is on the
night shift again. You want a snack?

- All right.
- You too. Get over there.


I- I don't understand.
What happened?

We moved up here
from Tennessee, you know...

'cause my dad
got a great job offer.

And the economy went to hell...

and it's last ones in, first ones out.

We spent all our savings on the move
and down payment on the house.

When the bank takes your house,
they literally take it.

They come by one morning
and kick you out of your own house.

They just lock you out.

Why didn't you tell us
what was going on?

You see how information flies
around that school, right?

You think everyone would've just treated me
the same after they found out?

I'd be even more of a freak.

Kurt only found out because I...

got a job delivering pizzas at night
and happened to bring one to Dalton.

Uh, he told us.

I brought these for you.

I know Kurt was trying
to help you out...

bringing some of his old clothes...

but I don't really think
that sequined riding pants are for you.

So, uh, it's some of my old stuff.


So, um... what about Quinn?

We go to the same church.
Couldn't really hide it from her.

I kind of like having her around
to do some girl stuff with Stacey.

Mom and Dad are out all day pounding the
pavement looking for work, but... nothing.

I'm not sure if I'm gonna be able
to keep on the Glee Club.

- What? N-No, you can't do that.
- Yeah, we've come so far.

I-I know that it's a rough time right now,
but you can't quit.

You guys don't understand.

Yes, we do.

Quinn told us you hocked your guitar.

Did you guys buy this back for me?

The whole Glee Club did.

Look, Sam, we'll do
whatever we can to help...

anything to keep you in the Glee Club
until you get back on your feet.

First time I've cried.

Don't cry, Sammy.

We need you, Sam.

And you need the music.

Any comment on the vicious rumor
left on the Muckraker Web site...

about you and Karofsky doing it
in the backseat of a parked car...

in the Holier Than Thou Cemetery?

No comment.

Any comment on the fact
when I looked up the I.P. address...

of the person who posted the rumor
I found out it was you?

My computer was stolen.

Look, all I can say is that Dave and I
are going strong...

and we're very excited about our
prom king and queen campaign.

- Vote Santofsky.
- So you two are in love?

Soul mates, so to speak?


I'd say that was accurate.

That looks like a mug shot.

- All right, clase.
- Mr. Schue, is this true?

Yeah, The Muckraker says you're
bailing on us to do April Rhodes's big show.

Guys, if there's anything we've learned
from this week's assignment...

it's that you can't believe
every rumor you hear.

But isn't it your dream
to sing on Broadway?

I have a lot of dreams, my top one
being taking you guys to nationals.

- So you're gonna stay?
- Look, we are going to nationals together...

- and we are going to win.
- Hey, everybody.

Wanted to get these guys out of the motel for a while.
I hope it's okay if I brought them.

Of course.
Yeah, come on in.

I was also hoping that maybe
they could help out with a number today.

I have the perfect song I want to sing to them.
Don't worry. It's good for the assignment.

The more the merrier.

# Don't stop #

# Stop, stop, stop, stop #

# Don't stop #

# Stop, stop, stop, stop #

# If you wake up
and don't want to smile #

# If it takes just a little while #

# Open your eyes #

# And look at the day #

# You'll see things in a different way #

# Don't stop #

# Thinking about tomorrow #

# Don't stop #

- # It'll soon be here #
- # It'll soon be here #

# It'll be #

# Better than before #

# Yesterday's gone #

# Yesterday's gone #

# All I want is to see you smile #

# If it takes just a little while #

# I know you don't believe that it's true #

# I never meant any harm to you #

- # Ohh #
- # Don't stop thinking about tomorrow #

# Don't stop #

# It'll soon be here #

# It'll be #

# Better than before #

# Yesterday's gone #

# Yesterday's gone #

# Ooh, ooh, ooh #

# Don't you look back #

# Don't you look back #

- # Ooh, ooh, ooh #
- # Don't you look, don't you look, no #

# Don't you look back #

# Yeah, yeah, yeah #

# Don't you look back
Don't you look back #

# Don't you look back #

# Don't you look back #

# Ooh, ooh, ooh #

- # Don't you look back #
- # Don't, don't #

# Don't you look back #

# Don't stop #

# Thinking about tomorrow ##

- Whoo!
- Whoo!

That was good!

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