Girls (2012–2017): Season 1, Episode 1 - Pilot - full transcript

New York City based Hannah has been working at an unpaid internship since she graduated two years ago from college with an English degree. She hopes that internship at a small publishing house will lead to the publication of her memoirs, which she is currently writing but which she needs to "live" first. She lives off an allowance from her college professor parents, Tad and Loreen Horvath. Hannah's parents make a trip from Michigan to visit Hannah, but their trip is really to tell her that they are cutting her off financially, which means she either has to find a paying job or turn that internship into a paying one. As she usually does, she turns to her "friend", Adam, for emotional support. Adam is an aspiring actor who generally treats her poorly as he never returns her text messages, but gets out of her what he wants. Meanwhile, Hannah's roommate and friend from college, Marnie, is planning on hosting a small dinner gathering for their college friends to mark the return of globe-trotting Jessa, who has moved in with her idolizing cousin, Shoshanna. It isn't the greatest time for Marnie as she contemplates breaking up with her long time and supportive boyfriend, Charlie.

( Piano playing )

( Chuckles )

Will you two slow down?

You're eating like they're going
to take it away from you.

( Mouth full )
I'm a growing girl.

( Laughs )

It's such a pleasure
seeing you and...

Seeing how well work is going.

Work's going really well, yeah.

My boss said that
he wants to see my book

when it's done,
which is really exciting.

Where are you at with that?

Oh, well, I've done four
of the essays,

and I'm just kind
of polishing them up.

And my hope is that
it's going to be nine.

But, you know, it's a memoir.
So-- have to live them first.

( Mother chuckles ) Tim, I
don't want to just leave it

till the end of dinner.

I hear that. Um...

Hannah, your mother
and I have been...

Talking, and we feel
that it may be time--

how can I phrase this?

Well, we see how well
you're doing at work.

And you really seem to be figuring
out what it is that you want.

But it may be time
for one final push.

What is a "final push"?

We're not going to be
supporting you any longer.

You see, I wasn't going to
phrase it like that, Loreen,

- the way you phrased it.
- But I have no job.

No, you have an internship that you
say is going to turn into a job.

I don't know when.

You graduated from
college two years ago.

We've been supporting you for
two years, and that's enough.

Do you know how crazy
the economy is right now?

I mean, all my friends
get help from their parents.

We are sympathetic to that.

But I'm your only child,

it's not like I'm draining
all your resources.

I mean, this feels
very arbitrary.

You don't know anything
about our finances.

We're professors, Hannah.

We can't keep bankrolling
your groovy lifestyle.

My "groovy" lifestyle?

The bills add up.
We're covering your rent,

your insurance,
your cell phone.

You said it was cheaper for you
if I was on the family plan.


May I get you more of anything?

- Uh--
- No, she's fine.

- Delicious.
- Yeah.

This is nuts.

Ted, can you help me here?

I could be a drug addict.
Do you realize how lucky you are?

I mean, it doesn't have
to be heroin,

it could be something more
insidious, like pills.

Which are legal, and which a
lot of kids do, all the time.

And then slowly they
become totally useless.

They seem really high-functioning,
and then it just ruins them.

Okay, my friend Sophie, her
parents don't support her.

Last summer, she had
two abortions

right in a row,
and no one came with her.

What does that have
to do with anything?

I'm just saying that I am so
close to the life that I want,

the life that you want for me,

for you to just end
that right now?

No more money.

- Starting when?
- Starting now.

We can talk about it tomorrow.

I don't want to
see you tomorrow.

- What?
- But we fly out Tuesday.

I have work, and then
I have a dinner thing,

and then I am busy

trying to become who I am.

( Music playing )

( Alarm beeping )

- Alarm, alarm.
- ( Groaning )

- Where is it?
- I don't know.

Miss? You are here.


Good morning, Charlie.

Why didn't you wake me up?

I didn't mean to sleep
with Hannah.

Charlie: Because you
two looked so angelic.

Hmm, Victoria's secret angel,
fat baby angel.

- Don't say that.
- No way, you look awesome these days.

Please avert your eyes.


Is that a present?

Is that for me?

- Uh-oh. Give it here.
- Thank you.

You guys fell asleep to Mary
Tyler Moore again, huh?

Yes, guilty.

It's a very odd show
to hear through a wall.

Coming at ya.

Here it comes.


I just blew up a kiss on you.

- Are you going to leave your towel on?
- ( Chuckles ) Yes.

But I never see you naked,
and you always see me naked.

When it should actually
be the other way around.

- You are beautiful, shut up.
- I don't need that.

- I need to see your boobs.
- We, you don't get to, sorry.

I only show my boobs to people
I'm having sex with.

You literally slept
in my bed to avoid him.

I know.

He and I have turned a corner.

His touch now feels like

a weird uncle just putting his
hand on my knee at Thanksgiving.

What are you going to do?

- I think I have to end it.
- You can't do that.

I have to.
Why not?

'Cause he'll stand outside
our window with a boom box

- or he'll kill himself.
- Stop.

Hey, babe.
Oh, whoa.

Sorry. I thought it was
just my girlfriend in here.

Dude, it's never just
your girlfriend in here.

I'm just saying goodbye.

I'll see you ladies tonight,
and I'll pick up wine.

Okay, big kisses.


What does it even feel like
to be loved that much?

I don't know.
I can't feel it anymore.

( Chuckling ) Oh, no.

I know, I just--

And it makes me feel
like such a bitch

'cause I can feel him
being so nice to me.

And yet it makes me so angry.

I think you need to admit
something to yourself,

which is that you're sick
of eating him out.

- Ew.
- 'Cause he has a vagina.

- Hi. Ca va?
- Bonjour, roomie.

Oh, my God.
You're so hip, I could puke.

I can never pull off that hat.
How do you pull off that hat?

I love your jumper.

Your skin is, like,
hauntingly beautiful.

- Can I put my bags down?
- What?

Oh, my God, of course.

You're like my favorite cousin.

I'm the only one of my girlfriends
that has a British cousin.

How long do you think
you're going to stay for?

Not that I'm asking you to leave.
You can totally stay forever if you want to.

- Can I have something to eat?
- Yeah.

You've been interning
there for a year.

You need to tell them
it's time to get paid.

Costs a lot of money
to look this cheap.

This is not a joke. If you can't
afford to pay your half of the rent,

Charlie is going
to move in here.

- You're dumping Charlie.
- I didn't say that.

So I texted Adam about tonight, and
I have not heard anything back.

Hannah, look at me.

He never, ever texts you back.

Maybe I should call him.

Didn't you say texting's like the
lowest form of communication

- on the pillar of chat?
- The totem of chat.

No, the lowest,
that would be Facebook,

followed by gChat,
then texting,

- then email, then phone.
- Gotcha.

Face-to-face is, of course, ideal.
But it's not of this time.

Okay, but then how am I supposed
to get him face-to-face

if he refuses to text me?

Think Jessa will really appreciate
the welcome-home dinner.

It's a very friendish
thing of us to do.


I just know she's
going to show up late,

wearing some fabulous
blankety dress

from a Grecian marketplace
and be like...

( British accent ) "Oh, I can't
remember where I got this."

I'm really glad that
she's coming home.

But every time she
comes into town,

you go on some
week-long bender,

and then she leaves to go
off to her next country

and I'm left to
pick up the pieces.

Okay, it is so rare
that I say this,

but I just think she's fun.

Yeah, it was really fun when she
fucked Carolyn’s boyfriend.

She didn't fuck your boyfriend.

That's 'cause he was
in Prague that semester.

Thanks so much.

It's a great deal for Nolita.

I mean 2,100 a month?

It's a little more
expensive than the dorms,

but aunt Ilene thinks it's like
the perfect bachelorette pad.

- I mean...
- ( Chuckles )

Do you like the poster?

Oh, you know, I've never
seen that movie.

- Only the show?
- Is it a show?

Oh, my God.
You're not serious.

I mean, that's like not
being on Facebook.

- I'm not on Facebook.
- You're so fucking classy.

You know, you're funny because
you're definitely like a Carrie

but with, like, some Samantha
aspects and Charlotte hair.

- That's like a really good combination.
- Oh, thank you.

I think I'm definitely
a Carrie at heart,

but, like, sometimes--

sometimes Samantha
kind of comes out.

And then when I'm at school, I definitely
try and put on my Miranda hat.

Where were you before France?

Before France,
I was in Amsterdam--

No, I was in Bali,

and I was
shucking pearls there.

And then I met a surfer--

Oh, my God.
Did he really like you?

- He really liked you, right?
- Yeah, he really liked me.

- Hannah?
- Hello, Alistair.

( Mumbling )


You seem eager.

As you know, I've been working
here for over a year.

Has it been that long?

Well, you are an invaluable
part of our operation.

Which I recently learned
means very valuable

as opposed to not
at all valuable.

And I wanted to let you know that
my circumstances have changed

and I can no longer afford
to work for free.

Oh, Hannah.

I am so sorry to lose you.

I was just going to start
you manning our Twitter,

you have just the
quippy voice for that.

Oh, no, I'm not quitting.

I just-- I know that Joy-Lynn
got hired after interning,

- so I thought that maybe--
- Hannah.

Joy-Lynn knows Photoshop.

Now, in this economy,

do you know how many internship
requests I get every day?

- I would assume a lot.
- 50, it's about 50.

I practically route them
into my spam folders.

So, if you think you have just
nothing left to learn from us...

No, it is not that, really.

I just, you know, gotta eat.

Well, when you get
hungry enough,

you're going to figure it out.

Do you mean like physically
hungry or hungry for the job?

I am really going
to miss your energy.

I think this is going
to be really good for you.

Uh, you mentioned that when
I was finished with my book,

I could send it to you.

Well, we wouldn't have you here

to read it for us.
Would we?

( Sighs )

Where are you going?

Will you get me a luna bar?

And a smartwater
and vitaminwater?

Yo, hey.

Yeah, no, I'm actually
just leaving a friend's house

that's, like, right
by your house, so...


- Hey. Hey, doll.
- Hey.

"Doll," that is what
my dad calls me.

Yeah, I know. He told me.
We're in the same circle jerk.

( Both chuckle )

- I just had the worst ever day.
- You were nearby?


Um, I got fired from my job.

Weren't you an intern?

Well, I was working there for a while
so I was technically an intern.

So basically they just asked you
to not hang out there anymore?

- But I was walking over here--
- ( Laughs )

Funny. I was on my way over
here and I was panicking,

but then it occurred to me, I'm an
English major, there has to be some--

Major doesn't matter.
I was comp lit and it hasn't done shit.

Yeah, but you're an actor, so aren't you
always comparing different literature?

I-I don't know.

Plus I'm into this woodworking stuff.
It's just more honest.

Yeah, it all looks awesome.
But what about your play?

Yeah, we're not doing it.
That guy's a dick.

- Can I sit down?
- Yeah.

So if I tell you something, will you
promise that you won't judge me?


Till yesterday, I got all of
my money from my parents.


Does that make you feel sick?
Make you not want to talk to me?

No, I mean I wouldn't take shit from my parents.
They're buffoons.

- But my grandma gives me $800 a month.
- Whoa.


So is, like, that how
you support yourself?

I mean, I supplement.

But it gives me the freedom that I
don't have to be anyone's slave.

You should never be
anyone's fucking slave.

Except mine.

You're feeling pretty frisky.

I really despise that word.
I hate it so much.

I like you so much.
I don't know where you disappear to.

What are you talking about?
I'm right here.

It's so funny that
it's still light out,

but it's getting dark
a lot earlier these days.

- Is this some of your poetry?
- Don't be a jerk.

Who, me?

Do you know that part
on your resume

where they ask you to list
all of your special skills?

I haven't applied for a job
in a long fucking time.

It's the thing where they
ask you to list, like,

yoga, Spanish,

waterskiing, Photoshop.

I feel like I...

Don't have any special skills.

- I have something you can do.
- What?

But first I have to see if you
fulfill all the requirements.

What are the requirements?

Lie on your stomach.

- Now?
- Yes, now. Wait.

You modern career woman,
I know what you like.

You think you can just
come in here

and talk all that noise?

Uh, no.

Grab your legs.
( Grunts )

- Just-- what did you say?
- Grab your legs.


Okay, this is good.

- I'm gonna go get some lube.
- Why do we need to get lube?

When I get back, I want you
in the exact same position,

but take all the rest
of the shit off.

Will you get a condom?

I'll consider it.

Jesus fucking Christ.

This is really hard.

( Humming )

- Is that okay?
- Yeah.

- You putting on a condom?
- No!

- Wait, you are, right?
- Yes.

Okay, 'cause when you
said the thing about lube,

I was worried you were
going to try to--

do that.
Please don't do that.

That feels awful.
Thank you.

- It's all right.
- Okay. Thank you.

That's the right spot.

Yeah, sorry.

So I can just stay like
this for a little while?


- Do you need me to move more?
- What?

I just didn't know if you wanted
me to be more like-- like that.

Oh, no. This is fine.
You're doing great.

This is all you need to do.

I'm sorry about the
wrong hole thing.

I just-- I don't want
to do it now,

and if we did, I'd just
want to talk about it

and just figure out what-- it's
just not comfortable for me--

- Let's play the quiet game.
- So you're not mad at me?

No, I'm great.

A great time.

Charlie: You know
what would be crazy?

- What would be crazy?
- If we...

Just got crazy,
right here right now.

We could just do that.

Nobody's stopping us.
Nobody's home.

What would turn you
on the most right now?

What would turn me on the most?

What would turn you on the most?
( Chuckles )

To turn you on, that's what
would turn me on.

- Let me do that.
- Okay, uh...

Um, what if you
were a stranger?

Oh, yeah, a stranger.

What if you were just like
a totally different person?

You didn't act like you?

- ( Doorbell buzzes )
- I think Jessa's here.

- Oh, no. I think that might be Ray.
- You invited Ray?

- It was going to be like a four-person party.
- That's called dinner.

Gosh, I'm sorry.

- What's with all the tattoos?
- What do you mean?

Why'd you do all of them?

They're illustrations from
children's books mostly.

( Growls )

- Even the one on your ass?
- ( Slaps )

Uh, no. That one
my friend Jessa did

sophomore year
with a safety pin.

It's a snake wrapped
around the moon.

When did you do that?

I did them mostly
in high school.


Truthfully? I gained a bunch
of weight very quickly,

and I just felt very out
of control of my own body,

and it was just this, like,

"I'm taking control
of my own shape."

- You know, I was fat in high school.
- Really?

Yeah, but I didn't go
drawing all over myself.

You're not that fat anymore.
You can just have them lasered off.


- Mmm.
- ( Laughs )

- What time is it?
- Um...


( Scoff3 ) What time is it?


I am so late
for this dinner thing.


Seriously, this was
really, really nice.

It was really good to see you.

Well, I'm glad.
Thanks for coming.

It made me feel
a lot better, so...

I'll see you soon?

Yeah, just text me.

It's not like they're commandments,
but generally speaking,

as a general rule, I try not to
date women that are under 25

or that have been at one point in
their life penetrated by a drummer.

- One time!
- Guilty of both.

But I was walking through
the mall this morning,

I see these two huge green
orbs bobbing through the mall.

- Look at these eyes! Have you seen these eyes?
- They're my eyes!

- He's so nice to me.
- Ridiculous.

Look at those lashes, too.
Have you seen these lashes?

- Guilty as charged.
- So cute.

You okay?

Yeah, I just can't believe
Hannah didn't show up.

We're here. Livin' it up.
Partyin' down.

I don't mean to be rude.
I'm just not really into eating this week.

Marnie: Hannah was the one
saying this was our big reunion

and now she's
nowhere to be found.

Are you worried?
Should we call someone?

No, especially because I
know exactly where she is.

She's off having gross sex
with that animal. ( Chuckles )

In what [Ay, gross?

Charlie would like to at
least hear about some sex.

- Excuse me?
- Ray's just being motivational.

Come on, at least you didn't have
to entertain Jessa on her own.

Yeah, 'cause I didn't
get to entertain anybody

because no one came.

- Jessa: Hannah! Marnie!
- Who's that? She sounds British.

Oh, I ordered a few hookers,
if you guys don't mind.

- ( Laughing )
- Bulgarian girls. Top-shelf.

- Nice girls.
- He kills me. I swear to God.


Top lock!

( Music playing )

♪ God, she's fine,
fine, fine... ♪

Jessa: Paris is really
where you should be.

If you're a francophile like...

- Me and you, obviously.
- Yeah.

- Then you've got to go to France.
- You have to go.

Jessa: I was a live-in educator
for these three children,

and they all sang.

And their father was a
brilliant pacifist thinker.

Isn't that the plot to
"The Sound of Music"?

- It is.
- Marnie: We really want to travel more.

- We could just go.
- Up and go.

I am so sorry I'm so late.

- Hannah banana.
- Would you please come here and talk to us?

- Hello.
- ( Gasps )

( Singsong ) You're here.
You're here. Hi.

( Kisses ) What's going on?
You look beautiful.

- What'd you say?
- What's going on?

- She smells like sex.
- No, but you showered this morning.

Hannah: So I calculated,
and I can last in New York

for 3 1/2 more days.

Maybe seven if
I don't eat lunch.

I'm going to find you a job
worthy of your talents.

Well, I appreciate that,

but I don't know how you're going
to find a job fast enough.

I'm going to have
to work at McDonald's.

You're not going
to work at McDonald's.

Ray: What's wrong with McDonald's?
You should work at McDonald's.

It's great.
It's fucking incredible.

You know how many people
McDonald's feeds every day?

You know how many people
it employs around the world?

Plus, they make an
incredible product, okay?

It tastes tremendous.

It's affordable.
It's fucking consistent.

I can walk into a
McDonald's in Nigeria,

order chicken McNuggets.

When I bite into it, you know
what it's going to taste like?

It's going to taste like home.

It doesn't mean I have to work there.
I went to college.

Yeah, I went to college, too.
You know where it left me?

I have $50,000
in student loans.

That's how deep in debt I am.

I'm sorry, but watching this,
this is like watching "Clueless."

The movie or the TV show?

- Marnie: What are you doing?
- What are you doing over there?

I'm making a little brew.

Charlie: He's making
a tea of opium pods.

Oh, cool. So you brought
opium into our apartment.

Well, yeah, this stuff's
pretty mild.

This is much milder than
the stuff you'd smoke.

It's legal. I got it down
at the flower district.

You can just go there
and buy the pods.

- Is it cool if I have a little?
- Marnie: Knock yourself out.

- I hate opium.
- Oh, yeah, what's your thing? Coke?

No, I never do coke.

Every time I do coke, I shit my pants.
( Laughs )

( Laughing ) Oh, Jesus Christ.

- Hannah: That's horrible.
- Jessa: It happens.

- What does it taste like?
- It kinda tastes like twigs.

Yeah, I'll have some.

Maybe you shouldn't.
You're super-sensitive to drugs.

I think I'm going to be fine,
okay? Hand it over.

It's hot.

- ( Gags )
- Marnie: Oh, Jesus.

This does not taste like Twix.

Not Twix, twigs.

Twigs, like small sticks.

( Sighs )

If you're going to vanish,
you have to call, okay?

Yeah, okay.
I wanna go back in there.

No, you can't.
I need to talk to you first.

All you need to do is talk
to your parents, okay?

You need to ask them
to support you

for a little
itty-bit longer,

just while you look
for another job.

And tell them that you take
your future seriously.

- Because you do. You're Hannah.
- ( Door opens )

- Does Charlie have a girlfriend?
- Yes.

Marnie was just saying that she feels
like I need to go and talk to my parents

and ask them to support
me until I get a job.

Why don't you just tell them
that you're an artist?

You just need to tell
them once and for all

that you are an artist.

Just tell them you're
going to get a job,

that's much more convincing.

Tell them you'll get tuberculosis
in a garret if you have to.

Tell them it's what
Flaubert did.

Flaubert is not
a good role model,

and have you met her parents?

She can't just do
the artist thing.

Ll them that Picasso did it.

Rappers who were poor and sold
their tapes in the street did it.

It's what Elvis did.
It's what Mick Jagger did.

It's what my stepbrother did.

They all stuck to their guns.

I need to go.

You just drank
an entire cup of opium.

You are gorgeous and a vision.

You are a brilliant genius.

Both of you are sex goddesses.

When I look at both of you,

a Coldplay song
plays in my heart.

- ( Door opens, closes )
- Bye.

God, she seems like
she's in such a good place.

- ( Knocking )
- Hannah: Mom? Papa?

- I think that's Hannah.
- Did she just call me papa?

- Hi!
- Oh, hey. What the heck are you doing here?

I thought you didn't want
to see us anymore.

Actually, I couldn't
bear the idea

of not seeing you
before you left town.

But more important--
Here, you can sit down. It's late. I'm sorry-- that I
brought you my book.

I need you to read it.

- Jesus, it's hot.
- Great. Yeah.

- That's fine.
- Are you boiling?

Great, we'll read it
on the plane.

No, now. I need you
to read it now.


I don't want to freak you out,

but I think that I may be

the voice of my generation.

Or at lease a voice

of a generation.

Well, just read.
Don't be scared, just enjoy it

'cause there's going to be plenty
for us to talk about after.

Just go for it.

- ( Door opens )
- I need to talk to you.

All right.

I do not like what just
went down out there. At all.

What, with Hannah?

I guess I just don't
understand the problem.

- She seemed ready.
- She had just gotten high.

I'd like for you to see
a real high person.

Marnie, you can't mother
her like that.

I'm not mothering her. I'm literally
preventing a disaster from happening.

Have you even read her novel?

It's a memoir, and of course I've
read it, I'm her best friend.

( Mimicking ) Best friend.
This is my best friend.

( Normal voice ) You know,
we don't own anybody.

Maybe you don't respect what
a best friendship means

because you've never stayed in one
place long enough to have one.

Marnie, I can't help
your feelings.

Maybe you can help
being two hours late

to a dinner party that was
thrown for you, my God!

- It was two hours?
- Yes.

- When was dinner?
- 7:00.

7:00? I thought that
was just a suggestion.

A sugges-- Okay, I'm sorry we
don't eat at 1:00 in the morning,

but we don't live in Barcelona.

Maybe not 1:00, but 10:00.
10:00 is reasonable.

See, this is what you do.
You act like I'm uptight,

and then I follow suit.
I become uptight.

It is the most frustrating
dynamic on the planet.

- It drives me crazy. I can't stand it.
- I'm fucking pregnant.

All right?
I'm pregnant.

- On purpose?
- What do you think?

( Door opens )

I have to tell you
something, you two.

You guys are so beautiful.

Okay, all right.

That's a high person.

- This is very funny stuff, Loreen.
- Yeah. Uh-huh.

- Hannah, you're a very funny girl.
- Thank you, papa.

( Mumbling )

- Okay.
- Oh.

All I am asking for

to finish this book

is $1,100 a month

for the next two years.

- ( Laughs ) That's insane.
- That's a chunk of change.

You would say it's insane.
Who can live in New York

on $1,100 a month?

But I am so committed
to this book

that I am willing to get
pretty thrifty on this.

Why don't you get a job
and start a blog?

You are so spoiled.

Yeah, well, whose fault
is that, mom?

- Your father's.
- This is making me so unhappy.

- I'm having such a horrible feeling.
- We're not wamu, Hannah.

- And the least you can do is sit up straight.
- Hannah?

Hannah, Jesus.
Hannah? Hannah?

I shouldn't have taken it, but I
was just having such a bad day.

Taken what?
What did you take?

Is she sick, Ted?
Do I need to call a hospital?

- I think she may be high.
- ( Groaning )

- It's legal, like flowers.
- Oh, my God.

I'm not going to be angry.
I'm just really curious.

- What did you smoke?
- It's opium pods.

It's a tea of opium pods.

- We should Google that.
- I don't need to Google that.

I know about that.
It's tantamount to smoking banana peels.

- For Christ's sake, let's just order her a coffee.
- Coffee's for grown-ups.

You're going to drink
a strong cup of coffee!

I'm 24 years old!
Don't tell me what to do.

This is a real display.

No, this is the immediate
result of a cold approach.

- You can't just pull the rug out suddenly.
- Why are you doing this?

- We should stay a few more days.
- ( Groaning )

I admire your kind heart,
I really do.

But you're getting played
by a major fucking player!

I know! But it's hard for
me to watch her struggle!

My skirt feels so tight.

Maybe you can just cut it
open with a scissors?

It's like watching
her get a shot!

- Shots keep people from getting sick!
- ( Coughing )

- I want a lake house. I work hard.
- I know, I know.

I want to sit
by a fucking lake.

- You deserve a lake.
- I'm gonna die like Flaubert in a garret.

Don't look at me.



Hi, I'm in room 2507,

and I wanted to get
some room service.


But is the account totally
closed if they've checked out?

You can't add anything?

Okay, no.
Yeah, got it.

I'm leaving right now.
Thank you.

( Music playing )

Why don't you smile?

Does your heart hurt?

Girl, when I look at you,
I just wanna say,

"Hello, New York!"

♪ Everyone seems so certain ♪

♪ everyone knows who they are ♪

♪ everyone's got a mother
and a father ♪

♪ they all seem so sure
they're going far ♪

♪ I'm as simple as a bee ♪

♪ as a melody in C ♪

♪ but it don't matter ♪

♪ there are more wishes
than stars ♪

♪ every guest so pleased
with themselves ♪

♪ they're brimming
with success ♪

♪ their whole life's
been blessed ♪

♪ but it doesn't matter ♪

♪ everyone's been on
a holiday in the sun ♪

♪ or they just got back
from one ♪

♪ all they do is
just have fun ♪

♪ they all got more friends
than they can use ♪

♪ except me 'cause I'm a fool ♪

♪ I'm simple as a bee ♪

♪ as a melody in C ♪

♪ but it don't matter ♪