Ginny & Georgia (2021–…): Season 1, Episode 9 - Feelings Are Hard - full transcript

♪ Hell raising ♪

- ♪ Hair raising… ♪
- Love.

Everyone thinks love is so beautiful.

Such a fairy tale.

I know better.

I've seen my parents
and what love's done to them.

It never lets them fully be happy
without the other.

It never lets them separate.

Love is parasitic,
it's painful, and it's inconvenient.

♪ …the silence is so loud ♪

♪ The lights spark and flicker… ♪

I don't trust love.

- ♪ …than I can control… ♪
- I don't like what it does to people.

♪ Welcome to the panic room ♪

♪ Where all your darkest fears
Are going to come for you… ♪

♪ Welcome to the panic room ♪

♪ You'll know I wasn't joking
When you see them too ♪

♪ See them too ♪

♪ Welcome to the panic room ♪

♪ Welcome to the ♪

♪ Welcome to the ♪

♪ Welcome to the ♪

♪ Hell raising ♪

♪ I'm ready for the worst ♪


Have you heard anything?

When I last talked to Ellen,
he was going in for a CAT scan.

He's gonna be OK.

You don't know that.

Can we talk about it?

About what?

You and Dad, or the fact that Marcus
got into a motorcycle accident?



I just wanna get some sleep.


That's fair.

I love you.

♪ I've got a secret for the mad ♪

♪ In a little bit of time
It won't hurt so bad ♪

♪ And I get that I don't get it ♪

♪ But you will burn right now
But then you won't… ♪


It's up. It's down.

It's easy. It's hard.

It's a mother...

Any update?

He's OK. He's home now. He's…

got a concussion, some road rash.

Could have been way worse.


Come back to bed.

I can't. I have to go to work.

You can be late.



I have to change.

OK. Sorry, I forgot the pattern.

This is the part where you ignore my calls

and stop talking to me
for the next eight months.

I'll go make breakfast.

Come on, Marty.

It's OK, Georgia.

Don't panic. You got this.

There's no reason to panic.

Bob, the first of the month
is such a subjective passage of time.

Hi, Zion.

Oh my God. Ginny!

Oh, look at you! You're so big.

Where the hell have you been?
You took off in the night.

- We called the cops. We looked everywhere.
- I'm sorry.

You're sorry? You're sorry?
Is that all you have to say to me?

You're sorry.

Yes. You were gonna let your parents
just take control of her.

- We were gonna lose her.
- So, you left?

Damn it, I'm her dad! I'm her dad.

I made a mistake.

He took a corner too fast,
slid off the road.

So now he has a concussion.

Oh my God. That is, like, so scary.

I had a concussion once
when I went skiing. It was the worst.

- Did he black out or throw up?
- Do the hokey pokey? Turn himself around?

Yeah, he got
the whole fun concussion grab bag.

But he's gonna be OK, right?

He should be back to normal,
but it could take a few months, so…

It's just so stupid.
Why would he ride his bike?

He doesn't have his license
or know how to ride.

He could've been killed.
What would possess him to do that?

I blame toxic masculinity.

- Why?
- I… I don't know.

- OK.
- Hey.

Come here.

Hey, guys.

It's actually… It's MANG.


How are you doing?

It was awful. Literally, so scary.

I mean, my dad cried.
I've never seen Clint cry.

I'm so sorry, Max.

Thanks for being here for me.

I love you.

- This is the latest here.
- OK. What is the impact right now?

- This is dating back to the fall.
- Good mornin'. Sorry I'm late.

- 'Kay. All right. Let's get to work, huh?
- Georgia, you, uh, you feeling all right?

- Yeah. I'm great.
- Are you sure?

You seem a little…


He's being political.
You look like shit.

Thank you. I was up late.

Marcus, Ellen's son, got into an accident.
It was a long night.

Oh God. Is he OK? Is everything all right?

Yeah. It's fine. He's fine.

Fine. OK, great.

So, this rally is our last hurrah
before the vote,

so game plan's pretty simple.

You give a speech to the pretty people
with your pretty face.

You give the smile,
the charm, the passion.

Hopefully, it's enough for the good guys
to beat the ginger demon.

Great. Thank you, Nick.


- The other night.
- Yeah.

I'm sorry.

Me too.

We're good, right?

Yeah, we're great.

Your Honor,
Kenny Drexel was in perfect health,

but aconite, or wolfsbane, can cause
an almost instantaneous heart attack.

It's not a plant you keep around, and yet,
there it is on his widow's balcony.

The same widow who stood
to inherit Kenny's fortune if he died.

No one would've thought
to test for it during an autopsy

unless foul play was suspected.

And you think the toxin
could still be in his system.

And you wanna excavate his body
and test for it?

Yes, Your Honor.

Do you have permission
from next of kin?

I do.

I understand
this will is currently being contested.

You could assure me
that isn't motivating this request?

Look, I've met Georgia Miller,

and I do believe her to be dangerous.

All right.

I grant you the right to exhume the body
of Kenny Drexel for further toxicology.

Ready or not! Here I come!


Where are you?


I'm gonna find you.


Found ya!

All right, now it's my turn to hide.

My turn again.

That's not really how turns work.

All right.

One, two, three,

four, five, six…

…18, 19.20.

Ready or not! Here I come!

Austin! Where are you, buddy?

Found ya!

So I need all of those tables reset
with cutlery before you take off, please.

Oh, look, Sing Sing!

A musical
with all white people behind bars!

A work of fiction.


Also, have you seen my pens?

I don't know where my pens are.

I feel like I just restocked them.

It's like just this very mundane episode
of The Twilight Zone.

- What's going on with you?
- Nothing.

Nothing. OK.

Would you like to talk about nothing?

What do you do
when you like someone you shouldn't?


Is this a skateboarding,
T-shirt-wearing shouldn't?

How do you...

Come on. I see stuff.

It's so complicated.

Everyone would freak out,
and he's a mess, and I'm a mess.

It would just be a disaster.
But I don't know.

I thought that he could be gone forever,
and it killed me.



So give me advice!

You're always walking around
all Granola Yoda.


OK. Um…

Well, uh,
we are the sum of our surroundings.

Life is made real
because you experience it,

and love is…

the death of duty.

But you can't use that last one
because it's from Game of Thrones.

Stop trivializing my shit.
This is a complicated situation.

No, it's not.

What do you mean?

I've seen the way
you and Marcus look at each other.

There's nothing complicated about that.

If you want my real advice,

just be brutally honest.


I could move to Guatemala.

Solid plan B.

Peach, get your stuff. Let's jet.

♪ I drink coffee and smoke all day… ♪

♪ Oh, I think too much… ♪


- Hey.
- Hey.

So, you know how in Cheers,
whenever Norm goes in,

Sam just starts pouring him a beer?

OK, am I Sam in this fun little role-play?

Would you rather be Diane?

- Diane abandoned the show, so no.
- Hmm.

Hey, has Ginny talked to you?


No, nothing.


You OK?

You don't look so good.

- Thanks, Joe!
- No, I just mean comparatively.

Like, compared to how you alw…
you usually look, which is...

Mm-hmm. Oh, right.

- Amazing. Beautiful.
- Keep going. Really.

I'm ready.

- No, no, no, please. That… No.
- Mmm.

That's a 2017 Chateau Bouclier.

And it was delicious, Sam.

- Ah.
- Bottom drawer of the desk.

Just so you know.

Thank you. And good luck.

♪ You're not lonely ♪

♪ Don't you take me away ♪

We don't… We don't have to go home.

We could just drive off, start a new life.

I taught you well.

- Does Paul know about Zion?
- Does Hunter know about Marcus?

You like him.

He's my friend. He got hurt.


- Hope you know what you're doing.
- Hope you know what you're doing.

Oh yeah!
Yeah, this was all part of my master plan.

I don't want you to get hurt, Mom.

Don't blow up our lives
over something temporary with Dad.

- This affects me too.
- I know! I know. Don't worry.

It was a momentary lapse.

I got everything under control now.

♪ Every time
The same old thing comes back around ♪

- ♪ If you don't learn to swim… ♪
- Hey!

I thought we could bring dinner
over to the Bakers as a family.

As a family.

I'm gonna go change,
so don't leave without me.

OK? Just two minutes.

Just two minutes.

What are you doing?

Look, I know our history,

and I know you regret last night,
all right?

But we're not kids anymore.
This could work.

I'm dating someone!



Grab the Tempranillo.

How was work?

I hate these damn things.

You didn't have to take the job
with your dad.

I did. And you know that.

Don't snap at me.

♪ I can see my face in your reflection ♪

♪ It is a metaphor
For more than I can imply ♪

♪ It heals my soul
Just to feel our connection ♪

♪ It warms me
Like a quiet afternoon in July ♪

Come here.

Someone needs to go to bed.

Come on, sleepyhead.

He cooks.

- He looks like that, and he cooks.
- Oh…

Life's fair.

Are you muttering to yourself how handsome
that man cooking in our kitchen is?

Oh my God. Guess what.


Sophie just found out
she got into NYU early decision.

Isn't that amazing?
I can drive up on weekends next year.

We'll be like a chic New York couple.

- What?
- Nothing.

See? I can cook too.

How are you doing? You don't look great.

I just love how honestly everyone
is sharing their opinions with me today.

You look stressed.

Is it just Zion, or is it something else?

All right, everyone. Come grab a plate!

Come here.

Uh, should I go get Marcus?

- He's resting.
- OK.

Home-cooked meals
are always good on hard days.


So, Ginny's Dad,

how long are you in town?

Oh, I'm here to stay.

Hmm. Juicy.

Georgia, how's work?

Will Paul live to mayor another day?

Let's hope so.

Paul called to check if Marcus was OK.
Isn't that thoughtful?

He is very thoughtful.

He gave me the info
of a neurologist at Mass General.

Now that's a mayor.

Cynthia can care all she wants,
but I want a mayor who takes action. Hmm.

Ooh, yeah. I bet he takes action.

Clint wants to know
what's wrong with Maxine,

which I think is a valid question.

What? Zion…

…a bunch
of suburban stiffs, am I right?


No, girl. I'm the new guy.
You're on your own.

Clint, you've given me an idea.

Is she dating Paul or this guy?

So, Ginny, how's Hunter?

Oh. He's…


Excuse me. I have to go to the bathroom.

♪ I keep spending all my time with you ♪

♪ Why don't you stay? ♪

♪ Wonder if you'll ever
Let me be your love ♪

♪ Why don't you stay? ♪

♪ Now that I'm here
I'll go without you… ♪


♪ Tell me 'cause I… ♪



I was just looking for the bathroom.

Brought him his homework.
His mom said I could just come up.

Do you like him?

What? No.

Look, he's not gonna be good to you.

He's only gonna hurt you. He's messed up.

He's really selfish. He just…

He's such a dumb guy.

And I, uh…

I think he likes you too.

Hey, Padma?

Please don't tell anyone.

I can help with those.

Got it covered.

You've got too much pride, peach.

I'm not a broke-ass artist anymore.
I can help.

What did you mean
that you're here to stay?

Oh, so we're finally
gonna have this conversation? Good.

You remember Raquelle?

Yeah, I was hoping we could talk
about some of your ex-girlfriends.

She wanted to settle down.

And you didn't want to.

Actually, I did.

Just not with her.

I know you.

You're not gonna wear khakis

and go to soccer games
and eat frozen peas.

God, no. That sounds terrible.

But I am 33.
I've got a respected body of work.

I can sell from anywhere.
I'm writing a book.

You hate places like this!

I got us an apartment in Boston.

Look, it's you.

It's always gonna be you.

I know you love me too.

I know our past,

but I've been from Everest to Mumbai,

and you're the only place
that feels like home.

♪ If I asked you to… ♪

Right here.

♪ Would you follow me… ♪

This is home to me.

Can I come home?

♪ Calling, "This is unknown" ♪

- We're getting creamed.
- Don't like this.

- What's the game plan?
- The numbers have dived.

People respond to her. She's got a base.

I know,
but I feel like we're in limbo here.

We need to push forward.

- Good morning, Georgia.
- Cynthia Fuller.

A mayor who cares.

She's a mother.

She cares. No one cares more than her.

- What is happening?
- This is a fun role-play.

But Paul Randolph…


We've been playing the defensive.
It's time to hit the offensive.

And I know,
don't go low, don't kick 'em in the nuts,

blah blah blah, Michelle Obama.

But what if we go positive?

We turn the rally into a place
to make immediate change.

Organize the people.

Have sign-up tables
so people could volunteer all around town.

Read books to kids at the library.
A clothing drive.

- All things that make an immediate impact.
- Plant trees.

Paint fences.

- Build a handicap ramp ourselves.
- Smile for the pretty, pretty pictures.

You heard your constituents
and are delivering on your promises.

We'll show Wellsbury they got a mayor
who not only cares, he acts.

I like it. A lot.

- Let's do this.
- I'm on it.


- Great work.
- Thanks.

Has Zion mentioned
how long he's gonna be in town for?

He never stays long.


Hey, your mom let me in.

Hi, my beautiful New Yorker.

Guess what. I found this bus
from Boston to New York.

It's only eight bucks.

Less than a latte.

Are you OK?


You know, a lot of the time I feel like…

a loner,

or like my friends
don't really know me or, I don't know,

maybe I just don't know
how to be myself around them, but…

with you, it's like taking a vacation
from all of that.

A vacation.

I'm not the Florida Keys. I'm a person.

You breaking up with me?


Oh my God. I…

I was just saying…
I didn't mean that, but…

You're breaking up with me?

This is really hard.

I just… I don't wanna hurt you.

And there's nothing wrong with you.
You're a great girlfriend.

I just… I don't…

I don't see it working

when I go to college.

It's only November.

You don't… You don't love me?

It just doesn't feel like…

you would hope it would when…

like, if you really knew.

Can I hug you?


- I'm gonna go.
- Yeah.


Can you not?

Through the lens
is how the world makes sense to me.

Oh, really? And what's it telling you now?

That you're pissed.

I begged you not to sleep with Mom.

She's happy, Dad.
Happier than I've ever seen her.

- And I respect that.
- If you did, you'd stop messing with her.

- It's not that simple.
- Yes, it is.

- Why can't you leave her alone?
- Because you can't choose who you love.

Your person is your person,
and that is undeniable.

Your mom and I have that.

Look, I want us to be a family,

for real.

How's that book going?

- It's good.
- You figure out the code yet?

47 Knob Hill.

That's the address
to an apartment in Boston.

I want us all to live together.

- You're really doing this?
- Sure am.

But… Mom agreed?

- But what about Paul?
- She's gonna talk to him.

♪ What you came here for… ♪

♪ Don't let go… ♪

I'm sorry it took so long
for your mom and I to get this right.

Yeah, well…

…you both are assholes, so…

I don't understand.
I thought she loved me back.

Oh, babe. I don't know.

She's just immature. OK?

She doesn't know what she's missing.
She is not on your level.

But I want her on my level.

My level is, like, lonely without her.
I can switch levels, right?

- Like, what level does she want?
- Max, she sucks.

Yeah, she is so sucky.

- Good one.
- You know what?

I've already forgotten about her.
Sophie who?

Isn't she that basic bitch
that posts thirst traps on social media?

Her thirst traps!

God, she was so hot!

I'm never gonna date someone
that hot ever again.

Is that what you think?
You don't think I'm hot enough for her?

What? No, no, no, no, no.
Not with your cheekbones.

Max, you shouldn't even be sad.
You should get mad instead.

Mad is healthier.

- Is it?
- Mad.

Screw her! Who does she think she is?
I'm… I'm just over it. She's dead to me.

Dead. Buried.

- Bottom of the ocean.
- Fish food.

- Mm-hmm.
- Yeah. Yeah! Fish food!



OK. OK. You know what's gonna
make you feel instantly better?

- Death?
- No.

Oreos. Norah, get the Oreos.

Oh man.

It's OK. It's OK.

I feel like there's just this pit…

…in my chest.

And, like, I can't stop thinking about her
and wondering

if she's thinking about me.

And she just bailed.

She bailed.

I just didn't think love was like this.

Hang out with my family for a bit.

See why I've never had a boyfriend.

Hey, OK.

Look, Max, love is not always like that.

And when the right person loves you,
you'll feel it.


This is love.

This is love.


I have to go to the bathroom.

It's gonna be OK.

♪ I… ♪

♪ Prayed for rain
And when it came I looked up to the sky… ♪

♪ Can you know what I don't say… ♪

What are you doing here?

So, this is your room, huh?

How are you feeling?

I'm, uh…

I'm… I'm so sorry.

I'm so, so sorry. I…

I know you're ignoring my texts.

I know it's all my fault.

I said all those mean things, and…

I'm the reason you got hurt.
You probably hate me.

I wasn't not texting you.

I haven't seen my phone
since the accident.

It's probably
on the side of the road somewhere.


We can't.

Hey, guys.

What's up?

Max is trying to call Sophie.

Thought I should come get ya.

♪ And when you say God made it all
Then who made God? ♪

Abby. Abby...

Duh-duh. No. I don't need to know
what that was. OK?

Our friend is devastated right now,
and she is feeling incredibly betrayed,

and the only thing… the only thing
that could make it worse

is if she found out
that her new best friend,

who she's been nothing
but supportive and amazing to,

was secretly macking it
with her twin brother behind her back.

- I have to tell her.
- No. You don't.

You really don't.

And if you do, you're a bad friend.

Think about that.

My parents' divorce is bad enough.

I cannot lose MANG too,
and that is exactly what would happen.

You would destroy us.

I am so sorry, and I appreciate the time
that we had together.

I do. And I don't bear you any ill will.

I just need to know why.

Norah, I told you to stop her!

She bit me!

Why? Why don't you love me?

Did I do something?

And the text that you sent two days ago
when you were like,

"I care about you. I always will"
is reading a bit flat to me!

- Hang up!
- You think that you're better than me.

But you can't because you're fish food,
Sophie. Fish food!

- No! Stop!
- You good? Got that out of your system?

- A little.
- Oh God.

Yeah, I got it. Thank you, Marty.

I owe you and the guys.

You're a real sick son of a bitch.
You know that?

Oh, I know.

Your mayor has heard your concerns.

They are big, small, personal, public,
but they are all important.

And that's why, instead of a rally today,

he decided to take action.

Let's be honest. It is easy to care.
We all care, of course.

It is so much harder to act.

Vote Paul Randolph, a mayor who acts!

All right!

- OK. Hey, looking good.
- Thank you.

How's it going? This is fantastic.

All right. Who is ready to adopt?

Jason, I see you!

I know your kids are asking for a dog.
Come on.

Get over here.

This is gonna work.

- I'm hitting up the shelter.
- I'll mix it up with recycling.

This is good.

Looking great over here!

Look how fun this purse is.

This is really something.

Louise, can you help Barney over here?

Follow me over here.


I was watching this documentary today.

Did you know that penguins can't fly?

I never knew that.

Nothing was threatening them
in their habitat to make them fly away,

so they just never learned how.

- Killer whales eat penguins.
- Exactly.

All the scary things chasing them
were in the ocean, so…

they learned to swim.

This isn't…

working, Zion.

Don't do this again. I'm her father.

You can't just take off.

I didn't see my daughter
for almost a year.

- It's not OK, Georgia.
- I know.

I know. I… I'm not.

You're angry,

but you love me.

And I want you to keep loving me.

But that will stop if you see me
as a prison and not a person.

I want you to get everything you want.

That can't happen if I'm holding you back.

We're like the penguins.

We can't fly,

but maybe we can learn to swim.

Did you see the way the crowd responded?

You were amazing!

It felt good,
but that was all you, Georgia.

- We might actually win.
- I know.

I knew this was coming.


Zion wants to stay, give it a real try.


I'm so sorry.

Wow, this is unbelievable.

I slept with him.

Did you get it out of your system?

Come on. Did you think I didn't know
you were gonna sleep with him?

I'm sorry.

No. No. Don't… Don't do that.

Don't… Don't end things with me
because you were weak

and gave into some unresolved feelings.

'Cause that… that is
what's happening here, right?

Do not tell me
that you are that shortsighted

that you cannot see this.

- I've got history with...
- Exactly! That's all you have!

Zion is your past. He is not your future.

Don't beat around the bush with me.
We are the same people, you and I.

It's not always pretty,
but we are cut from the same cloth.

I knew it from the moment you pulled
that stunt with the organic lunches.


Power is what you felt out there.

Power is what we need.

It's what we eat.

We both have something to prove,
and, goddamn it, we are going to prove it.

And together, we can be unstoppable.
And Zion, he doesn't see that side of you.

So now you need to choose.

I bought that for you
right after our first date

because I knew that a woman like you
only comes around once in a lifetime.

Georgia Miller, I see you.

I see how hungry you are.

I see that it gnaws at you,
that it keeps you up at night,

and he doesn't see that.

What do you want for yourself?

When you close your eyes
and you picture it, what do you see?

What do you really want?

What is this?

I'm leaving.

You're leaving.

So, after everything,
after that whole speech, that's it?

That was all bullshit?

- Hey...
- No.

No, you came in here like a tornado,
and now you're just leaving.

Well, that's perfect.

- Look, I don't wanna leave.
- Riddle me this…

You want me to leave.

Riddle me that.
How do you know what I want?

I know you better than anyone.

I saw you today.

All right? You want all this,

not me.

And I want you
to get everything that you want.

♪ Wasn't it you who said… ♪

♪ Don't leave me… ♪

♪ Wasn't it you who said… ♪

♪ Don't you please leave me… ♪

♪ Oh, well, I ain't gonna fuss… ♪

♪ We coulda had our love… ♪

Dad! Hi!


Uh, this is where I work.

It's pretty cool, huh? Farm to table.


Yeah, it's cool. Um…

Hey, kid. We need to talk.

You OK to sit down for a second?

You're leaving.

- You and Mom, it happened again.
- Look, I love you so much.

Why? What happened?

But you were right.

OK? You've got a life here.
It's not fair for me to mess it up.

I said I didn't want you
to mess up Mom's life.

I want you here. What happened?

Look, I'll be close by.
You got my new address.

I'll see you on the reg.

You said this was different.

I believed you.

- I let myself believe you. I'm so stupid.
- Look, I know.

I'm sorry, gummy bear. I mean it.

What did Mom do?

Look, it's nobody's fault. OK?
Do not blame your mother.

I'm so proud of you and who you've become.

Interesting entrance.

Inspired by a friend.



My dad left.

- Shit, I'm sorry.
- I think I love you too.


I tried to fight it because… I mean…

… "hello,"

but I think about you a lot.

More than I should.

And I really love Hunter, too,
so that's been confusing,

but I think about you all the time.

And I don't wanna be like my parents.
I don't wanna run from this.

I love you.


…I just…
I just said a bunch of words, but…

but I don't regret it
because… because love is undeniable.


Actually… Actually, I do regret it.
I take that back.

I… Am I… Am I dying?



This isn't a daddy-issues thing, right?

- Sometimes you're so hard to like.
- Well, feelings are hard.

This probably isn't good
for concussion recovery.

I'm sorry.

Oh, I don't care.

I just…

really like your face.

♪ Oh, I ♪

♪ Believe in love at first sight… ♪

♪ I could tell that you'd be on my mind ♪

♪ Tonight ♪

♪ You say that it's the same for you… ♪

♪ Make no sudden moves ♪

♪ Make no sudden moves ♪

♪ Make no sudden moves ♪

♪ Make no sudden moves ♪

♪ You know what you want
There's nothing wrong with that ♪

♪ I convinced myself it would… ♪



Well, I wasn't a virgin this time.
Plus, I did some Googling.

Wait. What?

- Not in a creepy way, just research.
- No.

No, you were a virgin when we…

- Yeah.
- Why didn't you tell me?

I, uh, wanted you to think I was cool.


I would've gotten balloons.

Hey, uh…

you know my friend died last year.

For a couple months after that,
things got…

really bad for me.

I'd be at school,
whatever, talking to people,

and, uh, I'd just wanna scream at them,

"Can't you see I need help?"

Obviously, I never did that.

And I thought about dying.

A lot.

Like, "OK, at least there's that option."

Things just got…

really dark,


I really scared myself.

I saw you with the lighter.

We don't have to talk about it…

…but we can…

…if you wanna scream at me
that you need help.

I… I have…

these feelings.

Like they're gonna explode
out of my… my eyes, my teeth.

And the burning…

concentrates it.

Like a release.

And then I… I feel better.


But maybe…

it might help to talk to someone.

I went to therapy,

took medicine.

Things got better.

Yeah. I…

I guess I… I thought it was OK
because no one knew about it.

Come here.

So, what happens now?

I have no idea.


I love you.

♪ Oh my, oh my ♪

♪ Feels like I'm alive again, like…

♪ If I tried
I bet I might even fly again, I ♪

♪ Like my eyes ♪

♪ I never learn… ♪


What the hell!
What are you doing in my room?

♪ …have earned… ♪

Hey, are you OK?

Austin? What's going on?

♪ Drag her by her hair ♪

♪ Bring ♪

♪ Her ♪

♪ Back ♪

♪ The devil don't care ♪

♪ The day I die
They say I will live in Christ again ♪

♪ He forgives our sins ♪

♪ And 'cause of this
I must be nice to Him, like… ♪

♪ Take my time and speak in turn… ♪

♪ 'Cause if I don't ♪

♪ He'll let them burn ♪

♪ Bring ♪

♪ Her ♪

♪ Back ♪

♪ By the mean side of that gun, honey ♪

♪ Bring ♪

♪ Her ♪

♪ Bring her back ♪

♪ Gun better run… ♪

It's like
somebody knew you were coming.


♪ I'm sick and tired ♪

♪ Of these people always calling me baby ♪

♪ I'm sick and tired ♪

♪ Of these people always calling me baby ♪

♪ I ain't your baby ♪

♪ Bring ♪

♪ Her ♪

♪ Back ♪

♪ Bring ♪

♪ Her ♪

♪ Back ♪

She's been forging
the letters from your dad

and not sending the ones you wrote to him?

This is bullshit.

Georgia may be able to keep Zion from me,
but I won't let her keep Gil from you.

Come on. We're gonna mail these.

The lack of respect
I'm getting in this villa is outrageous.

Max! Do your homework!

I'm still in mourning.

Turn it off!

That is not who I am.

Oh. Marcus, I found your phone.


♪ I've got my head strong ♪

♪ Beating on ya ♪

♪ I got ahead
And you're banking on me now ♪

♪ I was an alibi ♪

♪ Just an alibi ♪