Ghost Sweeper Mikami (1993–1994) - episodes with scripts

Due to overpopulation in Japan, many ghosts has been forced to leave the places where they were hiding and went to the surface, angry for being disturbed. That's why a new profession is created: The Ghost Sweepers. They work under contract, usually for millions of yens, to send the evil spirits to rest. The best Ghost Sweeper is a young, beautiful, 20 year old woman named Reiko Mikami. She is extremely brave and efficient, being her worst defect her love for money. She has her own enterprise and works with Tadao Yokoshima, her 17 years old assistant and apprentice. Yokoshima is coward and a lustful fan of 'hentai'. He seems very useless, but he hides a strong Ghost Sweeper power inside. The third member of the company is a female ghost called Okinu, who hasn't been able to rest in peace for over 300 years. Mikami offers her a job, so Okinu would be able to, eventually, pay her for an exorcism an to be able to rest. Okinu agrees, though she is extremely under-payed, but she enjoy having friends, she is a sweet spirit, love to cook and have feelings for Yokoshima (who is infatuated for Mikami). The trio confronts different challenges as well different enemies through their way.