Geneshaft (2001): Season 1, Episode 9 - Ningen ika - full transcript

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Less Than Human

He would never betray me...

There has to be some reason.

I'll do whatever it takes
to rescue you.

To do that, I'll fight and
put everything on the line.

Wait for me, Sergei.



We'll be able to go back to
Earth someday, won't we?

Stay focused, Mika.

We should just solve the problems we
have in front of us one at a time.

That's what we have
the Skills to do.

I guess you're right.
I'll try.

Shaft is away.
Activating Catenaccio.

Quantum pressure at 30.

Okay, we've shuffled the cards.
Will they call or raise us?

Sofia! I'm booting the
new defense program!

There's a danger of conflicts,
so be ready to restart!

I know.

Here it comes!


Relax, Mika.

A little attack like that won't
even dent the Shaft's shields.

Don't fall for the bait and
make a move on them.

I know, I know.

I don't like the idea of
fighting our own people.

So, that's the Shaft...

It's deployed a high-energy shield
across a wide area.

Conventional warheads are
unlikely to have any effect.

Commander, target is requesting an
opportunity to explain their actions.

In other words, they
want to make excuses?

Oh, all right...

IESA fleet has responded.


Well, well.
Fleet Commander...

Oh, my!
Is that you, Mario?

It's been too long.

I had no idea you were the fleet
commander, General Natalie...

I still remember the sea
off of the Maldives.

That R&R was quite pleasant.

Why don't we go diving off
of Ogasawara next time?

It's got the most beautiful
coral reefs in the world.

Anyway, where is
Major Amagiwa?

He's a little
under the weather.

Oh, so you're Sub-captain.

All right, I'll tell you, then.

The Bilkis is IEO property.

If you continue your
illegal occupation,

the entire crew will be
stripped of their right to exist.

DNA lockout?
That's kinda harsh, isn't it?

We're here to negotiate, Mario.

I have a favor to ask you, too.

Basically, I was hoping
you'd let us go.

I'm afraid I can't do that.

Why are you so obsessed with the
Bilkis and the Shaft, Mario?

We've confronted the Rings
again and again.

It's clear that they're
not normal matter.

So it would seem.

Commander, do you remember when
the Ring first attacked the Earth?

Of course.

The Rings are just terminals.
Their core is Oberus.

What's its objective?


You're saying it's a
weapon for invasion?

Nothing as simple as that.
I don't think.

What do you think it is?

A device meant to eliminate
humanity from the universe.

For who?
And what for?

Maybe because we humans are garbage,
as far as the universe is concerned.

No, as far as the people who
builtit are concerned.

That's absurd.

Lord Sneak is concealing information
from the government.

We humans have opened
Pandora's Box.

If humanity can't master the Bilkis and
the Shaft before Oberus appears,

we'll have no future.

Plus, we're the only
ones who can do it.

Because that's what the computers at the
Humanity guidance Bureau spit out.

It says we have the
Skills to do it.

I'll give you some time, Mario.

Think it over carefully.

I believe that surrender
is your best option, though.

I'll give it some thought, Natalie.

Until later, then.

That was close...

I had a feeling that
was all just a bluff.

Say I'm a great negotiator,
thank you very much.

Natalie's no fool.

She's probably rushing to get confirmation
from the government right about now.

Anyway, I bought us some time.

That boy has good intuition.
His personality's a little odd, though.

Military HQ seems to be
in turmoil over this latest news.

Because the Guidance Bureau wants
to hide any information on the Immortals.

Are you talking about Lord Sneak?

Not him...

Major Gedoux, Captain of the first-rate
ship of the line Youki reporting.

Move it!

C'mon, what do you say?

Hey, why don't you
let Jean handle it?

Jean'll clear this
whole thing right up.

We should just destroy
that Bilkisship, right?

I'm the best, aren't I?

Let Jean handle this...

Work! Work!
Work like blazes!

We still have a mountain of data to
go through that was sent by Remmy!

A mountain of treasure!

I'm so sleepy...

Please don't sing any songs...

You're having an
auditory hallucination...

Ling... I think I'll join you...

No more...

Wake up, curse you!

Wake up!

Up and at 'em!

Have a heart...!

You people don't have
time to sleep!

With your bad
Skills and brains,

all you're good for is
typing at a keyboard!

Work your fingers to the bone until the
Shaft's program is fully operational!

Now, if I do see you sleeping
in front of me,

there's no telling
what I might do!

It's like she's getting
worse and worse!

She's getting crazier...!

Somebody, let us out of here...!

We're going back.

Don't just stand there!

Major Gedoux has been given command
of the Egeria by the IEO.

I can't believe they'd give
a toy to someone like that.

His Skills are on an
extremely high level.

I know. I've just never
cared much for him.

Just how long does he intend to
go on looking like a child, anyway?

That boy gives me the creeps.

There's been no sign of activity
in the Earth fleet so far.

Maybe we should pull in
our Driver for a while.

Is that a good idea?

As long as we don't start anything, they
won't make a move until our time is up.

It's not only civil servants who
believe in peace at any cost.

That's an optimistic outlook.

I need to borrow your terminal.


Why don't you sit in
the Captain's seat?

Well... That's Hiroto's chair.

That chair's too stiff for me.

Good work!

Thanks for the welcome home.

Do you remember when
you were a kid?

Registers delete
unnecessary memories.

They place an unnecessary
burden on the brain.

That makes sense.

Maybe my own memories
are a burden.

Memories can be a royal pain.

Or maybe "recollections"
would be a better word.

You meet all sorts
of people in life.

And then you part.

And those become recollections.

And sometimes it's death
that parts people.

But death and recollections
are no big deal

"People are simply a code called DNA, and
memory is nothing but experience points."

That's what we were taught.

It's the truth.

Is it really, Beatrice?

Think it over one more time
using that efficient head of yours.

I don't quite understand
what you're saying.

Life forms are a complex of proteins
manufactured by DNA,

and matter has no meaning.

DNA's descriptions are the one indisputable
existence as far as life forms are concerned.

I suppose.

Long ago...

There used to be
a concept called "love."

Have you heard of it?

It was an add-on emotion...

...that people used to have which acted
to preserve the species, wasn't it?

They said that love had the
power to overcome adversity.

That's illogical. It must be some
sort of mythological folk tale.

I get the feeling that love and
memories are a lot alike.

They are analogous in that
they are both unnecessary.

No. How can I put it...?

Maybe it's something that tells people
that they're really alive.

Have you ever experienced
that sensation?

Not exactly.

But I...

When I hold someone like this,
I sometimes think it may be love.

What does it feel like
to you, Beatrice?




Meeting the Bilkiscrew
has become a memory.

That's why I love you all.

I won't let anyone die
on my watch.

They say that long ago, it was a man's
role to die to protect his loved ones.

I wonder if Hiroto's
dreaming about love...?

I'm telling you to get
out of your seat!

But without authorization
from the Register, I can't...

I need it to put together
an attack plan.

Hurry up and show me your
data on the IEO fleet!


How many times do I have to tell you
that I'll take responsibility for it?!


This is highly irregular!

Hey, Mir.

Since when are you an operator?

Don't distract me.

I'm impressed that you found the
guts to cut your hair and all,

but what good is it going to do anyone
for you to get worked up by yourself?

This has nothing to do with you!

A Driver should just
do her job as a Driver!

If you try to do anything more,
it just makes trouble for everybody!

I'm using my abilities to
do what needs to be done!

I have the Skills to do the job!

Don't your Skills just make you
the best choice for Driver?

No! I have the
best Skills, period!

Sergei told me so!

And that same Lord Sneak
betrayed us, remember?

I won't let anyone
badmouth Sergei!

You still trust that guy?!

He betrayed us all!

Listen, it's just
like Remmy said.

He was just using you!

You're wrong!

It's the truth, Mir!

Cut it out!

Why are you defending her, Mika?

You're being cruel, Sofia!

I think it's wrong to say
things that hurt people.

What's with her?

That girl's messed up in the head.
She's always like this.

Just do it, you scumbag!

How come somebody like Jean,
who's got the best Skills,

has to be stuck with a
defective Register like this?!

It pisses me off!

I'm talking about that!

Use the Egeria's main computer
to make them attack!

The Commander hasn't
given authorization.


If she hasn't, then just
hack in or something!

Is your DNA defective?


Jean's the best.

Scum like you should just
do what I tell you to do.

Everything's ready, right?

I'll activate the
infiltration program...

This pisses me off so bad...
I'm surrounded by scum.


Get out of Jean's sight,
you defective scum...!

Your hair's pretty cute.

I should thank you for earlier. I can't believe
I got upset over something like that.

There's no way to be sure without checking
if everything Remmy said was true,

but it didn't seem to me
that Remmy was lying.

What should I believe in?

Up until now, I'd always
believed in my own Skills,

and I believed in Sergei, who put
so much faith in those abilities.

That was my proof
that I was alive.

Day by day, it's getting
harder for me to win.

I'm still no match for you, Sergei.

Your natural abilities never
cease to amaze me.

You're like the
ultimate thoroughbred.

Are you saying that
I'm like a horse?

A wild filly, perhaps.

What a thing to say!

Deduction, decision-making,
memory, coordination...

Everyone recognizes the
greatness of your abilities.

But I see something else
when I look at you.

And what might that be?


Your hair alone is enough
to make you a goddess.

As long as I am who I am, I'll want
to touch this beautiful hair.

If he's changed,
then I'll change, too.

I'm begging you.
Let me do what I need to do.

I won't get in your way.


Lock release complete.

Target locked.
Commencing countdown.



No, you've got it all wrong.
Your targeting is off.

What's wrong?

Commander, the Egeria is online!

Thank you, Mika.

You scum.

You hit the fleet commander's
ship, the Ekaterina.

And you call
yourself a Register?

I'm terribly sorry. Jupiter's magnetic
field was stronger than predicted.

Don't give me
any of your excuses!

I'm surrounded
by incompetents.

The Egeria, you, everybody!

Oh, well.
What's done is done.

Just a minute... If the Commander
and her staff officer are dead...

Well, I'll be! That makes
Jean the new commander!

Captain, the Egeria'sOperations
Room has just asked...

I'm busy right now!

Just ignore those scum.

The Youkiis more than enough
to handle the Bilkis.

The Ekaterina has been destroyed.

That's what that blast was?!

Proton diffusion shell.
Code, Egeria.

The Ekaterina was their
flagship, wasn't she?

How come they're
shooting each other?

A single first-rate ship
of the line is approaching.

Code, Youki.


Level One attack mode.
Load start.

Transmission from
Fleet Commander.

Put it on the main screen.

Hey, Mario.
Long time, no see.

Jean Gedoux...

That's right.
It's Jean.

Who'd have thought that
I'd run into you again.

You scum!

You deliberately targeted
Natalie's ship, didn't you?

Hadairo bonyari
boyakete shimatte... to no awanai
kowareta kamera,

shataa omoi shi,

shikakui bodii de,

jidaiokure no inatai kamera.

Mou suteyou,

atarashii no ni kaete shimaou.

Shinjitsu dake o...

...oitsuzukete kita kamera.

Itsumademo itsumademo,

dokomademo dokomademo...

I'm sure I can do it!
I know I can!

Forget it.

Just die, already...

I'll shoot you dead.

The Men Women Don't See