Geneshaft (2001): Season 1, Episode 8 - Tsuki wa mujihina yami no teiô - full transcript

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The Moon is a Harsh Master

We can't land on Ganymede,
and the Captain's out cold...

What's gonna happen to us?

We'll be caught and be put up
in front of a court martial, I guess.

A court martial?!
How come?

Because we've been ignoring both the
military and the government, that's why.

But it was Lord Sneak and the Captain
who decided to do that!

Why should we be arrested?

There's no telling if Lord Sneak's
even alive right now.

Stop spouting off
idle speculation like that!

Of course Sergei is still alive!

You'rethe one who
needs a reality check.

The government's reach extends
all the way out here to Ganymede.

There's no way that Lord Sneak
is safe, and you know it.

As if he'd allow himself to be captured
so easily by the government.

He must have something
up his sleeve.

That's the sort of man he is.

You're still unable to
ascertain Oberus'location?

Unfortunately, no.

Is it true that the Rings
are pursuing the Bilkis?

We still don't have
all the data.

Still, the fact that Oberus is reacting to
the Bilkis is good news for us, is it not?

However, the Ring's
attack on the Earth...

And your activation of the Bilkis
and leaving Earthspace...

The fact that you waited until
afterwards to inform us is troubling.

All my actions were the result
of deciding which methods...

... would be most effective in
carrying out the Council's plans.

I was under the impression that my ability
to do just that was held in high regard.

I trust you will be able to
figure out Oberus' systems?

It is only a matter of time.

Does this mean you
will grant my request?

We've advised the government that
they should hunt down the Bilkis.

I'm certain that a Ring will
appear in pursuit of the Bilkis.

The Giants'data points to this fact.

Their records say that Oberus is a device
meant to exterminate the Giants.

The Bilkis is our bait.

That's right.

The IEO fleet,
the Rings...

I expect that the crew of the Bilkis is doing
their utmost to try to resolve this situation.

In doing so, the power bequeathed to the
Bilkis and the Shaft will be made clear.

Which is connected to our
understanding of Oberus.

If only we can obtain and harness
this high-end technology...

Humanity will be able to exist
eternally in the universe.

For humanity's sake, I will discharge
my responsibilities and duties.

More of those terrorist fools?

That rabble still goes on about the "natural
order of the universe" or some such.

Their intelligence is low. The bugs
in their DNA haven't been eliminated.

The development of the brain
is influenced by environment.

Only because controlling
that genome is complicated.

There is still much left
that we need to do.

Our day of rest will not
come for some time.

That can't be helped.

We have a responsibility to this
world whose groundwork we laid.

I'm still worried about leaving
everything up to the government.

The mistakes committed by humanity
in the 21st Century mustn't be repeated.

Survival for survival's sake
is an abomination.

The members of the Council
of Elders, you mean?

Rumor has it that they've been
alive since the 21st Century.

Yes. They're the survivors of those who
laid the groundwork for our social system.

They've even manipulated
their own life spans.

It's reprehensible.

You're going to bring it all
to an end, aren't you?

To fix this insane world we live in.

Humanity will return to a time when they
evolved according to nature's time frame.

Those old men of the
Council of Elders,

who are said to have created
genetic engineering, should disappear.

This world we live in
can return to nature, can't it?


Humanity will close this
mistaken chapter in its history.

We will obtain Oberus...

...and deal a crushing blow to those
old men and the government.

On Earth, our comrades
are eagerly awaiting...

...the day that their dream
will at last come true.

I thank you from the bottom
of my heart, Comrade Sergei.

There's no need to thank me.

I'm sure he's alive.

Would you please be quiet?

Just when I finally got Remmy
to be quiet, you start chattering.

Would you please stop trying
to pick a fight with me?

Come to think of it...
Where is Remmy?

How should I know?

How's the Captain?

He's undergoing a
thorough examination.

Well, what do we do now?

Hey, don't get so worked up.

So this what total isolation
feels like...

Aw, it'll work itself out.

I guess you two also share the
same easygoing personality.

Because we're officially recognized by
the government as being superior stock.

Direct channel
from Niven Base.

It's Lord Sneak's code.


Beatrice, put it up
on the main screen.

Preparing for data transfer.


Matching code.
Transferring application!

Conversion complete.

It's been a while, everyone.


So many familiar faces...

Lord Sneak is busy at the moment, so
I've taken the liberty of contacting you.

Remmy! What are you
doing down there?

Lord Sneak called me here.

That can't be!

An IESA fleet will arrive at Ganymede
in 13 hours to hunt down the Bilkis.

To hunt down the Bilkis?
What are you talking about?

It's because the Bilkis
launched against orders.

Oberus is tracking the Bilkis.

If you approach the Earth,

there's a possibility that
a Ring will attack again.

That's why the IEO has decided
to eliminate the Bilkis.

When did this happen?!

If you don't want to fight the IEO fleet,
I guess you'll have to leave for deep space.

But Rings will just come
after us, won't they?!

What are we
supposed to do?!

Die, I suppose?

Looks like we've been had.
What are you after?

What am I after?
You want to know what we're after?

You want to know?

Lord Sneak sympathizes with
our organization's ideas.

This world of ours that
toys with life is insane.

How can we manipulate DNA
to maintain our society?

We're going to correct that world.
That's what we're after.

The data I obtained from your battles
with the Rings will be most helpful to us.

Get Sergei...

Put Sergei on, Remmy!

Why don't you
just face the facts?

You were a decoy meant to distract the
government and Council of Elders.

Lord Sneak's overseeing of your training
was just a sham for the government's sake.

Besides, the thought of a human
possessing perfect skills... an abomination!

And so, everyone, do your part
for the sake of a better tomorrow.

Channel closed.


I wonder what she's planning,
rambling on like that?

Does she think I believe
a word of that?

Let's put our heads together
and think this through.

I didn't ask your opinion!

I'm not feeling well.
I'll be in my quarters.


That hit Mir pretty hard...

We need to figure out what we're gonna do.
The IESA is on its way.

I don't think they want a war
any more than we do.

There hasn't been a war
in the past 200 years,

so the only thing they've
done is training missions.

We, however, have plenty
of experience in live combat.

Bis... They're talking
about a war.

It seems like things just keep
getting worse and worse.

I wonder if I was
too hard on Mir?

Her Highness might
have a glass jaw.

Now, then... I guess I'll sort
through the data from the Bilkis.

If I combine it with Niven Base's
information, it might yield some new data.

Niven Base's professors
are first-rate, all right.

They've done a thorough
analysis of the Shaft's data.


Why is there a locked file?

People are greatly influenced
by their environment.

It's a shame she had such
a poor upbringing.

People raised by terrorists will
turn out to be fools, I suppose.


Mir Lotus!

The Administration Bureau
made a mistake.

The arrival date we were
given was off by a day.

I just received
the revised e-mail.

I came as fast as I could, but
I see that I've kept you waiting.

As of today, I'm in
charge of your training.

Sergei. That's my name.

Welcome, my little queen.

I'll always be at your
side from now on, Mir.

Sergei would never betray me...

With you gone,
everybody's worried.

I'm kinda worried, too.

We're all kinda nervous for some reason.
Mario's doing his best, but still...

Captain... If you don't wake
up soon, I'm gonna kill you.

The decrease in his neuron
count just isn't slowing...

There are abnormalities in his
acetylcholine levels, too.

What's Major Amagiwa's gene code?


I should have known.
There are problems with that DNA.

It's true that they have excellent
decision-making abilities, though.

If his condition remains unchecked,
he'll continue to lose brain cells,

and his body will lose its ability
to maintain its life functions.

He'll be dead
within a month.


Please hear our prayers to let
humanity know peace once again.

It won't be much longer, Mother.

Assault on hideout successful.
Four dead, three being pursued.

Targets are members of
ideological group "Gaea."

Administration Bureau has
authorized termination.

I repeat, Administration Bureau
has authorized termination!


Remmy, listen closely...

You'll have to go on
ahead without me.

You remember the entrance
on 3rd Street, don't you?

I'm sorry I can't go with you...

But I know you can do it.
Because you're such a good girl...




I knew this is
where it would be...

Lord Sneak's been deceiving us,
and even the Council of Elders.

The Giants were the creators
of this solar system.

And to think that DNA,
the source of life,

is a seed that they scattered
throughout this system...

Why was it necessary
to cover up that truth?


He had another
Shaft constructed...?!

Lord Sneak, he's...

Lord Sneak...!

The analysis of the Shaft's
program is almost complete.

It will be the birth of a
fully-functional Shaft.

What do you hope
to accomplish with it?

Complete annihilation, Remmy.

It would seem that there was a slight
error in your group's ideology.

I saw the data in the Black Box.

Everything that you've ever told
us has been a lie, hasn't it?

It's not just our current society
that deserves to be destroyed.

It's humanity itself, Remmy.

Ego, desire, attachments...

You antigovernment ideologues long for
the world prior to the 21st Century.

It's the will of the universe that
humanity should live within nature!

The end result of living within nature was
a path leading to humanity's extinction.

We won't make the same
foolish mistakes!

Because you're superior
to 21st Century humanity?

Nothing ever changes, Remmy.

No matter how much
we manipulate our genes...

...or how superior our DNA
appears at face value,

humanity never changes.

You terrorists, the Council of Elders,
the general populace... You're all fools.

It is humanitythat is a bug
in the universe's system.

As proof, here you are
with your superior DNA,

and your environment
turned you into a fool.

My mother was no fool!

You're going to make me
throw up, Remmy!

If you want to die,
go do it by yourself!

Bugs must be eliminated.

So die!

What good will buying yourself
a few extra minutes do you?

Your fate is sealed, Remmy.

If I give up, it's all over...

You can't die...
I won't let you!

Listen up! Don't you dare die
until I kill you!

Matching code against databank.

No matching data found.

Just a minute!
It's a little like the Shaft's code.

What do you think?

I guess it does
look a little like it...

If you say so...


What do you think, Beatrice?

No doubt about it. It's the
Shaft's communications code.

However, it's not from the Shaft
that's aboard this vessel.

The signal is originating from
Niven Base on Ganymede.

Now it's starting
to make sense.

Put it up on the
main screen, Beatrice.

Would you please step into the
Captain's Area, Sub-captain?

I have to be standing on the dais?

It's regulations.

All right, all right...

Make us proud!

Like this?

Yes, sir.
Captain code verified.

Setting main screen.

Transferring frame.
Starting application.

It's not showing anything.

Just a moment.

A large number of temp files
are being uploaded.

It's an audio signal.

These files are Shaft programs that
were analyzed here on Ganymede.

If you check them against your
own files, I'm sure you'll be able to...


That's Remmy's voice!

- Now that you mention it...
- What's she doing down there?

There's not much time. I don't think
these batteries will last long.

Sergei, he's...

He's trying to destroy the
Earth... all humanity... using Oberus.

Don't you think Remmy's
just trying to sucker us again?


Hey, wait a minute!

The Shaft was constructed and
activated in order to lure in Oberus.

Sergei deceived the government
and the rest of us about everything.

But the Shaft may be the only thing
that's able to destroy Oberus.

This is just speculation,
so I don't have any proof...

Remmy! Come back up here!

Tell us everything you know!

Is that Mika?

I'd hoped to be able
to see you again.

Then come back!

That's just not possible... I...

Don't give up, Remmy!



Could you do one thing for me?


Could you tell Mir
that I said I was sorry?

Tell her yourself, Remmy!



Remmy, I'm so proud of you...

You're such a good girl.

Come on, now.
Let's go home together.


What happened, Remmy?!

Answer me!

Channel has logged out.

That was a gunshot, wasn't it?

Yes, sir.

Lord Sneak... I won't forget that
you laid a hand on my crew.

Detecting multiple ship signatures.
It's the IESA fleet.

Comparing code.

IEO code SS-3.
It's an order to surrender.

We're gonna survive,
no matter what...

I've got this broken camera
that never focuses...

...and takes blurry,
washed-out skin tones.

The shutter sticks,

and the body's all clunky.

It's an obsolete camera
that's totally out of style.

I think I'll get rid of it...

...and trade it in for a new one,

this camera that's done
nothing but chase after the truth.

Forever and ever.

Anywhere and everywhere.

That boy gives me the creeps...

I won't let anyone die
on my watch.

Jean's the best.

Less Than Human