Geneshaft (2001): Season 1, Episode 7 - Ringu wârudo - full transcript

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Ring World


What happened to them?!

They vanished.

Vanished? You mean
they just disappeared?!


What in the world happened?

The Ancients, they...

Phase Code SSJ.

You're going into a combat
operation without a Register?

The Ring is right on top of us.
I have no choice.

Where's Beatrice?

Don't worry.
She's sleeping.

She'll wake up in 12 hours.

What happened?

There's no time
to explain right now.

D selection is:
Main Driver, Mika Seido.

Sub-Driver, Mir Lotus.

Why should I be Sub-Driver?

Prepare for Shaft launch.

OS startup successful.
System check.

Loading applications
A through F.

Captain, Larry and the others were brought
into our world by that Ring, right?

Concentrate on attacking the Ring.

I shouldn't even
have asked him!


Listen, Mika...

I have faith that people can believe
in something besides DNA.

What can I believe in, Larry?

Bilkis, come about.

Quantum output, 30.

Prepare for Catenaccio startup.

Cover fire.

You're better than I thought...
But the hard part is yet to come.

The Shaft's systems aren't stable.

I'm looking forward to seeing how you
handle yourself during an accident.

Distance, 3,000!
Attack script, load!

Shaft is off course.

Log out.
System down.

Target surface perpendicular to ship.

Quantum signature detected!
Energy potential climbing!

Shield defenses.

Quantum output, 120!

Loading Downforce script!

I'm getting conflicts again...!

How many Attaccante files
do I have to pull out?

What are you doing?

If you pull those files, the Shaft's
shields will stop working!

Pull A112B through SN032C!

I was just about to do that!

Step aside,
you rank amateur!

Selecting you as Main
was a mistake!

Captain, change Drivers!

Direct hit!

Mika Seido!

All done!

Target energy potential climbing.

Shields down 30%!


Direct hit!

Mika Seido!

Output down 60%.

Target energy potential
climbing even higher.

This ship doesn't even
have a Register...

I'll have to handle this.

I'm on my way!

Increase shield output!

- It's no use!
- The relays are burning out!

Sub-engine is offline!

Main engine output down 30%!

Prepare quantum cannon.

Increasing quantum output.

The Shaft is along
our firing axis.

Do it.


We'll hit the Shaft!

It's no use!
Generator output is falling!

Media 1, program down!

Looks like we can't
use the quantum cannon.

That's unfortunate.

Target energy potential
has reached max!

It's dark...

If we get hit again,
we're history!


Register... Increase lighting...


Hey! What's wrong, Captain?!

Don't you think it's dark?

Pull yourself together, Captain!

The Captain is unfit for duty!

I am therefore taking command!

All done!
I knowit'll work this time!


Is Mir doing this?

She's running a
program on her own!

First Lieutenant Lotus is running
the interchange program.

Second Lieutenant Seido's
Device Unit is being ejected!

Now retrieving!

Mir, huh?

She messed with the
program without permission!

They should have let me
handle this in the first place!

OS, activate!

What's this file?

A new attack script is running...

Did Mika set this up?

She didn't even
give me a heads-up!

Shaft quantum shell
launch confirmed!

Target collapse has begun.

What the heck is that?

The Ring got sucked in...!

Target has collapsed.
Its mass is being annihilated.

Quantum density returning
to stable levels.

More will come...

They haven't given up yet...

- Quantum signature detected!
- What?!

Multiple contacts.

Detecting mass signatures
and gravity waves.

They're pulling out
all the stops...

Use the wormhole drive
to leave the area.

Retrieve the Shaft
and link our systems.

More Rings are appearing?

Mir! Get back here!
We're retrieving the Shaft!


We'll go back to Ganymede,
where Lord Sneak is.

Bilkis, come about!

Deploy Hole Unit!

Point verified.
Vector correction complete.

Will we make it in time?

C'mon... C'mon...







We've arrived at designated point.
Vicinity is clear.

Fix velocity at cruising speed.

Looks like we made it...


That was brilliant, Lady Mir!

We're going to see Dolce.

Lady Mir?

That was...

Mika Seido.

I don't care about your
hostility towards me,

but what I do mind is your
hiding information about the Shaft.

What are you talking about?

I see, so you're going to
play innocent, are you?

I think that a warped personality
is the result of one's environment,

but in your case, I think an adjustment from
the genetic level on up may be called for.

Let's go, Remmy.

Yes, ma'am.

She didn't have to go that far...

What does she think I did?

We'll enter Ganymede's
gravity well in 45 minutes.

I propose that we resupply and
repair the Bilkis at Niven Base.

Very well. I concur.

Captain, regarding the data on
the people from the 21st Century...

What are you talking about?

I have a hypothesis for the cause of their
time slip from the 21st Century.

Time slip?

When did that happen?

Oh, so this is where you went.

Hey, Beatrice.
Can I get you a drink?

No, thank you.

You must be exhausted.
You ought to rest a little.

Your actions deviate from
the established program.

They do?

Ship's records show that you carried
out your duties as Backup... rendering the
Captain unconscious.

That was too much?

Your actions are decidedly
outside of permitted tolerances.


I have my role to play,
and you have yours.

But have you ever asked yourself
if there ought to be more?

I'd like to think so.

You're out of control.


There's one other thing...

I believe the Captain should
undergo a thorough examination.

I think you're right.

According to my estimates, a worst-case
scenario is entirely possible.

Why? Why?!

You're still working on that?!

How slow you are!

Slow! Slow! Slow!

Your Skills are low, so I'll just have
to make do with your bodies!

I'm so tired I can't
see straight...!

If your eyes are of no use to you,
I'll just have to scoop them out!

We're gonna die...!

Then make sure you do it
because you're working!

Everything's going dark...

If you don't give me 100%,
I'll toss you out into Jupiter!

I don't care anymore...

Me, neither.

I want to sleep the
sleep of the dead...

If you like, I can
arrange that for you...

S-She laughed!

She's serious!

W-We're sorry!
We'll work!



Work like blazes!

Save us...!

Why are you resting?
Get back to work this instant!

I knew it...

Mir Lotus. To what
do I owe the honor?

I'd like a copy of the
new attack script.

There is no new script.

It's the program that
Mika Seido used.

That was the Shaft's new
offensive program, wasn't it?

There's no such thing,
so I can't help you.

I saw it!

There's no such thing!

Yes, there is!

There's no such thing, I tell you!

That's strange... A program that
even Dolce doesn't know about?

I will find it, no matter what
tricks that girl uses.

I don't understand... There are
no traces of it ever being here.

But no one has touched it
since then...

Perhaps the data was lost because
I did a forced Driver change.

No, that can't be it!

That girl is hiding something!

I just can't find anything...

I've never seen anything
like that program before...

I wonder what it was?

Could it have been...

You awake?

It's me.


Got a minute?

That was really
awesome today, Mika.

What kind of program
did you put together?

Let me see it!

Is that it?
Is that the new program?


I don't know what it was, either,
so I've been going over the data.

Oh, give it a rest! You don't
have to hide anything from me!

Still, it's too bad Mir pulled
that Driver change on you...

...and stole all your glory.

It would've been better if you yourself
had been able to try out...

...the new program you'd
been writing in secret.

Will you let me use it next time?

Get out!

Like I'd do something like that!

What're you so mad about?

Geez, they make it sound like I'm sneaking
around behind people's backs!

Hey, if it isn't the thief.

My, my, my...

What's that supposed to mean, Tiki?

I'm amazed you managed to keep those
loose-lipped debuggers in the dark.

They had absolutely no idea
until they heard about it from Mir.

Damn it, what are you
saying that I did?

So, you hacked Dolce's files and
grabbed some incomplete data, huh?

You can play pretty dirty.

Use the Shaft's systems
to employ gravity braking...

...during insertion into
Ganymede's gravity well.

Captain, your D selection?

Why not have Mika do it?

Seems like she's real familiar
with the Shaft's systems.

Give it a rest, Tiki!

Captain, I'm receiving a
transmission from Niven Base.

Open channel.

We can't authorize you to land.

Isn't Lord Sneak there?

He is here.

He is in agreement
with these orders.

The Earth government has charged
your vessel with treason.

Treason, huh?
This all seems kinda surreal...

From the look of things, we should assume
that Lord Sneak's been arrested.

Sergei would never
commit such a blunder!

We should go down at once
and see for ourselves!

We can't do that.

What are you planning
to do, then?

Settle down, Mir.

Don't you think you should be
a little more levelheaded?

I don't want to hear
anything out of you!

Not after the dirty tricks you pulled
to get the drop on me.

Where do you get off,
spouting all this garbage?!

It's the truth.

For one, no one else
knew about that data.

Neither did I!

I'll just bet.

My only guess is that you snuck into
the server and got the data from there!

That's ridiculous!

Is that true, Mika?

We all thought you were writing mail,
but all this time you were hacking...

Would you give it a rest?!





The Rings.

So, they're all connected
via a quantum link.

A sword that can
pierce any target.

A shield that can
deflect any attack.

Just as in the
fairy tales of old,

these Giants of Ganymede
created something wondrous.

Lord Sneak.


I've received all of your data.
It made for fascinating reading.

It's all thanks to you, Remmy.

I've got this broken camera
that never focuses...

...and takes blurry,
washed-out skin tones.

The shutter sticks,

and the body's all clunky.

It's an obsolete camera
that's totally out of style.

I think I'll get rid of it...

...and trade it in for a new one,

this camera that's done
nothing but chase after the truth.

Forever and ever.

Anywhere and everywhere.

Comrade Sergei.

Eliminate the Bilkis?

It's an abomination!

Sergei would never betray me...

The Moon is a Harsh Master