Geneshaft (2001): Season 1, Episode 3 - Sora no randebû - full transcript

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Rendezvous in Space

The Ring has gone dormant again
since firing. What is your assessment?

We should destroy it immediately.

You have no doubts
about that assessment?

You can see everything that happens aboard
the ship from here in the Captain's Room.

It is a well-designed information
management system.

Practice shots,
Colonel Amagiwa.

Where is Register Sibyl?

Dead. She didn't make it out
when the station was destroyed.

In the case of a Phase 4 event,
the Ring is to be eliminated.

Those are the
S-mission's written orders.

When the Ring opened
fire on the Earth,

it sent out a pulse
into outer space.

But I was told that the signal vanished
into subspace near Jupiter.

Register Beatrice,
what is your opinion?

Calculating the interference of gravity on
the path of the pulse sent out by the Ring...

...will allow us to determine
the pulse's destination.

The Bilkis is humanity's first vessel
capable of subspace travel.

Humanity is looking for
the end product of evolution.

In the giants of Ganymede?

Colonel Amagiwa,
continue the mission.

Here it is! Here it is!
This is the place!

We finally found it...

Geez, this ship is huge...

C'mon, let's go in!



Like I thought,
nobody's here.

So we're the only ones
who made it out in time...

Yeah, looks like
it's just us three.

I'm exhausted from
all that running...

Yeah, but it's better than being
blown to bits along with the station.

I guess.

I wonder if those other girls
will get worker's comp?

Who knows? The military's
pretty tightfisted.

There you are!

Where have you people been?!

Uh, well... We kinda got
lost inside the ship.

It's just you three?

Yes, it looks that way.

I guess it can't be helped.

Anyway, I need you to debug the
Yellow Box in the next 30 minutes.

But the basic files alone in the Yellow
Box take up more than 356,000 files!

But if you don't finish
in time, you're all dead.

We may be just
as dead if we do...

Here you are.

Thank goodness
you're all right, Mir.

I'm not all right!
I could have been...

I know. It would seem that we were
infiltrated by terrorists.

That's right! l...

But you prevailed against those
unforeseen circumstances...

and returned here safely.

You truly are superior. You possess
the Skills I believed you would.

I tested the abilities
of the government.

And I have reached a conclusion.
They are incompetent.

You're saying that
I was merely bait?


This wound will be the
proof of minkind's future.

Lady Mir!

Let's go to the bridge, Remmy.

It looks like she's completely
back to her old self...

Look, it's not that I don't
understand how you feel.

I mean, after what happened
to your mom and all...

But I'm just too hotheaded...
It's because I'm so dumb.

You're not dumb.
You're just a baby.

Your gene type's still
white, for pete's sake!

If I had the energy,
I'd belt you.

Hey, are you feeling
yourself again, Mika?

I wish my gene type were
peony purple like yours, Sofia...

True. People with my
gene type are beautiful.

Or maybe just flakes.

You're asking for it.

You sure have changed.

Why do you say that?

All this worrying
about gene types.

That stuff is like
fortune-telling for kids.

There used to be something just
like it, except with blood types.

But everybody shows a color reaction
by the time they're about ten!

To still be white at my age...

It's kinda weird, like still having
your baby teeth or something.

Oh, so that explains why
you've also got a baby's brain!

You're dead.

Oh, so we've got our old
tension working again?

Yeah, whatever.

Hey, they're back.

Verifying current location.
15 minutes, 30 seconds to target.

Commencing rendezvous countdown.

Prepare to attack the Ring.

Shaft mission, start.

Shaft OS, commence reinstall.
Transfer speed, 2000G.

Target position shifting slightly.

Cosmic particle density down 5%.

Quantum pressure at 75.2.
Activating subsystem.

Target detected on quantum scan.

Flow confirmed.
Mission S, start.

All units, prepare
for activation.

Captain. Your D selection.

That must mean the
Shaft's Driver, Lady Mir...

You must be joking.

My pride won't allow me to operate
such a defective program.

These others are better suited
for debugging, don't you think?

I want to do a perfect job.

So I expect you to give
me a suitable tool!

Count me out, too.
Kamikaze runs aren't my thing.

She has a point there...

I'll do it.

Hey, now! Are you thinking
this through, Mika?

Count me in!
I'll pilot the Shaft!

Driver is Second Lieutenant Seido.
Sub-Driver, First Lieutenant Galgalim.

Inputting command.

Unit D, Second Lieutenant Seido.
Sub-D, First Lieutenant Galgalim.

Mission start.

Shaft OS transfer confirmed.

Application 20!
Plug-in 335!

Is this gonna work, Chief?

Don't ask me!

Sofia, back me up!

Just a minute, Mika!

Damn it...

Just a minute!

Mika Seido. See to debugging
the Shaft, will you?

Give me a program that will
make proper use of my Skills.

I'll give it my best shot.

But I'll be giving it
some personal touches.

The Snow Queen might not be able
to use it when I'm done.

But I guess that's okay.

That'll just make me
the Shaft's Driver!

Enjoy the show from
your box seat, Snow Queen!

How dare she speak
to you like that?

She's trying to pick
a fight with you, Lady Mir.

It's all right, Remmy.

Let's see just what sort
of Skills she has.

We'll never be able to finish this!

We'll finish when we finish.

Right! She shouldn't have asked
us to do the impossible!

Hey, you people!

You haven't even finished 30%!

The Shaft is being launched,
so run your fixes while it's operational!

Our Skills just aren't up to...

If it doesn't work right,
you're all dead! Got it?!

DCP, link check.

Here goes.

Let's kick back and watch humanity's
first encounter with the unknown.

Sure is exciting, huh?

I'll use #1!

Got it!

Device Unit, activate!

We'll use nuclear warheads.

Mark III, check.

Attaccante program loading!

Mark III script activated.
Counting down.

Okay, it's up!
Control Unit, activate!

All right...
Sofia, check the links!

It checks out.
Backup's okay, Mika.

Then here I go!

Device Unit connection complete!

Sofia, can you see
everything from there?

Yeah, nice and clear.

Here goes!

Give it your best.

Shaft, activate!

DU setup complete.

Approaching target visual range.

Aw, I knew it!

Hey, bridge!
Do something!

What are you doing?!
It's frozen!

I'll have you people up
before a court martial!

- Mommy...!
- Mommy...!

The file's being transferred.

This should be enough.
Apply the patch and restart!

Got it.

S-unit is in conflict.
T minus 640 to rendezvous.

Emergency channel.

General Lindros, commander
of 13th escort fleet.

Colonel Amagiwa! The Bilkis
is deviating from its flight plan.

Correct your course immediately.

We are currently conducting
a special operation.

Those orders take precedence
over yours, General.

I've received no such orders.

The Bilkis will hereby
attack the Ring.

What are you saying?

The government's still in chaos, and you're
attacking that Ring on your own initiative?

You must forgive me, but we're about
to begin the mission countdown.

Register! Freeze out
Colonel Amagiwa this instant!

I've received no orders
to that effect.


Shutting down channel.

I'm impressed.

It doesn't look like she can
launch just yet, Lady Mir.

I suppose not.

What's the matter, Mika Seido?

Now that you've issued your challenge, you're
going to see it through even if it kills you.

Patch application complete!

I have confirmation
on this end, too!

Restart system!


Target closing.
Range, 25,000.

Starting firing countdown.

Range to target, 16,000.

Cosmic particle density climbing.
Azimuth, 025.








Target mass unchanged.

Wave coefficient in
surrounding space is climbing.

Whoa, it's not even scratched!

That thing's got
one hell of a shield.

Resume attack.

Attack script, reverse, set 3.

Wow, that's pretty!

He's deliberately
trying to provoke it...

Target quantum change confirmed!

Ring is beginning to rotate.

Target surface perpendicular to ship.
Range, 11,000!

Picking up antimatter reaction!
Sounding alarm!

Shield defenses.

Activating shield AP.

Activating Catenaccio script,
session B.

Releasing full main engine output.
Activating Downforce script.

Here it comes!

Escort fleet destroyed.

Shield efficacy down to 70%!

Target's energy potential
climbing even higher!

Sort the plug-in files again, and...

Don't rush it, Mika. I'm tracing
things from this end.

Go through them one at a time and take out
anything that might be causing a conflict!

I know, I know!

Don't rush it!
You can't rush it!

Pulse, 145.
Blood pressure, 160.

Unit D is displaying signs
of excessive stress.

Target's quantum space
density is climbing.

It's gonna fire again!

We might be in trouble here...

Lady Mir...

Keep calm.
It's unseemly, Remmy.

What's keeping you, Mika Seido?

My pride won't stand for me
to get turned into space dust!

Little pygmy, little pygmy,

dancing atop a tree stump...

Little pygmy, little pygmy,
dancing atop a tree stump...

You still chant that
nursery rhyme, huh?

...dancing atop a tree stump.

Little pygmy, little pygmy,
dancing atop a tree stump...

Pulse and blood
pressure are falling.


Unit D is regulating
her autonomic nerves.

That's our white.

Sofia, I'm booting up!


OS, restart!

Potential at max!

Hang in there, Bilkis.

Come on, come on, come on!

Work! Work!

Got it!

Good job, Mika.
But the hard part's coming up.

I know.

Shaft startup successful.

Commencing countdown!




FRB ignition!


The Shaft!

It's firing again!

I know!

I'm okay!
The shields are holding!

Going in!

Shaft is charging target.

It vanished?!

Where? Where'd it go?!

Oh, no!
It crashed again!

Target has reappeared.

Range, 25,000.

I wonder what's it doing?

Oh, geez... What's it doing?

The damn thing's
scanning the Shaft...

Quantum cannon.

Target destroyed!

Quantum density returning
to normal. Shaft confirmed.

Accelerate to cruising speed.

Retrieving Shaft.
Activating Tre-quartista.

He attacked the Ring without waiting
for orders from the Council of Elders...

The government and
military are still in chaos.

It was the perfect opportunity
to further our plans, and yet...

Damn that Sergei...
What made him take leave of his senses?

He was supposed to be the most
superior of the Immortals.

Our analysis of Immortal DNA
may yet be incomplete.

If he has betrayed us...

Then we will have no choice
but to eliminate him.

We must protect the stability
of this world we have made.

So that humanity will exist
forever in the universe.

Mika! We've got trouble, Mika!


She's hopeless...

Oh, well.

But I'll be back to wake
you up soon enough.

Until then, sweet dreams, Mika.

"You have mail!"

"How are you, Mika?
I am fine."

"I went for a walk
by myself today."

"I took the path we always
take together."

"The weather was nice, and white
clouds sailed by overhead."

"You're out there beyond
them, right, Mika?"

"It sure is Ionely here
all by myself."

"In the forest, I found
some sweet acorns."

"They sure were hard.
I didn't eat them, though."

"I just chewed on them a bit."

"I don't like being home
alone very much."

"Mika. Come home soon."

And that's Lord Sneak's opinion, too?

That's right.

Ganymede, huh?

That means we're breaking free
of the government.

Still, looking into that rumor
might not be a bad idea.

Hadairo bonyari boyakete shimatte... to no awanai kowareta kamera,

shataa omoi shi,

shikakui bodii de,

jidaiokure no inatai kamera.

Mou suteyou,

atarashii no ni kaete shimaou,

shinjitsu dake o...

...oitsuzukuete kita kamera.

Itsumademo itsumademo,

dokomademo dokomademo...

All right, let's
see you do it!

You certainly are.

Feel free to die
whenever you want.

I just can't trust him!

Forget it!

The Sentinel