Geneshaft (2001): Season 1, Episode 2 - Utau fune - full transcript

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The Ship Who Sang

The Earth!

Bravo and Charlie are gone.

Maracanan has sustained
30% damage from that impact.

It is falling out of orbit, and I calculate that it
will enter the Earth's atmosphere in one hour.

Sergei, we must escape.

Have you started
the self-destruct program?

Yes. The program
is running normally.

Have there been any
orders from the IEO?

Not yet.

I believe the effects of the shockwave
from the Ring are rather widespread.

I'm going to the Bilkis.

The Bilkis?

That will be perceived
as disregarding orders.

Is that so?


I no longer have
any need for a Register.

Goodbye, Sibyl.

Maracanan Station
is out of orbit.

It will self-destruct in 45 minutes to
prevent a collision with the Earth.

All hands, board evacuation
pods immediately.


C'mon, now.

Just because I'm a man
doesn't mean I bite.

C'mon, hurry.

Oh, man! The station's
self-destruct's been activated!

Self-destruct! Self-destruct!

I never went to claim
my luggage cloak...

You'll just have to forget about it.
C'mon, let's get to the shuttle.

Damn it, that hair cream
I just bought was in there!

Gee, please accept my condolences.

Hey, how about taking this
a little more seriously?

This station is gonna explode
in 45 minutes, you know?

I'm gonna take a pass
on zero-G running.

Mario, carry me piggyback!


In zero-G, I can do 100 meters
in under 5 seconds.

Well, at least your feet are fast...

Are you making fun of me?

Just kidding.

Speed is a sign of
the lower animals.

- I'll wring that little twerp's neck!
- Just ignore her.

S- mission direct channel, open.

Unit orders. Make for
Block B-62A immediately.

Now transferring coordinates
data to your terminals.

S-mission base of operations
is hereby established...

...aboard the first class
ship of the line Bilkis.

Unit D, as well as the
Backup Captain, are to board...

...this ship, which is moored
at Dock 23, within 15 minutes.

S- mission Captain is
Lieutenant Colonel Amagiwa.

Register is Beatrice Ratio.

Over and out.

The escape pods are
straight down this corridor.

We have work to do, so you'll have
to go the rest of the way by yourself.

Well, take care.

Let's go!

T minus 32 minutes
to station self-destruct.

Geez, she's running all-out...

There's nothing wrong
with a little spunk!

Left at the next junction!


I heard!

For a ship of the line,
she sure looks weird.

She's a new ship, right?

I've never heard
of the Bilkis before.

That's the ship's belly, isn't it?
There's something weird attached to it.

It gives me the creeps...

Seen enough? Let's hurry up
and get on board.

The Queen of Sheba
was an impatient woman.

That ship over there with her name
might be just as temperamental.

Wow! It's still all shiny!

Calm down, Tiki.

Pretty impressive!

Unit D, First Lieutenant
Sofia Galgalim.

Second Lieutenant
Tiki Musicanova.

Second Lieutenant
Mika Seido.

Backup Captain,
Major Mario Musicanova.

Boarding complete.

Nice to meet you!

Ballon d'Ore program,
loading complete.

Normal OS boot verified.
Prepare for launch.

Session application,
commencing startup.

Commencing scan.

Tre-quartista booting.

Link is okay.

Program engine verified.


Ala Script, commencing load.

Hyun, I need that program.

I'm trying, but the server at the
Los Angeles base isn't responding.

Chicago's down, too.

Dive through Shanghai
and look for a copy... the mirror server at
Paris Integrated Command.

They've all been blown away.

You're probably right.
That looked like a direct hit.

A direct hit?
Hey, what are you talking about?

Please don't bother us
while we're working.

The Ring attacked the Earth.

The IESA command center in California,
North America, took a direct hit,

and everything within
500 km was annihilated.

Oh, so that's when
the station got trashed.

What's the IEO saying?

They still haven't issued any orders.
It's chaos down there.

Mama was in Los Angeles
when it happened...


She's gone...

T minus 23 minutes, 35 seconds
to station detonation.


Captain Code recognition complete.
Ballon d'Ore, linked.

C-Line, directory fixed in G-ROM.

System shows all green.

Captain, input your command.

Bilkis, weigh anchor.

All programs, start link.

Section G, set up.

Task Manager, confirmed.

Quantum initialization, okay.

Ballon d'Ore reinstall complete.

Main monitor system, activate.

Protocol verified.
Activating dock subsystem.

Open dock hatch.

Bilkis, leave port.

Mass driver system, booting.

All ahead slow.

Approaching acceleration point.

Mass driver generator
output climbing.

I'm receiving an SOS
from dead ahead.

An escape pod is stuck
in its launch port.

Life signs confirmed
within the pod.

Life signs?

T minus 20 minutes
to station detonation.

Continue operation.

We're just gonna let 'em die?
Well, I guess there's nothing we can do...

Hey, wait!

There's still 20 minutes!
We might be able to save them!


There is only a slim
chance of success.

I can't jeopardize this ship for that.

You may be quick on your feet,
but that's space out there.


I wasn't asking you!

Yeah, whatever.

You're killing others again
to save yourself!

This ship is tasked with
a special mission. As are her crew.

If you're not going
to help them, I will!

Let me off the ship!
Right now!

- Let me off!
- Mika!

Why are you so worked up?

- Her stupidity's the real deal.
- She's an interesting one.

I'll wait seven minutes.

Mission stop.
Restart in seven minutes.

Program stop.
Prepare for restart.

Counting down from 420.

Prepare for Catenaccio startup.

Maintain idling at 50.

Use the Shaft.

Shaft, program load.
Mission E7.


What's that?

Those are sub-seats.
The Shaft's remote control consoles.

You did this is simulations, right?

This is what they meant when they
were talking about the "S-unit"?


You know you can't
do this by yourself.

Oh, what the hell.
I guess we'll help!

You owe me a soda after this!

Mika, just relax.

Nobody expects you to pull this off,
so just take it easy.

Transfer Shaft program!

It's full of bugs.

I know that!

If I do it just like
in the simulations,

I oughta be able to do this!



Hey, you bastards!
What kind of crappy program is this?!

It's totally locked up!

Isn't there a revised program
in here somewhere?

There aren't any.

The program's scheduled completion
date wasn't for another month.

That's the latest version
we have right now.

If you just get the manipulators
and control verniers working,

you should be able to
rescue them, right?

That's right!

If I sort the plug-in files, I can...



Whoa... This is bad.

Life signs have dropped to 12.

Mika! Gas is being
released in the pod!


Got it!

For an idiot,
that was pretty slick.

But the hard part is coming up...

Detaching Shaft!

Okay, here goes!
FRB, ignition!

Leave the Shaft's
attitude control to me!

Mika, you concentrate
on the manipulators!

T minus 240 seconds
to mission end.

Roll control.
Distance, 1250.

Braking, 30.

Engaging right manipulator.

Sofia, keep an eye on
the body's balance!

This is trickier than I thought...

Distance, 150.

Locked on!

Target acquired!

Distance, 30.




Life signs at 4.
180 to time limit.

Distance, 10.

Don't rush things, Mika!
If you crush it, it'll all be for nothing!

I know, I know!







Why is it freezing?!

Mika! Restart!

I'm on it!

Oh, man...

We're not gonna make it.


Please! Work!





Time is up.

Mission end.

Activate program 003, EA7.

All systems, start.

Program load complete.
Commencing restart.

Quantum density climbing.
Reaching critical.

Script "Della Stella."

Activating Catenaccio.
Deploying force field.

Counting down.

Wait a minute!
I'm in the middle of restarting!

Just give me
two more minutes!

Retrieve the Shaft.

Shaft docking complete.
Link, off.

Firing shockwave down
acceleration corridor.

Firing countdown.





Course is clear.
Output at 70.

Engines, start.

Ten seconds to
station detonation.





Why did you stand by
and let them die?!

Time ran out.

It's exactly the same thing
you did that other time!

You're going to pay!


That girl's got one
messed up personality, all right...

Mika! What's gotten into you?!

Maintain your composure,
Lieutenant Seido.

Save your abnormal adrenaline secretions
for when you are piloting the Shaft.

If you are unable to obey the rules
regarding personal behavior on the bridge,

I will execute you
on my authority as Register.

That's enough, Register.

We've received special orders
from the military.

This new warship, the Bilkis,
was constructed for that mission.

As was that special assault
weapon called the Shaft.


You are the five Driver
candidates selected by the IEO.


Isn't it as good as decided?

Being called a "Driver candidate" is
offensive to me, Captain Amagiwa.

When it's all said and done, any
other Drivers are merely my backups.

Don't you see?

It's only natural that
I be the Shaft's Driver.

Of course!

It's unthinkable that anyone else on Earth
is more qualified than Lady Mir.

With her perfect skills, even God
herself bows down before her!

I'm starting to feel
real sick here...

Things have sure
gotten interesting.

However, there is just one
thing I won't tolerate.

And that's you, Mika Seido.

You don't have any
high-average Skills whatsoever,

and yet I hear you were personally
recommended by Colonel Amagiwa.

Whatever your reasons
for being aboard the Bilkis,

my Skills far surpass yours.

You white!

Your Majesty?

Let's leave the "tormenting the young
maiden" routine at that, shall we?

In the future, I hope
you'll show us...

...that shooting off your mouth
isn't your only talent.

It's always men who
pull the trigger of history.

And so, I pulled it.

Bis, how are you?

Mama has died.

Lots of people
we don't know also died.

Are you keeping the promise
you made to me?

You're not eating things off the ground
when you're out walking, are you?

You know how easily
you get stomach trouble.

As for me, I'm alive.

Alive and well.

I've got this broken camera
that never focuses...

...and takes blurry,
washed-out skin tones.

The shutter sticks,

and the body's all clunky.

It's an obsolete camera
that's totally out of style.

I think I'll get rid of it...

...and trade it in for a new one,

this camera that's done
nothing but chase after the truth.

Forever and ever.

Anywhere and everywhere.

Where have you people been?!

That'll just make me
the Shaft's Driver!

Hang in there, Bilkis.

...the Ring is to be eliminated.

Rendezvous in Space