Geneshaft (2001): Season 1, Episode 13 - Yônenki no hajimari - full transcript

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
They're Rings! Gigantic Rings
are covering the sun!

Sunlight decrease, 68%.
Ring density still climbing.

Sunlight decrease continuing.

The rings are going
to crush the sun...?!

If my calculations are correct...

This is Oberus' final program.

Childhood's Beginning

Hiroto? Perhaps it is the will of the
universe that you have come.

Yes, you have
every right to be here.

Come, join me and usher in the
last moments of humanity.

Lord Sneak...

Beatrice! It's a Shaft!
Another Shaft has appeared!

Emma! Scan its code!

Matching codes.

It's Mir! It matches
Mir Lotus' code!

I have verification here, too!

The Shaft Driver is Mir Lotus!

But how...?

I'm sorry, but I can't let you
go to Oberus, Mika Seido.

Mir? Mir, is that you?!

I always knew this
day would come.


Let's do it, Mika!

I'm fighting for Sergei!

Here she comes!

So all that talk about killing
Sergei was just a trick?

I'm the only one who
can understand him!

What's Mika's status?!

It's no use! Her course is being
blocked by Mir's Shaft!

She can't approach Europa!

Don't give up...

Don't give up,
not to the bitter end...

I don't understand
why you're doing this!

Why do you believe in
somebody like Sergei?!

Everything will be gone soon.
You, me, and all humanity!

So I want to settle things
with you before the end!

We still don't know if this
is gonna be the end!

That's what Sergei said!

Human DNA is imperfect.
All its bugs can't be eliminated.

Look at the course of human history,
and this is clear.

It is a history of fools.

Humanity should have gone
extinct in the 21st Century.

Those bugs will harm
the entire universe.

So before they can do that,
I will purge them.

I... will carry out my duties
and responsibilities.

For humanity's sake.

Hiroto, your own DNA has
bugs in it, doesn't it?

I know all about it.

Your body will soon be unable to sustain
itself because of the bugs in your DNA.

Humanity's fundamental bugs
will never be snuffed out.

Just like the bugs
in your own DNA.

Everything should be focused on
the natural order of the universe.

Humanity doesn't deserve
to continue to exist.

You have duties
and responsibilities.

Carry out your duties and
responsibilities, Hiroto.

To... carry out my duties
and responsibilities,

I will complete my mission.

Sergei is the only one
who understands me!

You're really starting
to piss me off, Mir!

That's my white!


She's fast!

How can she be even faster at the
controls than I anticipated?


Allow me to show you
the foolishness of humanity.

My DNA manufactures evolved cells.
Cells that regenerate quickly.

The Council of Elders' goal
was the ultimate life form.

And that is me.

I'm immortal.

The only way to kill me is to annihilate
all of my cells at once.

I'm a thing to whom the sanctity
of life is a foreign concept.

Humanity couldn't possibly deserve to exist,
not after creating such a thing as me.

You and I, we're the same.
As is all humanity.

It won't be long, Hiroto.
We will all be set free soon.

Captain, everybody's
waiting for you.

It's all right, Mir.
You have us.

We've all been
worried about you.

Could you do one
thing for me, Mika?

Could you tell Mir
that I said I was sorry?

Calm down, Mir.
Trust me, I'll let you see Sergei.

Lord Sneak isn't
the only one.

Remmy, and Mario, and even me,
we've all cared about you, Mir.

Was I... Was I wrong?

If you make a mistake, you should just
start over and try again, right?

I'm sure you can do it.
I believe that you can.

There's potential in me, too?

I believe in you.

The Shafts have stopped moving.


Mir's Shaft is starting
to lock down its weapons!

Beatrice, retrieve Mir.


I'm gonna go bring
back the Captain.

Knowing him, he might figure out
a way to stop Oberus.


Wait for me on theBilkis, Mir.
I'll be back.


Hiroto, you and I are the same.
We're symbols of humanity's foolishness.

Surely you can understand.

Then why did you try to separate
us from the Bilkis?

Because you were
bugs within a bug.

I have a lock on Mir's Shaft.

Bring her aboard, Tiki.

Okay! Just leave it to me!

Mir, I'm gonna dock you,
so start the linkup program.

How can I look them
in the eye?

I don't...

Oh, quit your whining!

"Love"means forgiveness!

But if you betray everyone's love,
you won't be so lucky next time!

Besides, if you don't come back to
the Bilkisbefore Mika does,

she'll whip your butt again!

If we have an understanding,
hurry up and load that program!

Thank you, Tiki.

Oberus activated when
it discovered humanity.

But the fact that you had almost mastered
the Giants' technology confused Oberus.

Oberus' program began
to show fluctuations.

You were uncertain elements
within the bug that is humanity.

But you have the same human DNA,
and are therefore no different from the rest.

Major Amagiwa?

When we make it out of this,
I'll introduce you to an old friend of mine.

An old friend?

Mika Seido.

I like her a lot.
Her gene type is white.

Isn't that strange?

I really wanted
to see her again.

It doesn't look like our air is going to
last until a rescue ship comes, does it?

One last thing, Major.
I'm glad I met you.

Lt. Banning?!

Would you do
one thing for me?

When you get back
to Earth, go meet Mika.

Promise me you'll
meet her, okay?

But that is a trivial matter.

I want the bug that is
humanity to vanish,

and a new, perfect life
to be created, Hiroto.

That's it?

That's what this is about?

I think I understand you,
Lord Sneak.

If you feel that way, then I'm confident
my decision was correct.

Whites are potential.

I want to see
a white's potential.

And if that turns out to
be humanity's salvation,

that's just icing
on the cake.

I'm just about to enter
Europa's atmosphere.

Be careful, Mika!

I'll try!

The Shaft is entering
Europa's atmosphere.

Don't worry, Beatrice.

I'm sure that Mika will be able to
handle the program I put together.

I may be a genius,
but Mika is a white!

For her, anything is possible!

The Shaft...

Counting down!






The new program is running...

It's a Ring!

No, it's a Ring with even more energy!
It's encircling Europa!

I'm getting a thermal signature
in Europa's core!

What have you done?
What was that?

Potential, Lord Sneak.

Don't make me laugh!

Beatrice, how is Mika?!

Europa, it's turning red!


There isno such thing.
It's just simple errors.

Oberus will wipe humanity
from the universe.


You still don't understand?

That's why you used
Mir the way you did.

You used our Mir.

H-How can you be here?

You should be dead,
you imperfect Duplicates!

That's right.
We weren't like you, Vier.

Mir loved us.

But not you, Vier.

Go away, ghosts! I don't have
to listen to you defectives!

Nothing is perfect
in this world, Vier.

For you not to realize that...

...was foolish.

Mir will be all right.

She's gone back
to the others.

This world is full of
futures and possibilities.

Perhaps the Giants
came to tell us that.

Go away!

The Rings surrounding the sun
have begun to disappear!

Sunlight restoration, 30%.
Restoration rate increasing!

Oberus' program has aborted...

Mika's Shaft did it!

Is Mika okay?

She gave her word
that she'd come back.

She'll be back!

Of course she will!
My program is flawless!



Wake up, Mika.

Sofia? C'mon, let me
sleep a little longer...

Aren't you going
to write to Bis?

I'll do it later.

The Captain wants
to meet you, Mika.


Because you're so weird.

The system's completely crashed...

Seas are forming...




Hiroto, you're one
of the chosen.

So carry out your duties
and responsibilities, Hiroto.


Captain, don't die before
I can kill you, okay?

Seido... Mika Seido...

There was something
I wanted to tell you, Mika.





Major Amagiwa,
keep your word, okay?



Is everyone all right?

They're fine.
They're coming to pick us up.