Geneshaft (2001): Season 1, Episode 12 - Ganimede no yasashii otoko - full transcript

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The Gentle Man of Ganymede



Scan Europa...

Europa is Oberus?

So we've been wandering around
with it right under our noses?

But we've finally found it.
Plus, those Rings are...

- all controlled by Oberus.


Destroying Ring
after Ring is futile.

Oberus is the heart of the system. As long
as it exists, Rings will keep appearing.

They'll keep coming
after the Bilkis.

Prepare the Shaft
for attack.

D selection is...

Where is Remmy Levi-Strauss?


Sofia Galgalim?


And Mario?


Mir has left the ship.

Mika is resting in her quarters
due to mental fatigue.


For humanity to survive, there's no need
to obsess over the deaths of individuals.

Is that really true?

They carried out their duties and
responsibilities as human beings.

Now it's our turn.

For the sake of humanity's survival,
we're going to destroy Oberus.

How will we do that?

What sense is there losing
even more people by fighting?

I'll say it again. Carry out
your duties and responsibilities.

I can't cope
with this anymore.


Take your punishment for abandoning
the Bilkis and betraying me, Sergei.

I've been waiting here
for you to come.

I was aware of everything.

Everything that has happened thus far,
everything that is yet to come...

It has all been an inevitability
of the universe.

"Bis, how are you?

May I come in?


How are you feeling?

Fine. I guess.

Who are you writing to?

To Bismarck back on Earth.
He's my best friend.

He's a dog.

But he has human-level intelligence.

You know about Bis?

I've read your
mother's report.


Once we get back,
will you introduce me?


To him.

Large quantities of oxygen and nitrogen
are being generated on Oberus' surface.

An atmosphere
is beginning to form.

No abnormalities detected
within its core.

They were searching for perfect
DNA in the Immortals.

Did I ever tell you, Mir?

I had three Duplicates.

However, all the Duplicates
but me were eliminated.

Many people with DNA identical
to mine were created,

and they were all wiped out
without my knowledge.

I'm nothing but a high-grade
part meant to allow...

...humanity to exist
in the universe.

A part that can be eliminated
without a second thought.

All people are born with
their roles already determined.

Their roles as parts for the continuation
of the human species.

But humanity was a malformed
seedling that sprouted...

...from seeds scattered
by the Giants.

Humanity is simply a bug that doesn't
deserve to exist in the universe.

Bugs must be removed.
At the bug's own hand.


Watch humanity's
end with me.

Do you think it's fun
to be a mom?


Sofia said that she was
going to be a mother.

She said it was really great
to watch a person grow up.

Her? A mother?

It's probably because I've never
thought that far ahead.

I can't even imagine what
my own children would be like.

It's like they're
an unknown potential.

Mika Seido, please report
to the Debug Room!

I'm going to incorporate your genetic
code into the Shaft's program!

That's okay, Dolce. I don't feel
like piloting the Shaft anymore.

You're refusing
my good will?

See if I care when your terminal
is crawling with viruses!

Besides, do you want to let the data
Sofia left us go to waste?

I'll be waiting for you,
Mika Seido!

There he is!


Mika Seido...

Take the Shaft...
Take it to Oberus and...

Mika Seido...

I... I won't pilot the Shaft.

Captain! Moving around
now will just...

What in the world?

The Shaft's generator is online!
But who is at the controls?

It can't be!

Damn it!

Mika! I'll back you up,
so you go after him in the Shaft!



Emma! Situation report!

It looks like he teleported
to Oberus from the Shaft.

Right, Hyun?

Right. The teleport data
was a match for the Captain.

The Captain sure seemed
angry, didn't he?

He sure did.

Fumi, look for the signal from
the Captain's internal transmitter.

Yes, ma'am.

Put up the Europa
scan data, Hyun.

Yes, ma'am!

Where is he...?

Is he crazy? What does he
think he can do by himself?

You may say that, but I bet you're
actually worried about him.

I know you've been
going to the ICU.

That was... just because I didn't want him
to die before I could kill him.

Oh, you were picking fights
with a guy who was out cold, huh?

It's the truth! I even tried
to strangle him once!

It must be love.

What're you talking about?

Mario used to say,
"Love is incomprehensible."

Sounds just like you, Mika.

You don't make any sense.

Oh, get off my back!

Got it!

Mario and Sofia and Remmy,
they all liked that about you.

They liked
Mika the White.


I think so, too.

I sense potential
in you, Mika.

That unknown potential that
humanity must have had once.

Maybe that's what your
white gene type is showing.


Mika, I've determined the
Captain's current position!

I'm on my way, then.

Just a moment, Mika!

I have a wonderful
present for you!

A brand spanking new program!

Yellow, Red, Blue,
and Black!

The bugs have been removed
from all the programs!

This is my masterpiece, Mika,
written especially for you!

Mika Seido, the Shaft will be
at full power with this program,

zipping and zooming to and fro,
obeying your every whim!

Here it comes!

Mika, the Captain took a proton
collapser bomb with him.

There's no way that thing
could blow up those Rings!

The Captain must be planning to blow
himself up and take Europa with him.

Please, Mika.
Bring back the Captain.

I know there's still some chance
that will let us all survive.

Shaft, activate!

I'll bring him back,
no matter what.

You ought to survive.


Hiroto, humanity's future
rests on your shoulders.

Fulfill your role in society.

Your father's lifetime ended.

But he carried out his duties and
responsibilities magnificently.

And now, Hiroto...'s your turn.

Wanna play?

Who are you?

I'm Mika. Mika Seido.
This is Ryoko.

I... know who you are.

Shaft, 128,000 to target!

What the...?
It's a quantum signature!

Rings are appearing
ahead of...

What is it?

There are multiple targets.
There are just too many to count.

We humans are merely the
product of a life creation...

...and evolution simulation
conducted by the Giants.

And Oberus, the device
observing that simulation,

has classified humanity
as a bug.

Oberus is confused.

It detected the Bilkis and the Shaft,
which it assumes belongs to the Giants.

And within them it finds humans,
which are to be eliminated.

I will present Oberus with
yet another contradiction.

Using this Shaft.

Mir, this Shaft was constructed
especially for you.

How will Oberus resolve
the contradiction?

Total annihilation.

It is not just humanity that will disappear,
but this world with all its contradictions.

And once it is all gone,
a new world will be born.

A proper world that obeys the
natural order of the universe.


Mir, you have the right.

Only you, who possesses the
greatest Skills a human can have,

have the power to
usher in this proper world.

Tell me just one thing, Sergei.


Can't humanity start over
and try again?

That's not possible.

I'll be waiting
on Oberus, Mir.

Don't try to stop me!


Something's coming...

A Shaft...?!

Hadairo bonyari
boyakete shimatte... to no awanai
kowareta kamera,

shataa omoi shi,

shikakui bodii de,

jidaiokure no inatai kamera.

Mou suteyou,

atarashii no ni kaete shimaou.

Shinjitsu dake o...

...oitsuzukuete kita kamera.

Itsumademo itsumademo,

dokomademo dokomademo...

I will complete my mission.

I always knew this
day would come.

Hiroto, let's go home.

Childhood's Beginning