Geneshaft (2001): Season 1, Episode 11 - Seichô e no gishiki - full transcript

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Rite of Passage

This is all that's left.

Everything else was incinerated.

Good work.


You're taking out the Shaft?

The fleet won't attack anymore.
Their commander's dead.

Just to be safe.

Mario's dead, isn't he?

I heard from Beatrice.

Stop beating yourself up over it.
It wasn't your fault.

Why isn't Mario coming back?!
Don't lie to me!


Mario'd never die
without telling me!

He wouldn't...

Tiki, Mario's dead.

Mika, it's your fault!

If you'd gotten the Shaft over to the
Youki faster, Mario'd still be...

It's your fault that
Mario's dead, Mika!



Just let her be.


People get emotional when they
suddenly lose someone close to them.

It's a temporary phenomenon.


Maybe it is my fault...

Mika, people die
after 45 years.

The question of when
we'll die isn't that important.


The Register's acting kinda funny.



This knife... If you don't need it,
would you mind if I kept it?

To be honest, I think
you should keep it,

but I'd... like something
to remember Mario by, too.

Bis, how are you?
Mario is dead.


Do you still remember me?

Will you remember
me even if I die, Bis?


I know you can do it.


Your DNA contains
those Skills.


Long ago, the world was full of people
whose births weren't necessary.

But it's not like that today.

You were born because
the world needs you.

So for the sake of humanity, carry out
your duties and responsibilities.

Hey, you shouldn't
do that, Mika!

But they're pretty!

I'll let you have one, Ryoko!

Oh, you're hopeless, Mika...

Listen... Mario's dead.


Hey, what'cha doin'?

Hey! Wake up!

Wake up!

What are you doing?!
Stop that!

But he's smiling!

Wanna play?

Do you recognize me?
Do you know who I am?


I'll play with you...

Hey! Stop babbling, damn it!

Restrain yourself!

But this means he's recovering,
right, Doctor?

Even if he regains consciousness,
his chances of recovery are zero.


The Shaft is breaking away.

It's making for Ganymede.


Oh, wipe that smile
off your face...

Mir's lost it!

What do we do, Register?

Open channel.

I haven't authorized a launch.
Return to the Bilkis immediately.

Lieutenant Lotus!
Return to the ship at once!

Lieutenant Lotus?

Mir Lotus!

What now?

If we have the backup Device Unit
do a forced dock with the Shaft, we...

I'll go.

Send out Unit 1, Beatrice.

Mika, it's too dangerous!
If you go to Ganymede now, you'Il...

It'll be okay, Tiki.

I'll bring Mir back.
Count on it.

Mika... You better come back!

Tandem System, activate!

Why did you come?
Go back at once!

Only with you, Mir. We're going back
to the Bilkis in the Shaft.

I'm going to see Sergei.


I'm sorry, Mika, but you'll be
coming with me to Ganymede.


How's it going?

It's no use. The control circuits of
Lt. Seido's unit have been isolated.

The Shaft is on course to
make planetfall on Ganymede.

Mir must be planning
to meet with Sergei.

What do you want to do?

I'll go after them in a shuttle.
I'll at least bring Mika back.

Lt. Galgalim?


If we lose you, too...

Niven Base...

It's done! Done!
It's all done!

I truly am a genius!

This Shaft program
was a piece of cake!

We can sleep now, right?

A dirt nap sounds good...

I don't care if I die...


That girl is so messed up...



Hold it, Mir!

If you're going to Sergei,
I'm coming, too.

I'll help you fight him!

He could never kill me.

Please, Mika.
Let me go to Sergei.


I'll be fine. Before Sergei
has a chance to kill me,

I'll kill him.

Because if I don't...
If I don't see Sergei,

I'll have to deny
everything that I am.

I'm begging you.
Let me go to Sergei, Mika.





Thank goodness you're all right!
You are so screwed up.

Just forget about Mir!

I think I understand her a little.

I have to go back
and kill that jerk.


Beatrice! The Shaft's
program is complete!

Quantum signature
detected ahead!

It's off the charts!

A Ring...!

Raise shields.

Target potential climbing.

Direct hit!

Shields down 30%.

Bilkis, come about.
G-Get us clear of the Ring.

Beatrice, we've
retrieved the Shaft.

Mika, a Ring has appeared.

But I do have one piece
of good news.

Dolce has finished her work.
I'll transfer the upgraded program to you.

Is anyone else with you?

Sofia's here.

And Mir?

I couldn't get her
to come with me.

It's possible that there may
be bugs left in this version,

so back each other up.

We're on top of it, Beatrice.

Device Unit, activate!

All ready, Beatrice!

Startup confirmed.
Act as the Shaft's backup, Tiki.

Just leave it to me!

Hyun, set the transfer
rate to maximum.



Transfer rate to maximum.

Y-Yes, ma'am!

Luna, Kay, increase the transfer
rate as far as it'll go.

Yes, ma'am.

I can't believe the Register's
using first names...

It sure isn't very efficient.

Gloria, engine systems to maximum.
Transfer power to shields.


Fumi! Signal me when the Ring's
potential reaches 75.

Right, Beatrice.

Emma. Keep the ship from going
perpendicular to the Ring's surface.

Roger, Beatrice.

We're on our own until
the Shaft starts up...

See? You have faith in them,
they'll have faith in you.

Target potential, 75!

Firing angle, 55 degrees!

Activate anti G-force systems.

Beatrice! That shot
took our output down 10%!

Use auxiliary batteries!

Emma, bring us about!
30 to port!

Beatrice, transfer complete!

Hang in there, everyone!

The bridge sure sounds lively...

Sofia! I'm starting it up!


Activate system!

C'mon, c'mon...

Got it!

Shaft startup successful.

Tiki! Verify the
telemetry system.

Everything's okay!
The program's running fine.

Bilkis turn, 300-R!

Target is moving!
It's headed this way!

Running target's velocity
through alpha script.


Got it! Dorothy, input this
into the navigation script!

Beatrice, over to you!

Gloria! Transfer engine
output to shields.

R-330ASG, turn!

Engine output at max!

Quantum shell
evasion successful!

Next calculations!

Target has disappeared!

Target has appeared to aft!


Target potential at max!
We won't make it!

Bingo... They have us.

The Ring has stopped
reacting to us... But why?

Beatrice! We're going
to commence attack!

The Ring has stopped moving.
Wait until we finish our analysis.

If it's stopped moving,
this is our chance!


The Ring is reacting
to the Shaft.

Quantum signature!
It's stronger than anything we've seen!

It's off the charts!

Sofia, this is incredible!

This might let us
finish this once and for all!

Let's do it!



What just happened?!

We've located a bug
in the program.

There's an error in the Device
Unit's gravity control system.

Can't you do anything?

Dolce's revising the
program right now.

How can this be?!

There are still bugs
corrupting the program!

Son of a bitch!

The Ring has appeared!
It's dead ahead!

The sub unit is okay, right?

It's just the main device that's got
the gravity control error, right?

Wait a minute!

If I don't do something, everybody's
gonna be killed by that Ring.


Mika, are you okay?


Yeah, I guess... It feels like
my body was torn apart.

Hang in there a little longer.
It'll all be over soon.

What're you gonna do?

It must be nice
to raise a kid...


Once this mission's over,
I'm gonna be a mom.

I've applied to the
Administration Bureau.

I can't imagine you
being a mom, Sofia.

But I bet you'd have cute kids.
I hope I have one someday, too...

I bet it's great to
see a child grow up.

Goodbye, Mika.





Ring destroyed.
Shaft attack successful.


Sofia's life signs... They're gone!


When the Ring stopped its attack,
Europa was behind the Bilkis.

Europa... Who would
have thought it?

Did you have
any idea, Mir?

I've been waiting
for you to come.




Oberus... it's near.

I've got this broken camera
that never focuses...

...and takes blurry,
washed-out skin tones.

The shutter sticks,

and the body's all clunky.

It's an obsolete camera
that's totally out of style.

I think I'll get rid of it...

...and trade it in for a new one,

this camera that's done
nothing but chase after the truth.

Forever and ever.

Anywhere and everywhere.


I'll bring him back,
no matter what.

But we finally found it.

The Gentle Man of Ganymede