Geneshaft (2001): Season 1, Episode 10 - Onna-tachi no shiranai otoko - full transcript

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The Men Women Don't See

So, you're still with us,
huh, Mario?

The Man with the Crappy DNA.

I'm feeling just dandy,
thanks to you.

You're an eyesore.
You always have been.

So this is perfect.

I have to bring the Bilkis to justice for
taking up arms against the government.

The commander of the IESA fleet
has died in an accident.

So that makes me
the new commander.

This is Jean's
first assignment.

And who decided that you should
be the new fleet commander?

Jean did, that's who!

You deliberately destroyed
Natalie's ship, you bastard!

I said it was an accident, didn't I?

This will all be over soon.
Scum should disappear.

Who is that guy?

A classmate from Schule.

Schule? You were in the same
year at the training academy?

He has High Skill DNA.

You're Mario Musicanova?


They say you're good.

In our personal evaluations, you were
second only to Jean in 52 of 58 classes.

No one's ever come that
close to Jean before.

But let me give you
a word of advice.

It's impossible to beat Jean,
no matter how hard you try,

I hadn't given it much thought.

Here's a word of advice.

There are two kinds of people
in this world... the best, and scum.

And only one is the best.
All the rest are scum.

Really? I don't
see it that way.


Jean has lots of those,
so you can have that one.

I haven't earned it.

Sorry, but I have
things to do.

We're not done here yet!

What's your problem?

Scum should disappear.

Mario, let's send out the Shaft!

The sooner the better, right?

Making rash moves against
Jean isn't a good idea.


Beatrice. We'll use Jupiter's gravity
to escape into deep space.


Mission DDS,
program start.

Just as I expected, Mario...

We will achieve
sub-light speed soon.

Okay, we'll maintain course
and leave Jupiter space.

There are abnormalities in
the engine regulation circuits.

Program error!
It's locking up!

Quantum output falling!

Activating emergency AP.

Signal detected, 30,000 aft.

Ident code, first-rate
ship of the line Youki.

He got us...

You scum, you don't stand
a chance against Jean...

Everything's corrupted!

Oh, no! My data
is disappearing!

Mine, too!

Somebody, make it stop!

It's a virus! A virus!
We're being infected with a virus!

By who?

When was it sent in?

From where?

You three truly are
dunces, aren't you?!

- Get off our case!
- Get off our case!

It was planted inside the
noise on the monitor screen!

I bet it's infecting the Bilkis' computer...

Then why didn't she do something?
I bet it's infecting the Bilkis' computer...

Then why didn't she do something?
...via its noise-reduction filter as we speak!

...via its noise-reduction filter as we speak!

Listen, you people!

Who do you think
you're dealing with?!

To avoid the risk of
complete viral infection,

you must have a standalone server which
is unattached to the main computer!

No first-rate debugger would
ever be caught without one!

We never had one of those
in the first place...

She makes it sound like
she knows everything...

How's that head
of hers wired?

I understand. Get to work
on removing that virus.

Very well!

I'm a Driver.
Why me?

Dolce has her hands full
purging that virus.

But I also need the Black Box
analyzed in a hurry.

I'm sorry, but I'm not feeling well.

I need your abilities.

It's too much for me or the
rest of the crew to handle.

Mir... I know you have
the Skills to do this.

If anyone can do it, you can.

Output is still falling.

Impact, port side aft!

Enemy vessel, 13,000 aft!

The bastard's trying
to keep us distracted...

Just fall into Jupiter!

Ashes to ashes,
scum to scum, Mario!

Shields down to 45%!

Engine output down to 57.

Abnormalities detected
in radar system.

Switching over
to backup circuits.

Virus has infiltrated
all control systems.

Backup systems inoperative.

He's crippled us and
is torturing us to death...

Cracks developing in section 204.
Sealing off.

Just a little longer!
Brace yourselves, people!

I'd expect no less from the woman
with the greatest Skills in history!

Work on L77 to U40
while you're at it, all right?

Can you do it, I wonder?

Perhaps this is none of my business,
but are you all that eager to see Sergei?

It isn't any of your business.

Die! Die!

D Program is locking up!

Boot up the backup system!

What's the matter?

I may be able to use this
to see Sergei.

A shuttle teleport program utilizing energy
from the Shaft's micro black hole?

Of course, that's impossible,
given the circumstances.

But if I apply the same principles
and modify the system,

I should be able to
teleport a single person.

No, I'm positive it's possible.

Sounds good.
Continue working on it.

Give me a report
once you're finished.

"Possible" and "certain" are
two different things entirely.

Who do you think
you're talking to?

That reminds me, I should thank you.

That reminds me, I should thank you.
Where have I heard thatbefore?

And why is that?
Where have I heard thatbefore?

And why is that?

And why is that?
Don't you think they're a lot alike?

Don't you think they're a lot alike?

These files were in an area marked "ignore."
Don't you think they're a lot alike?

I put off looking at that section because the
data didn't seem to pertain to Attack Mode.

Thanks to that, I was able to
discover something wonderful.

Thank you.

There's no need to thank me.

You can thank your
twisted personality.

They do! They do!
They're like twins!

The Bilkis is losing altitude.
Current output, 38.

Currently descending towards
Jupiter's surface.

We've intercepted this conversation
from inside the ship.

Shields down to 45%!

Engine output down to 57.

Hold your fire for now.
It's a waste of energy.

If the Bilkistries to pop its
head up, we'll smack it back down.

Engine output being leeched
away by Jupiter's gravity.

Stop looking at me!

At this rate, we will be pulled into
Jupiter's gravity field in 25 minutes.

A rain of bullets above,
and Jupiter below...

Talk about severe...

It's done, Mario!

Good work.

Mika, have the
Shaft on standby.

It's finally my turn, huh?

No, I'm not sending you out.

I'm going to use the Shaft
to test Mir's program.


I'm going to board
the Youkiby myself.

It's too dangerous.
As Register, I can't authorize that.

A long time ago, men used to say,
"It's a man's duty to protect women."

What'sthat supposed to mean?

Let me go to Ganymede first.

Please, Mika!
Send me to Ganymede!

I haven't been ordered
to do that.

I'll persuade Sergei to call off
the attack on the Bilkis.


I can convince Sergei.
Please, send me to Ganymede.


I was the one who wrote
that teleportation program!

Drop it, Mir.


You said that I have the
best Skills, didn't you?

Yes, I did.
But you still can't go.

I'm positive I can do it.
I can...

Forget it.

I'm going to see him,
no matter what anyone says!


Calm down, Mir.

Trust me, I'll let you see Sergei.
But this isn't the time.

We have to take out the enemy that's
standing between us and him first.

But how?

We kill Jean.

Kill him, and the fleet
is just a mindless mob.

But as long as he's alive,
our chances of survival are nil.

In that case, I'll go.
I specialize in hand-to-hand.

Men are better suited to killing
up close and personal.


Do you know what you're saying?

I have Green Beret certification!

Yeah, I know.

Care to try me, then, Mario?

Sorry, Sofia.

I have to do this myself.

I have to see "love" for myself.

If you leave, who will make command
decisions here aboard the Bilkis?

You handle it.

I'm a Register.

It'll be okay.
You can do it.

You have my
guarantee on that.

I'm counting on you, Beatrice.


I cannot authorize the
Backup Captain to leave the ship.

If you attempt this action which
is in violation of regulations,

on my authority as Register,

I will shoot you.


Why are my processing abilities
being thrown off?

Mario, I'm certain that
people remember love.


It's something that people
shared and believed in long ago.

People had more faith
in love than superior DNA.

That hardly sounds like something
a Register would say, Anne.

When people are at death's door,
they see things more clearly.

I'm going to see love for myself.

Goodbye, Mario...



Register Anne...
What you said may be true.




Setup complete.

Parameters verified!

Destination point
coordinate corrections complete.

I know I'm safe in here,
but it still gives me the creeps...

Okay, Mario.
Let's get started.

You bet!

Shaft energy conversion
percentage climbing.

Range to target, 38,000.

Communications are
about to be cut.

Youkiis maintaining present distance.

Don't forget, Mario,
Youkiis maintaining present distance.

you promised to
come home safe!

Hey, have I ever broken
a promise I made to you?

Uh... No.




What is it?

M-May fortune smile
upon you in battle.

Hey, now... Why are you getting
all old-fashioned on me?

Hold the fort.

See you soon.

See ya!

Communications cut.

Systems nominal.
Energy conversion rate still climbing.

T minus 5.





Commencing teleport!

Why don't you just
hurry up and die?


I thought I'd pay you a visit
before we were killed, Jean!


Shaft launch preparations complete.

Stay sharp, Mika.

Don't worry. I'm only going out
to pick up Mario this time.

Looks like you couldn't
move your finger.

Didn't you run a bug fix on your
spatial transference program?

Looks like the nerves in your arm
didn't get reproduced properly.

I hate to say it,
but I think you're right...

I have to congratulate you on creating
a spatial transference program.

Not even the the government
has one ready for field use yet.

But your endgame
was sloppy, Mario.

This is why you're scum.

There's no way
you could kill Jean.

Because only the best
deserve to live in this world.

And scum deserve to die, Mario.

Didn't I tell you before?

I don't believe that there
are categories in life!

Get off!
Get off me!

Lucky for me that
you've got a child's body.


What are you looking at?!

You useless Register!

l-I don't want to die...

I'm sorry... Jean was wrong!

Jean envied you...
I was jealous.

Why was everyone's eye on you
when Jean had the best Skills?

Jean's the best!

Jean has to be the best...

If Jean isn't the best, nobody will
pay any attention to him...

Nobody will listen to
what Jean has to say!

I have to be the best...

It's already been 6 minutes
and 30 seconds, Mario...

How do you feel?
Your eyes have glazed over, right?

It feels like your entire body
is going limp, doesn't it?

You've already lost more than
a third of your blood.

And all while I've been talking...

In the shape you're in, you couldn't
inflict a fatal wound with that knife.

You'll lose consciousness
in another 30 seconds, Mario.


Come with me...

...and let's go see love
for ourselves.

Show me.

The Youkiis decelerating.

It's stopped.

The operation was a success!
You did it, Mario!

Mario, your ride's here!

Hey, tell me where Mario is!

He oughta be on the bridge.

Right, Beatrice?

Hey, are you listening?

I've got this broken camera
that never focuses...

...and takes blurry,
washed-out skin tones.

The shutter sticks,

and the body's all clunky.

It's an obsolete camera
that's totally out of style.

I think I'll get rid of it...

...and trade it in for a new one,

this camera that's done
nothing but chase after the truth.

Forever and ever.

Anywhere and everywhere.

Hey, what'cha doing?

Rite of Passage