Geneshaft (2001): Season 1, Episode 1 - Hoshi wo tsugu mono - full transcript

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
The latter half
of the 21st Century.

Unable to restrain themselves, terrestrial
humanity pursued their desires at random,

recklessly wasting resources,
destroying the environment,

and even fought and killed one another
because of baseless doctrines and claims.

In the end, they found themselves
on the brink of annihilation.

The choice they made
in order to avoid extinction...

...was to forcibly evolve themselves by
creating life with pre-programmed DNA,

thereby controlling personality,
as well as even aptitudinal abilities.

In short, they chose
genetic engineering.

The speed of this choice
gained further momentum,

and under the aegis of the IEO
(Integrated Earth Organization),

the artifically balanced population
sustained an ideal male-female ratio of 1:9,

and with the loss of love and the desire
to dominate, society, too, became stable.

And so, in the 23rd Century, a completely
genetically-engineered society was created.

This isn't working at all.

Looks like we've got conflicts
at 580 locations.

At this rate, we won't even
be able to collect any data.

All right, let's reset
this piece of junk.

Oh. She left yesterday, did she?

That girl never tells me anything.

Where did she go this time?

The Moon?

Shejoined the army
in this day and age?

Admittedly, she does have
good Skills, though.

"It's the perfect place
for a hothead like Mika"?

Bis, wars and brawls are two
different things entirely.

Besides, there haven't been
any wars since the revolution.

The world's been
at peace for 200 years.

When did she say
she'd be back?

In five weeks?

So you'll be watching the house
all by yourself until then, huh?

You're such a good boy, Bis.

You're my pride and joy.

You proved the superiority
of my genetic program.

"Well, you are my creator, Mama.
But Mika is different, right?"

True, her genetic program was created
by the Administration Bureau.

But I'm her mother.

Right, you love Mika,
too, don't you, Bis?

You're lonely?
Yes, it's lonely to be by yourself.

You'll just have to be patient
until Mika comes home.

I won't be able to get away
from here until next summer.

Make sure you write to Mika, Bis.

She gets lonely easily, too.

Inherit the Stars

Welcome to Maracanan.

This space station orbits the Earth
at an altitude of 45,000 km... a speed of
7,000 meters per second.

Passengers transiting to the
Moon base, please proceed to Gate C.

Passengers transiting to Mars Base,
please use elevator A006 at Gate D.

ID verification complete.

Welcome to Maracanan Station,
Second Lieutenant Mika Seido.

Maracanan is currently under
B-level activity restrictions.

Finally, in accordance with
Integrated Earth Space Army requests,

the functionality of the personal terminal
in your inner ear will now be tested.

Ow! Ow! OW!

It works, it works!
I can hear it just fine!

Check complete.
System functioning normally.

Didn't I just tell you that?

This concludes all entry inspections.

Floor 32 is currently vacant,
so please relax there.

Fine, whatever...

32... 32...

Huh? Where is it?

- C'mon, spit it out!
- You lost, little girl?

Oops, my mistake.
I thought you were a kid.

Still short as ever, I see.

Hey, I'm getting taller!
A little, anyway.

You're still growing?

Those genes of yours
sure are slowpokes.

Get off my case!

So what if they're slow?
It's part of my individuality.

It's been a while.

So let's see
what you've got.

Damn it, I'm starving...

Surprise attacks aren't fair!

So what?

You're wide open!







I missed you!

It's been so long!
How have you been?

Fine! Fine!

Hey, Sofia, what's
written on your orders?

"Destination: Moon," right?

I guess we'll have a proper
briefing once we get there.

I hope it'll be an easy gig...

Before this, I was loaned out for
undersea salvage 10,000 meters down.

I've been doing nothing but
training lately. I'm so bored!

Still, can't you guess
what this is about?

Huh? What what's about?

This mission. Don't you think
it's got something to do with that?

It's been, what, five years
since it appeared?

Nobody knows where
it came from, apparently.

Even though it's so small...

Don't you mean huge?
The thing's 500 km in diameter!

But compared to the
vastness of space...

Oh, forget it, Mika.

Anyway, the thing's
a nuisance up here in orbit.

This mission's gonna be
an orbital spring cleaning?

I kinda doubt that.

Haven't you noticed all
the MPs walking around?

Something's fishy.

And I hear that they've
been making excuses... ship more and more
civilians planetside.

Oh, so that's why there
aren't many civilians here...

Don't you think
it's a little unnatural?



Security Poles!

Must be a real big shot.

Wow! Look at all those
Secret Service agents!

I wonder who it is?

Huh? Isn't that a man?





It's him!

She ran straight into
an EM barrier...

That is Unit D... Mika Seido.


5000 km to target.

Distance between this craft and shuttles
Bravo and Charlie is as planned.

T minus 240 seconds
to rendezvous.

It isn't generating any
space-time distortion yet, Lady Mir.

It isn't?

How boring...

The government has high hopes
for this mission.

Surely Lord Sneak meant this
to be your public debut...

That's enough talk, Remmy.

Forgive me, Lady Mir.

It's just that it's such an honor to have been
chosen as your partner on this mission.

I will use my abilities
to the utmost to...

It's all right.

A little thing like that
won't hurt my feelings.

I do possess
perfect Skills, after all.

The survey team will land
on the Ring in 20 minutes.

Everything is going
according to schedule.

Any word from General
Adashek of the IESA?

Not as of yet.

Those women are always
slow to make decisions...

You're recording that, too?


That is my duty as a Register.

As you know, a Register must constantly
observe the activities of her male.

There is a factor for destructive tendencies
within male DNA that cannot be eliminated.

That's just superstition, Sibyl.

I have no data with which
to respond to that.

The survey team will
land on the Ring soon.

Depending on their findings, I may
have the Bilkis depart immediately.

You're going to destroy
the Ring, aren't you?

That assessment is so typical
of you, Lt. Colonel Amagiwa.

I'm told that the old men of the Council
of Elders were struck speechless...

...after reviewing your
simulation data.

They are counting on your ability.

As am I.

I will start the S-mission
in 10 minutes, Lord Sneak.

That Ring is somehow related
to the ruins on Ganymede.

That is my conclusion.

Which I have made to ensure the continued
existence of mankind in the universe.

Of all the idiotic...
You know that man?

It's not like I want to.

Don't evade the question.

There must be quite
a story behind this.

Otherwise, there'd be no reason
for you to know that man.

Look, if you don't want
to talk about it, I won't pry.

Hiroto Amagiwa...

He's responsible
for my friend's death...

I'll kill him if it's
the last thing I do.

Don't worry about it, miss.

Anything made will be
unmade eventually.

Bourbon. On the rocks.

And my lady companion
here will have...

Milkshake! Carbonated!

And gas it up good!

Look at that!
Another man!

Yeah, it's a man, all right...

When you're trying to wake up,
this really hits the spot.

My tongue's all tingly!

Carbonic acid feels so good!

Keep it down, Tiki.

What're you looking at?

Don't pick a fight.

But they're gawking like idiots!

Hey, now. I'd watch that mouth
if I were you, little lady.

Hey, wait a minute...

Hey, now I remember!
You're Tiki Musicanova.

At Cerberus Base on Mars,
they called you Hell's Pixie!

You're that Tiki?

My real code name is Tinkerbell, but
nobody's been calling me that lately.

It's no wonder!

On your 13th training maneuvers,

I heard you wiped out a whole
company by yourself!

That's just because
they were all idiots.

You're a celebrity yourself, Sofia.

I know who you are,
Miss Lunar Grizzly Bear!

That's Teddy Bear!

So, you got called in
for the S-mission, too.

You, too?

Not just me!
There's others!

Remmy's here.

The Desert Medusa?

Remmy Levi-Strauss is here?

But wait, there's more!

You can't be...

Yep! You catch on quick!

Mir Lotus...

The Snow Queen...

The woman with
this century's finest DNA.

Humanity's masterpiece...

They say she's leading a survey team
on the Ring right now.

She'll probably meet up with us
once she's finished there.

This means that the IESA has
assembled its best Attackers here.

That leaves just one question...

Who are you?


Mika Seido.
She's also here for the S-mission.

Oh, so you're Mika Seido.

I couldn't figure out why somebody
like you was on this mission.

It's not like you have
any real Skills or anything.

Plus, your gene type is white.

Let it go.

Anyway, who's that man?

My brother!




I can finally introduce myself, huh?

I thought you'd
forgotten about me.

What a weirdo...

He's no weirdo!
Mario's the Backup Captain!


But how can he
be your brother?

You only get siblings if
there's a bug or something!

Don't you get it? We were born
with the same DNA on a time lag.

Even our chromosomes
are variations of each other.

Which must mean we're officially
recognized as a superior breed!

No way...


Oh, brother...
Don't stare like that.

Mario Musicanova.
Nice to meet you.

Shuttle will hold position
at 500, Lady Mir.

That's fine.
I can see the target clearly.

Are the others still with you?

Yes, ma'am. The other craft are
100 meters behind you, Lady Mir.

Commencing countdown.




Distance, 390.

Elemental particle density climbing!

Now entering singularity!
Lady Mir!

Lady Mir!

Where's your Register?

Her life cycle ended a week ago.


This operation was put
together in a hurry.

A new Register couldn't
get to me in time.

I'm a Backup.

If it comes down to it, the captain's
Register will transfer to me.

My mother's life cycle
ended a year ago.

I still think about her sometimes.

A toast to the two of them.

Oh, so you're on the
orbital station now.

What's the matter, Mika?

I want you to give me
an honest answer.

Can I really do this?

You should be able to tell, Mama.
You're a specialist.

Your DNA contains the Skills that will let
you perform thejob you want to do.

I ought to know that, but I'm
still worried for some reason.

Why do you think that is?

Communications restored!
Lady Mir, do you read me?!

I read you, Remmy. All survey team
members have landed successfully.

They've already started their
survey of the surface of the Ring.

I'm unable to do an optical scan
of the Ring's surface from here.

Quantum scanning is possible,
so I will continue observations.

If anything should happen,
please contact me at once, Lady Mir.


From a distance,
it's a ring that shines gold.

As you come closer, it
turns into streams of light.

And when you touch it, it's solid
ground made of white stone.

It's like the Riddle of the Sphinx.

We are components
that this world needs.

That's why we were born.

That's the reality of this world that
was built on genetic engineering.

But I'm still worried...

Do I really have the Skills
the data says I should?

We humans have the technology
to analyze and resequence DNA.

That fact allows everyone alive on this
planet to have confidence and pride.

But I suppose humans still
don't have total conviction.

Why do you suppose that is?

There is still something inside people
that can't be indicated by their DNA.

Are you trying to comfort me?

I'm a scientist. There's an element
of chance left within people.

That's why they're insecure.

Relax, Mika.

Worrying just proves that you see
the possibilities inside of you.

Mir Lotus!

You and your ideal DNA are
symbols of this insane world.

A human with perfect Skills...

...goes against the fundamental
principles of the universe.

Humanity is using this Ring... once again attempt to distort
the wise providence of the universe!

We won't let that happen!

I can't believe we've been
infiltrated by terrorists...

Sergei didn't tell me.

If you don't resist,
I'll stop your air leak.

We'll gladly lay down our
lives for the revolution.

There's been an accident!
Remmy, do you read me?!

Explosion confirmed
on the Ring's surface!

Contact with survey team
has been lost!

Lady Mir!

Hurry! Pick me up!

Yes, ma'am!

Reports are coming in that terrorists
have infiltrated the survey team.

Details have yet
to be determined.

And my Mir?

First Lieutenant Mir's safety
has been confirmed.

Well, well. Terrorists.

They may have had inside help.

I see.


C'mon, now.

S- mission...

Please! Work!

Don't you see?

It's only natural that
I be the Shaft's Driver.

The Ship Who Sang