Game of Thrones (2011–…): Season 8, Episode 6 - Episode #8.6 - full transcript

followers will abandon her

if they know the war is lost.

Give them that chance.

If the city surrenders,

they will ring the bells
and raise the gates.

I'll find you later.

It's not safe.

Let me send some men with you.

I'm going alone.

In the name
of the one true queen,

Daenerys Targaryen,

I sentence you to die.

Grey Worm!

It's over.

These men are prisoners.

It is not over until the queen's
enemies are defeated.

How much more defeated
do you want them to be?

- They're on their knees.
- They are breathing.

Look around you, friend. We won.

I obey my queen's commands,
not yours.

And what are the queen's commands?

"Kill all who follow
Cersei Lannister."

These are free men.

They chose to fight for her.

Easy, men. Easy! Easy.


We should speak with the queen.


Torgo Nudho.

You freed your brother.

You committed treason.

I freed my brother.

And you slaughtered a city.

What are you doing here?

Hey, what happened?

I came to kill Cersei.

Your queen got there first.

She's everyone's queen now.

Try telling Sansa.

Wait for me
outside the city gates.

- I'll come find you.
- Jon.

She knows who you are.

Who you really are.

You'll always
be a threat to her.

And I know a killer
when I see one.

Did you bring any wine?




thank you for coming
to see me.

Our queen doesn't keep prisoners
for long.

I suppose there's
a crude kind of justice.

I betrayed my closest friend
and watched him burn.

Now Varys's ashes
can tell my ashes:

"See, I told you."

It just occurred to me.

I'm talking
to the only man alive

who knows where I'm going.

So is there life after death?

Not that I've seen.

I should be thankful.

Oblivion is the best
I could hope for.

I strangled my lover.

I shot my own father
with a crossbow.

I betrayed my queen.

- You didn't.
- I did.

And I'd do it again,

now that I've seen
what I've seen.

I chose my fate.

The people
of King's Landing did not.

I can't justify what happened.

I won't try.

- But the war is over now.
- Is it?

When you heard her
talking to her soldiers,

did she sound like someone
who's done fighting?

She liberated the people
of Slaver's Bay.

She liberated the people
of King's Landing.

And she'll go on liberating

until the people of the world
are free...

and she rules them all.

And you've been by her side,
counseling her.

Until today.

Until today.

Varys was right.

I was wrong.

It was vanity
to think I could guide her.

Our queen's nature
is fire and blood.

You think our house words
are stamped on our bodies

when we're born
and that's who we are?

Then I'd be fire and blood too.

She's not her father,

no more than
you're Tywin Lannister.

My father was an evil man.
My sister was an evil woman.

Pile up all the bodies

of all the people
they ever killed,

there still won't be
half as many

as our beautiful queen
slaughtered in a single day.

Cersei left her no choice.

The moment the gates fell,

the battle was over.

She saw her friend beheaded.

She saw her dragon
shot out of the sky.

And she burned down
a city for it.

Ah, it's easy to judge
when you're standing

far from the battlefield.

Would you have done it?


You've been up there,
on a dragon's back.

You've had that power.

Would you have burned
the city down?

I don't know.

Yes, you do.

You won't say because
you don't want to betray her...

but you know.

What's it matter what I'd do?

It matters more than anything.

When she murdered
the slavers of Astapor,

I'm sure no one
but the slavers complained.

After all, they were evil men.

When she crucified hundreds
of Meereenese nobles,

who could argue?

They were evil men.

The Dothraki khals
she burned alive?

They would have
done worse to her.

Everywhere she goes,
evil men die

and we cheer her for it.

And she grows more powerful

and more sure
that she is good and right.

She believes her destiny

is to build a better world
for everyone.

If you believed that...

if you truly believed it,

wouldn't you kill

whoever stood between
you and paradise?

I know you love her.

I love her too.

Not as successfully as you.

But I believed in her
with all my heart.

Love is more powerful
than reason.

We all know that.

Look at my brother.

"Love is the death of duty."

You just came up with that?

Maester Aemon said it
a long time ago.

duty is the death of love.

You are the shield
that guards the realms of men.

And you've always tried
to do the right thing.

No matter the cost,

you've tried to protect people.

Who is the greatest threat
to the people now?

It's a terrible thing
I'm asking.

It's also the right thing.

Do you think I'm the last man
she'll execute?

Who is more dangerous

than the rightful heir
to the Iron Throne?

That's her decision.
She is the queen.

I'm sorry it came to this.

And your sisters?

Do you see them
bending the knee?

My sisters will be loyal
to the throne.

Why do you think Sansa
told me the truth about you?

Because she doesn't want Dany
to be queen.

- She doesn't get to choose.
- No.

But you do.

And you have to choose now.

When I was a girl,
my brother told me it was made

with 1000 swords
from Aegon's fallen enemies.

What do 1000 swords look like

in the mind of a little girl
who can't count to 20?

I imagined a mountain of swords
too high to climb.

So many fallen enemies,

you could only see
the soles of Aegon's feet.

I saw them executing

Lannister prisoners
in the street.

They said they were acting
on your orders.

- It was necessary.
- Necessary?

Have you been down there?

Have you seen?

little children, burned!

I tried to make peace
with Cersei.

She used their innocence
as a weapon against me.

She thought
it would cripple me.

And Tyrion?

He conspired behind my back
with my enemies.

How have you treated people
who've done the same to you,

even when it broke your heart?

Forgive him.

- I can't.
- You can.

You can forgive all of them,

make them see
they made a mistake.

Make them understand.

Please, Dany.

We can't hide behind
small mercies.

The world we need

won't be built by men
loyal to the world we have.

The world we need is a world
of mercy. It has to be.

And it will be.

It's not easy to see something
that's never been before.

A good world.

How do you know?

How do you know it'll be good?

Because I know what is good.

And so do you.

- I don't.
- You do.

You do. You've always known.

What about everyone else?

All the other people
who think they know what's good.

They don't get to choose.

Be with me.

Build the new world with me.

This is our reason.

It has been
from the beginning,

since you were a little boy
with a bastard's name

and I was a little girl
who couldn't count to 20.

We do it together.

We break the wheel together.

You are my queen.

Now, and always.

Where's Jon?

- He is our prisoner.
- So is Lord Tyrion.

They were both to be brought
to this gathering.

We will decide what we do
with our prisoners.

This is our city now.

If you look outside the walls
of your city,

you'll find thousands
of Northmen

who will explain to you
why harming Jon Snow

is not in your interest.

And you will find
thousands of Unsullied

who believe that it is.

Some of you may be
quick to forgive.

The Ironborn are not.

I swore to follow
Daenerys Targaryen.

You swore to follow a tyrant.

She freed us from a tyrant.

Cersei is gone because of her,

and Jon Snow put a knife
in her heart.

Let the Unsullied give him
what he deserves.

Say another word
about killing my brother

and I'll cut your throat.

Friends, please.

We've been cutting each other's
throats long enough.

Torgo Nudho.
Am I saying that properly?

If it weren't for you
and your men,

we would've lost the war
with the dead.

This country owes you
a debt it can never repay,

but let us try.

There is land in the Reach.

Good land.

The people that used to live
there are gone.

Make it your own.
Start your own house

with the Unsullied
as your bannermen.

We've had enough war.

Thousands of you,
thousands of them.

You know how it ends.

We need to find a better way.

We do not need payment.

We need justice.

Jon Snow cannot go free.

It's not for you to decide.

You are not here to speak!

Everyone has heard enough words
from you.

You're right.

And no one's any better for it.

But it's not for you to decide.

Jon committed his crime here.

His fate
is for our king to decide.

Or our queen.

We don't have a king or queen.

You're the most powerful people
in Westeros.

Choose one.

Make your choice, then.

My lords and ladies...

I suppose this is the most
important moment of our lives.

What we decide today
will reverberate

through the annals of history.

I stand before you

as one of the senior lords
in the country.

A veteran of two wars.

And I like to think
my experience

has led to some small skill
in statecraft

- and underst...
- Uncle?

Please sit.

Well, we have to choose someone.

Um, ahem...

Why just us?


We represent
all the great houses,

but whomever we choose,

they won't just rule over
lords and ladies.

Maybe the decision about
what's best for everyone

should be left to...

well, everyone.

Maybe we should give the dogs
a vote as well.

I'll ask my horse.

I suppose you want the crown.


The Imp?

Half the people hate me
for serving Daenerys,

the other half hate me
for betraying her.

- Can't think of a worse choice.
- Who, then?

I've had nothing to do but think
these past few weeks.

About our bloody history.

About the mistakes we've made.

What unites people?





There's nothing in the world
more powerful

than a good story.

Nothing can stop it.

No enemy can defeat it.

And who has a better story...

than Bran the Broken?

The boy who fell
from a high tower and lived.

He knew he'd never walk again,
so he learned to fly.

He crossed beyond the Wall,

a crippled boy,

and became the Three-Eyed Raven.

He is our memory,

the keeper of all our stories.

The wars, weddings, births,
massacres, famines.

Our triumphs,

mm, our defeats,

our past.

Who better to lead us
into the future?

Bran has no interest in ruling
and he can't father children.


Sons of kings
can be cruel and stupid,

as you well know.

His will never torment us.

That is the wheel
our queen wanted to break.

From now on,
rulers will not be born.

They will be chosen
on this spot

by the lords and ladies
of Westeros...

to serve the realm.

I know you don't want it.

I know you don't care
about power.

But I ask you now,
if we choose you...

will you wear the crown?

Will you lead the Seven Kingdoms
to the best of your abilities

from this day
until your last day?

Why do you think
I came all this way?

To Brandon of House Stark...

I say aye.









- Aye.
- Aye.


I'm not sure I get a vote,
but aye.


I love you, little brother.
I always will.

You'll be a good king.

But tens of thousands
of Northmen

fell in the Great War
defending all of Westeros.

And those who survived
have seen too much

and fought too hard
ever to kneel again.

The North will remain
an independent kingdom,

as it was
for thousands of years.

All hail Bran the Broken,

First of His Name,

King of the Andals
and the First Men,

Lord of the Six Kingdoms
and Protector of the Realm.

All hail Bran the Broken!

Lord Tyrion...

you will be my Hand.


No, Your Grace,
I don't want it.

And I don't want to be king.

I don't deserve it.

I thought I was wise,
but I wasn't.

I thought I knew what was right,
but I didn't.

Choose Ser Davos.

Choose anyone else.

- I choose you.
- You cannot.

Yes, I can.

- I'm king.
- This man is a criminal.

- He deserves justice.
- He just got it.

He's made many
terrible mistakes.

He's going to spend the rest
of his life fixing them.

It is not enough.

Giving you to the
Unsullied would start a war.

Letting you walk free
would start a war.

So our new king has chosen

to send you
to the Night's Watch.

There's still a Night's Watch?

The world will always
need a home

for bastards and broken men.

You shall take no wife,

hold no lands,

father no children.

The Unsullied wanted your head
of course,

but Grey Worm has accepted
the justice of a life sentence.

Sansa and Arya wanted you freed,

but they understand our new king
needs to make peace.

No one is very happy.

Which means
it's a good compromise,

I suppose.

Was it right?

What I did?

What we did.

It doesn't feel right.

Ask me again in 10 years.

I don't expect
we'll ever see each other again.

I wouldn't be so sure.

A few years as Hand of the King

would make anyone want to
piss off the edge of the world.

I wish there had been another way.

Can you forgive me?

The North is free,
thanks to you.

But they lost their king.

Ned Stark's daughter
will speak for them.

She's the best
they could ask for.

You can come see me, you know,
at Castle Black.

I can't.

You think anyone will dare
tell you women aren't allowed?

I'm not going back north.

Where are you going?

What's west of Westeros?

I don't know.

No one knows.

It's where all the maps stop.

That's where I'm going.

You have your Needle?

Right here.

Your Grace.

I'm sorry I wasn't there
when you needed me.

You were exactly where
you were supposed to be.

That's not... Uh...

What's this?

A Song of Ice and Fire.

Archmaester Ebrose's history
of the wars

following the death
of King Robert.

I helped him with the title.

I suppose I come in
for some heavy criticism.

Oh, I wouldn't say that.

Oh, he's kind to me.
Never would've guessed.

He's not kind?

- He...
- He what?

What does he say about me?

I don't believe
you're mentioned, ahem.

- Your Grace.
- Your Grace.

- Your Grace.
- Your Grace.

We appear to be missing
a Master of Whisperers.

And a Master of Laws.

- And a Master of War.
- Yes, Your Grace.

Suitable prospects
will be brought to you

for an audience
in the coming weeks.

And Drogon? Any word?

He was last spotted flying east,

The farther away, the better.

Perhaps I can find him.

Do carry on with the rest.

As you wish, Your Grace.

Ser Podrick.

We serve at your pleasure,
King Bran the Broken,

ruler of the Six Kingdoms
and Protector of the Realm.

- Long may he reign.
- Long may he reign.

- Long may he reign.
- Long may he reign.

Long may he reign.

That will improve.

I'm sure it will.

Ser Bronn of the Blackwater,

Lord of Highgarden,

Lord Paramount of the Reach

and Master of Coin,

would you say the crown's debt
to you has been paid?

In full, my lord Hand.


Time to start incurring
a new one.

We have hungry people to feed.

Can we expect some assistance
in this regard?

Indeed we can.

Lord Davos, we have an armada
to rebuild and ports to repair.

We have. These projects
will begin as soon as

the Master of Coin and Lord of
Lofty Titles provides funding.

The Master of Coin looks forward
to helping the Master of Ships,

but first he has to ensure
we're not wasting coin,

or soon there won't be
no more coin.

"Any more."

You Master of Grammar now too?

Grandmaester, ahem,

it is my theory,
based on my years of work

on the Casterly Rock sewers,

that clean water
leads to a healthier population.

The Archmaester has done
some research on this subject

and it turns out...

The strong live
and the weak don't.

Find the best builders
and set them to the task.

Oh, speaking of builders,
all the best brothels burned down.

The Master of Coin is willing
to fund reconstruction.

the Archmaester is less than enthusiastic

about the salutary effects
of brothels.

I imagine he isn't using them properly.

I think we can all agree that ships

take precedence over brothels.

I think that's a very presumptuous statement.

I once brought a jackass

and a honeycomb into a brothel.

The Queen in the North!

The Queen in the North!

The Queen in the North!

The Queen in the North!

The Queen in the North!

The Queen in the North!