Game of Thrones (2011–…): Season 8, Episode 5 - Episode #8.5 - full transcript

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
We have won the Great War.

Now we will win the last war.

The objective
here is to remove Cersei

without destroying
King's Landing.

You heading to King's Landing?

There's some
unfinished business.

Me too.

I don't plan on coming back.

Neither do I.

I always wanted to be there
when they execute your sister.

Seems like
I won't get the chance.

Stay with me.


Cersei's hateful...

And so am I.

I need to tell you something.

But you have to swear
you'll never tell another soul.

What if there's someone else?
Someone better.

At a certain point, you choose
a person you believe in,

and you fight for that person.

Even if you know
it's a mistake?

He has the better claim
to the throne.

Every time
a Targaryen is born,

the gods flip a coin.

The Mad King
gave his enemies the justice

he thought they deserved.

Children are not their fathers.

- Be a dragon.
- You have a gentle heart.

A Targaryen
alone in the world

is a terrible thing.

You don't want to awake the dragon, do you?

Come in.



She won't eat.

We'll try again at supper.

I think they're watching me.

- Who?
- Her soldiers.

Of course they are.
That's their job.

What have I told you, Martha?

The greater the risk,
the greater the reward.

Go on. They'll be missing you
in the kitchen.

The Northern armies?

Just crossed the Trident.

They'll be at the walls
of King's Landing in two days.

How is she?

She hasn't seen anyone
since we returned.

Hasn't left her chambers,
hasn't accepted any food.

She shouldn't be alone.

You're worried for her.
I admire your empathy.

Aren't you worried for her?

I'm worried for all of us.

They say every time
a Targaryen is born,

the gods toss a coin
and the world holds its breath.

We're not much for riddles
where I'm from.

We both know
what she's about to do.

That's her decision to make.
She is our queen.

Men decide where power resides,
whether or not they know it.

What do you want?

All I've ever wanted.

The right ruler
on the Iron Throne.

I still don't know
how her coin has landed.

But I'm quite certain
about yours.

I don't want it.

I never have.

I have known more kings
and queens than any man living.

I've heard
what they say to crowds,

and seen what they do
in the shadows.

I have furthered their designs,
however horrible.

But what I tell you now
is true:

You will rule wisely and well,
while she...


is my queen.

Your Grace?

There's something
you need to know.

Someone has betrayed me.


Jon Snow.


He knows the truth about Jon.

He does.

Because you told him.

You learned from Sansa.

And she learned from Jon,

though I begged him
not to tell her.

As I said...

he betrayed me.

I'm glad Sansa told me.

I am your Hand.

I need to be aware
of any threats you're facing.

And Varys?

Your Master of Whisperers
needs to be aware too.

You spoke to him first.

Without coming to me.

Without asking my permission.

It was a mistake.

Why do you think
Sansa told you?

What do you think
she hoped to gain?

- She trusts me.
- Yes, she trusts you.

She trusted you
to spread secrets

that could destroy
your own queen.

And you did not let her down.

If I have failed you, my queen,
forgive me.

Our intentions were good.

We wanted what you want.
A better world, all of us.

Varys as much as anyone.

But it doesn't matter now.


It doesn't matter now.

It was me.

I hope I deserve this.

Truly, I do.

I hope I'm wrong.

Goodbye, old friend.

Lord Varys.

I, Daenerys of House Targaryen,

First of My Name,

Breaker of Chains
and Mother of Dragons...

sentence you to die.


This was all
she brought with her

when we crossed the Narrow Sea.

Her only possession.

What did I say would
happen if you told your sister?

I don't want it,
and that's what I told him.

She betrayed your trust.

She killed Varys
as much as I did.

This was a victory for her.

Now she knows what happens

when people
hear the truth about you.

Far more people in Westeros
love you than love me.

I don't have love here.

I only have fear.

I love you.

And you will always be my queen.

Is that all I am to you?

Your queen?

All right, then.

Let it be fear.

The people who live there,
they're not your enemies.

They're innocents, like the ones
you liberated in Meereen.

In Meereen,
the slaves turned on the masters

and liberated the city
themselves the moment I arrived.

They're afraid.

Anyone who resists Cersei

will see his family butchered.

You can't expect them
to be heroes.

- They're hostages.
- They are.

In a tyrant's grip.
Whose fault is that? Mine?

What does it matter
whose fault it is?

Thousands of children will die
if the city burns.

Your sister knows how to use

her enemies' weaknesses
against them.

That's what she thinks
our mercy is:


- I beg you, my queen...
- But she's wrong.

Mercy is our strength.

Our mercy
towards future generations

who will never again
be held hostage by a tyrant.

Ready the Unsullied.

Tonight you sail
for King's Landing

- to join the Northern armies.
- Cersei's followers

will abandon her
if they know the war is lost.

Give them that chance.

If the city surrenders,

they will ring the bells
and raise the gates.

Please, if you hear them ringing
the bells, call off the attack.

Wait for me outside the city.

You'll know when it's time.

Your brother was stopped
trying to get past our lines.

It seems he hasn't abandoned
your sister after all.

The next time you fail me...

will be the last time
you fail me.

Let them pass.

Through the gate.

Get going.

The rearguard should be here by daybreak.

She wants to attack now.

Daybreak at the earliest.

- Careful with that.
- My lord.


I need to ask you a favor.

You're the greatest smuggler
alive, aren't you?

I'm not gonna like this favor,
am I?

He's always better
when he's got some food in him.

Problem is when he's got drink in him.

See what he did the other week?

Aye. Fighting as well.

Commander nearly caught him.

Ay up. Where you going?

I'm Arya Stark.

I'm going to kill Queen Cersei.

Think about it.

She kills Cersei,
the war's over.

There won't be a siege.
You might not even die tomorrow.

I need to go talk to my captain.

Go ahead, talk to him.

Where's he going?

We speak the common tongue.

Ah. Good.

I want to be alone
with the prisoner.

Get some rest.
Tomorrow will be a long day.

We have orders to guard the prisoner.

Ordered by whom?
The queen herself?

- No.
- Well, in that case,

as Hand of the Queen, I outrank
whomever gave your order.

Probably by quite a lot.

How did they find you?

Did you consider taking it off?

Cersei once called me
"the stupidest Lannister."

And you're going back to her,
to die with her.

You've underestimated her

She's going to die.

Unless you can convince her

to change her course of action.

Difficult to do from here.

When have I ever been able
to convince Cersei of anything?


If not for yourself,
if not for her,

then for every one of the
million people in that city,

innocent or otherwise.

To be honest, I never really
cared much for them.

Innocent or otherwise.

You do care for one innocent.

I know you do.

And so does Cersei.

She has a reason now.

The child is the reason
she'll never give an inch.

All the worst things
she's ever done,

she's done for her children.

It's not impossible
that she'll win.

She won't.

Her enemy's forces
have been depleted,

as she said they would be.

Two of the three dragons
are dead.

- She's evened the odds.
- The city will fall tomorrow.

She has the Lannister army,
she has the Golden Company...

I defended the city
last time it was attacked.

I know it better than anyone.
It will fall tomorrow.

Then I suppose I'll die
tomorrow, if not before.



The two of you, together.

Remember where we met,

where they keep
the dragon skulls,

beneath the Red Keep?

Take her down there.

Keep following
the stairways down,

down as far as they'll go.

You'll come out onto a beach
at the foot of the keep.

A dinghy will be waiting
for you.

Sail out of the bay.

If the winds are kind,
you'll make it to Pentos.

Start a new life.

Sail right past the Iron Fleet
and into a new life?

Sounds a lot less likely
than Cersei winning this war...

There won't be an Iron Fleet
for much longer.

Do it.

If you don't,
you'll never see Cersei again.

Swear to me.

You have my word.

If it works,

give the order
to ring all the bells

in King's Landing
and open the gates.

That will be our signal
that the city has surrendered.

I'll try.

I never thought
I'd get to repay the favor.

Remember, ring the bells
and open the gates.

Your queen
will execute you for this.

If Daenerys can make it
to the throne

without wading through
a river of blood,

maybe she'll show mercy

to the person
who made that possible.

Tens of thousands
of innocent lives...

one not particularly
innocent dwarf...

it seems like a fair trade.

If it weren't for you,

I never would've survived
my childhood.

You would have.

You were the only one

who didn't treat me
like a monster.

You were all I had.

Eyes on the horizon!

Load the scorpion!

Archers, close up!

Come on!

Up to the espringal!

To the back of it!

Archers, line up!

This way! Come on!

Clear the streets now!

- No!
- In, now.

- And you, come on.
- Inside, now!


Yes. Follow down there.

They're here.
Get to the Red Keep.

- My son!
- Get inside!

Just ahead of you,
I can see it!

All right, move it!

- Come on!
- Keep moving!

- Keep going!
- Keep moving!

- Quickly!
- All the way!

- Come on!
- Come on!

Hold your mother's hand!

Make way for the Golden Company!

Close the gate!

If you hear the bells ring,
they've surrendered.

Call off your men.

Move along now, lads.

- That's it.
- Go on, move it.

Come on, move, move.
Faster, faster. Come on, move it.

- Keep going.
- Keep moving.

- Move.
- Stay with him.

- Hold on.
- Hold my hand.

Get behind there.

Close the gate!

No more through.

- No.
- No. Mommy.

- Vicky! Please!
- No, please, sir!

- Open the gate!
- Close the gate!

- Open it!
- Open the gate!

- Get back.
- Look, try that one. Go. Go.

The gates are locked now!


- Get back!
- Open the gate!

Soldier! Soldier!

- Please open the gate!
- Go back to your homes!

Stay back! It's closed!


Move away! Stop!

Let us in!

We're not leaving!


- Turn it around!
- Turn it around!

Get back! Back!


I can see her!




- Reload!
- Reload!






Your Grace.

All we need is one good shot.

The scorpions have
all been destroyed, Your Grace.

The Iron Fleet
hold Blackwater Bay.

Euron killed one of her dragons.

He can kill another.

Your Grace,
the Iron Fleet is burning.

The gates have been breached.

The Golden Company...

Our men will fight harder
than sellswords ever could.

They will defend their queen
to the last man.

- Yes, Your Grace.
- The Red Keep has never fallen.

It won't fall today.

No, no, no!

Move, move!



Come on!

- Ring the bells!
- Ring the bells!

The bells!

- Ring the bells!
- Ring the bells!

Ring the bloody bells!

- Ring the bells!
- Ring the bells!

Tell the queen to ring the bells.

Ring the bells!
Ring the bell!

This way.

Ring the bell!

Ring the bell!

Ring them!

Ring the bells!

Ring the bells!

- Ring the bells!
- Help us!

In the name of the...

Queen! We're surrounded!

- Ring the bells!
- Now! Come on!

Hurry up!

Ring the bells!


Get back!

Get back!

Stay! Stay!

No, no, no, no, no.

Quickly. Quickly.


- Get off me! Get off, bitch!
- No, get off! Help! Help!




Find somewhere to hide.

My God!

The Kingslayer.

We need to get the
queen out of King's Landing.


That's the sound
of a city dying.

It's over.

Well, maybe for you.

If you kill another king
before you die...

they'll sing about you forever.

You're no king.

Oh, but I am.

And I fucked the queen.

If I win...

I'll bring your head to Cersei

so you can kiss her
one last time.

Your Grace, it isn't safe here
any longer.

The Red Keep is the safest place
in the city.

The Unsullied have breached
the gates of the Red Keep.

Maegor's Holdfast
would be a better place

to wait out the storm.

You fought well...

for a cripple.

Another king for you.

But I got you!

I got you!

I'm the man
who killed Jaime Lannister.

Go home, girl.

The fire will get her,

or one of the Dothraki.

Or maybe that dragon
will eat her.

It doesn't matter. She's dead.

And you'll be dead too
if you don't get out of here.

I'm going to kill her.

You think you wanted revenge
a long time?

I've been after it all my life.

It's all I care about.

And look at me. Look at me!

You wanna be like me?

You come with me, you die here.


Thank you.

Your Grace.

Hello, big brother.

Ser Gregor, stay by my side.

Ser Gregor, I command you.

Obey your queen, Ser Gregor.

Yeah, that's you.

That's what you've always been.

You're hurt.

It doesn't matter.

You're bleeding.


Alanna! Have you seen my wife?

Have you seen my wife?

- Let go.
- Have you seen my wife?

Out of the way!



Take my hand.

Take my hand.

Get up. Get up.

- No. No.
- Wait! Wait!


Fucking die!

We need to fall back!

Fall back behind the wall!

- Fall back!
- Fall back!

Get out of the city!

Fall back!

Fall back!

- Fall back!
- Fall back!

You can't stay here.

You have to keep moving.

We can't go out there.

You have to.

Everyone out there is dead.

If you stay here, you'll die.

Follow me.

Follow me!

Come on, quickly. Come to me.

Lean him up there.

Come on, quickly. All of you!





Mama! No.

Mama! Mama!


Get up.

Get up!

We have to keep moving.

Take her.

Take her!

- Take her.
- Come on!

Come on!

This way.

I want our baby to live.

I want our baby to live.

I want our baby to live.

Don't let me die, Jaime.
Please don't let me die.

It's all right.

- Please don't let me die.
- It's all right.

I don't want to die.

Just look... Look at me.

- Look at me.
- Not like this.

Not like this. Not like this.

Look... Look...
Look me in the eye.

Don't look away. Don't look...

Look at me! Just look at me.

Nothing else matters.

Nothing else matters.

Only us.

something you need to know.

Someone has betrayed me.


He knows the truth about Jon?

He does.

is an incredibly strong person.

She's also someone who has had
really close friendships

and close advisors for her
entire run of the show.

You look at those people
who have been closest to her

for such a long time,

and almost all of them
have either turned on her

or died,
and she's very much alone.

And that's a dangerous thing
for someone

who's got so much power,
to feel that isolated.

So at the very time
when she needs guidance

and those kind of close
friendships and advice the most,

everyone's gone.

I think that Varys knew
that it was unlikely

that he would survive
the attempt

to overthrow Dany
in favor of Jon.

And he also knew that he
ethically, in his mind,

had no choice but to...

try to do that anyway.

It was me.

Goodbye, old friend.

I think that Tyrion
is saying goodbye

to his best friend in the world
outside of his brother.


And the amount of guilt
that he feels over being

the cause for his best friend's
imminent death,

it's hard to really
get your head around.

I don't have love here.

I only have fear.

You will always be my queen.

Jon Snow is someone
that she's fallen in love with.

And as far as she's concerned,
by this point,

Jon has betrayed her by telling
people about his true identity,

and also the fact he's unable
to return her affections

at this point.

All right then.

Let it be fear.

I think that when she says,
"Let it be fear,"

she's resigning herself

to the fact that
she may have to

get things done in a way
that isn't pleasant.

And she may have to get things
done in a way that is horrible

for lots of people.

Mercy is our strength.

Our mercy towards
future generations,

he will never again be held
hostage by a tyrant.

She chose violence.

A Targaryen choosing violence
is a pretty terrifying thing.

Even when you look back
to season one,

when Khal Drogo gives
the golden crown to Viserys,

and her reaction of watching
her brother's head melted off...

He was no dragon.

...and he was
a terrible brother, you know,

so I don't think anyone
out there was...

was crying when Viserys died,

there is something kind of
chilling about the way

that Dany has responded
to the death of her enemies.

And if circumstances
had been different,

I don't think this side of Dany
ever would've come out.

If Cersei hadn't betrayed her,

if Cersei hadn't executed

if Jon hadn't told her
the truth.

Like, if all of these things had
happened in any different way,

then I don't think
we'd be seeing this side of

Daenerys Targaryen.

I don't think she decided
ahead of time

that she was...
going to do what she did.

And then she sees the Red Keep,
which is, to her,

the home that her family built

when they first came over
to this country 300 years ago.

It's in that moment,
on the walls of King's Landing,

where she's looking
at that symbol

of everything that was taken
from her,

when she makes the decision to...
to make this personal.

We wanted her to be
just death from above,

as seen from the perspective
of the people

who are on the business end
of that dragon.

In most large stories like this,

it seems like there's a tendency
to focus on the heroic figures

and not pay much attention
to the people who may be

suffering the repercussions
of the decisions made

by those heroic people,
and we...

we really wanted to keep
our perspective and our...

our sympathies on the ground
at this moment

'cause those are the people
who are really paying the price

for the decisions
that she's making.

I think that Jon is also
in a kind of denial.

At first, the siege is a war,
soldiers killing soldiers.

That's what war is.

I think Jon is someone who's
always been a very good soldier,

who has never enjoyed
being a soldier.

He's been trained as a fighter

from the time
he was a little boy,

and he's quite good at it,

he's quite good at leading men
into battle,

and he also hates it.

I think, for him,
it all starts out

seeming like
it's gonna work out,

and then it turns into
a nightmare.

When she takes off
and starts burning the city,

the Unsullied on the ground
and the Northmen on the ground,

take that as their cue

that it's a moral free-for-all.

The good guys are behaving
like the bad guys,

and the bad guys in this shot
are the ones who are doing

all of these horrific things
around him, who are his own men.

The moral lines that he's drawn,

for himself, in his own life,

can't be maintained for everyone
in all situations.

Go home, girl.

It's a small scene,
but it's also, for us,

one of the most important scenes
in the whole episode because

it's the culmination
of their story together.

And you'll be dead too
if you don't get out of here.

I'm going to kill her.

The road to vengeance
always ends in one place.

Which is what the Hound
is saying to her here.

"I've made my choice
a long time ago,

and this can only end
in one possible way for me.

But for you,
you have so many other options."

Look at me!

You want to be like me?

The Hound has genuinely come

to have affection for Arya.

I think he loves her

as much as he's capable
of loving someone.

And he knows that if she comes
with him at this point,

she's not gonna make it
out of there.


Thank you.

Hello, big brother.

We've always wanted
to see these two face off again,

and they finally did.

It struck us that it would be
kind of

apocalyptically beautiful

to see them fighting
on this stairway to nowhere,

with the sky in the background
and the dragon flying by

and the flames everywhere.

We knew that these two
were going to die together,

at each other's hands,

and we knew the Hound's death
had to be a death by fire.

So the one thing stronger
in the Hound

than his fear of fire
is his hatred of the person

who put that fear there
in the first place.

Feels like you needed
a perspective

to carry you through
this horror.

Like you need a Virgil
to take you through the hell

that Dany's building.

The reason we decided
to follow Arya

out of King's Landing
and to see

the fall of King's Landing
through her eyes is...

something that we talked about
with an earlier episode.

You just care a lot more

when you're with a character
that you care about.

So if we saw a lot of extras
running around on fire

and buildings falling apart,

it might've been
visually interesting,

but it wouldn't have had
much of an emotional impact.

But when you're there
on the ground with Arya,

who's one of the people
we care the most about,

then everything takes on
that much more of an edge.

We knew
that the Hound would be

convincing her to part ways
with him

and to not go to her death.

And once she decides she needs
to get out of the city,

well, she's in...

she's in the worst possible
place you can be.

So she's gotta get from that
central point

all the way outside
the walls of the city.

It's the longest,
hardest journey

anybody has to make
in the entire episode.

You know,
there's a scene,

several years ago,

Jaime and Bronn are talking
about how they wanna go,

and Jaime's talking about

dying in the arms
of the woman he loves.

And this is it.

I think he knows
that they belong together,

that they came into this world

that they need to go
out of this world together.

Once he goes through
the various exits,

and they're all clogged up
with rubble,

and there's no way out,
and he knows there's no way out,

he's just trying to calm down
the woman he loves

because he knows this is it.

Look at me!
Just look at me.

Nothing else matters.

Nothing else matters.

Only us.

I think Jaime,
by the end of episode five,

has come to terms
with who he really is.

And he may not be happy
with who he really is,

but he knows he's not,
he knows what matters to him,

and Cersei's what matters
to him.