Game of Thrones (2011–…): Season 8, Episode 1 - Episode #8.1 - full transcript

We have suffered at each other's hands.

We have lost people
we love at each other's hands.

This isn't about noble houses,

this is about the living
and the dead.

And I intend to stay
amongst the living.

I offer you a choice.

Bend the knee and join me,

or refuse, and die.

She is here to reclaim
the Seven Kingdoms.

The North is one of
those seven kingdoms.

The Night King's army
grows larger by the day.

We need allies. Powerful allies.

The monsters are real.

Dragons, White Walkers,
Dothraki screamers...

Let the monsters
kill each other.

We will deal with
whatever is left.

We are going
to destroy the Night King

and his army,
and we'll do it together.

He pledged to fight
for Daenerys Targaryen.

He's bent the knee.

He needs to know the truth.

Jon isn't really
my father's son.

He's the son of
Rhaegar Targaryen,

and my aunt, Lyanna Stark.

He's the heir to
the Iron Throne.

We need to tell him.

The same thing
is coming for all of us...

And it is here.

You should consider yourself lucky.

At least your balls won't freeze off.

You take great offense at dwarf
jokes, but love telling eunuch jokes.

Why is that?

Because I have balls, and you don't.

I warned you.

Northerners don't much trust

May the gods protect us!

Look at you.

You're a man.


-Where's Arya?
-Lurking somewhere.

Queen Daenerys of House Targaryen.

My sister, Sansa Stark,
the Lady of Winterfell.

Thank you for inviting us
into your home, Lady Stark.

The North is as beautiful
as your brother claimed,

as are you.

Winterfell is yours, Your Grace.

We don't have time for all this.

The Night King has your dragon.
He's one of them now.

The Wall has fallen,
the dead march south.

As soon as we heard about the Wall,

I called all our banners
to retreat to Winterfell.

Lord Umber...

when can we expect
your people to arrive?

We need more horses and wagons,
if it please my lady.

And my lord.

And my queen.

-You'll have as many as we can spare.

Hurry back to Last Hearth
and bring your people here.

We need to send ravens
to the Night's Watch as well.

There's no sense
in manning the castles anymore.

We make our stand here.

At once, Your Grace.

"Your Grace."

But you're not. Are you?

You left Winterfell a king
and came back a--

I'm not sure what you are now.

A lord?

Nothing at all?

-It's not important.
-Not important?

We named you King in the North.

King in the North!

You did, my lady.

It was the honor of my life.

I'll always be grateful
for your faith.

But when I left Winterfell, I told
you we need allies or we will die.

I have brought those allies home
to fight alongside us.

I had a choice,

keep my crown or protect the North.

I chose the North.

If anyone survives the war to come,
we'll have Jon Snow to thank.

He risked his life
to show us the threat is real.

Thanks to his courage,

we have brought with us the greatest
army the world has ever seen.

We have brought
two full-grown dragons.

And soon, the Lannister army
will ride north to join our cause.

I know, I know, our people
haven't been friends in the past.

But we must fight together now...

or die.

May I ask, how are we meant to feed

the greatest army
the world has ever seen?

While I ensured our stores
would last through winter,

I didn't account for Dothraki,
Unsullied and two full-grown dragons.

What do dragons eat, anyway?

Whatever they want.

Hey, careful, lads.
We need every last bit of it.

Sorry about that.

Are these the last of the wagons?

-Let's get it all to the forges.

My lord.

My lady.

My lady.

The Lady of Winterfell.

Has a nice ring to it.

So does Hand of the Queen.

Depending on the queen, I suppose.

Last time we spoke
was at Joffrey's wedding.

-Miserable affair.
-It had its moments.

Apologies for leaving like that.

Yes, it was a bit hard to explain

why my wife fled
moments after the king's murder.

We both survived.

Many underestimated you.

Most of them are dead now.

I'm sure you weren't thrilled to hear
the Lannister army's marching north.

You have every right
to be fearful of my sister.

No one fears her more than I do.
I promise, you'll be safe--

Cersei told you her army
was coming north to fight for you?

She did.

And you believed her?

She has something to live for now.
I believe she wants to survive.

I used to think
you were the cleverest man alive.

You used to be taller.

How did you sneak up on me?

How did you survive
a knife through the heart?

I didn't.

You still have it.


Have you ever used it?

Once or twice.

Valyrian steel.


Too heavy for me.

Where were you before?

I could've used your help with Sansa.

She doesn't like your queen,
does she?

Sansa thinks
she's smarter than everyone.

She's the smartest person
I've ever met.

Now you're defending her? You?

I'm defending our family.

So is she.


I'm her family too.

Don't forget that.

Your Grace,
I'm afraid I bring terrible news.

The dead have
broken through the Wall.


Why don't you just get it over with
and kill me?

But we're family.

The last Greyjoys left in the world.

The last ones with balls anyway.

If I kill you...

who can I talk to?

I've got a crew full of mutes.

It gets lonely at sea.

Are we in King's Landing?

You picked the losing side.

Then I'll sail the Iron Fleet
somewhere else.

But first I'm gonna fuck the queen.

Twenty-thousand men, is it?

Yes, Your Grace.
A few died in transit.

They cheated at dice.

Or maybe I cheated.

Someone cheated.

They weren't good fighters.
You won't miss them.

-Two thousand.

And elephants?

No elephants, Your Grace.

That's disappointing.

I was told
the Golden Company had elephants.

They are excellent beasts,
Your Grace,

but not well-suited
to long sea voyages.

In any event, you are most welcome in
King's Landing, Captain Strickland.

We look forward to fighting
on your behalf, Your Grace.

Am I most welcome here?

You are a true friend of the crown
and an honored guest.


As a true friend
and an honored guest...

I was hoping
we could talk in private.

After the war.
That was our agreement.

Wars sometimes last years.

You want a whore, buy one.

You want a queen...

earn her.


I've given her justice, an army
and the Iron Fleet,

yet she gives me
no sign of affection.

My heart is nearly broken.

You're insolent.

-I've executed men for less.
-They were lesser men.

I hear the dragon burnt up
a thousand Lannister men.

Burnt up some of my favorite boys.

-Archie, was it?
-And William.

-Tall handsome William?
-Yeah, tall handsome William.

They said what's left of him
could fit in a wine glass.

I am the only man you ever met
who shot a dragon.

-Did you?
-Nearly killed it.

That's brave.

That boy Eddie...

The ginger?

That's him. Came back
with his face burnt right off.

He's got no eyelids now.

How does he sleep with no eyelids?

All right, can we stop talking
about the fucking dragons now?

Ser Bronn of the Blackwater.

You're kidding me.

Apologies for the interruption,
but the queen did urge me to hurry.

Sorry, ladies.

Another time perhaps.

You ever get lonely,
I am partial to older gentlemen.

Poor girl. The pox will take her
within the year.

-Which girl?
-The queen's brothers

made promises to you and broke them.

Her Grace wants to rectify
their mistake.

She once gave me a castle and a wife,
then rectified me right out of them.

That was Ser Jaime's doing, not hers.

When Queen Cersei wants something,
she pays in advance and in gold.

Several chests of it, in fact.

Waiting for you
in a wagon just outside.

So she wants to murder someone,
but she can't send her soldiers.

If it's the Dragon Queen
she's after...

She has other plans
for the Targaryen girl.

Yeah, well, good luck with that.

Our queen's brothers are unlikely
to survive their Northern adventures.

But in the event that they do...

She has a keen sense
of poetic justice.

That fucking family.

When the Citadel expelled me,
I thought I would die poor and alone,

but in exchange for my service,
Queen Cersei made me her Hand.

What would she do for the man who
rids her of her treasonous brothers?

I wanted those elephants.


how do I compare to the fat king?

You're insulting my late husband?

Are you offended?

Robert had a different whore
every night,

but he still didn't know
his way around a woman's body.

And the Kingslayer?

You enjoy risking your neck,
don't you?

Life is boring.

You're not boring,
I'll give you that.

Do I please the queen?

You might be the most arrogant man
I've ever met.

I like that.

But now I want to be alone.

I'm going to put
a prince in your belly.

Euron can't defend the Iron Islands,

not if he's in King's Landing
with all his men and his ships.

We can take our home back.

Daenerys went north.

Daenerys will need somewhere to
retreat if they can't hold the North.

Somewhere the dead can't go.

You're my queen.
I go where you command.

You want to go to Winterfell.

To fight for the Starks.


What is dead may never die.

What is dead may never die.

Kill the bastards anyway.

Welcome back, my lady.

If you'd follow me...

The Karstarks.

One of the better sigils.

Beats an onion, anyway.

Can't argue with that.

Not so long ago,
the Starks and the Karstarks

were slaughtering each other
on the battlefield.

Jon Snow brought peace to the houses.

And our queen is grateful.

Her gratitude is lovely,
but that's not my point.

The Northmen are loyal to Jon Snow,
not to her.

They don't know her.

The Free Folk don't know her.

I've been up here a while,
and I'm telling you,

they're stubborn as goats.

You want their loyalty,
you have to earn it.

I sense that you're leading
to a proposal.

A proposal is what I'm proposing.

On the off chance
that we survive the Night King,

what if the Seven Kingdoms,
for once in their whole shit history,

were ruled by a just woman
and an honorable man?

They do make a handsome couple.

You overestimate our influence.

Jon and Daenerys don't
want to listen to lonely old men.

I'm not that old.

Not as old as him.

Our queen respects the wisdom of age.

Of course she does.

Respect is how the young
keep us at a distance,

so we don't remind them
of an unpleasant truth.

What is that?

Nothing lasts.

Your sister doesn't like me.

She doesn't know you.

If it makes you feel better,

she didn't like me either
when we were growing up.

She doesn't need to be my friend...

but I am her queen.

If she can't respect me...

How many today?

Only eighteen goats and eleven sheep.

What's the matter?

The dragons are barely eating.

What's wrong with them?

They don't like the North.

Go on.

I don't know how to ride a dragon.

Nobody does,
until they ride a dragon.

What if he doesn't want me to?

Then I've enjoyed your company,
Jon Snow.

What do I hold onto?

Whatever you can.

You've completely
ruined horses for me.

We could stay a thousand years...

no one would find us.

We'd be pretty old.

It's cold up here
for a southern girl.

So keep your queen warm.

Don't be afraid.

-He's here.

It isn't easy making a blade that big
with dragonglass.

You're saying you're good,
is that it?

I'm just saying
it's a tricky material to--

You know who makes weapons
for the wildlings?

Cripples and cocksuckers.

-Which one are you?
-Leave him be.

I heard you were here.

You left me to die.

First I robbed you.

You're a cold little bitch,
aren't you?

Guess that's why you're still alive.

That was a nice ax you made for him.

You've gotten better.

Yeah, thanks. So have you.

I mean, you look good.

Thanks. So do you.

It's not a bad place to grow up,
if it wasn't so cold.

Stay close to that forge, then.

Oh, is that a command, Lady Stark?

Don't call me that.

As you wish, milady.

Here's my wish.

Can you make it?

What do you need
something like this for?

Can you make it or not?

You already have a sword.

What's that?

It's Valyrian steel.

I always knew
you were just another rich girl.

You don't know any other rich girls.

Come in.

Lord Glover wishes us good fortune,

but he's staying in Deepwood Motte
with his men.

"House Glover will stand
behind House Stark

as we have for a thousand years."

Isn't that what he said?

"I will stand behind Jon Snow,"
he said.

"The King in the North."

-I told you we needed allies.
-You didn't tell me

you were going to abandon your crown.

I never wanted a crown.

All I wanted
was to protect the North.

I brought two armies home with me,
two dragons.

And a Targaryen queen.

Do you think we can beat
the Army of the Dead without her?

I fought them, Sansa. Twice.

You want to worry about
who holds what title,

I'm telling you it doesn't matter.

Without her, we don't stand a chance.

Do you have any faith in me at all?

You know I do.

She'll be a good queen.

For all of us.

She's not her father.

No, she's much prettier.

Did you bend the knee to save
the North or because you love her?

So you're the man?

Which man am I, Your Grace?

The one who saved Ser Jorah
when no one else could.

They could, they just wouldn't.

I'll have to make some changes
in the Citadel when I take my throne.

A great service
merits a great reward.

It's my honor to serve you,
Your Grace.

Well, there must be something
I could give you.

If it's not too much trouble,
I could use a pardon.

For what crime?

I borrowed a few books
from the Citadel.

And also a sword.

From the Citadel?

From my family.

It's been in House Tarly
for generations.

It would've been mine
anyway, eventually,

but my father had other ideas.

Not Randyll Tarly?

You know him?

I offered to let him retain his lands
and titles if he bent the knee.

He refused.


at least I'll be allowed home again,
now that my brother's the lord.

Your brother stood with your father.

Thank you, Your Grace.

For telling me.

-May I...?
-Of course.

What are you doing out here?

Waiting, for an old friend.

It's time to tell Jon the truth.

No, no.

You're his brother.
Shouldn't you tell him?

I'm not his brother.

He trusts you more than anyone.

Now's the time.


I'm sorry, I know
I'm not supposed to be down here.

Were you hiding from me?

Of course not.

What are you doing in Winterfell?

Or did you read every book
in the Citadel already?

What's wrong?

-Gilly? Is she all right?
-She's good.

Little Sam?

Don't you know?

Know what?


she executed my father and brother.

They were her prisoners.

She didn't tell you.

I'm so sorry.

We need to end this war.

Would you have done it?

I've executed men who disobeyed me.

You've also spared men.

Thousands of wildlings
when they refused to kneel.

I wasn't a king.

But you were.

You've always been.

I gave up my crown, Sam.

I bent the knee.
I'm not King in the North anymore.

I'm not talking about
the King in the North.

I'm talking about the King
of the bloody Seven Kingdoms.

Bran and I worked it out.

I had a High Septon's diary.
Bran had...

whatever Bran has.

What are you talking about?

Your mother...

was Lyanna Stark.

And your father...

your real father

was Rhaegar Targaryen.

You've never been a bastard.

You're Aegon Targaryen,
true heir to the Iron Throne.

I'm sorry,
I know it's a lot to take in.

My father was the most honorable man
I ever met.

You're saying
he lied to me all my life.


Your father-- Well, Ned Stark.

He promised your mother
he'd always protect you.

And he did. Robert would have
murdered you if he knew.

You're the true king.

Aegon Targaryen, Sixth of His Name,
Protector of the Realm, all of it.

-Daenerys is our queen.
-She shouldn't be.

-That's treason.
-It's the truth.

You gave up your crown
to save your people.

Would she do the same?

Stay back, he's got blue eyes!

I've always had blue eyes!

Did you find anyone?

The Umber boy.

It's a message.

From the Night King.

His army's between us and Winterfell.
We're on foot.

We rode down from Castle Black.

We can double up on the horses.

If the horses last,
we'll get there before the dead.

We just have to hope
the Night King doesn't come first.

Keep moving! Straight up!

Stay together! Don't fall behind!