Game of Thrones (2011–…): Season 7, Episode 4 - The Spoils of War - full transcript

Daenerys takes matters into her own hands. Arya reaches her destination. Jaime and Bronn collect the spoils from the war with the Tyrells.

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SOLDIER 1: Hold that wagon!

You've just won the biggest prize
in the world.

What could you possibly have
to be upset about?

Come on, you can tell me.

Queen of Thorns
give you one last prick in the balls

before saying goodbye?

I'll save my confessions
for the High Septon.

BRONN: There is no more High Septon.

No, there isn't, is there?

There is still
the question of my prize.

That's a lot of money I just gave you.

It's not a castle.

How 'bout that one? It's available.

You don't want Highgarden.

- I beg to differ.
- We're at war.

Daenerys Targaryen could come
and take it back

the day after you move in.

Besides, think of the upkeep.

The more you own,
the more it weighs you down.

Oh, is that why
you're so fucking glum, hey?

All your new riches weighing you down?

SOLDIER 2: Move up!

JAIME: They're not mine.
This all belongs to the Iron Bank.

See? We pay our debts.

Right. Just not to me.

Ser Bronn of the Blackwater,
formerly of

whatever nameless shit heap
you're from,

with a saddlebag full of gold,
complaining about not getting paid.

When we win this war,

all the castles in the Seven Kingdoms
will be yours to choose from,

with no one left
to take them away from you.

Yes, I'm sure Queen Cersei's reign
will be quiet and peaceable.

- Stranger things have happened.
- Like what?

The granaries are being emptied,
and loaded into wagons, my lord.

The current harvest?

We have teams of men collecting it,
from all the farms in the Reach.

Ser Bronn,
will you accompany the Tarlys

and help them accelerate this process?

I'm not much for shoveling wheat.

No, but motivating reluctant farmers
to hand over their harvest...

I bet you're going to have
a real talent for that.

- My lord.
- My lord.

My lord.

TYCHO: I must say,
I don't think the Iron Bank

has ever had a debt of this magnitude
repaid in a single installment.

I always considered your father
a very effective and efficient man,

but you appear to be
redefining those terms entirely.

You're too kind, my lord.

I am neither kind nor a lord,
Your Grace.

I am merely an instrument
of the institution I represent.

Its well-being is a matter of
arithmetic, not sentiment.

And the current arithmetic
is outstanding.

- The gold...
- Is on its way.

My brother is supervising
its transportation himself.

Some at the Iron Bank
will be disappointed.

They've grown rather fond of
your interest payments.

We must devise a way
to raise their spirits.

Yes, perhaps we could be of assistance
in some current venture.

My only venture at this moment is

reestablishing control
over this continent

and every person on it.

I see a great deal of potential
in that venture.

I imagine it would require
outside investment.

It will, indeed.

I need to expand my armies, my navies.

My Hand, Qyburn, has made overtures to
the Golden Company in Essos.

I know them well.

They have helped us recover
significant sums

from parties
who'd fallen into deep arrears.

That's good to hear.

I, too, would like them to recover
some things that belong to me.

Rest assured, Your Grace, you can
count on the Iron Bank's support.

As soon as the gold arrives.

LITTLEFINGER: This is for you.

The last man who wielded it
meant to cut your throat,

but your mother fought him off.

The other dagger,
the one that took her life,

I would have stopped that dagger
with my own heart, if I could have.

I wasn't there for her
when she needed me most.

But I am here for her now.

To do what she would have done.
To protect her children.

Anything I can do for you, Brandon,
you need only ask.

Do you know who this belonged to?


That very question was what started
the War of the Five Kings.

In a way, that dagger
made you what you are today.

Forced from your home, driven out
to the wilds beyond the Wall.

I imagine you've seen things
most men wouldn't believe.

To go through all of that
and make your way home again,

only to find such chaos in the world,
I can only imagine...

Chaos is a ladder.



I'm sorry to have disturbed you,
Lord Stark.

I'm not Lord Stark.

What's that?

Maester Wolkan built it for me
so I can move around more easily.

It's a very good idea.

You're leaving.

I don't want to leave you. But when...

When they come,
I need to be with my family.

You're safe.
Well, safe as anyone can be now.

You don't need me anymore.

No, I don't.

That's all you've got to say?

Thank you.

"Thank you"?

For helping me.

My brother died for you.
Hodor and Summer died for you.

I almost died for you.

- Bran...
- I'm not, really.

Not anymore.

I remember what it felt like
to be Brandon Stark.

But I remember so much else now.

You died in that cave.

SOLDIER 1: I did. The kitchen girl,
the redhead with the behind.

The only thing in the kitchen

that you've put
your cock in is the liver.

'Ey up. Where you going?

In there. I live here.

- Fuck off.
- I'm Arya Stark. This is my home.


Arya Stark's dead.

Send for Maester Luwin,
or Ser Rodrik.

They'll tell you who I am.

There's no Rodrik here.

Maester's named Wolkan.

Go ask Jon Snow then,
the King in the North.

- He's my brother.
- He's 1,000 miles away.

Look, it's cold and we're busy,

so, you know, best fuck off.


If Jon's gone,
who's in charge of Winterfell?

The Lady of Winterfell? Lady Stark?

- Which Lady Stark?
- SOLDIER 2: You tell us.

You're the one
impersonating her sister.

Tell Sansa her sister's home.

Lady Sansa is too busy
to waste her breath on you.

Just like us.

So, for the last time, fuck off.

I'm getting into this castle
one way or another.

If I'm not who I say I am,
I won't last long.

But if I am, and Sansa finds out
you turned me away...

Right, you sit there.
Right there. Don't move.

Right, go tell Lady Stark,
I'll watch her.

SOLDIER 2: I ain't telling Lady Stark.
You can tell her.

SOLDIER 1: Why me?

- You're gonna tell her.
- I'm not.

'Cause if you don't, I'm gonna hit you
right in the fucking face,

as hard as I can.

SOLDIER 1: We told her to wait.

We were standing
right next to her, and...

SOLDIER 2: And when we'd turned
around, she'd gone, my lady.

She was nothing.
Some winter town girl.

- Comes in asking for Ser Rodrik...
- Rodrik, yeah.

- And Maester Luwin.
- Luwin, yeah.

And don't trouble yourself over it,
my lady. We'll find her.

You don't have to.
I know where she is.


Do I have to call you Lady Stark now?


You shouldn't have
run from the guards.

I didn't run. You need better guards.


It suits you. Lady Stark.

- Jon left you in charge?
- He did.

I hope he comes back soon.

I remember how happy he was to see me.

When he sees you,
his heart will probably stop.


It doesn't look like him.

Should've been carved by someone
who knew his face.

Everyone who knew his face is dead.

We're not.

They say you killed Joffrey. Did you?

- I wish I had.
- Hmm.

Me, too. I was angry
when I heard someone else had done it.

However long my list got,
he was always first.

- Your list?
- Of people I'm going to kill.


How did you get back to Winterfell?

It's a long story.
I imagine yours is, too.

Yes. Not a very pleasant one.

Mine neither.

- But our stories aren't over yet.
- No, they're not.


Bran's home, too.

You came home.

I saw you at the Crossroads.

- You saw me?
- I see quite a lot now.

Bran has visions.

I thought you might go
to King's Landing.

- So did I.
- Why would you go back there?

Cersei's on her list of names.

Who else is on your list?

Most of them are dead already.

- Where did you get this?
- Littlefinger gave it to me.

Littlefinger? He's here?

He has declared for House Stark.

- Why would he give you a dagger?
- He thought I'd want it.

- Why?
- Because it was meant to kill me.

The cutthroat. After your fall?

Why would a cutthroat
have a Valyrian steel dagger?

Someone very wealthy wanted me dead.

He's not a generous man.

He wouldn't give you anything

unless he thought
he was getting something back.

It doesn't matter.

What do you mean, it doesn't matter?

I don't want it.

Are you sure? It's Valyrian steel.

It's wasted on a cripple.

Catelyn Stark would be proud.

You kept your vow.

I did next to nothing.

You're too hard on yourself, my lady.

I'm not a...

Thank you, Podrick.


Your Grace, there's still no word
from the Unsullied.

Soon. He will come back to you.

He'd better.

- What happened?
- Many things.

"Many things"?

- JON: Your Grace.

It's all right.

JON: I wanted you to see it
before we start hacking it to bits.

Well, this is it. All we'll ever need.

There is something else
I want to show you, Your Grace.

The Children of the Forest made these.


A very long time ago.

They were right here,
standing where we're standing.

Before there were Targaryens or Starks
or Lannisters.

Maybe even before there were men.


They were here together,
the Children and the First Men.

Doing what? Fighting each other?

They fought together,
against their common enemy.

Despite their differences,
despite their suspicions.


We need to do the same
if we're going to survive.

'Cause the enemy is real.
It's always been real.

And you say you can't defeat them
without my armies and my dragons?

No, I don't think I can.

I will fight for you.
I will fight for the North.

When you bend the knee.

My people won't accept
a southern ruler.

Not after everything they've suffered.

They will if their king does.

They chose you to lead them.

They chose you to protect them.

Isn't their survival more important
than your pride?

What is it?

We took Casterly Rock.

That's very good to hear.

Isn't it?

You'll want to discuss this
amongst yourselves. Perhaps...

You will stay.

All my allies are gone.

They've been taken from me while
I've been sitting here on this island.

You still have the largest armies.

Who won't be able to eat

because Cersei has taken all the food
from the Reach.

TYRION: Call Grey Worm
and the Unsullied back.

We still have enough ships
to carry the Dothraki to the mainland.

Commit to the blockade
of King's Landing.

We have a plan.
It's still the right plan.

The right plan?

Your strategy has lost us Dorne,
the Iron Islands, and the Reach.

If I've underestimated our enemies...

Our enemies?

Your family, you mean.

Perhaps you don't want to hurt them,
after all.


Enough with the clever plans.

I have three large dragons.
I'm going to fly them to the Red Keep.

We've discussed this.

My enemies are in the Red Keep.

What kind of a queen am I

if I'm not willing to risk my life
to fight them?

A smart one.

What do you think I should do?

- I would never presume to...
- DAENERYS: I'm at war.

I'm losing.

What do you think I should do?

I never thought that
dragons would exist again.

No one did.

The people who follow you know that
you made something impossible happen.

Maybe that helps them believe that

you can make
other impossible things happen.

Build a world that's different from
the shit one they've always known.

But if you use them
to melt castles and burn cities,

you're not different.

You're just more of the same.


Don't lunge.

Don't go where your enemy leads you.


- And don't...
- Don't fight someone like her

in the first place.

Nice sword.

Very nice dagger.

If they haven't contributed the
right amount of grain to the stores,

then I'm afraid they'll have to
make do with what they brought.

We can't...

It's been a while since I trained.

I can go and find
the master of arms for you, my lady.

He didn't beat the Hound.

You did.

I want to train with you.

You swore to serve both my mother's
daughters, didn't you?

Move aside, Podrick.

You can't use that, my lady.
It's too small.

I won't cut you, don't worry.

I'll try not to.





Who taught you how to do that?

No one.

DAVOS: What do you think of her?

JON: Who?

I believe you know of whom I speak.

I think she has a good heart.

A good heart?

I've noticed you staring
at her good heart.

There's no time for that.

I saw the Night King, Davos.
I looked into his eyes.

How many men do we have in the North
to fight him? Ten thousand? Less?

- Fewer.
- What?

Speaking of good hearts.
Missandei of Naath.

Ser Davos, Lord Snow.

King Snow, isn't it?

No, that doesn't sound right.
King Jon.

It doesn't matter.

Forgive me, but may I ask a question?

Of course.

Your name is Jon Snow, but your
father's name was Ned Stark.

Yeah, I'm a bastard.

My mother and father weren't married.

Is the custom different in Naath?

We don't have marriage in Naath,

so the concept of a bastard
doesn't exist.

That sounds liberating.

Why did you leave your homeland?

I was stolen away by slavers.

Oh, I'm sorry.

If I may, how did a slave girl come to
advise Daenerys Targaryen?

She bought me from my master
and set me free.

DAVOS: That was good of her.

Of course, you're serving her now,
aren't you?

I serve my queen because I want to
serve my queen.

Because I believe in her.

And if you wanted to sail home
to Naath tomorrow?

MISSANDEI: Then she would give me
a ship, and wish me good fortune.

You believe that?

I know it.

All of us who came with her
from Essos, we believe in her.

She's not our queen because

she's the daughter of some king
we never knew.

She's the queen we chose.

Will you forgive me if I switch sides?


JON: Is that a Greyjoy ship?

- Pull.
- I'm trying.


I didn't know you were here.


Is she all right?

What you did for her

is the only reason
I'm not killing you.

We heard your uncle
attacked your fleet.

We thought you were dead.

I should be.

Your sister?

Euron has her.

I came to ask the queen
to help me get her back.

The queen is gone.

Where did she go?


All the gold's safely through
the gates of King's Landing.


We need to get
the last of these wagons

over the Blackwater Rush
before nightfall.

If the head of the line is ambushed,

the tail will never be able
to reinforce in time.

- Well, we are stretched a bit thin.
- With your permission,

flogging stragglers
has a marked effect on mobility.

Let's give them fair warning first.

These men fought well at Highgarden.


Ser Jaime.

- Rickon.
- Dickon.


I hear you fought bravely
at Highgarden. Your first battle?


- It was glorious.
- Come on, your father's not here.

All my life,
we've been pledged to House Tyrell.

I knew some of those men.
I hunted with them.

They didn't deserve to die.

But Lady Olenna
chose to betray her queen

and support the Targaryen girl.

So, here we are.

I didn't expect it to smell like that.

Men shit themselves when they die.

Didn't they teach you that
at fancy lad school?

Well, I learned it when I was five.




SOLDIER 1: Spears and shields!
Spears and shields!

BRONN: Get in line!

SOLDIER 1: Spears and shields!
Spears and shields!

BRONN: Get in line now!

Form up! Come on, lads!

Guard those wagons! Form a line!

Form a line!

SOLDIER 2: Round those spears!


SOLDIER 3: Shield wall!

Fill the gaps!

RANDYLL: Get tight!

SOLDIER 4: Get in line, boys!


SOLIDER 5: Wait! Wait for it!

Spears out!

Spears out!

Hold the line!

Get back to King's Landing.

I'm not abandoning my army.

BRONN: You're the commander,
not a damn infantryman.

Those fuckers are about to swamp us.

- We can hold them off.



Hold the line.



SOLDIER: Archers!

Archers, with me!

Archers, to the line!


- Nock!
- Nock!


- Loose!
- Loose!


Qyburn's scorpion is over there.

Go get it then.

I can't shoot with one hand.

Come on. Come on!









BRONN: Where are you?

Your people can't fight.


JAIME: Take cover!


Come on, you fucker.






Flee, you idiot.

Come on, boy. Come on!

You idiot. You fucking idiot.