Game of Thrones (2011–…): Season 7, Episode 2 - Stormborn - full transcript

Daenerys receives an unexpected visitor. Jon faces resistance. Tyrion plans the conquest of Westeros. Cersei gathers her allies. Arya has a reunion with old friends. Sam risks his career and life.

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TYRION: On a night like this,
you came into the world.

VARYS: I remember that storm.

All the dogs in King's Landing
howled through the night.

DAENERYS: I wish I could remember it.

I always thought
this would be a homecoming.

Doesn't feel like home.

We won't stay on Dragonstone for long.


DAENERYS: Not so many lions.

VARYS: Cersei controls fewer than
half the Seven Kingdoms.

The lords of Westeros despise her.

Even before your arrival,

they plotted against her. Now...

They cry out for their true queen?

They drink secret toasts to my health?

People used to tell my brother
that sort of thing,

and he was stupid enough
to believe them.

If Viserys had three dragons

and an army at his back,

he'd have invaded
King's Landing already.

Conquering Westeros
would be easy for you,

but you're not here
to be queen of the ashes.


TYRION: We can take the Seven Kingdoms

without turning it
into a slaughterhouse.

If the great houses support
your claim against Cersei,

the game is won.

With the Tyrell army
and the Dornish on our side,

we have powerful allies in the South.

I never properly thanked you for that.

They joined our side, my queen,

because they believe in you.

You served my father,
didn't you, Lord Varys?

I did.

And then you served the man
who overthrew him.

I had a choice, Your Grace.

Serve Robert Baratheon
or face the headman's ax.

But you didn't serve him long.

You turned against him.

Robert was an improvement
on your father, to be sure.

There have been few rulers in history

as cruel as the Mad King.

Robert was neither mad nor cruel,

he simply had no interest
in being king.

So, you took it upon yourself
to find a better one.

Your Grace...

When I was ready to drink myself
into a small coffin,

Lord Varys told me
about a queen in the east who...

Before I came to power,

you favored my brother.

All your spies, your little birds,

did they tell you Viserys was
cruel, stupid and weak?

Would those qualities
have made for a good king,

in your learned opinion?

Until your marriage
to Khal Drogo, Your Grace,

I knew nothing about you,

save your existence and that
you were said to be beautiful.

So, you and your friends
traded me like a prized horse

to the Dothraki.

Which you turned to your advantage.

Who gave the order to kill me?

King Robert.

Who hired the assassins?

Who sent word to Essos
to murder Daenerys Targaryen?

Your Grace, I did
what had to be done to...

To keep yourself alive.

Lord Varys has proven himself
a loyal servant.

Proven himself loyal?
Quite the opposite.

If he dislikes one monarch,

he conspires to crown the next one.

What kind of servant is that?

The kind the realm needs.

Incompetence should not be
rewarded with blind loyalty.

As long as I have my eyes,
I'll use them.

I wasn't born into a great house.

I came from nothing.

I was sold as a slave,
and carved up as an offering.

When I was a child,

I lived in alleys, gutters,
abandoned houses.

You wish to know
where my true loyalties lie?

Not with any king or queen,

but with the people.

The people who suffer under despots

and prosper under just rule.

The people whose hearts
you aim to win.

If you demand blind allegiance,

I respect your wishes.

Grey Worm can behead me,
or your dragons can devour me.

But if you let me live,
I will serve you well.

I will dedicate myself to
seeing you on the Iron Throne,

because I choose you.

Because I know that people have
no better chance than you.

Swear this to me, Varys.

If you ever think
I'm failing the people,

you won't conspire behind my back.

You'll look me in the eye
as you have done today,

and you'll tell me
how I'm failing them.

I swear it, my queen.

And I swear this.

If you ever betray me,
I'll burn you alive.

I would expect nothing less
from the Mother of Dragons.

GREY WORM: Forgive me, my queen.

A red priestess from Asshai
has come to see you.


Queen Daenerys.

I was a slave once,

bought and sold,

scourged and branded.

It is an honor to meet
the Breaker of Chains.

The red priests helped
bring peace to Meereen.

You are very welcome here.

What is your name?

I am called Melisandre.

(IN ENGLISH) She once served another
who wanted the Iron Throne.

It didn't end well
for Stannis Baratheon, did it?

No. It didn't.

You chose an auspicious day
to arrive at Dragonstone.

We've just decided to pardon

those who once served the wrong king.

The Lord of Light
doesn't have many followers

in Westeros, does he?


But even those who don't worship
the Lord can serve his cause.

What does your Lord expect from me?


The Long Night is coming.

Only the prince who was promised
can bring the dawn.

(IN ENGLISH) "The prince who was
promised will bring the dawn."

I'm afraid I'm not a prince.

MISSANDEI: Your Grace, forgive me,
but your translation

is not quite accurate.

That noun has no gender
in High Valyrian.

So, the proper translation
for that prophecy would be,

"The prince or princess
who was promised

"will bring the dawn."

Doesn't really
roll off the tongue, does it?

No, but I like it better.

And you believe
this prophecy refers to me?

Prophecies are dangerous things.

I believe you have a role to play.

As does another,
the King in the North, Jon Snow.

Jon Snow? Ned Stark's bastard?

You know him?

I traveled with him to the Wall

when he joined the Night's Watch.

VARYS: And why do you think
the Lord of Light

singled out this Jon Snow?

Aside from the visions you've
seen in the flames, that is.

As Lord Commander
of the Night's Watch,

he allowed the wildlings
south of the Wall

to protect them from grave danger.

As King in the North,

he has united those wildlings
with the Northern houses,

so together they may face
their common enemy.

He sounds like quite a man.

Summon Jon Snow.

Let him stand before you

and tell you the things
that have happened to him.

The things he has seen
with his own eyes.

I can't speak to prophecies

or visions in the flames,

but I like Jon Snow,
and I trusted him.

And I am an excellent judge
of character.

If he does rule the North,

he would make a valuable ally.

The Lannisters executed his father,

and conspired to murder his brother.

Jon Snow has even more reason
to hate Cersei than you do.


Very well. Send a raven north.

Tell Jon Snow
that his queen invites him

to come to Dragonstone.

And bend the knee.


Gather 'round. Come here.

SANSA: You think it's really Tyrion?

It could be someone
trying to lure you into a trap.

JON: Read the last bit.

SANSA: "All dwarves are bastards
in their father's eyes."

What does that mean?

It's something he said to me
the first night we met.

You know him better than any of us.

What do you think?

Tyrion's not like
the other Lannisters.

He was always kind to me.

But it's too great a risk.

"The Seven Kingdoms will bleed

"as long as Cersei sits
on the Iron Throne.

"Join us. Together we can
end her tyranny."

Sounds like a charmer.

Of course, the casual mention
of a Dothraki horde,

a legion of Unsullied
and three dragons,

a bit less charming.


Fire kills wights, you told me.

What breathes fire?

You're not suggesting
Jon meet with her?

- No, too dangerous.
- But?

But if the Army of the Dead
makes it past the Wall,

do we have enough men to fight them?

CERSEI: If the Mad King's daughter
takes the Iron Throne,

she'll destroy the realm
as we know it.

Some of you are bannermen
of House Tyrell.

But House Tyrell is in open
rebellion against the Crown.

With their help,

the Mad King's daughter has ferried

an army of savages to our shores.

Mindless Unsullied soldiers

who will destroy your castles
and your holdfasts.

Dothraki heathens who will burn
your villages to the ground,

rape and enslave your women,

and butcher your children
without a second thought.

This is how Olenna Tyrell rewards

centuries of service and loyalty.

You all remember the Mad King.

You remember the horrors
he inflicted upon his people.

His daughter is no different.

In Essos, her brutality
is already legendary.

She crucified hundreds of
noblemen in Slaver's Bay.

And when she grew bored of that,

- she fed them to her dragons.

It is my solemn duty to protect
the people,

and I will,
but I need your help, my lords.

We must stand together, all of us,

if we hope to stop her.


She has three
full-grown dragons, Your Grace.

The same as Aegon when
he conquered the Seven Kingdoms.

How do you propose to stop them?

We are currently at work
on a solution, my lord.


Lord Tarly.

Ser Jaime.

- I believe you know my son.
- Ser Jaime.

Rickard, isn't it?

- Dickon.
- That's it.

Thank you for coming.

The other lords of the Reach
look to you for guidance,

now more than ever.

They might not have come
if you hadn't.

If my queen summons me,
I answer the call.

And I've heard what she does
to those who defy her.

JAIME: You ride for Horn Hill today?

I have an army to mobilize.

Won't be long
before the fighting starts.

And which side
will you be fighting for?

You were the only man to defeat
Robert Baratheon in battle,

not even Rhaegar Targaryen...

It's a long ride back
to the Reach, Ser Jaime.

How may I serve?

JAIME: I want you to be my ranking
general in the wars to come.

I want you
to swear allegiance to Cersei,

and I want you to help me
destroy her enemies.

All her enemies.

Including Olenna Tyrell.

I'm a Tarly.

That name means something.

We're not oathbreakers.
We're not schemers.

We don't stab our rivals in the back

or cut their throats at weddings.

I swore an oath to House Tyrell.

You swore an oath to
the Crown as well, Lord Tarly.

I've known Olenna since I was a child.

She was a great woman, once.

Now, she's broken.

She wants revenge so badly

she brought the Dothraki
to our shores.

The Dothraki, in Westeros,
for the first time in history.

I know you don't like my sister.

But you have to make a choice.

Do you fight with us,

or with foreign savages and eunuchs?

When the war is won,

the queen will need
a new Warden of the South.

I can think of no better man
than Randyll Tarly.

EBROSE: The infection
has spread too far.

You should have cut off your arm

the moment you were touched.

How long?

Be years before it kills you.
Could be 10, could be 20.

But how long until...

Your mind?

Six months, maybe fewer.



Um, pardon, Archmaester.

I met Stannis Baratheon's
daughter at Castle Black.

She had the greyscale
as a baby and was cured.

SAMWELL: Isn't there some way...

EBROSE: Does this look
like a baby to you?


Have you studied the varying
rates of greyscale progression

in infants and fully-grown men?


EBROSE: Maester Cressen discovered

Shireen Baratheon's
affliction immediately.

This is quite advanced.

And beyond our skills, ser.

Were you a commoner, I'd have
you shipped to Valyria at once

to live out your life
with the stone men.

As an anointed knight,

I'll allow you one more day.

How you choose to spend
that time is up to you.

Come, Samwell.

Should we send word
to your family, Ser...


Jorah Mormont.

- Mormont?
- There's no need.

I've been dead to them for years.

EBROSE: Come, Samwell!

QYBURN: Have you ever
been down here, Your Grace?

No, I can't say I have.

I haven't seen these
since Robert had them removed

from the throne room.

QYBURN: Curious that King Robert
did not have them destroyed.

They were his trophies.

He couldn't keep them around,

they would have made him look small.

Sometimes he would come
down here and look at them.

I believe he brought his whores
on occasion.

Balerion the Dread.

The beast that Aegon rode
across the sea.

His flames forged the Iron Throne,

and brought the Seven Kingdoms
to heel.


But not invincible.

Apparently, one of Daenerys'
dragons was wounded by spears

in the fighting pits of Meereen.

And if they can be wounded,

they can be killed.

The finest artillators and
blacksmiths in King's Landing

have been laboring
day and night, Your Grace.

If you'll kindly pull that lever.

YARA: If you want the Iron Throne,

take it.

We have an army, a fleet
and three dragons.

We should hit
King's Landing now, hard,

with everything we have.

The city will fall within a day.

TYRION: If we turn the dragons loose,

tens of thousands will die
in the firestorms.

It's called war.

You don't have the stomach
for it, scurry back into hiding.

I know how you wage war.

We don't poison little girls here.

- Myrcella was innocent.
- ELLARIA: She was a Lannister.

There are no innocent Lannisters.

My greatest regret is that
Oberyn died fighting for you.

DAENERYS: That's enough.

Lord Tyrion is Hand of the Queen,

you will treat him with respect.

I am not here
to be queen of the ashes.

That's very nice to hear.

Of course, I can't remember a queen

who was better loved
than my granddaughter.

The common people loved her,
the nobles loved her.

And what is left of her now?


Commoners, nobles, they're all
just children, really.

They won't obey you
unless they fear you.

I'm grateful to you,
Lady Olenna, for your counsel.

I'm grateful to all of you.

But you have chosen to follow me.

I will not attack King's Landing.

We will not attack King's Landing.

Then how do you mean
to take the Iron Throne?

By asking nicely?

We will lay siege to the capital,

surrounding the city on all sides.

Cersei will have the Iron Throne,

but no food for her army
or the people.

But we won't use
Dothraki and Unsullied.

Cersei will try to rally
the lords of Westeros

by appealing to their loyalty,

their love for their country.

If we besiege the city
with foreigners,

we prove her point.

Our army should be Westerosi.

And I suppose
we're providing the Westerosi?

TYRION: You are.

Lady Greyjoy will
escort you home to Sunspear.

And her Iron Fleet
will ferry the Dornish army

back up to King's Landing.

The Dornish will lay siege
to the capital,

alongside the Tyrell army.

Two great kingdoms
united against Cersei.

So, your master plan
is to use our armies.

Forgive me for asking,

but why did you bother
to bring your own?

The Unsullied
will have another objective.

For decades, House Lannister has been

the true power in Westeros

and the seat of that power
is Casterly Rock.

Grey Worm and the Unsullied
will sail for the Rock,

and take it.

Do I have your support?

You have mine.

Dorne is with you, Your Grace.

Thank you, all.

Lady Olenna,
may I speak with you alone?


I realize you're here
out of hatred for Cersei

and not love for me.

But I swear to you, she will pay
for what she's done.

And we will bring peace
back to Westeros.


Do you think that's what we had
under your father?

Or his father? Or his?

Peace never lasts, my dear.

Will you take a bit of advice
from an old woman?

He's a clever man, your Hand.

I've known a great many clever men.

I've outlived them all.

You know why?

I ignored them.

The lords of Westeros are sheep.

Are you a sheep?

No. You're a dragon.

Be a dragon.



(IN ENGLISH) You leave tomorrow.

Were you going to say goodbye?

I will see you when I return.

But you don't know when that will be.

No one knows.

I wish you good fortune.


It is hard for me
to say goodbye to you.


- You know why.
- I don't.

You are my weakness.

That's what I am? Your weakness?

When Unsullied are young,
the masters learn their fears.

One boy is scared of dogs,

one boy hates high places.

One is frightened of the ocean.

They make the boy sleep
with dogs, or climb a cliff.

They throw him in the water.

If he learns to swim, good.

If he drowns, good.

Either way, strong Unsullied.

But I had no fears.

I was never the biggest,

never the strongest,

but I was bravest.


I believe it.

GREY WORM: Until I meet Missandei
from the Isle of Naath.

Now, I have fear.

I do, too.


I want to see you.





Might be useful.

Ch'Vyalthan was a dreadful writer,
but an excellent researcher.

- Archmaester, I wondered if I...
- And this one.

Maester Faull was quite the opposite.

A brilliant stylist

who invented
half the stories he tells.

SAMWELL: Um, I wanted to ask you...

If you're going to write
histories, Tarly,

you have to do the research.

If you want people
to read your histories,

you need a bit of style.

I'm not writing
A Chronicle of the Wars

Following the Death of King Robert I

so it can sit on a shelf unread.

What? You don't like the title?

What would you call it, then?

Mmm, possibly something
a bit more poetic?

We're not poets, Tarly.

Archmaester, if I could
just have a moment...

This is your moment. Use it wisely.

I may have found a way
to treat Ser Jorah.

There are two recorded cases

of advanced greyscale being cured.

I found the procedure
in the study of rare diseases

by Archmaester Pylos.

EBROSE: I am familiar
with Archmaester Pylos

and his study of rare diseases.

- Oh, you are?
- Yes.

And should I tell you how he died?

From greyscale.

- Oh.
- Procedure's far too dangerous,

which is why it's now forbidden.



- What are you doing?

You're Jorah Mormont,
the only son of Jeor Mormont.

My name is Samwell Tarly,

sworn brother of the Night's Watch,

training to serve as maester
at Castle Black.

I knew your father.

I was with him when he died.

You are not dying today, Ser Jorah.

Drink this.

- What is it?

Drink it all, please. I'm afraid
this is going to hurt.

If you could take off your shirt...




If you wouldn't mind,

bite down hard.

I'm sorry, but no one knows I'm here,

and if they hear you screaming,
then we're both finished.

JORAH: Have you ever done this before?


But no one else will try it,
so I'm the best you've got.

Have a seat.


I'm going to have to remove

the entire upper layer
of infected tissue,

then apply a medicinal ointment
to the...



Again, I'm sorry.

Please try not to scream.






They say her dragons
are bigger than Aegon's.

MERCHANT: Bullshit. Cersei's just
trying to frighten us.

I hope it's true.

If she lays siege to King's Landing,

prices will triple.

As long as we get back there
before they start.

One more round. It's a long ride.

HOT PIE: Arry!

Hello, Hot Pie.

Sit down.

Who's that for?

Mmm. This is good.

You think so?

The secret is browning the butter

before making the dough.

Most people don't do that

'cause it takes up too much time.

Hmm. I didn't do that.

You've been making pies?

One or two.

(CHUCKLES) Can't believe you're here.

Did you meet the big lady?

- Big lady?
- The lady knight?

You know, I figured she was a knight

'cause she had armor on.

She was looking for your sister,

but I told her about you.

She ever find you?

She found me.

What happened to you, Arry?

You got any ale?


- HOT PIE: Where you heading?
- King's Landing.


Heard Cersei's queen now.

Heard she blew up the Great Sept.

That must have been something to see.

- Boom.
- Hmm.

HOT PIE: I can't believe
someone would do that.

Cersei would do that.

HOT PIE: I thought you'd be
heading for Winterfell.

Why would I go there?
The Boltons have it.

HOT PIE: No. The Boltons are dead.


Jon Snow came down from Castle Black

with a wildling army and won
the Battle of the Bastards.

He's King of the North now.

You're lying.

Why would I lie about that?
He's your brother, right?

- Thanks for the pie.

Friends don't pay.

Can't believe I thought
you were a boy.

You're pretty.


Take care of yourself, Hot Pie.

Try not to get killed.

Ah, I won't.

I'm like you, Arry.
(SNIFFS) I'm a survivor.

200 miles to King's Landing.



Come in.

A raven, my king.

From the Citadel.

JON: This message was sent to me
by Samwell Tarly.

He was my brother
at the Night's Watch,

a man I trust as much as anyone
in this world.

He's discovered proof

that Dragonstone sits
on a mountain of dragonglass.


I received this a few days ago

from Dragonstone.

It was sent to me by Tyrion Lannister.


He is now Hand of the Queen
to Daenerys Targaryen.

She intends to take the Iron Throne

from Cersei Lannister.

She has a powerful army at her back,

and if this message is to be believed,

three dragons.


Lord Tyrion has invited me
to Dragonstone

to meet with Daenerys.

And I'm going to accept.


We need this dragonglass, my lords.

We know that dragonglass can destroy

both White Walkers and their army.

We need to mine it

and turn it into weapons.

But more importantly, we need allies.

The Night King's army
grows larger by the day.

We can't defeat them on our own.

We don't have the numbers.

Daenerys has her own army,
and she has dragonfire.

I need to try and persuade her
to fight with us.

Ser Davos and I will ride
for White Harbor tomorrow,

then sail for Dragonstone.

Have you forgotten what happened

- to our grandfather?

The Mad King invited him
to King's Landing

- and roasted him alive.
- I know that.

She is here to reclaim the Iron Throne

and the Seven Kingdoms.

The North
is one of those seven kingdoms.

This isn't an invitation, it's a trap.

It could be.

But I don't believe
Tyrion would do that.

You know him. He's a good man.

Your Grace, with respect,
I must agree with Lady Sansa.

I remember the Mad King all too well.

A Targaryen cannot be trusted.

- Nor can a Lannister.

We called your brother king.

And then he rode south
and lost his kingdom.

Winter is here, Your Grace.

We need the King in the North
in the North.


You all crowned me your king.

I never wanted it.

I never asked for it.

But I accepted it
because the North is my home.

It's part of me and I will never
stop fighting for it,

no matter the odds.

But the odds are against us.

None of you have seen
the Army of the Dead,

none of you.

We can never hope
to defeat them alone.

We need allies, powerful allies.

I know it's a risk.

But I have to take it.

Then send an emissary.
Don't go yourself.

JON: Daenerys is a queen.

Only a king can convince her
to help us.

It has to be me.

You're abandoning your people.
You're abandoning your home.

I'm leaving both in good hands.

- SANSA: Whose?
- Yours.

You are my sister.

You're the only Stark in Winterfell.

Until I return, the North is yours.

I delivered his bones myself.

I presented them to Lady Catelyn

as a gesture of goodwill
from Tyrion Lannister.

It seems like a lifetime ago.

Do give Lord Tyrion my best
when you see him.

I was sorry when he died.

Your father and I had our differences,

but he loved Cat very much.

So did I.

She wasn't fond of you, was she?

Well, it appears
she vastly underestimated you.

Your father and brothers are gone,

yet here you stand, King in the North.

Last best hope
against the coming storm.

You don't belong down here.

Forgive me.

We haven't ever talked properly.

I wanted to remedy that.

I have nothing to say to you.

Not even, "Thank you"?

If it weren't for me,

you'd have been slaughtered
on that battlefield.

You have many enemies, my king,
but I swear to you,

I'm not one of them.

I love Sansa as I loved her mother.



Touch my sister,
and I'll kill you myself.












Nymeria, it's me, Arya.

I'm heading north, girl.

Back to Winterfell,
I'm finally going home.

Come with me.

Come with me.

That's not you.


NYMERIA SAND: You can't have them all.
It's not fair.

OBARA: I'm oldest.

Mama will want Cersei for herself.

OBARA: She's not my mama.

You can have Cersei.

I want the Mountain.

The Mountain killed Father.
He'll crush you with one hand.

Father got careless.
That's what Mama says.

Will you shut up about Mama?

"Mama, Mama, Mama."

Maybe I'll kill you both
before we take King's Landing,

and then I won't have to share.

- "Mama!"
- "Mama!"

How can you drink this piss?

When we reach Sunspear,

I'll treat you to a Dornish red,
the best in the world.

- Have you ever been to Dorne?
- A few times.

Never stayed long.

A boy in every port?

A boy, a girl.

Depends on the port.

Could we get some more?

I thought it wasn't for you.

I'm developing a taste for it.

- He's not your servant.
- It's fine.

So, you're gonna be
Queen of the Iron Islands.

Once I kill my uncle.

And what will you be, handsome?

Whatever my queen commands.

He'll be my advisor. And my protector.

Oh, I see.

Your protector.

So, if someone gets too close
to you...

- He might have to intervene.
- To hold that person back.

Until they've made
their intentions known.

Why are you standing
all the way over there, then?

A foreign invasion is underway.

Leave him be.

Seems like you don't need a protector.


Stay here.










You mother's below deck.
Keep her safe.











Kill us.

Get it over with.


Give your uncle a kiss.





EURON: Little Theon!


Ah, come on, you cockless coward.

I have her. Come and get her.