Game of Thrones (2011–…): Season 6, Episode 8 - No One - full transcript

Brienne arrives at Riverrun. Arya seeks shelter. Jaime meets with Edmure Tully. Cersei challenges the Faith. Sandor Clegane hunts for revenge. Tyrion faces the consequences of earlier decisions.

♪ Game of Thrones 6x08 ♪
No One
Original Air Date on June 12, 2016

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My son.

My firstborn son.

My child king, hush.

Listen to the gods,
for you they sing.

Fight no more,
sweet child.

Your wars are won.

The wolves are buried

and the false stag done.

Shut your blue eyes,
my love.

Let the crown fall.

The Father above
beckons you to his hall.

In Seventh Heaven
I'll see you once more.

But now I seek vengeance
on Sansa the whore

and my brother the Imp

who killed his own king.

Born amongst lions,
our curse from within.

I will slay him,
I swear.

With noose or with knife,

though it take me
a fortnight,

a moon or my life.

What is that
I hear and smell?

- Someone I'll soon send to hell.

It's time to see
if truth they told

who said Tywin Lannister
shits gold.

Get the wig!

You beast, you beast.
You killed my wife.

And now you've taken
your father's life.

No worse child
ever stained this land.

I curse the day I named you.

My greatest crime!

You're good at that.

Where did you learn?

I'm a jealous woman.

I've always
liked bad men

and they've always
liked me.

They'd come home
wherever home was that night

stinking of some
whore's perfume.

So we'd fight
and I'd put a hole in them.

And then
I'd feel terrible,

so I'd patch them up.

I got good
at patching them up.

And good at putting
holes in them.

And that.

What happened
to the actress?

The one who wanted
you dead.


She'll have a hard time
finding work as an actress

after what I did
to her face.


I never did
learn to cook.

But eat.
Eat. You need it.

The company is moving on
to Pentos soon.

You should come with us.

- I can't.
- Why not?

Got a feeling you'd be good at
this sort of work.

And besides,
we need a new actress.

I don't think I could remember
all of the lines.

Come with us.

What's left
for you here?

You wouldn't be safe.

Not while
she's looking for me.


She doesn't have a name.

Where will you go?

Essos is east
and Westeros is west.

But what's west
of Westeros?

I don't know.

Nobody does.

That's where
all the maps stop.

The edge
of the world, maybe.

I'd like to see that.

- What's that?
- Milk of the poppy.

I don't want any.

Sleep is the only way
you'll heal.

Trust me, if my soup
didn't kill you, nothing will.

Thing about Gatins, right,
is he used to be pretty.

I was a famous kisser.

You lads know
how to kiss proper?

Course we do.

This is for masters,
this technique.

- You're not ready.
- I'm ready.

He says he's ready.

All right.
Now, pay attention.

You put your left hand on the back
of the lady's head.

Your right hand holds the small
of the lady's back like so.

Very romantic.

Take your middle
finger, yeah,

and you jam it
right up her bunghole.

So fucking close!

Ah, it smells
like pussy to me.

Look at him.
You get hard, boy?

Fuck you!
Disgusting old twats.

Got off on that,
did you, you old fuck?

Where's the other one?

- The one with the yellow cloak.
- Fuck you!

Those are your last words,
fuck you?

Come on,
you can do better.


You're shit at dying,
you know that?




I'd call that
a successful gambit.

- Would you?
- Look around.

The city has
come back to life.

You made
a pact with fanatics.

I did and it worked.

If you shaved your beard
with a straight razor,

you'd say the razor worked.

That doesn't mean
it won't cut your throat.

Spoken like a man who has
never had to shave.

I'm going
to miss you.

I know.

I hope you're right
about this expedition of yours.

If I don't return,
you'll know I was wrong.

We need friends
in Westeros.

And we need ships.

Most of all,
we need our queen.

She'll come back.
She has to.

My heart's been broken
too many times already.

I'll walk the rest
of the way myself.

I can't go off
on a secret mission

in the company of the most
famous dwarf in the city.


The most famous dwarf
in the world.

Your Grace, several members
of the Faith Militant

have been permitted
entry to the Red Keep.

Have been permitted?

That's rather a tortured
way of putting it.

They demand to see you,
Your Grace.

Who permitted them
inside the Red Keep?

The king is aware
of their presence?

He is, Your Grace.

He's currently
in his chambers at prayer.

Your Grace, His Holiness
the High Septon

wishes to speak with you
at the Great Sept of Baelor.

His Holiness
the High Septon

is welcome to see me
here in the Red Keep.

Your Grace,
this is not a request.

It is a request,
Cousin Lancel.

You are asking me
for something, I'm refusing.

The High Septon
commands you.

Are you sure you want
to refuse him?

He promised me I could
stay in the Red Keep until my trial.

He made
no such promises.

If you refuse to come
of your own free will--

Get out.

Move aside, ser.

Order your man to step aside
or there will be violence.

I choose violence.

Please tell His High Holiness
he's always welcome to visit.

Looks like a siege,
my lady.

You have a keen
military mind, Pod.

My lady.
My lady.

Who goes there?!

State your business!

My name
is Brienne of Tarth.

Please inform Ser Jaime Lannister
I've come to speak with him.

Tell him
I have his sword.

Getting a bit old
to be a squire, aren't we?

Podrick fucking Payne.

I thought
you'd be dead by now.

Not yet.

- Are they in there?
- Uh-huh.

You think
they're fucking?



Why not?
I'd fuck her.

You'd fuck her,
wouldn't you?

- I'm her squire.
- Oh.

Well, he'd fuck her,
that's for sure.

And she'd fuck him,
don't you think?

The way
she looks at him.

The way all women
look at him is frankly irritating.

I preferred working with
the little brother on that account.

Come on, you're the one
with the magic cock.

You must have
shown it to her by now.

- She's training me to fight.
- Is she?


An hour in the morning,
an hour at night.

Every day.

Then how come an old cunt like me
can still sneak up and murder you?

Well, that's a different
sort of fighting.

Now, that's the truth,
isn't it?

You want to learn
that sort of fighting?

All right.

All right, let's start
with your footwork.

Show me your stance.

Now listen to me, Pod.

See how your feet
are about a yard apart?

Lesson number one,
assume everyone wants to hit you.

'Cause they do, Pod.
Everyone wants to hit a fucking squire.

Do it again.
Come on, don't sulk.

I never thought
you'd find her.

I just assumed
Sansa was dead.

Why would you
assume that?

In my experience,
girls like her don't live very long.

I don't think you know
many girls like her.

Well, I'm proud of you.

I am.

You fulfilled your oath
to Catelyn Stark

against all odds.

Of course, my sister
wants Sansa dead.

The girl is still a suspect
in Joffrey's murder,

so there is
that complication.

What the hell
are you doing here?

I've come
for the Blackfish.

You're welcome
to have him.

Lady Sansa desires to take her
ancestral seat back from the Boltons

and assume her rightful position
as Lady of Winterfell.

With what army does she plan on
taking Winterfell?

The Tully army.

They're a bit occupied
at the moment.

I was sent here
to reclaim Riverrun

currently defended
by the Tully rebels,

so you can see
the conundrum.

The Tullys are rebels because
they're fighting for their home?

Riverrun was granted to
the Freys by royal decree.

As a reward for betraying Robb Stark
and slaughtering his family.


We shouldn't argue
about politics.

You're a knight,
Ser Jaime.

I know there is
honor in you.

- I've seen it myself.
- I'm a Lannister.

Don't ask me
to betray my own house.

I do no such thing.

Take Riverrun
without bloodshed.

Ride south again with your mission complete
and your army intact.

What do you propose?

Allow me to enter Riverrun
under a flag of truce.

Let me try to persuade
the Blackfish to give up the castle.

Why would he abandon
his ancestral home?

Because you'll allow him
to lead the Tully forces safely north.

Have you ever met
the Blackfish?


He's even more stubborn
than you are.

All right.

Try to talk some sense
into the old goat.

He won't listen,
but his men might.

Not everybody wants to die
for someone else's home.

I need your word.

If I persuade him
to abandon the castle,

you'll grant
a safe passage north.

You have my word.

You have until nightfall.

You gave it to me
for a purpose.

I've achieved
that purpose.

It's yours.

It will always
be yours.

One last thing,
Ser Jaime.

Yes, Lady Brienne?

Should I fail to persuade
the Blackfish to surrender

and if you attack
the castle,

honor compels me
to fight for Sansa's kin.

Of course it does.

To fight you.

Let's hope it doesn't
come to that.

I've said no
three times already.

I have a signed letter
from your niece Sansa Stark.

I haven't seen her
since she was a child.

I don't know her signature.
I don't know you.

And I will not surrender.
Double the guards tonight.

The Kingslayer
wants to try us.

I can feel it.

As I have said,
my name is--

Yes, Brienne of Tarth.
I know your father.

- Good man.
- He always spoke highly of you.

And if he were here now,
I'd tell him the same I'm telling you.

If you think I'm abandoning
my family's seat

on the Kingslayer's
word of honor, you're a bloody fool.

Riverrun cannot stand
against the Lannisters and the Freys.

We can stand longer than your
one-handed friend thinks we can.

- He's not my friend.
- No?

Who gave you permission to cross
the siege line and enter the castle?

Who gave you that sword
with the gold lion on the pommel?

Ser Jaime kept his word
to your niece Catelyn Stark.

He sent me to find Sansa,
to help her as Catelyn wanted.

He gave me this sword
to protect her.

That is what I have done
and I will continue to do

until the day I die.

She's exactly
like her mother.

I don't have enough men to help
her take Winterfell.

You have more
than she does.

She wants her home back.
I understand that.

But this is my home.

And if Jaime Lannister
wants it,

he can bloody well take it
the way everyone else does.

Find the maester.

We need to get a raven
north to Sansa.

What should I write?

Tell her I failed.

There's to be
a royal announcement?

There is.

Why wasn't I informed?

There is to be
a royal announcement

in the throne room

at this very moment.

Where are you going?

To stand by my son.

Your place
is in the gallery

with the other ladies
of the court.

Your Grace...

Lords and ladies,

the Faith and the Crown

are the two pillars
that hold up this world.

One collapses,
so does the other.

The Father judges us all.

If you break his laws...

you will be punished.

After conferring with His Holiness
the High Septon,

we have determined
that Loras Tyrell

and Cersei
Lannister's trial

will be held in
the Great Sept of Baelor

on the first day
of the Festival of the Mother.

after much prayer

and reflection,

the Crown has decided
that from this day forward,

trial by combat
will be forbidden

the Seven Kingdoms.

The tradition
is a brutish one,

a scheme devised
by corrupt rulers

in order to avoid
true judgment from the gods.

Cersei Lannister
and Loras Tyrell

will stand trial
before seven septons

as it was in the earliest
days of the Faith.

Seven blessings to all.

Seven blessings.

Your Grace...

that old rumor
you told me about.

My little birds


Was it just a rumor
or something more?


Much more.

You seem happy.

I am happy.

You should both
be happy as well.

Not so long ago,
this city was ready to devour itself.

Now it's like
a man reborn.

I will be happy
when our queen returns.

Why don't you drink?
Why don't either of you ever drink?

Unsullied never drink.

- Why not?
- Rules.

And who made these rules?

Your former masters?

Those miserable old shits
didn't want you to be human.

Have a drink with me.

And you?
What's your excuse?

I have tried
wine before.

It made me feel funny.

That's how you know
it's working.

Here's to our queen.

Anyone not drinking
is disrespecting our queen.

To Daenerys Stormborn,
Mother of Dragons,

Breaker of Chains,
long may she reign.

- Long may she reign.
- Long may she reign.

Do you like it?

Tastes like
it has turned.

Yes, yes.

One day, after our queen has taken
the Seven Kingdoms...

I'd like to have
my own vineyard.

Make my own wine.

The Imp's Delight.

Only my close friends
could drink it.

Tell me a joke,
Missandei of Naath.

I do not know
any jokes.

Grey Worm?


Three lords
walk into a tavern--

a Stark, a Martell,
and a Lannister.

They order ale,

but when the barkeep
brings them over,

each of them finds
a fly in his cup.

The Lannister, outraged, shoves the cup
aside and demands another.

The Martell plucks the fly out
and swallows it whole.

The Stark reaches
into his cup,

pulls out the fly
and shouts,

"Spit it out,
you wee shit.

Spit it out."

It's funnier
in Westeros.

The Starks and the Lannisters,
I thought these were enemies.


A joke is like a story,
Torgo Nudho.

Not a true story,

A story that's supposed
to make you laugh ideally.

Not at the moment,

do you like the wine?

I do.

Tell a joke.

Two translators
are on a sinking ship.

The first says,

"Do you know
how to swim?"

The second says, "No, but I can shout
for help in 19 languages."


That is the worst joke
I ever heard.

You don't even know
what a joke is.

I am soldier all my life.
You think I never hear joke?

You lied to us.

I make joke.

More jokes.

I once walked
into a brothel

with a honeycomb
and a jackass.

The madam says--

The Masters have come
for their property.

Lord Edmure.

I apologize for the way
the Freys treated you.

A man of your birth
deserves better.

You have my word you'll be
properly fed and clothed from now on.

I have your word?

Oh, good.

Good, that's--

that's a fine thing.

My uncle will never
surrender the castle, ser.

Whatever game
you're playing.

The Blackfish
is an old man.

A good death is all
he can hope for.

But you, you have a child
now, I've heard.

A son you sired
on your wedding night.

You're a potent man.

A son I've never met

born of a wife
that I haven't seen

since our first
night together.

You should be
with them both.

I can arrange that,
you realize?

Comfortable rooms for you
at Casterly Rock.

A tutor for your boy, knights to train him
to fight and to ride.

And when he comes of age,
he'll have a keep of his own.

Do you imagine yourself
a decent person?

Is that it?

After you've massacred
my family.

Kept me in a cell
for years.

Stolen our lands.

I'll remind you that
our houses are at war.

I'm sorry if this conflict
has inconvenienced you,

but rebelling against the Crown
does have consequences.

Says the man who shoved his sword
through his king's back.

Did I give you the impression
that this was a negotiation?

It's not.

You understand.
On some level you understand

that you're an evil man.

I'll leave the judgments
to the gods.

Well, that is
convenient for you.

You're a fine-looking
fellow, aren't you?

Your square jaw,

your golden armor.

Tell me, I want to know.

I truly do.

How do you live
with yourself?

All of us have to believe

that we're decent,
don't we?

You have to sleep
at night.

How do you tell yourself

that you're decent

after everything
that you've done?

I was your sister's
prisoner once.

She hit me on the head with a rock
if I remember correctly.


She should have
killed you.

but she didn't.

Catelyn Stark hated me
just like you hate me.

But I didn't hate her.

I admired her.

Far more than her husband
or her son.

Do you think I care
whom you admire and whom you don't?

No, I don't, but I'm telling you anyway
because you're my prisoner.

You don't have a choice.

The love she had
for her children,

I was a little
awed by it.

Reminded me
of my sister.

Oh, I see.

You're a madman.

I'm not here
to trade insults.

- Your sister was a strong--
- Don't talk about Cat!

I'll talk about whomever I want.

She loved her children.

I suppose
all mothers do,

but Catelyn and Cersei,

there's a fierceness
you don't often see.

They'd do anything
to protect their babies.

Start a war.

Burn cities to ash.
Free their worst enemies.

The things we do for love.

You didn't come here
to talk about our sisters.

That's exactly
why I came here.

I love Cersei.

You can laugh
at that if you want.

You can sneer.
Doesn't matter.

She needs me.

And to get back to her,
I have to take Riverrun.

I'll send
for your baby boy.

And I'll launch him into Riverrun
with a catapult.

Because you don't matter
to me, Lord Edmure.

Your son
doesn't matter to me.

The people in the castle
don't matter to me.

Only Cersei.

And if I have to
slaughter every Tully

who ever lived
to get back to her,

that's what I'll do.

Who goes there?

Edmure Tully,

son of Hoster Tully

and the rightful
Lord of Riverrun.

I demand entry.

Don't let him in.

He's the Lord
of Riverrun.

I have to obey
his commands.

He's been their captive

ever since they murdered
his king at the Red Wedding.

Why do you think the people who murdered
his king at the Red Wedding

would decide
to let him come home?

Because it's a trap,
you idiot.

Don't let him in.

He's my lord,
my lord.

I've sworn to serve the Lord of Riverrun
and obey his commands.

You're not obeying
Edmure's commands.

You're obeying the fucking
Kingslayer's commands.

I demand entry.

My lord has given
an order.

With a knife
to his throat.

That is not
a valid order.

Lower the drawbridge
and open the gate for Lord Ed--

Aye, ser.

I'll have your head
before I surrender Riverrun.

You are not lord
of this castle, my lord.

- Lower the drawbridge.
- Aye, ser!

If you're wrong,

we've just surrendered
our most valuable prisoner.

Welcome home,
my lord.

Command all the forces
within the castle to lay down their arms.

Open the gates.

- My lord--
- Your lord has given a command.

Infantry, advance!

Find the Blackfish.

Put him in irons
and hand him over to the Freys.

Find him.

Go on.

Come with us.

I've run before
from the Red Wedding.

I'm not running again.
This is my family home.

Your family is in the North.
Come with us.

Don't die for pride
when you can fight for your blood.

You'll serve Sansa
far better than I ever could.

All the way down!

- Check that out!
- Go on, now.

I haven't had a proper
sword fight in years.

I expect I'll make
a damn fool of myself.

We found the Blackfish,
my lord.


Bring him to me.

He died fighting,
my lord.

- I was wrong. I admit it.
- That changes nothing.

The Unsullied could mount
a defense off the beachhead.

If the slavers' forces--

No more talking from you.
Your talking gave us this.

And I have acknowledged that.
I'm trying--

You're trying to tell me
what the army should do.

You do not know
what the army should do.

All right, what should
the army do?

We'll not go
to the beach.

If we go to the beach,
the Masters will take the pyramid.

The pyramid is the only place
in the city we can defend.

- We stay here.
- And then?

We wait for them
to come to us.

Then we fight them.


What the fuck
you doing here?

Chasing them.

Hanging them.

Any particular

They're our men.
Or they were.

They attacked a nearby Sept
and murdered the villagers.

Why do you want them?

Same reason.

I was helping build it.

They killed
a friend of mine.

You've got friends?

Not anymore.
They're mine.

It's the Brotherhood's good name
they've dragged through the dirt.

Fuck your name.
They're mine.

I killed you once
before, Dondarrion.

Happy to do it again.

Drop that arrow,
you bloody girl.

Tougher girls than you
have tried to kill me.

You can have
one of them.


No, no, no.

We're not butchers.
We hang them.


All over
in an instant.

Where's the punishment
in that?

- They die.
- We all bloody die.

Except this one here.

I'll only gut
one of them.


I'll chop off one hand.

We gave you two of the three out of
respect for your loss.

That's generous.

Bunch of nancies.

There was a time I would
have killed all seven of you

just to gut these three.

You're getting old,

He's not.

Please don't.
I'll give you anything.

Got anything to eat?

Enjoying yourself?

I prefer chicken.

You ought to join us.
We could use you.

I tried joining.
Didn't work out for me.

Clegane, we're here
for a reason.

The Lord of Light
is keeping Beric alive for a reason.

He gave a failed,
drunk priest

the power to bring him
back for a reason.

We are part of something
larger than ourselves.

Lots of horrible shit
in this world gets done

for something larger
than ourselves.

Cold winds
are rising in the North.

And you're going
to go stop them?

We need good men
to help us.

Last time you saw me,
you wanted to execute me.

True enough.

But the Lord of Light
gave you the power to defeat me.


I beat you because I'm better
than you, Beric.

I was better than you before you started
yammering on about the Lord

and I'm better
than you now.

Aye, you're
probably right.

You're a fighter.

You were born a fighter.

You walked away
from the fight.

How did that go?

Good and bad,
young and old,

the things we're fighting
will destroy them all alike.

You can still help a lot more
than you've harmed, Clegane.

It's not too late
for you.

Lady Crane?

Lady Crane?

If you'd have done your job,
she would have died painlessly.


The Many-Faced God
was promised a name.

He must always
receive what is his.

You can't change that.

I can't change that.

No one can.

And now he's been
promised another name.

- Hey!
- Get out!





My basket!

It will all
be over soon.

On your knees
or on your feet?

Haven't we been
through this already?

That won't help you.

You told her to kill me.


But here you are.

And there she is.

Finally a girl
is no one.

A girl is Arya Stark
of Winterfell

and I'm going home.

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