Game of Thrones (2011–…): Season 6, Episode 5 - The Door - full transcript

Sansa and Jon make plans. Arya is given another chance to prove herself. Jorah confesses a secret to Daenerys. Tyrion meets with a red priestess. Yara finds her rule tested. Bran discovers the origin of the White Walkers.

( theme music playing )

( knock at door )

- Sansa: Yes?
- ( door opens )

For you, my lady.

How far is Mole's Town?

( footsteps )


Lady Brienne.

When I heard you had escaped
Winterfell, I feared the worst.

You have no idea how happy I am

to see you unharmed.


What are you doing here?

I rode north with the Knights of
the Vale to come to your aid.

They're encamped
at Moat Cailin as we speak.

To come to my aid?

Did you know about Ramsay?

If you didn't know,
you're an idiot.

If you did know,
you're my enemy.

Would you like to hear
about our wedding night?

He never hurt my face.

He needed my face,
the face of Ned Stark's daughter.

But the rest of me,

he did what he liked
with the rest of me

as long as I could
still give him an heir.

What do you think he did?

I can't begin to contemplate...

What do you think he did to me?

Lady Sansa asked you a question.

He beat you.

Yes, he enjoyed that.

What else do you think he did?

- Sansa, I...
- What else?

Did he cut you?

- Maybe you did know about Ramsay all along.
- I didn't know.

I thought you knew
everyone's secrets.

I made a mistake,
a horrible mistake.

I underestimated a stranger.

The other things he did,

ladies aren't supposed
to talk about those things,

but I imagine brothel keepers
talk about them all the time.

I can still feel it.

I don't mean in my tender
heart it still pains me so.

I can still feel what he did in
my body standing here right now.

I'm so sorry.

You said you would protect me.

And I will. You must believe me
when I tell you that I will.

I don't believe you anymore.
I don't need you anymore.

You can't protect me.

You won't even be able
to protect yourself

if I tell Brienne
to cut you down.

And why shouldn't I?

Do you want me
to beg for my life?

If that's what you want, I will.

Whatever you ask
that is in my power,

I will do.

What if I want you
to die here and now?

Then I will die.

You freed me from the monsters
who murdered my family

and you gave me to other
monsters who murdered my family.

Go back to Moat Cailin.

My brother and I will take
back the North on our own.

I never want to see you again.

I would do anything to undo
what's been done to you.

I know that I can't.

Will you allow me to say
one more thing before I go?

Your great-uncle
Brynden the Blackfish

has gathered what remains of the
Tully forces and retaken Riverrun.

You might consider
seeking him out.

The time may come when you
need an army loyal to you.

I have an army.

Your brother's army.


( staves clacking )

( grunting )

You're not ready.

You should go home
before it's too late.

( grunts )

( grunts )

( grunts )

You'll never be
one of us, Lady Stark.

She has a point.

None of the first Faceless Men
were born to lords and ladies.

They began as slaves
in the mines of Valyria.

Who was the first?

He was no one.

The Many-Faced God taught
him how to shed his face

and how to give the gift.

The man taught others in
exchange for their service.

Many served, many more
gifts were given.

Soon all the masters
and overseers were gone

and the Faceless Men fled.

Where did they go?


They founded the Free City of
Braavos and built this house.

These were the faces
they wore in life

when they were not
wearing others.

The first Faceless Men.

And now a girl is one of them,

if a girl desires.

A girl has no desires.


An actress who calls
herself Lady Crane.

She performs at the theater
in Sheelba Square.

A girl has been given
a second chance.

There will not be a third.

One way or another,

a face will be
added to the hall.

( applause )

( horn blows )

( crowd laughs )

- ( farts )
- Ahh!

Oh, murdered by a boar.

The great big hairy whore.

He dug in his tusks
and dug out my guts

and soon I am no more.

Oh, come, Father,
in bed you must lie.

I love you, Father.
Please don't die.

- Shut up, you swine! Cersei, more wine.
- ( laughs )

I feel the winds of winter
as they lick across the land.

And our son alone
on that cold, cold throne

without a guiding hand.

Who will teach him strength?
Who will teach him grace?

To whom will he turn when it's time to
learn to look darkness in the face?

Ned Stark will do fine.
Now bring me more wine.

- ( crowd laughs )
- ( footsteps )


Ooh, what's happened here, then?

He brought you here, Ned Stark,

'cause you're the brightest
fellow in the land.

You should be king of us all

and I should be your Hand.

We men of the North
are right good hands

at keeping people lawful.

I'd ask him for permission,

but he smells too bloody awful.

- ( screams )
- ( crowd laughs )

I die! I die!

And here I now must lie.

Oh, woe.
Oh, no.

- ( farts )
- ( laughing )

Oh, I am about to go.

( farting )

Will you stay on
as Joffrey's Hand?

The Iron Throne's what I demand.

- You cannot.
- I can.

- You will not.
- I will.

- You dare not.
- I dare yes.

- The line of succession.
- What's that mean?

- The proper progression.
- What's that mean?

- The lawful ascension.
- What's that mean?

( laughing )

- ( music playing )
- ( cheering )

So move along, give me my chair

and there won't be
no more trouble.

- ( grunts )
- ( crowd laughs )

But we had a deal
all done and dusted.

I'm starting to think
you can't be trusted.

( laughter, applause )

Save my father.

Truly you should.
Killing the man will do you no good.

- Save him, please.
- Show him mercy.

Show the people what
a good king should be.

Good people, you may all relax.

My father's friend
shall be spared the...

- ( audience gasps )
- ( gasps )

- ( music playing )
- Sansa actor: Father! No!

Oh, Father.

( laughter )

Tyrion actor:
Worry not!

All is well.

I have here a decree

from my father Tywin Lannister,

the richest man you'll see.

He proclaims me
Hand of the King.

The position's mine for life.

And he's given me
permission to take

Sansa as my wife.

- ( screams )
- ( crowd booing )

You'll learn that
what I lack in height,

- I make up for in appetite.
- ( screams )

So let's forget
about your plight,

and go rehearse
our wedding night.

- ( music playing )
- ( applause )

It's a wart.
Two warts.

I've got two fucking
warts on my cock.

Well, don't worry, love. They usually
go away in five or six years.

Oh, wash this, darling.
It stinks of me.

You can do better, Bianca, dear.
You must do.

I had two lines.

There are no small parts.
You rang very false.

I rang very false?

What you need, love,
is for someone to ring you true.

( laughs )

Bianca: You weren't complaining
about me last night.

Tyrion actor: May I get you some wine,
Lady Crane?

Lady Crane:
I'm a rum girl, Bobono.

You need to know that if
we're going to be intimate.

Of course we're going
to be intimate.

It's only a matter of time.

( rum pouring )

To our children.

May they have your talent.

And your filthy mind.

( chuckles )

A girl will poison the rum.

Lady Crane is the only
one who drinks it.

If a girl could use one of
the faces from the hall...

A girl is not ready.

She's a good actress.

So a man has heard.

Seems like a decent woman.

Does death only come for the wicked
and leave the decent behind?


Who wants her dead?

That does not matter.
The price was paid.

The younger actress.

She's jealous because
Lady Crane is better.

A girl must decide if she wants
to serve the Many-Faced God.

A girl has decided.

A servant does not
ask questions.

( raven cawing )

( ravens cawing )

( voices whispering )

- ( raven caws )
- ( whispering continues )

( whispering )

( breathing heavily )

No! No! No!

( screaming )

( screaming stops )

( ice crackling )

( gasps )

It was you.

You made the white walkers.

We were at war.

We were being slaughtered.

Our sacred trees cut down.

We needed to defend ourselves.

From whom?

From you.

From men.

Aeron: We speak in the presence
of the Drowned God.

In his name we gather today

to choose a new king
as our leader.

Who makes a claim?

I am Yara Greyjoy,

daughter of Balon Greyjoy,

King of the Iron Islands.

I claim the Salt Throne.

We've never had a queen.
Not once.

There are many things
we've never done.

We've never made our mark
upon the world.

The great lords of
Westeros pay us no mind

until our little raids
buzz through their kingdoms

long enough
to become a nuisance.

Then they swat us down.

They conquer us, humiliate us,

and go right back
to forgetting we exist.


- We are a sea people.
- Aye!

- Our god is a sea god.
- Aye!

When I am queen, we will
build a fleet that...

- You shall not be queen!
- I am not finished!

Yes, you are!
A woman will not lead us.

Not when Balon's
own male heir has returned.

I am Theon Greyjoy...

last living son
of Balon Greyjoy.

And she is your rightful ruler.


Those of you that have
sailed under her,

and there are many of you here,

- you know what she is.
- Aye!

- She is a reaver.
- Aye!

- She is a warrior.
- Aye!

She is ironborn!


We will find no better leader.

This is our queen.

( men cheering )

( men chanting )
Yara! Yara! Yara!

I'm Euron Greyjoy.

I claim the Salt Throne.

( men murmuring )



Little Theon.

Heard you managed to fuck
things right into the ground.

( men chuckle )

Captured a castle
you couldn't keep.

Got yourself taken prisoner.

Even heard you have no cock.

( men laugh )

Explains why you think
a woman can be king.

When did you return, Uncle?

A few days ago.

I had some things
to take care of.

Long overdue.

I'm glad you're here.

Now I know what my first
act as queen will be.

To execute the man
who killed my father.

( men murmuring )

I did.

I killed him.

Threw him right over
a rope bridge

and watched him fall.

He was leading us nowhere

and we would still be heading
there if it weren't for me.

No one loved him.
No one wanted to follow him.

He led us into two wars
we couldn't win.

I apologize to you all for
not killing him years ago.

That would have been hard to do.

You weren't here.

Last I heard, you were gallivanting
around the world having a grand old time.


That the sort of thing
you start to say

- once your dick gets chopped off?
- ( men laugh )

Did the great lords of Westeros
teach you words like that?

You were gone.

Yara was here.

Being ironborn.
Leading ironborn.

Getting ready to bring us
back to glory.

And how will she do that?

I will build the largest fleet
the world has ever seen.

Right idea, except I'm the one who's
going to build the Iron Fleet

because I'm the one
who knows how to use it.

I've been all over the world.

I've seen more of it
than all of you combined.

And across the sea
there is a person

who hates the great lords of
Westeros just as much as we do.

Someone with a large army,

three large dragons,
and no husband.

I'm going to build that fleet

and I'm going to
gallivant right over

and give it
to Daenerys Targaryen

- along with my big cock.
- ( men laugh )

You're going to seduce
the Dragon Queen?

I'm not going to seduce her.
The Iron Fleet will seduce her.

And together we're going
to take the Seven Kingdoms.

I wasn't born to be king.

I paid the iron price

and here I stand.

( cheering )

( men chanting )
Euron! Euron! Euron! Euron!

Euron! Euron!
Euron! Euron!

Euron! Euron!

May Euron, your servant,
be born again

from the sea as you were.

Bless him with salt.
Bless him with stone.

Bless him with steel.

Listen to the waves.
Listen to the god.

He is speaking to us and he says

we shall have no king
but Euron Greyjoy.

Let the sea wash your follies
and your vanities away.

Let the old Euron drown.

Let his lungs
fill with seawater.

Let the fish eat
the scales off his eyes.

What is dead may never die,

but rises again
harder and stronger.

( gagging, coughing )

( gasping )

What is dead may never die.

All: What is dead
may never die.

( cheers )

Where are my niece and nephew?

Let's go murder them.

They stole our best ships.

Won't be enough to save them.

Go back to your homes.

Chop down every tree
you can find.

Quarter-saw the timber
and start building.

I want every man bending planks.

I want every woman
spinning flax for sails.

Build me a thousand ships

and I will give you this world.

I banished you twice.

You came back twice.

And you saved my life.

So I can't take you back

and I can't send you away.

You must send me away.

Is there a cure?

I don't know.

How long does it take?

I don't know that either.

But I've seen what happens
when it goes far enough.

I'll end things before that.

I'm sorry.

I'm so sorry.

Don't be.

All I've ever wanted
was to serve you.

Tyrion Lannister was right.

I love you.

I'll always love you.

Good-bye, khaleesi.

Do not walk away
from your queen,

Jorah the Andal.

You have not been dismissed.

You pledged yourself to me.

You swore to obey my commands
for the rest of your life.

Well, I command you
to find the cure

wherever it is in this world.

I command you to heal yourself

and then return to me.

When I take the Seven Kingdoms,

I need you by my side.

In the last fortnight since
our pact with the Masters,

how many killings have been carried
out by the Sons of the Harpy?


And how many Masters have been
butchered by the free men?

Two, but that was
the day of the pact.

Since then, nothing.

So it's safe to say that a
fragile peace has taken hold.

For now.

For now is the best we
get in our profession.

It's not enough.

Considering the city was
on the brink of civil war,

I'd say it's a good start.

It's not enough
for Meereen to have peace.

They need to know Daenerys
is responsible for it.

The Sons of the Harpy
have a good story.

Resist the foreign invaders.

Our queen has
an even better story.

Mother of Dragons,
Breaker of Chains and all that.

The people know
who brought them freedom.

Yes, but do they know
who brought them security?

Who brought about
an end to the violence?

We need someone
the people trust,

someone they know cannot
be bought or influenced.

Sounds like quite the hero.
Where would we find him?

Who said anything about "him"?

( speaking Valyrian )

That's about the extent
of my Valyrian.

Thank you for travelling
all this way.

I know from personal experience how
uncomfortable the journey can be.

The truth is we need your help.

We had hoped that we could
somehow persuade you to...

You don't need to persuade me.

I came to help.

Daenerys Stormborn is the
one who was promised.

From the fire she was
reborn to remake the world.


She has freed the slaves
from their chains

and crucified the Masters
for their sins.

She did indeed.

Her dragons are fire made flesh,

a gift from the Lord of Light.

But you heard all of this before,
haven't you?

On the Long Bridge of Volantis.

The dragons will purify
nonbelievers by the thousands,

burning their sins
and flesh away.

Ideally we'd avoid purifying
too many nonbelievers.

The Mother of Dragons has followers
of many different faiths.

You want your queen to be
worshipped and obeyed.

And while she's gone,
you want her advisors

to be worshipped and obeyed.

I'd settle for obeyed.

I will summon
my most eloquent priests.

They will spread the word.

Daenerys has been sent to lead
the people against the darkness

in this war and in the
great war still to come.

That sounds most excellent.

A man named Stannis
Baratheon was anointed

as the chosen one
by one of your priestesses.

He, too, had a glorious destiny.

He attacked King's Landing
and was soundly defeated

by the man standing beside me.

Last I had heard,
he had been defeated again,

this time at Winterfell
and this time for good.

We'd be most grateful for any support
you could provide the queen.

I suppose it's hard for a
fanatic to admit a mistake.

Isn't that the whole point
of being a fanatic?

You're always right.

Everything is the Lord's will.

Everything is the Lord's will.

But men and women make mistakes.

Even honest servants
of the Lord.

And you,
an honest servant of the Lord,

why should I trust you
to know any more

than the priestess
who counseled Stannis?

My friend has a healthy
skepticism of religion,

but we are all loyal
supporters of the queen.

Everyone is what they are

and where they are for a reason.

Terrible things
happen for a reason.

Take what happened to you,
Lord Varys, when you were a child.

If not for your mutilation

at the hand of
a second-rate sorcerer,

you wouldn't be here
helping the Lord's Chosen

bring his light into the world.

Knowledge has made you powerful.

But there's still
so much you don't know.

Do you remember
what you heard that night

when the sorcerer tossed
your parts in the fire?

You heard a voice call out from the flames.
Do you remember?

Should I tell you
what the voice said?

Should I tell you the name
of the one who spoke?

We serve the same queen.

If you are her true friend,

you have nothing
to fear from me.

( raven caws )

( wind howling )


( gasps )

( gasps )

( screams )

He saw me, the Night King!

- He saw me!
- He touched you.

I don't know.
He was close, but...

He touched you.

He knows you are here.
He'll come for you.

But he can't get in.

He can now.
His mark is on you.

You must leave, all of you.

Meera: Come on, Hodor.
Help me with the sledge.


I'm sorry.
I didn't mean to.

- The time has come.
- The time for what?

For you to become me.

But am I ready?


We can't defend the north
from the walkers

and the south from the Boltons.

If we want to survive,
we need Winterfell

and to take Winterfell,
we need more men.

Davos: Aside from the Starks
and the Boltons,

the most powerful
houses in the North

are the Umbers, the Karstarks,

and the Manderlys.

The Umbers and the Karstarks

have already declared
for the Boltons,

so we're not doing
so well there.

The Umbers gave Rickon to our enemies.
They can hang.

But the Karstarks
declared for Ramsay

without knowing
they had another choice.

I beg your pardon, my lady,

but they know that a Stark
beheaded their father.

I don't think we can
count on them either.

How well do you know
the North, Ser Davos?

Precious little, my lady.

My father always said
Northerners are different.

More loyal,
more suspicious of outsiders.

They may well be loyal,

but how many rose up
against the Boltons

when they betrayed your family?

I may not know the North,
but I know men.

They're more or less the same
in any corner of the world

and even the bravest of
them don't want to see

their wives and children
skinned for a lost cause.

If Jon's going to convince
them to fight alongside him,

they need to believe
it's a fight they can win.

There are more than three
other houses in the North...

Glover, Mormont, Cerwyn,

Mazin, Hornwood.

Two dozen more.
Together they equal all the others.

We can start small and build.

The North remembers.

They remember the Stark name.

People will still risk
everything for it,

from White Harbor
to Ramsay's own door.

I don't doubt it.

But Jon doesn't have
the Stark name.

No, but I do.

Jon is every bit
as much Ned Stark's son

as Ramsay is Roose Bolton's.

And there are also the Tullys.
They're not Northern,

but they will back us against
the Boltons without question.

I didn't know the Tullys
still had an army.

My uncle the Blackfish
has reformed it

and retaken Riverrun.

How do you know that?

Ramsay received a raven
before I escaped Winterfell.

That's good.

The Blackfish is a legend.

His support would mean
a great deal.

Stark, Tully, a few more houses,

almost starts to look
like a winning side.

I've sworn
to protect you, my lady.

You heard them.
We need more men

and my uncle has an army.

We can send
the Blackfish a raven.

Can't risk Ramsay
intercepting it.

It has to be you.

Ride for Riverrun.
My uncle will talk to you

and you'll know
how to talk to him.

What is it?

I don't like leaving
you here alone.

With Jon?

Not him.
He seems trustworthy.

A bit brooding, perhaps.

I suppose that's
understandable, considering.

The others, though.

Davos and the Red Woman helped
a man murder his own brother

with bloodmagic.

And when Stannis paid for his crime,
where were they?

Already out looking for a
leader with better prospects.

And that wildling fellow
with the beard...

Jon isn't Tormund.
Jon isn't Davos, the Red Woman

or Stannis for that matter.
Jon is Jon.

He's my brother. He'll keep me safe.
I trust him.

Then why did you lie to him when he asked
you how you learned about Riverrun?

New dress?

I made it myself.
Do you like it?

Yeah, it's...
I like the wolf bit.

Good, because I made
this for you.

I made it like the one
Father used to wear.

As near as I can remember.

Thank you, Sansa.

You're welcome.

Don't knock it down
while I'm gone.

I'll do my best.

Good luck.

Should we close the gate,
Lord Commander?

I'm not the Lord Comman...

Yeah, ahem,
close the bloody gate.

( raven caws )

We can go home now, Hodor.

Well, maybe not home home,

but somewhere that isn't a cave.

( chuckles )

Eat something that isn't moss.

I want an egg.
How do you like 'em?

Boiled? Fried up
with some butter?

( laughs )

With a rasher of bacon
and some blood sausage.


Get Bran and run!

( white walkers snarling )

Bran, wake up.

- Bran.
- Hodor. Hodor.

Bran, wake up.

- Man: Gods keep you on the kingsroad.
- Woman: Take it easy.

Watch yourself.


Hodor. Hodor.

Help me!

( shouts )



( shrieking )

Rickard: Remember that
you are a Stark.

Comport yourself
with dignity at the Vale

and try to stay out of fights.

Yes, Father.

But if you have to fight, win.

Bran, wake up!

( snarling )

( grunts )

( branches breaking )

- ( screams )
- ( growls )

Bran! Bran!
Bran, wake up.

- Bran! Bran, wake up!
- Hodor. Hodor.

You have to wake up.

- We need Hodor.
- Hodor. Hodor.

Bran, we need Hodor.

Bran, you have to wake up.
We need Hodor.

( screaming )

- ( shrieks )
- Hodor. Hodor.

( snarling )

Bran, we're all going to die!

Bran, wake up!

We're all going to die!
Bran! Bran!

Bran, you have to wake up.
We need Hodor.

Hodor. Hodor.

Warg into Hodor now!

Bran, wake up.
We need Hodor.

We need Hodor.
Warg into Hodor now! Now!

Listen to your friend, Brandon.

Hodor. Hodor.

Hodor. Hodor.


( shrieks )

( gasps )

( groans )

( Summer barking )

( growling )

- Summer!
- Leaf: Go.


( yelping )

( snarling )

Three-Eyed Raven:
The time has come.

Leave me.

- What are you doing?
- Go!

( snarling )

( snarling )

( grunts )

- Hodor, hurry!
- ( grunts )


Hold the door!

Hold the door!

Hold the door!

Hold the door!

( thumping )

( wights snarling )

Hold the door!

- Meera: Hold the door!
- Nan: Wylis!

What's the matter?

- Hold the door!
- Come on, son.

Hold the door!

- ( snarling continues )
- ( shouts )

( screams )

Hold the door!
Hold the door!

Hold the door!
Hold the door!

Hold the door!

Hold the door!

Hold the door!
Hold the door!

Hold the door!
Hold the door!

Hold the door!
Hold the door!

Hold the door!
Hold the door!

Hold the door!
Hold door!

Hold door!
Hold the door!

Hold the door!
Hold door! Hold door!

Hold door!


Hodor! Hodor!


( music playing )