Game of Thrones (2011–…): Season 4, Episode 1 - Two Swords - full transcript

Tyrion welcomes a guest to King's Landing. At Castle Black, Jon stands trial. Daenerys is pointed to Meereen, the mother of all slave cities. Arya runs into an old enemy.

I want you to tell me the
truth about Joffrey.

He's a monster.

The Tyrells beside us, no one will think
of rebelling for another century.

Ser Dontos of House Hollard.

Ser Meryn, help Ser Dontos
celebrate my name day.

It would be bad luck to kill
a man on your name day.

You'll be my new fool!

Thank you, Your Grace.

Do you know what it takes
to unite 19 clans?

I told them we were
all going to die

if we don't get south.

Let us go, and my father will
pay you whatever you want.

Enough to buy me a new hand?

We need to find Sansa
Stark a husband.

Tyrion'll do as he's bid,
you'll marry Ser Loras.

- I am not some brood mare...
- You're my daughter!

My feelings for you
have not changed.

I'm not your lady,
I'm your whore.

He's a crow, he'll
stab us in the back.

Kill him!

That's a fine little blade.

- No!
- Maybe I'll pick my teeth with it.

- Something wrong with your leg, boy?
- You've got to carry me.


The Lannisters send
their regards!

It's too late!

- You know I didn't have a choice...
- You know nothing, Jon Snow!

You're home.






- Magnificent.
- Mm-hmm.

Looks fresh-forged.

It is.

No one's made a
Valyrian steel sword

since the Doom of Valyria.

There are three living smiths

who know how to rework
Valyrian steel.

The finest of them
was in Volantis.

Came here to King's
Landing at my invitation.

Where did you get this
much Valyrian steel?

From someone who no
longer had need of it.

You've wanted one of these in
the family for a long time.

- And now we have two.
- Two?

The original weapon
was absurdly large.

Plenty of steel for two swords.

Well, thank you.
It's glorious.

You'll have to train
your left hand.

Any decent swordsman knows
how to use both hands.

You'll never be as good.


But as long as I'm better
than everyone else,

I suppose it doesn't matter.

You can't serve in the
Kingsguard with one hand.

Where's that written?
I can and I will.

The Kingsguard
oath is for life.

The war is over.
The king is safe.

The king is never safe.

How many people in this city alone
would love to see his head on a pike?

Other knights protected the
king while you were a prisoner.

They will continue to
do so when you go home.

- Home?
- You'll return to Casterly Rock

and rule in my stead.

You are the Lord
of Casterly Rock.

I am the King's Hand.
My place is here.

I don't expect to see the
Rock again before I die.

You know what they call me?

Kingslayer. Oathbreaker.

Man without honor.

Now you want me to break
another sacred vow.

You won't be breaking anything.

There is a precedent to relieve
a Kingsguard of his duties.

The king will exercise
that prerogative.

- No.
- No?


I don't believe I
asked you a question.

There's my answer.

If you think your bloody
honor comes before...

My bloody honor
is beyond repair,

but my answer is still no. I
don't want Casterly Rock.

I don't want a wife. I
don't want children.

What do you want?

Supper would be nice.

For 40 years I've
tried to teach you.

If you haven't learned
by now, you never will.


If serving as a
glorified bodyguard

is the sum of your
ambition, go serve.

I suppose you want
the sword back.

Keep it.

A one-handed man
with no family needs

all the help he can get.


How many Dornishmen does
it take to fuck a goat?

Please don't.

BRONN: Seems to me
the smart place

to meet travelers
is in a tavern.

That way, one party is late,

the other party can
drink some ale inside.

This is the Prince of
Dorne we're waiting for,

not one of your
sellsword friends.

If he's so damned important, how
come they sent you to meet him?

There's bad blood between
the Martells of Dorne

and the Lannisters of Casterly
Rock. Has been for years.

And just in case the
Martells of Dorne

are looking to spill
some Lannister blood,

- it may as well be yours, eh?
- No need for cynicism.

I happen to be an
accomplished diplomat.


Ah, here we are.


Can you read the sigils?

Yellow balls?

Wild lemons on a purple field,

House Dalt of Lemonwood.

A vulture grasping a baby in
it's talons, House Blackmont.

A crowned skull, the
Manwoodys of Kingsgrave.

Boy knows his Dornish Houses.

I need a sigil.

And House Martell, a red
sun pierced by a spear?

I don't see it, my lord.

Well met, my lords.

His Grace King Joffrey
welcomes you in his name.

My lord father, the King's Hand,
sends his greetings as well.

I am Tyrion Lannister
of Casterly Rock,

Master of Coin.

Forgive me.

I don't see Prince
Doran in your company.

The prince's health forces
him to remain at Sunspear.

He sends his brother
Prince Oberyn

to attend the royal
wedding in his stead.

Yes, the king will be delighted
to enjoy the company

of a warrior as renowned
as Prince Oberyn

at his wedding feast.

Will he?

And where is Prince Oberyn?

Arrived before dawn.

Not a man for welcome parties,

our prince.

Very well. My lords, these
fine men from the City Watch

will escort you to your
quarters in the Red Keep.

You must be weary after
such a long journey.

Some accomplished
diplomacy that was.

Now where?

We must find Prince Oberyn
before he kills somebody

or several somebodies.

How do you plan on finding a single
Dornishman in a city this big?

You're famous for fucking
half of Westeros.

You just arrived at the capital
after two weeks of bad roads,

where would you go?

I'd probably go to sleep,
but I'm getting old.

Look at this one.

How lovely is she?


But pale.

They like them pale
in the capital.

Shows they don't
work the fields.

Do I frighten you?

You like?

Timid. Timid bores me.

You're a bit of
mischief, aren't you?

I think she likes you.

She has good taste.

You're not timid, are you?

Not timid.

Do you like women?

When they look
like her, my lord.

This one will do nicely.

OLYVAR: Very good, my lady.

Oh, I'm not a lady.

A term of courtesy in
this establishment.

A lie anywhere.

Why not use the right words?

I'm a bastard.

She is a whore.
And you're what?

A procurer.

Any of the others?

The two girls can leave.

- You stay.

I'm afraid I'm not
an offer, my lord.

Everyone who works for
Littlefinger is an offer.

Take off your clothes.
We'll be here a while.

- My lord.
- I am a prince, boy.

Have you ever been
with a prince?

Can't say I have.

I'm wildly expensive.

Take off your clothes.

Which way do you like it?

- My way.

♪ MAN: And so he spoke ♪
♪ and so he spoke ♪

♪ That Lord of Castamere ♪

♪ - And now the rains... ♪
♪ - Oberyn. ♪

♪ - Weep o'er his hall... ♪
♪ - Oberyn, don't. ♪

♪ With no one there to hear ♪

♪ Yes, not the rains ♪
♪ weep o'er his hall ♪

♪ And not a soul to hear. ♪

You lost, friend?

Forgive me for staring.

I don't see many
Lannisters where I'm from.

I don't see many
Dornishmen in the capital.

We don't like the smell.

- Come with me, lover.
- Gods, look at this one.

Sirs, if you follow me, I'll
arrange for a private room.

Why are you wasting a woman
like this on a Dornishman?

Bring him a shaved goat and
a bottle of olive oil.


Do you know why all the
world hates a Lannister?

You think your gold
and your lions

and your gold lions make
you better than everyone.

May I tell you a secret?

You're not a golden lion.

You're just a pink little man

who is far too
slow on the draw.


Longsword is a bad option
in close quarters.

When I pull my blade, your
friend starts bleeding.

Quite a lot, I'm afraid. So
many veins in the wrist.


He'll live if you get
him help straightaway.

So, decisions.

Prince Oberyn, forgive
the intrusion.

- We heard there might be...


Apologies, my love.

I'm here to welcome
you to the capital.

Ellaria Sand, my paramour.

The king's own Uncle Imp.

Tyrion, son of Tywin Lannister.

If there's anything I can
do to make your stay...

What are you? His
hired killer?

It started that way, aye.
Now I'm a knight.

How did that come to pass?

Killed the right
people, I suppose.


We'll need a few more girls.
Girls, yes?

You don't partake?

Oh, I partook.
Now I'm married.

Prince Oberyn, if I
may, a word in private?

Seems I visited the Lannister
brothel by mistake.

- Oh, they take all kinds.
- Even Dornishmen.

The king is very grateful
that you traveled all

this way for his wedding.

Let us speak truth here.
Joffrey is insulted.

I am only the second
son after all.

Well, speaking as a
fellow second son,

I have grown rather used to
being the family insult.


Why did you come to King's
Landing, Prince Oberyn?

I was invited to
the royal wedding.

I thought we were
speaking truth.

The last time I was in the
capital was many years ago.

Another wedding.

My sister Elia

and Rhaegar Targaryen,
the Last Dragon.

My sister loved him.
She bore his children.

Swaddled them, rocked them,
fed them at her own breast.

Elia wouldn't let the
wet nurse touch them.

And beautiful, noble
Rhaegar Targaryen

left her for another woman.

That started a war

and the war ended right here

when your father's
army took the city...

I wasn't actually present.

And butchered those children.

My nephew and niece.

Carved them up and wrapped
them in Lannister cloaks.

And my sister, you know
what they did to her?

I'm asking you a question.

I've heard rumors.

So have I.

The one I keep hearing is that
Gregor Clegane the Mountain

raped Elia and
split her in half

with his great sword.

I wasn't there. I don't
know what happened.

If the Mountain
killed my sister,

your father gave the order.

Tell your father I'm here.

And tell him the Lannisters aren't
the only ones who pay their debts.





- Shh.



Shh. Shh.



They're dragons, Khaleesi.

They can never be tamed.

Not even by their mother.

- Ser Barristan.
- Your Grace.

Where's Daario Naharis?

Where's Grey Worm?

Gambling, Your Grace.


CROWD: Mhysa. Mhysa.

How long have they been at it?

Since midnight, Your Grace.

Ser Worm is stronger
than he looks.

But I can see his arms
beginning to shake.

What's the prize to winning
this stupid contest?

The honor of riding by your
side on the road to Meereen.

That honor goes to Ser
Jorah and Ser Barristan

as neither of them kept
me waiting this morning.

You two will ride in the rear
guard and protect the livestock.

The last man holding his sword

can find a new queen
to fight for.


You need to eat something.

Pigeon pie.

No, thank you.

Lemon cakes?

No, thank you.

You love lemon cakes.

Tell her she needs to eat.

My lady, you do need to eat.

I don't need to eat.

If I could have a moment
alone with my wife.

She needs to eat.

I can't let you starve.

I swore to protect you.

My lady,

I am your husband.
Let me help you.

How can you help me?

I don't know, but I can try.

I lie awake all night
staring at the canopy

thinking about how they died.

I could get you essence of
nightshade to help you sleep.

Do you know what they
did to my brother?

How they sewed his direwolf's
head onto his body?

And my mother.

They say they cut her
throat to the bone

and threw her body
in the river.

What happened to your family
was a terrible crime.

I didn't know your brother.

He seemed like a good man,
but I didn't know him.

Your mother, on
the other hand,

I admired her.

She wanted to have me executed,

but I admired her.

She was a strong woman.

And she was fierce

when it came to
protecting her children.


Your mother would
want you to carry on.

You know it's true.

Will you pardon me, my lord?

I'd like to visit the godswood.

Of course. Of course. Prayer
can be helpful, I hear.

I don't pray anymore.

It's the only place I can go
where people don't talk to me.

My lion.

What are you doing?

What does it look like
I'm doing? Come here.

How many times have I told you?
You can't visit me here.

I know. I know.

We have come to a
dangerous place.

Have you forgotten me? Do you
know how long it's been?

Of course I haven't forgotten.

I want you.

Don't you want me?

Things are a bit
tense right now.

What things?

My nephew the king
wants to murder me.

My wife hates me because my
father murdered her family.

Oberyn Martell wants to
murder everyone whose

last name is Lannister.

You need to relax.

Don't you want to relax?

- What's wrong?
- I told you.

- It's not a good time.
- It's never a good time.

- You have your child bride now.
- Shae.

- Do you love her?
- Love her?

I barely know her.
She's a child.

- She despises me.
- That's not an answer.

Of course I don't love her.

You tried to ship me away.

Ship you away?

Give me diamonds and
make me disappear.

What in the world are
you talking about?

If you want me to
leave, just say it.

- Say it!
- Shh.

I don't know what
you're talking about.

You want me to stay?


A work of art, really.

The craftsmanship is excellent.

You like it so much,

you're welcome to chop off
your own hand and take it.

Such an ingrate. I spent
days with the goldsmith

- getting the details just right.
- Days?

Better part of an afternoon.

There, how does that feel?


a hook would be more practical.

Elegant, I think.

Thank you for your help
with the other matter.

- The symptoms have abated?
- Gone completely.

I am in your debt,
Maester Qyburn.

Not a maester, Your
Grace, but happy to help

whenever I can.

Odd little man.

- I've grown rather fond of him.

He's quite talented, you know?

What symptoms?

Symptoms that are
not your concern.

You let him touch you?

You jealous?

I'm surprised.

You never let Pycelle near you.

(IAUGHS) You think I'd let
that old lecher

put his hands on me?

He smells like a dead cat.

I'm not sure I've ever
smelled a dead cat.

Well, they smell like Pycelle.

You drink more
than you used to.

- Yes.
- Why?

Let's see, you started a brawl
in the streets with Ned Stark

and disappeared
from the capital.

My husband died in a
tragic hunting accident.

It must have been
traumatic for you.

My only daughter was
shipped off to Dorne.

We suffered through a siege.

A rather short siege.

A rather short siege that I
didn't expect to survive.

And now I'm marrying
my eldest son

to a wicked little
bitch from Highgarden

while I'm supposed to
marry her brother,

a renowned pillow biter. So...

Father disowned me today.

He can't disown you.
You're all he's got.

You're forgetting Tyrion.

You don't really plan on staying
in the Kingsguard, do you?

Staying in the Kingsguard
means I live right here

in the Red Keep with you.

- Not now.
- I want...

Not now? When? I've
been back for weeks.

- Something's changed.
- Everything's changed.

You come back after all
this time with no apologies

and one hand and expect
everything to be the same?

What do you want me
to apologize for?

For leaving me.

You think I wanted to
be taken prisoner?

Don't know what you wanted.
You weren't here.

You left me alone.

Every day I was a prisoner,
I plotted my escape.

Every day. I murdered people
so I could be here with you.

- You took too long.
- I...

- What are you saying?
- I'm saying you took too long.


- Come in.
- JAIME: Go away.

Forgive me, Your Grace.

You told me to come at once if
there was anything important.

You plan on killing all
the crows yourself?

Do you plan on sitting here
scratching your balls till winter?

We wait for Mance's orders.

You sent a man over the
Wall at the full moon.

If he's not back yet,
he's not coming back.

And what is it you want?

March on Castle Black
with just this lot?

Your pretty crow said 1,000
men are nesting there.

Yeah, well, he's a liar.

He is?

Shouldn't it be "he was"?

You said you put
three arrows in him.

I did.

I've seen you slip a shaft through
a rabbit's eye at 200 yards.

If that boy's still walking,
it's 'cause you let him go.



I fucking hate Thenns.

Mance sent you?

- How did you find us?

You came from the
south, not the north.

Took a detour.

Got some supper from a
village down that way.

Why does the meat down
here taste so much better

than it does on our
side of the Wall?

Help yourself.


Maybe everything's just
better fed down here.

Fat and lazy.

Easier for us, hmm?

You didn't see us coming?

Lost your warg?

And that baby crow
you had with you,

lost him too?

I'll answer to Mance.

I won't answer to you.

She yours?

I'm not anybody's.

Too scrawny.

Not like those crows
at Castle Black.

Think of them stuck
in their larders

stuffing their faces with
ham and blood sausage

and stew, getting nice and fat

and marbled.

I know we've had our
differences, Tormund,

but just one time
before you die,

you really ought to try crow.



JON: Last time I saw him,

he was in the courtyard
at Winterfell.

"He said, " Next
time I see you,

you'll be all in black."

I was jealous of
Robb my whole life.


The way my father
looked at him,

I wanted that.

He was better than
me at everything...

fighting and hunting

and riding

and girls.

Gods, the girls loved him.

I wanted to hate him,
but I never could.

Sometimes I want to hate you.

Well, you're better
than me at everything.

Except reading.

They're... they're
ready for you.

He's wanted to hang me for
a while. Now's his chance.

No one's going to hang you.

You've done nothing wrong.

I've done plenty wrong.

So you admit you murdered
Qhorin Halfhand?

JON: I didn't murder him.

No? You put your sword

through a brother of
the Night's Watch.

What do you call that?

He wanted me to kill him.

A bastard son of a traitor.

What would you expect?

The Halfhand believed
our only chance

to stop Mance was to get
a man inside his army.

Don't talk about the
Halfhand as if you knew him.

He was my brother.

Then you'd know he'd do
anything to defend the Wall.

The free folk would have boiled him
alive, but letting me kill him...

SLYNT: The free folk?
Listen to him.

He even talks like
a wildling now.

Aye, I talk like a wildling.
I ate with the wildlings.

I climbed the Wall with
the wildlings. I...

I laid with a wildling girl.

You admit to breaking
your vows, then?

I do.

The law is the law.
The boy must die.

If we beheaded every ranger
who lay with a girl,

the Wall would be
manned by headless men.

There's a difference
between sneaking off

to the Mole's Town brothel
and sleeping with the enemy.

While we sit here

debating which rules I broke,

Mance Rayder marches on the
Wall with an army of 100,000.


You can't get 50
wildlings together

before they start
killing each other.

100,000. He's
united the Thenns,

the Hornfoots,
the ice-river clans.

He has giants fighting for him.


Have you ever been
beyond the Wall, ser?

I commanded the City Watch
of King's Landing, boy.

And now you're here.

You must not have been
very good at your job.

How dare you?!

There's a band of wildlings
south of the Wall already

led by Tormund Giantsbane.

I killed their warg
and three others.

They shot me full of arrows.

Their orders are to attack
Castle Black from the south

when Mance hits it
from the north.

The signal for the attack
will be a bonfire.

Mance said it would
be the greatest fire

the North has ever seen.

That's the truth.

All the truth.

Do you intend to execute
me or am I free to go?

None of us are free.

We are men of the
Night's Watch.

But we won't be taking
your head today, Jon Snow.

Go on.

I am acting commander
here, Maester Aemon.

Yes, you are.

And I don't trust the bastard.

He told the truth.

And you always know when
a man's telling a lie?

How did you acquire
this magical power?

I grew up in King's Landing.


You're a queen, not an ox.

Your grandfather
gave me a necklace

just like this one
for my 51st nameday.

The wedding is in a
fortnight, Grandmother.

You can't say no to everything.

Nonsense. My little dears.

Go and speak to the
jewelers of King's Landing.

Tell them who you are,
tell them who sent you.

The one who brings
me the best necklace

will get to keep the next best.


The Margaery Tyrell who
walks into the sept

a fortnight from now will
inspire 1,000 songs.

Now, how sad it will be if she's
wearing rubbish like that.

Perhaps I should just let
Joffrey choose it for me.

End up with a string of dead
sparrow heads around my neck.

You watch that. Even
here, even with me.


My word.

My lady. My lady.

Please pardon me
for interrupting.

My name is Brienne of Tarth.

We know who you are. We've
heard all about you.

But hearing is one thing.

Aren't you just marvelous?

Absolutely singular.

I hear you knocked my
grandson into the dirt

like the silly
little boy he is.

My lady, I know this is a
very busy time for you,

but if I could just
have a moment.

You dare not refuse.

A shadow?

A shadow with the face
of Stannis Baratheon.

I swear to you by all the
gods it was Stannis.

He plunged his sword
through Renly's heart

and disappeared.

One day, my lady, I
will avenge our king.

Joffrey is our king now.

I meant no offense.

And you've given none.

All the Kingsguard will
be on duty, of course.

Ser Boros will be
stationed here.

Ser Preston will
be stationed here

beside the primary

Your Grace?

Yes, yes, one guard at the...

the thing. Go on.

Ser Meryn will guard Lady
Margaery and Tommen.

I've always guarded the
king himself, my lord.

Ever since your absence.

And I thank you for
it, Ser Meryn.

All very good. I don't
expect any trouble.

The people love their king.

They know who keeps them fed.

Margaery Tyrell, I've heard.

By my leave.

They know I saved the city.
They know I won the war.

The war's not won. Not
while Stannis lives.

I broke Stannis on
the Blackwater.

Pity you weren't there
to help, Uncle.

My apologies, Your Grace.
I was rather busy.

Busy getting captured.

So this is the famous
"Book of Brothers"?

All the great deeds of all
the great Kingsguard.

Ser Arthur Dayne. The
Sword of the Morning.


Led the attack on the
Kingswood Brotherhood.

Defeated the Smiling
Knight in single combat.

Ser Duncan the Tall.


Four pages for Ser Duncan.

He must have been quite a man.

So they say.

Ser Jaime Lannister.


Someone forgot to write
down all your great deeds.

- There's still time.
- Is there?

For a 40-year-old knight
with one hand?

How can you protect
me with that?

I use my left hand
now, Your Grace.

Makes for more of a contest.

DAENERYS: Have you ever been
to Meereen?

Several times, Your Grace,
with Master Kraznys.


They say 1,000 slaves died

building the Great
Pyramid of Meereen.

And now an army
of former slaves

is marching to her gates.

You think the Great
Masters are worried?

If they're smart, Your Grace.

You were told to ride at
the back of the train.

Yes, my queen.

But I need to speak to you
about something important.

A matter of strategy.

Your Grace.

All right, what is this
matter of strategy?

A dusk rose.

Would you like to walk at the back
of the train instead of riding?

And this one's
called lady's lace.

Would you like to
walk without shoes?

You have to know a
land to rule it.

It's plants, it's rivers,

it's roads, it's people.

Dusk rose tea eases fever.

Everyone in Meereen knows that.

Especially the slaves who
have to make the tea.

If you want them to follow you,

you have to become a
part of their world.


Harpy's Gold.

No tea from this one.

Beautiful but poisonous.

You are a gambler, aren't you?

Your Grace.


There's one on every mile marker
between here and Meereen.

How many miles are there
between here and Meereen?

163, Your Grace.

BARRISTAN: I'll tell our men to ride
ahead and bury them.

You don't need to see this.

You will do no such thing.

I will see each and every
one of their faces.

Remove her collar
before you bury her.

BRIENNE: There she is.

JAIME: Yes, there she is.

- And?
- You made a promise.

To return the Stark girls to
their mother who is now dead.

To keep them safe.

Well, Arya Stark
hasn't been seen

since her father was killed.

Where do you think she is?
My money's on dead.

There's a certain safety in
death, wouldn't you say?

And Sansa Stark is
now Sansa Lannister.

Bit of a complication.

A complication does not
release you from a vow.

What do you want me to do?
Kidnap my sister-in-law?

And take her where? Where
would she be safer than here?

Look me in the eye and tell me

that you think she'll be
safe in King's Landing.

Are you sure we're not related?

Ever since I've returned,
every Lannister I've seen

has been a miserable
pain in my ass.

Maybe you're a Lannister, too.

You've got the hair for
it if not the looks.




- It's all right.

It's all right.
It's all right.

- You're drunk.
- Yes.

I have good reason to be.

Once I was a knight.
Now I'm only a fool.

Don't you know me?

Ser Dontos. The king's
nameday celebration.

I'm sorry. I should
have remembered.

I can't accept your apology.

I may be a fool, but I'm a
living fool, thanks to you.

Anyone would have
done the same.

But only you did.

I can never repay you.

You gave me my life. But this,

this is worth more
than my life.

It belonged to my mother
and her mother before her.

House Hollard was strong once.

House on the rise.

That's all that's
left of those days,

thanks to a few sad,
fat drunks like me.

I can't take it.

It's very, very kind
of you, but I can't.

I don't have
anything else left.

That's all.

Take it. Wear it.

Let my name have one
more moment in the sun

before it disappears
from the world.

I'll wear it with
pride, Ser Dontos.



ARYA: When am I going to get
a horse of my own?

The little lady wants a pony.

The little lady wants
away from your stench.

Horses aren't easy to come by.

Even if they were,

you think I'm gonna put
you on your own horse?

Watch the only thing of value
I've got in the world ride away?

Why don't you have any money?

Didn't you steal anything
from Joffrey before you left?


You're not very smart, are you?

I'm not a thief.

You're fine with
murdering little boys,

but thieving is beneath you?

A man's got to have a code.

You think I'm gonna escape?

Where would I go?

I'd be dead by
nightfall without you.

My family's gone.
I've got no one.

You've got an aunt in the Vale.

Your rich Aunt Lysa.
After I sell you to her,

maybe she'll have
enough left over

to buy you that pony
you want so much.

ARYA: I'm hungry.
You're hungry.

Five horses, five men.

More than I feel like killing
on an empty stomach.

I know him.

The small one. His
name is Polliver.

He captured us and
took us to Harrenhal.


He killed Lommy.

What the fuck's a Lommy?

He was my friend.

Polliver stole my sword and put
it right through his neck.

He's still got it.

HOUND: Got what?

My sword Needle.

Needle? Of course you
named your sword.

Lots of people
name their swords.

Lots of cunts.

What are you... get back here.

My brother gave me that sword.

- Get back here.
- He killed my friend.

I don't care if he
ate your friend.

We're not going in there.

- MAN: Come on, give it up.


- Come here.

- Let's have a feel there.
- Leave it.

- Come here.

Please, she's a good girl.

Shut your mouth and
pour us more ale

and we may not take her with
us when we're done with her.

I know you.

You're the Hound.

Pour our new friend some ale.

What brings you so far north?

I could ask the same of you.

What are you doing up here?

Just keeping the king's peace.

No need. The war's over.

So I've heard. Stannis
defeated at the Blackwater.

Robb Stark killed at the Twins.

And where am I for all of it?

Stuck with your brother.

- Meaning no offense.
- None taken.

He's good, the Mountain is.

Best at what he does.

But torture, torture,
torture, torture.

You spend enough time putting
the hammer to people,

you start to feel like a
carpenter making chairs.

Drains the fun right out of it.

And what's life
without a little fun?


But I don't need to
tell you that, eh?

She's all right.
I've had better.


You know what?

You should come with us.

His kind, they've always got
something hidden away somewhere.

Gold, silver, more daughters.

Always something if you
know how to make them talk.

And there's plenty of him between
here and King's Landing.

You could do well for yourself.

We certainly have been.

I'm not going to
King's Landing.

Think about it. We could
do whatever we like

wherever we go.

These are the king's colors.

No one's standing
in his way now.

Which means no one's
standing in ours.

Fuck the king.


When I heard that Joffrey's
dog had tucked tail

and run from the Battle
of the Blackwater,

I didn't believe it.

- But here you are.
- Here I am.

Bring me one of those chickens.

- You got money to pay for it?
- You paid for it?


But we're the king's men.

So, you got money?

Not a penny.

I'll still take that chicken.

Tell you what.

We'll trade you.

One of our little chickens
for one of yours.

Give us a go at your friend.

Lowell there likes
them a bit broken in.


You're a talker.

Listening to talkers
makes me thirsty.


And hungry.

Think I'll take two chickens.

You don't seem to
understand the situation.

I understand that
if any more words

come pouring out of
your cunt mouth,

I'm gonna have to eat every
fucking chicken in this room.

You lived your
life for the king.

You're gonna die
for some chickens?

Someone is.












Something wrong
with your leg, boy?

What? What do you mean?

Can you walk? I've
got to carry you?

Carry me?

Fine little blade.

Maybe I'll pick
my teeth with it.